Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 29, 1949 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 29, 1949
Page 8
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FACE 3— -NAVGATUCK NEWS (CONN.). TIIUUSDAY, DEO. 2!), I!tl9 Every ^evening (Azoept Sunday) by tHE NATJGATUCK NEWS CORP NAUGATUCK. CONN. Xniepbo&ei 22Z8 and tt*» AD tailored a» second clas» matter at the post office in Naugatuck. Ccnn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable In Advance 1 Month 1 Tear . ...tUMjO Member: American Newspaper Pub. Aaa*n N. B. Dally Newspaper Put. Aarfn Conn. Newspaper Publiihers THURSDAY, DEC. 29, 1949 Steelman's Left Hand Quoting directly from the Hoover Commission size-up of the National Security Resources Board: "The board is a high-level advisory staff agency to- the President desijmed to survey the entire field and adjust the demands of our national security policies to the national capacity and resources It is not measuring up sufficiently to the urgent needs of the times. It has lacked clarity of basic purpose and firmness of direction." This is the board that has Tneen without ahead since the resignation of Arthur M. Hill more than a year ago. There was one attempt to railroad Mon Wall- irrer.. a crony of Mr. Truman's who has since been given another juicy plum, into the post, but the Senate wouldn't go along with the appointment. Since then the board has limped along, doing halfway the vital jobs, such as strategic stockpiling and industrial mobilization, it is supposed to do. The other day the word got out that the names-of three possible appointees were ready for the President's action when he returned from Key West. At the same time Presidential Adviser John R. Steelman made a curious statement. Steelman, who has been serving as temporary NSRB chairman, said in effect that the job isn't really as important as it is cracked up to be. Ke says he's been doing more board work in half a day than r chairman could do in twice that time. He says he gets board members totre'-her after cabinet meetings. They rubber-stamp an okay < .- :;Js decisions. That's all. I:'s difficult to figure Steelman's angle. Is he purposely belittling the job to smooth the way for another "crony appointment"? Or is this a dodge to shake off the sharp criticism that has been leveled at Mr. Truman for leaving the board at loose ends for so long? Anyhow, Steelman's-claim that he can do the job with his left hand shows a lamentable lack of judgment of what's important and what isn't. The chairmanship should be filled and the board's activities taken out of Steeiman's sphere as soon as pos- On Saluting When the Navy's boss tells his officers and men to salute all high civilian officials, there is little doubt the men in mufti will be saluted. It is a brand new order. Rumor says it came about because a naval officer turned his back on the President. Any discussion of saluting and military courtesy recalls to mind the scrambling days of 1942 when the vanguard of 18,000,000 civilians was being punched into the military mold in the greatest mass conscription In history. Stories of men saluting hotel and theater doormen were rife. In the European theater, orders to salute officers of the numerous forces constituting the Allies offered a further problem, Often the non-coms were asfanc- ily rigged as any officer. Men in the rear areas and in foreign ports saluted any uniform that showed the least wink of bright metal. Of course, the tradition of paying military honor to the civilian heads of the Department of Defense is proper. The point is few civilians know what to do with a salute. They fumble, look self- conscious, dip their heads and flap their hands. Even those who were caught up in the draft in EmbrogliosI or II hardly know how to handle a salute once in civilian clothes. All in all, it is a fairly unsatisfactory and somewhat archaic exchange of pleasantries. But it will keep Navy personnel on their toes. They will get to know the physiognomies of their civilian bosses and will be on the lookout for them. In the initial stages, though, naval men and women will probably act in accordance with the tag line of the recruit credo: If it moves salute it! Standardized Arms From London comes the first official disclosure that Britain, Canada and the United States have agreed to standardize their arms and their military training programs. The plan, says the Labor government ministry of defense, will "insure that in time of necessity there will be no material og technical obstacles - to full cooperation among the armed forces concerned and that the greatest economy in the use of combined resources and effort will be obtained." It is hard to judge precisely what the announcement means. Americans are also assured that no treaty, "executive agreement or contractual obligation has been entered into by the participating nations." Besides, the arrangements "do not impair the control of any country concerned over any of the activities in its territory." The inference is that nothing approaching unification of the armed forces of the United States, Britain and Canada is in sight. But the announcement leaves no doubt that plans to achieve standardization have been pressed and that results are to be announced piecemeal. Do You Remember? One Year Ago Paul E. Buckmiller was reelected president of the Naugatuck Exchange Club. Joseph A. Morissey, of Maple street, left for induction in the U. S.. Army, with a group of draftees from Selective Service Board 12. 20 Years Ago Raymond Grant was elected Sachem of Natatuc Tribe, Improved Order of Redmen. ' Max White, of Church street, returned from New York City where he visited over Christmas. Household Scrapbook Moat I^oaf Instead of baking the meat loaf in a solid form try baking in a ring pan. This will make an attractive dish for serving-, as the center can be filled with vegetables. Surround the loaf with a ring of mashed potatoes. Puffed Sleeves To iron puffed sleeves, turn them wrong side out, slip a folded towel under the puffs, and then quickly press with a warm iron. Sticking Doors Sticking doors can often be corrected merely by tightening the screws on their hinges. Another remedy is to rub some wax or laundry soap on the door edges. Look And Learn 1. What is the difference between meteors and meteorites? 2. What three animals, other than the elephant, provide ivory? 3. What ancient military leader mourned because he had no more worlds to conquer? 4. In a deck of playing cards, which king is in profile? 5. What is the definition of the "hoi polloi"? Answers 1. Meteors are luminous bodies commonly called "shooting stars." When they fall to the earth they are called meteorites. 2. Boar, hippopotamus, and walrus. 3. Alexander the Great. 4 .King of diamonds. 5. It is Greek, meaning many. As used today, it means the common people or the crowd. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brill of Cliff street are observing their fourth wedding anniversary today. . .Mrs. B. is the former Margaret Owens. . . the couple have two sons, Frank, Jr., and Stephen. Alicia Marie Lenry, Lewis street, spent the Christmas holidays in bed... she was ill with pneumonia. .. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kevit, 72 Bridge street, received a six-weeks-old Cocker Spaniel pup for Christmas... he has been named Dusty. Mrs. Henrietta Pecker of East Watorbury road, le.ft today for Woodhury, whero she'll spend the remainder of the winter. .. she accompanied her brother, Joe SchHdgen. to Newinffton Veterans hospital yesterday, where he'll be a patient for a while. Congratulations were in order yesterday for Shirley Waterhouse of Pleasant avenue, who had 21 candles on her birthday cake... John Schmuck ends his three month chore as editor of the Naugatuck Rotary club's weekly bulletin this week, with the reins to be taken over by Dud Chittenden. Mr. and Mrs. Chnrles Hitchcock and son, Chippy, of Field .street, were holiday guests of Lil's sister, Mrs. John Gilyard in Newport, R. I...Dot and Hans Nissen returned safely from Bristol. R. I., where they spent the holiday weekend with Dot's mother, Mrs. Rose Conley. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dyson are, among Naujfatiiek's newest residents ...Charlie is the proprietor of Fo.v Cleaners. . .the couple lived for many years in Waterbury, and had been seeking a home in Urn borough for more than a year. Salespeople in borough stores thought they had a rough time last week with the last minute rush of shoppers, but this week is even worse with the usual business of exchanging merchandise. Activity In the town hall IN very slow at this season of the year, with the exception of the assessor's office... Jeanne Brennan and Gladys Feltman are work- Ing like the proverbial bees Kc tin ff the. Grand JJst in readiness for the end of January. Charlie Bengtson, Scott street, was baritone soloist in Trinity Episcopal church, Meriden, Christmas Eve. . .Chazz, Evelyn and son, Toddy, spent the holiday visiting their respective families in Middletown. .. his most prized gift was a combination hunting and fishing license. Kd and Clara Ginty were in from MillviUe on a shopping tour last Friday night to make sure Santa would not overlook Millville and the Ginty children, Kuren and Nancy, twins, and son, Jackip Phyllis Johnliion of Bingham street, who has made quite a name for herself as r. physical therapist at the Waterbury hospital, leaves either Friday or Saturday of this week for Hot Spring-s, Ga., where she has received an appointment at the National Polio Foundation in r stitution there... Phyllis is driving- to the southern city and there's a ride available for any Naujjatuck resident going- thait's a good chance for someone to get a ride....her phone is 2465. Belated bast wishes to Glaus, illonsees, 87 Oak street, who observed his birthday Dec. 18: ..Receiving congratulations for a happy birthday yesterday was Rocco Mariano of High street. Many thanks to Mrs. Franklin Behlman, president (of the Ladies' Auxiliary of' Crusader post, Veterans of Foreign Wars, who sends a very lovely New Year's greetings card. Bob "Nick" Carter has re. turned to his duties with General Klectrlc in Massachusetts .after spending the holiday weekend with his parents, Warden. .and Mrs. Hurry L. Carter on Cliff street. The State Police correspondent for Vox Cop, the official publication of the CSP gives Naugatuck a plug for its traffic safety record in the Bethany Barracks column this month!..with more than 900 fatality-free days, the borough is shooting- for a record of two calendar years which will be reached Jan. 31 at midnight if all motorists continue their fine cooperation with police officials. Santa came early this year to Mrs. Bill Boyd, City Hill street. . .the wife of the popular singer who was a soloist at the Philharmonics Carol Sins Thursday nijfhfc, is sporting » beautiful new fur coat, a pift from "Santa," Airman Henry Ackerman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ackerman, 146 Walnut street, stationed aboard the U. S. S. Coral Sea, is home on a 19-day leave. . .Henry was aboard the carrier while it was with the famed Mediterranean fleet.. .the Coral Sea is presently in drydock at Portsmouth, Va... a graduate of Naugy High, Henry worked as a clerk in a Church street store before enlist- msr in the Navy several months ago. Wonder if the board of warden and burgessc at its January meeting- will set a date for a special freemen's meeting .to vote on the board of finance measure? . . .Figures on the cost to the borough to institute the new borough employes' retirement system should be ready very shortly- GIFT EXCHANGE SEASON WALTER WINCHELL In New York THIS IS NEW YORK! Brooklets in Brooklyn Broncos in Bronx Men in Manhattan j For these I give thonx I Boats in the .park (Prospect or Central) A kiss in the dark Violent, gentle. Music for dancing Music for tears Music for dying There go the years. Bookshops and bookies Ladles and gents Ya got a hot diamond? I'll find ya a fence. A flophouse, the Bowery Colony or Stork Take it or leave it This is New York. —Ruth Cbsgrove. Sallies In Our Alley: Critic G. j. Nathan was being scolded for his persistent snubbing of movies. "Hollywood," a director reminded Nathan, "has made stars out of many actors'.. ."What Hollywood needs," replied the critic, "is someone who oan make actors out of many stars" ...Alan Dale understands Santa by-passed Washington, D. C., "because he didn't want to acquire an inferiority complex!" Memos or n Midnlgliter: Why col- yumlsts gray young: The confirmation that King Farouk's next bride would be a 16-year-old girl was thrown out of our Sunday night script because we insisted on adding: "He swiped her from an Egyptian delegate to the U.N.!".. ."Top Pilot" has been ailing but is okay now. Knee trouble. He returns in the Spring... Good bet for New Years Eve: The Blue Angel's lounge —with Eadie & Rack, the twin pianists. No cover, no minimum, no 20 per cent tax.. .Insiders fear another hung jury on the Hiss-Chambers case...Betsy Drake takes her films seriously. Mrs. Cary Grant's first flicker was "Every Girl Should Be Married," which starred her groom. ...When Gigi Durston, the singer, gets calls from agents, she says: "Seo my manager, Elliott Roosevelt." P. S. 184 Vignette: When she was a little girl of 10 and he was 13 they swapped signet rings and school pins. She used to sit in the balcony of the Imperial movie theater (West 116th Street) after school to hear him sing there, where he doubled as usher for Nothing Per Week.. .The other evening in the Roney-Plaza lobby they met for the first time in nearly 40 years... She was in a hurry to make an elevator, crowded with people.. ."Hello!" she hello'd without stopping, "bet you don't remember me!'... "Ruthie, I never forget any woman I've loved!" he yelled as the elevator door parted them again. Broadway Ticker: S. BUIIngitley got this cable from Paris: "Will fly to N. Y. for New Year's Eve provided can have table for two." The Stork prop, replied: "Reservation verified." The Parisien is J. Ryan, Poste Restante... Carol Channing, the new star ("Gents Prefer Blondes"), makes Time's cover and will be profiled in the Jan. 7th Collier's... Jean Arthur, the Hollywood star, is making the rounds here seeking a play... Ruth Dodd, the Atlanta belle, is back at St. Francis Hospital (Miami Beach) with her steenth heart attack. Don't wire or phone her for a month... Add rages at chess clubs: Blitz- chess. Gotta move within five seconds or you forfeit the game. Kibitzers are armed with stop-watches. Manhattan Murals: H o g a n's Irish House whtre on Fridays they also feature Gefilte Fish Sign on egg counter of a Columbus Ave. grocer:: "Grade A: 89c; best: 79c; very best: 89c". ..The name rrtato: "Ten Greenwich Ave."—the House of Detention for Women ..The diamond-studded dog collar in the window at Temple's on 5th Ave. Only $5,500...The reminder on the walls of the chorines' un-dressing- room, at Bal Tabarin: "Step Lovely, Please!" Mldto wn Sideshows:. Over. at Gilmore's, Lynn Gilmore told about the two chatting race horses... "My ambition," ;:<aid the first, "is to have a big air-conditioned barn loads of hay and never have to work another day!". .1 jes' wan- na become a Sunday-night radio tip," Braked the other, "so a few bookies can drop dead 1 !"...A press agent's wife has .had trouble for years trying to explain just what her groom did for s. living. Dining at Elizabeth Norman's la:t night, a new Ip'al asked her again: "Press agent? Just what is that?"..."He sends lies to columnists,' was the retort. NeWW Year's Greetings: Ruth Webb's song styles at The Nightcap. . .Loretta Scherels SSing at Town House...Herb Shriner's flve- minute monologagglng- via CBS tv nightly.. ."The Old Breed," a .history of the 1st U. S.-Marine division during World War II... The "Mr. Magic" of Norman Jer.- sen, TVrlflc ..Kate Murtah's comedy in "Texas, Li'l Darlin'." Sheer Murtah! The Miami Special: Northerners are going mad in Florida—the shrieking winds haven't stopped. Over two weeks of them, mil rains, etc. One of us knows that no matter how awful the weather gets, it is superior to any other ]->lace in the U .S. in winter time ...The 4 Vagabonds are the top- flightars at the Clover ..The.Is- land Club's cuisine is .grand...The Roney-Plaza dining dept must •'lose" money. The tariff there is that moderate,. .Wby do some three-piece orchestras (in bars) isnub the dreamy kind of pop tunes and feature loud concertos Romance murderers!. . .Colleen Townsend, 20th's newest eyeful ("When Willie Comes Marching Home") clicked big in Miami Most popular fishing- boatls and crews arc at the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce docks.... Hotel men everywhere should study the staffs down here. Courteous,, neat-looking gentlemen — clerks, bellmen, elevator lads and so on. Sounds In the Night: At Freeman Chum's: "Laugh and 1 the world laughs with you—cry and you ruin your makeup"...At Da Cinta's: "There's Bennett Cerf, the wit"..."The what "...At the WJ7I newsroom: "The reason everyone seems nicer on Christmas is because you are looking nt them with your heart.' Burdened With Joy The Late WWatch: Add Sound- Alike'.,: "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes," and "Dreams Are a Dime a Dozen". . .The author of a violent anti-Catholic tome (plugged by scumrounists here), is due to arrive next month. Claims to have been a BBCommentator. His initials are A. M....That igiant-sized s-xy cut-out of A.VU Gardner on the Locw'g State marquee to thcfting: the show from the other spectaculars.. .The Ted Wongs (she's the former "Miss Chinatown") expect a China doll ...Teddy Powell's crew at Club Boheme is delightful. His flawless conducting for Kay Thompson's jet-propelled tem|pos is the talk of the local show world... Headline- R\,7e" n Th'' S t PaPCr °PP° sl "g His Rule ...That medal on Gen'l Vaug-hanfe sloppy uniform is getting to look thinner and thinner. Mayor Curley To Visit Europe Boson, Dec. 29—(UP)—Mayor James Curley and his wife will sail to Europe in April. They will make a four to six week visit to France and Italy that may include an audience with the Pope. Curley, defeated for re-election, says he will start on a vacation after attending the inauguration of Mayor-elect John Hynes Monday. MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. When giving a formal dinner, should dishes be left on the serving table, in case they are wanted for a second helping? A. Dishes are never passed twice at a formal dinner. After being passed once, they should be taken back to the kitchen. Q Will you please give me some suggestions on what to serve in the way of refreshments at a bridal shower? A It is not necessary to serve anything elaborate. Sandwiches, ice cream, cake, and tea or coffee are sufficient. Q. When a woman is escorted by a man to church, isn't it all right for her to allow him to make her contribution? A. No; she should make her own contribution. Oslo—Melting ice from the Arctic and Antarctic polar caps dilutes the oceans in the vicinity and makes them less salty. SPIC 'N SPAN (The No-Rinse, No Wipe Cleaner PKG 23 C •sr DRIFT Leaves no soap film URGE M-C PKC U TIDE Tide's In—Dirt's Out I LARGE PKG 27c CASHMERE BOUQUET SOAP Delicately PerJumedl 2 BATH MAC A REG MAC CAKES *<J O CAKES Z<9 MARSHMALLOWS Recipe Brand Maine Village To Have Phones (By United Fret.*} The 330 people of a small vil- | Iaf,'« in Maine will be able to keep ; a closf! tab on their neighbors next ; year. ! In July of 1948, the woman who i owned and operated the telephone i service in the town of Riplcy quit land Kot married. Since then the ; only phone in town has been in a pay booth in the general store. ! Xow. members of the Ripley i Grance have raised the money to ! operate a ne-w telephone company, i And the parly lines that Cupid wrecked will come alive aj,-ain. ADV. AMONO THOSI arriving In New York on the S.S. General Blatchjord from Europe are Max Drenger and his children, Solomon and Golda. He Is shown carrying bis double burden of Joy and grinning happily under the load. Drenger. a tailor by trade, spent years in a displaced persons camp In Poland, where the children arereborn. (international) "We, THE MUSIC SHOP " In a last-minute cbeck .vith RCA Victor, Emerson, Motorola, Admiral, and General Electric, we were told. In effect, "THE MUSIC SHOP did a bang-up job >>n .elf- vision sales. Within a short lime, you've sold more sets than did I everyone else combined In Naugatuck." Thanks to you who "bought with confidence at T11K MUSIC SHOP." -Now that the terrific Christmas shopping; rush is ebblne down :•> normal, cur highly expert television installation and service can I also return to normalcy. Yes, In ' television, you may expect the best at THE MUSIC SHOP. By the way,—and this 's 10 ;rado secret—most major television manufacturers are unveiling their new models durinc this and next week | THE MUSIC SHOP'S personnel ire I attending ail the new sho»1ncs . So, before you buy, consult THF | MUSIC SHOP for tact* about .ele- ! vision. Vour set must j-ive you satisfaction in your home—otherwise, no sale! DELAYED REACTION Lewiston, Ida.' — <UP)— Sund McDonald, nurse at the North Cen- ! tral Idaho health unit, complained of headaches for 10 days after she had fallen against a dresser whi<c making a bed. An X-ray examination provided the reason: a f. ic- j lured skull. NEW ENGLANDS iARCFST PETROLEUM STORAGt URMIH' FLAKO PIE CRUST MIX OLD TIME QUALITY-NEW DAY EASE Discover how easily and quickly you can make delicious, old- fashioned pie crust at every baking with this precision-blend of home-quality ingredients. Used by good cooks for 27 years. Get Flako today. BUNKER "C" Fuel Oil Per gallon F. O. B. Our Terminal Bridgeport, Conn. Phone 6-3541 £•«* e. BUCKLEY /« 'BETTER SERVICE LOWER TUEL COSTS Ul prices subject to market change* n>d effective at all A&P Self-Service Storey ( n this area. HOLIDAY SUGGESTIONS A&P STORES CLOSED ALL DAY JANUARY 2nd COAST TO COAST CALIFORNIA WINES STH BOT PORT--SHERRY-MUSCATEL-WHITE PORT 'C HALF 1 AQ GALLON A Oft GALLON I •*•' JUG *•* * 5TH JQC B07 * * 5TH 750 EOT ' <* 5TH JfC EOT * * 5TH QCC SOT ' J PETRI CALIFORNIA MOUQUIN CALIFORNIA ROMA ESTATE N. Y S. NEW YORK STATE CROWN RESERVE Q £? 79 C A&P HAS A W/DE SfLKTION OF CHOICE WINES AT EVERYDAY LOW PRICES COAST TO COAST RED TABLE WINES BlJRGUrlDY-.CURET-ZINFANDEL STH mf%C HALF QO C GALLON | AQ EOT™* GALLON '* JUG I»O* IMPORTED SCOTCH 86.8 PROOF 86 PROOf 86 PROOF J6 PROOF 86.3 PROOF 86.8 PROOF RODERICK DHU GLEN CRINAN MALCOLM STUART GLEN GRAEME THISTLE SCOTCH KING GEORGE ~<~ WHISKIES COLONIAL PRIDE TOM MOORE NELSON COUNTY BRIARCLIFF LYNNBROOK GREEN RIVER COLONEL LEE K 3.89 STH BOT STH n AA BOT O.O7 STH BOT STH « nn BOT w.7T STH BO T 3.89 3.99 3.99 BONDED WHISKEY 100 PROOF KENTUCKY BOURBON 86 PROOF KENTUCKY BOURBON 86 PROOF ILLINOIS BOURBON * 86 PROOF BLENDED WHISKEY 86 PROOF BLENDED WHISKEY 86 PROOF BONDED BOURBON 100 PROOF 5TH 4 19 BOT **••* STH A QQ EOT *.»T STH A AA BOT *• ' * STH A AA BOT *.TT STH A AA BOT *.TT STH A AA BOT *«TT STH m AA BOT "t.JT MANY OTHER NATIONALLY KNOWN BRANDS AVAILABLE 175 A CHURCH STREET Naugatuck, Conn.

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