Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 29, 1949 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 29, 1949
Page 5
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25th Annual Holly Hop Attracts 132 Couples The 25th annual Holly Hop, spon- i _ sored by the Parish Players of the I Congregational church," was held I roekas ' Ar 'ene Nelson, Donald last night in the parish house with | Ha >' es - Joseph Carlson, Rhoda Mar- 80 couples attending the Christmas ! non ' Bruce Johnson, Jerry Ander- dajice, and 52 couples the "junior" Hop. Silver decorations were used in I the hall, with the centerpiece being a crystal ball. Silver stars hung from the ceiling. The Rev. and son, Gerry Hennessey, Martha Lundin, Robert Wilmot. Janet Bavier, David Cronin, Gale Balinsky, El| eanor Pearson, Stephen Wood. Jane Chittenden, Arthur Pcpper- Francia Balinsky, William Mrs. Willard B. Soper and Air and ! Davies ' Audre y Fellows, Howard Schwartz, Rosemary Martinelli, Richard Schwartz, Beverly Bristol, Thomas Little, Carolyn Weeks, Mrs. Wesley S. Coe were patrons and patronesses for the junior dance, held from T to 9 o'clock. Patrons and patronesses for the Holly Hop were Mr. and Mrs. William M. Chittenden and Mr. and Mrs. AJbert W. Holmberg. Mr. and Mrs. E. Leonard Borg, Donald Starziski, Joy Heavens, William Fulton. William Weeks, Roseanne Lee. William Petrilas. Karin Anderson, Robert Ort, Carol Gustafson, Richard Alderson, co-presidents of the organization. | Marion Hoben. Helena Magas, Wil- v.-ere in charge of arrangements. with refreshments in charge of Sara Emery and Those attending Robert Brown, the junior dance were: Paul Hoffman, Xoreen Holmes, William Johnson. William Sundberg, Lida Allen, Frances Brewer. Shumak. Jonna John Crotty, David Coe. Robin Free. Emmet Wooster. Marilyn Best. Mary Ann Wooster, Charles Carn. Jean Sabia, Mary Ann Nolan. Earl Douty, Manuel Oliveira, Russell Savard, Krasinsky, Gail MacVicar, Richard Glendening, Peter Glover, Linda Roemer, Joseph Zettlemoyer, Jean Ritch, James Kirby, Sally Bavier, Judy Andrew, Peter Gibbs, Roberta Anderson, Graham Neary. Those attending the Holly Hop were: Mr. and Mrs. Holmberg-, Mr. and Mrs. Coe, Murton W. Lyon, Jr., Joyce Nicely. Samuel Brady, Carla Pepperman, Mr. and Mrs. Chittenden,. Mr. and Mhs. Paul M. Elliott, Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hayes, Jr., Grace Fairchild, Donald Radwick, ilr - a "d Mrs. Robert Holdsworth, Cicileo, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold J.. Rodde, Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Knnpp, Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Chase. Katherine O'Brien, K. Qulnlar., Joyce M. Poster, Donald C. Wigglesworth, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Bavier, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer F. Schmitz, Mr. and Mrs. Robert 1. Coleman, Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Kirby, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Lyon, Glenn Marshall, Jane Cook, Dr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Andersor, Mr. and Mrs. Stanton Glover. Mr. and Mrs. William J. Roemor, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis B. Becker, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Huntington, .Layton E. Spaulding, Mildred R..>il- ly, Mr. and Mrs. James B. NIC.--. Arthur Bulger, Isabel! K. Tu- kartzyk John Donaghue, Helen Mai, Margot Acheson, John Selover. Mr. and Mrs. James R. Sherman, Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Sutherland, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Kaufman, Mr and Mrs. Russell C. Adams, Mr. and Mrs. L. Richard Spann, Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Foster. Shirley Hupprich, Douglas Bosco. Ann Amato, Joseph Dinneny, Rosemary Tatigian, Ernest Froe- ick, Joan Ardry, Douglas Olson, Mr. and Mrs. James R. Waidelich, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Gibbs, Mr. and Mrs. Soper, Mr. and Mrs. Borg, Philip Jackson, Arlene Brown, Eugene Slason, Evelyn Kenny, Eugene Ann Chittenden. Patricia Ander- . , 0 derson, Alan Hermonat, Ann Match- | Farrell, Alice Stafstrom, Alicia Burett. Thomas Lee, Judy Deegan, I rel1 ' Harold Burrell, Mr. and Mrs. Julio Henriques, Elaine Lundin, Harold Canaperi, Dona Marnon, Byron Hunter. Richard W. Anderson, Barbara W alter Andrew. Barbara Lyons, J. Anderson, Kenneth Dyke, Sa!'y Gail Anderson, Stephen Palamer, Robert Hanley. Jean Coe. Ruth Glaser, James Anderson, Caloleann Joy, Francis Morrow. Karen Carlson, Roger Anderson, Richard Olson, Lynn Kaze- Going Out of Business SALE Last Few Days! Up to 50 % Reductions on JEWELRY and GIFTWARES Berstell's Jewelry Store 415 No. Main St. Union City OPEN EVENINGS Walker, Arthur B. Dayton, Jr. Xancy Anderson, Mr. and Mrs'. Gustav M. Thynell, Mr. and Mrs. J. Ellis Grell, Mary Wells. Rolaad G. Hathaway, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Hewlett, Jr., Barbara Olson, Thomas Johnson, Harrietre P.oemer, John R. Anderson. Mr. ant Mrs. Allen D. Trask, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Provost, Mr' and Mrs. Herbert Churchill, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Quinn, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Sullivan, Donald L. McCollum, Jean Holmberg Mr and Mrs. Albert W. Holmberg, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Phillip G. Brown. Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph H. Swan yon, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Ward, Mr. and Mrs. Charles IX McCleary, Mr. and Mrs. Victor P. Chambers, Mr. and Mrs. (Lloyd J. Emslie, Mr. and Mrs. Gar!:!..-Id Pritchard. Jane Danneker, Alan F. Van Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Van Allen, Mr. and Mrs. William A. Ware, Mr. and Mrs. Jamsi Heavens, Mr. and Mrs. Hamiltn'i R. Bristol. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P Tuescr Douglas D. M-iller, Mary Kllen Shannon, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Little, Mr. and Mrs. John j\. Monroe. Mary Chittenden, Frederick Zonino, Jane Vlauminzei, Frank B: Molen. Miss Emery, Mi- Brown, Arietta Durr, Paul J. JANUAHY O STARTS SOON! WATCH THIS PAPER FOR FULL DETAILS OF THIS ANNUAL MONEY SAVING EVENT!! OPEN FRIDAY NIGHT TILL 8:45 Naugatuck Furniture Co. 25 SO. MAIN STREET NAUGATUCK TVA Says Private Business Prospers, Advances In Area Washington. Dec. 29—(UP)—The Tennessee Valley Authority says that private enterprise has prospered and advanced in the region where the gigantic government power project was established 16 years ago. , ,WflB^HB In its annual report on the Controversial agency, the T-V-A said industrial jobs in the Tennessee Valley increased 147 per cent since the power project was established. It also announced that the income earned from the manufacturing plants in the area was 83 million dollars in 1933. And rose to $623^ 000,000 in 1947. The T-V-A maintains that such a boost in earnings is the ultimate justification for federal power projects. Power Failure At Devon Cause Of Interruption ' A four-minute power failure was caused throughout Naugatuck and the valley yesterday morning at 8:26 o'clock, when a "disconnect switch' on the 115,000-volt high tension line from Connecticut Light & Power Co. steam-generating plant failed at Devon. Inconveniences were caused by the disturbance of power in homes, offices and business establishments, as well as manufacturing plants depending on CL&P power. The service was resumed at 8:30 o'clock after maintenance men located the trouble and tied in the load on new circuits. Rep. Patterson Resting In Va. After being hospitalized for three weeks for treatment of a stomach ailment, Representative James T Patterson is resting at his home in Arlington, Va. He was discharged from Bethesda Naval hospital in time to spend Christmas with his family. ^ ^^ The congressman will be forced to restrict his activities for some time, according to his aides, but he hopes to pay at lease a token visit to the Home chamber when Congress reconvenes next Tuesday. Governor Gets Card From Hitch-Hiker Hartford, Dec. 29—(UP)—A delayed postal card has been received by Governor Bowles from the Arkansas Traveler—Robert Benoit of Putnam. Benoit is the former infantryman who walked 2,100 miles in three months to see his ex-wife and daughter at Little Rock, Ark. He wrote the governor that his walking spree was over and that he would be .home by Dec. 28. Since sending the card, however he's been forced to change his plans because of lack of funds. It was only yesterday that he started to hitch-hike home. Parkway Accidents Not To Be Charged Hartford, Dec. 29 — (UP) — A change has been .made by the stntr in the method of recording automobile accidents and injuries o<-curing /m 'parkways which run through Connecticut cities and towns. From now on, such accidents -will be charged against parkwr-.ys and not the communities as has been the practice. The change was requested by President Henry P. Clark of the Connecticut Police Chiefs' Association. He told the State Trar'tic Commission that local police officials should not be held responsible for accidents on state parkways over which they hav,; no control. NO REVERSAL Washington — A government, food and drug- official says there is no truth in reports the government will reverse itself and permit sale of new anti-histimine cold medicines by prescription only. Drug Chief George Larrick says his office does not vouch for their value as cold remedies- only that they are not dangerous if used as directed. Philadelphia—The highway system in the U. S. is estimated to be worth about $41 NAUGAXUCK NEWS (CONN.), THURSDAY, DEC. 29, IMS—PAGE "5 .SUPER SPECIALS FOR Friday And Saturday _, . '. OPEN FRIDAY NIGHT UNTIL 9 O'CLOCK Tremendous Bargains For Your New Year's Feast. Drastic Cut Prices In Every Department Take Advantage Now Of These Super Specials And Save To Your Hearts Content In Naugatuck's Greatest Food Center CLOSED ALL DAT MONDAY, JAN. 2 FRESH LEAN PORK ROAST Rib or Loin Ib TENDER SPRING LAMB LEGS tb 59 FRESH YOUNG HEN TURKEYS READY TO EAT HAMS Small Pig 11 to 14 Ib. avg-. Whole or Full Shank Half FRESH LEAN PORK SHOULDERS • Shankless Ib -^ • c 31 FRESH LEAN PORK BUTTS Well Trimmed 39 SUGAR CURED LEAN SMOKED SHOULDERS All Drawn No Wuste 12 to 13 )b. av|r. FRESH FISH KKI) SALMON ib NLICKI) WIIITK HALIBUT ib FANCY STEAKED • SWORD ib 5901 ib 39 SLICED KKI) All Dressfxl . Strictly Fresh WHITING Haddock Fillet 19c ib 49c CA SCALLOPS ib R3c FRESH STEAKEI) POLLOCK ib 25« DEEP SEA FIRM RIPE TOMATOES CELLO PEG EXTRA LEAN STRIP BACON EXTRA LEAN SLICED BACON — BEEF STEAKS GRADE "A" BRANDED CORNFED WESTERN STEERS SIRLOIN or Ib SHORT TOP ROUND or CUBE SScTfaT CHUCK ROAST Be ™"> 45' RIB ROAST "£', Kp » 55' POT ROAST U ib 59c Shoulder Clod SIRLOIN - TIP Fresh Lean \ Fresh Grou BEET J. HAMBURG "»29c Solid Lean •. Pot or Oven ID Solid Lean it. Tender Oven Roast'" Fresh Ground I STEWING BEEF Solid Lean « SWEET JUICY FLORIDA Tangerines doz SUGAR RINSO GERBER'S ASST. BABY FOOD FRESH SLICED CHEESE BEST EATING McINTOSH APPLES Nearby Conn. I.arpe Grade A Land O' Lakes Best POUNDS FOR JACK FROST GKANULATED 5 5 "> >>ag FANCY GREEN PEPPERS 2 qts 15 LARGE ARMOUR'S TREET PKG SUNSHINK BISCUIT CO. KRISPY CRACKERS BORDKN'S MINCK iWKAT NON-SUCH QUICK OR REGULAR QUAKER OATS CHOCOLATE FLAVOR HERSHEY SYRUP OB.EAM STYLE DEL MAIZ CORN RED HEART ; 12 oz. Tin 35c 3 2 2 Pound Box 9 oz. Phg. Pound Box 1 Ib. Cans 17 oz. 18c 31c 25c 27c CAMPBELL'S Pork and Beans 2 1 PILLSBURY FLOUR 3 Pound Bag BEST YET Deliriously Blended COFFEE LB Cans PINK BEAUTY FANCY SALMON IIEST YKT FANCY KETCHUP OOLE FANCY PINEAPPLE JUICE CAMPBELL'S TOMATO JUICE LOG CABIN PANCAKE SYRUP Pound Bag To Order i^an 2 r; 18 oz. Can 46 01. Can 12 oz. DOG POOD Pound Can Green Giant Peas 2 :'i235c CRISCO MILK PA AID DEI I 'O * VAL VITA SLICED UJtmrDtLLd I prApure CHICKEN or BEEF SOUPS I • t H U II L O Z Cans 01C | No 2i/o Can 19 C WINNER EVAPORATED Ib can tall can WALDORF TOILET TISSUES 4 Large Rolls 25 C CRANBERRY 3AUCE OCEAN SPRAY Cans m s m 160CHURCH ^NAUGATUCK MIRACLE WHIP PINT JABrf&S/C

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