Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 25, 1962 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 25, 1962
Page 6
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Six Logansport. Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Friday Evening, May 25, 19f2. Valuation Reported at Bunker Hill ' BUNKER HILL AFB - With the addition of several B-58 supersonic bombers at this Strategic Air Command installation, the value of the base more than doubled in the past two years,, according to statistics compiled by the comptroller's office at the base.' " The total value of the base, fully equipped, was listed at $764,363,000. This compares with $365,500,000 for the same date in 1960. The increase amounts to $398,863,000. . The increase on value was caus- • ed by the switch from F-89's and , B-47's to the faster and more ex• pensive F-106's and B-58 Husitlers. The value of aircraft at the installation as of March 31, 1962 was $642,810,000, more than double that of the I960 figure. Land and facilities were valued at $64,055,000. Also under this category is $1,735,000 for land and facilities under contract but not ' completed. These figures for 1960 'were $48,500,000 and $16,800,000. ; Supporting supplies and equipment at the base were listed at . $55,763,000 as of March 31. Approximately $31,802,001) will be spent by the end of the fiscal ", jrear for civilian payroll, purchas- 'es of material, services, bread, food, milk and other necessities. The payroll, before deductions, will be the largest amount. For the first nine months of the fiscal year, the base paid out • $16,099,000 in salaries. The base estimates that another $5,342,000 will be paid in salaries to employ- es and servicemen. In 1960, the gross military and civilian payroll was around $18,300,000, more than $3,000,000 less than now. In 1958, the gross payroll was only $7,600,000 and in 1957, it totalled $9,800,000. The increase, from 1958 fiscal year to 1962 fiscal year, totals $13,831,000. By the end of fiscal 1962, June 30, the base estimates it will spend a total of $10,361,000 for food, laundry and other necessities and supplies, mostly purchased from within the Air Base area. World Cheers Carpenter's Trip United Press International Banner headlines throughout the free world proclaimed the success of U.S. astronaut M. Scott Carpenter's orbital flight today, and even behind the Iron Curtain there were many who hailed the spaceman's achievement. Americans around the world— servicemen, businessmen or tourists — received congratulations from the people of the countries where they were. ' The story of Carpenter's triple swing around the world was front-page news in such diverse publications as London's Communist Daily Worker and Tokyo's Nihon Keizai, an ultra-conservative financial newspaper. Radio Moscow brushed off Carpenter's feat as a "repetition of Myers Trims Appropriations Additional appropriations are going to be more difficult for local governmental units to obtain in the future, Ralph Myers, of Francesville, field representative of the State Board of Tax Commissioners, reported as he approved less than a third of the extra appropriations that had been passed recently by the county council. Following the INTERESTING EVIDENCE JACKSON, Miss. (UPD— Repi Roy Strickland, sponsor of a bill to increase the penalty for distributing obscene publications, is having trouble with his evidence. Strickland told the House Thursday someone took from bis desk a batch of nudist magazines he planned to use as evidence before a Senate committee. -ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS • Notlco is hereby • given that sealed proposals will be received at the office ot the Cleric-Treasurer ot the City of L.osansport, Indiana in the Louansport City Building, by the Board of Public Works and Safety of said City until 8:30 o'clock A.M. Central DayllKht Savings Time on the 13th day of June, lOGS, at which time the bids will be publicly opened and read aloud tor three (3) Jour-door sodan automobiles for use by the Police Department of said City, each of which motor vehicles will be equipped, supplied or furnlalied as follows: 1. Unity spotlight with rear vision adjustable mirror on back of light. - 2. Directional signals. - 3. Forty (40) amp generator, .heavy duty. . - 4. Heavy duty battery, with - Jieat shield. - " 5. Electric windshield wipers, -variable speed. 6. V-8 motor. 7. 250 H. P. or more. 8. Four (4) barrel carburetor, twin exhaust. 9. OH Filter full flow. 10. Automatic transmission. ' 11. Fresh air heater and defroster. . . ,, 13. Two (2) sets of seat belts for front seats. 13. 15 inch tiros and wheels. 14. Filter filtration at gas tank and carburetor. . 15. Spare wheel ana tire. 16. Vinyl or plastic upholstery. 17. Power brakes. 18. Heavy duty front and rear springs and stabilizer bar. 19. Solid color. 20. Undercoat. 21. Easy eye windshield. such automobiles to be lettered according to Police Department requirements and specifications. Bach proposal submitted shall specify the trade-In allowance for each of the following listed vehicles: (a) 1061 Plymouth four-floor sedan. Identification No. 3911178769; and (b) 1901 Plymouth four-door sedan, Identification No. 3911178830; and < -, (c) 1S60 Oldsmobile four'• ' door sedan. Identification No. 607M50855; ' -presently being used by the " Police Department, each ot " which shall constitute part pay',' ment for such now vehicles to .'. be purchased and shall be ac. copied by the successful bidder - Kach 'proposal shall be ao-. companied by a certified checlt " or bid bond In an amount equal to at least ten percent (10%) of - the total bid, evidencing: the ' good faith of the bidder and his - promise that his bid will not " he withdrawn for a period of " thirty (30) days after Us sub: mission and that ho will enter ., into a contract with said City on the basis of Ilia bid within - five (M days after ho has been notified of Its acceptance. - All proposals must, be submitted on forms prescribed by - tho Indiana State "Board oC Accounts, complete with tho non; collusion affidavit required by - St B t aeh' proposal shall clearly ln- ' dlcato whether the bidder Is an " Individual, partnership or corporation and any signature ,-thereto must bo supplemented .. with the name of the signer - 'typed below It and with the - capacity of tho signer clearly - .'" Each proposal shall be .on- .closed in a sealed envelope - .-which Khali bo properly marked ' -and addressed. The Board of -Public Works and Safety ' -pressly reserves the right to . 'reject any or all h ds and to , "waive any Informality In mcl- '. ' dlnS CITY OF LOGANSPORT, INDIANA Bv and through its Board or "Public •Works and Safety JUtost: .Ralph G. Smith, ' .Clerk-Treasurer of the City of ' • togansport, Indiana ' . ..0-1 auditor's office Thursday afternoon, Myers recommended for approval a total' of only $3,361.02 of the $22,171.02 the county council had passed. Governmental units should know what their needs are going to be during the year when they draw up their annual budgets, Myers said. Items which he did not approve included $16,000 for repairs to the county jail and $2,000 for repairs to the courthouse. Items which he recommended the state board approve were $762.92 for repairs to a voting machine, $1,595 for the county highway department, $300 for the election, $130 for the spring assessment, $160 for a sealing machine for the courthouse, $150 for jail communications and transportation, $76.10 for the city attendance officer, and transfers of $37 in the treasurer's budget and $150 in the township assessor's budget. Flag and Bowling Pins Are Missing Theft of the flag on No. 2 green and three bowling pins, was reported to the county sHeriff's office Thursday by Richard Herr, of the Logansport Country club. The theft occurred sometime between 8:30 p.m. Wednesday and 7:30 a.m. Thursday Herr said. The No. 2 green is located next to the Country club road south of the golf shop. John Glenn's flight," and Radio Peiping ignored it altogether, Propaganda broadcasts from Soviet satellite countries compared the space journey unfavorably with the feats of Russia's "cosmonauts." The Russian radio made no mention of the, suspenseful minutes during which Carpenter was lost to the world, although it did report his safe recover}'. The Soviet press relegated news of Carpenter's.three trips around the earth to brief items which stressed the difficulties o£ the flight. . In Fidel Castro's Cuba, many persons followed the flight by radio and some watched it on television. U.S. telecasts usually cannot be received in Cuba, but unusual weather Thursday made it possible for some Cuban .viewers to pick up Fort- Myers, Fla.' ' Cubans were especially pleased by Carpenter's radioed remarks in Spanish when he passed over Mexico. The Daily News in New York and at least two London newspapers hailed Carpenter 'as "Great Sco'tl!" in their headlines Millions of Americans , went about their business with portable radios glued to their ears, unwilling to get out of touch with the big story. President* Kennedy followed developments as eagerly as any American. hearing in the "The American people will be gratified by the successful orbital flight of Lt. Cmdr. Malcolm Scott Carpenter and his subsequent rescue," said a Kennedy statement issued minutes after the conclusion of the flight. . "The skill and initiative of those who iparticipated .in the rescue of Commander Carpenter, coupled with Commander Carpenter's courage, is heartwarming to all of us." L. Rites in Oklahoma For L'L Danely, 73 Funeral services for L. Danely, 73, the father of two gansport residents, will be Sunday afternoon in Enid, Okla. He died there at 2 a.m. Thursday of a heart attack. The deceased is the father of Larry Danely, 1220 High St., who wa( visiting in Oklahoma, and Quen tin Danely, of 2428 Park Place who left Friday morning to 'at tend services. Other' survivors include his wife, Mary E., and three other children: Miss Frances E. Dandy Washington, D.C.; Glenn E., Ok lahoma City; and Mrs. Stanlej Hilt, Marshall, Okla.; and ten grandchildren. Scholarship The Logansport Elks lodge will present a $1,600 scholarship to a Logansport high school senior at commencement exercises June 6. The 'award, amounting to $400 per year for a four-year college course, was announced at a meeting of the lodge Thursday evening. It will replace a $500 scholarship offered in previous years. Logansport Girl To Receive Degree Miss Susanne Smith, daughtei of Attorney and Mrs. Lelanc Smith, city, is one of four stu dents from this area who will b graduated from DePauw universi ty on Sunday, June 10, it was an nounced Friday by university offi cials. She will receive an A.B. do gree in political science. Others from the area who ar among the 430 seniors to be grac uated include Virginia Peterson o Delphi, Ronnie Randall of Mcint cello, and Judith Myers of Peru »*i,K .«*~rf,-w~- * - ~~~ n «i.». 4 -_ft,~~ fc-. *«*~r, ~WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR CLASS (PHOTO BY RODK1S) Vtasons Plan Dedication Alva Conrad, Cass county's on- y 33rd degree Mason, will be the peaker at the dedication of the} Iternate lodge room in the Ma- onic temple at 7:30 p.m. Satur- ay, according to Francis Koep- :ey, senior deacon of Tipton odge, who is chairman of the edication committee. The room will be used by the Order of Rainbow for Girls, the Order of DeMolay, and other groups when. necessary. A. cake cutting ceremony is planned. Piano music will be provided. Members of all local Masonic organizations and parents and riends of the Order of Rainbow and the Order of DeMolay are invited to attend. Refreshments will.be served at the close of the ceremony. STUDENTS GET LEGION AWARDS Two eighth .grade students a Washington township school were lonored recently with American Legion awards. They are: .Jeanne Riesling daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rober Kiesling, rural route 3; and Tom Crisman, son of Mr. and Mrs Roy Crisman, rural route 2. Hobart Turner, scholastic chair man of the Walton Post 418, pre sented the pair with bronz plaques, pins and certificates fo achieving a "high quality of hon or, courage, scholarship, leader ship and service". 3VOTICI3 STAT.E OF INDIANA ) )SS: COUNTY OP CASS ) NOTICE TO AM-, PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE-ESTATE OP RUSSELL D. PIERCE In tho Circuit Court of Cass County, APRIL Term, 19(12 Cause Number P 61—2!l In the matter ot the Estate ot RUSSELL D. P1RRCE, deceased Notice Is hereby g-lven that FRIEDA M. PIERCE as EXECUTRIX of 'the above named estate, has presented and filed her account in final Kcttlement of «ald estate, and that the same will come up i'or the examination and action of said Circuit Court, on ,the 14th -day of June, 1902, at which timct all persons interested in «aid estate aro required to appear in said court and show cause, i£ any there bo, why said account should not be approved, And the heir.g of said decedent and ail others interested are also required to appear and make proof of. their heirshi'p or claim to any part of said estate. CLARENCE R. SETTLEMYRE Clerk of the Circuit Court for Cans County, Indiana O'NEILL & O'NEILL Attorney NOTICIS OK SAr.E OK ItlllATi MSTATB Notice is hereby given that the Executor oE tho estate of JOSEPH IT. RHODES, deceased, will offer for sale at private sale at the office of Hanna, &; Small, 20}i Fourth .Street, LoKansport, Indiana, the following described real estate sltuato in the Town of W-alton. Cass County, State of Indiana, to-wlt: Lot Number One (15 in Noel & Hathaway's Addition to the Town of "Walton on the 2nd day of June, I DCS, at 10:00 o'clock a.m. and from day to day thereafter until sold. The' Executor hereby reserves thu right to reject any and all bids and said sale will be made subject to tihe approval of the Cass Circuit Court In the -matter of the estate of JOSEPH H All persons interested in the purchase of this property shoulc contact The: Cass County State Bank, Walton, .Indiana, for ful particulars and details. bald property ma.y be Inspected t>J contacting said Executor. .The above property 15 be-ins sold to settle the estate of Jo soph H. Rhodes, deceased, sail property being sold subject ti the real estate taxes for th year 1962 du» and payable in RMS OF SALE: 10% on a of sale, balance on delivery of deed, and an abstract showing merchantible title. THE CASS COUNTY STATF BANK, IBxooutor of JOSEP1 H. RHODES Estate HANNA & SMALL Attorneys for Estate. Altrusa Features Guest INightlFere Guest night w;ui observed at 'Ulrusa club's dinner meeting hursday evening lit the Captain ogan. Tables were decorated with otted petunias. .Entertainment ,vas provided by Mirs. Jessie Koch who sang; several 'selections, accompanied .at the piano by Mrs Avis Murphy. ; Robert E. Price was the guesl peaker of the evening, his topic being, "Guided Missiles anc Guided Men." The public Affairs committee, wilh Mrs. Agnes, Ritsman as chairman, was in \ charge of ar- •angements, The next regular business ses sidn is J'une 14 at 7:30 p.m. at he city building. Merger of Grain Firms Recorded Articles of mergcir of the Acme Svans Company, Inc., into Gen eral Grain, Inc., were filed in the office of county Recorder George W. Cline Thursday. The two firms ajjreed to merg on April 18 according to the ir strument which says the firm wil deal in grain and grain products The instrument iihows the mai office will be located at 902 W Washington St., Indianapolis, an Samuel M. Harrell of Indianapo Rev. Finch Is Retiring The Rev. Damon K. Finch, former pastor of the Wheatland Av- nue Mlethodist church, is retiring from the ministry, it was an- lounced Friday at the annual North Indiana Methodist confer ence at Richmond. The Rev. Mr. Finch was pastor here when the present Wheatland Avenue church was built. A for mer woodwork teacher, he de signed and constructed the altar of the church himself. He has been serving recently as associate pastor of the Firs Methodist church, Fort Wayne He has been a Methodist minister 36 years. .Other ministers who are retir ing during the present conferenci are the Revs. Norbert Talbotl Huntington; Jesse Fo;c, For Wayne; Guy Burgener, Green field; and Clifford Conn, Sant Fe. lis was agent. as the residen Revival Services Elder Paul R. Hill, a youn minister and singer of Minneap olis, vrill be conducting reviva service at Mount Zion Tabernacl Church, located at 1500 Erie Ave Elder J. W. White is the minister The revival will !>cgin on Ma 25th through June 3rd. The services will, begin at p.m. •iighesir Honor or Carpenter WASHINGTON (U-PI) - Presi-! ent Kennedy has authorized the :vilian space agency to give cott Carpenter its highest honor -its Distinguished Service Medal. It will probably be presented to irn at Cape Canaveral Sunday. Kennedy cioes not plan to be on iand. Kennedy issued the order liursday. He also called Carpen- :er after the astronaut made his jrbital flight. "We are relieved, and very oroud," the President told him Carpenldr apologized for "no laving aimed >n re-enlry." a little bit betlci Unknown Motorist Hits Rciil Signal 1 The traffic signal at the ra •oad crossing of U. S. 24 at the Trance Stone Co. oast of Logans x>rt was damaged by a hit-and •un driver at 3:38 p.m. Thursday according to Gerald Raver, o rural rout: 4, city. Raver notified Sheriff Bcrnarc Leavilt of the incident and Leavil estimated the damage at S25. Give Barber Scholarship James Engclbre:ht, Jr., son of h: and Mrs. James W. Engcl- jrecht, 800 West Wabash Ave., is •eceivini; 1 a scholarship to the Tallahassee, Fla., Barber collepo, according to Joseph L. Smith, city, vici! president of the Indiana Association of Barbers and Beau- .icians. The scholarship, valued at'85-15, will be presented at the Commencement exercises on June '5. The youth is a member o! this year's graduating'class. The, college course is 10 nonths in lengih, this is the firM. year such an award has been given here. Smith was empowered by Gary Leham of the Barber college to give Hie scholarship in recognition o!' his service as a barter. U.ii. TEMPERATURES NEW YORK (UH)-Tho lowest ieir.ipera.turo reported to Ihe U.S. Weather Bureau this morning was 33 degrees at Drurnmond, Mont. The highest reported Thursday was 104 at Presidio, Tex. OPEN HOUSE for All Masonic Bodies Saturday, May 26th, 1962, at 7:30 p.m. Dedication ot new auxiliary lodgo room in (lie Masonic Temple. AH Masons and fiimilies welcome. Signed:—Co minutcc. Every man can wear walk shorts if they're cut and tailored : with trouscr pwition Some of our customers have told us they like walk shorts, but look like a caricature in them. Then we get in there and prove that the right walk shorts look fine despite what men say about waist or knees. Give us a chance to show you, today. $4.98 Other walks shorts from $4.25 to $6.95 OPEN AGAIN FOR YOUR INS If You Missed Seeing This Fine Pattee Model Home Furnished Courtesy of H, Wiler, Inc. It will be open for your inspection TONIGHT-6 p.m. untiHi p.m. SUNDAY 1:00 TO 8:00 P. M. MONDAY 6:00 TO 8:00 P. M. ! Located in beautifully wooded Timhercrest Addition. PATTEE (CONSTRUCTION CO. Ask alijout the type materials used. Learn the value of youi; : home dollars! 401 W. (JLINTON ST. PHONE 5894 Follow the Signs Emit on Chasib Road :irom Michigan Ave. or North li-om 24th and High Streets

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