Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 28, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1895
Page 5
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New Spring Styles of Hats Arriving Daily at ••^^••••^^^••^•••i^^^— — I HAVE HOME-WARD TURNED I THE GALLANT KNIGHTS, THEIR WORK AND PLEASURES DONE, Have Wim B»lncia*ee Said Good Fye to Meaaint fctoeiM and J»vlal DEWENTER, THE HATTEBrand FURNISHER. Frlendii in the Cits' of Br d«e»The Gram* Lodge, K.aUht« of Hon»r Jdjonrned Yeaterdai— A Keivlntlon — OMeers Installed. . r $ READY FOR SPRING, Last uprinp and summer we completely exhausted our stock of light woolens, and, of course, we lost a few mle?, but times wore hard then and money was scarce. They're better cow, and wo anticipate a busy season. Therefore we have bought heavy aud are prepared for it. AVe have received all our spring goods and will bu Rlftd to show you the largest selection of the hand- KOinest spring Roodi ever shown in the city. The prices are nominal. TUCKER & YOUNG, THE, PEftRL STRBET TfllLORS. MONEY TO LOAN Poraoiiiil, Ren! Estato or Collateral Security. Any Amount, AnyTlmti. E. B. Ovcrslilncr, :J'-'7 Fourth Street. DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY MORNING, FEB, 28. Drink McLin's Kolatona. Child's kangaroo calf school shoes 69 cents; spring heol, 48 conls; baby BhooB only 15 cent?, at Otto's eale of samples. A buggy, owner unknown, was badly broken In a runaway on Burlington avenue yesterday. , Tho driver was not hurt. Ladies 1 slippers G9 cants, worth up to $1,50 with overgaltors for 19 coots. Such prices only possible at Otto's sample sale, Forty-five cents for misses' heel shoes, s'zes 12 to 2. Did you ever hear of such prices? Some are cheap at $2—Ouo's sample sale. Insurance and Loans—A few hundred dollars of local funds; also Enstern money In any amount, to loan oa mortgage security—S. M. Closaon, No. 319 Pearl street. Lafayette Journnl: Miss Maud Mlllor has returned from a pleasant visit In transport, and was accompanied home by Miss Fannio Crawford. An ontertalnmeot at the A. M.' E church Tuesday night was attended by a largo and well pleased audience. The proceeds, which go to the church fund, amounted to a neat sum. At the Lotus Club's pick domino dance at the Murdock hotel Friday night, only ttose members of the Lotus club wearing dominoes will be allowed upon the floor until dominoes are removed. We wish to call tho attention of the public to the fact that w« are not con. iiectod lo aiy manner with any other business house, either recently opened or otherwise, ia the city.—Boston Sample Shoe Co. Martin Hughes, who was committed to jail for sixty days for breaklog J. P. Sebastinn'a front window, has friends on tho outside who are circulating a petition to have him released from the body of the jail. THE INDIANA CHAUTAUQUA. N Mutto by the Wiuoua AxMCinbly—Hull<llui;H at tlio I. nice. Indianapolis News: The trustees of tho Winona Assembly and summer school adjourned this morning at 11 o'clock, after a session of two days. The trustees are Charles H. Conner, New Albany; E. S. Scott, Loganeport; E. F. Yannelle, Ft. Wayne; S. C. Dickey and G. W. Brown, Indianapolis. Winona Assembly ; is a summer school of the Presbyterian church at BSBS Lake, Starke county, on tho Chicago & Erie, and tho Nickel Plato railroads, It is 115 miles from IndianapoHe, and 75 miles from Chicago, The lake is one and a half miles wide by throe l9ng. The trustees arranged for the erection of assembly buildings, auditorium, gymnasium, music-hall and boat- houso. Tho expenditure will amount to $25.000, which has been provided for by subscribed stock. The buildings are to bo 'completed and in readiness for tho summer meeting, which will open in July, and continue through August, Tho place has been given tho name of the ''Indiana Chautauqua." A SOUVENIR RECEPTION. The Grand Lodge of Indiana, Knights of Honor, adjourned at noon yesterday after one of the tnoit pleas ant teutons in. many respect*, ever held by the order. The gentlemanly delegatea and visitors left by the afternoon and evening traini, and the last of the guests bade a friendly farewell to the genial Logaoeport knights who exerted themselves to see that every vielting delegate bad a full share of the fatted calf while in Lo- ganeport, this morning. Tho session of tho Grand Lodge passed smoothly, That the outside delegates entertained only the best of feellcgs toward the members of the Logan and Wabash lodgps and toward the citizens of the City of Bridges, was shown by the following rcsoluiion that was enthusiastically adopted justbefore the adjourn meat of the Grand Lodge: "Resolved, That this Grand Lodge now assembled, by a unanimous rising vote, tender to the mea.bers of Logan and Wabash Lodges, K. of H. , to the citizens, both private and official, and to the press, their most heartfelt thanks for tho grand and generous reception and courtesies extended and shown the officers, representatives and members of this grand body, during our eojourn In the beautiful city of Logansport, and this grand body will over remember the kindness shown." "A. S, LAL-E, of No. 936." Rule of Business. Awarded Highest Honors—World'* Fair. OR, MOST PERFECT MADE. A pure Grape Crea m c r Tartar Powder. Free iom Ammonia, Alum o. iny other adulterant 40 YEARS THE STANDARD, of I,oaaUH]K»rt to bo dilven a Xoyel Itcvppiloii ami Entertainment. It IB expected that there will be a large attendance at the "souvenir reception" tendered the ladles of Lo. gangport tat the store of Flanegln & Crlemond on Friday afternoon from 1 to 6 o'clock. A corps of salesmen from ;the Majestic manufacturing company of St. Louis, Mo., are at the store this week introducing the famous sieel range Majestic. Refreshments are served every day.^but con^Friday afternoon the indies will_be entertained with a special progrBtn|of music and each lady will be presented with a handsome and usefuljouvenir. There will be an^attractive full page of matter relating to the Majestic range in the Journal^tomorrow. It will not be a commonplace advertisement, but contain ^matters of interest to our people. Look out for is. In addition to the large regular edition of the Journal 2,000 extra copies will be printed on Friday. N KRUCJER, of No. 1375." The public installation of the newly elected grand ollicors yesterday at 10 a. m , was ono of tho Impressive features of the meeting. Pas: Grand Dictator J. H. C. Smith was the installing officer. Thomas H. vValker, of Kokomo; J. W. Jacobs, of JeiTersonvllle, and W. B. Bartholomew of Indianapolis, were the only members present who attended the first Grand Lodge meeting in 1875. J>r. Koaers Will Tistlfy. Dr. Rogers of Long Cliff will be a witness In the celebrated Morrison will case now on trial at Richmond. Without the plaintiffs intend springing a surprise witness, it is considered as certain that they will rest their case this week, for Dr. Rogers is tho only witness known to have been summoned. The defense announces that as much time will not be consumed in getting their 67idence before tho jury as the pUintiffs have taken and tbey also state that it is their disposition to rush matters as much as is possible. Indiana Slii|> Canal. A dispatch from Washington, D C. cays: Representative Ryan of New York, has reported to the House from the committee on railways and canals a modification of Representative Cooper's resolution for the survey of a ship canal from the southern shore of Lake Michigan to the Wabash river. The survey is to be made by a board of three engineer's officers, and $10, 000 Is appropriated to pay the expenses of such work. \ We never engage in a newspaper controversy. We set the pace! If its too swift for our home competitors or strangers they need not attempt to follow. The wonderful success of our Sale of Sample Shoes has set them perfectly wild. One persistently advertises that he sells his shoes cheaper than Otto does his samples. Another claims they are not samples ataU r Still another claims that they are old goods. Now what is the result? I simply put the knife in a little deeper and the people, Otto's frineds, get the benefit and cur competitors will either squeal harder or attend to their own business. New Sample s Daily. OTTO KRf\US; Great Shoe Sale! THE CASE WAS SETTLED. The MoJfrn Inrilid Has tastes medicinally. In keeping with other luxuries. "A remedy must be pleasantly acceptable in form, purely wholesome In composition, truly beneficial in effect and entirely free from every objectionable quality. If really ill he consults a physician; if constipated he uses the gentle amily laxative Syrup of Figs. A Yonr jr Trareler. A fifteen-year-old traveler giving the name of Charles Lewis, and Clln. ton, Iowa, as its home, was cared for &e county jail Tuesday night. He claimed to have been on the road « year, having started out to circumnavigate the globa. He Is now on his way home with his job only partly accomplished. Girls and Women for Clerki, "I don't want any in my cffice; can't depend on them; they are always giving out when most needed," says a business man, Zoa-Phora (Woman's Friend) cures sick and .nervous headache and periodic troubles, making women strong and reliable. Sold by B. F. Keesling and Coulson & Co. That FonrOi Street Bill. Word reached the city last night from the State capital that the bill recently handed to Representative Longwell for introduction had passed the House. The measure the report says, providesjthat the otreet commissioner shall clean up Fourth street so as to make it passable. There is an emergnncy clauie in the bill that provides that the work be done at once. Wa* Affected by Heart J>l»em«e. James Draddy, claiming to be a printer from Chicago, was lodged Tuesday night at the jail and left for Marion, where he claims to have a job in prospect, yesterday morning. Draddy was found in an unconsdoui condition late Tuesday night by patrolman Hickey, in a pool formed by a branch of the Wabash river Dear David Hallam's saloon. Draddy ilalmed that Ll§ condition was due to an attack of heart disease. When rescued he was in dange- of drown- Frances MluulcU Appears George Tinkle In a Paternity 8dlt, aiid AcceptH S1.1O. •Miss Frauces Minnick, 'accompanied by her father, confronted George R. Tinkle, now of Sbullztown, who she charged with betrayal, yesterday in 'Squire Bight's court and after the matter had been freely discussed by counsel for both sides and a groat deal of figuring had been done, Miss Mln. nick compromised the matter for $150, the defendant to pay the costs. Tinkle's father and the parent of Anna Parse, to whom Tinkle was to have been married Tuesday, were present at the trial. Capt. Frank Swigart appeared for the defense, and George W. Walters lor the prosecution. Geo. Tinklehadthe marriage license secured the day be'ore, in his inside pocket yesterday, but the Tinkle- Parse nuptials had not been solemnized last evening. POSTPONED THE CANVASS. CROWDED WITH SUCCESS. Tho «rcnt Onanlne of cho Xcw York Jlaiikrniit Co. Tho mighty throng that attended the opening of this great sale went away rejoicing with the many purchases they made, the exclamations on all sides wore: "How can they do it? 1 ' But it was nevertheless. The price amazed tho public, and were so low that it was Impossible to wait oo all tho purchsers with our force ol twenty- four clerks. So to make sure that all will bo served hereafter we have employed twelve extra men to help us during this groat monstar movement of modern merchandising. Remember these prices only hold good for ten days. Jv T ew York Bankrupt Co., 32-1 Fourth St , Logansport, Ind. P. S —While this great sale is in full blast we will not give affy special discount to merchanta or local dealers. Miss Rose Taber is reported ill. A.1IIMEJIKM8. D QLAN'S OPKHA HOUSE 3. B. Patterson, Manager. Thursday, Friday and Saturday FEB. 28. and MARCH 1,2. and Saturday Matinee. . EQUINE PARADOX! Famous .1ml 24 Educated Horses 24 I5o cvcrjiliinR lull talk. ftallncil, Inlriictlre IiittTwitinc, iiiuifeii):; Eiijojnil .TII! prilsed by over om> million persons. The o:ily cnttMtaln- iiU'nt iii'UroiiiziMrOy Jill cl't-s-ics, aiifl t at bafl an unravunibleciitlclsm. Kte. Ifatlnt'e prloas i;i|nc |irlcfs2"i. 35 and Children lie. Scats on sale at J ..Imsion's Draj Stoic. •Wonted, A girl for gentral housework -at 8S5 North street, M)IS J. A. M ihe Proposed Sunday School—Ilonse to-Uonne Cnnvn»s 1« Delayed for Varloun RcaKonct. As announced, a preliminary meeting of the workers, selected by the various Sunday schools of the city, who were to conduct the house to- houso canvass, was held in the lecture room of the Baptist church last evening. A prayar service of hall an hour was led by Rev. J. C. Kauffman, when the business meeting of the canvassers was called to order. Owing to the bad weather, the sickness of some of the workers, and the failure of two churches to respond to the call, it was decided to postpone the canvass. Miss Marker! was authorized to call another meeting. Tbe probabilities are that it will bo called next week. It is urged that all hold themselves in readiness for the call. The Lojcantipori Presbytery. A special meeting of the Logausport Presbytery has been called for the first of next wtek to consider the question of the severance of the Rev. H. A. Percival's connection with the Presbyterian pastorate at Mishawaka. A Cm** ConMty Cmso. The Supreme Court yesterday overruled & motion to modify in the case of George,E. Boss, et al., va. H. J. Bantu from the Cas» county court. Fred DonglaNM Memorial SerTlce. A memorial service in honor of the memory of the late Frederick Douglass .will be held at the A M E. church Sund&y night. _ "Now, Gen'ral, you're posted; come, give us jour views. In a brush at the front what's the powder to use?" He winked at a star as be puiTed his And slowly, replied, "in a brush at the front I never use powder, but — SOZODOST." A cordial invitation to visit our store io- morrow[Fridav] afternoon as we will tender to the ladies of Logansport a Souvenir Reception! . AVe have with us a corps of Faleswen from the Majestic Manufacturing Company of St. Louis. Mo., who will be here for a week introducing the famous STEEL Rf\NOE Mf\JE>STIG! We bave refreshments every day but Friday afternoon we will entertain the ladies of Logansport with n special program of music and present each lady with a handsome and useful souvenir. Flanegin & Crismond, Sole Agent for Logansport.

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