Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 25, 1962 · Page 9
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 9

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 25, 1962
Page 9
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Friday Evening, May 25, 1982. JOSEPHINE LOWMAN Think of Fresh Fruits, Vegetables When Dieting ANN LANDERS Asparagus is a good reducing food. The plateful you see here contains only 50 calories. Fresh fruits and vegetables are especially important on the reducing diel because they give you so much health value for so few calories. They provide bulk when the food intake is decreased. For instance, 10 stalks of asparagus give you about 50 calories, one cup of cabbage about 25 calories, 15 stalks of celery, (I am not recommending 15 stalks) 50 calories, one cup of canned tomatoes or one medium-large tomato, 50 calories, one large apple 100 calories, one cup of cherries, 100 calories, two carrots, 40 calories, three large leaves of lettuce, 10 calories. "Spend" Less You can have a cup of greens or spinach or broccoli for less calories than 'a tablespoonful of hollandaise sauce or one ' chocolate cream give you. Vital vita mins and minerals are provided by fruits and vegetables at a low-calorie cost. Bulky foods 'also are filling. Milk gives you so many health values for a few calories—that is, if you drink skim milk or pow- dered, fat-free milk 'which charges you only 80 calories for an 8- ounce glassful. You only lose some vitamin A when the fat is taken out of milk, and if you eal a well-balanced diet which includes plenty of Ihe green anc yellow vegetables, you have no worry on this score. Need Proteins On the reducing diet you shoulc have, a rather large intake o proteins; slum milk, cheese, lean meat, fowl, eggs, fish and sea foods. Since one who is reducing c'an not afford to be extravagant with calories, it is most important to spend those you are going U spend (or eat) in ways which wil build your health and slim your figure. If you would like to have m; Calorie Chart, scud a stamped self-addressed envelope with you request for leaflet No. 36 to Jose phine Lowman in care of tlii: newspaper. (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1962) TANTALIZING toasted banana splits served in real coconut halves are sampled by Irene Strom. 14, and Fat Maddox, 16. GAYNOR MADDOX Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Teen-age boys as well as girls like to play host to their friends. We asked Pat Maddox, 16, of Collegiate Prep School, and Irene Strom, 14, of Professional Children's School in New York, to list some of the foods they like to serve at their parties. They like short-cut convenience foods. Such favorites as peanut butler, chocolate, coconut and bananas frequenlly appear at their parly "feeds." Milk in quantity vies with soft drinks when the boys gather. The three "p's" of teen-age parties are prelzels, popcorn and pizzas. They favor frozen pizzas which require only baking. Often they top off the menu with no-cook dessert concoctions, such as Toasted Coconut Banana Split and a peanut butter-coconut candy. TOASTED COCONUT BANANA SPLIT (Makes 4 servings) 2 cups cold milk 1 package toasled coconut instant pudding 2 bananas, split and halved ] /2 cup whipped cream 4 maraschino cherries Chopped nuts Pour milk into mixing bowl Add pudding and beat with egg. beater until well blended (about 1 minute). Let set for 5 minutes. Meanwhile place 2 sections of banana in the bottom or on the side of each individual serving dish Spoon in pudding. Garnish wit whipped cream, cherry and chop- pec! nuts. COCONUT TWIST CANDY (Makes 80 candies) 1 package toasled coconut in standt pudding" 1 pound confectioners', sugar /2 cup soft margarine 1 egg white 2 to 3 tablespoons milk k cup chunky peanut butter Combine pudding, confectioner! sugar, margarine, egg white an enough milk to bind the mixture Beat until very well blende< about 5 minutes. Divide in hal pat each half to a 6x4-inch rei tangle. Spread each half with pei nut butter. Fold each section i thirds and roll on a board, light] sprinkled with confectioners' si gar to 20 inches. Slice into 2-inc pieces. WIRE WALL 6 FT. FOOl 15 -Inches Deep only $9.99 SPORfriAND TOYS We Give Top Valuo Stamps' 511 I. Broadway Phone 2310 FEVES GOING UP FORT MADISON, Iowa (UKQ- Molorists who want to speed this town' better do it before Su: day—it's cheaper. Police said Thursday that polk court will fine speeders $2 fi each mile above posted limi beginning Sunday. The old rate $l-a-mile. High School Soon Enough For Girl to Start Dating Dear Ann Landers: I'm a girl 3 years old who has beautiful othes, a lovely room with hi-fi nd a TV set. In fact I have verything I Want except permis- ion to date. My parents are separated and ny aunt lives with my father and •ne. This aunt is .vice as old as my mother and our times as old-J, ashioned. She says when I 1 girl starts to I ate at 13 she is oing steady byij 10 time she is 14, t els married at 171 nd is looking forjj divorce lawyer j hen she is 19. \ sn't this the nut- iest thing you ever heard ot? I am very mature for my age. cads of. guys have asked me to o out but I have to, s'ay, "I'm orry but my aunt doesn't think 'm old enough." They look at me as it I'm racked and say, "O.K. I'll call ou up in three or four years." I'm dying of embarrassment. !y the time I get permission to late, all the decent guys veil! be married. Help me, please.—TOO YOUNG Dear Too Young: Three cheers or your aunt. I hope she sticks o her guns. A 13-year-old is not emotionally iquipped to handle boy-girl rela ions. I don't care how grown up IB thinks she is. High school is soon enough to dale, Chicken. Wait. You'll be ;lad you did. You'll be the fresh ace on the scene. The gals who nave been dating since they were .1'will be the has-beens. * » a Dear Ann Landers: Will you please explain to a foreigner wha the thinking behind, a. curious .merican custom? In my country t is unheard of. ; I am spending several months n America on business. I admire he U. S. and the vigor of its peo- )le, but why is it when I'meet man, and inquire politely if he las a family he will invariably ell me how tall his son is and often how much the lad weighs? Frequently the reply . sounds ike this,- "Oh yes, our son is 8 e'efr. tall and he weighs 200 jounds." Is height and weight considered some sort of an achievement in America? I've never heard of this anywhere in the'world and I've raveled on every continent. Thank you for enlightening me.— VISITOR , , Dear Visitor: An intelligent-par' ent does not mention the height and weight of his children. The ather who tells you his son is 6 feet tall wants, to brag about something and can't think of any- :hing else to say. » » » Dear Ann Landers: You've hac letters in your column from ot :ice workers who complain aboul everything : from cigar-smokers to hummers. My gripe has to do with something even more nerve- wrecking. It's also extremely frustrating because of the touchiness of the subject. A. very pleasant, dignified gentleman whose desk is in.the center of the office has a habit o clicking his dentures when he is Zensus Reports Improvements in -lousing Conditions WASHINGTON (UPD-The I960 census showed an improvement in lousing conditions in Indiana witt :he percentage o'f units considered dilapidated or lacking plumbing dcilites dropping ifrom 43 in 195' to 16 per cent in 1960. The Bureau of the Census repor Thursday indicated that abou 240,000 units were considered in .hat class during the most recen census two years ago. The report also showed: —There were 27,994 trailer Deing used as living quarters. —Sixty per cent of all housing units were in structures with base menls. —Aibout 7.4 per cent of all, renta units in Indianapolis and 4.9 pe cent in Gary were vacant with a state average of 7 per cent. —Aibout 25 per cent of tlie housing units were in structures' built during the 1950s. —There were 1,503,148 housing units in the state, an increase of 22 per cent in 10 years. concentrating deeply. You can't imagine what it's like, Ann, when the officej is .very quiet. and he starts thoije teeth going. It's enough to make me jump out of my skin. , „ Is there a tactful way to bring up the subject? Eight of us hav< talked it over and no 6ne wil accept the job of .telling Him. Can you recommend a way out?— CLICK NUTS Dear Nuts: .The gentleman ii undoubtedly unaware of his habit much less that he is driving ev eryono loony.- I suggest that the most lactfu person, preferably -the one near est his age, (it would bci ideal i he also had china clippers) te the guy. The poor fellow need to go to his dentist foil a littl adjustment. Are you going steady'." Makm; marriage plans? If so, send fo ANN LANDERS', booklet,! "Bcfon You Marry—Is It Love Or Sex?' enclosing with your request 20 in coin and a long, seltoiWresset stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad t help you with your problems Send (hem 4o her in care of llii newspaper inclosing a stampec self-addresscjd envelope. 1962, Field Enterprises, Inc. True Lite Adventures _ ,, --.-; «,-, HE J-ETS'-HIMSEJ-T* T-L.OAT TO TWS HE SA1L.S UFSItTE-ESaWM AS THE VV)Mt? BLCWS HIM /WAV 'TO A SAFER -RB31OM. Rochester City Council Hears Report ROCHESTER — The Rochester 3ity Council meeting Tuesday jvening learned that a bill will be introduced in the 1963 legislature to allow the creation of municipal industrial site revolving funds, i The county heard the report from State Rep. Ralph Rader, Akron Republican and candidate :for re-election. . The city' council desires to develop a Glracre industrial site at the northeast edge of Rochester and the bill would create a revolving fund .for developing the area. ,; Rader told the group that any funds received by the cities from sales of the industrial sites would then revert back to the revolving fund. Pays Fee Assistant Attorney' General J. Van; Brown, of Plymouth, former Fulton county Prosecuting Attorney and at one time judge pro tempure and acting judge of the Fulton Circuit Court, paid a filing fee of $1,800 to the Republican State Central Committee to quality as a candidate for Appellate Court judge at the GOP state convention on June 19. Brown iis a candidate for one of the two seals now held by Democratic Judges G. Remy Bierly and John S. Gonas in Ihe northern court, district. Pay Tribute Members and postal friends of Oren E. Reddicfc, 1503 Main St. paid him honor Sunday with a dinner at Grace Methodist church, The occasion was his retirement .Logansport, Indiara Phitros-Tri'buno Nine CROSSWORD PUZZLE Answerto Yesterday's I'uxzlt ACROSS 1-Hcalthy : 5-'Jncookecl s-ismall stohi l--;Bllkworrn 13-IMa.tive meul li-!lnverslon of ;BtitchcB, in: knitting 15-Raee 16-:ln(ionesian tribasman 17-Spanish, pot 18-Voxca 20-Flower 22-Wheel trac* 23-Cioth measure 2J-Propos3tiona 27-Abdlcato 31-rVentlIato 32-Beam 38- Fragile 37-«I-.anded• property 40-Reverence 41-Toll «2»Klnd ot coal 45-tStruclc out (slant?) 49-Keyetl up with intercut Bn-Slmlan fiS-Jll-bodillB 63-Entice 64-Make lace SB-Lamb's pen. name 66-ShaIces- pearian king 67-Orsan of, sight ,6S-Peruse DOWN l-Wlfo ot Zeius | il-lsland off ; Ireland !l-Edible flnu: 4-rjIners Ii-Cooks In oven (l-Sklll '.[-One who . works on loom !l-Bobbln» S-Part of ship 10-Heraldic device 11-Rcal estate map IS-RCRTOt 21-Sulfix: !lk« 2<-Make lace 25-Ha.aten 2B-Saa eagle 28-Man's name 28-Ship channel 30-Brood of pheasanta 34-Peril 35-Female xhccp 36-Tell 37-35xhaiJBted tit enersy 3S-Occan as-Offer 42-Hai! 44-Glrl'B n.ame 4fi-Rlvor In A trica . 12 15 18 44 19 35 14 50 57 21 38 11 5J! SB. I Distr. by,United Feiture syndicate,Inc. 25 30 48' from 48 years service with the Postal Department. The' Rev. Ray Mills presentet Beddick with a plaque from loca friends and postal workers. He was also given a certificate ci recognition from the Post Office Department. This presentation was! made by Roy Johnson of Chicago. There were 126 persons at the banquet. A'postal service officer for the Cincinnati region, he entered the postal service at Indianapolis i.n 1914 as a substitute railway mail clerk. In 1949 he was made dis- iricli transportation manager of the railway mail, service in Chicago and had jurisdiction of clerks and mail on the Erie, B & 0, Nickel Plate and. Monon railroads. In'1956, he became field service officer of eight northwestern Indiana counties and supervised '90 post offices and ababt 33 star routes. He has resided in Rochester since 19.18. r Best Sellers ~| The Lawless Skies, by Don.ild Fisih (Putnam $3.95): Donald Finn, a ,'Jcolland Yard inspector with a wartime record in Intelligence, foresaw a problem in 1945 and persuaded British Overseas Airways to hire him as its security chief. This is his story of the 14 years mat .loilowed, whue no ouilt up> the world's first i airline securi- [y, organization and'.blazed a trail for other big commercial air organizations. As Fish foresaw, criminals found the sprawling world airways network a great and growing temptation. The law has been slow to follow, and Fish thinks international air i:; one area where criminals could literally get away with murder. Like other poliice work, air security is largely a matter of routine — guarding cargo, Iracing stray baggage and so on. The exceplions, however, have required detective work of which Sherlock Holmes would have been proud, to prepare: general neighborhood renewal |:]ans for a 485-a':re "Washington School" area, A federal capital grant <>f $350,120 has been net miicle for the project. ' Seek Cause of Deputy's Death SOUTH BEND,. Ind. (UPD- Authorities sought to learn today j if LI. James W. Mumford, 54, a St. Joseph County deputy sheriff, died o'f traffic injuries or a heart •attack in an accident Thursday. Mumford was pulled dead from the wreckage of his car after : il sweirved off U.S. 31 and hit a tree at the edge of Lakeville. An autopsy was ordered by Coroner' Edward S. Shelley. Mumford was enroute to South Berjd after delivering prisoners to the; Indiana Stale Farm at Put- naroville when the accident happened. OK URBAN RENEWAL FUNDS mSHTNGTON (Tjpi) _ The Urban Renewal Administration oday that LaPdrte will receive $18,875 advunc' Read the Want Ads! New Albany Fire; 5 Firemen Hurt NEW A1BANY, Ind. (UPI)—A costly fire swept the Hock-square plant Of the New Albany Box & Basket Co. early today, and five firemen were hurt fighting the flames. The blaze broke out in the big plant near, the Ohio River shortly after midnight and destroyed the entire facility. Flames shot high into the air and could toe seen for many miles. They lighted up the sky over Louisville across the river. Traffic Check Traffic officers checked 602 vehicles in a safety check lane or East Broadway between 1:,30 and 9 p.m. Thursday. Sixty-one; of'the vehicles failed.to pass the checl mainly because of burnud oil' lights. Two horns were founc faulty and one windshield wiper failed to pass the test. No check lane was in operation Friday. SEASON OPENING MERRY-GO-ROUND SUNDAY, MAY 27 This Coupon Good At lc with a ride at Regular iPrice May 27,28,29 only RIVERSIDE PARK LOGiANSPORT SPECIAL TV CHANNEL FOR LOGANSPORTl BHHHHIiHHHHHHHIHHHIHHi ' \ • . Only H & B has dared to make this offer! Did you know that ONLY ONE of the Cable TV applicants has gone.on public record to give you a SPECIAL TV CHANNEL FOR LOGANSPORT EVENTS? Did you know it was H&B? i See. what a difference it makes when a TRUE SYSTEM OP- 1 ERATING CORPORATION gets down to brass tacks? See the difference between the concepts of an! equipment manufacturer and the, concepts of a true system operating corporation)? We're coming to Logansport- to rendet SERVICE.. . . and L6- , ' gansport people are beginning to realize what a difference this makes. For instance ... ! The special TV Channel we have pledged to Logansport will render priceless service to the current of human affairs here. It will be YOUR voice among YOUR fellow citizens. Its value to civic,:governmental and religious institutions will.prove priceless. And please remember when you discuss this with your friends: the ONLY applicant -thijit DARED to make this public offer is H&B—unquestionably jthe best choice to serve Logansport; Write To Post Off ice Box 38 Communications mummmaum Corporation logansport, Indiana Sr. High Youth Group presents Thei World iFomous 51* hop* P' riayeirs "toy With A Cart" 7';30 p.m. Suit., (May '27 Calvary Presbyterian Church 7th & Spencer Fr&e Will 'Offering "THE CORlVAIRES" Gue-st Artists and RiEOQiRDiHOiP 7:30 to •|1:30IE.S.T. No ona ovor. 20 admitted ex- capt parunls froo. Regular dancing each Salur- day beginning in Juno, Record Hops -on Sunday Afternoon and Tu-Biday Evening. SUNDAY AFT., MAY 27 Baach, Rink, Ridei; Conc«ii- tions, Kiddyland. Opon 1:00 P. M. to 5:30 P.M. Grand Summer Opening WED., MAY 30 Send for preview of coming attractions. Air Conditioned TATE Sliown at 7:»5 ond 9:1 S EII1S Hut: Cartoon "Doggone PtiopU" m BOB!! OPENS MEMORIAL DAY SHOWS STARTING 1 p. m. »•»• I ftiST TIME TODAY " 1 "?r. iMassacre" at B p. m. " •"Bachelor Flal" at 10:15 iACHELOR I •TAnHwn, . TWSDM/ RICHARD I WI!U> /BEYMER I ,COLOR STARTS TOMOWOW ONE 0AY OtllY SUN-BURNEDJINIIGUN-BUHIED... Afun-filled adventure! uHMMtn "NE^ ERNII: K.OVACS FABIIIIE "BONUS SPECIAL" mil STUARTS SUN&AY-MONIDAY AND TUESDAY —ORSON W£LL£S«wNc»Mi-«. "

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