Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 24, 1949 · Page 15
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 15

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 24, 1949
Page 15
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Pilgrims Forbade Xmas Celebrations As Pagan A Chrlstn-ns tree will he put up In two nut of p%Try ibrrn American homcn thl« your. Yet the trim mert Chrlnlmnn lior. «ji It Is known today, in only about 1M) yenr.t ->ld In IhU <-oiinlry. nnyn 'ii-or;;n M CoddlnK. vice prej-lil-nl of thn BnrtlPtt Trw Kxpei I Com;i:>ny. Tho Piljfrims forhndo Chrlnlmns' crlchrntlonK on thp KI nindFi Ihi-v wcro r/vKtin A MM" :njiu«rl.(r Inw In 1«*9 m»bje<-li-d anyonr to « flnr< who observed the d:iy by feTStinK. rrfrnlnlnjr from worlt or In nny othrr mnnnor. U wni. not until nrt>r tin- nni\ of the American Revolution nr- corrilntr In Mr Cod'Hn,:. t'inl I li" Chrlntmno Iron took hold. finriT'.nn Immlernnti), bimuwltik for th" tradition «f their native Innd. put tlirm up. The -ruatoin of Ihi- ll^itud Ohrhi tmo.* trre. nomp biitorlnnti t.'ll. orlfclnnled with Martin l^uliu-r. He •was fascinated by overRrenn treeii, clUUnlnt: wllli r,|nrllt-»now. polntlnjc to tb"- hpnvrnK »t (Thrlnt- m«.* time. So he brought an ever- ST*»en tree lnrr> hi* hoiiRn nnrl It with cnndlo for hl.i Another old Oormnn InBentl credits St, Bonifico with the orlnln of the CThrijitman 1ri-o Hiivlnd con v«rtc<l nnm* onh trno worri'ilpnlnj: Dnilds to ChrlBtlnnlly he lo-ilt them Into n forest, cut d-wn nn oik .tntl pointed tn i ilalcly fir alonx "Ide. "Take thin trcn," hn onld. "into your homos lid n «iKn of your new \vor^l*>. Celebrate OodS power no morr with »biime- ful rlten, but in the, srinnlily of your lioni'-.-i with InutfMw nnd love." PaE"nn Teutonic ireoplen r»f northern Kuropr for annturifH hftd found myntlclnni In a tree, T<i Kir t>ruld.i of ancient Gaul, Germany nnd Ireland tho onk wni -tiionnl. That belief nteTiime^l from an earlier worship of the Yule U>jt. A ITrent block of oak. It was brought in from the forent with ceremony nnd llj?htr.d during '.he fiyitlvul of the winter nolnUce. Hn aHhen were hep* throuirh the yoir, What you should know about Christmas to protect, tho VHMIHP from fife find llwht ninK ami hi:nl I Jin Ml<:k. 11 w;w t h<*n, 1oo, I hit I. U)n nru 1 !- onlB found mlull"ttin on thr unk nn<l hold ll willi i'<iu:i| awr. Today, CJirfHtmn.-i f;rm«ii«ry MCI-IIIM In rum plrtr without n ill* 'ornllvi* fipri»; of Mit.stU*li)t? Many h<>1l<'V<- il will fort un<< if hum: in the h'>nu«. I till tilt* lt|« >«| M''(•<• pi <>rf fiyillhol nf nil IN t'h*' C'hrifd tnntt t rrn. It w.'irrn t :i millinn h(>Mr!;;, :i M! cud Tn ; t fiyinrml ,tf I he livin;; (*hi tnl ina.-i fvplrlt, Community Christmas Tree Originated In New York City, 1912 yvm"l'l«::i hMM Mi|':"ihrl Ylllftllle cuptomr. i' lirh hud their orU;ln m"ny yenrs n^o in far ir.vav pla- ren hnt M him ^',{in( r'but IT| ;il liTKit on'* tr.'i't''!"!! lin}>•)! I a nl liinov.'il'.on -tile ci.ininunit v C'-'irl-t* lor ' trt-e. Marl In L Dnvey, Jr.. lln- tr"e ^xpcrt, (K)intn "iit -the ctiijiinunll y ( tree In our cniniiiiriillvelv i-erer,! j IdiTi. t'l h'dn n -re'id <'hrr<tiiuiii I cheer lo everyone, pnrllculnrly tiie horneh"'i lonelv -\nil f i-iniHllrMy, The (It-Mi riitiiiiiunlty trei-. l/lll terlnK rtny nnd nlifhl wtl»i 'I,(Kin f'<jlore<l lk;ht~*, ui»pe:ired In New York's Mndinon Srinnrr- r.-irli in III 12, iinontmred hy .1 ii-rnll |.:r'Hi|i of people w''io nn(in.\'inotiKly --'>n!f!' bul"d a fund for tile f nrchn-in of n '50-foot balsam fir :md Itji dem- Ijy an nrti 1, v^hr< wlicn 11 Mud'-ii! In (Jermnny, I fudged the 'dre'!l.;t one OhilitinTr and h;itu:erod to p:irtlclpnte In the jrntilierlin.'" inhout C'hrlMtin.'iM trees hr> nnw throui^h the wlndowa. lie thnujflil bow wonderful it -would be if there were a tree about, which .all could ;:nt!h- Thn 1013 holiday turn-urn MII\V Hie .tpt'cad of the com-munlty tree Idea original Christmas tree was n date-palm. Egyptians were the first to use such trees «s symbols. The palm puts forth a shoot each month; a palm with 12 shoots signified a yctir completed. The Germans, with whom the Christinas Iree came to this country, originally used. Egyptian pyramids in place of palm trees, which did not grow in Germany. Gormley In Plea For Safe Driving During Holiday NACGATtJCK VBW8- (CONN.), flATtnUlAY. nKfX 24. 1MB ^^ Cuiiyrlilit, ID'IB, Klni rwturw •ynillolt, lilt. , Planning to spend Chrlxtmnn at' homo this year? Then watch your driving, Chlnf of I'ollco John .1. Gormley warned yesterday, to bo miro you don"t Kponil II, In a hoMpltnl Intilend, "DlinHtirim,* (iilvInK condition* brought about by a combination of winter wen.thcr and pro-Chrlstmnfl activity Inoreane tho pofmlblllty of nPfildimlM," <'hie,f fiormloy mild. "H'lfltjt, Ion, snow, fog. all J>i'«»«"il rxtra hazards when driving, and we mliiiulil Inltn extra vre.cuntlnnB Iti fwolil family iMH'.ldontM and In- Jlll'l<!lt." Special studies by the National Hafet.y rinunrH'n Committee on Winter l»!-lvlns llii/.ui'ilM show Hint abwit I wo out Of thl'tip winter IMI- cldontfi occur on snow and I':"'. Chief O'irmley noted. Snow ami |ui> n'Miilt In riiducod t.i'acllon. Tim report atao nhow«d, Uni mild, I.I-/I the. Heeond major factor In the 24 to fi3 por crnt Incronfle In accident tlniilh rnlnn over tho •uimme-r mien In snowbolt ittititoH In rwl-uood vlnl- blllty. The nnnwcr? "Driving ueijordlrif? to (Mimlll.loiin mid httvo wlntm 1 Bikfi'ty «"|illpmmil I'Bttdy. Aittl-okld chulno are nned- rl (it tlitteB to counteraet. Revere now rind Inn tiondlt.lnnH," the c.htef tld, "linn your Urn ohiilnH whun ceded — and avoid an lHiln^ link In your family circle n OTirbitmaw. "And to Irisuru goad vlHlblll >i> miro your wlndnhUild wlpm 1 Hlvi-r.sldn, Calif,, other dtlim. Not practice became to I'hllndelphl.-i, Kill-in. Ore,, nnd Ions; art*'r, the w ji-ld-wlile. In turn, the community trim him Ini'plriMl 'Inline nwnerw In folorful- ly liiihl HviniT evortjr-eeMFi nn their pi'njH'HirH. CJn t.iii- otln-r hnnd, (tie ru.'il.Din of l)rliiKlnK' BXV'i'K-fuon cuttlnKn In- dorn-4 hnrks linclc In the old Brlt- l«h belief Hint clveit and falrlen llvrd in tile t.rnen, Miiy;i Mr, Diivny, The tii'l^'lniii tiluiujrhl wan not. of dorornllon, but of making more noiiiforln.Kln thii lnvl»lbl«f folk wh( flii:| iponcdly llkpd to tako piirt In thn h'lllday fetitlVltlPW. Holly pn l>itl»ly in Wlii'ii Hiivlotir'n RprnyH of old Ilin birth holly cloronitlon. tl ntiWM of Ih wjinnid abroik nro said to hav >i(!on hum,' IIB nymbol* IO,mHI,(HH> WKATIIKR IlKrOBTS Wrifihlnijton — Tho U. S. wonthn biirnati rnnortnil morn thrm 10,000 OIK) diffiM-ont loiuil woathnr vatlonn clurlnf; 1048. >liuli>>t, diyfi'OMtei', niul iro In Koo^l condition. "But dpHfilto thcnw holpfnl ald«, IKI only «in« wlio <:nn diiflnll.nly )riiv«iit iicflklanta IM tb« ili'lvur," 'I'tinti Chlnf Oornilcy addnd that tiivrlnHH or nn|<ligrtnt. d-rlvinK ifi ii'>t inly hnmi'donn, H.'H ulno iiKnliiHt .'lie low. Mn mild that: irviTy mu'l- .lent wll ll)« thoroiitrhly InvcBtlKiv li'tj to dnt.ornilno tho <!nmw, ;i,inl hill. flrivni'H K'lllly "f ln.\v vluln- IMIUI will 'tin |iii'OH«<$llli'(l, anil Ilinl iimiti of thrm may go to lull. Special Train To New York Through Valley New Year's Natmtuck rottldonlH dnnlrlnif to spend New Ycnr'i? Wvn In Now York ulty nrr n.'1'vlnnd by thn Now llnvmt ni,lh*'i;t(1 tihnf, *hn Iriiln nrr- vlntr Now Ynar'n rovMlnm from thin stcollon will Iwivo NnupntlUik nt. 0:33 p. m.. nnd will lin dun Id nrrivn nl, finind C;fnntrnl 'tVnnlnnl ul, Hi'lfi |), rn. On tint rut urn I rip II. will 1onvf) Nirw Yin-It n,l, 2:DO n, rn.. dun hack in thn borough n.l •tifiT n. in Two iitliitc 'I'linnii H<|uiin< Hpi<- «lalB will ibc from Hprlnfffl^ld nnd another fromi Now Havpn. OITIclnln of t.hc rtitlrnrid MIW. "l/fdvc* tlm ri«- aptpiiBlbl)lt,y for mifu UrlvliiK U'j> U our iinK'linwr. No maltiir hi>w Icy II" rou/lii miiy h»\ MDI* ho\v inlon«- voly yon may colohrato Iho nnd )t IWO and Uhc d?kwn of tho now ^en.r, you can be assured a sfife lournoy to Nt«w York "nnd vtrturn If you lulu- lih<- Irnln. nml hnvo (ili-nty nf fun fnroiil<'." Tlcketn will be nold only lo thr> capacity of the train, and It i« nd- vlRii.liIo to f>btnin thern enrly. TO ALL A HAPPY 11M9 to Friends :f and Customers tywrnwe/eemwi^^ JOYOUS HOLIDAY SEASON Tin 1 Ynlrl.iili 1 KiiiiMdii in here. HM rii'.licsl fiilfill- iin'nl in III-H! ni'liicvi'd HI ! hi' i-oc.y u'lirinlli of OIII-'H own lioinc. liiiurcl, liolly, ll-l U'illklf Oil 11 (.TCI! . . . tin 1 Urciillili'HK, lirifthl- i-ycil cxiH'i'l.iiiii'.y (if tlu- children . . . the hlimnil ynlo ln|j; on (Jic. hunrlli . . . tin- cin'ols we linvc nlwiiyn luvril. TIl'lH ill Ifllr pI'IM'C Illlll 1lll|l pilll'HU. . . TIllH \» (.Mi l<'ivc at hiinic. Our iiiuMl. clicrislii'd pIciiMiiri* is to join ymi, in wpiril, in your own lioinc, nl. Ihis Inippy lime In extend our lies!, wishes for " A" .Inyons lloljdny Seiist/n 1 '. We knou- lluil, you will jip|irceinle Hie nineei-ily of our Ki'eeliiiff in the reiili/nl ion oT the part von h.'ive pluyed in helping us to eri-nle this jilniiiKplnTc nl' \viiriulli mid lionpi; nlily in I,|I(IIIH/HII|H of IIOUII'M, Hear 1{e.... For every berry on your holly wreath . . . for every sweet note in the hymn you si . . . for very bright light on your Christmas tree, there is a wish from us that your holiday be happy and crowded with merriment To those of you whom we have: • had the privilege of serving and to those of you whose acquaintance we look forward to making . . . May all your Christmas trees be heavy-laden with g-ifts of lasting enjoyment and may the New Year increase your prosperity. NAUGATITCK'S Hampson, Mintie & Abbott 91-99 West Main St. Waterbury, Conn. ass ?ir*$tottt AGENCY FOR 20 YEARS THE NAUGATUCK FUEL CO. 87 CHURCH STREET ^ f&^ftft^^ V

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