Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 25, 1962 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 25, 1962
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,--. *-* f* ' 'Li MAIU Check Space Control System a, a. ft. /»» * WE SPONSOR ONLY THE WORTHWHILE LOGANSPORT, INDIANA Founded in 1844- Leased United Press International News, Photo Wires FBIDAY EVENING, MAY, 25, 1962. Fo or All ^wspapcr Departments PrJCtt Pel' Copy, Ten Cents LHS CARPENTER TO GLENN: "THIS IS HOW IT ALL HAPPENED Living Costs Climb WASHINGTON (UP!) - Living costs climbed to an all-time peak •n April, for the third consecutive month and probably will 'rise ligher in Ma.y, the Labor Do- lartment reported, today. : Increases in prices of used cars, gasoline, medical care and fresh fruits and vegetables oushed up the department's consumer price index by .2 per cent ast month. The index now has risen by .7 5er cent since January—or more jhan it climbed during the entire 12 months lust jear. An estimated one million workers whose wages are tied to the ndex will get one or two-cent icurly pay increases based on the ncrease in the cost - of - living measuring rod. They include workers in the auto, farm equipment and aerospace industries. Robert J. Myers, deputy commissioner of labor statistics, told i news conference the April increase was "an irregular little lump in a period of long price liability that should continue at east the rest of this year." GLENN (RIGHT) AND CARPENTER IN WARM REUNION Await Carpenter's Report For Future U.S. Flight Plans GRANT) TURK ISLAND, Bahamas (UPI) — Spaceman Scott Carpenter and American scientists sought today to determine if his control system troubles on three trips around the earth will prevent Hie United States from skipping ahead in manned space flight. What (the 37-year-old astronaut tells them will have much to do wilh whether Project Mercury officials daeide to bypass at least one mole three-orbit flight and send the next astronaut five, six or seven limes around. This would precede a 17-orhit flight that would keep an American in space for 24 hours. Carpenter made the country's The Weather Forecast Northern 3rd Indiana Mostly cloudy this afternoon. Partly cloudy tonight and Saturday. Chance of a few thunderstorms this afternoon and tonight. Not much temperature change. Low tonight in the 50s. 'High Saturday in the 70s. THURSDAY FRIDAY Xa.m 60 2a.m .59 3a.m 58 4a.m 57 5 a.m. 56 (ia.m 58 7a.m.. 58 8a.m 61 9a.m 62 10 a.m 70 Ma.m 72. Noon 74 1 p.m.......76 2 p.m 78 High Year Ago .78 Low Year Ago 50 Barometer Barometer al 2 p.m., 29.60, falling River Stage Kiver at 7 a.m., 3.50 11a.m... Noon.... 1p.m... 2 p.m,.. 3 p.m.... 4 p.m.... 5 p.m.,.. G p.m 7 p.m..,.. S p.m.... 9 p.m.,.. 10 p.m,.. Hp.mU. Mid. ..71 ..72 ..73 ..74 ..77 ..79 ..81 ..80 ..78 ..73 ..71 ..69 ..6G .64 second three-orbit flight Thursday in his Aurora-7 space capsule, following closely the trail that astronaut John Hi Glenn Jr. took last Feb.'20 but fighting considerably more problems than Glenn. Carpenter's four hour, 56 minute space trip ended in what Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson called "a real diffhanger" — a gripping three-quarters of an hour in which all contact with Carpenter was suddenly lost after Aurora-7 reached its most critical time, the plunge from space back into the atmosphere through the 3,000-degree reentry barrier. The nation waited and prayed by its television sets and radios, and search planes scrambled aloft to join recovery ships hunting with mounting concern for the Navy lieutenant commander who was such -a cool performer in space. Plane Gets Signal . A Navy P2V patrol plane was bhe first to catch the faint bleat of a homing signal on the Aurora-7 frequency, lock on to it and follow it to a spot in the Atlantic about; 250 miles beyond the planned capsule landing area. And there was Capenter, patiently waiting on. a raft beside his bobbing capsule and . wa-ving a greeting to his rescuers. During the next three hours, Carpenter waited in the raft while helicopters raced to him from the far-off recovery carrier Intrepid. Two Air Force rescue team members parachuted, into the water to make certain Carpenter was all right, and a half-dozen planes circled overhead. At 3:38 p.m. EST (4:38 p.m. EOT) - almost eight hoars after his 7:45 a.m. EST blastoff from Cape Canaveral—a helicopter pulled Carpenter aboard and took him to the car- ier. While he relaxed aboard the Intrepid, a: "relieved" President Kennedy congratulated him by telephone, and 'Carpenter replied by apologizing ifor "not having aimed, a little ^jit'..-better on reentry.". When he arrived at this Bahamian island tracking station aboul midnight, Carpenter looked happy and relaxed and showed few signs of the ordsals of his busy, 22-hour day.. "Where dp I'go from here?" he asked astronaut spokesman Lt Col, John A. Powers after he stepped from a two-engine plane which delivered him-back ashore Glenn was the first to embrace Carpenter. Earlier,' : the firs American to orbit the earth hac told newsmen that the anxiety o .the 40 minutes before Carpenter was found affected those closes to the Mercury project at Cape Canaveral., . . Glenn ,Hacl Doubts "I don't think there was anyone at. Cape Canaveral who die not have some doubts. I know '. did. But it has turned but to be a wonderful evening," said Glenn Then.-he went off for an'informa discussion 'with 'Carpetiter 'abou .the flight^before, 48 hours of. medical and engineering "de-briefing" began this morning for-Carpenter, The- scientific debriefing team will quiz Carpenter .about every phase of his flight and let him tell about his experiences in his own words on a tape recorder But of prime concern was Car penter's first-hand report of the control system difficulties. Mercury Project Operations Di rector Walter Williams said a: Cape Canaveral after the fligh that the main thing responsible for Aurora-7 overshooting the planned recovery area, about 801 miles southeast of the cape, was a failure somewhere in., the sys tern which controls' the capsule's "attitude" in space. NEW 'Cfl'Y OFFICIALS' - Logansport high school students, elected Tuesday to city offices, assumed iicir duties Friday morning in Good Government Day ceremonies in the LMS auditorium,, He; e, the top four elected officers map ' plans for their day of activities. They arc Jack Gray (top), mayor; and (from left) Paul lllillis, city judge; Jim Closson, clerk-treasurer; and Jim Lowes, prosecuting attorney. (Staff Photo) 26 Youths Jailed in Rochester ROCHESTER — Twenty - six joys, ranging in age from 15 to 20, are being held in the Fulton county jail on a variety of charges following an 'unruly whipped- cream free-for-all at Lake Mani:ou late Thursday evening. The joys are charged with illegal possession of alcoholic beverages, juvenile delinquency, third degree jurglary, and possession of stolen goods. Three girls, arrested by authorities at the same time, were released because of the overcrowded conditions at the jail, They were released to their parents. ONE BOY WAS from Logansport; one girl was from Rochester; two girls.wore from Peru and 25 boys were from Peru. They were celebrating Peru "senior week." Cottages on Lake Manitou where the youths were staying were located on the north side ol the lake, one on the east side and the third on the southeast side. Officers , believed that the party -had been in progress several days. Rochester police received a call at 10 p.m. Thursday reporting that a truck owned by a milk company had been broken open and several dairy products taken. The truck v/as parked near a downtown ice plant. Two cars were later identified as those belonging to the young people staying at the lake. WHEN POICJE officers arrived at one cottage, they found a free- for-all whipped cream fight in progress. Several dollars worth of whipped cream had been used in the melee. , • It was later ^discovered that 12 gallon cans of :milk on. the truck had been opened. Approximately i in : dairy .products had been taken.: : •• • • ', The party was investigated by State Troopers' Larry Wagenknecht, James; Johnson and Jack Slaybaugh, •. the Fulton County Sheriff's department and the Rochester/police • department. - ; Officers were involved in making arrests from about 11 p.m. until 6 a.m. Friday. THE .TUVENILES will be turned over to the:Fu'lton county Probation Officer! Mrs. Cecil .Carruthers. Sheriff [ Willard Clark-reported that he planned a conference sometime Friday,, afternoon with the Prosecuting Attorney. Sheriff Clark reported that all of .the people:; involved were not drinking and (hat there appeared to be no adult supervision. ». Problems Facing 'City Officials' ' Logansport high school students took aver t!he reins of city government Friday afternoon and staged mock legislative and judicial sessions. A big agenda for the student city council; which included a discussion of • urban renewal and consideration of .a curfew ordinance for residents over age 19, promised to keep-'"city officials" busy, until late evening., A number of persons were to be hailed iijilo city court on some questionable charges and a redevelopment' commission was to meet with ^he city engineer. The activities were part of Good Government Day, sponsored by the Key Club. Students ejected to city officesj Tuesday were installed by theft adult counterparts at a .convocation Friday morning. Appointive] officials also receivec their commissions at that time. ROCKET FAILS A!> PROJECT OF FAIRYIEW BOYS Not all space efforts,met success Thursday. Mike Ki|»er and Stanley Minks, students at- Fairview junior higl school,, fired their 'own 1%-pounc rocket, bu|; it nosedived after- disappointing 10-feet climb into the heavens. .''• • 'Unhurt J in the, crash was "Horse",, a three-ounce frog, .who had been ^chosen to r-ide in the rocket's nose cone. '.' THE BOyS BUILT their rocket as a science project in shop 1 under the .'super-vision of teachers Randall Mauek and Sam. Nelson. The launch :toojk place, at, the Kiger residence : r)orth .of Logansport..';,''! •The .spate.men plan to redesign their brocket and .are.,hoping to reach'ail altitude of-200 to -1,200 feet,, Theiv'; first effort ' required nine: and cine-half weeks of work and cost ij$6.66. SERVING AS MAYOR is Jack Gray. Other elected officials are Paul Hillis, city judge; Jim Clcs- clerk-treasurer; Jim Lowes, prosecuting attorney; nnd the fill- lowing city councilmen, Kaly HLl- bei"|:, .Wayne Hopper, Ann Kieisl- ling, Karen Kiesling, Bill Med'- land, Sandy Nathan and Ja-nc Watson. : .Appointive officials are Jim Bailey, city controller; Jim El- larsi. police chief; Jack Wassdii,; firer chief; Mike Hollon and Spencer' Bower, building inspectors; Paijn Jones, city engineer; Bruce Dougherty, city attorney; P;iu| Hipsher, utilities superintendent' and Jim Monica), board, o) heillth. ifOLICEMEN AKE .Gary Settle!- myi'e, Mike 'Hardin,. "Charles. ,fi|- cptt, Chad Little and Mike:Parish. Firemen are Dennie Gil.nwii, Dick Bechdol, Dave Osenbaugh, La fry Griffith; and Dick Johnson Other appointive officials are- Jake Laete, water plant superin tendent; Charlotte Hervey, ]i]j;h1 plant s u p e r in t e n dent; Mirdi Koontz and Sandy Pfaff. court reporters; Janice Klumpp, mayor's secretary; Paula Chessier, board of health secretary; Gene Al'ber, assistant city attorney. • Paul Bauer will serve as streel commissioner with 'Stan Hillis a's' his assistant. Linda Stonerock will 1 ; be the city'engineer's secretary and Ann Scheckell, secretary to the building inspector. NAMED TO THE' redevelopment 'commission were .'Cindy Hall, Paul Beck, Bill Franklin, Ed Franklin and : Rusty Black. Jim Marshall, • Key Club vice- president, presided at the convocation Friday morning. Keyiiote acidresses were given by Bob Jiistice, senior, and Ed Franklin, junior, on'the.'topic''"The Citizen's Role.in City Government". Two Cyclists Hit by Autos Two Logansport children, riding bicycles, were injured slighllj Thursday, when the bikes the) were riding were struck by auto mobiles. Sandra Hellyer, 11-year-old daughter of Mrs. Glen Armstrong was injured slightly al 6:50 p.m when the bicycle she was riding was struck by an automobile driven by a hit and run driver The accident occurred at Elev enl:h and North Streets and the 1 offending car was described, as blue in color. .: TOE GIKL SUFFERED cuts on her elbow and knee. Gary Best, 9-year-old son of Mr and Mrs. George Best, of 42 W'heatland Ave., suffered a sprain ed: right ankle at 4'35 p.m. wher Hie bicycle lie was riding wa slrack by a 19!>7 sedan driven by Fred Blickenstiiff, 20, of (lie sfafe hospital. Blickenslaff. was driving Nortl on; Brown Street and the boy wa turning off Wheatland Avenue on to Brown Street. The motorist toll police the bicyclist was riding lh< wrong way on the one way stree arid he did not see the boy unti it was loo lalu to avoid the ac cident. TJie bicycle was destroyed. POSTPONE RAIL NEGOTIATIONS CHICAGib (UPD—The nation's railroads ind five .operating unions, at a seeming impasse over projposed .work rules changes, today agreeu to postpone until next -week theiij scheduled meeting to reniew-." negotiations under the guidance |f federal mediators. Sipokesm'sn''-for the unions said the y postponement until next Monda/ was Agreed upon so each side could marshal new approaches to the' startjctf--negotiations.- Report Many Blood Donors Based on the first two hour the. Bloodmobile was in Logans port Friday, : during which 4 pints of blood ! were donated, Rec Cross officials : were expecting the quota of 125 pints to be over subscribed. Sponsored by the Cass county Ministerial Association 54 pros pcictive donors appeared at the Bijptist Temple : during the firs two hours. The first five, donors were Mrs Helen Sparks,, Mr. and Mrs. Ev erett Skinner,; Rev. Irving Phil lips, : and Mrs, Marjorie McKee. . . . and on Sunday FLORA'S '500' FESTIVAL QUEEN Jerilyn Jones, I.iU. sophomore, ; rciigiis over racing classic TWO UNIQUE! PARTY CHAIRMEN Dr. Harold Halicck, Piilaski; Dr. Dc:m Slinsmi, Fultiim ' Suggest Route 24 Bypass A potentially dangerous situa- ion at Logansport higli school, vlrich is bounded on two sides >y U. S. 24 traffic, today had seen taken under advisement: by lie Indiana Highway Commission. Chairman Da v id Cohen said hat he feels Ihe highway departnenl: "compounded' the problem" vheri it agreed to n. plan whereby he school is located between two ine-way streets (Broadway and Markijt) carrying: the federal oufa through the city. The problem wa:i negligible as nng as all of the traffic was on Mark't Stiecl, because most of he sludenl. pedestrian traffic is across Bro.idway, it was pointed out TIDE COMMISSION agreed that, with school almost out, the best hing to do now would be to confer with Logansport city and school officials about steps that might be taken next fall, and work toward an eventual bypass arourd the city. A bypa&s for U, S. 24 traffic around Log&nsport was first discussed several years ago, but the commission h;is done nothing to bring it: to reality. Mayor Otto Neumann 'said Friday that t:he city had asked the commission for the installation of walk lighis similar to those in use at Mayo Brothers clinic in Rochester, Minn. Thc.se permit pedestrian:; to slop the flow of traffic by pressing a button. The traffic light then changes to rod long enough for the pedestrians to cross tile street. HE SAM) STATE engineers had reported that checks of the traffic flow past the :high school indicated it .was not suffienlly high to warrant traffic lights. Police Chief Lee Morris said the high school students themselves have no respect for mo-, torists and. their conduct hus been such that "we're lucky we haven't liad a student killed there." Hd reported that numerous complaints had been received about the high school students crossing Broadway at an tingle without paying any attention to the vehicular traffic. Tlie students ignore pleas of both school officials and police, and act as though they think they're too big to take advice, Morris declared. The situation is most dangerous sit noon. THE POLICE CHIEF said the grade schools present no traffic problem becausis the children obey the school patrols. There has never been a.school patrol at Ihe high .school because of the age of th« students. Chief Morris said he fc«ls the state at least should post the area around the high schooil as a 20- m.iln-per-hour zone. Ho reported thai the state has indicated the city will have to buy an;/ traffic lights that are put up, although stale approval is required before any can be installed. Cricket Invasion. In Waverly p lnd. WAVERLY, Ind. (UH)--Resi- denls of this small town in, Morgan; County sprayed chemicals in and, around their homes today in an effort to win,a battle with an infestation of crickets. Most of tile town's residents reported donens of the insects: have invsded t'iitir homes and threatened damage to rugs, clothing, drapes and upholstery. County agricultural agent Rich- arci Haworth recommended treat- mehl of the infested areas with a chemical .solution anci said he would visit the area to see if he could tell where the crickets.were coming from. Now You Know "Auroni," tlm name of astronaut Scott. Carpenter's space capsule, means "the. dawn oil day; the: rising light of the morning;! the redness of the sky just before the ;mn rises."

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