The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 1, 1931
Page 1
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS 81ythcvlll« Courier, Blylhevllle Daily , BlylhevUle_Hctald._ Mi*slsslppi_yal!ey_L(>ader. THE DOMINANT NKWSl'Al'ER OF NORTIIUA S T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HLYTIIKVILU-:, ARKANSAS.' I-'UIDAY, MAY I. I'.WI HOME EDITION SINGLE COPIES'FIVE CENTS' BANCE Peggy in Bud Over Her Jewels Some Damage to Crons aiul Properly Indicted by Severe Downpour. MEMPHIS, .May 1. i UP)—Torrential rains in .widespread ser'.ious of i':e mill-smith wMcomed In May day and ("nisorl farmers and house owners to look to weather forecasts with concern. The Sturm si ruck Little Rock Me hst uleM. ptivtehins across Ihe mict- p .rcl!on of Arkansas and sweeping on Memphis. The heaviest damage was renorle<l from the environs of the Arkansas capital where t^e damage i': expected to run into thousands of dollars. Several hou=e*; were washed av:av wh?n creeks overflowed (hpir hinks and traffic was near a standstill. Farther south in the vicinily of T-.'ew Orleans th<* di.wnpours were !?.ss snvere. ren"r(s said. Lo-.v hau^- in:-' c!o:;t!s in Mint area TIVC i"1i- rntions (he storm was not entirely over. Memphis s'.reots were ficoded and storm cutler.-; were filled to capacity Possible d<5ma<2r> to crop?, cx- cpitinrr in c^nfm-vl areas, is improbable. L. A. Nrvin. farm exo^rt of the Progressive Farmer ;in f l authority on agricultural conditions in l':e smith told (he United Press. IS'evin said the co!d weather of (>"> pa*?t several weeks ' had re'.ardcfl j crops throuch th-? mid-south. However. |-e added. don" drrends upon the weather within the next several days. Asylum Guard Strangled to Death by Inmates LIMA, O.. May 1. c UP) -Louis Kiel, 'iS. ulijlil 'AUiclunnii in the Lima stale hospital f<ir criminal in- j sniie. was strangled to death e.uly | today by two inmates, on'j of whom ! escaped from the hospitnl. I Kiel's slayers were Ji:lm Powell, \ 21. Columtnis, ami Kamucl N'oLsun, IS), tiesro. Cleveland, aci'ordim; In Dr. W. II, Vorbau, MiprrinKMidrnt of the Institution. 1'mvell cai!i?hl by oilier guards as In- at- temple:! to escape throuuh a hhh urtuw. Nelson managed to ^o; through the window ami was h 11 !:!: hunted by city and county otficor.s. Whore Ten Lost Lives Sixteen Com^anv npnirovcrl T Eslimatecl al $'100.000. Houses ocnv nt Loss HARLAN. Ky., May 1. (UP' — Sixteen houses of the Ellis Knob '.Coal company, valued at approximately S1COOOO. burned to the ground near here e.uly today. Aiilhnritl"* believe the houses were burner! by striking miners as 'he buildings are not c!<\sc together and [be fires were said to have hvoken out simultaneously at several places. The lions?? were emo'.y and no one wns reported injured. Sheriff J. II. Blaiv of Italian slailed an investigation Blair thinks (he fires were another nnve by (he miners striking for Ihe Ihe maid was to blame—that's how "clnscd shop", method of operilbn Al Gapone Denies That He Is Dead This photo o£ the blazing Sinclair No. 1, Cole Well at Oladcwater. was snapped n fjiv mlmilcs niter the fire broke out .Tuesday afternoon. Mole Ihe flames leaping through (he clouds of smoke over the lopi of the tall East Texas pine trees. Zealous Con sity Ballot Boxes York. She says the maid switched i her'jewel cases. Customs agent: ' DURHAM. N. C. (lie)— -Ballot, boxes are ballot boxes, renrdhs^ j a of their Ici-allon vs far as Patrol-' man Jim Bnyles is cnr.ce'-nrd. : He was ordered to collect the bal- i lot boxes in a recent city election 5 and brin» thnni to Ihe city hall. A ! count of the boxes showed he had | three too manv. It developed that Boyles had i*on? lo nuke Universl- ! ly where an election ivas in oro- press and impounded the boxes | there. They were returned at. onp- to the students. I Pet'gy Hopkins Joyce, above, actress,' which prevents employment of anv gem"c:llector. divorcee, explains her but union men. During the pa=;t failure to declare SSP03 wcrLti of nnnth striking miners have ran- I jewels and $1800 in a: Nsw l^ck-d two commi=sar:"s, rivnamil- : ed the "drift mouth" to the mine.; = Allied a deputy sheriff in a gun hit- j injfiirsi"e- whinocd.. a miner working f~-|H<?ains! inii'in orders, fduarht in -a-. Iniichrd batt!» aeainst deputies at j B'nck Mountain mine. an:t shot, a \ cuiird in the 1"2 f^n"! ambuscade. I according to Sheriff Blair. [ U. S. Lisihthe-Moo Don't. Will Have Special Office WASHINGTON. (UP) — Plans now are takin q form for the estab- i M "- Mn 7 P«*nr!l. 31. who Killed Man Who Refused to Many Her, Herself. LITTLE ROCK. (UP)-! lishment of an elaborate office in ; foun'1 critically wounded brs'rle the ! ICrittonden Constable Named in Liquor Case MEMPHIS. May !. (UPt—Con- stable O. C. Culp of Critter \ n | county. Arkansas, indicted by a i-J federal « ra nd jury here on liquor c.ins:>iraev charsc--,. was expecteri h"re lodav to n:>pear before U. S Ocinini'F : i>:ier HTHI Friedman, fol- lo'^ins his arrest yesterday in •JorfsVoro. Ark. inforni n ri nffirers he would ^ive and Costs Says Iowa Judge to Wife SHENANDOAH. la.. May:;K 'UP)—"Five' dollars and costs." said JlidRe Frederick Fischer when a woman was brought before him for failing to stop at a traffic sign. The woman lainhed. The jud^" 1 looked up. The woman was his v.'ife. Carolina Queen $5fl Deoosit Forfeited \ By Rum Law Defendant the new Department- of Commerce i bod >' of c - B - Charles. XI. eranlovc j '"' lo c " rP " ' - i . of the yovernirrra r.osoital here. in a North Little Rock roamtns I DO-X Starts hoirse vpslerday. confessed to no- lice last night (hat she killed CimU'E. then shot herself. She said she and Charles had been soihEf together several years A £50 deposit by Bob Browne. rhar^cd with ille/ral possession of lin"or. was ordered forfeited by Judpe W. D. Gravelte in iiolicc court this mornin!: wh^n Browne tailed, lo appear for trial. and had quarreled ^hen he re- Building Into which will be moved the department's Lighthouse Service. On the walls nf the new Liiht- I'.ousL 1 Service office will be hung the portraits and many official papers ot several eariv presidents These papers, soni" r.l whitfi *>"-•• . the (.igiii-.i.sires of Thomas Jeffer-i f "' er1 lo ni:lrrv hcr son. John Adams. Jnbn Ouinrv Physicians believe Ihe two.woun:ls Atinms. James Monroe, and James ! s " rrt 'red by Mir.. Pickaril may rc- Madisen.-relate for Ihe mor.i part I s11 ' 1 '" hcr death. to Lighthouse Service affairs. The ! ; ;— service was one of the first of the W^C^ EskriflffP Fined Fertrral activities to h« provided for hv the first Con^re.^. 42,000 Radio Worker On Liquor Charge Today Wiley Eskridgs entered n plea of guilty to a charcre of illegal posses- Factory Jobs sitm c ' l'1 >mr before Justice Oscir I Alexander tills afternoon and was WASHIN'OTON. (UP)—A recent fined S50. was arrested bv st.Kly of the radio industry made by ,. ,"" ? " ,' " resicn oy «rr: the Women's Bureau of the r>- i Illmi50v - dc l lul 5' r ^ mn - '» n rAltl partmont of Labor reveals that in nn .^^''f' s llom0 ' , m Yarbro ira. "during the peak of the «ea 10:u !' '•" Ulln t! ' r ntv hmil? ' ring son." more than 42.050 men and women were employed in 38 radio factories. bi:t "before the close of the year they were olf the payrolls." "These figures." said the Bureau's report, "challenge the optimistic assertion so often ufade- that we may look to the radio industry, as to the autDmobil; industry, to help absorb the erowin^ r.uniters of unemployed through llr nation." It was estimated thai figures obtained during the survey covered plau'.s producing 80 to 80 per cctit Cop Wears Bandage As "Souvenir" of 'Arrest A. D. "Slim" Gwyti. city police- :nnn. was wearing an adhesive pias- ter near his right eve this aftor- noon following a "run-in" xvith a dn.nk man he arrested at a house on Rr.ilrcad street. The prisoner jninpjd on the of- tlrcr when ho was placed In tbo The charge n^p.inst Browne re- I sniff! from the finding of 30 sal- Ions of lirtuor in his woodshed by : to offirers. Luther Pasl'ey was ac- n •! T XT VI Tiiiitted several days ago on it Brazil and New York c i in ,, 0 of ]X )^c.s.sin^ ti- e whiskey. i Rill Williams, negro, was nc- LAS PAL.MAS. Canary Islands. I quitted of a charge of illegal pos- May I. (UP)— The ciant German | fession of litiuor by Judge Grav- nving boat DO-X started todnv for!elte. de Oro on the coast of Africa j Two men were fined S15 each en rr.ule to nraril and New Yoik. for public drunkenness. The distance from here tri Rio dn Oro is 2-18 miles. Prom the latfr point the DO-X will fly down IT Jlolnma. Portuguese Guinea, and then start (he Atlantic crossing to ' Committee Named to Campaign for $10,000 lo Balance Budget. A rlty-wldc campaign to obtain iJfdili'S of funds neressary to Insure the full-term oi>eratlo:i of the lllythevllle school system nest year was endorsed by directors of the chamber of commerce last nintil. and a committee was authorised to plan such a campaign and to eu- lisl the aid of members and clll- MIIS in carrying It through. R. D. Ferguson was named chairman of the conuuitlce. and U, S. liianson. Byron Morse, Frank DOUR- his and Hnssell Phillips wc-rc nam- i-d lo serve with him. .Need SS.r.OO Mure Alwut S4.500 has nlre.idy beeji nlcducil, leaving $5.500 to be raised lo make up the $10.0CO needed to next year's school buduct The opinion was expressed last iniiilil that It would be desirable 10 oblain uledites considerably In excess of $10.000. lo allow for the slbtlily that some pledges may uol be mid in lull. Under the new school code directors arc couinellrd to close Ihe schools when funds for) Ihelr operation are exhausted, and [ [llreclois of the local district have announced lliclr Intention of nbld- in" strictly by this provision.. Decision to sponsor a campaign, (or subscriptions to provide the. money needed by the schools was not reached wilhout opposition, rome members of the board taking l>-e stand that Ihe meeting of school' deficits In this way stood In the wiv of a gencrnl nubile, realization" of the fact that school taxes are In- a'lcnuate to.provide for the nerds of the district. "The great fflrtfor! ','* of ire board, however. l/>ok the 1X3- ?itlen that even thnucli this was the eas" steps shoulrl >v tak^p urp full term operation of the schools. PleOee cards distributed Ihroush the schools thli wrck bad procured subscri^t'ons totaling about S2500 up to last night's meeting. The balance of the S-1.50Q (hat has been subscribed was pledged-at a nieet- in? of cl)l7?ns la=t week. Tt is hoped that additional cards will be returned by parents of school children. C. of C. ISmlp-et Approved The fmnncial difficulties of fie chamber of contmorc? were alsodis- cu'fe'J at last nioht's mcetin',', and n rcnort of the bmk-et. commtlt"". "rovidin? for retention of a full lime secretary, was ratified. To mafc? this program possible a number of those present announced their willingness to increase their subscriptions to (he organization, and a special membership committee was annotated to make an Intensive effort next week to obtain CHICAGO, Mav 1 (UP) — Al ?:i|><uie 1ms been deiitl two years. 'taken fcjr a ride", and In his toad Oiai'omo Calabrese, with n : u]lhclic scar, rules the uudei 1 - vorld under C'aix3iie's name, ac- irdhij; lo a strantje and mrjaxhifi nrv released to an Incredulous world by the maga/lue "Heal I)e- cuMvc Stories." a Cl'.lrugD publl- •atlon. The tirllcle. captlone 1 "Al Caponc Is Dead." tmd written bv llrucc Pope, a Chicago newspaiwriuan. Is the first ol a scries which ll.-j author promises will prove before It ends Hint Al is dead and a "false klni;" was set up secretly. Jealousy over his power and his Tove for a woman arc given ns the reason for his assassination. The love :iiH!lc however Is not devclop- nl In the first article. Cupene hlrnself cot n laugh when reached by Die United I'ress. "Who do I look Ilk''?" he asked when If lie nvtunlly vvas dci'.'.l. "Do . ... I 'look like Calabre/ ' . •"•-<:• a lot of ; licney." r ' He smiled, and the scar, wheu.-.' made by hoodlum!)'or a surgeon's knife, crinkled- on his \rti check, "Let 'cm think I'm dead." U. S. OHIET BUT Ovcv a Million Participate in Huge Communist Demonstration at Moscow. lly IJnl(oil Prcr;s International Labor Day, Mos- : cow's prcatesf holiday, was observ r . ed vith the uMial manifestations ' of violence In many parts of the orld ninodshed occurred in a few ' places ;.n:l In other? hundreds' of ; ; anests .v/ ;v made to urcvent dc- monstrfitlons As usnnt the day : . was riiiiet in the United States, al-;-'. though Commnnfst^ . iilaiined -it'l d"nm^':iratlon in New York during'.;! the a.'Kritoon and there wHe .'• meelln™. 1 ; scheduled In other cities. •'' Dispatches .from various |»ints-' to the United Press disclosed the -! folln'.vinB Incidents: - • '• • London, riotlnit lu Hyde Dark ns Portageville Will Renlace •i 1 '.Sirur.'ure Destroyed by Fire Two Months Ago. A band issue fo^.'$16,000 was vo!ea here yesterday with few dissenting voles. The monev is for t!ie of a ht^h s'chool building to b^ biillt on the sUe of the former one tint burned two months nco. The amoimt will supplement about S3 1 ).- tKlo that will Ix: rcccivj't on insurance policies on the old bulldliu. According to C. E. Collins, SH- perlntrndent of schcols here. Improvised class rooms and church hullrilnss will continue to be OCCM- . pl«l for- the rcinalpde.r of the Iscbcol lerin. The new building, the ! contract for which will be awarded in a few days, will be ccinnlel?:! S*r:el Common Touches Lowest Point Since 1925 America. ! NEW YORK. May 1. (VP'-U. R. | Steel common .stock, the leader In | yesterdav's rallv. on the sl.vk ex| chance tcxlav lost nil it had sr.-.ined ' and broke to a new low. • | Steel touched I13'.i. within two MOSCOW. May 1. (UP)- Recur- j points of its lowest since 1S?:>. but rent carlhmnk-": Tuesday. Wertnrs- j rallied from the low to r!o-c at day and Thursday devaMat?rt the'll-fl. Auburn clcsed at 1S5. off 23. New Villaees Stricken By Caucasus | Th? "Tar Heel" state. North Car| ollna. will be represented at the | annual apple blnsscm festival at | Winchester. Va.. Miy 5 and C, by Mi!-s Pat Holderncss. above, a iiinicr a( S.ilem College from Tarboro. N. C. She was clior/Mi "Miss North C.imlina" by Governor O. Max Gardner of that slate. sufficient additional members ti nvovide for the association's needs this year. A.hrenber? at Faroes on Greenland Flight THOHSHA7.N. Faro? t.slanis. Tsindcisk area in Ihe Caucasian re- .Sales totaled 2.900.000 shares against 1 Mav '• glen and deslrovra villafres The de.iih drtennincd. Incessant rain has agirrvaled suf- ferini; an:l mad? comnniuications difficult. 20 additional | 3,300.000 shares yesterday, toll was not Siamese Rulers Leave Archeologists Soon to Start Excavations JIADDONFIELD. ::. hoolo^'st^ from tlv? J. i UP'— Ar-. rcnber: f r oin Be'-7 r of AU2i!stin aiPi-Can'.-vin Albin arrlv-'l h(r" (l:is niDr Ah- Courtaid from th* 1 Cireonland irt 1 cm. Ahrrnbers (oak off in his airplane r,t S:30 p. in. . .j n ! rvamr Hinid romp I wilt soon start excavations i:i the j I vicinity of Hopkins Lake here | WASHINGTON. May 1. (UP)— i In an effort to discover fr-.«i!l*ed I Their Majesl:c=. the Sine and i of Siiin, frrmhnied tV.eiv o Hf.irriages Among Creek Indians Common Manila Farmer Catches Neighbor at Hen House MANILA. Ark.. Mav 1.—Jol:l! Eses. who 1'ves one mile south of Manila, wns awakened ot midnleht last nleht by noises which came from his chicken house. Arisiue and taking his gim h" stenpprt from his hm;se in time to soe n imn nmnhic awav from t^o chicken house. He fired. hitMne the man in tlip ]^. anti overtakins the f ni^riuder found htm to b^ Clvde' .linn-. n n»iohbnr. Eit">: hroii^lit I Joliff to Manila and had him jilac- j cd unjcr | Several hundrwi chickens Imve I been sto!pn in this vicinity in the past few months. demonstrators attacktj police. Paris, about 30 arreutfd and others deported. Strikes hdd ' in - •'• Paris and other parts .of .Fraljj, Moscow. Universal '/,h'oltday" 'ih-.. Russia. A'ascow sees • dcmonstra- \ lion- of I.SOO.OOO" pcnsbns. .,-Flfty ..,' thousand communist ,:solc;iers'. pnr- odc with modern war cciulpme'nt and tanks. .' ' . -.-V, •.-. Berlin, one shot and -'-about.-12:': arrcs!nd. One. hundred thousand) demonstrators In •T J \istgarten,.-Fey-: en wounded hi ; Mcttmnn, per-.'.. many. Mad'- '. demonstration, l>r ISO.OOd;.'' made in observance; of May" Day. throughout the new republic, with." sporadic violence. Barcelona, one dead and 11 -ill- : . jiircd in rSotin^-. 'Bilbao, one policeman -and 15-, conuvm.'usts .injured." • ' ' .. :'• -., Vienna, lO.'OOO-.parade. .. ported nrreslcd as precaullori'-. Cape Town, several injured in. riotlnf;. - - - '. Melbourne, six arrested In riot- • ing. L-ISBO^^ r Portugal, May 1 (UP) . —The repuubllcan guard todoy turned machine Runs on a crowd of May Day demonstrators after ' the crowd had hurled bombs. Sevc:al were injured en both sides. Younsj Colorado Bus Hero and ready for occupancy bv ti-r b»- j M a l, 0< . HJh Wjth nr Ilin ,,n,,- cMinnl v n .. r 1,, Wiaft-.S llll'. TTIIH the nrw school ,yea! the first part of September. WASHINGTON. May 1. (UP1— .i President Hoover likes yoiin; Bry- . . I ennessee Husbarrj Takes 1 »» unttedt so weii h= has nj't t i -r n. rk ' ne 13-J'f r-old Colorado school boy Wiles Lite and HIS Uwn | hero to remain at the White ; HOUSJ _ j a few days more, MARTIN. Tenn.. May 1. (UPV- 1 The chief executive thinks the Meeting his .IS-year-oltl wife at the front door of tV.eir home when she returned from a .shonning Richard Bloodworth. 40. trip boy has a gosd head and. an exceptionally logical mini A-'dos: and unusual friendship has sprung produce | up between the two. it was said at dealer, fired without warniuq at hcr (the White House. Particularly-was and after she had fled turned the i the chief executive impressed with pun iipnn himself, dyinn before ; the manner in which Unti2dt .tells neighbors could reach him. j I 1 <• ttory of his life and of his His wife die;l in Ihe yard of a , 7 - ibitlons. ;; Rasoliue filiinsr station 203 yards from the house. Bloodworth thought to have been suffering from ill health. Rules Liquor in Home is Crime Diamond's Condition Takes Turn for Worse remains of nrehistorir min>! n r^. Rem.iins of a mo'.vslrr liyird were ciiv police ear" ani started for thp j visl: hore ^ x1 - 1 ^ : «;> vin ? °n « SP2- j 3111 ! {r "™ l h=t location in 18-^3. If city jail. Raymond Bomar. ton "'"' '""'" '—"""' " " '" •-•«•- •--• * ~™.,.,- ofilcer. who was neirbv. aided G.v ef all radio sets and at least nr,|i n subduin ? '!he prisoner and tak p;r eont of nil tuoes made m 192S. inj him to Jail. JPJ. ! elal train for Purchase, N. Y. i is now In the vp ', They were bid farewell by a <rrouu; believe that Paper On New Alloy to I r- „ r T . n D j r> s o • , nvc "firman lowns to , „ n „ ,, Be Read Before Society Celtbrate 600th Birthday | Gcor S e Duncan Held ** the Academy ?.n-1 ' other valuable of liiijh rnnkiui; American ofTlclals i may be made. ;->mid al! the ix>".ip and carcmnnv I — j with which they were Welcomed \ | Tuesday. finds TiUTTE. Mont. (UP)-Dr. CurtLs I,. Wilson, head of the metallurgy d-nirlmen! of Montana Schcwl Miiifs. «ill fad a paper on the new copp" alby wrfectc<l at t^e school bKo.v a r-cicnllfic society hi the imnrdlaf! future. T;- 1 -t'.'.ay. 0.": per cent pur? cooper, is .i? hard as certain steels. auJ i 1 - nvire than 100 limes as hard ns c.-pprr. Tlic new alloy as y.-i ii unnamed. BERLIN. Germany. (UP)—Five German town will observe their for Unemployed Gardens BUFFTLO. N. Y. (UP'~ Prop• erly owned by the rlty of B;:flalo | would be turned Into gardens by Georee Duncan, accused of par-; the unemployed, under a plan ati- licipatin? in tiv theft of $50 from vocatcd bv the president of the Jury on Robbery Charge 'oni marriage? Okla.. iliP)— Cus- auioiii the Creek Government Worker* Will Not Get Ucual Pay Boosts WASHINGTON. May I. <UPI— The government Is increasing th? w-agcs of Its employes only where Indians of eastern Oklahoma are "t"o eomnicn." acccrdir.e to a rc- pr—t pnd" bv C. M. Blair, special Indian bureau investigator. "In recent vears. Indian custom! ,..,-, iriarria-es have niv/it no cere- j" n "l«<> bv law. I! was stated ofR- snonv at nil Phonic lu«t start liv-1 dallv al the Wll "« ilo;1 " t(Xiriv ' in? together snd break off without I ™ e usu;i1 P-osr«'» of lucre jsln? any legal divorce at all- This found tco often, even amonit vcung Creeks, who have been fair- i vvcck s ago. it was said. _ voluntarily when funds amoniTtha'''™' 0 available was abandoned some , well educated and ought to! know better." the Investigator satd. M ur j er Charges Filed 122 Radio Stations in Sweden STOCKHOLM. IUP 1 — Sweden has 122 licensed amateur radio j Against Jail Breakers ALBANY. N. Y.. May 1. (UP) — The condition of Jack "Lejts" Diamond, wounded New York gan? leader, has taken a slight adverse 'turn.- Dr. Thomas M. Holmes said [ after noon tDday. 1 Holmes said Diamond suffered |shaiD nnd severe pains In the chest. j riddled uv shot gun shigs. w'^icli ini?ht be due to hicr^.scd fluid caused by pleurisy. 'AH X-rav cx- nmination is to b; mad; late to; day. j Veterans of Foreisn Wars | In Meeting at City Hall j Veterans of foreieni wars. Her- I man .Davis Post Ns. 19. met at the city hall last evening for a busl- rrss meeting. For the next meeting, to be hold In two v.-t- ks. there will be a special speake.' for a program. WEATHER ARKANSAS--Cloudy. showers to,..„,. _„ . , .. , ., ;n!gbt: Saturday cloudv with show- Any prison who has hquor in hki cr j in f -,; mrd-n home is a criminal," ruled Superior] Judge Edward I. j partly cloudy.

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