Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 27, 1962 · Page 20
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 20

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 27, 1962
Page 20
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PAGE TWENTY THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PKESS, LOGANSPORT. INDIANA SUNDAY, MAY 27, MM NOW WHAT? FORWARD OR BACKWARD NEW YORK (AP)-After ypu are married — - . ' • .. What will you do to keep your intelligent life alive?: What will you do with, your artistic; talents or professional gifts?. Each spring at/graduation exercises Millicent Macintosh poses these questions to Barnard College graduates, most of whom plan to become brides within a few months. As the o-rJy college president in the United States who is also a mother (of five), Mrs. Macintosh is particularly interested in these , answers. In her role she trie,s to warn them of becoming 24-hour housekeepers, a trap into which wives, in their enthusiasm to do their jobs well, fall. "There is no such thing as being static," says the small woman with flinty eyes.of blue. "If you do not grow, you will slip backward." • A Choice The rut Mrs. Macintosh worries about does trip the educated women-until she is mother of one, or two: Then she either succumbs, at the risk of becoming a dull wife and mother, or' battles with the problems of inadequate household help, in-laws and husbands who do not. understand, and her own guilt complexes. "The situation faced by educated women is unique in our time," she sighs during one of many 'discussions. "Their mothers have not been educated. Not much was expected of them. They wrapped themselves up in their children and as a result made" them too dependent." The result today is a conflict of ideas between generations. Older women do not understand younger women who seek to find intellectual stimulation beyond the confines of their house. Some husbands brought up under their influence may not approve, either. And neither do men whose, jobs a women can do well., Her solution to the problem? Prevail upon the husband to understand needs for self-fulfillment. Ignore other criticisms and avoid guilt complexes. No Help '"Looking beyond the horizon of the home is really not for the sake of self fulfillment," she emphasize^. "Doing'so makes the woman more interesting to her husband and children, too." But the biggest of all problems COLLEGE PRESIDENT, WIFE AND MOTHER Millicent Carey Macintosh, B arnard's guiding light. of today's woman is finding adequate household help, says this college president who has often put aside loftier affairs to help an alumna solve her sitter situa- 1 tion. 'Other generations were never as' tied down. In'the years past there were big farm families with older children looking after the younger ones. Spinster aunts living with the married couples relieved the mother of child care as well as . some of the household chores. . Because of [migration, plenty of domestic held was available. This is gone. "Nearly everybody can make more money working, in factories." Pool Resources-. But if a bride'wants to Continue her intellectual* growth, either through a job or more study, she can usually find a way, Mrs. Macintosh believes. "Ever since World War'H. women have been learning that il they pool their resources, exchange services,they can manage To the suggestion that children might suffer . emotional damage with mothers out of the home Mrs. Macintosh protests, "Utter nonsense. Children -instinctively know when they are loved." Barnard's president, who retires in~June, is married to a pediatrician who backs her up on that point. Still no two people are alife, Still not two people are alike, uates! "You must, make your, own plan according io your own situation.. You must take into consideration' your health, intelligence, artistic interests, husband's attitude, and the type of communi ty you live in. "After that, the' only important thing is that you do it. You will find the way." BRIDEGROOM'S TROUSSEAU He's Discreet Have bride—will travel.' But (he bridegroom, in planning his honeymoon packing, plays it smart. He is first of all careful , not to wear clothes that attract attention—for what nervous man wants to advertise' his new marital status wherever -he goes? Thus, being^careful not to pick clothes that are loo spanking new, he selects his "trousseau" according to where the couple has decided to get away from it all. If they're driving, they'll stop at the nearest car wash to get the rice 'and "Just Married" signs washed off, and untie the tin cans. The bridegroom's suitcase will contain casual clothes—sweaters and poplin jackets, wash 'n wear shirts! slacks and sports jackets. These and some easy-care suits will carry him confidently from coast to coast. Up Or Down, >' If he is heading southward, the accent'will be on lighter weight garments. But if he's-nosing to-" ward the mountains, his wardrobe will include some warm sweaters. When he has two tickets in his wallet for a cruise liner, his luggage is unlimited. His steamer trunk holds wash and wear white dinner jacket. But one also in red or blue, paisley or India madras will not make him conspicuous however, because undoubtedly plenty are aboard like them. For a two to four weeks cruise, touching 'at many different spots, a dark business suit is essential,, along with one or two summer . formals, and a variety of sports jackets, slacks and walk shorts. FOR KENT LOWREY ORGAN $11 y || 95 for only a month Come m and ss? UP — Convince yourself today THOMPSON MUSIC HOUSE 500 North St. Phone 3397 He has a good supply of sports shirts all in quiet good lasle. Ascot Tics, Too For cruise or resort wear, his wardrobe is well coordinated with mix-match combinations — three sports jackets 'and three pairs of slacks will produce a good working casualwear wardrobe for any three weeks stay. Six sports shirts are recommended by the American Men's and Boys' Wear Association, along wilh two or three ascot scarves to be worn at mealtimes. He will also have several pairs of shoes plus sandals. At least two and preferably three pairs of pajamas, a light robe. 'Add a lightweight rain coat, plus special outfits for his favorite sports. The air-borne honeymooning Speech To Be Offered This Summer At LHS Two classes of speech will be offered at the annual summer session at Logansport high school, according io Norbert Kniesly, summer' school director. The classes were left out inadvertently from a list of courses announced Friday. They will be taught by Richard Wilbanks.' HONEYMOON CUSTOM In ancient marriages by ca{>lure the bridegroom prevented relatives from finding the brid.e by hiding her. The term originated when early Teuton couples drank a honey drink known 'as mead or metheg- lin for 30 days after their wedding, or until the moon waned. Hence, the name honeymoon. IMPORTANT GIFT SHOWER— This one is growing in popularity. Only one gift is given, such as an appliance, or a piece of furniture. The money for it is raised beforehand among the guests. Boneless smoked shoulder butt looks very festive indeed if it is sliced in the kitchen, arranged on a platter 'and surrounded with spiced crabapples nestling in sprigs of parsley. male wisely concentrates on lightweight baggage. He is allowed 66 pounds on overseas flights first class, and 44 tourist. But with lightweight luggage he can almost pack what he would if he were driving. SO INVITATIONS and Envelopes at $8.40. 25 ANNOUNCEMENTS and Envelopes at $5.95 Small' but important items, '• invitations and announcements. Hendricks Printers are qualified to print or engrave yours perfectly and correctly. HENDRICKS N PRINTING 602 Erie Ave. Logansport, Ind. Easy Recipes For Two HONEYMOON CHICKEN •• • '• . 'or ' ' CHICKEN CACCIATORE -YOU . WILL ' - NEED: :frozen chicken • cacciatore,. , white wine, black olives,, green .olives; garlic, heat 2 .packages' chicken cacciatore according' 'to 'package directions. Meanwhile, cprri'tiihe 54 cup white wine. }4 cup ,ripe black olives pitted and diced .or sliced and the same amount of green olives which may or may not be stuffed 'with .pimentos. Season with % clove garlic—put through the press. Add chicken .cacciatore and bring to a boil until chicken is hot.and flavors blended. . '; , : Serve with rice or polenta, (which is eor.nmeal H mush, into' which a little' grated' cheese may < be , stirred). Garnish with', chop-1 ped parsley and, if desired, some filets of anchovy. • .- • SWEETHEARTS SUPREME . or ' . BEEIJ BOURGUIGNONNE This is .the way this famous dish' is served in the burgundy- wine country, YOU WILL NEED: frozen beef with onions in red wine, white onions, butter, .pique seasoning, garlic,. cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and ginger, mushrooms, .parsley, white bread. .• To serve ;'2, heat' 2 packages frozen beef with onions in red wine according to .package di rections. Meanwhile, - brown a dozen small. wnite ,pnions or % well-drained 8-ourice can white onions ' in •, butter.. ,-Afld Vs-ounce can of Whole, sliced or. diced mushrooms" with liquid. Add Vi cup .hot 'water,' >/$ tablespoon pique seasoning, % tablespoon- cognac^ Vt clove- garlic, crushed, if desired, % pinch, each of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and ginger. Combine with the heated stew and allow,to simmer together for a few minutes. Sprinkle generously wilh chopped parsley. 'Garnish with triangles of bread thai: have been browned in butter or toasted and buttered on both sides. TOGETHERNESS GULASCH or BEEF WITH SAUERKRAUT . One of the most famous versions of th£ many notable Aus-. Irian and Hungarian goulashes and paprikas 'is p the one which includes sauerkraut and sour cream, both of which are used in this recipe. YOU WILL NEED: frozen beef goulash with noodles; sauerkraut, red wine or hot water and pique seasoning, paprika, marjoram, garlic, sour cream or yoghurt, caraway seeds. To serve 2, heat 2 packages of Beef Goulash with noodles, according to package directions. Meanwhile, in a cook 'n serve dish, combine- Yi pound sauer- kra.ut with % cup red, wino of Vt cup hot water and % tablespoon pique seasoning. Add Vi teaspoon paprika, ] /4 blade of marjoram or % teaspoon powdered dry marjoram and 1 A small- clove garlic crushed. Simmer until the sauerkraut is softened. About 15 minutes should do it. Place the goulash on top of the sauerkraut, Do Both the bride and her bridesmaid follow the sophisticated look of current fashion. Dacron jaeaeh satin peau organza has been draped and folded (left) into this bridesmaid's dress. It's perfect-for party wear after the wedding. This-same fabric appears in (right) sheath bridal gown with, detachable train, overskirit and cummerbund. Brokers Seek Diagnosis Of Market Ills NEW YORK (AP) - Brokers, the men closest to the stock mar- 'ket, struggled Saturday to diagnose its ills and prospects, and came up with varied and sometimes conflicting judgments. A' cross-country sampling ol 'broker opinon yielded agreement on a few points—notably that stock prices' started the current plunge from diszy heights in some cases, and that investor confidence has wilted. There was division on whether the market, after staggering losses last 'week, has hit bottom. In some minds there was frank puzzlement. "L would expect a good rally next iweek," said Derry Hilgeer of Rauscher, Pierce & Co., in Dallas. "'But possibly >a little more de- icline may come later." In Los Angeles, Ernest Ochs of Sutro & Co. said "I don't look for an upturn in the near future." "Unfortunately, hysteria sometimes takes' the place of reason and this prolongs the downtrend," Ochs added, Attention focused on what is happening in the stock market after the market this week absorbed its worst shellacking in riot mix it all together. Cover and allow to ste'am for a few minutes. Add Yi cup sour cream or plain yogurt, if you're dieting, and a sprinkle oil caraway seeds, if desired. SPECIAL For the June Bride 50th AnniversarySpecial SAVE Samscmite Folding Furniture 5 Piece Set -• Monarch Tube Stool FoltUngc Table and 4 Matching Chair* regularly priced at 44O.75 now, for a limited time only ! -•Sturdy Samsniile construction...precision built so there's no wobbli;. Easy to set-up and taka down, Wcar-raislant vinyl table top ind dinir Knit wipe clean wilh a damp cloth, Smo-o-olhly finished leg: prevent hoK from slugging tttj running. Choice of 4 new decorator colors. . YOUR, SET TODAY • ORDER SEVERAI* COLORS: TAN, OBEY, BLUEAWHUTE See the other'beautiful Samionite Chairs and Tables 1 TABLES .. .i ....... . . $11.95 to $14.95 CHAIWS ..,.$7.95 to $11,95 Timberlake's Gift Shop 1 Always Open (All iDay Wednesday , "The iStore of a Thousand Gifts" '• . . more than 30 years. Basd on the Associated Press average, an estimated $23.7 billion, was whaced from the quoted l/alue of slocks lielsd on the New York Stock Exchange. Trading; was the heaviest in a year, rising . to 22,988r8b'0 shares from 19,8166,700 in the preceding week, itself an unusually large turnover. Blue chips and the more volatile "growth" .stocks were hit in- diserimnailely. Asked why, a broker in Boston, Mass., who asked anonymity, shrugged. "We don't know, the market's acted very poorly. When it'll turn around ,is anyone's guess." He added: "We.don't put out any advice to customers like some houses do. •Everything's been said and who knows who's right? There just isn't any way to forecast." A feeling apparently shared by many brokers was expressed in San Francisco by Wendell Witter, I a partner in Dean, Witter & Co. "I think it has been a matter o:' shaken public confidence, the market starling down about the time of the steel price situation. You take confidence out 'o'f the ewnomic picture and people stop 'looking so favorably on the future," Witter said. He foresaw an early leveling ofl on prices, with an jncrease in buying -by pensions and inveslnienl funds- lending to lend support. Signs of an end to the slide were seen in Chicago by Reuben Thor- scn Sr., a partner in Paine, Webber, Jackson and Curtis. "There has 'been a lot of froth in unproven growth stocks," Thorson said. "They appear to have been pretty reslislicatly adjusted "I believe we're rapidly ap preaching a t-ulmitniaon." U.S. Treasury bond prices re versed a downtrend to post a fair ly good but uneven advance this week. But for the most part, the; failed to recover ground lost in last week's sharp sellback. SPAT (Potent) $11.99 for the wedding . $25 $28 for the double ring ceremony - one of life's finer sentiments. In fourteen karat gold, they range ' from the tried-and-tnte traditional hoops to bands embellished with .engine-turning or Florentine finish. Prices include Federal tax Illustrations, slightly enlarged ilSf MOHICAN'S BUDGET PLAIN • No Money Down Pay Weekly oriMonthly MOHLMAN&l gjtfELEKS j 30$ .FOURTH STREET ' Quality For Over a Third ol n CcntarjJ \ C LA FLA ((•brent and Dull) $11.99 Other styles $9.99 io $12.99 KROFT SHOE STORE a'i 3 Fourth Sto«t

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