The Richland Beacon-News from Rayville, Louisiana on February 4, 1893 · 3
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The Richland Beacon-News from Rayville, Louisiana · 3

Rayville, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 4, 1893
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i f.PJIt lJil SIU PfP K-m'BIAYFm:UAKY 4. 1 S'.'3. I THE BEAUTIFUL fcfc .eJV SlIBTiniSUlSSIUIUS 10 uhattaxooa. CINCINNATI, LEXINGTON, mitMINC.IIAM, XliW OKLHAXS. IHBQUGH SLEEPING CARS TO 3IEUIIIAX, XtW YOUK, JACK SOX. . MCKsitrno. SSIiKUVKPORT rA)T IT Direct connection made at NUlklll I.xington for I.ouisville. at incinnati for all Points Lt, Nukth fcld Wkt. f fiTTTII Direct connection made at MjU 1 II New Orleuis or Shreveport r Texas. Mexico or California. Tourist Vleeping Cars through to the Pacific '.oast Setui-Monthly. Maps and full information mailed free. p. Miller. D. G. Ekwakiw. Traffic M g r. G. P. & T. A. Cixcissati, Ohio. Kketschmak. T. P. A.. Jackson, M I. IIakiy. a. r. r. A.. . Vicksburg, Miss. V., S. Ac I AT VILLE Schedule Passenger East-bound, arrives 2 :28 i. m. Ps.5enger West-bound, arrive 1 :45 p. m. LOCAL BREVITIES. Captain A. W. Beagle and his nephew are painting the aew Bap-tistrcburch at this place. PeEWWtWlWEOr CAHOUt for female diseases Go to Dr. J. S. Beazier's. Kawille. or Plantation Arnica Liniment, onlv pOc per bottle. Every bottle guaranteed. 1" Eipans Tabules : for torpid liver. Merlin i I th n.r. t What naln Vn excuse for it Plantation Anti-Pain Po- .. : . ...;... - if i i . , . , ,i ' That was a bouneinfr girl that f came to'gladen the home of Dr. and ' Mrs- J. S. Beazley om- Monday, January 30th, 1893. J Eipans Tabnle : best liver tonic. I Coogb.! Cough! Cough.! Then a Coffin I Stop It quick. Plantation Cough S3TOP I will d it. and price only 25 and 30 ets. I Why not try it? Sold and guaranteed I natifactory Pfentation Carbalie Salve cures sores, boils cuts. trui(es. burns: itch or anv other skin disease: sold by Ir. J. S. I Bcailey, Kayville. La. dclOtf Trr sn.aCK-DWUGHT tea tor Dyspepsia. The colored farmer is ont on the haul for "his merchant" for this yea. Each one has a special inducement to offer the merchant. Why not try Plantation Congn Syrup. If it does not en re yew it will not rot-t votranvthtng. Guaranteed to cure. Sold r Ir J S Beazley. Rayville. aud Sartor & Traylor, Alto. dclOtf Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorfcu Don't Cough and Hawk and Spit mtu mi .tiatrtist rvervhodv around yen Nit rVt a bottle of iMantation Oourh j U'hr not trr ii bold and guaranteed satisfactory by all droggist. There has been a large quantity Of lard made in this parish this sea son, which 6clls from 11 to l2 cents per pound. rt- BLACK-OaAUCHT tea cures Consuration. yt'i cannot afford to urge" an article without nerit: w urge and guarantee plantation R'ltnedies. Swld by Sartor & Travlor. Alui, and Dt. J. 5 Beazley, Kayville. altltf nave It in rour house, keep it In your stable. Plantation Arnica Liniment relieve promptlv. If you d n't need it now. you w ill "later". 23 and 50 cents gold and guarantee satisfactory by all druggist. Vc regret to announce the protracted and severe illnesy of Mrs. Robert Whetstone, of titis place. Hope soon to note her recovery. Ffpana TaWe cure dv?pepaa. ' Go to Dr. J S- ?f''l? - Trv nv. Alto. 1 41.. for Mutation CM I rt"a L?.Jat and other PlanUtion XtJelB 'No cure, no pay! The net I Cepe ii-ike is the I- c.tre rrtwn r i forheadaebc. It '"L." bMdache ia '"""-. 'Z t; ru - Hans an af T. , . rmm heau- :0os nnl V'u s" '4arasZHlre. sionii t Mr. TI,oa:nS J.,i:cs, Sr.. .bowel a ' few das sa. li mvs it s!ls fur ! a better price tlisa the Lureka. TI;e stable is fine and soft. f-'cE'-I-Et. S V.',ti. OF C8G'Ji iuc Witt. Xcrvc. During tli' winter irjonllts lookout for Rheumatism, bu LiniiiH'iit a sure and prompt relief. 25 j week. and 50 tenu. SoMaud pmranteod .ti.- Calh factorr. or.Jif I , ... ' mouths staj- with relatives in Kay- If you have a cough try a bottle cf ; ville, returned to ber home in Iius-Plant.-uion Cough Syrup and be con-! jabj- jeek. vinced of its merits. Reniemlic, we jrtiaraiite every iottle. Sold by Dr. J. Miss Agness Murphy, after a few lor. Alto. dclOd j A number of Turks passed ; through Ray ville this week with five bear. Our Police Jury should put a tax on the "bear" and-"monkey" me a. Eipans Tabules rure scrofula. SquiHs.Tar .Sweet Gum and Honey Tb-i-e old reliaMe household remedies skilllnly combined form Plantation Cough Syrup, a certain and p'easont i remedy lor coughs, colds, etc. Sold and j ynarammi.Mi-.n i,y Do not let other merchants palm off other preparations on you lieeause they have uot Plantaiion Remedies. Apply to agent named below, who guarantee evry bottle: Dr. J. S. Bea.ley, Rayville, and Sartor & Tray lor. Alto. tf Rev. W. M. Alfred, who has been the Baptist minister at this place for the past year, expects to accept a call from the Baptist church at Sardis, Miss.. IIowm Your lleatlT Preston"e Hed-Ake cures anv headache. It cures headache in anv form It i a guaranteed cure You pay only for the good it does. If it does not cure vou it w on"t ctst vou a cent. Sold by all ; '1 : .. i i wtf 1 "0 ' r-.. r. D:t-L-J- r-J,' ! VNiiiursn ui j tut 1 uuiei a uiuiuuo. -J W hetstone. Cooling, soothing and healing is Plantation Carbolic Ointment. A grateful dressing in cases of indolent ulcere, old mree. cuts, sprains, etc. Price only 20 cts. Sold and guaranteed s.itesfactory by all druggists. Passenger trains on the Vicksburg, Shreveport and Pacific road changed their schedule last Sunday. The eastttound changed from 2:28 to .12:52 p. m., and the westbound from 1:45 to 2:47 p-n. . WINE OF CARDUI. a Tonic Jor Women. Keep Your tleadaohe If yon prefer, but a dose of Preston's Hed-Ake wilt cure it in 13 minutes. 7 V.8?"8 T0?' '-! L'UI -!? do and if it should isii to uu li. 11 won i cost you a cent. on mv onlv for the pood von pet. it lies. Sold by all druKiste everywhere. otf Man or Beast Do yon suffer with gout, rhumatistn. neuralgia, sprains, bruises, wits, sore throat or any other chronic pain If so. go to Dr. Beazley's and get a tiottle of Plantation Arnica Liniment and be cured. Xo cure, no pay. dclOtf On Tuesday little Louis Balfour, the four year old son of Mr. C. P. Balfour, was kicked by a horse, and, we are informed,, received a severe cut in the cheek, cutting through to the teeth. Fortunately no bones were broken. Children Cry for Pitchers Castorli Tbe Queen of Cores. Creole Female Tonic is a certain and speedy remedy for all forms of female deraegements. It will cure the worst form of prvlapsus uteri after physicians have proved of no avail. It has staod the test, and to-day it is the most popu lar remedy in the South. It is a splen uiu toiiio. otf. Alf. Wright, a negro who was convicted of hog-stealing by the last term of the district court and took his case to the circuit court, was conducted to the penitentiary this week by Deputy J. R, Statham, where he will do service to the State for the next twelve months.' The World Fair. The South may claim, without prejudice, to have more than its share of the world's fair. The acknow ledged beanty of trie ladies of the South is due in a great degree to the use of Creole Female Tot ie, the ltdies" friend and favorite, and sure cure for all female sickness. It cure prolapsus uteri and all organic disease. apl2-tf fittc HisnnHik Cse Rrm'i Ins Bitter. rhysicians reeonunend it. ATI Anders keep 1U Jt.OC r twttla. Genuine baa trade-atark and crossed red lines 00 wmppac Robert Whetstone, Esq., is fitting up the building onthe northeast corner of the courthouse square as a law office. How is Your Cough? Ikn"t vou know a cough is tbe fore runner of consumption? Stop your cough In-time by using Marsden's Pectoral Balm, the certain cure for coughs, and colds and croup in children. The first dose gives reliefs One liottle will cure any ordinary cough orcold. Sold everywhere. It Should be fn Every House. J.B.Wilson. 371 Pa-.say. be will .P. B. Wilson. 371 Clay St- Sharpstmrg, not- be without Ir. Discovery for consumption. eouirhs and colds, that it cured his wife who was tlireate.ea witn pwninonia Sifter an attack of "La Onppe. when; vansous otner remetii. other remedies and reversl T.livoicianti hal (lone ner no r0l. Kolit no srood. Kobt i&f 0Urt. Pa claims Dr. ' Kinsr's New Discovery has done him more wk1 than anything he eer j for luug IruWe. Nvtbiu like :al histics. Miss 11a Hopkins, of Meridian. Miss., was the guest of Miss Iicltie' Iu'ik her, cf tliis place last Saturday ami Sunday. Mi&s Irene L'pton, of Alexandria. La., was on a visit to lier brother. the last of last i xecks' visit to Mrs. O'Ferrallof this i place, returned to her home In Natchez. Miss., last Sunday. Miss Hewitt, of Natchez, Miss., is visiting friends in Rayville. Mrs. S. P. Iiurk and Miss Lula Boyd were in Rayville last Sunday. . Mrs. O. Petitt and Miss Ida Ta-tum were in Rayville last Sunday. Mr. E. W.. Alexander, repreent- jng Dreyfus liro's & Co., Natchez, . - -n xiss., was iu na vine mis weca.. WV hart t.P nlpe.ira r,t mf5rff Judge C. J. Ellis and District At torney L. A. Thompson in Rayville last Suutlay on their return from holding court in West Carroll. Mr. Taylor, attorney from Winns-boro,was in Rayville on last Sun day. Rev. I. T. Reames was in Rayville last Monday. Sorry to hear that Mrs. Reames has sustained the loss of her sister in East Feliciana parish. We had the pleasure of a call from brother Power, of the Franklin SuQ OQ W ednesday last. Pleased ' ' to see him looking so well. Dr. Baird, of Oak Ridge, was in Rayville on Wednesday to see Mrs Our young friends, Henry Jones and Gerald Jones left on Tuesday for Washington, Miss., to attend the Jefferson College. Dr. A. T. Evans was in Eayville Sunday from Alto. Little Sallie Scott returned to Port Gibson, Miss., after a short staj, having been called here by the death of her little sister. Mr. II. E. Campbell, of Archibald station, was in Rayville Sunday Mr. II. F. Smtdlen, the efficient oepoi agent 01 innsDoro, was in Rayville on Sunday. Col. A.. B. Cooper was in Rayville last Saturday. Mr. Wheatley, of the Monroe Oil Company, was in Rayville Tuesday Sammie Landeaur was in Rayville on Sunday. Mr. W. E. Baskin left last Sun day on a visit to his father in Frank lin parish. Miss Katie Larkin, sister of Mrs. Whetstone, came down from Oak Ridge last Wednesday. Dr. Trezevant, of Delhi, has been visiting his daughters, Mrs. Brumby and Mrs. Allen, this week Mr. R. L. Binion, of Alto, was in Rayville on Wednesday. Mr. J. A. Ilemler was in Rayville on last Tuesday from Alto.- Messrs. W. E. Landers and B. B. Hallack were in town on Monday. Miss Virginia Brashear, came over from Girard on Thursday. mrs. M. li. Bickers came out on Thursday from Monroe Mr. L. E. Etier, of Girard, was in Rayville on Thursday. When Baby was sick, we ge her Castorisv When she was a Child, she eried f or Castcrisv When she became Mis, she dung to Castoria. Whre shti hs-it 'TliBilr L r rinra Xow Try This. It a ill cost vou nothing and will sure ly do- yon good, if you have a cough. col'K oranv trouble w ith throat, chest or lungs. Dr. Kink's New Discovery for consumption, cougns ana colds Is guar auteed to give relief, or money will be paid back. J-nfferers from la grippe found it just the thing and under its ne had a speedy and lierfect recoverv Try a sample bottle at our expense and learn for yourself just how good a thing it is. .i Trial bottles frew at Dr. J. 8. Beaaley, Rayville, and E. W. Thomson's. Dilhi. drugstores. Large size 50c. and $1. f FOR THE BLOOn, k.-af Weakaess, Alalaiia, Indigestion and BilioraneNt. take BHOWNi IRO BITTERS. It euits quickly. or sale by ail dealers in medicine, bet us As the new year has entered npon its second month, it would not sur prise as to hear that the colore people were not willing to extend the great favor( ?) of being furnished meat ty the merchant. Meat is what tbe darky wants. It does not matter as to price. That is a sma j matter, To get it is the point, and -f ,t be La1 in bulk the better. ( Meat at 12 to la cents and cotton at 1.11 .,.. .i . , ; . j ua" ",c ry cn encouraging to those who are will- u-ed ' in it.,,u g to put out their money on the arkjv pi; FOR PITCHER'S Catort pToaiti TOgosHon, and ovorcoojtai l i&tuieuc-y, Coustii-auoi., Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea, and. Feveriahnem. Thus the child is rrndered healthy and its sleep natural. C&stoi-ia contains no Morphine or other narcotic property. f " Owtoria in o wsll adapts to childrra that rrcommsfid it as superior to anr prescription kau"aloioe. 1L A. Awnmn, M. !.. H rcrt'-aiid Ae bruoklya, K. Y. I iwe Ontnrta fn rrr rrartir'. and find it specially aUupu-d to affectiou of chilnreo." AXXX. iJ"n:IT3!t, X. u., li7 2d Ave.. New Tort Tits Crtac Co 77 Murray St, 5. T. We are informed by Hon. W. J. Gray, who was in Rayville Monday from West Carre fl,. that the three bridges north of Lelbi, on the Floyd road, are almost impassable. He says that in places a whole dank is missing and the bridges have many dangerous holes in them. Ilipans Tabules cure nausea- Attention is called to the new schedule now in effect on the New Orleans and Northwestern Railroad. Since the change of time on the V., & P. trains on the N. O. & N. W. will no longer make connection with the westbound passenger on that road. Jood- L,ooks. Good look, are more than skin deep depending utwn a healthy condition of all the vital organs. If the liver be in- aciive. vou have a bilious look, if vottr stomach le disordered you have a dv' peptic look and if your kidneys tie af fected vou have a lunched hok Secure ffood health and vou will have good look". Electric Bitters is the great alterative and Tonic acts directly on these vital organs. Cures pimple. Matches. boils and gives a good complexion. 4 What suggested the custom of sit ting up at night with a corpse? It is said tbaviats are very bad after dead people. Hence the enstom. So firmly has the custom been fixed upon the mind that even after being enclosed in the colfin it is observed. e are so loath to giving up our freinds and loved ones that we still linger around their cold forms until the clods forever obstruct our view. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. Notice to Subscriber. Many of our old subscribers have come in and paid who were in arrears for several years. To all those we now offer the advantage of $1.50 per j-ear if one year is paid in ad vance. This will save them con siderable, as many of the best men in the parish have been careless about paying their subscription. Specimen Cas- S. Jl. Clifford, .New Cassel. VI is., was troubled with neuralgia and rheumatism his stomach was disordered, his liver was affected to an alarming degree, ap petite foil away, and he was terribly re duced in flesh and strength. Ihree bot tles of tlectnc Bitters cured him. Edward f-hepherd. Harrisbunr, 111 bad a running sore on his leg of eight years standing. Used three bottles of Electric Bitters and seven boxes of Bucklen's Arnica Salve, and his leg is sound and well. John Speaker. Cata wba. O.. had live large fever sores on his leg. doctors said he was incurable. One bottle Elect ie Bitters and one Ikjx Bucklen'a Arnica Salve cured him en tirely, a Sold by J. S. Beazk-y, Rayville, and t. . Ihonison, Delhi druggists. The following gentlemen passed through Raylille last Sunday over the line I the New Orleans and Northwestern Railway : L. K. Hyde, president of said road ; T. E. Mor rison, general manager ; Mr. Luce attorney for the road, and J. L. Sargent, capitalist from SL Louis From those in a position to know we are informed that the outlook for the building of the gap from Ray ville to Collins is now brighter than at any time before. For Over Fifty Yeari Mrs. rV HtsLoWs Sootuix Steup has been used for over fifty years by millions of mothers for thelrchildren while teeth ing, with perfect success. It soothes the child, softens the gums,, allays ail oain, cures wind colic, and is the best remedy for Diarrhflea. It will relieve the poor little snfferrr immediately. Sold by Druggists in every part of the world. Twenty-five eetts a bottle. Be sure and ask for "M rs. Winslow's Sooth ing Syrup." and take no other kind. jne-2J-!;l-lv. We are informed that there will he another race between Cora D, of Rsyville, and Ret: light, of Monroe, at lite laller .lace on the lilu oi this MKmih.. 5k i . N. W. Natchez Conn a. Nov. Hie Iny, lt'-th paseiii:er : train vill lcae at 4 a. m. arming at liayvu.e at 12 m. ; re turning, leaves Rayville at 1 p. in., arriving at Natchez i p. 111. The North bound train No 1, leaving Natchez at 7 a. in. maJces close connection with the V. S. & P. for all points reached via Q. & C. and all points in Texas. Leave Natchez, 7:00 a. m. Arrhe Rayville, 12:00 in. " Vicksburg, 4 : p. in. 44 Meridian, 11:00 p. m. 44 Chattanooga, 8:10 a. m. 44 Cincinnati, 7:10 p. m. Any further information regarding rates, &c can be had on enquiry of C. G. Vaughn, agent Natchez, Miss. or Passenger Agent, J. M. Barkley Xeuralffie Prrsow And the troubled with neryonsnem resnltin? fromcaru or overwork will i n' lit Ted by taking Urown'a Iron Hitters, onuine has trade mark and croajeU red lilies on w rappee Meat IIous. This week Messrs. Morgan and Tom Hampton of ward 7 killed a meat hog that weighed 520 lbs gross and 4Ci) dressed. At the same time they killed 4 others, and the 5, when cleaned, tipped the scales at 13."6 lbs. Yet some of our farmers jirefer buying pickled pork at $19.75 a barrel to raising it. If there is anything Franklin can produce it is corn, hogs and cattle. Frankiin Sun. Mr. 11. It. Sorey, who lives two miles northeast of Rayville, slaughtered over 5000 pounds'MtJf pork this season, and we do not suppose they cost him S100. Mr.Frank Rouse, who lives about ten miles southeast of Rayville, has killed ten line hogs and has ten more that have fattened off the mast. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria DISSOLUTION NOTICE. The eooartnership heretofore exist ing Ix'tween If emler, Ilanlesty & Boies has lieen dissolved by mutual consent The business will Ik; conducted by Ileinler and Hardesty, and they assume all liabilities of said linn. J.A lfEMLER. R. S. HAKDESTY, J. L. BOIES. Alto. La Jan. 11. 1WI3. Un.N. I. K.TI .T.I. r nil 1'iiat 3 nx. bdh I waa a 1 I W a Ininita fhaa eovid ot BatWr, Atmr. Lriaa. 4 mux Tb ao-on BMirirr fiff. Wtfkt L iaa m Iba M Ita tjtm ut nralt f i montha' trat R- 4t- m.. 3T. t. II fcm. . I 'mm Ukm arw b-lBar. Lx ViaU w. S . 11 m. Mu paitetre ! My 're., H vrr i I- S m. 4 m. m. ?tPEMS TrttATE4 bl MAIL. COXlFiOEkTIAL. HmilM. li. Siwac. 64 4 emiu m rtans. Cor pwtenura li st. l a. r. Miatt nuui j huiil cixul iu Sold An Its Merits. Preston's Hed-Ake is an unfailing ure for anv and every form of head ache. It will cure your headache in 15 minutes. It is guaranteed to do that or money refunded. Did you ever receive a fairer offer? If it does not do w hat we claim we don't want your money. No cure, no pay. otf . Ail rtea te Mottiera. Vrr.Wnniiow8SaaTHniobTacph(m1Atnm tie aaed when children are cutting teeth. It re herastbeuttleeuifrreratonee; feprodueniMtttral. quiet sle-p, and tne little rhera'Dawnkesas bright a a oottoa.- It is wry pltamnt to taste. It soothes the child, aoftecs tbe ruu, allay all pain, reen late the bowels, and is tha best known remedy far diarrhoea, whether arisine- from teetaug as A rawr cuua a Decua. Gardening has been commenced in these diggings. VEX IKE LIST. List of jurors draw n bv the Jury Com mission, of the parish of Richland, on the l'.ith dav of December, A. D. IS!):!. to serve at the February term, 1803, of the (tth Judicial District Court, in and for the parish of Richland. State of Louisiana; said term to lie held and to liegin on Monday, the lMh day of February, Anno Domini 1SS13. F1KST WEEK. NAMF. W I name. w'i 2 Justice. E F 2 1 Hulst;. F CI 1 2 Jones. AO 4 i Hallack, B B 4 4 Maugham..? II 4 5 Ilemler, J A 4 B Cooper. W L 1 7 F.ddins. W 11 1 t Karpe. Eugene 1 9 Wisenor. B F 4 27 Scott, W G 2S Hays, D S 29 H rin son. J H 30 Haley, Asa 31 Spniell. T II 32 Cason. II J : by, P W 34 Myers. V Geo 7 35 Byarjean. L 7 3(i Archibald, V 4 37 Duff. LB 4 3.S Wall. E B 2 39 Burk, S P 2 40 Coleman. W J 2 41 Haddick, C J 2 42 Cuinpton. T W 2 43 Archibald. J B 4 10 Wynn, T W 3 Montgomery L M 4 12 Brow n, 4 13 Pritchard.W P i 14 Berry, PC 1 15 Brister. J W 4 IK Bradley, L It 2 17 Mulheru. 1. S 6 IS Young. J II 6 19 Smith. HP 1 20 Tillman. JC 6 21 IIoldiness.TLos 22 Cook. W T i 23 Travis. E R 1 44 Herk, C L 2 45 Cooper. Nath 4 45 Jones. Thos L 3 47 McCaskill. Atx3 4 Sims. John 1 49 McDaniel. Jno 1 50 Caw thorn, B F 1 24 Nunnery, J M 2 25 Daye, Lee A 1 SECOND w eek. NAME. Wi 1 Holloway.G Wl 2 B ichauan.GP 1 3 Fietcher, Wni 7 4 Overby. RE 2 SGUlispie.Ned 4 6 Weaver. Nath 2 7 Frver. J C 1 8 Hi son. W B 4 9 Laird, AT 1 10 McCaa. Ben 2 11 Starr. Levi 4 12 Randolph. JM 5 13 Cuthbert, J i 1 14 Williams. R 2 15 Duchense, Alx 7 NAME. W'l 1(5 Rouse. W F 2 17 Lynn, J W f 18 (iw in, Jao M 4 19 Hirsh, T 1 20 Williams. Caza 1 21 Wright. A T 3 ...I T T 1.1 .-jn-uccr, lj o j 23 Ixiuveut. Uobl 4 j .. 1 X ' i Ik m r n . orris, it 2 25 Moon, C G 2 2tt Adams. C J 2 27 McCoy. J It 2 , 2S Scott. John 1 ! 29 Bellfield,Sc.ott2 drawn by the Jury Commission to serve the respective weeks for which thev were drawn, on tiiis th 19th day of lH-ceuiber, A. D. l.'.'i. JNO. S. stMMEP.Liy. Clerk (ith DL-t. Court. Ton. the r.zjorn, T,skrs, iJj.-iii, J;in:(;!s;ioa sad LiUus'ierv. tr-lr- UlttlWN-Sr IROX RITTEr". It r-irr. (jtiici,lr. F' l-y it uialt-n In luwUviue. imX i pc actnj .-ti N. i. tfi NATCllKZ Wm IXSTALLMEXT HOUSE. 0- DEALERS IN ALL BINES OF FDRNATURE. All Modes of Sowing Machines, Parts and Attachments; Pianos, Organs, Baby Carriages, Sofas, Lounges, FItlin? Bed' Window Shades, &c. arno-Cm-ch-my T!7 0 JLTine, l?airrcXii1 Tea, 50 Cents Green, Iliac or lllcndid. W. II. T NATCHEZ, C. II. MOORE, I00RE -:- Ileal Estate and General Agents. -:- Sell and Purchase, Heal and Personal Property on Commission, "Will attend to Assessments and Pnj ing of Taxes. SPECIALTY OF OBTAINING ABSTRACTS ON REAL ESTATE IN THE PARISHES OF R chlar.d, Franklin, Madison, West Carroll and East Carroll. Delhi, Itielilantl NEW ORLEANS AND NORTHWESTERN RAILROAD. LOUIS K. HYDE, Receiver. Taking Effect Monday, January IHh, IWo, at 7 o'clock a. m. NORTH BOIMI. o..l. No. 1. F.-C. l!Xr:n. STATIONS. 7:00 am. t".::i0ain. Lv Natchez. .. 7:45 am. 7:70 am. Lv Vidaiia .. M::Ci9iii. S:4()am. Lv Clayton... 9 :35 tin. ! :4() am. Lv.. Florence .rvan City 10:05 am. 10:15 am. Ar.. 10:20 am. 10:30 am. Lv ...... Gilbert . WinnslMiro Maugham. Archibald . ........ Ravville.. 10:45 am. 11 :00 am. Lv 11:20 am. 11:40 pm. Lv 11 :30 am. 11 :55 pui. Lv 12:00 in. 12 30 pm. Ar Except on Sundays, freight w ill lie received up to 5 o'clock p. m. ' All trains make connection with V., S. A P. for points east via Meridian and Chattanooga, aud points in Texas via Trains os. 2 and 4 make connections at t.ayvuie wuu trams irom ra u west over V.. S. A P., for Natchez, Miss. J. M. ItARKLEY, F. & P. Agent. F. VOLXMAN. Manager. Q .TUX I)) I, Secretary OnacMta Eccclsixtr Saw and Plaining Mills, LIMITED Rough and Dressed Pine and Cypress Lumber. Dimension Cypress Shingles, Pickets, and Laths. Itrn LenctliH cincl tx Speeltilty. Address OUCUITA EXCEIJSIOU SAW AND PLAINING M ILLS, WEST MONUOE, LA. For Terms apply o J. W. Simms, Agent Rayvile, La. R. Tw edkee, Delhi, La. Dr. J. S. BEAZLEY Patent Medicines, Perfumery, Soap, Combs, Brashas, Fancy And Toilet Articles, Stationary, Drug Notions, &c. ALSO l'lIVIv CIGAliS. And nil Other Goods V'sually Kept by Retail DrngsriiKis. J. S. Williams. 2 a, O x r i, ib'i". "" r ; . I r ' - Raille, Dr. Mendenhall experimented for fifteen years before he was convinced that he had perfected in "C. C. C. Certain Cough Cure" the best remedy on earth for Coughs and Colds. Sold by Dr. J. S. Beazley. RECULATE THE STOMACH, UYER AND BOWELS, in PURIFY THE BLOOD. A. BEUJ)LE RE II EOT FOR 1 taJtaewHaa, Bllli.l WeaaaeW. CmmtV- X pallia. Bpi,la. Csrwale Liver Tmak a. Miumm, Ba4 Cmaslexlaa. n,aeery. . (IffrMlv. Umata, mm all CU.racri as ta Iwatrt, LiMS a.4 IlneK 2 RiM Tarmles nw.ttn itlitmr Iffjwli a. w ? th. IMMt tVm jr fw4u.i. lwuu l.t T X ae. etfeetiMM. i;lftipiipfittt(,r.liH. T v fSi:M hv ilnmryte. Atrnl t4t arttt fersiail a aw r-.ip4 ot l Auwrcia . THE RIPANS CHEMICAL C 3. IS SFRCCB t.r.u.T. V'.i.lC CW T. Ktttt; ; aT '. DIKIJC i OkY. . '- NATCHEZ, MISS., Per Pound; i Free Samples by Mail. EATTY, T Mississippi. iiplCO-Cm-eh-my II. r. WELLS, SB. WELLS, Parish, Louisiana. inv7-'.t2-tf No. 2. MixF.n. Ar. 5:55 pm. No. 4 F.-C. 6 :55 pus 5 :55 pus 4 :."." pn 3 :55 pm 3:30 pns 3:15 ptu 2 :45 pnx 2 :15 pus 2 :00 pns 1:30 pm ...Ar. ...Ar. ...Ar. ...Lv. ...Ar. ...Ar. ...Ar. ...Ar. ...Lv. 5:55 pin. 4 :55 pm. 3 :55 pm. 3 :30 pm. 3:15 pm. 2:45 pm. 2 :15 pm. 2 :00 pin. 1 30 pm. Shreveport. T. E. M0URLS0N, ocnerai Manager. DRUGGIST! PHARMACIST. -DEALER LV- CssIi'l.CAISi . Isii'.! AXD m.-7-fT-tf i O 53 5 a- Louisiana. T IIAYVILLE Collegiate Institute. The scholastic term of this Institute begins 1st Monday in September audi do- aUuit lih uf June. Til V. school building is commodious, comfortable, well located, and aux ; rounded by ample grounds, j A PI.E corps of teachers and thorough Instruction. The discipline, while pa-; rental, is uncompromisingly strict. Thi j teachers and tbe Board aim to maintain i a llrst-class home institution, and they call upon the people to support our home institutions, maintain home edrt cational interest. That brin-- immigra-t tion. enhances value of proei ty, anil Insures prosperity. Let us not send our : money and children ujion a weary j pilgrimaxe to some Jeccct JeriMf. ! For particulars confer w i:K L. L. UPTON", ' .Ia.'.l-fil-if. Piincipal. ChilJren Cf' for Pitcher- Castorl

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