Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 27, 1949 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 27, 1949
Page 4
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I—XAUGATl'CK NEWS (CONN.), TUESDAY, DEC. 27, 1010 Elje tlbUsned Every icvenlng "iflxoept Sunday) by fHE NAUGATUCK NEWS CORP NAUGATUCK. CONN 2228 and 222V AH Departments bettered as second clam matter at I he port offlc« In Naugatuck. Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable In Advance I Month . ..«.3Q 1 Tear . .ns.60 Member: ' American Newspaper Pub. Ass'n N. IB. Daily Newspaper Pub. Aaa'n Conn. Newspaper Publishers AM'n TUESDAY, DECEMBER 27, 1949 j Hoover Won't Worry Dewey Anderson, a member of the Citizens Committee for the Hoover Report, has resigned from this better government group. He feels that Mr. Hoover's speech before the committee in Washington the other day -was straight out of the book of the National Association of Manufacturers. That, in his opinion, is the worst charge that could be made against it. Xo liberal worth his salt, says Anderson, can go along with this sort of thing. He says he is "angry and disillusioned." There is a strong suspicion that Anderson is miffed because the former President has proved him wrong. This Anderson is author of a recent book which estimated total savings in government spending by instituting Hoover Commission reforms at a little over $300,000,000. Apparently he is not aware that under authority given Defense Secretary Johnson by the TydingsAct (recommended by the Hoover Commission) defense .-pending for the next fiscal year already been pared by $1,•i 50,000,000. Anyway, if Anderson had read ::-.e Hoover speech carefully he v ould have found this: "It is r. jt in the field of our commission to discuss the merit or demerit of ~-.vernment policies—our purpose is to make them work more ecc- r.. mically and efficiently." Anderson's withdrawal from '!•. > Citizens' Committee will not w,. rry Mr. Hoover very much. But :. -vould be interesting to have !-.:: '. explain why he joined it in in the first place. 101 languages within the Russian orbit alone. This is certainly an achievement for a train robber and all - around murderer. The Muscovites have been holding a celebration about thi.y in connection with SIalin'.s seventieth birthday, in which extrai-agant praises of the Bathless Bolshevik were sung throughout the land. It is recalled that Hitler's "Mein Kampf" had a tremendous circulation inlands under the heel of der fuehrer. Yet this volume certainly will not survive as literature. If Old Bnthless is unduly puffed up about his book "sales," he might reflect that his distinguished fellow countryman, Tolstoy was a pretty good writer himself, despite some nutty ideas, but he never had the book circulation that Old Boly claims. He had no authority to make 'em buy or read his stuff. California man left only to such relatives who are Democrats. Just like they give out census jobs. Missouri farmer who plowed S50 under regrets it. But isn't a good farmer always trying to enrich his soil? Congratulations were in order Saturday for Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kreidler, of 03 Oak street, who were observing their 22nd wedding anniversary.... Christmas <lay, Maureen KnnavuKe hud :i dojblc reason far being happy... The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Konavage, of School street celebrated her third birthday. Sailor John Ostroski celt-brat- od his birthday yrstarday. . .Also celebrating wen- Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Btmsnn, of Shirley street, who observed their 26th wedding anniversary that day.. .Congratulations. Celebrating their 32ml wedding anniversary Dec- HI will be Mr. and Mrs. Howard Matchctt, of Gorman street. . .And the following clay, Mr. utid Mrs. Harry Cliurcliill, o f rrnsjjcct stn-ol, mark up 30 .years of married life . . .Mrs. Emma Vagt, of Hillside avenue, is one of the borough's New Year's babies who celebrat- tes her birthday Sunday. WALTER WINCHELL In New York Sti-ange Fruit Forming I: Bonn is a mirror, the people of Western Germany are not too happy under their new fed- er:;l government. On the floor of parliament, his socialist op- por.jnts have charged Chancellor Adenauer with being the tool of the Allies, while the communists r.a--2 compared him to Hitler. C Brmans, hoping again for a •'-' day and fearing that a wo.-se time may come, can hard!;- :;e expected to be cairn. It is no; strange that their leaders ,-:vo free range to their feelmi: ; and their tongues. Dr. Adenauer himself has been talking n.v-ut a matter the American, Sr.-.ish and French high com- miraioners would prefer to let lie '<>:• the present. ^ That is the question of whether V.Ystern Germany is to be rea: med and in what way. It is not .-!.-. urgent question now. The Allies are not proposing a military force for the federal state or cUling for men to serve in some noa-German or super-German But Germans have begun to ioofc to the future again and they ' that Russia will hold over i -iem the threat of military dom: nation for years to come. They realize that this threat must be met. They conclude that sooner or later they will be asked to help meet it. So they are disturbed, and the question is what to do to calm them. Part of the answer is such decrees as the new one forbidding all military, semi-militarv and nazi-like organizations in" Western Germany. p art of it is to continue the slow work of ecc- namic rehabilitation. If these are not enough, a definite commitment to maintain the new republic may be required. Such a pledge from the Lmted States to an enemy overcome at great cost less, than five years ago would be a weird addition to the fruits of victory. Vishinsky's visit to East" Germany and his reported promise of a "Little Marshall Plan" for the Soviet satellites may be regarded as proof that Russian blunders cannot be relied upon to give America the advantage in this crucial tug-of-war -now beginning. Do You Remember? One Year Ago • Mrs. Joseph Ramos, her daughter, Mrs. Manuel Paiva, and three grandchildren, Virgin, Joseph and CeceliaPaiva, returned from a six months' visit in Portugal. James Vanasse and Thomas Leary were named co-managers of the Alumni basketball team for its annual battle with Naugatuck High school. 20 Years Ago Francis Liwski ,a "yearling" at West Point, was guest speaker at a meeting of the Naugatuck Rotary Club. Charles and William Pettijean, John Penrod, William Moody, Kenneth O.'Brien and Walter Gruberman were attending a Boy Scout winter camp at Winsted. MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. What is the correct position for the butter knife on the bread- and-butter plate? A. Place it at the top of the bread-and-butter plate, slightly above the center and parallel with the edge of the table, with the handle at the right and the spreading edge of the knife towards the juest. Q. Should a young married woman identify herself over the telephone to a social acquaintance by saying, "This is Ruth Martin," or 'This is Mrs. David Martin"? A. "This is Ruth Martin." Our thanks to Virginia Brewer for submitting the following poem, entitled, "Thanks Santa." The other day we received a letter, The Kids just yelled with delight For it was signed by SanLn Claus, And it said he was coming tonight. They've read it over and over, The words you no more can SCR. A.ll they keep telling each other. Is that he's going to bring thorn a tree. I could ntver put down on paper, What that letter has meant to me. Oh how happy it has made the children, Just thinking about that tree. Many thanks to you, Dear Santa, For thinking of others tonight. For visiting fine little children, And making their Christmas so bright. Frank Clark, fire chief at Eastern Malleable Iron Co.. was in Branford, Friday night and was a witness to the early morning fire which killed four occupants of a frame dwelling. The home was totally destroyed and firemen were probing- the remains in search of bodies when Frank returned to the borough early Saturday morning. D-orothy Bean, of the News staff, spent Christmas with her parents at their home in Saco, Me. ...Richie Roland, of the U. S. Army, spent Christmas with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Roland, of High street... Richie, a former employe of the News, returns to his station at Fort Belvoir, Va., next Tuesday, January 3. Mini About Town The First Nights: was merrier for the who were showered making adjectives by Christ maft stage <o!ku. with d'zzy- .. . , the San'as- on-the-AlKlcH.. .Lllli Palmer ur.d Sir Ceclric Hardwicke in G. D. Shaw's ''Caesar and Cleopatra" H- most reviewers to light up their notices with shlmmorlnjj phrases. . .There was plenty of mistletoe for Betty. Field's ;,arn- uting in "The Rate Race," but there were no ai.cola.des for th<? script. Brooks Atkinson caj'sfl Miss Field's performance "superb' nnd the play "aimless". . .Sentinels j in Boston indicted the, Alive and Kicking." They repor'- ed the show needs shots of funioil- lin before it is sturdy enough to challenge the Bright Lights.. .Ne-.v Year's Eve reservations aren't coming in as fast as they striuid. Many night clubmen are worried. Some fear "at least 50 will fold after Jan. 1." • I Hunyon Fund can't bank thank.i. Chris Shecdy tells us that he and a group of his eighth grade buddies have formed, a basket- bull team which they call the Devils ..The youngsters are seeking gumes with othor quintets In the same age group...Interested parties are asked to call Chris at GK17. Congratulations today to Mr. nnd Mrs. Loo Krajewski, of 24 School street who celebrated their second wedding anniversary...^ Mrs. Eileen Buckmiller, Mrs. George McKenna and August Horn who observe birthdays ..Ditto Jim Bovay, a midshipman at the U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md. . . .And Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sirola, of Spring street, who observe their first wedding anniversary. .Mrs. Sirola is the former Yvette Grandpre. In the Wings: Intimates of Ingrid (and her forsaken husband 1 argue that so long as she is married to hi.m he "is legally tr.e father of any children born during their marriage". . .Thus, if a child is born in February "and later there is a divorce, Mr. Lind.H'roin (her husband) can ask for custody of it." Headlines & Footnotes: 'U. S. Paroles 27 Convicted Nazis." (VWjt- ta way to say Merry Christmas to our war dead and wounded.),.. 'New Automat to Omit Com Slots." (There goes the fun out of eating) .. ."Stalin gets liS.uOO,- 000 In Gifts.' (The Dirty CapitnlUt.i ..'"Burgman, the Traitor, Gees 6 to 20 Years for Nazi Broadcasting." (And some Congressmen want to give Franco loans and i c."- ognition for doing the Very Same Thing).. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Chiswt-11, of Tolles square, celebrate their 29th anniversary today. . . Congratulations. .. Tomorrow, birthday greetings will go to Tom Egan, of Waterbury, former Snorts Editor of the News... Ditto Carol Kowalewski, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chester Kowalewski, ,,f Ward Street, who will add a sixth candle lo her cake. Q. Is it obligatory to acknowledge an invitation to a card party? A. Certainly, and as soon as possible. Otherwise, the hostess is unable to know how many players will attend. Tomorrow is also the birthday of George C. Kuhn, of Hill street...John J. Vagi, of Woodbine street, -will be a^yeai- older Friday, as will Bill' Lambert, Naugatuck High school junior and courtster. In the future, all Industrial Basketball League games will start at 7:30 o'clock.. .And instead of three, only the two league games will be offered Last week's games were to have started at 7:30, hut one of the company representatives to the Council failed to notify his team and the squad didn't show up until eight. Wes Cady tells us that the YMCA is in nec-d of furniture for the lobby for hagh school boys, now in the process of construction . .Anyone with any .T>od second-hand furniture which they would like to contribute for use in the lobby may do so by getting in touch with Wes at the Y...Wes says that they would particularly like a couch, -some easy chairs, a couple of table lamps and floor lamps. Miss Mary A. Milner, a New Haven county 4-H club agent, thinks that Naugatuck Is the prettiest town she has been In New England, and says the Christinas street lighting d(;co- rutions are the most colorful she has seen any place to date. Stairway to the Stars: _ nighters glared Rex Harrison of the theater opening night at his wife's return in Shaw's hit. They report Rex refused to move Over one seat—so a party of 4 co'ild occupy their rightful pews. In the foursome was the beauteous Mrs. Harold Talbott. Harrison, they adil. didn't return for Act III...Stop worrying about zilfionaire ' r ony Farrell, who lost a few million backing some flops last season. This year he's invested in 3 clivks .'Todd Duncan in -'Lost in the Stars" plays a character 'now steady, Mr. Linotyper!): • Vhe Umfundisi of Ndotsheni." .Revis like an eye-chart. . .Arthur Miller will offer 100 angels of shows chunks at $5,000 each for his next film, based on New York's waterfront... Kay Thompson's new pla"- let (in song) delighted the Club Scheme's first-nighters. Class with a capital KAY...Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis are madder and funnier than ever at Ned Schuylrr's Beachcomber. . .Gene Baylos (at Mother Kelly's) is also a solid click.. .Scrooge Note: Carol Chan ning can't even get star billing ir the ''Gents Prefer Blondes" newspaper ads. The Story Tellers: Many book publishers arc so deep in the rt-d they've decided to recoop by printing only sex books. Claim it's tj.o only thing in which television cannot compete. .'Many of Collier's former advertisers are flocking back. They had $500,000 worth of contracts in one day.. .Tim;;-], if e staffers fear much headrolling- after New Year's...E. B. Whitj's "Here Is New York" (HarpW's) .s an expert job of translating' Tin? Big Town into literary lace That goes for Collier's reprints of Classic Christmas yarns. All Jingle- bellodramas . . . Have on ironic touch: Stafford Crtpps declares (in U. S. World Report) that investment of private American capital is "essential for making British Socialism" click . . Dial will publish James Cannon's "No- tody Asked Me" (a survey <:f sports) in the Spring. Insiders ^ay FDR will replace Lincoln as the most written about American. The Press Box: Despite the many denials (since we mentioned thu rumor a few thousand editions ag-o) the N. Y. Sun may be lied to the Herald-Trib. Add show-off stuff: The Sun's book oracle intoned: translucence of '•It has all an intaglio." the Oh, Household Scrapbook Crochet Work To keep crochet work from raveling when laying aside, pull the last loot) out long enough to pass the bull through. Thin fastens it securely and it may easily be opened in the same way when resuming the work. Leather Uphntatary Wash leather upholstery with warm soapsuds, rinsing with clear water. Rub with white of egg to retain the gloss, and when nearly dry, polish with a soft cloth. Starch On windy days it is advisable to add a little salt to the starch This will prevent its being blown out of the clothes while they are drying. look it up v'self. .Gable scooped everyone on* his marriage. We think we were closest to his plans when we recently reported his "most serious romance sinie Carole Lombard." And that he wou'd honeymoon in Hawaii. All we hnd wrong was the name of the brid.». Yock, Yock!..Oh well. We were practically the only one wno snubbed the "scoop" that Ingrid (married to one man) was encienfe via another. Even the prissy New York Times front-paged it. Hmr. Sech gent's room joinalism! Half again. .Despite all the big wedding- The Romance of the Year is tr-'e GOT trying to woo Ike. Typewriter Itiblxms: S. Parker: Some folks seem to think they are worth a lot of money just bei_<x-j.~e they have U...R. E. Proctor: She spends her life in solitary refinement..'Jean Carroll: Lady Aa'ilcy lias the kind of face that stopped a Clark.. .From a Washington cartoonist: "Merry Taxmas!" NATIVE AMERICAN BIBD Boston—The turkey is the only native American representative of the pheasant family. Look And Learn 1. Who .started the custom of »;i ing "hello" over the telephone? 2. What is the difference betwee a perennial plant and an annual plant? 3. Which state is known as "The Old Dominion"? 4. What are the three general' types of musical instruments? 5. What is "embonpoint?" Answers 1. Thomas A. Edison. 2. A perennial plant lives for number of years, while an annual has to be planted anew each season. 3. Virginia. \. String, wind, and percussion. 5. Plumpness. New York leads the nation in the production of buckwheat. ADV. "We, THE MUSIC SHOP- Some expressive faces we'd love to have seen on Christmas Eve.: ' Mrs. Melbourne's when her husband, the well-known Rubber Ave. florist, unveiled the beautiful new piuno . . . Mr. Bilbao's when he first looked at the largest made chromatic Hohner harmonica given him by his wife . . . Bob HartweH's when the much- desired shiny trumpet In its lovely case was presented to him by his parent* . . . Rev. Soper's when the long-play, ing records he had ordered which were "out of stock" were given to him by his parishioners . . . The Mariano family's when the television set they had ordered two weeks ago arrived at 6 p. tn. of Christmas evening:. Mr. and Mrs. Madden 1 * »on'g when the guitar was removed from Its fancy covering. And the hundreds and hundreds oi other gladdened face, when they unwrapped the record albums, radios, phonographs, music boxes, instrument*, television sets, and other musical items hearts had yearned for. May yon all enjoy your musical gifts fotevert THE CHILDREN'S HOUR COM!. Tolstoy Was Good, Too Americans have been accused of being notable boasters, especially when strutting their stuff among the "lesser breeds" abroad But the Muscovites have now captured the cup. They claim credit for every great discovery m history.. They are even using atomic energy to move mountains and transform regions according to their story. Now the Muscovites are boasting that Stalin is the leading world author. His writings, they claim, have reached the astonishing total of 539,000,000 copies in The Cinemagiclans: "Samson un Delilah" is a sumptuous pafruant displaying DeMille's custonrini-y Tiffany touch. It stars two very beautiful torsos: Vii.' Mature a with every muscle and Hedy sho what makes strong men weak... '•And Baby Makes Three" is a Jove- happy pleasantry with Barbara Hale and Robert Young struck by moon-lightning.. ."Prince of Foxes" gives you grandeur galore v:; an adventurous rouser. Wanda Hendrix is the wide-eyed darling- who makes Ty Power's heroics worthwhile. . ."East Side, West Side" sharpens the points of a •omantic triangle, thanks to the keen trouping- of Avah Gardner, Babs Stanwyck and James Masnn ..."Red Desert" is a better-thc.ii- average frontier fable—okay 'or Miss Pigtails and Mr. Kneepants ..."Song of New Mexico" Is another Installment of Gene's Autry- ing. The Airlstocrats: Following- (he query here: "Howcum Dave Garroway's bigtime teevee program hasn't a sponsor?" he reports a dozen offers came in Dotz ni: e . . . Statistic-happy microforum- ites are better nap inducers than hot milk. A blitz in every syllahbill hot milk. Lee Tracy was zingo in his dramatic effort the othei night. A blitz in every syllalibil . Perfawmers on teevee have rugged chores. For an IS-min-atc role you gotta rehearse about TO hours . . . "The Wedding. Samba" is catchy. It is a Yiddish melody done in maratas tempo by the Andrews Girls plus Carmen Miranda ...The televised movie premieres exhibiting celebs spouting airy nothings are a concrete example of du'.levision.. .The way some vidt-.o comes over it looks more like DaK- vision...The other Sabbath eve we said the horse we hoped would win next day was scratched. It ran later in the week and lost. OL.T responsibility ended with our scratch report, of course. But Bernard Form (of Newark) wires: "Played Afton prince at New Ur- leans instead of Black Prin..c by mistake. It paid a juicy $58.BO. Thanks a million!" . . . Thanki? Don't change the subject! The NEW ENGLAND'S LARGEST PETROLEUM STORAGE TERMINAL BUNKER "0" Fuel Oil pur gallon F. O. B. Our Terminal Bridgeport, Conn. Phone 6-3641 BETTER SERVICE LOWER FUEL COSTS What's It Worth? Whot'll a dollar be worth ten years from now? Will it buy more shredded wheat, or less? Thofs a pretty important question when you're talking about pensions. Back in the '30s, the man who could look forward to retiring on a $50 a month pension seemed to be in good shape ... a buck went pretty far in those days. But what happens? The years roll by, and when the time comes to retire, $50 a month isn't such a big deal. It won't buy as much as he'd hoped it would. You see, there's not much sense in planning pension's of $50, $100, or even $1,000, unless we also make sure that that money will be worth something when the time comes to spend it. That means that employees and management must, for their own protection, work their collective heads off to keep other manufacturing costs down. If costs continue to go up, prices will rise with them . . . we'll find ourselves faced with the doggonedest inflation yet. The man who expects a pension has the biggest reason for fighting inflation. INDUSTRIES The NAUGATUCK VALLEY MH P"0 "J SS:5 T-AV-HOIM 0281 Mo'Wf S™ --1-JWIM «. UITU

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