The Times from San Mateo, California on July 5, 1928 · Page 5
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The Times from San Mateo, California · Page 5

San Mateo, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 5, 1928
Page 5
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THUBSDAT, JULY 5,1928 THE SAN MATED TDUES AND DAILY NEWS LEADER PAGE ITVI ROVES BEST B. PETE Elta Cartwright Takes Three First* in Olympic Tryouts at Newsrk NEWARK, N. J., July 5.--(IP-While the far west was sweeping to victory in tho national senior women's track and field championships yesterday, the east won a majority of the places on the first feminine squad ever selected for the United States Olympic team. Nine of the 19 places of the v?BE!5s's Olympic, team were awarded to eastern athletes, with seven going to the far west and three to the middiewesi. The Northern California athletic club won the team championship for the second consecutive year, amassing 52 points. The Pasadena athletic and country club was Second with 17 Tminte Tho Rnftnn swimming association was third 1 with nine. ' Win? Three Firsts Elta Cartiight, a frail, freckled girl from' Eureka, Calii., and star of the winning; team, carried the most glory, winning thiec first Twilight League SAN MATEO Result Last Night No game. Came Tonight Casey Co. \s. Peninsula Ice. Game Tomorrow Legion vs. Professors. W. L. Professors 8 Peninsula Icq 7 H. E. Casey: . .. 6 Harding's Gym .... 3 Daily Times .1 3 Kiwanis Levy Bros. ..7 K. of C... Feed Fuel. 1 . ... Pet. 1.000 .838 .571 .500 .376 6 .000 G .148 BURLINGAME Result Lwt Ni(kt Contractors 4, Vincents 2, Gime Tc-iifhl Anderson vs. Ryan Motors. Game Tomorrow Bioadwav vs. PoKtofficp. W. L. Vincents 6 2 Spteckels 6 2 Contractors ... 5 2 Advance 4 3 Ryan Motors ,, 4 ·* Andersons Men's Club Broadway ^ , Post Office 1 6 Chamber of Com.... 1 6 Pet. .760 .760 .114 .671 .500 .500 .288 .500 .167 .167 places. She took first in the 50 yard dash, 100 meter dash and running broad jump and might have -won other points but for the rcle which prevents any contestant from entering more than three pvpnts. ' ' Two new American records wore made in the 880 meter run by Raynm Wilson of the Pasadena A. 0. C. and in the discos throw by Jfaybelle Rcichardt of the Pasadena A. C. C. Mias, Wilson's time was two minutes 82 2-5 seconds, bettering the former record by four seconds. Miss Rcichnrdt threw the newly adopted discus, eight ounces lighter than the old one, 116 feet 9 1-4 inches, bettur- ing tho former record by more Ties American Record Lillian Cilpeland of the Pasadena A. C. C. tied the American record of 40 feet 4 1-4 inches In tho eight pound shot put and the Northern California A. C. rqjayjtcom _ jbjed the_ American jecord .of 52 1-6 aetonaV m HiV44ryara-reniy;-- Those selected for the Olympic, team follow: Sprinters (8). IOC itieifrA and 800 meters relay: Elta Curtwrhrht, Northern California A. C.; Elisabeth Robinson, llli A. C.; Annu Vriinu, Fufiadcmi, A. This may bo an awfully speedy ago, but we notice that Manue] Trinta btops a lot of 'em. Tf the Blues ever require another backstop, we'd recommend Manuel Trhitu. Nothing ever gets pat,t him. VACATION Boys and girls now are seeking a On the lakes or tho mountains they'd range; · They've saved up their dough, And their change now they'll blow For a change that leaves 'em no change. . . , ti, . C. C.; Mary T. Wnshbuin, Millrose A. A., New York; Jessie Cross, Millrote A. A., New York; Olive B. Hascnfus, Boston Swimming Association; Loretta McNeil, Millrose A. A., New York; Edna E. Sayres, Brooklyn Edison Club. 8000 meters (3): Rayma B. Wilson, Pasadena A. C. C.; Dee .Boeckmann, Headlight A. C., St. Louis; Florence MacDonald, Boston^ Swimming Association. liiscusi Ihrow (4): Muybolle Beichardt, Pasadena A. C. C.; Lillian Copeland, Pasadena A. C- C.; Margoret Jenkins, Northern California A. C.; Rena MacDonald, Boston Swimming Association. High Jurt\o (4): Mildred Wiley, Boston Swimming Association; Jean M. Shiley, ITaverford, Pa., Township; Catherine Maguirc, Headlight A. C., St. Louis; Marion Hollcy, Noithern California A. C. SAN BRUNO BOYS WIN fiiuc tun inn vmm. i tiu THE NATIVE SONS fSpflCJAl to The Dally Times) SAN BRUNO, July 5.--The city of San Bruno baseball club sup plied the fireworks on this com munity's Independence Day pro gam yesterday, by blasting the hopes of the Castro Parlor, N. S G. W., of San Francisco, 10 to 3 in a return," game at Municipal park. A record holiday crowd--nearly seven hundred fans--watched the game, which despite the score was one of the fastest »cen on the local diamond. Joe Binet relieved Lay at thf mound hi tho fourth frame, but even' at that stage the aif porl city wrecking crow had the game on ice wjth a six-run margin. Score_by innings: 20600200*--10 22500321x--15 The old fashioned detective used to look for the woman in the case, but Tom Connors, more modern, loeka for tho "likker" in the car. BE YOUR ACE Twinkle, twinkle little star, How I wonder what you are; way up there upon the stage, n ,X? u don't look but half your age; .With ymlr dresses cut so sporty, You don't look'the half of forty. To our way of gazing nt it the smart fellow would a good deal rather bo run down at the heel than at the crossing. · However, Tex usually knows what he is talking about. Ft is barely possible that Stoncham is going to sell the Giants to Tex, but he doesn't know it/ yet, "Meyers Scores 3 Knockdowns and Stops Bercol in Second," headline. That guy, who got licked may he a Bercot, but evidently he is no Bearcat. "Babe" Ruth failed to get a home run or two yesterday. Indicating that the "Babe" was off form on Independence Day. See where Cincinnati won a dou- blehcader yesterday and jumped over Brooklyn and Chicago. If they win another double header they're liablff to jump over the well known moon. ABALONES Jt auuiunvM, oiii he went ustling, Boloney he took with him for bait; Back home poor Bill he came wishing He'd gone fishing on his back gate. TfiK filiiAFFE With his giraffe "Shorty'' did play For a month, and 11 week, and a day. The giraffe he's no more, Up a tree he did soar, iow Shorty's got singing oysters galore. It used to be, that a fool and his money wer» soon parted. Now when the girls discover that a yap ahoolic is a bird in a gilded cage he is soon petted. Time was when a fellow took a shot he would grin 'and bur it now he hies and holds it-- sometimes. Maybe we're all astray like i straw vote, but to our way of looking a,, jt the-re»l regal yap is the ° W San Bruno Native Sons 000120000--'3 uits o i t e - t a o o o -- s BLACKBURNE°NOW SKIPPER CHICAGO, July 5.--(IP)--Rus- ·Ecll "Lena" Blackburne today took over the management of the Chicago White Sox, replacing R*y "Cracker" Schalk, who had been J »t the helm since 1926 until he re. ftfeigmd yesterday. Blackburne has served u coach under Schalk. V Schalk will rest for a few days '..and (hen will rejoin the team to attempt a. comeback. From 1912, when he came to' the White Son from Milwaukee, Schalk has been regarded as one of the best catchers in the leatue. H« ceased active play when h« team* man- A NEW VERSION East side, west side, That b a dandy old tune. They used to sing it on the side- vafc And in the old salnnn. Now it's growing stylish And they sing it in the park And lemme tell you, brother I heard it sung in Noah's Ark. East side, west side, hurry with' that stew; Maku it an order of chicken and bring me butter, too. want a pot of coffee And bring some toast to me For I'm sick of lrmliin» ..,.».. water, " ' 0 /Sril er br *" g , me tcc -h!c-tce. (With some h-i-c on the side.) - - MdBBE SO aiueu. uiir wpi us easy enough to look pleasan pleasure by some' blok'e yOU r,m,r,f thC guy Who ' 8 J' us '""".Sidewalk, of New York Now_ tlfat the Glorious Fourth is a thing of the past, we are satisfied that Dr. Ed Ziegclmnn had more fun than anyone we know. The "Doc" celebrated the fourth by proiy. He bought a LHr-ioJia oi ureworks and invitee a bqundron of town boys to fire 'em off for him. In the Fourth of July box score, fourteen kids were in the line up pinch hitting for the good old Doc. Yesterday', Hero--Eppa RUey, Cincinnati Reds' southpaw, who pitched a seven-hit shutout against the Pittsburgh Pirates, the score being 6 to 0., The Reds also took the second game of a doubleheader, 11 to p. The Brooklyn Dodgers, aided by home runs by Herman and Bisson- ctte, took the first game of the New York Giants, 1 to 3, but droppe-d th« second, 5 tu E »» « deiugo halted pl ay after four and a half innings. Th« Phillies defaeted the Boston Braves 10 to 6 in a sloppily played game. Rain postponed the second A doubleheader between the Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals resulted i n , Bp i it victory. Hack Wilson and Jim Bottomley eacn mt iwo nome runs. St. Louis won the firkt game 11 to 9 and the Cubs the second 16 to 9 Joe Hauser's two home rums helped the Athletics take both games Irom the Boston Red Sox 5 to 4 and U to 3. Houser hit a homer m each game. . T he . .§*· L TMi? Browns split a twin uut wan m e Chicago ?vhiit: Sox, winning the fj- t i-V 3 a! , a dropping the second 1 to 0 A doubleheader was divided be- *»een the Detroit Tigers and the Cleveland Indian^ The first game MENBOCINO Up in Mendocino Where the nbaloncs grow; Up in Mendocino where The sultry winds do blow. Went a San Matcan A fialiijig fur some fish; He had a can of beer But he caught no little fish. He got his hands all blistered up The sun was very high: He spent the day As well he may Just looking at the sky. Now he has bought himself a pup, To Mendocino he'll soon go up And hunt wild abaiones with his And dnnk his beer from a cup. (Oomsquah) Last night we woood the gentle SlOeD. but Wprp Honritrnr! nf «!.-. bought, But the guy thafs woith while {s tbe one who can smile When he coughs up six bits for a f i ful - f ! fty cents fin oil. Prohibition may not be the burn^ ng question of the hour, but it sure docs burn up a b)okie's money. .. . * Ri HOW DRV I AM By Bill 0'F.rrel! .-spreading canopy iw«r .-spreading cinop A dclcnta I did «py, n- h , ro TJ" w . et *""" *"" ' »«n«wi» h^ dry. --' 8 OB lest «we«t Pcrso?^lly we'd take a ticket on " e ae a cet on .s Charlie i. on the in" Swedish. AMERICAN STARS ARE DOWNED BY AUSTRALIAN PAIR -- »_ " · *· »*BIII j.. iimen and Frank T. Huntre, star American tflam, w»nt dovr. in defeat ::; :he men's toubles of the alf-Eng- and tennis championships tod»y in much the same manner aa they previously had been elimininated n the singles. TUden and Hunter were defeated jy Gerald Patterson and J. B. Jawkcs of Australia, 7-9, 7-9, 6-4, 1-4, 10-8. Afwr winning the- fint twp tots the Americans Ml h^fnr." tho vjcious attack of the Antinol dean pair. ^ Py their victory Patterson »nd H^wkes reached the final. . Mo»t of th« ·better fcoking an ',»«' »i«Wct .re w*.h«5 and r oluhed at Ewleys'.X Ask your nefrhtor, ht knowiU-»dvt. Trees and Sprayed FRANK L. NOLAN went to the Tigers 10 to 5 while the tribe rallied in the eighth and ninth and won, 4 to 3. The New York Yanks and the Washington Senators broke oven on a duublehettdvr. The StMlutul'S won the fi»t game 5 to 2 while the Yanks captured the second 5 to 4. San Francisco started off the second half of the Pacific Coast League split season as imprfs- I t i v u l y .. .!,,, fir.t K,, -.!.,...,£ »,. second and third straight games' from Oakland. The Seals were strong in batting against almost the entire Oak pitching »Ulf. Tiie first game was captured 5 to 3 and the second 10 to 7. 'Mails won the first game and Rnether, after tomr l»»iuv tion, took the second. Sacramento got off to a good IS CENTER TOM OF IPEST With 400-Meter Hurdles and -Dash Settled Decathlon Now in Spotlight By HILLIER KREIGIIBAUM United Press Start Correspondent Philadelphia, July 5.-- LP- With the Olympic 400 meter hur dies and 400-meter dash tennis chosen, interest at the Municipal Stadium today centered on the choosing of the Decathlon team that wiii represent til? united States at Amsterdam. · Competition in the Decathlon was ended yesterday by rain and at that time Jamuti Stewart, the Los Angeles A. C. athlete, was leading; with 6590 points in sev*en events. me ipwiy aeattie Indians do- Kenneth Dougherty of tho Cad- Icated the Missions m both of their iliac A. C. was second with 5468 start, winning: a double bill from Los Angeles, 11 to 7 an- 3 to 0. Ray Keating, Senator spitball pitcher, shut out the Angels, al- Ipwing only three hits. Hollywood and Portland divided the holiday program. The first Ssme v/as a riot ef base hits which the Beavers finally., won, 13 to 9. Both teams were foiced to use several hurlers without much success. The second game was von by the Stars, B to 3. The Igwly Seattle Indians dc -- "-ssions m both of theii ,,.. ..... Indians seemed To have found new pep while the Missions failed to get started iri earnest. The scores were 0 to S and 6 to " -cnsstlGnsl. The work of F. Morgan Taylor who set a new work record in the 400-meter hurdles o] 52 seconds, stood out. The mark bettered the new record set by frank Cuhel 'l-uosday when the Iowa ttar stepped the distance in b3 2-5 seconds. Cuhel previously had held the record at 53 3-5 seconds. The two teams chosen after yesterday's, performances: 400-Meter Hurdles--F. Morgan Tuylor.'lllinois A. C.; Frank Cuhel, University of Ijwa; John A. Gibson, Rlnnmfifl(l t M J There V.'SS a possibility Robert Maxwelf, Los Angeles A. C., might go as fourth man. 400 Meters Dash--Ray Barbut,i, dpi "· Y. A. C.; Emerson Spgncer, Ler hur. ir-l SU " lf ":» nniverail,; Joseph ^. C.; Herman Phillips, Illinois A-" C.; George Bnird, University of Iowa; A. Lewis, Detroit Y. M. C. A.: Fred Alderman. Illinois A r. LIFE SAVERS For very hot days, prepare a casserole of some creamed food onrly in the morning, put on ire and all you need do lor supper is bukc it. and Wes dnhicmun, Jr., South Dakota State Teachers College, was third with G048. Sauialunul Work Yesterday's performances ware Protect your investment in your MODEL T FORD rTJHE F OP a Motor Company h making a new car, but it is still proud M. of the Model T. It wanti every owner of one of these cars to run it a* l«Bf B, possible at a minimum of expente. BewBsc of thlg policy a«d because of llm lu.«»lment tiuit million, of motorUu ha Te fa, Model T ear., the Ford Motor Company is devoting a «'S« |«t of iU factories to making parts, in order that owners may enjoy uninterrupted sendee for many years to come. More than eight milUofl Model T Fords are still in active service, and nu»y qf ftem tan be drhren for two, three and five years and even longer at small cost. ' New fenders, for initance, cost from $3.50 to $5 each, with a labor «*** q{ |l | 0 $2.50. Tuning up the motor and replacing commutator case, brash and vibrator painl* costs only $1, with · small charge for material. Brake shoes can be installed and emergency brakes equalized for* la**, etarge of only $Jf25 A Jabor chfrge of W to |s wU1 ^ yet the overhauling of the front axle, relishing springs and spring perches, ·M H^Mfhtening, (lignjng aid adjusting wheel*. MwT ^ d "" i!e *°* ^w*" 111 "* * e »wrag«J rear axle runs from W.75 to |7. Grindluji T^,M and cleaning carbon can be done for 94 to (4. A set of four new pitloiui cost* only $7 and an installation charge of 16. *w a labttr charge of $20 to «25 you ean have your motor and trans- ml W9n ·ftM.plftleljr overhauled. Parts are extra. All of these prices are approximate, of course, because the cost of »«t*WU Deeded wU| depend on the eondltion of each car. They show. Mw«w, the low COM «f putting the Model T Ford in shape for tho* .sands of mOa. O f additional service. S** the nearest Ford Dealer, therefore, and. have him estimate on the cost«f r^ondwoning y««. Model T Ford. H« wUI teU rou, in advance, exactly how much the et^yl* |pb will cost. iJiwiF , A ne*,v chiffon : - - - - · · -««·»*·· in.»n vrfvi; » mm- blc flounce that runs up tho hack to fashion u cute little bustle effect is in loaf Rieon print. INLAID FLOOR COMPANY Hardwood Floon V. J. GUHTArvO tan M«t«o Co. RtDrM in c-nmt BI-.I. Pk. a. K. MH.W Plumbing and Heating OM Water Beaten Initalled ·ndBepaired. Aroob HMt- JM. *.r*irine a Bp«d»lty, "»ervlo« OurMott*" ARTHUR W. TYO PHONES: Ortic»-«, It. HIT Soidano*--8. H. 1U8J 809 MOTH Avairoi MORGAN MEETS MARTIN NEW YORK, July 5.--U--Tod Morgan of Seattle, the dean of ring champions, will defend his junior lightweight boxing title against Eddie "Cannonbair Martin of New York, former bantamweight champion in a 15-round bout at Ebbeta field, Brooklyn, tonight. Since Morgan won the 130-pound crown ironi Mike Ballerino in. 1925 every other boxing championship has ,.j.£..,.,.j U-...I- » « V _:L_ - '- · ly has been beaten in non championship bouts, but thus far he has always managed to win when bin title was at stake. ' HOSIERY KJN9 ''i - Sometimes run. in lilk stocking* can be successfully hlden by stitch4 mg the entire length on the wrong side on sewing machine. Frank Viand ffl Ctmino *e Bun Matoo pho M BOS-M Of eonrw yon in lorrjr ihs Is »olnif «K on » ... Bot eould be a lot wont. -Suppo* w» wen not heniT -Bat wt u*. So TOU will auto no JOB all twtntJM)** WMfc. And wp MM h«r how food It wu BYRON GRILL HI B StTMt gu M*tw 173 LUMBER and MILL WORK LATH EUBBEEOID B007OIO CELOTEX ·in Bloola at 94.26 p« kwd SAN MTEO PLANING MILL CO. AWNINGS Cn*k Hanmocki. Uwm L.W. T?irnlt San Mateo Awning Company 1208 El Cimino R1 ·** M*««. 11VJ ^ FORD-MOTOR COMPANY/ Detroit," 1 Michigan A GREAT DISCOVERY Authorities Claim We Have IT Meaning our No. 4 Rock mixture for concrete. A local product from our HUhboromrb quarry. H. E CASEY CO. Burl. 3838 S. M.

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