Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 24, 1962 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 24, 1962
Page 19
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Thursday Evening, May 24, 1962. Former's Shopping Guide 54. Farm Equipment CULTIVATOR for Ford tractor, for sale or trade. Twelve Mile. Phone 2820 1948 Chevrolet % ton pickup; New Idea' mower; 4 section rotary hoe; Model A John Deere tractor; self unloading wagon. Ph. 595-3471 Star City or 116 Huddleston St., Winamac. HAY MAKING SPECIALS New Cockshutt 311 Reciprocating Rake (Hurry—Limited Supply) $395 New Cockshult 344 Baler $1095 CO-OP IMPLEMENT DEPARTMENT , E. Main St. Ph. 3141, Ext. STOR-MOR bins, dryer bins, batch dryer, bulls tanks. Ph. Logansport 56825 or see Dale Davidson, Metea. l(!e-Mar Sen/ice, Inc. WE'SPECIALIZE IN ALL TYPES OF FARM EQUIPMENT AND TRACTOR REPAIR IN OUR SHOP OR IN THE FIELD PORTABLE WELDING ACETYLENE AND ELBCTRilC Phone 4358 Bob Martin Wars-en Martin Slide Dress Arcadian NITRANA LIQUID NITROGEN CROP-MAKER SOIL SERVICE Call Wcilfon 3715 Collect 54. Farm Equipment •JEW Yetter rotary hoe, 4 section, $325.00 (only one). Co-Op Implement Store, E. Main-St. Ph. 3141. - JOHN DEERE MACHINERY 4-row Cults, front, Tear mount No. 15 rotary hay chopper dem 112 Chuck Wagon, 5 speeds forward and 5 speeds reverse "49 G Tractor, 3-16 plow, A-l New and used Rotary .Hoes Used 8-ft. Kewanee Wheel Disc Used Tractors w/ cults $150 up THOMAS HDWE., Grass Creek HAHN High Boy sprayer and topper in excellent condition. Donald Berlet, Rt. 1, Walton. 150-gal. Groen bulk milk tank. Phone Winamac 946-3896 or Kewanna 653-3756 evenings. "SILOS AND FEEDING EQUIP. Order Early and Save Robert See-Macy 2548 Blue Tag Seed Oats—-Beans—Corn Heavy Duty Hybrids See our local agent Merrel's Seed Service Kokomo, Rt. 2, Young America Telephone 2699 or 2668 SOMETHING for the farm? Over 7,000 farm families read the Phar,os-Tribune and Press daily! Sell or buy profitably through the want-ads. Phone 4141. TOE SALE: African Violets, 25c and up. 1% miles v/est of Caley church on Ed. 16, % mile north. Mrs. Eoss Thompson. IRIS, 25c each. Choose while blooming. Rettig's, 600 W. Broadway. ALLIS-Chalmers sales, service, parts. Neff Implement Co., Rochester. Phone CA-3-2350. BLOOMING African violets, peonies, mixed bouquet plants shrubs. Phone 4819. SMILEY POLE BUILDINGS CALL B. W. RICHTER DEER CREEK 3214 after 6 p.m. 55. livestock 70 choice weaned pigs, native Hampshire. Clay Ide. Ph.' 56803. SPECIAL ARRIVAL! 180 head fancy western Hereford heifers, 450 to 550 Ibs.; 100 Holstein steers weighing 250. to 700 Ibs.; several broken lots of good choice grass calves. Logansport Livestock Yards. Phone 6197. HAMPSHIRE male hog, double immuned. Phone 6G381. REGISTERED Spotted boars. Bill Farrer, 3 miles south Royal Center. 15 weaning pigs. Anoka. Gene Lohrman, YEARLING quarter horse stud. Phone 52351 after 5 p.m. FEEDER pigs. Call J. D. Lesh, Deer Creek 35 or 2112. SPOTTED Poland China yearling boar. ' Robert Martin, west Burrows. mile SOWS and pigs, tested and vaccinated. , Phone 40266. • NO doubt one of our Dui-ocs would solve your'boar problem. Come and see. Howard Mutchler, Kewanna. BALER TWINE :;: . $6.95 New Holland Baler Boy $6.95 New Holland Long-10 $8.95 New Hoi land Super 9 $8.95 Super 9 Black $9.45 HAY CONDITIONERS 'D-CUNNINGHAf $695.00 NEW HOUAND-CUNNINGHAM-FORD YOUR CHOICE NEW HOLLAND BALER Super 69 with bale chute 'and wagon Mfrch. Just 3 left, ftiam $11695.00 Eikelberner Tractor R.R. 3 Phone 21326 Dependability Is Important! Not only in the truck you buy . , ..but also in the dealer you buy from. Check our reputation, and our trucks. They're both dependable, i '59 '57 INTIRNIATIONAL ^ lon '57 DODGE , /2lorfpickup 'Al fl;Mf %to . npickupi1 • O I VlflV 7i000 ac(ua | mi [ ej TT^ ton truck , F-BOO cab over engine tractor UliTC Model 9000 dlesel tractor, completely overhauled. ?ab forward tractor JACKSON-KITCHEL 510 High St. Phone 6102 5. LivestocK Curtiss Breeding Service -Dudley D. Bridge Logan 3606—Royal Center 2185 Lucerne 1-2065 Late Markets Hawfctaii 00 to 220 ......... ',...'..,.. 15.75 20 to 240 ........ .: ...... .. 15.40 40 to 260 ........ .' ...... .. 15.00 60 to 280 ......... ....... : 14.50 80- to' 300 .. ...... ..... ..... 14.00 lows ...... .......... 14.00 dpwn ioars ........... ..... ... 9.00 down X)R large profits with feeder cattle, see Wertheimer Cattle Co. Phone Ca'mden G86-2793. flEAGEK & SUELIVAN, Inc.', guaranteed feeder pigs available at all times at Camden, Indiana. VE have buyers for good shoats. Royal Center Sale Barn. Phone 3755 or 2425. 56. Feeds, Seeds, Plants ERTIFIED soybeans,, non-certified. Elvin Sadler. Phone 56J.60. EEC corn with all the', essentials that will give you an excellent crop easy to pick in. the fall. Hybrids from J. E. Martin & Sons, Rt: 2. Walton, Phones 2053 or 2058. . 'OR SALE: 'Lindarin and Clark soybeans raised from: certified seed. Germ. 92%. Fagan Bros., Star City. GERANIUMS from 25c up, creep, ing Phlox, bedding plants, yege. table plants, Big Boy -hybrid tomatoes. Cooper's Greenhouse 928 W. Broadway. tUTWEIN hybrid seed corn, good yielder, standability; cert.'soybeans. Elvin Sadler. Ph. 56150 HARVEST HpPPER H.YBRIDS Lindarin Soybeans Contact our dealers or HOPPER FARMS 1 mile E. Onward. Ph. Walton 4152 We have: . : SOYBEAN SEED Certified Lindarin .......$3.40 SOYBEAN INOCULATION 5 bu. size $ .50 25 bu. size 2.00 GUTWEIN'S SEED CORN A complete line of weed killers and soil insecticides. LESTER ELLIOTT Lucerne Phone 1-2221 rLADIOLUS bulbs, large mixed 79c doz.,- Medium $3.00 per hun dred, Bevington's 1000'E. 815S PLANT Funks-G, America's great est hybrids. Joe Hinkle, Phom Walton 3402. SEED CORN MARTIN BROS. Rt. 1, Walton Phone 3854 58. Hatcheries TURKEY poults, baby chicks an ducks. Start them on Napian turkey and chick starter feeds ICing's Hatchery, Sixth an North. Phone 3718. 59. Poultry ' DAY OLD Heavy and Light Breei Chicks. Started Leghorn Pullets Hizer Hatchery, Grass Creek. BurnctfeviHe Poultry jcghorns .07 Heavey Hens ......,; 17 Third Street Market .19 Beef Hides 05 Veal Hides .13 Big Question for Texas Grand Jury Producers Marketing Assn. ,90 to 215, No. 1 .'„ 16.50 ,90 to 220, No.-2, No. 3 16.00 Sows ,.. 14.00 down Soars 10.00 down .Wayne's Produce Heavy Hens- .10 t 0 .13 Leghorns .07 Klumpp Produce (Dcei Creek) , . Seavy Hens ... .-..; ... .10 to .13 Leghorns !i 07 Eggs !...: 20 Jopejoy's Poultry Farm Heavy Hens 15 CHICAGO (UH)-<Produce: Live -poultry, too few receipts lo report prices. Cheese single daiisies 38'/4 - 40; longhorns processed loaf 36-38; Swis Glrade A 47-52; B 45-50. Butter steady; -93 score 57; 92 cor 53!/4. Eggs unsettled white large extras 26%; mixed large extras mediums 22; standards INDIANAPOLIS '(OPT) - Livestock:. Hogs 5,000; banrows and gilts mostly steady, instances strong to 25 higher on 200-220 Ib; uniform 190-225 Ib 16.35-16.75; bulk 180-250 11) 15.50-16.25; 24(1-270 Ib 15.25 16.65; everal loadii 15.75; 270-300 Jb 14,75-15.50; 199170 Ib 14.50 16.00; sows 300-400 Ib 13.00-14.25; lew 14.50; 400-600 Ib 13.00-13.75; 550-650 Ib 12.75. Cattle 400; calveii 35; steers anc heifers steady; choice steers 25.00' -good with small end choice 24.00 good 22.00-24.00; mixed good am choice heifers 24,00; good am good with end chice 22.00-23.5C chlce mixed steeirs and heifers 950 Ib 25.00; tows unevenly stead; to weak, instances 50 lower; util ity and commercial 15.00-16.50 few utility 17.00; danner and cut ters 13.50-15.00; bull motly 5t lower; utility amd commercia 17.50-20.50; vcalers steady to 1.01 lower; with full decline on choice good and choice 27.00-30.00; om high choice 31.00; standard am low good 23.00-27.1)0. Sheep 125; spring Iambs full} 50 lower; mixed choice and prirm 21.00-21.i50; good llt.OO. Tex. (UPD—This; little . town ..is more than 5000 miles away from London's Baker Street but the "Case of the Nine Bullet Holes" would fascinate Sherlock Holmes. Like many things- ; in-Texas these days it is connected with the collapse of Billij Sol Estes', business empire. The question a grand jury here is trying to decide Is whether a man,could' commit suicide by hooting himself five times with a 22-calitoer bolt-action rifle. Each hot would involve five separate 'and motions. Or was Henry H. Marshall murdered? He was the lead of th& Production Adjustment Department of the U. S. De- lartment of Agriculture office^ in 'exas. ' / One of his duties was to look nto cotton allotments including hose of Estes now under feder- 1 and state charges of fraud and notation of Texas' antitrust laws. '",'•- l^oun'd On Ranch Marshall's, body was found last 'une 3 on the ground of his ranch eight: miles northeast of lere. The rifle was nearby. A jus- ice of the peace investigated and ruled it suicide.. Marsha 1 !!,, was mried and the case might have ieen forgotten by everybody except members of his immediaite 'amily when - the Estes case >t'oke. v Wednesday Texas Ally. Gen. iVill Wilson, and Diist. Atty. Bryan iuss both erf whom are here dig ging into' the Marshall mystery issued, u subpoena for a Depart ment, of: Agriculture report writ :en in October of last year anc dealing wilh Estes' farming en !er.prises. ; Whether Marshall furnished in formation ('or the report before iis death has not been specifiet so far. But Secretary of Agriculture Orville Freeman -has said the Es tes cass was difficult to investi gate bt! cause Marshall, took sc many answers to the grave will him. ' :. Performs Autopsy 'Oh Tuesday Marshall's body was diiiint-iirred 'and an autops; was conducted by Dr. Joseph Ja chim-czylc, noted pathologist: Hi preliminary 1 finding — subject t< revision — was that there wen nine bullet holes in the body. Five were on the side of th' abdomen and were described a entry wounds. Four were in. th back and : the preliminary rulin, was that one of the five fired int the side, <ft the • abdomen frag mented in : She body. But Jadiim czyk also advanced the tentativ theory that one ,of the holes in the :ba«lc was an entry wount Shooting jjourself in the back wit a rifle is!,ijuite an acrobatic fea Guaranteed Against Breakage! This scientifically molded row-crop sweep has low, flat wings and crown . . . slices through dirt without throwing' jc. Kills weeds and gently loosens the soil so crop loots can breathe. Formed of highest quality tight-grained, high .carbon steel, each sweep is then shot-peened to relieve stress. Here is a sweep that is stronger, lasts longer and holds^its hand-sharpened cutting edge better than any other •we've ever offered for sale. Will fit aH row-crojp cultcratprs. Co-op Implement Dcpt. E. Main St. Ph. 314'J Ext. 9 Looking For A Bargain? | Look Here! [ BALERS i. (2 Carloads of 'em) These balers were purchased at a Special Discount 'Price. So we're selling them , at such a low price ... You can't afford to pass u p KEWANNA Kewanna, Ind. -.IMPLEMENT COMPANY Phi 653-4221 nd it strengthened the belief of ersons .who had suspected that plarshall was murdered. On Monday a grand jury con- ened ihere under instructions rom Jfudge John Barrqn to re- pen the Marshall case. Wednes- ay thu grand jury was taken to darshEi-U's ranch and was shown 10 scfene of hi'" deatli. Erwin Bennett, one of. the men who ound Marshall's body, assumec he poiiitioh ^f the corpse. Suspects Murder Marshall's widow has suspectec murdei: all along. After she hearc he results of the preliminaty au opsy, she-said: "1 wanted to tnow the truth from (he begin ning. 'I hope the truth has been ound now." One witness before the granc ury Wednesday was -Manley fones, ! funeral director at Bryan MX. ' who prepared the body for )urial. Previous to his grand jury estimony he had told reporters "There is no doubt in my mine hat Henry Marshall was mur dered. There were indications hat there had been quite a strug le.' There' were wounds like >lows from something.. .Then Logansport, Indiana, Pfcaro:;-Tribune 1'JInetecn COMMUNITY BRIEFS Around Town Births ST. JOSEPH'S - Born to Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Jackson, rural :routi> 3, a son. • -•-•« Hospital Notes ST. JOSEPH'S-Admitted: Baby Gregory Brown, 921 Race St.; Miss Shirley Purscll, 1527 McCarthy St.; Mrs. Garnett Graves, 220 Hammon St.; Jay Thompson, 108 Park Ave. Dismissi-d: Isaac Beckley, Star City; Thomas Wucker, 3516 Tomlinson Dr.; Peter 'Miller, 51i" Dizardie St.; Francis Quaglio "'5 Wilkinson SI.; Gerold Bon'nell, Star City; Mrs. William Winegardner and daughter, 1123 Helm St. MEMORIAL — Admitted: Airs. Irenn Smith, Kokorno; Mrs. Gertrude Albright, 4726 High St.; Mrs. Myrtle WimeT, 700 Woodside Dr.; Mrs. Fred iiheagley, rural route 1, Flora; Mrs, June Gillen, rural route 4, Peru; Mrs. Lcnnie Rhine, rural route 4; Jesse Tcel, [Rochester; Charles Smith, 9-15 Sherman St.; Miss Penny Hilde:brand, 1112 Wqodlawn Ave. Dismissed: Mrs. Wilrnn Alcorn, 1801 Treen St.; Master Gregory Beall. rural route 1; Mrs. Margaret Z'tty Court were indications of body and fa-[Bowman, rural route 1, Royal Center; Roy Brubaker, rural cial lesions," Marshall had been employed by the Department of Agriculture for 26 years. He held a commendation for his work. One of his principal duties was .lo check on'the validity of cotton allotments in Texas. He was 52 .years old at [he time of his death. Officials have"ini their posession the rifle that, was found near Marshall's body. Questions that remained lo be answered are: —Was it tested for fingerprints? —If so, were any found? —Whose? route 1, Kokomo; Master Edward Dick, rural route 1, Walton; Miss Sheila Edwards, 1506 Spear St.; Adolph Eckstrom, Delaware Road; Master Stephen Hense!, rural route 1, Walton; Gerry KnowUon, 121 West Miami Ave.; Mrs. Cena Montgomery, 915 Wesl Miami Ave.; Mrs. Jessie Pcrsing- er, 124 Fourteenth St.; Mastei Jeffrey Seward, rural route 3; Charles Stephenson, rural route 3; Mrs. Floyd, Stewart and daughter, 214'/ 2 Ninth St.; Mrs. Mary Peiarson, 416% Market St.; Mrs Richard Taylor and son, rura' route 5. Nation's Reaction By United Press International Millions of Americans watched, Scott: Carpenter' launched into space today on television sets in such diverse places as a cramped! trailer in Boulder, Colo., the vast; waiting room of New York'ii Grand Central Station, and ;i second floor room in the Whilo Housij. Mrii. Florence Carpenter, tho astronaut's mother, and three! friends clustered, about the television set in Mrs. Carpenter', 1 ! trailer in Boulder to watch this historic space shot. Friends re ported the group was "all smiles" and Mrs. Carpenter was "elated, you bet." Honor Students (Continued from Page 1) ing letters were: Kathy Ervin, Pauline- Barlow, Jackie Sherman, Rita Corcoran, Margaret Hart, Jill Maxwell, Becky Timmons, Jane Swislier, and Fran Swisher. PAT MURPHY received a shield, and bracelets were presented to Becky Rittenhouse and Pat Tocco, Pat Murphy received the senior award, a sweater. Bowling trophies were presented as follows: Pat Murphy, 'first; Gerry Kienly, second; and Pat Tocco, third. Mary Smith received a trophy for winning the badminton, tournament. Gold "L" pins were presented to six students for their work on the yearbook, "Tattler". They were: John Gray, editor; Sharon Brown,; of the writing staff; Edith Gordon, art editor; Helen Rogers, senior assistant art editor; and Gene Alber and Greg Nicples, senior photographers. • , "TAm-ER" STAFF members receiving silver "L" pins were Bob Justice, Pam Jones, Carolyn Hopper, Sherry Riesling, Katy Simpson, Ann Hilbert, _ Paul _ Bauer,.. Janice Klumpp, •* Bruce Dougherty, Mary Jane Lebo, Celeste Torbert, Carol Klumpp, Bill Medland, Mike Hardin, Tom Gaby, Jane Justice, Peggy Wilhelm and Sue Hodge. . 'Bron;se pins were, presented to Pat Herron, Dan Huffman, Jan Hockman and Eugene Isaaics. Nancy. Miller, editor-in-chief of the studenit newspaper '"Magpie", and Cynthia Hall, news editor, received Quill and Scroll badges and silver "L" awards. Other "Mag- CHICAGO LIVESTOCK -OHTCiAGO (UPD—Livestock: Hogs 8,000; mostly steady; No 1-2' lMi-220 Ib 16..50-17.00; around 130 head 117.00; 42 head No 1-2 193 Ib 17.15; mixed No 1-3 180-230 Ib 16.00-16.50; 230-260 Ib .15.25- "lfi.00; Nci 23 240-270' Ib 15.00 15'.50; 1J70-290 Ib 14.50-15.00. ; Cattle 600, calves none; ' load- lots- slaughter steers and heifers absent; limited sale most classes fully steady; package choice 1175 Ib stews j 25,25; package mostly choice' 10EJO Ib 24.75; mixed 'good and choice 23.75-24'.25; good 22.2523.50; :few;-sma-ll lots mixed good arid choice heifers 23.50-24.00; good 21.7E!-23.50; good and-choice vealers 2100-28.00.,' Sheep i!00; .not enough for a market Uist; package, good and choice 951 Ib wooled , slaughter Jambs 18.150. . . , pie" staff members receiving silver "L" awards were: Lynn Alexander, Sharron Frick, Lindii Miller, Tom Willis, Carol Snyder, Ann Kitchel, Mary Novak, Gale Stewart, Karen McKeever, Janet Newton, Patricia Porter, James Isaacs, David Maroney, Don Hink le; Sally Harvey and William Hickihan. WILLIAM P. MAROCCO pre sented '"L" sweaters 'to junior members of the swing band and signet rings to the senior members. The junior members are Dan Leffert, Jerry Rynearson, Kath;j Holmes,' Pam Beale; Jim Mar shall. Bill Franklin, Jan Hockman and Bob Uhl. Senior members are Stan Hillis, Paul Beck, Tom Morris, Jim Closson, Art Lovell, Gene Alber and Jim Ellars. Music booster awards to senior members of the swing choir were presented by Joseph Huffman to the following: Pam Brandenstein, Paula Dalton, Kay Zimmerman!, Dianne Wells,. Carolyn Hopper 1 , Tom Morris, Stan Hillis, Paul Hi> sher,' Jim Ellars, John Fiedler and Allen Skelton. MRS. ROBERT NEWMAN, president; of the music booster ciub, presc-mted music booster awards to senior members of the choir and band as follows: - Carolyn , Adair, Gene Alber, Paul. Beck, Janet Bell, Pamela Brandenstein, Teddie Callipo, Sara Carleir, James Closson, Cathleon Cooper, Cathy Corkey, Paula Dalton,. Kristin. Deck, Sandra Dilling, Jamas Ellars, John Fiedler, Harriet Fitzgerald, Donna Fritts, Carolyn' Fulton, Jane Grube, Martha Grube, Charlotte Hervey, Stanley Hillis, Paul Hipsher, Susan Hodge, Carolyn. Hopper,- .Beverly Hunter, Carolyn Insley, Pamela Jones:, Penny Jones, Hosanne Keiransi, Martha Koonb, .Mary Kay - Landing.; Arthur Lovell, ,Iudi McMillem, Margaret Massey, Judy Miller, Nancy Miller, James Morrical:, Thomas Morris, Patricia Mur- James Sandra Sheryl Bunker Hill Hospital Notes Admitted: Airman 2.C. John Sparks, T.Sgt. Virgil Carwile Mrs. Donna Head and.Mrs. Wan da Struth. Dismissed: Airman 2.C. Davi' Dalrymple, Margaret Settle an 1 Teresa Hummel. Births: A daughter lo Mrs Carol Cordes uni a son to Ah man 2.C. and Mrs. Edward Robe lath. ROCHESTER* Admitted lo Wciodlawn hospital Roy Harger, Akron; Weldon Shei r.ard Jr., R.R. I, Rochester. Dismissals: Ralph Curtis, 9! Wabash avenue; Ronnie Newton er, 1124 Bancroft avenue; Mr Eugene Shriver and daughle: Mentone; Mrs. Dee Ulrick, II.II. I Rochester; Henry Black, Macy Mrs. William Walters and son K.R. 3, Rochester. MONTI CELLO Birlhs: A son was born to Re\ and Mrs. Richard Elc Oak Grave Parsonage erend riiclge,- route 2. Dismissals: Tuesday—Mrs, F. Royer, Box 106, Idaville. Wednesday—Mrs, Donzetla Goi ham, transferred to the Monti cello Nursing Home; Robei Krinlz, Reynolds; Master Mark A Burns, Monon. Karen Scotney, daughter of M and Mrs. Joseph A. Scotney, fo tner local residents, now of Ma: ion, Ind., is a patient at St. J< seph Memorial hospital in Koki rno where she underwent ear'su: {|ery. Karen formerly attendee Daniel Webster school. • -*-• Mrs. Ellen Olson, daughter Mrs. Irene Knight, rural route Royal Center, will receive Bachelor of Science degree wii .11 major in elementary educatio during graduation exercises a Olivet Nazarine college, Kank kce, 111., May 31. Mrs. Olson ii graduate of the Royal Cente high school. < Miss Patricia; Ann Picken daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ra> rnond Pickens, rural route 1, Li c:erne, has been selected froi Cass county to l>c a resident o the Twin Pines Cooperative Hous at Purdue University where sli will be a freshman in the schoc of home economics tliis fall. 0 45 applicants for admission 1 the housing, project, Miss Picken was one of the .nine accepted b Uie present residents. Twin Pine K a cooperative house sponsore by.the Indiana HD Association. Marriage Licenses Jerry Hall, 2(1, of rural roul 2i city, and Barbara Ann Bailey IB, of rural route 1 Rochester pheyi Gregory Mcoles, Odoiiji, Deborah Peters, Powi^all, Judith Rozzi, Sanders, Sherry Simpson, Allen- Skelton, Karl Skjolslrup, Becky Smith, Alice -Snyder,. Carol Snyder, Maurine .Strong, Becky Tim!- monii, Virginia. Ulerick, Jacli Wassion, Jane Wasson, Diarlne Wellii, Peggy Wilhelm, Darlene Wislw, Doyne Wolford, Connie Wyrick, Kay Zimmerman, Jean Belcher. Four motorists, charged with affic violations, appeared in ty court Wednesday night. Hard Wocd, fS, of 1122 Melbourne .. VMS fined S25 and costs for aving tlie scene of a property amage accident; the license of ichard Nance, 16, of rural route Peru, was suspended for 30 . ays for diving (o (ho left of Ihe • enter line; Jacob Laetc, 17, oj! Eel River Ave., was fined SI! nd costs for speeding; and (he cense af Thomas Conrad, 16, 6£ ural rcuie 5, was suspended i'or I days for speeding. - '.. Lonnii! Parsley. 33, of 8)8 N; hird Si., was found not l^uilty- [ assu.ilt jind battery. <•" •-«_• ' Circuit Court : :: A conplaint for cancellation of lease: for the production of ravel and fill dirt was filed . hursdc.y in circuit mutt by Joeph. and Ercil Eikelburre'r gainst I. H. Hardin. The com- laint alleges that the defendant as violated (he lorms of the 'rittcn lease entered into April 2, 1960, for the farm north of >unkirk. It asks for damages ami n orchir fen- the defendant to re. nove iill df his equipment from IB promises. Charles K, Michael s the attorney for the plaintiff.- '~ Sparl;s from a trash fire in-a >arrel igniled the roof of a gar- ge at the rear of the Cliff Ed- yards residence at 1506 Spoar It., a;; 6:09 p.m. Wednesday! 'here was'only minor damage to he roof, ! -. Oral Wilson, of 625 Twelfth St.j old police- he found a slone in-; ide his home Wednesday and hat a screen and upper window! ;lass on the west side of the; louse had been damaged. He said he vandalism had occurred some(i:ne between May 20 and lay 2'. , The windshield and hord of a .960 p-.ckirp truck were damaged. at 4:3(1 pm. Wednesday when;a; ',ree limb fell on it nrar the Iff;- .ersection of Clifton Avenue alidl Fulton Street. The (ruck was driven by Alvin Young, GO, of •ural route 1, city. He M'as not injured. Richard Allen, 10, of rural route 2, Ster City, was reported in 'fairly good" condition at Memorial hcspital Thursday morning' after losing his index fingw in an accident Wednesday. The mishap, occurred when a dynamiU; cap he was playing with exploded in his- left hand. : :,; Jennie Drompp, daughter of the' John T; Drompps, 730 Davis' Road, was honored recently -as- an outstanding student, in (he Eiigv lish 'Department at Ball State Teachers college where she its', a- sophomore. Miss Drompp, a local; high school graduate was presented an iward by Dr. William! Tonlinson, radio and television' director, Mr. and Mrs. Dewey ReeseY, 1421 HoLand, and Mr. and Mr.,*.Lester Way, 1225 Chicago Street; attended Ihe Indiana Moose As*- sociation's Spring Conference Iwlet recently at South Bend. Mr. Rees;. er, who has served as governor of Hi.; local lodge for the past year, v/is pi-esentcd wilh a Pa\t Governor's pin at the final'ses- sion of :he conference. Deaths and Funerals District c'lirrncK, LOREN M., 70, of 111 <i. Willow St., Flora. Funeral services at 2 p.m. Friday, Flora Presbyterian church. Burial in Geelingsville cemetery. Call at (he Cart ;r funeral home' in Flora and li. tie church one: hour prior to riles. rites. KENN.UID, GLEN, 70, of rur ; al route '1, Delphi. Funeral services ;it J! p.m. Friday, Eikenberry funeral home, Delphi. Burial in Yeoman cemetery. Call at the funeral liome. OVKRHOLSER, CLAUDE!, M," of Daytoi, Ohio. Funeral services at 1 p.m. Saturday, Leiler funeral ho:me, Flora, Burial in Maple Lawn cemetery at'Flora. Call a{ the funeral home Friday evening.- RHODES, PORTER, 78, of rui> al route 2, Rochester. Funeral rites at 2 p.m. Friday, Foster and Good funeral home, Rochester.- Burial in Akron cemetery. Call at the funeral home. Sale Calendar "* May 26— BerJtshire's Keith Berkshire May 26— Ann'a Claybaugh .......... Monesmith, Auct: May 26— Ordib Bell Estate .......... Rinehart-s, Aucts. : May 26— Mae; E. Wikel Estate ........... Roy Grume-' May 26— Berkshire's ---- ' ............. Keith Berkshire." June 2— Clystie Weiss Est ............... Roy Grume' June 6— Pat;.& Dorothy McHale ........ Roy Grume" June 9— Minnie A., Maxwell ....... . Rineharts Aucts.^ June 16— Earp Jordon Estate . . ..... Rineharts. AuctsV:.

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