Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 25, 1962 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 25, 1962
Page 5
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TrlSay Evening, May 25, 1902. ^ "*^ ~«^^W**TT3S i ^'S-»S^v^?^\M" Isa^t T*^?';c*,4M . ,^'b CARPENTER RESCUED Descriptions Of Space Mysteries CAPE CANAVERAL (UPI) Astronaut Scott Carpenter's three-orbit space flight Thursday was plagued . by erratic radio communications. But his firsthand descriptions of some of the mysteries of space travel were graphic. Here are some of Carpenter's words from space on the things he did and saw and the problems he faced: —On the luminous particles at each of three "dawns" first reported by Astronaut John H. Glenn Jr.: "I am tracking now a very small particle; a little isolated particle about . .. there is another — very small. Could be a light snow flake. I have more of the white particles in view below the capsule. They appear to be traveling exactly my speed. There is one drifting off. It is going faster than I am, as a matter of fact. I haven't seen a great number of these particles, but '. have seen a few of them. Then motion is random. They look ex actly like snowflalces to me There were some more of those little . particles. They definite! look like snowflakes this time." —On the problems of eating solid food in space: "The food lias crumbled badly, and I hate ti open the package anymore. Stil getting crumbs all over the cap sule. I can verify that eating bite size food as we practiced for thi flight is no problem at all — i crumbly foods are eaten with no problem," —On the vari-colored balloon trailing on a 100-fout nylon lirv behind his capsule to test depll perception and color sense in space : "It has a random drif and there is no osciliation t h a I can predict whatsoever. Tho line leading to the balloon some times is tight, sometimes is loose H. Frushour Heads Cass Commission Herbert Frushour, Clay township trustee, was elected president of the Cass County Planning Commission when it held Us organization, meeting- Thursday night in the county auditor's of"ice. Other officers'named are Russell Bevington, Jackson township 'armer, vice president; and Her-, vey Kellogg, county agricultural agent, secretary. Lawrence Sheridan, of Metro- -mlitan Planners, Inc., Irklianapo- is, which has 'the contract for .he preliminary planning work in (he county, said the firm has almost completed maps of each township. A land use survery is Hearing completion also. SHERIDAN. SAID the primary purpose of county planning is to ijuide urban development in , the county. Since -farming .is the basic use of the land, it should be exempt from zoning restrictions, he pointed out. After the township maps are completed ( they should be taken .0 township meetings, where the •advice of the township residents should be sought and incorporated n the plan,, he reported: ...... A "148 per cent increase in rapulalion is expected by . the 'ear 2000, and 'i,t is the responsibility of the commissibh'to make certain that sites are available 'or future development, Sheridan emphasized: EIGHT OF THE nine members of the commission attended the meeting. They .< were Marcellus. Flory, Eura Cable, John Conn, Ilialmer Condon, Charles Mur- >hy, Frushour, Bevington, and Kellogg. Pat Grable, the other member*, was unable to. attend oecause of another meeting. TRUSTEES NAMED FORT WAYNE, Ind. (UPI)—Dr. -lerman B Wells, retiring president of Indiana University, and enough so 'there are loops in.it. Us behavior is strictly random as far as I can tell. The balloon is not inflated well, either. It's an oblong shape out there, rather than a. round. And I believe lha' when the sun is on if the day- low orange is the most brilliant. And the silver." —On the haze layer and "blue band", at the horizon reported by Glenn: "The haze .layer is very bright, I would say 8 to 10 de grees above the real horizon, anc I would say that the haze layer is about twice as 'high above the horizon as the bright blue bane at sunset is. It's twice as thick The stars are occluded as they pass through this haze layer.. I'l try to get some photometer read ings. Yeah. Twice as thick. It is thinner, but it .is located at a dis lance about twice as far away a., the top of the band at sunset Very narrow and twice as brigh as the horizon of the earth itself. —On the temperature fluclua lions inside his 20-pound space suit that ';aused him discomfort "I would like to cooperate to nai this suit temperature problem down. For all practicable pur .poses it's uncontrollable as far a, I can see." —While talking with the Woom era, Australia, tracking stalion Carpenter broke off to complai that a loose 1 washer was floating free in the weightlessness of hi capsule and he had to fish for it It was not until he was over the Bermuda tracking slation that hi commented: "I got a washer have to put away." 1963 CLUB NOW OPEN Join The National Bank's VACATION CLUB More people have more money for vacation these days because they joined our Vacation Club last year. Now it's your turn. Join the Club and save foryour vacation the easy, automatic way. CLUB CLASSES Dnposit Woekly $1.00 $ 2.00 $ 3.00 $ 5.00 $10.00 Reealvfl in SO Weoki $ 50.00 $100.00 $150.00 $250.00 $300.00 HE ^ NATIONAL BANK •-a''-*?l -^ taaai.iA •MffW'fi .1 Broadway at fourth Phone 4137 Member F. D. I. C. -tk Uk MioUfc big WELCOME! It's Important— What you save! Lopansport, Indiana Pharos-Tribune F5v» Carnden Lions Hear BHAFB Official CAMDEN — Members of the local ;L:ions pub held a dinner meetiilg; Wednesday evening in the -Baptist-'church! A, representative from the Bunker Hill -Air Force Base was the speaker'for jjhe evening. He also showed';somel interesting films.. ; Tha! committee in charge of the arrangements and program were Norwood Gehtry and Dean McCain. ;•-'•! :: • ABVHU HD The Double-Dozen club of Washington: twp. were entertained by the 'Aim-Hi' JBtome Demonstration club at'its Regular meeting held in the: Lutheran church Thursday- evening, i ... Several marimba numbers were played by Mdinda Kendall. : hostoss committee ..consist- Dr. George E. Davis, director of ^ ol; 'Elizabeth Sheets Shirley adult; education at Purdue Umver- Wise,,.VernabelIe M.ller, Florence sity, were named Thursday to the F rantz and Ijtorothy Shanks. , ' V WSC!| MEETING. '•. Mrs.-,Toy Edging gave an inter- board of trustees at Indiana Technical College here. esting review of the book, "A Man' Called Peter" jat.-lhe. WSCS meeting held in the 'home of Mr.i. Wayne Edging on Thursday evtining: • : . ANNOUNCEMENTS j the annual Smelt; Fry will he held at the C-smden Community building on Saturday; May 26 from 6 to 9 p.m, The public is invited. 1 On May 28 the American Lc>- gion Auxiliary will conduct . a drive for Mental Health, This b<>- ing Mental Health Month 1962. Thomas Richards of the Hanna Divinity School will: conduct seir- vices in the Lutheran church Sunday. The mass meeting of Ihe Brethren churches will be held at Camp Mack Sunday afternoon and evening June 3, E. Paul Weaver will be (he speaker. The Vacation Church School for the :Camderi community will be held, from June 11 to June 22. I^oger Imgold, missionary from Africja, will speak at the Lower Deer! Creek church on Sunday, May 27, He is the son-in-law of Roe Johnson. PERSONALS Dr.: and Mrs. B. C. Kerkhnve were in Indianapolis this past weekj.where he was a delegate to the K of C convention and Eilso attended the Stale Dental Association 1 meetings. Mrs. Sadie Myers has returied from', Atlanta, Ga. where she spent; some time with her granddaughter Mr. and Mrs. Henry Anglo. Mrs. Wilbur Richardson has returned! to Sebring, Fla. 'after a visit! here with • relatives and friends. , Frank Stiles, Gerald Siclier, Dan Baker and Lowell-Edging attended the stale convention of Ihe Lionsi Club held at Ft. Wayne :his past weekend. Mr, and Mrs, James Duncan arc visiting their son and his fam- ily in Ogdon, Utah. Mrsl Edna: Ihimerickhoii.se has returned to her home from Memorial hospital in Logansporf. Selecting Jury SULLIVAN, Ind, (UPIMielec- tion i>f jurors dragged today in Sullivan Circuit Court as tile second murder trial <if Lc;i!ie Irvin^ Eyan:iville, tillered its fiflh day. _ Irvin is charged with the 'holdup- slayirg in 19M O f Wesley Kcrr. an Evaiwville service station attend-' ant. '.'tie was sentenced ID death at his first (rial in 1SI5R but a lengtliy series of legal maneuvers, ended last year when the U.S._ Supreme Court reversed the conviction but left the way clear for' a new trial. Read the Want Ads! WHAT IS THE CHURCH 7 IS IT NECESSARY?; IS IT A DENOTATION? IS IT AN INVISIBLE FEDERATION BF ALL DENOMINATIONS 7 CAN A PERSON BE SAVED WITHOUT; BEING A MEMBER OF ANY CHURCH 7 WHAT DOES CHRIST HAVE TO DO WITH THE CHURCH, IF ANY?3IN6?i IF CHRIST IS THE SAVIllRi WHY BELONG TO A CHURCH ANYWAY? ACTUALLYIB.^ : ^^ Only one book in the world, the Bible, can teach us I accurately and fully about this widely misunderstood subject, the church. To clearly understand the church one must first clearly ^understand two priacipky relating to tike church. The first principle is t-hjrt Jescis Cteist, and not oran, was | the builder, founder, head, and foundation of the church (Matthew 16:18; Epheaars 1:2?,; 1 Corinthians 3:11). The second principle to understand is that the word church I means "the called out"—referriitig to those individuals who I have been called out of the world through the gosipel and i have been redeemed by the blood of Christ (Acts 2:47; 2 I Thessalonians 2:14; 1 Peter l:lB,19)u I The church 5s therefore the spiritual domain made pos- I siblc, or purchased by, the blood of Christ (Acts 20:28; I 1 Corinthians 6:19,20). This relationship is also described I as the spiritual body of Christ (Ephesians 1:23;' Golossians I 1:18,24) and also as the kingdom of Christ (Colossians I 1:13; Hebrews 12:28). Hewee, we may fairly conclude that: I Jesus Christ is the head of his church. Jesus Christ is the saviour of his spiritual body. Jesus Christ is tine lung of his kingdom. And all three of these spiritual institutions—the church, | the.body, and the kingdom—are one and the same. They | refer to 1:he very same spiritual realm or relationship wherein Jesus Christ saves. Christ does not save. outside of his church, .outside of his spiritual! body, or outside of his kingdom. When a person is baptized "into Christ" (Romans 6:3), he is at the same time baptized i into the church of Christ (Acts 2:38-41), the body of Christ |(1 Corinthians 12:13), and the kingdem of Christ (John. 3:3-5). The:ie are not three: different organisations, but simply three different designations of the same spiritual fellowship in which Christ saves. Therefore, all—not a few, or some, or many— persons who have been redeemed by the hiood of Christ are, without any choice ;in the matteir, members of ([Christ's church or body or kingdom. When these basic Bible teachings are comprehended, men will no longer teach or imply that: the church iii unnecessary to a person's salvation. It is tnie tha:t Christ— and not the church—is the Saviour, but.—and this is equally true—the-church is that very spiritual body or kingdom that: Christ will ultimately save (1 Corinthians 1:5:24; Ephesiasns 5:27). The church does not save. It is the body of the sav&i. Yes, the church is inseparably linked yvith Christ, the blood of Christ, and man's salvation, Christ's precious blood was shed irt order that individual souls might have remission of their sins through acceptance of and obedience to Christ's will (Matthew 26:28; Hebrews 5:8,9). The Bible teaches that the church was "purchased" by the blood of the Ix>rd (Acts 20:28) inasmuch as all individuals redeemed by Christ constitute the church. Does, then, one have to be a member o:~ Christ's church or spiritual body or kingdom to be saved? TlVhile .imany will say "No" ^through misunderstanding, the Word of God teaches plainly that the church is that spiritual body which Christ will save (Ephesians 5:23). It necessarily follows'that if a person wants to be a: part of the spiritual body which Christ will save he must, therefore, be a meinber of Christ's church. ' I ,fc-t,A&N,o~.w ***! ACV ^). *,v i JESUS CHRIST GAVE HIS LIFE TO PURCHASE HIS CHURCH. BUT, HOW IMPORTANT IS ^-l J THE CHURCH jIN YOUR LIFE? Study and worship with us regularly at the: CHURCH OF GHRIST Logansport, jlndiana 200 East Columbia, I.' 'i We especially invite yoti-to attend a series of gospel meetings J une 4 thru June 12 to hear evc;ngelist Charles 0. Cnssier presort* vital lessons from God's Word illustrated on large charts and fl anne-lgraph, Services oach evening at 7:30 P.M. 1 1 ' j :. r j f' Vt~lffWIKW 1~»~« ^IJT^ p* * ^ * k' . ' Uu kitaiUik«Ml kirfika«L«M i.uiiiUl»JiU<*Ui

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