The Times from San Mateo, California on November 3, 1945 · Page 2
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The Times from San Mateo, California · Page 2

San Mateo, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 3, 1945
Page 2
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2--SAN MATEO TIMES SATURDAY, XOV. 3,1945 U.S. Opens Way For Accord on Balkan States . WASHINGTON, Nov. 3.-- UW-Another barrier to a Soviet- American understanding on Eastern European governments was surmounted today by this country's de facto recognition of The Hungarian provisional government. · The action came on the eve of the first free national election ever held in Hungary -- scheduled for Sunday -- and at the beginning of an eventual month of elections in Central and Southeastern European nations. · After Hungary'* election, Yugoslavia will vote on Nov. 11, Bulgaria on Nor. 18, and Austria on Nov. 25. · The U. S. decision to re-establish limited relations with Hungary, announced yesterday, came two days after the Soviet Union in effect told Britain that the new Russian-Hungarian economic agreement was none of her business. The U.S. has received no Russian reply to its protest about that unilateral agreement, '. Diplomatic quarters here have buzzed for days that a compromise solution of the U. S.-Russian differences over the Balkan governments is "on the fire." 1 ne recent FALSE ALARMIST (AP IVIrepfcoto) Andrew Traczynski, 29, a Detroit Play Program In Burlingame and supervised play two afternoons a week will *.oon be toHJjnenced on ike school grounds of lie Burlingame elementary last night's meeting of the trustees. Principals of the various schools were directed to work out » satisfactory program in conjunction with Miss Shirley Smith, city recreation superintendent. Contract Awarded The Phoenix-Simpton company of San Francisco, was awarded a contract to immediately re-roof the Hoover school which was damaged in the recent storm. Mrs. Louella Carleton, head of the speech department outlined to the board the program beinjf carried on by the San Mateo county 'child guidance clinic and the board ordered a letter written to the county authorities commending the work and requesting its continuance. Study Applicants Friday evening, November 9, has been set by the board as the date to commence study of the 30 applications received to fill the post of school superintendent left vacant by the recent death of Dr. JAIIUJCn A J OV4.J JIQIM* *··'» tt AXW *.»«**. r _- -rr 1 -r* ^ fireman, was arrested by police L« ster D - Henderson. Board mera- who charged he answered alarms | ber « say that no selection will be by day and turned in false ones I made »* that time, but that the ap- ments is "on tne lire, ine recent -* nichL Harrassed by a dozen plications will be sorted oat and T^^I^SteSltl f«l h ,rnSYn r rh d ou b r:trap°,a1S fndjviduals with the best q ualifi- r."«?^ o ;;Tr I for prankster, eaughi Traczynski. cations will be called JT for per- lem in detail. But the real key to a solution may be in the report of special U. S. Emissary Mark Ethridge who now is investigating conditions in Bulgaria and Romania, His report and the elections this Month could prepare the way for a U. S--Russian compromise solutio ^hich would make it possible for the Big Three again to consider the ill-fated job of drafting peace treaties. Gives Twelfth Blood Donation Records at the San Mateo teaaty blood bank show that MM. E. A. Merritt of Burlingaroe, has just given her twelfth donation of blood. All 12 pints have been sent to hospitals of the bay area where they were used in transfusions. Eleven time donors are H. H. Becker of San Mateo, F. S. Glazier and Fred Butcher of Burlingame. Recent ten-time donors are Edward S. Goetze, Renee Johnston, Mrs. Kathrun Beecher and Mrs. Eva Gendron of Burlingame, Miss Winifred Stetson and Mrs. 0. E. Altimus of San Mateo. Recent nine-time donors are Mrs. Jeanette McDowell, Mrs. Elizabeth Schroeder and Warren Hamilton of San Mateo, and Mrs. Edwin DeBow of Redwood City. New members in the Gallon club are: A. J. Gilbert, Mrs. Fred Loes- cber, Miss Cecelia Sudden, Jim Jacques, Mrs. Anna Hill, Mrs. Beatrice Reynard, Argus G. Brown, Mrs. Norman Brown and James Purdie of San Mateo; Mrs. Anton Nelson of Millbrae, Richard E. Wegner of San Bruno, John Sweet- Java Rebels Asked to Quit BATAVIA, Nov. '3-- (IP)-- President I. R. Sukarno of the unrecognized Indonesian republic broadcast an appeal to his nationalist sonal interviews at a later meeting. County Called To Beach Meet (Times Redwood City Bureau) REDWOOD CITY, Nov. 3.-- San followers today to cease their at-1 Mateo county officials today were tacks on allied occupation forces. British and Indonesian* authorities declared a truce at the interior city of Magelang. The agreement enabled the British to occupy some parts of the city, to evacuate civilians from danger zones, and to escort out a group of Japanese. invited to atttend a meeting of the state park' commission in Sacramento, November 15, to work out a master plan for beach development in the coastal counties. Six of the 18 coast counties, including San Mateo, have submitted plans for beach development as The British moved an additional provided by an appropriation of infantry division into Soerabajal $10,000,00 by the last legislature, · · - - · according to A. E. ( Kenning, chief of the division of' beaches and parks. He advised the local board of supervisors that the commission will take up the question of the counties' ability to match state funds; acquisition and development policies, and the issue of whether one large state-beach should be acquired or a series of smaller beaches in the several counties. and sent tank forces into Mage- lang, the latter apparently a precautionary measure to see that the truce was observed. The Fifth Indian division went ashore at the eastern Java naval base city of Soerabaja under strong naval protection. The city was quiet but tense following the assassination early this week of Brig, A. W. S. Mallaby, the British commander. BIGGEST HOLLYWOOD 1$ RETURN OE WAR VETS By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD, Nov. 3.--l3rV- The biggest news in ths movie imrj; uiia Viteii --and not the kind that emanates from B pictures. It was musty odor of stored civilian clothes, with a faint tinge of mothballs. Hollywood's veterans, like every other community's, were getting put A platoon of them showed up in ill-fitting tuxes and suits at the premiere of "Spellbound," which was the town's biggest splash since Pearl Harbor. The crowd, which is not so fickle as some people think, gave a great ovation to Jimmy Stewart and Henry Fonda, who attended the opening in mufti with model Anita Colby and Mrs. Fonda. Clark Gable also got a big reception, as did veterans Gene Raymond, Sabu and Alan Ladd. Lew Ayres, whose war story would make a much greater picture than anything he ever played ai Dr. Kildare, wig discharged this week. Robert Taylor left for New Orleans where he probably will get a release. Victor Mature, that the actor' quickly sought shelter from an attack of Eddie Cantor Church Fetes Anniversary Mwnbt-rs of the Pilgrim Baptist church will honor their ininister, Rev. W. C. Sample, who is beginning' his thirteenth year in San . with a week of vhurch func- 1 "°ns commencing Monday. paring romantic items concerning c g . tie Young girls and the Crosbvl . R | v - S«BPl« « als ? ?«"*«« of hnvt V«im« i ,t. ,,,! n!r^«r I **« Ba ' P»trsei Baptist convention, boys. Veronica Lake and Andre De Toih became the parents of a boy. vice moderator of the State Baptist association and chairman of the 1 department of evangelism of the In the marrymg-up department, California Baptiist convention. two week-end weddings are scheduled: Producer Arthur Hornblow to heiress Bubbles Schinasi and Director Charles Vidor to Doris Warner LeRoy. Some of the movie mob shoM'ed up in the courts this week for reasons other than having their pictures taken. Lillian the O. W. Griffith star, sued a Beverly Hills physician on a rental overcharge allegation. Peggy Ann Garner had the court approve a salary increase Church services wil be held each day at 7:30 p. m. and will include sermons by prominent churchmen of the bay area. Guest speakers include, Monday, Rev. 3. P. Hubbard of Beth Eaden church, Oakland; Tuesday, Rev. G.i J. Wildy; Wednesday, Rev. B. B. Alexander, Church of God in Christ; Thursday, Rev. B. L. Carson, St. James A. M. E. Zion church; Friday, Rev. W. M. Turner, Community Baptist church, San Francisco; from $225 a week to "$1,000, a; Sunday, Rev. F. 0. Brown, D. D. healthy income for a 13-year-old. «ev. P. D. Haynes of San Fran- Peter Lorre was sued by a bio-|«sco will deliver ^the anniversary chemist for return of an asserted loan. The big financial news was that beautiful hunk of coast guards-·* movie cameraman Gregg Toland, man, became . civilian. I*?TM* * P a ? **$* alimony. With Ty Power exnected home Totand, who gets $1000 a week for around Christmas, the'town should I ^'"Sbeautifnl stars »ore beau- soon be looking 'like, its old self IpTM. was divorced by Helene To- again. , lana - . I There was news in the horsey As usual .the Hollywood mob was «*..**· Sing Crosby, though active in the vital statistics department, although, oddly enough there were no prominent divorces. Robert Young's wife presented Kim with a fourth daughter and of his omnipresent brothers, announced he was dickering to sell his share of the Del Mar race track. Which is an unkind blow to Bob Hope's writers. Meet Called on UNO Capital A meeting at the Palace hotel in. San Francisco, scheduled for 11 j a. m., November 7, has been called by the San Francisco chamber of commerce committee on locating United Nations headquarters in the bay area., Mayor Claude J. Hirschey of San Mateo and Mayor J. Peter Dahl of Burlingame, have been invited to attend the session. Also called to the conference are Daniel J. O'Connell and Norman J. Corlett, presidents of the San Mateo and Burlingame chambers of commerce, respectively. Harold B. Mills, secretary of the UNO committee in San Francisco, issued invitations to the meeting, according to Henry F. Misselwitz, secretary of the San Mateo chamber 'of commerce. Palo Alto Man Killed in Vallejo VALLEJO, Nov. 3.--0«--Two pedestrians were killed last night in east bay highway accidents that occurred less than an hour apart. Ce'cil Gordon Addison, about 60, whose wife lives in Palo Alto, was fatally injured when struck by a I car driven by Maurice P. Inn Jr., of sermon Sunday afternoon. Master of ceremonies at each service will be: Monday, I. Hamilton; Tuesday, Mrs. W. M. Crockett; Wednesday, Mrs. Hatcher; Thursday, Mrs. H. H. Allen: Friday, Miss M. Hill, and Sunday, Mrs. C. Haley, j 2031 Delegates to j Legion Convention i INDIANAPOLIS, Nov. 3.--(U.K: -- American Legion headquarters i today announced that a record! number of 2,031 official delegates will attend the annual Legion convention in Chicago November 18. Official delegates attend on a per capita basis, one for each 1,000 members. The rise in delegates from some 1,800 last year reprs- sents an increase in membership of roughly 281,000 members. CARlOf SC.67 San Francisco. Investigating officers said Addison was carried about 50 feet. About 45 minutes earlier, Roy W. Near, a Benicia arsenal employe, was killed when struck by a. car driven by James 0. Milburn of Be- LAST TIME TOXIUHT: "·PRISONER OF ZEXDA" "ADVENTURES OB" TOM .SAWYER" TOMORROW Continuous From 1:OO P. M. Eddie Bracken and Veronica lake '·OUT OF THIS WORLD" George H»it nnd Claire Trevor ·'JOHJfXY ASGBi" man and Carl Zeh of San Carlos, body sees them! DRIVER ARRESTED (Time* Redwood City Bureau) REDWOOD CITY, Nov. 3.--Police arrested Eugene M. Bunner, 35, of 322 Boicelli avenue, on charges of drunk driving yesterday afternoon. He was released on bail of $100 today and is cited to appear before Judge E. I. McAuliffe next Thursday. Want to buy . . sell . , or trade? Use the Times Want Ads .. Every- For a Good Time and Better Cocktails * . . the Best Place is THE COOCOONUT GROOVE "Aldo Cominoli" and "Jim Scagliola" Arcade Building on El Camino between Belmont and San Carlos 1 Mile South oi Bay Meadows Phon» San Carlos 971 -OPEN EVERY DAY- REMEJHBER the ALAMO DC Luxe Dinners a la Carte Every Dinner Cooked to Order Dinners Served After 4 p. m.--Dining Room Closed Monday* 1448 Burlingame Ave., Burlingame Re-Opening DELUXE DINNER LUNCHES Served Daily 12 to 6 P. M. Specializing in ROAST BEEF - STEALS TURKEY-CHICKEN Private Dining; Room for Special Dinner* After 6 p. m. by reservation - Dial 4-1540 Jack Finger Gordon Part** TONITE Doors open 5:30 Last Times Tonite "That Night With You" "Pursuit to Algiers" --PLUS-- 2 New Hits FRANCHOT TONE SUSANNA FOSTER DAVID BRUCE LOUISE ALLBRITTON, "Eddie's Advershow' Puns! Acts! Prizes! Come Early for Good Seats! WITH YOU ','/ A "Universal Picture 'A. : Latest Sherlock Holmes Mystery Pursuit to Algiers' Basil fiathbone - Nigel Bruce TOMORROW 2GLORIOUSHTS PLUS CASH PRIZES! ENDS TONITE et O'Brien F.dw. G. RnhhMOii "Our Vines Have Tender Grapes" Preiton Foxier "TWICE BLESSED STARTS SUNDAY Continuous-Show Sunday from 1:15 A Devil with Women but Deadly with Murderers!"! GEORCE RAFT CLAIRE TREVOR SIGNE HASSO VAN JOHNSON COCKTAIL LOUNGE Open Every Day Including Sundays FINEST WINES - WHISKIES - BEERS AUZIENE At th« Piano P1av'mt Your favorites 300 RAYSHORE BOULEVARD Opp. San Mateo Bridge AIw»y« Plenty of Fre* Parkin* Space Dial 3-9637 with Koaay Carmichaii Hear the hit tunes Memphis in June" -PLUS- Cartoon A Musical Short U. S. Navy Band Conuerf. nnd other great Ispccial events ADMISSION ONLY BY PURCHASE OF BOND COMPANION HIT CONRAD NAGEL TED nONALDSON "THE ADVENTURES OF RUSTY" Club and Party LUNCHEONS by appointment Lionel BARRYMORE Gloria De HAVEN AND A SMASHING EPIC Henry Fonda Joan Bennett "WILD OiiSi CALLING" ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^t'^^^^^^^^^^^^^ MONDAY--Doors open 7:30 p. m. VICTORY BOND PREMIERE Univcrsal's Latest and Greatest Dramatic Hit "THIS LOVE OF OURS" Starring MERLE OBERON-CLAUDE RAINS Jap Underwater Carriers Bared TOKYO, Nov. 3.--OI.R)--The Japanese navy had five submarine aircraft carriers ready for sneak attacks on Xew Ysrfc ==d :hc Ps=±=:= SBS! but Japan's sudden surrender prevented their use. the newspaper Mainichi said today. The underwater "flat tops," commissioned just before the end of the war. were taken orer by the Us S. navy. One type of the submarine displaced 5,700 tons and carried three planes. A smaller model weighed 3,700 ton* and carried two planes. If the submarines had been able to carry put their missions the Mainichi said, they could have thrown more than 10 planes against New Yo/k or the canal as a psychological blow aaginf t American morale. j New Riots in City of Cairo (Continued from Page 1) weekly Akhbar Elyoain said the 1 Egyptian government would com- i peasate the victims for all ds^ag*. j LONDON, Nov. 3.--«r--An Ex- j change 'Jelegraph dispatch from Cairo said today an attempt was · made to assassinate the Lebanese president, Beshara Al-Khoury, near Beyrouth ysterday. The president was driving with his wife when a shot was fired from an approaching car, the dispatch said, but neither was injured. The other car sped away. ENDS TONITE Liut Complete Show »:M Clyde Beatty "THE LOST JUNGLE" Mmrjr Xo!»» "Docks of San Francisco" "YOU CAME ALONG" "SHANGHAI COBRA" BRORDWRY. /Starts Sunday \ m Continuoni Show Sunday 1 I From 1 P. X. B 1 Hilarious Fun I CAfii GRANT KATHERINE HEPBURN "BRINGING UP BABY" --PLUS-Dramatic Thrills! BARBARA STANWYCK GAMBLING LADY" SUNDAY Two Top Technicolor Hits! Doori Open 1 p. m. .POWER "V I HI . BLACK WAN BETTY GRABLE CABMEN MIRANDA DON AMECHE "DOWN ARGENTINE WAY" Charlotte Greenwood "SIX HITS AND AMISS" PEHINSULR 3ji "A Thousand and One Nights" Cisco Kid in "Old New Mexico" Starts SUNDAY EDDIE BRACKEN ALAN LADD BRIAN DONLEVY VERONICA LAKE de CORDOVA ·ARRY FJTZGf RAID "WITHIN THESE WALLS" """i Thorn M Mitchell -- Mary Anderann iff Kdward Rynn

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