Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 27, 1962 · Page 14
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 14

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 27, 1962
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY, MAy 27,18SZ In Kitchen Improvement Wood Proves Its Versatiliy Take a good look at your kit chen. Are pots and pans visible? Do you have to store table linens -and dishes in other rooms be. cause there's no place for them •in the kitchen? Are you forever looking for utensils, hunting for table or •counter space, 'and toting things •long distances while preparing meals? If your kitchen suffers from ;;nny of these drawbacks, then it •probably needs \o be remodeled. - Although every kitchen remod- Ccling job varies with the. need of Ihe individual home, all remodel- -ing is aimed at making the room Imore functional, spacious, or'.attractive. One way to increase •functional efficiency in your kit- "chen is to carefully rearrange ;your appliances, counters, and •storage areas. • If you have limited space, de,sign a "U" and "L" plan foi your •needs. The "U" layout arranges -kitchen facilities along three 'walls; while in the "L" two'adja- -cent walls are utilized. The "per Ininsula-island" places major units ;against the _ walls while counter -and storage space is unconnected ^tq the other units — forming p an •"island", requiring a large kit- •chen. Since more storage space is usually a 'major objective in most jkitchen remodeling jobs, it's usu- "ally obtained by adding cabinets. ^Those made of wood offer a tre- •ish, styling interior space ar- ^rangement, and d i m e n s i o ns. 'Shelves and drawers, cabinets with sliding trays, cubbyholes, racks, rods and .spinning "Lazy Susan" shelves — all are'conven- ience features in new cabinets. While cabinets are backed up against a, wall lin traditional kitchens, modern decor offers an alternative — the "peninsula" cabinet. This unit juts out from the .wall, providing a space divider as well as storage. It is acces^ sible from either front or back, so it's frequently located between kitchen and dining areas. Wood cabinets also accomrriodate many makes of built-in and stack on gas or electric ovens, while island units accomodate sink and/ or range while providing counter and storage space. Before launching a kitchen remodeling ivroject, talk to a lumber, dealer, building . materials supplier, kitchen improvement 'specialist, builder, or (in the case of more elaborate renovations), architect. Experts can give you precise plans, precise cost estimates, and, most of all, practical advice regarding the most efficient, most economical methods of solving the kitchen problems— by yourself or by craftsmen. Then. do-it-yourselfer can also learn how much of the job he is equipped to do himself. With easy- to-use wood,' it is easier to accomplish more, even with limited experience and tools, SPACE SAVER The new small square bath tubs car. be installed in a shower- space, providing full bathroom facilities. NOW SHOWING NEW MODEL HOME DAILY 1p.m. to 8 p.m. LOCATION U. S. 31 S. of Kokomo-1 mile south of State Road 2«i East side of U.S. 31. $ 11295 ON V^OUR OWN IJO.T INCLUDES • 1052 sq. ft. of living area • All brick construction • Aluminum windows • Quality materials • Conventional construction 9 One and a half car garage <» Spacious kitchen-dining area <i Glamorous marble sills » Beautiful hardwood floors • Carpeted living room and hall • Custom-built kitchen with range • Ceramic tile in bath • 70 ft. of we'll, seatic and pump • One and one half baths. Write for free information Name '. Address ••.... Phone Lot Size CENTRAL INDIANA HOMES K. R. 19-Bo* 461-JB Indianapolis- Ind. Phone Sharpsville 963-2359 INC. YOU TOO CAN HAVE A BEAUTIFUL KITCHEN * . , Include Zinn Manufacturing Co. Built-in Cabinets in your new home or remodeling plans. i Custom Bank Fixtures i Kitchen Cabinets '- i Restaurant fixtures I Dealers for: , Tappan Appliances Hotpoint Appliances Magic Chef Appliances formica ZINN MANUFACTURING CO. Flora, Ind. George Burnham (Salesman) Phone 967-4177 Phone 967-4384 ON THE HOUSE The lumber industry is up in arms about what it calls "the deadly myth" that the safest homes and buildings are those which use materials that .won't burn. Sounds rather odd, doesn't it? Wouldn't you think that a structure made of noncombustible materials would make it safe from fire? Yet most, standard building codes throughout the country rate, heavy timber con< struction ahead of noncombustible products in fire safety. The men and. companies dealing in wood feel that the general public has been,misled by exaggerated claims for fireproof materials. The building standard specialist for one of these organizations, Nelson S. Perkins, puts it this way; "We are finally beginning to realize that-fire is. seldom the result of construction materials or methods. Most fires start in the contents of a building. The modern codes have two goals: makng it possible for occupants to escape a burning building and employing materials that will retard the progress of a fire to simplify the problem of controlling it." Perkins mentions numerous, well-located exist as one way to satisfy the -first requirement; fire-durable materials as one way to meet the second. He says wood has been the victim of hysteria, "caused partly by claims for fireproof materials." Another authority in the field, architect Edwin B. Lancaster, talks about ' unprotected wood against unprotected steel. "Research shows," says Lancaster, "that temperatures com-' monly reach 1,700 degrees inside a burning building, often in a period of 10 minutes. Steel beams affected by much lower temperatures expand enough to cause building walls to collapse out- ward. At 1,200 degrees, steel loses 75' per cent of its' strength, and at 1,700 degrees'will .collapse of its own weight. As a result, 10 minutes of intense heat may be enough to destroy a building supported by,; steel." Lancaster 'says that wood beams, on the other .hand, .will have charred to a depth of only V/i inches 'after one full hour of 1,700 degrees. "This .charring," ho adds, " sulates the remainder of the beam, slowing the;'fire. Usually this won't be enough loss of bulk to cause a collapse." The architect goes, on to cite the case of a fire in Texas wtych destroyed a school'when a metal, supported roof collapsed. "But," he concludes, "there was only enough heat to scorch wood en chairs and desks, although the furniture was smashed by the falling roof." UNDERPAID A New York hotel has opened a Rembrandt room, which features a reproduction of the noted artist's "Aristotle Contemplating the Bust of Homer." The original painting is valued at $2.3 million; frame of the hotel reproduction cost ?600, which is more than the Dutch master ever received for one of his paintings. In selecting the electrical contractor for consultation, design and installation', always be sure you are dealing with an established local electrical contractor. •He will have a place of business and will be known by the power company. Any qualified "housepower" contractor gives the customer a written guarantee covering the materials and workrnasship on his job. Enjoy wonderful Around the Clock with modern Mueller wiFClimatrol warmth GAS HEAT Mueller Cllmttrol Gas Heat brined fresh, wonderful warmth to every room . . . «vertf, minute of your wl day. No cold floors . ... JrrlUting drafU or "cold pockcta," Juflt constant, uniform warmth that keeps your home jnug . . .. keep? your family healthy. Call your heating contractor for mor« da- tails and free Ultimate. BAKER SPECIALTY AND SUPPLY CO., INC. DISTRIBUTORS WE CAN SERVE YOU BEST WITH STEEL • Electric and Acetylene Welding • Special Steel Built Tanks • Galvanized Roofing • Sheet Metal Work • Corrugated Culvert Pipe • Beams-Channels-Angles • Fabricated Steel-Structural Steel • Bars-Sheets-Plates FARMERS: Bring your plow points, or corn planter runners in for repairs. If it's made of stee! we can furnish it for,you. LOGANSPORT METAL CULVERT COMPANY 220 Hanna St. dial 5157 Here's Roofing Advice When your, 1 rooj needs reshiiigl- ing, do you know what to do? , Roofing specialists advise the homeowner to start .by calling in a reputable roofer: 'Adding .slightly to the initial cost, .the following supplementary roofing. techniques, help assure long range protection. If the existing roof, is wood shingled, recommended procedure is to first apply feathering strips (also called bevel strips). Unless this is done 1 ,.' the new asphalt shingles may conform to irregularities in the original roof. It i pays to ask the roofer to also 'apply metal angle strips at the roof's edges. These cover the oldT'.worn and porous' edge .shingles, preventing rain and melting snow from' penetrating beneath the new 1 shingles. It also gives the roof a finished appearance. It is also wise to ask the roofer to include caulking in his estimate or 'bid. Caulking of all joints between (.he roof and the wood or brick wail is insurance that leaks will not occur at these points., If these cautions are observed, the homeowner should certainly feel secure in the type of re-roofing application he has obtained.. The next <fctep is to determine the most suitable.type df shingle. Shingles .vary not only in color and design, but in protective values. In addition to the standard asphalt shingle, produced by all manufacturers .in the field, at least twii other significant types are available. One of them may be important to you, depending upon youir locale, needs and pock ; etbook. Generally, the cost of reroofing a home with a superior shingle is only slightly • above the cos!; of using a standard type. The labor cost, which represents the major factor, isj the same .for both. The difference — is the choicp "of materials. I Lengthen Garden Hose's Life by Keeping It in Good Repair MR. FIX Ncwslpaper, Enterprise Assn. Buying £ new garden hose? Or are you repairing an ( old one? Here are some tips to guide you in either case: < A good garden hose, cared for, will last for years. Both plastic and rubber hoses wear well, but in either case one that is cord reinforced will hold up better under water pressure. More Flexible Plastic hose'is subject to stiffening in cold weather while rubber remains more flexible. This is unimportant in most cases since the hose^ will be used principally in the summer. But, it is a factor 'to remember when you store a hose. If you tossed your plastic hose in a heap in an unheated garage over the Proper Lighting Important, Too. Recent surveys show that the average American home contains 'about 24; to 25 light bulbs or tubes. Enough? Not by a long shot. Proper decoration and utility require sixty or more bulbs skillfully placed and integrated for maximum efficiency. Your new paint, panelings or furnishings may look harsh and flat with poor lighting, while a well-lighted background can stimulate theijr beauty. Be sure to include proper lighting for^ comfort, charm and convenience,: in your current home improvement plans. . Too much light can be as bad as loo little light, and even one misplayed fixture can destroy the mood that makes a room inviting and comfortable. Professional decorators agree that the lighting in a home can show off—or show up any decorating scheme. BRIGHTEN FAUCETS Keep kitchen and -bathroom faucets bright by sponging them with full-strength pine cleaner, then wiping dry. -vinter, you may find it kinked up. Soaking the kinks in hot water will allow you to work them out with your fingers. Hoses are available, with a variety of inside diameters. A half- inch opening is sufficient in most cases. Get a larger hose if you have a large area with several sprinklers to cover. _ . , Long Enough Get a hose that is long enough. There should be enough length so that you can use it anywhere on your lot without stretching it, scraping it against a corner of a building .or kinking, it at the faucet. Leaks generally occur at the faucet. If you're lucky, this means nothing more than that washers need renewing. Hose washers are cheap and «asy to replace. They should be renewed at the beginning of every sprinkling season and at frequent intervals as a routine matter. Continued Leak Sometimes a leak will continue, at the faucet end in spite of new washers. The face of the opening or the threads may be rough. Touching up with a file will correct this. Use hose menders to repair bud spots in a hose. Cut out the bad sections. Ends should be neat and square. A rubber hose mender is a tube with cleats at the center that are pounded down into both ends of the hose once the mender is inserted. Dip Ends Dip the ends of a plastic hose in hot water to soften them. Insert the mender lube. A taper nut is then slipped ovor the tube and screwed onto the hose. Place the other taper nut.on the tube and insert the tube into the other end of the hose. New couplings can be installed the same way. A hose will last longer if cared for. ,Do not leave it in the hut sun. Nol only will the sun soften the hose, but the water remaining inside will boil. If your hose must,, cross a driveway, put thick boards on. both sides so (hat cars passing over, it will not injure the hose. IT * Faster/ Dramatic Remodeling Creates Extra Value When planning large scale remodeling projects, most home owners want visual changes that they can 'be proud of. That they can show off. That they can have as a reminder of good planning and wise investment for a modern up-to-date home. One of the most dramatic ways to add a completely new feeling to an, ol<;[ room is to carefully select and use good windows. That's easy today, because there is a window style built for every need. Frequently, windows can be the key beauty feature of a remodeling job. Thousands of older homes need the benefits of today's larger window walls to bring in both light and afford a view. . ,. Another thing, ventilation, important ill everyIroom, is' particularly critical in an area like, the kitchen. Today's housewife has BfAJJHE HEAT W/TJf CANVAS AWNINGS • Made.of ACRILAN or DE- COOL (dacron plastic). Guaranteed in writing for 5 full years, yet at such a reasonable, price conhrjared to so- called permanent awnings. Many colors to choose from. Canvas awnings for any job. ForFreelstintates Phone 2218 Today GRAY-MILL ' 1302 E. Broadway little use' for windows that slick and bindi over the kitchen sink, 'and witti modern windows, there is little reason, she can't have fingertip operation with any window in her kitchen. (This holds for the rest of her home, too,) ' Old screen porches can be effectively remodeled in many cases by the addition • of year-round windows and a heat source to give a family the extra room they Want and need. SOcOFF On-IS or 10 lib. Bags of STADIIRS TRIPLE XXX ROSE FOOD fith the purchase of any lose {insecticide or f unga- da Dust or Spray! iBfllANIDS IAMAWUABILE • pUPOINT • IV'ERHAOY • iGR'EENFkBLD i North HATCH ERiY «PEEO Ph. 3718 S Easter/ George 602:6 Gravely Tractor Sales & Service 613 'Hawthorne lane ILogart sport Dial 2909 ELECTRIC HEATING AND COOLING Is Our Business Commercial and [Industrial Applications, tool M 6th & FRED HAROLD OORE and f RIMMINS AN'A/GE *. Phono 4426 QUALITY •*• QUANTITY * SERVICE Free Estimates On Your O rder Radio Dispatched Ready Fleet (-Mix PHONE 3420 NEDDIE 2 Mi. West On U.:». 24 WITH OR WITHOUT MONEY GIVES YOU A COMPLETE HOME With ALL packages und finishing materials—at a guaranteed price. Or—if yoiji pr*fer—Jus! the homo with all finiih- tng materialsl Write for Free Cntafoq 100s of Plant to Choose From! You get the complete custom-built home ) DfilVIKO and KKTfD on your ht \ with all finishing materials I for IHSIDE and OUT, including: ) Conflict IH or your representative today! cappHomes ] 1U3 DUPON M,, DEPT. 100 i ! MINNEAPOLIS 11, MINN. ! HOB KNIGHT, 220 W. 3rd St., , Foift Wayn., Ind. Phone: E-079131 Yow noilgage hi frvt «nd clear within 10 years Complete plumbing system, • Complete hooting syjtcm. Complete electric wiring system vrith flxhre:!. Complete pro-finished cwtom Kitchen cabinets witft hardware and Formica tops. Beautiful, select oak flooring, oak base, clocf and window trim, Vinyl asbestos tile for bathroom, kitchen, rear hall. All foundation materials including basenvtnt windows. Self-storing extruded aluminum slortnt and screens—installed. : Heaviest gauge aluminum siding witb rigid backer-board for Iripln insulation—available: at small extra cost. Sheotrock or rocklath, inside doori aai Hardware, roofing, siding or pre-stained shakes, insulation and combination doors. 11 Professional architecture .. . and much rrbrol

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