The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on September 2, 1982 · 125
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 125

Los Angeles, California
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Thursday, September 2, 1982
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6 Part VI Thursday. Scplcmber 2. 1982 CooAnflclceCIlmefl LOWDEN: NEW SAHARA OWNER PROMISES A CLEAN SWEEP CiWnuttJ from First Pwje businessman, you say, 'When do you buy?" Not at the top of the market." Meanwhile, Sahara employees expressed a mixture of apprehension and anticipation toward the new owner. "They're going to have to do something to get this place moving," said Jerry, a poker dealer identified by his name tag. He sat at an empty table, few players in sight, "tiring in some lop entertainment or something. Right now. nobody's comin'. There's no business. I know that." Off the casino, a bartender named Rosey mixed drinks for the cocktail waitresses who hand them out free to the $2 players at the blackjack tables. Shouts from the crap games of "Come on, U" only occasionally pierced the stillness of a nearly empty room. Rosey fixed an order of "two (screw) drivers, VO rocks, two rum Cokes, a Bristol Cream and a burgundy spritzer." Said he, "It's a little too early to know whether a new owner is bad for us or good for us. But I just came back from vacation and things seem even slower than before I left." A friendly man taken to singing between orders, Rosey said. "I've been here 13 years and never seen business so bad. But the atmosphere all over town has changed. When I started, this was the place in town none better. It had an electricity. You knew you were in class. Now it's changed." Lowden also is facing serious labor problems. Results of a strike vote taken by Sahara dealers will be released today. At issue: the alleged firing of a number of dealers by the new owner. Lowden's opinions of labor unions would not be on the record, he said. His feelings toward the local press, however, would be. The relationship has been tempestuous. "I don't really get along with them at all," he said. "The local papers are rags. For years I've been misquoted and subjected to partial truths. "The columnists are detrimental to the industry. What does it mean to them to destroy an opening show? They are self-serving and their stories are slanted. I haven't liked the way I've been treated here." Lowden, tucked into a corner chair at a huge conference table, was dressed casually this day in open shirt and boots, a thick gold chain around his neck. He came to his money by investments and the stock market, taking a small piece of the Hacienda a few years back and slowly buying everyone else out, he said. There are 35 members of the Lowden family in Las Vegas and 13 of them work in the company that is formally called Hacienda Resorts Inc. During the summer, Lowden's teen-age son Christopher ran the pool concession at the Hacienda Hotel and his teen-age daughter Jennifer operated the snack-bar. "Everybody works," he said. Lowden is divorced. In the Sahara, he comes to a hotel with history (it is 30 years old) and stature (the place where Johnny Carr son performed and Buddy Hackett und Don Rickles and Ix)uis Prima und Keely Smith. ) It successfully catered to un older, repeat-business crowd that was far different from the swingers who jam Caesars Palace or the curious tourists who gather at the MGM Grand. "I try not to look at the past," Lowden said. "The good old days arc fraudulent, discomforting. You have to look forward." He will begin some heavy promotions, including world-class boxing matches. The hotel's long-running production show, "Bottoms Up," will be scrapped for 7 do have faith in this town. It's not a train wreck. It's a business cycle. ' big-name talent. A two-year deal recently was signed with Rickles. And there will be a major revamping throughout the hotel of what he called "employee attitude." "I don't like to see the dealers leaning on the tables when no one is playing," he said. "There doesn't have to be regimentation, but they will stand up straight. The pit bosses won't be drinking coffee on the job. It's a firm but fair approach." Lowden's task at the moment was "to deal with the entrenched corporate policies" left behind by the previous owner. "We're up to our neck in alligators," he said. "I'm talking first of all about overstaffing. "In 1979, you wouldn't look too far into a department. Everything was nice; cash was flowing. In 1982, you look and I see getting the same job done with less, and being more cost - efficient." The Sahara, said Lowden, would not become a copy of the Hacienda, a place that once had the reputation of catering to the Greyhound bus bunch rednecks, senior citizen groups and small-time bettors. "We're not turning this into a grind store," he said. "We're not closing the gourmet rooms (although the Del E. Webb Corp. took the name House of Lords with it not the renowned hotel restaurant itself, just the name). We're improving them. This place needs cosmetics. We did that with the Hacienda (there he spent $30 million for improvements). It was rundown and now it's clean. "We operate two different kinds of facilities. The Hacienda is greener than the Sahara more space, 50 acres a big waterfall inside, a recreational vehicle park outside. The Sahara is a free-for-all kind of place. It attracts more premium customers. "If you want to relax, swim and play tennis, you'd go to the Hacienda. If you want to gamble big, whoop and holler und gel insulted by Don Rickles in the showroom, it's the Sahara, We will maintain thut image. The Sahara ih special. " The Hacienda will keep its showroom attraction called 'Yire & Ice," while the Sahara seeks out super-slurs as an alternative to the numerous production shows in town. "Now these people will work cheaper if they want to work," said Lowden. "An important ugenl told me his acts will sign for 40 less than what they were making in Vegas before. For the entertainer, the good old days are gone, too." He is, however, paying Rickles "way over six figures" a week. "Don Rickles draws players. He has a sincere interest in the Sahara. It's a two-way strcet-he'll help us with promotion. Having him tells everybody we're still big-time." 1 Besides the $50-million base price Lowden paid for the hotel ($40 million was the down payment), he has an exclusive option to purchase 22 acres of adjacent land for $12 million and the first right of refusal on the Sahara Country Club at $5 million. He said that he will probably acquire both. "That's $67 million," said Lowden. Despite the enormous financial outlay, Lowden believes he got a bargain. "It's not expensive," he said. "Fifty million is a fair price for a hotel this size. The Sands (with 750 rooms) sold for $85 million about two years ago. From a real-estate standpoint we think we made a good buy, but it all depends on our operating abilities." So, this former accompanist to Ann-Margret and former musical director of the Flamingo Hotel here, who still calls himself "a musician," strolled through the landmark hotel he just bought and said, "I see dirt." SUSAN SARANDON: ON A ROLE OF SORTS Continued from First Page I'd said yes to the film, I hoped the part could be rewritten, but it wasn't. So Paul and I fought a lot. In the end, of course, I wound up playing it his way. And just so he ' doesn't hate me for saying all that, I'd add that he's one of the few directors I know who has vision and the ability to get that vision onto the screen." Despite the problems, she earned good notices for the film. She usually does. But "The Hunger," it seems, is something else. She said she has absolutely no idea how that will be received. "The Hunger" marks the directing debut of Tony Scott, younger brother of Ridley ("Alien") Scott. It's a gothic horror story in which Sarandon plays a scientist doing research into aging. Just when she thinks she is getting close to the secret of eternal life, along comes Catherine Deneuve. "She's a vampire from another planet," Sarandon explained. "She's had David Bowie as her companion on earth for several hundred years, but now he's beginning to degenerate, so she decides to take me as her next love." "I'll fight it," Sarandon tells her. "You can't," Deneuve replies. And Deneuve, it seems, was right. Their eventual union was filmed on a closed set, sparking the inevitable rumors of erotic goings-on. Justified? "Well," said Sarandon, "I've seen most of the film, and I'm not really surprised that the press jumped on certain aspects of the picture. It is, well, rather sensual. Despite my reputation as a sex symbol, it's actually the first love scene I've ever done." Since her fine work in "Atlantic City" all systems would seem to be go for this wide-eyed actress. But, surprisingly, she says she has not received one HUDDLE TO STAR IN 'SISTER' Elizabeth Huddle has been set to play the title role in "Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All for You," which opens Oct. 1 at the L.A. Stage Co. It will play with "The Actor's Nightmare," featuring Gregory Itzin. Both plays are by Christopher Durang. Also included in both casts are Libby Boone, Shane Butterworth, Lois Foraker and Kevin O'Rourke. Warner Shook is directing. Gerry Harriton and Vicki Baral will design sets and lights, with costume design by Elaine Saussotte and sound design by Jon Gottlieb. interesting offer since that picture. The three films she has made since were all in the planning stages before she received her Oscar nomination. "Depressing, isn't it?" she asked. So now she is flying back to New York to do a new play called "Extremities," which will open Off-Broadway at the end of October. If successful, it will then transfer. In between all this, Susan Sarandon involves herself in political issues she cares about, such as First Amendment violations and nuclear disarmament. "I believe in fighting," she said. "Lately I've been asked by interviewers, 'Aren't you afraid you'll hurt your career by being politically active and speaking out on things like nuclear disarmament?' That makes me laugh. If there is a nuclear war, I tell them, what sort of career would I have anyway?" 'ROCK TO RICHES' TALENT CONTEST SET BY KLOS-FM Local bands and artists are invited to submit studio tapes of original, unpublished songs for "Rock to Riches Talent Search," sponsored by KLOS-FM and Miller High Life beer. The 10 winning songs will appear on a "Best of Los Angeles" compilation album to be released in November. Three finalists will be selected from those 10 songs by means of a ballot included in the album. From the top three vote-getters, KLOS and a panel of judges will select the Los Angeles finalist, who will receive $500 in sound equipment and join the regional competition. Regional winners will compete in New York for $25,000 in sound equipment and Atlantic Records release of the winning song. J Tapes must be submitted with a "Rock to Riches" entry blank by 5 p.m. Sept. 10 to the KLOS studio, 3321 S. La Cienega Blvd., or mailed to KLOS, co Rock to Riches, P.O. Box 95V6, Los Angeles 90016. Entry blanks are available at Hanich Music in West Covina and at all University Stereo and Music Plus stores. A World ot Mort tnterttinment mm 606 If FIAMIEUR (PG) The 'E T" Of Animation i oo. 3 oo. 5 oo. i5 915 PM THE SECRET Of NIMH (G) low Snow rn Sol II ISPM 12 30 2 IS .4 005 49 17 30PM The Comedy Smash of the Year! Academy Awatd Winner! SECRET nUCEMAN'S OTHER IAU FROM MAO TO MOZART 12 JO" 1 IS" 4 00 600" e00 (R) 12 30 2 IS" 4 00S 45 tX 10 00 PM 101 SAO, ffi Sat 1 1 45 PM A9I5PMLOII Show Ffl-SOt 1 1 00 PM Bertrand Taverniers This Summers Delicious A WEEK'S VACATION Comedy Miff I.3 30.S.I309 4SPM DINER (R) 12 30 2 45 J 00 30 10 Vtm Hi 1 1 45 PM 9 45 PM loll Snow Hi Sal 1 1 45 PM Woody Aliens MIDSUMMER Superb -LA Times NIGHT'S SEX COMEDY (PG) OARDE A VUf 12 JO 20O4 00 " 6 00900 I 00 3 00 5 00 7 00 t 9 00 PM I 10 OOPM loft Show (n Sol II 45PM laoj Snow fn Sol 1 1 00 PM Rod Stager in MY DINNER WITH ANDRE THE CHOSEN PG) 1245245500 1 is9 30PM l2.23O"4 45.rO09l5PM loM Show Ffl Sat 1 1 45 PM la Vww fn Sol 1 1 30 PM Jeff Bridges Bianco Jagger in Steven Spielberg s SUCCESS POLTERGEIST (PG) l3OJ0 . 5 30"Wt930PM l?JO4SJK7 1St930PM 10 Sr-M-rnStf 1 1 30 PM 10J Show rw Sot II 45 PM Harmon Ford in One Summer They'll Never Forget MADE RUNNER (R) SUMMER LOVERS (R) 1230 . 7 45 500 rjoftlOOOPM tOO3O0 500 700 i9O0PM I a V-mH. 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"Gregory's Girl" CONTINENTAL. 5306 Metrose-461-4112 Fassbinder's"Lota" 1:30-3:35-5:45-6-10:10 FAIRFAX 1, 7907 Beverty-653-3117 Star Wars: Star Trekll: Wrath of Khan(PG) FAIRFAX 2. 7907 Beverty-653-3117 Rocky III; Firefox(PG) FAIRFAX 3, 7907 Beverly-653-3117 Carol Burnett: "Annie"(PG) GORDON. La Brea, Melrose-934-2944 Rocky lll(PG); Python Live at the Bowl(R) LOS FELIZ, Vmt. 6 Franklin 664-2169 Chalm Potok's "The Chosen" ORIENTAL. 7425 Sunset EU 876-0212 Blade Runner Diner(R) PAN PACIFIC. 7554 Beverfy-938-7070 Poltergeist; Author! Author!) PG ) VISTA. 4473 Sunset Or. -660-6614 Montenegro; WR: Mysteries of Organism AERO. Montana at Mth St-395-4990 Rocky III(PG); Young Doctors In Love(R) BRENTWOOD "1-2524 Wilshlre-829-3366 Star Wars; Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan(PG) BRENTWOOD 12-2524 Wilshlre-829-3366 Blade Runner; Monty Python Live at Bowl(R)l PUft VtNKc, KM lfflC0ln-3!P3-4219 Women in Love; The Virgin 6 the Gypsy MALIBU CINEMA, Mallbu-456-6990 Young Doctors m Love(R) 7:00-8:50 MONICA ft, 1332 2nd St.-394-9741 The Year's Comedy Hit "Diner" MONICA 2. 1332 2nd St -394-9741 Chaim Potok's "The Chosen" MONICA i3, 1332 2nd St -394-9741 Louis Malle's "My Dinner with Andre" MONICA 4. 1332 2nd SI.-394-9741 Sensational! Sonia Bragi In "I Love You" EAGLE ROCK, Clnema-2700 Colorado Blvd. Rocky lll(PG) 1:00-3:00-5:00-7:00-9:00 EAGLE ROCK Cinema 254-9101 Pofiergetst(PG) 12:45-3:00-5:15-7:30-9:45 EAGLE ROCK. Clnema-2700 Colorado Blvd. E.T.(PG) 12:30-2:45-5:00-7:15-9:30 EAGLE ROCK, Cmemi 254-9101 E T (PG) 100-3:15-5:30-7:45-10:00 EAGLE. 4864 Eagle Rock BI.-256-3996 Star Trek : Wrath of Khan: Tron(PG) HIGHLAND. 5604 N. Fkjueroa-256-6383 Homework; Private Lessons(R) MONTROSE. 2226 Honolulu -249 -3830 Annie: StirTrenll: TheWrathofKhan(PG) RAINBOW. 6721 FoothW-353-6505 Summer Lovers; Divine Madness! R) SANDS. 210 S. Brand Btvd-246-6363 3-D: Friday the 13th, PI. 3(A) U.S. CINEMA, 232 So. Brind-246-7130 The SoWier(fi); Sin Pack(PG) ES0UIRE.2670 E. Colertdo-793-6149 Cham Potok's "Ths Chosen" RIALTO. 1023 Fair Oaks-799-9567 Citian Kane; The Magnificent Ambersons UPTOWN. 2316 E CoKxaOO Bl -792-5276 Star Wars; Disney s "Tron "(PG) ANAHEIM. Brookhurst-714772-6446 3-D: Friday the 13th. PI 3(R)-ct. 6:30 ANAHEIM. L0GE-714772-6446 The Soldier(R); Poltergeist(PG)-ct. 6:25 BALBOA. CINEMA. Newpt. Bch -675-3570 Alternative Miss World: Mondo Cane CORONA DEL MAR, Port-714673-6270 Garde a Vue CYPRESSCINEMAH.Ball-Walker-828-1660 Raiders of the Lost Ark; Rocky lll(PG) CVPRESSCINEMAi2.Ball-Walker-828-1660 The Soldier; Forced Vengeance(R) FOUNTAIN Vlv., Fam. Twin 1-962-1248 Annie(PG); Disney's "Bambi "(G) FOUNTAIN Vly.. Fam. Twin 2-962-1248 Young Doctors in Love; Summer Lovers(R) F0XFULLERT0N.510NHarbor714525-4747 Star WarslOolby Stereo); Disney: "Bambi" GARDEN GROVE. Valley Vwsl 714894-5338 Star Trek II; The Pirate Movie(PG) GARDEN GROVE. Valley Vw.(2 714894-5338 Rocky III; Firefo(PG) ORANGE, CINEDOME-714634-2553 Walt Disney's "Tron" (70mm) ORANGE. CINEDOME-714634-2553 Sylvester Stallone: "Rocky III "(PG ) ORANGE. CINEDOME-714634-2553 Fast Times at Ridgemont High(R) ORANGE. CINEDOME-714634-2553 The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas(R) ORANGE. CINEDOME-714634-2553 World According to Garp(R); Arthur(PG) ORANGE, CINEDOME-714634-2553 An Officer and a Gentleman(R) ORANGE. City Center-634-9282 Monty Python Liveat Bowl; Night Shllt(R) ORANGE. City Center-634-9282 E.T.the Extra-Terrestrial (70mm-nopasses) SAN CLEMENTE. MIRAMAR-714492-0O56 Spectacular Surfing! "Storm Riders" VILLA PK. 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Redondo Bch.-538-3033 Firelox; Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan(PG) DE ANZA (805) 395-9102 Homework; Private Lessons(R) AVENUE. 11022 Downey Av.-861-8952 The Junkman; Take This Job A Shove It(PG) SHOWCASE CINEMA H-Stnwd. 862-1121 E.T. the EHra-Terrestrial(PG) SHOWCASE CINEMA 2-Stnwd. 862-1121 Fast Times at Ridgemont High; Used Cars(R) ART. 2025 E. 4th, long Beach-436-5435 King of Hearts; Mad Adv. of Rabbi Jacob BAY. 340 Mam, Seal Beach-431-9988 Surf Film PALACE, 30 Pine-436-4429-0p. 9:45 am. Forced Vengeance; Things Tough; FrL 13th, 3 PARADISE, 4129 Viking Way-429-5917 Annie; Star Trek II: Wrath ot Khan(PG) ARLINGTON, Arllngton-689-0400 Fast Times at Ridgemont High: The Jerk(R) CANYON CREST Riverside 682-6900 E.T. the Extri-Terrestrial(70mm-6 track) CANYON CREST. Cent Ave. Cyn. Crest Dr. TheSoMier(R) CANYON CREST Cyn Crest Tw.Ctr 682-6900 Tron; Star Trek U: Wrath of Khan(PG) CANYON CREST. Cent Ave Cyn Crest Or. An Officer end a Gentleman(R) CANYON CREST. RiversiM-682-6900 Night Shift Young Doctors In love(R) HEMACINTO Or-m-925-3163 Six Pack(PG): The Secret ot NIMH(G) HEMET. 220 E. Florida St -925-1022 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial(PG) HOLIDAY tl. Hemet-714925-6634 Best little Whorehouse ( R ); Four Seasons HOLIDAY 12. Hemet-714925-6634 An Officer and a Gentleman(R) HOLIDAY 13 htonet-714925-6634 Joan Collins m ""Homework )fi) RUSTIC IDYllWllD-659-2747 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial(PG) BALSAM Or -In. 12450 Balsam Rd. 243-3777 Six Pack(PG); Oh! Heavenly Dog BALSAM Or . -In 12450 Balsam Rd. 243-3777 Firelox; Every Which Way but Loose(PG) BARSTOWTW1140WMain714256-8116 Disney's "Tron"; Flash Gordon(PG) BARST0WTW2140W.Main 714256-8116 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial(PG) CREST LINE. Village 338-3838 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial(PG) short FAMILY TWIN el. San Bern.-714862-1550 The Soldier; Monty Python live at Bowl(R) FAMILY TWIN r2, San Bern -714862-1550 Star Wars; Star Trek II: Wrath ot Khan( PG ) MOVIES 7, Victorville-714245-0233 The Best little Whorehouse in Texas(R) MOVIES 7, Victorville-714245-0233 -An Officer and a Gentleman(R) MOVIES 7. Victorville-714245-0233 Joan Collins in "Homework"(R) MOVIES 7. Victorville-714245-0233 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial(PG) MOVIES 7. Victorville-714245-0233 3-D: Friday the 13th. ft. 3(R) MOVIES 7. Victorville-714245-0233 Fast Times at Ridgemont High(R) MOVIES 7. Victorville-714245-0233 The Sok)ier(R); The Beastmaster(PG) RIALTO. 230 E. Baseline 874-7980 Rocky lll(PG); Zapped(R) RIALTO, 230 E. Baseline 674-7980 Firelox; Star Trek II: Wrath ol Khan) PG ) VICTORVILLE, Joshua Dr.-ln-245-5525 -Star Wars(PG) cartoon VILLAGE THEATRE Big Br Lke -666-5246 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial(PG) CAMARILLO, 390 N.Lantana-(8051987-1644 Steven Spielberg's "Poltergeist" (PG) CAMARILLO. 390 N.Lintani- (805)987-1644 Star Wars; Six Pack(PG) : CAMARILLO. 390N.Lantana-(805)987-1644 Star Trek II: The Wrath ol Khan(PG) LARWIN TWIN, Larwln Sq. (805)526-6357 Poltergeist(Dolby); Six Pack(PG) LARWIN TWIN, Larwln Sq. (805)526-6357 An Officer and a Gentleman(R) OJAI, Glasgow Playhouse-646-5423 Call Theatre lor Program SIMI. Simi Orlve-ln 526-6824 Rocky III: Star Wars(PG) THOUSAND OAKS. MELODY 1-495-0881 The Junkman(PG) THOUSAND OAKS. MELODY 2-495-0881 The Beastmaster(PG) VENTURA, 26 Chestnut St. 648-1888 The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas(R) WESTLAKE VIL. 4711 Lake Vu-889-2919 Star Wars; Disney's "Tron "(PG) WESTLAKE VIL., 4711 Lake Vu-889-2919 Night Shift; Young Doctors In Love(R) CAMELOT, 2300 E. Etaristo 7147327-1273 Fast Times at Ridgemont High(R) CAMELOT. 2300 E. Baristo 714327-1273 Rocky lll(PG); Work According to Garp(R) CAMELOT. 2300 E. Baristo 714327-1273 An Officer and a Gentleman(R) PALMS TO PINES. 72745 Hwy.111-346-3821 The Beastnuster ; Python Live at Bowl) R ) PALMS TO PINES, 72745 Hwy.111-346-3821 Star Wars(PG); The Secret of NIMH(G) PALMS TO PINES, 72745 Hwy.111-346-3821 Kenny Rogers in "Six Pack (PG) PLAZA 1. 128 S. Palm Cyn.-714325-2626 The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas) R) PLAZA 2. 128S S. Palm Cyn-714325-2626 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial(PG) PALMS SPRINGS DRIVE-IN 327-1832 Homework; Private Lessons(R) SUNAIR DRIVE-IN 714328-3111 Tron; Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan(PG) VILLAGE 1.201N.PalmCyn-7M325-6022 3-0: Friday the 13th. Pt 3(R) VILLAGE 2.201 N. Palm Cyn-714325-6022 The Junkman(PG) AIRPORT Dr.-ln.400F Lopez Glta-964-8377 The Junkman(PG): Used Cars(R) ARLINGTON. 1317 State St. 966-9382 Star Wars; Poltergeist(PG) CINEMA. 6050 Holister. Goleta-967-9447 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial) PG) CINEMA. 6050 Holister. Goleta-967-9447 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial(PG) FAIRVIEW. 251 N. Fairvtew. Goleta-967 -0744 The Beastmaster; Six Pack(PG) FAIRVIEW. 251 N.Fairview.Goleta-967-0744 The World According to Garp(R) FIESTA FOUR, 916 N. State SI -965-5792 The Soldier (R) FIESTA FOUR. 915 N. State St. -965-5792 Fast Times at Ridgemont High(R) FIESTA FOUR. 916 N. State St. 965-5792 The Junkman(PG) FIESTA FOUR. 916 N. State St -965-5792 Joan Collins in "Homework "(R) GRANADA. 1216 State. Sta Barb. -966-4045 An Officer and a Gentleman(R) GRANADA 1216 State. Sta Barb -966-4045 The Pirate Movie: Disney's "Tron "(PG) GRANADA 1216 State. Sta Barb -966-4045 The Best little Whorehouse in Texas! R) MAGIC LANTERN Twin. Isla Vista -968 -3356 3-D: Friday the 13th, PL 3; The Thing(R) MAGIC LANTERN Twin. Isla Vista -966 -3356 Blade Runner. Summer lovers(R) PLAZA DE ORO. 349 S. Hitchcock -682 -4936 Night Shifl(R): Rocky lll(PG) PLAZA DE 0R0-349 S. Hitchcock -682 -4936 Python live at Bowl; Things Are Tough(R) RIVIERA. 2020 APS. Santa Brb -965-6168 DasBool(R) STA BARBARA DR-MNo Goleta -964 -9400 Disney's "Tron". Six Pack(PG) STA BARBARA DR-MNo Goleta 964 9400 Young Doctors n love; Ridgemont High(R) VICTORIA. 33 W VictMi-805965 1886 Passmne d Amore 6 00 CANVON. 165 San Dimas Cnyn -599-2345 Star Trek II; The Secret ol Nimh(G) COVINA CINEMA, 104 W Citrus-967-4361 61.50Star Trek II; Firelox(PG) EASTLAND. Workman 6 Citrus 339-7333 t.l.(PG) 1Z:30-3.U0-5:3U-8:U0-1U.jU EASTLAND, Workman 6 Citrus 339-7333 Fast Times at Hidgemont HigniH) EASTLAND. Workman 6 Citrus 339-7333 Sylvester Stallone: Rocky III (PG) EASTLAND. Workman 6 Citrus 339-7333 Kenny Rogers in Six Pack (PG) EASTLAND. Workman S Citrus 339-7333 An Officer and a Gentleman(H) PLAZA, 175 Vermont, Glendora -963 -3555 Anme(Pii); ineoecretoiNiMniu) WESCOVE, 1450W Covina Pkwy-338-5574 ine uesi Linie nnorenouse in lexasirt) WESCOVE, 1450W Covina Pkwy-338-5574 ine oonieriH) WESCOVE. 1450W Covina Pkwy-338-5574 i u rrnay ine urn. n. jH AMERICANA, 6700 Van Nuys Bl Disney s "Tron ; Star Trek ll(PG) AMERICANA. 893-6441 The Beastmaster ( PG ); Things are Tough R ) AMERICANA, 8700 Van Nuys Bl Joan Collins in Homework (R) AMERICANA-893-6441 Sylvester Stallone: "Rocky III (PG) AMERICANA-8700 Van Nuys Bl 3-u: i-rnay me um. n. Jin) CINEMA CTR 1.Parthenia-Tampa-993-1711 Rocky III. Star Trek II: Wrath ol Khan PG 'CINEMA CTR 2.Parthenia-Tampa-993-1711 Fast Times at Ridgemont High(R) CINEMA CTR 3.Parthenia-Tampa-993-1711 The sowier(R) CINEMA CTR 4,Parthenia-Tampa-993-1711 joanuminsin riomeworit(n) HOLIDAY. 8372 T0PANGA-B83-3715 $1.50Star Trek ll(PG); Secret ol NIMH(G) MOVIES OF TARZANA 1-996-1300 Things are Tough) R ); The Beastmaster ( PG ) MOVIES OF TARZANA 2. 18632 Vent Bl Star Trek II; The Pirate Movie! PG) MOVIES OF TARZANA 3-996-1300 Young Doctors in Love; Zapped(R) MOVIES OF TARZANA 4. 18632 Vent Bl Star Wars(PG); The Secret of NIMHIG) MOVIES OF TARZANA 15-996-1300 Midsummer Sex Comedy; Victor. Victoria MOVIES OF TARZANA it, 18632 Vent Bl Summer Lovers; Diner(R) Northridge-993-0211 Annie(PG); The Secret of NIMH(G) PEPPERTREE2ResedaDevonshire 993-0211 Poltergeist(PG); Zapped(R) PEPPERTREE3ResedaDevonshire 993-02 1 1 The Beastmaster(PG) SHERMAN. 15052 Ventura Blvd. -784-9911 Star Wars; Poltergeist(PG) TOWN COUNTRY 1- 17200Ventura 981-981 1 Disney's "Tron"; Spielberg's "Poltergeist'' TOWNCOUNTRY2-172O0Ventura981-9811 Chaim Potok's "The Chosen" TOWNCOUNTRY3-17200Ventura981-9811 Louis Malle's "My Dinner with Andre"' CREST DR -IN. Norco-735-2140 The Junkman( PG ); Things Tough all Over ( R ) MAGNOLIA. Arlington 714689-3344 The Beastmaster; Six Pack(PG) MISSION. Pomona-714628-0511 Six Pack; The Beastmaster (PG) MISSION Pomona-714628-0511 The Soldier; Vice Squad(R) MISSION Pomona-714628-0511 E.T.: Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid(PG) MISSION. Pomona-714628-0511 Homework; Private Lessons(R) MT. BALDY. La Verne -7 14 593 -0343 The Junkman(PG): Used Cars(R) RUBIDOUX. Hw 99W. Rvside-683-4455 Friday the 13th. Pt 3. Visiting Hours! R) VAN BUREN. Arlington -688 -2360 The Soldier; Vice Squad(R) VAN BUREN. Arllngton-688-2360 E.T.;Dead Men Don't Wear Plant) PG) VAN BUREN. Arlington-688-2360 Homework; Private lessons(R) ANTELOPE. lancaster-942-2t14 The Best Link) Whorehouse in Texas(R) ANTELOPE. Lancaster-942-2114 Kenny Rogers m "Six Pack "(PG) JET DA -IN . Lancaster-Whitehall 2-0622 Rocky lll(PG); Young Doctors m LoveiR) LANCASTER Of -hi 1-948-2915 The Soldier: Vice Squad(R) LANCASTER Or-m -2-948-2915 Disney: Tron: Watcher in the Woods(PG) LANCASTER Or -In -3-948-2915 Beastmaster (PG), Things Are Tough(R) PALACE. Palmdale-947-2119 Porky s; Summer lovers(R) PALMDALE DRIVE-IN-947-7566 Ridgemont High; Hollywood Knights) R I SHOWCASE. California City-373-8230 Porky s. Summer Lovers) R) MOVIES FOUR. Lancaster 605945-6686 Joan Coxm in "Homework (R) MOVIES FOUR. Lancaster 805945-6686 E.T. the Extra-Terresmal(PG) MOVIES FOUR. Lancaster 605945 8686 Star Wars; Grease ll(PG) MOVIES FOUR. Lancaster 605945-6686 An OflicerandaGentleman(R) SEE SAN DIEGO COUNTY EDITION FOR SAN DIEGO THEATRES

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