Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 10, 1896 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 10, 1896
Page 7
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Wo OUcr You a j REMEDY Which * INSURES Safety I o( Life to Moth ' and Child. -^r-*y"O-*^ ^<M«*W" EXPECTANT 'MOTHERS, "MOTHERS' FRIEND" Robs Conflmment of Its Pain, Horror and Risk. \ C. E. HOSTS. Mammoth .Meetings Opened Up'at the Nation's Capital. • Accident to Tent "Williston"—President Clark's Address—Report of Secretary Baer. My wife used" XOTIIEBS 1 FIIIEND" bo- » > fore birth of her llrst child, sho did not , f.. suffer from CHAMPS or PAINS-was quickly 7 relieved in the critical hour suffering but! , little—sho hucl nopuinsnftorwardttudher S recovery wns rapid. i E. K. JOHNSTON, EufauJa, Ala. I I Sent by Mail or Express, on receipt ot, i pcloc. 11.00 Mr hottlt. Book "To Moth- ' , era "ma I led Free. *« ™um BKA»F]KI,njlK<;i;i,,tT<m CO., AtluU, fli. ( SOU) BY AIL DRUOOI8T3. < TIMETABLES. LOCAL TIME TABLES. Solid trains between "Peorla and Sandusky" and "Indianapolis and Michigan." Direct connections to and from all points In the United States and Canada. L. E. & W. R. R ' Arrive ' Leave SOUTH BOUND. No 21 Pacific Ex Daily.. 7:10 am 2:08 a ra No 25 Indlanap's Ex Sunll:45 a m No. 23 MaiPft Ex ex Sun. 3:25 p m f 10pm No 29 Passenger ex Sun No. 151 Rochester Local Arrive 4:45 p. m. except Sunday. NORTH 'BQUND. 6:20 R m No. 20 Mall & Ex ex Sun.10:22 a ni 3:30 p m No 22 Mlchifran City dally 4:45 p m 1:55 p m No 2-1 Detroit Ex ex Sun No 150 Accom. ex Sun.. 6:45 am •Does not run north of Peru on Sunday. Trains 21 and 20 run dally between Indianapolis and Peru. No. 20 via Tipton arrives at Bloomington at 9:32 p. m. making direct connection with C. & A. fast train arriving 1 in Kansas City at 8:55 next morning, connecting direct at Kansas City for Denver, San Fran- clsjo and all points west. Free reclining chairs between Tipton and Missouri river for all passengers. Nos. 20, 21, 22, and 23, connect at Tipton with main lino trains f or Sand usky, Peorla •nd all points east and west. For ticket rates and general Information call on J. J. Skinner ticket agent, L. E. & W., Peru, Ind., or C. F. Daily, genera passenger agent, Indianapolis. Ind. *D»n7.. iDallf except Sunday. Leave Arrive. Bradford and Col....*12;EOa ra •2:45ara Philadelphia & N. Y..«12:50am Rirhmond & Clnt! • 1:00 am Ind'pLo * Ix)uUvil|e..'12M5am Ettner & Peorla *3:05am Crown Point & Chi..* 2:55 am Richmond A ClntL.t 6:45 a m tll:20pm Crown Point 4 Chi..t 6:00am t7:»pm Montlce.lo 4 Effuer t 8*0 a m Bradford * Col t 7:56am Effner local freight.,t 8:30am f2:15pm Ina'pla ft Loulnvllle..» 2:00 pm *l:30pni Richmond and Clr.U..* 2:10 p m Bradford and Col....' 2:05 p m Phlla & New York....' 2:05 p m Montlcello & E~ne. ..t 2:20 p m Chicago ; •l:35pm Cbl ft Intei-rnedlate..* 4:30pm Xokomo & Rich t 2:30pro 111:00am Bradford ft Col f 4:30pro tl2:20pro J. A. McCULLOUGH. Agent. Logansport. • 2:46 a m • 8:20am • 2:30 a m •12:30 a m •12:40 a m 11:05 p m t 4:15pm • 1:20 p m • 1:10 p m • 1:10 p m t 7:45am • 1:55 pm •12:30 p m Washington, July 9.—The collapse of the big wlilto tent "Wllllston" at one o'clock Thursdiy mornlnp, due to the heavy full of rain Wednesday nlKht and tho severe windstorm that .followed, somewhat disconcerted the committee of n.rranp:cment9 with regard to the formal opening of tha fifteenth annual international Christian JSnduavoi- convention which occurred at .1:30 o'clock Thursday. Arrangements wer* hastily made to occupy Central hall until the "Willlston" can be dried and reorected. Extra seats wero hurriedly placed In the other tenta, notices were posted announcing the change In plan and the work of the convention proceeded without delay. The other tents "Washington" and "Endeavor" were .packed long before the houj 1 of opening with a crowd of brightly- dressed, eager-faced delegates, as were the avenue.-)'leading- to the several entrances. Flags of very description, Btreamcrs, banners and sashes, announcing tho various states and district organizations, wero displayed with flourish and enthusiasm, while the delegates waited Impatiently for the opening of the sessions, 111(C Gtttherlnjr Opened. Promptly at the appointed hour the exercises began in each tent with song and prayer, the great chorus of a thousanr'i voices leading. Then came the hymn of welcome written for this occasion by Col. John Hay; the addresses of welcome by Chii'.rman W. H. H. Smith, Rev. S. M. Greene and Commissioner John \V. Ross, of Washington, followed, and the,responses to these by Dr. R. J, Service, of Detroit; Bishop Walters, of Now Jersey, mid Prof. W, w. Andrews, of New Brunswick. Tho iicldrcssos of President Clark and Secretary Buer were then read simultaneously In tfiic-h tent. I'riMldont C'lurk'H AlUlrcsx. President Clark spoke In part as follows: "Ftrllow Christian findtiivora-s: This is a goud yeur to build [jluti'orms. Several have- been constructed ttiruady, From the prreat metropolis of the west we can almost ht-iu- Ihe resounding blows of hammer 'and chisel as, In another platl'qrm, plunk is fitted to plank. "Our Christian 1-Jndeavor platform was built for us at the bc-cinninK by providence. Its strength has been revealed by our history. "My task is an easy one, for I only need write in words what I believe God has written in deeds. "If 1 do not state our platform correctly, I do not ask you to stand upon it. "But If I can road our hlstoi-y nrlglit, these are Its chieC planks: . "First. Our Covenant Prayer-Meeting Pledge—the Mapna Charta of Christian Endc-avor. . "Second. Our Consecration Meeting- guaranteeing the spiritual character of the society. "Third. Our Committee—giving- to each active member some specific and definite work 'for Christ nnd the Church.' "Fourth. Our fnluraenomlnatlonal and International Fellowship, based upon our denominational and national loyalty. "Fifth. Our individual Independence planted, nnd Apolloa has watered, but Qod has given the Increase. Yea, verily, tho mustard seed, cast Into Dr; Clark's garden, tho .Wllllston church,' Portland,. Me., IB years ago, has waxed -a great' tree. "Now,tlet.us.count the branches on this great r.rec. It Is a task upon which we enter with enthusiasm. Of the states and provinces that now have each over 1,000 Young People's Societies of Christian Endeavor, the Keystone State of Pennsylvania Ktlll heads the list with 3.273: New York next, 2.971; Ohio, 2,311: Ontario has now imaged to fourth place-, wll.li 1.S17: Illinois, 1,802; Indiana, 1,352; Iowa, 1,302. "All Canada has 3,2K societies, and In foreign and missionary lands there are now 6,309 societies enrolled. The United Kingdom has over 3,000; Australia, over 2,000; France, GO: West Indies, 03; India. US; Mexico, (2: Turkey. 41; Africa, 38; China, 40; Germany, IS; Japan, 00; Madagascar, 93; and so on, until every country In tho world IH represented, save three or four, making a grand total OMC.12S branches. "Thfi-c are now 10,084 junior societies, Pennsylvania leads with 1,224, then New York not very far bchlml with 1,10-1; Illinois, ' S3C; Ohio, 710; Indiana, -IDS; Iowa, 468; Massachusetts, tKl; California, 442, Notwithstanding many of the scutes have mado splendid advances In Junior societies, Pennsylvania will for th<> third time secure .the junior 'budge' banner for the largest gain In number of Junior societies. "Yes. tho Christian Kndcitvor tree grows, Its tap-root, the active member's pledge, which roaches down Inlo the soil made rl.ch by God'H Word, is sending up, growing nearer and nearer to the heavens above. Its mighty, sturdy trunk. Tor Christ and the church.' And coming from all denomination?, all tribes, nnd all nations, for the fifteenth time we gather under Its spreading branches, crowned with a blessed fruitage, and' with united heart and voles praise God 'that it is a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brlngeth forth his fruit In his season.' " PERISHED BY THOUSANDS. MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS. • —It is well-known among oculist exports l!i::t the opera g-!:tssi:s which, may 'be 3-iirtxl in most theaters frequently become the medium for spreading-very Serious 03-0 di.so:iscs. —The residents of Cret JCee.lt. L. I., Enorraonn Loss of I.lro iiy t.ho Kucent Tldm Wnvn In ilapan. Victoria, B. C., July a— Advices by steamer Braomer. which arrived Wednesday .morning,,bearing-Yokohama '!nte of June 22, state that 37,156 people were killed In the two prefectures, Mujusgl and Trvate, Japan, by the recent tidal wave. A dlspatc'i from Morlka, dated June 20, says that over (li.OOO were either killed or Injured by the calamitous wave. The distress among the survivors of the terrible visitation Is appalling. Thousands of the Injured arc dying from Inck of mod- leal assistance, and many are upon Ihe verre of starvation, subsisting on llsh washed ashore by the waves and eating them raw, having no cooking "appurtenances. The wave originated not far from the Japanese c-oast, and appears to have visited an extent of over 30'J miles of coast line. MORE HONORS. and Self-government, free frrm control of United society, .state or local union, con Ancient iiiul Honorable Artillery Company of Uotttoii Enjoy* JtHplf. London, July !).—The members of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery company o* Boston left their quarters at'tne Hovel Cecil at S:30 o'clock .Thursday morning headed by the band of the Honorable Artillery company of London and marcher! to the Waterloo station, where .they took a special train for AlcJershot. 'They v.'ero cheered all along the line of march. At the Waterloo station they were, received by' Gen. Lord Wolsely,'commander In chief of the British forces; Gen. Sir Evelyn Wood, Gen. Sir Keclvers Buller and others of the headquarters' staff, United States Ambassador Bayard and Mrs, Bayard, and the earl of Denbigh, lieutenant colonol of the Honorable artillery. - who have been bothered by "tough" picnics on Sundays in pas! years, have Kiibscribed a. pursi: cf .flifiO, which has been {riven to the officers of the steam- bout kllev.'ikl not to make a landing-at Great Xeek on Snncl.-iv this vear. —It is not now considered fa.shion- nble to go on a bridal trip to Europe. The proper thing is to remain nthome tor (.he honeymoon mid when it is all over and the little dovics are settle'. 1 , and sedate to hie to t-he soaside or mountain top and pass the summer just like old married folk. —The passenger.elevator has become a fixture in the homes of wealthy New Yorkers, More than 100 owners of fine residences have elevators' in their h6jn.es, nnd some of them more than one. About 70 of .these elevators are hydraulic nnd 36 or more electric. The latter power-Is coming 1 Into general use. —By actual measurement of 50 skeletons the right arm nnd left leg- have been found to be long-er In 23, the left nrin'.ancl rig-ht leg- in six, the limbs on the right longer than those on the left In four, nnd in the remainder the Inequality of the limbs was varied. Only seven out of 70 skeletons measured, of ten per cent., bad limbs of equal length. —There is a movement on foot in London among a number of voung men •who find it very h-ni-1 to g<?t to business In time, to start a "lazy chib." Their Idea is "to establish dressing-rooms in a caravan which poes .round to each meml>cr's house, thus enabling him to finish his toilet in the van on his way to business." It is further hoped to attach a restaurant to tho van "some day." NEAR-SIGHTED AND IMPULSIVE, rue Woman's Bicycle In strength, lightness, grace, and elegance of finish and equipment Model 4f Colum- fcia is unapproached by any other make. ^ Columbia saddles are recommended fcy riders and. physicians as proper in shape and adjustment, and every detail of equipment contributes to comfort and pleasure. Jj | QQ TO ALL ALIKE. "Tbo addod pl«B>ur» of riding • C?!- umbla Is worth evary dollar cf tr.o $IOO a Columbia coats." Beautiful Art Catalogue of Columbia end Hartford Bicycles it free If you call upon »ny Columbia A[t<.nt; by mail from us lor two 2-ccnt stamps. POPE MFG. CO., Hartford, Conn. Branch Storei and Agencies in almost svcry city and town. If Columbins tre ret properly represented in your vicinity, let us know. VOICE FROM SOUTH DAKOTA. WEST BOUND. Jcrli 1 n'r 11 ii (in . c'Mlj o 5ri ... l! :ll p m St. Lcut» limited dully, -old liO -13' JO.-S-I |. in Fast imll oulij. 'o.-d liO 4V 8:17 p m Kansas City txprrgn dally' uiu i o -13'... 8:181. ni Pac exprn"n cull) ixiun old M, it'.. 1|< in t> m NO. . EAST BOUND. 2 N, Y. 4 Boston Un d dallr 'old no 42.. 2:41 a m 6 fast mall dally. 'o!dno4fl tfrfs a in 4 Atlantic Llm dally ei Sun 'old no -H. 4 52 p m 74 Local fn. Accom. dallr«8nn ....12 6u p m EEL RIVER DIVISION. WEST BOUND. No 3Sarrive.:. .a..... ...10:30 » m No 31 arrive -2 36 p in "EAST BOUND. NoSfileavp , 10:4' r > a in No 3J leave S:3t)p m State RepqblU'fia Cunvpnlion IndnrNL'* McKinley und St. Loulx Platform. Canton! O., July 9.—Maj. McTClnley received the following dispatch from Aberdeen, S. D., Thursday morning: "South Dakota republicans In convention assembled have ^enthusiastically Indorsed St. Louis convention, Its platform and candidates, and have censured Senator Pettigrew's action In bolting." Ma). McKinley has received In the last day or two assurances of an encouraging- 1 nature from several western states and two of the Pacific states. VANDALIA LIN*. TKAINS LEAVE LOGANSPORT, IND. FOR THE NORTH. No 6 for 8t Joseph, daII) e* Snndajr....lf':31 8 m No 14 toe 8t Joseph, daily ex Sunday C:I5 a m NO 20 for8t Joceph, oxfc'un. 421 p ro No 16, lost JotepaSunday only "KiO a m Ho 8 ex Sunday lot Soutn Bend.... 8 86 p m No 8 has throogli parlor cir, Indianapolis to South Bend via Collax. No 20 has inronjja «le«per«, 8t tools to M*ckl naw. , . . , FOR THE BCUTH No 13 for Term Haute dally M Sun 713 a m Noll for Tern-Haul* dull) ex Sun 2:FS p m No 21 dally ex Sunday ....... _ 11:55 u m No 13. tins inrouxh, parlor cur, Sooth Bend to Indianapolis Tin tolfiu, No 21 lias ton ugh Sleeper, Mackinaw to St Loots. PRESIDENT FRANCIS E. CLARK, ventlon, or committee; all of which exist for fellowship and inspiration, .not for legislation. "Sixth. Our Individual Subordination as societies to our own churches, of which we claim to be air integral, organic, inseparable part. "Seventh. Our Christian Citizenship plank—Our country Cor Cldrlst, but, as a society, no entangling political alliances. Our missionary plank — Christ for tho world. , '••< "Eighth. Our ultimate Purpose— to deepen the spiritual life and raise tho religious standards of young people the world over. "Our platform specifies some of thu Mnns that have been proclaimed by Chrls- tlah'Endeavor. -.' • '-.'..: "First. It has married'the -Ideas of denominational fidelity and fellowship botween-denominations, and has written on tho door-posts of the home thus formed: 'Fidelity and Fellowship, one and Inseparable,' ' . "Second. Again, If our platform Is correct, Christian Endeavor stands for a self • guverned society that'Is yet wholly gov- e:ned by Its own church. J know, of no way of developing responsibility except by (-.earing responsibility • That man and thai . . Anlv » No 15 da!Iy«xc«pt Sunday ,.,„ 0:25 p m No 17 Sunday only loau p m For complete time card, giving all trains and atatlont, and for full Information » to rates, through cars, etc., address ' J. C. EDOEWORTH. Agent. Logannport, Ind. Or, E. A. Ford, General Passenger Afent, at, Louli, Ma society will.always be a dwarf and weah- 8pam Urged to He Prepared. Madrid, July 9.—Senor Mrlla, Carllst, speaker in Ihe chamber of deputies, Thursday declared that the government ought to be energetic In preparing for the Inevitable conflict between the United States and Spain, In which Spain would prove her virility and-her greatness. Kir Ohnrlon Tnppar Rexlgns. Ottawa, Ont., July !).—It Is ascertained at tho government house -that Sir Charles Tupper has resigned and that Lord Aberdeen has 'sent for Mr. Laurler, premier- elect. The resignation took place about Wednesday evdnlns. Mr, Laurler Is expected here to-day. Want* to Be Governor. Milwaukee, Wla., July 9.-Lieut. Gov. Eaench has formally .announced his candidacy for the republican nomination for governor. He autthorizcd the editor of tho Oreen• Bay paper to make.the.formal an- nouncemcnt Wednesday afternoon. .... S«riou*< Railroad Wreck. Providence. R. 1.! July 9. — The Star freight 'on the Consolidated road wc.s ditched near- Westerly Wednesday night and , all. trains blocked all . night. One man was Injured, but not seriously. Tha trains are now running. .. u^-TsaiSiFfUwifEgSSS. curo(Jlnl6toSS(l»y«.Toae»nbetronti:(lat [nomoformme prioennder lame guaraa- fly. If yon prefer to conio hero wo wllicoo- ^.iTticttopuJMIIroulfarwiidhotelbllltaixl Doenim. If wo lull to cure. If you h»ro tmcn rSor- ctiry, lodldo potnuh. and mill BOTO nchra nnt OTlB«, MMCOOI Vatch«* in raquth, Sore Throat, Fltoplel<'Copper Colored SnotK, Ulonrt oa . •nTP»rto£ttieT)Ody,HulrorEjebrow» Cilllnjf oat, 11 l»-«bl« Sooondnry BLOOD POISCS w* irtmrantce to-curo.. Wo solicit tbo mo?t p obat L iMfecnma »ea chnrltauco tho woi-l<I fora • omont eminent ii capital b^ind.-o.Ur juiii- HINDOO MKMIBY nafi«oT» j that Is ever managed by some one-else. Jn comparison with such .a man, Mr. Caudlo behind the bed-curtain will be Independent anil. self-respectlnB. . . . ., • "Third. Again, • our platform embraces jiatrlotism and humanity. Patriotism Is .1 name that Is used'to cover a multitude ot •ins. 'It Is the last reaort ot designing knaves,' said Johnson. It has been made to stand for'partisanship and to mask hliicous corruption. It needs to.be married to another ld<>»—the Idea of humanity. Thlo Christian Endeavor :ha« attempted to do "Fourth, Our Christian Endeavor platform, once more, stands lor organization'. It stands for spiritual, power, -These .two frrcat Ideas,-alas! have too often been set- over ttk-ulnst one another. They have been divorced and sundered far. Come, Christian Endeavor, thou white-robed peacemaker, and pronounce the banns which shall make organization and spiritual power .forever one! • "The Christian Endeavor history of this year is thn story of this, power. Its dominant note hn.s been 'evangelism.' 'Saved to serve' has been Its motto. The. 'new endeavor' may be summarized as the evan- .Rellstlc endeavor, and wise evangelism i:-) spiritual power applied. "Each year of the 15 years has been noted for some advance ptep. .Each convention han been signalized hy some crest thought, 'Citizenship.' 'missions,' 'fellow- shlp,' have been our,-watchwords at conventions past, and they arc our watch- •wcrds .still; for n.. step once gained we will not lose. And here is the greatest word,an<J bc'n of-all: Spiritual power. 'Washington 'M'—may .It live In historv as the convention of God's power! 38S6-7. the year of Ood's-energizing might In Christian *;n- dtavor! ' • ' • . ' "Then;.as Mteol.and copper, hitherto'un- wplclable metaln, are welded together V; the mighty, subtle power of eleotrlcitv in h union .so complnte.that no human eye can tlnd the scam, so, ! by the fusing might of Ood's -spirit In- Christian Endeavor, will bo welded together fidelity that Is true and fellowship that Is large-hearted,-responsibility that.makes strong and-loyalty that makes'humble-anfl ! (ff.ntlei patriotism and humanity, organization and --spiritual power,'- now and-forever, "one'arid inseparable. .And .'what.-Ood, h»th' -Joined together, let not man put asunder.',." • '•;'•'Report of' Sfor'eeitrj.-liaor. . Tbat ..portion of,:th'ej'«ecretary's report which, shows.the, growth .of the Christian. Endeavor society is as follows: "Christian, 'Endeavor—It Is -'like/a grain' of mustard seed which a man took anacast, Into his.-garden ;ind It'.grew -and waxed a S reat >tree-; -and the. fowls of .the oJr lodged., i' the 1 branches of-It.'••(l»ake--13:J9;)- "• ' "Those -few-lines give u, brief and most accurate'account of the "beginning and frogresn of Christian Endeavor Wonder- nil Indeed haa been iti growth Paul baa Will Bend Ke'lnforoomont*. Constantinople, July 9. — The porte Is about to send C,00 reinforcements to tha Greek frontier. _ When She 1'ut Her Theory Into Practice the Uesalt Wus Rather Amualnff. She was near-sighted and impulsive, and she felt called upon to rig-ht a number of the wrongs of humanity, in consequence of which she was frequently in the hottest of hot water. She was walking along North Clark street the other day, with her eyeglasses dangling: from her chain, and expounding- one of her theories to a politely interested friend. "The fact is," she was saying-, "that only a small percentage of women are fitted to have the care of their children. In my opinion all children should be taken from parents who nre not up to the approved standard and—" ,. "But, you see, the parents might object," broke in her'friend, "besides, what would become of the poor babies?" "The parents must be convinced thai it is a matter of rig-it nnd advancement, and, as for the children, the state must provide nurseries under the car'i; of well-equipped—tny goodness! tha.t woman will kill her baby!" She dashed into the street where a woman,, who was apparently unconr scious of an approaching cable train, was trundling a ba.by carriage across the tracks. It was the work of an instant to snatch the carriage from the hands of the astonished woman and propel it beyond the line of danger; then, ns the car whizzed by, she turned upon her in wrath. "A nice mother you rirc," she panted, "can't you take any better care,of your child than that'.' It was a mercy that t»ie little angel was not killed through your carelessness!" The .woman put, her hands on her hips nnd regarded the speaker. "And who said anything- about a baby?" she demanded, in a-high, sarcastic key, "T'm n washlady, I am;.an' it's 'a bundle of dirty clothes I'm taking home an' not a;child at all. An'how would ,it be the business of a chlfrlke you if—" But the petticoated philanthropist heard no more. With one swift glance nt.the shapeless bundle, tied 1n"a check ered tablecloth, which filled, the car- riajye, she fled as if for her life.—Chicago Tribune. BEST THE WOFRUD-! For keeping the System In • Healthy Condition. CURES Headachy CURES Constipation, Act* on tho Liver and Kidneys. Purifle* .t*t« Blood, Dlspelo Colds and Fevers, Beautifle*' the Complexion «n« tp Pleaslnff and Rofreshlnor to.the Taste. SOLO BY ALL Oftisoorsr*, «STA nicely Illustrated eirhtj-pDfe Lincoln Starj Book ci»»« to erery pnrchmr 4« of Lincoln Teiu Price:iSc. Auk j-oo/dr«riti»t.or lajioiLii'TuCo-Fon WOM,^. For Sale by B. F. KEBSL1NO. STEAL HEAVY NAILS. California Hoaenti Construct * Homo ot Railroad Spike). California is a state of big- thing's, ond not the least interesting- among them is the huge wood rat fouDtl along the slope of the Cascade mountains, -Besides being- big, the rat is a professional thief. He steals anything- and. everything-, oiid i; the terror of the natives as well as of In'iuting-parties. Forest and Stream tells some amusing stories of raids made on camps by rats •vrhich carried away knives, forks, spoons, • tin plate's, towels, cartridges nnd all sorts of cloth oml rags that could be used as lining fov their nests. The same paper tells of an effort at building- .done'By. a pair of these rats' which beats allr.i-ccord for rut archi- to the deer species, is extremely timtc. and so afraid-oC man that only the beBi hunters could ever bag one," But they had no fear of the rattler, and wh«c oce of the reptiles was encountered it was speedily dispatched. • The method of the antelope in making- war on the so.rpcot xvas unique ari& heroic. The' antelope walked arouifd THE MARKETS. Gritlri. I'rovl»ion«. Etc. Chicago. July 9. FLOUR—Quiet and, unchanged, Quota- bleT Winter—Patents,- IS.40ii,3.CO: straights, J2.60@3.20;. clears,- J2.Mfr-2.GO; seconds, JJ.M® 2.00; low 'grades, J1.75g:2.00. Spring—Patents, J3.SEU()3.7»; straights, J2.00.'ii,3.'£0; .ba'k- res', $2.405:2.25;. low grades, J1.W1.70: Red Dog. $1.20(iil.40; Rye,'$2.0fli/.2.20. ' '• WHKAT—Slow, and -.Ip'wcr. July', 5C3 B5%c; September, M!j,@5(i?&c. , CORN—Easier. ' 'No. 2, 26>«fM«i: No. 2 Yellow, 2U!i@2!l%r; July, 2C%®2(!'/i;C;' 'September, 2G%4/'W7fic and i7',&c; October, 27',;$. 27-Jic; May, 29%<3>2!)'/iii. 1 . OATS—Fair tra-llng.. and steady.. No. 2 cash; IS'AljpJc'; July,-15'/2(&;i5%c;. September,' ISV^&in^c: May, 17 : /»,((f.l&^c. Samples steadier to '/ic hlKher; No. 3, lCii!i7 ; />c: No. .J White, ir^tciMc:-. No; -','-lB5i®rl"o; No, 8 White, 18U&19V4C. .-.....;'..- ...' RYE—Was about steady, but'ruled Quiet. No. 2 cash, 31'4c and No.'- 3,' 2S^@29c; Sep.--, tember delivery, SIVic.- , • . , • BARLEY — .Little dolns;. supply small and'prices unchanged. Thlii,' iti3>20c':. fair weight,-Uut oft' 1 color, 22i&23c.: Good-color,: fair to good weight, 2;<Si2Se; choice.to fancy, MESS i'ORK—'Offerings :moderat'e,~and demand active. Prices euel&r. yuoiations ranged at $G.'-1."(8)3.M> for rash: JC.-iwji G:i(J for • July; JG.-l54fO.M tor September; JtUi',ygU.17 ; ,i for October,. andi$7.30®7.'li' / s for. January-:,, , LA1';D—Demand fairly active.nr.d offer-, Ings • free, -.'Prices easier. 1 . -..Quointicns ranged at: $3,5G£i>3.iJ5 .foi--cash':-,$3.5GJ/S.CiC for July; J3.uCiS3.72ii -.for" September, .-u.il 43,'!lii<j,' •1.00 for January. ' BUTTER:—'Quiet • and .'.steady, rather tame, Creameries, tyJS'-Vltic; Dairiea, !.fe;J2c. - LIVE PO.UDTKY '— Only Imodt-ralt'de- mand.-. 'Turkeys, 1 Tiglte; .Chlckeii3,.-8<S.8£c; Spring D-duka, ijpse per pound; GeeBe,-pur dozen, •" ""**' "" ' ' ,'A'Riady Anstror. Pome people.n.re never, at a loea for an/unsvyer, and the colored valet,who got'oiT the'following; .is a good exponent of that class. It seems he was a inzy rascal, 'arid- -his master ' one day remonstrated with him about his neglect of duty. "But, masspj I'a rim not equal to'de occasion-as T'once wiiz." ','W.liy. .Georg-e.-.-n-hat on earth Is the matter with.you now?" "I's ,n stitch in: my side, sir, dat trubbles me a powerful lot, ond.I's not able to dojis much as I habbeeridoln'." "A stitch ''in j'p'ur side! Oh, come, George, that won.'t do. Where did you ff?t such a th'.ing' as n stitch ip your side?" ...-.- ' . , "De oder day, fah. You see, I wuz hemmed .in,-by a-crowd." — Harper's Round Table. ' .-' . -live Stock..; ,. .- .-. , " '-•'•'.. . Clilcag.6, July 9. CATTLK-Mtrket slow,'-' weak : to 'lower Fair to be8t,beeves..tS.<tpi!M.45: stockers and feeders.' I2.C003.UO; mixed cows--and'bulls tl.80^3.70; Texas, |Z5Wa>3.70. 'HOQ»-Market -Be,,lower than jester- day'i average., ,,l,lg;lit, B-SagS,!)!), n lfi®3 40, h*avy, packing And R M©S 36. pies, *2 7cea W .' Soini; conscripts -hardly know what to Inve'nt in order to obtain exemption from niilitiir.v service. "Sir." said 11 youth to the revising «aplain". "1 linvi: no'disease that will \vaii'.'i::t m<? in clainiing- exennption, but I ,-vn.i t!ie'si]]:-ort'of'the family."."[' don't, believe it." ' ' '"U'hv not?'; .-.. . ..".- •"Vour father ;:ml mother nre circus r.t'rfarmers and earn their own.living.'. 1 VVi'ell,..! am a. member of. the.sanie -company,.'nnd have *o carry daddy'and mnmtE,v : oh'my 'bend; doesn't -that show-that T support the whole fn'mfly 7" —Motto per Kidere. ' : In the C»an* of Art. "Heavens' Who la that throwing .wheelbarrow over thf.bnnnisters?" "Don't pet nervous: that is 1 only the p-rls rn the dramatic school upstairs' 1 how to faint."—Chicago 'Ben- RAT'S QUEER NEST. tecturo. They selected .the .top of the- stove in a, hunter's cabin for the site, nnd .while the hunter vrn's g-one the.T built .their house. They used railroad spikes for' the walls, securing them from a railroad shanty 200 yards from the cabin. In building- the house they laid the spikes with the utmbst reg-uinrity and arranged them so, that, the points nil Ktuck out. : After building- the wall up to the proper height the rats filled the interior with soft sfVjffhnO had quitp a •comfortable home when the hunter returned and' ousted them without the forroii-litj-of u writ-of ejectment. 'It is not aiways tlint the rats put the results of their theft .to tucb good use. Many -thing's nre stolen apparently for the love of slcalin<j r.nd with .no intention of using: the stolen articles. In the matter^of 'the roilrnncTspikes it seems 'that (he rats knew what ihey were doins\ for thc?y stole enough spilces to erect the,ir house, and no other iron entered into :ts construction. Perhaps one of the rttts hod visited a larp-e city and secured some ideas nbont buildingf by watching- tlie erection-of a modern skyscraper. ,uid was so pleased -\vit-h the scheme; that he resolved to adoptit himself. At any rate tli'j rats built a home that .embodied in its construction many .of thte.fcat'irps of the 20-Rtory buildings in Xe«- York. This partioiil.-ir rat has mnny 0]uecr •habits, not com'tc'ori. to'rodcnts! and'be is an/intcrestinjf study for naturalists. Pesitlents-'of Ihe locality which the J'ats inhnhit. however., rrmintnin that i-he rats are- a nuisance, and. the 'thieving- rascals are killed whrDoyo.r possible. It 'is all right.^to study' ;i. criminal un.til your own frpods. hnve. been, purloined, and.mn'n.y Caii/brnia, settlers.have .snf- fered 1 from '(lie 'deprca'atibr.s of the n-ood rut.'nnd'so they have sworn ven- pparjoe on the 'pestiferous -but;jolly little. rodcnt; l that;..sttals., merely for the pleasure of- stealing. HO(V AN ANTELOPE KILLS A RAT- 'TLESNAKE....; ' the snake a few times awaiting- a favo»v able opportintity. U'hen it came thel* was a qi:icl< bound and the sharp hoofs »f (he antelope came down with deadly rffcct on'tJ:c. body of'the sn'alie. J.TVIfli. movements as rapid us tiliotight the nntolope jtiinixjd out of danger only to, spring- back on its victim again aid, , a^-ain until the body of-tlie'snafce wae fill into luin.ce.jnent. . . . Old hucl.crs.say .that it was rarely ; 'that an antelope was bitten in'such ao ( ; pncounter with a ratti)t:r,'«rid'the snake; j was always killed unless'it found aeon- j vo-nient praJrie. dog-'s.holejntp.,whjch-lt 1 1 eoii'lcl- srawl. The shrirp hoofs" of tHe j antelope cut like knives, and after beinp, I 'struck once or twice the reptile tfaK,' .' too badly-injured to offer nny effective i resistance. Two of the soap.manufacturers in: i Chicago together use over 3,000,000.' i white pine and cot'otiwood boxes ia ' (he course of n year to'ship their prod-r j act. There ;'.re something over 50 BOOp ! manufacturers in the United States and >• the annual oonfiimptlon of all of them j t.->«rethi >T 'is t.*n.0!:0.ono'boxes. f THE NEW j FRENCH REMEDY. VITALIS PRODUCES THE ABOVE RESULTS. aotbOay-' •It quickly nnd stu»Jv ro-l tnoven Nwvouonoss, linpotoncy, Kinlsslnn--, Evil J)r"nms, .ANTELOPE 'AND SNAKE. 'How' tiin, riont Animitl , .., One of the'. \vorst'fo«s. the rattlesnake ever; had on, the western' prairies was the antelope. This wary aniinal, allied „ dlsiMwcs nr.a oil <-fflv-: S or seii-ahuwi w erc«8 nnd indlscrolion. B«irn's. rx»i.yitmUg, Pow-cr nnd Falllnpr A!cmnir. -Wimls off Inaairtjji «nd consumption. Cures when All ol licra fo] I. InsOt on havlnir-VITAI.ls. no Mhcr. C-n be '-• •- tbeyeit pocket, E.v uinil$l.uOper pucl for*5.0O with KKiinranice to <:ore orJ OiflMoiiry. Circular Free. Addrea* CALUMET MEDICINE CO-, CHICAGO, •For. sale'by Beu Fisher and B. f-j wish dysprpsia? C ., Srpome, Sf-0 South Jind" 'atreei, 1 Philadel- ' ahia. Bays:;-, VIt vnch. oajy two monthr] .or Briuilian Bal^i-'.o ci:rcr.ln« of'dy«-J - pcpcia with •^ticb.'.' streTcd\orei; S0» ; j-ears." Ncwf t«yc 20 pinii'.or nt6mich|l cough and oaif eai tmytiiiidg. Brmiluial Balm bc<it<- (.'.it- i,oilJ ' The eecret liy Bmi.ii.>. the

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