Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 24, 1949 · Page 10
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 10

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 24, 1949
Page 10
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NAUGATCCK NEWS (CONN.), SATURDAY, DEO. 84, 1049 Calls On Truman DAVID E. LH.IENTIIAI, Chairman of thn Atomic Kn«r»fy romnilttMlon, David K. Mllonlhul, i* khi.wii leaving the White Jlou-tc nfUT he had conferred with I'jvsld.-nl Tninnin. J,|||,,,,. thiil, U-IIOIM. nmlirnatlon Itfcamtm «ffwtlv«. on .Inn. l ( 1(15(1, |, l( ||,, at . cd to ni.wHninn thut ho may can- tlnni> his diitlcN for a whorl porl- <><! hojond .Inn. 1 until thn Chli-f l.xf<Milivc plclm h|n MinrmMur (International Soundplioto) Lecture Given On Packing For Hiking I.'T-lurcB on how to pack for :hlltini: •v.-t-re Jtivcit Sic-out* of TroOp 9, !(.•;.<•!,„ Valley Grange nt Wc<jno»- 'l.-iv niir'ifs mooting in thn Grinco h:ill. I>'-monBtrnl|i,nn of proptir- i"« a i.!i<-lt wcr,, tilso (flv,m and ''-•••Hi I'hilllim i|).'iH»<.<l th<; 8f«ond tl»iK>- S<-ouf« test for fire bulltllni,'. An..,. it,,, hiiBlnow. m-otlriK. K.-IIII.-M V/.TO plnycd fr.IIowod by thr iinnual Ohrlstmng party In the <".r!,ntp dlnintr room. A feature of Miu party wan a iffnb bug. Veterans Occupy Homes Prior To Work Completion A volt-run using ft Ol guaranty to tiiir.:hF»P4? a hrunc t>n "Which oor- tnlri nxlttrlur work In il'nlayrcl t>.v lin:|um(*nlt| w«/i|tl«ir m«y oocti[iy that homi- prior to t?cnn|p1ptlon of tho worlt, nnd«r a now roKnlatdm announced by Harry T. Wood, manatfm- of the Hartford olllco of the VotcrunN Admlnlntrutlon. 1-Tnrn.toforo. the VA hti» rnqiilrtnl n rftrtirirnllon thnl thp homo WHH oornplotod bofore luwin^ « )i>un guarantee to the lender. Severe weather conditions in many pnrtH of tho country, thornfore, have mrtlmCB resulted In dolayn for veterans In moving Into new homes which wore fully suitable for living purpoae* except for the un- flnlahod exterior work. Under the new regulation, now in cffoct, an amount equal to one and one-half thnc« the e«tlmateil oout of th» iinlmltthiKl work will bo placed iii escrow l<o guarantee completion, and VA will IBHUC lln regular guaranty on the loan. Thin pToccHliire will be Instituted only it the request, of tho veternn-'buy- or. Another ohnngft In OI loan riiKu- Int.lunn coricerriM niirri'eii)!!!! inlncol- ancoUB expense Items Incurred l>y entleiB (n connection with the making of a mortjirase loan. In- cjuded are tho londeivc codtw for vppraiSM\ls, Inspections, prepara- lon and mailing of puporn, and ti variety uf 'tvon, Much I»M tho«n piild to notnrioA and truirtenM. Prevlounly, all such cost Items had to bo accounted for Individually. Under thn new regulation)!, the lender may, at. hln option, clittrg-c IrL^toad an amount equal to ono per cent of the loan, or „ inlnlmiirri of $150. Thn optional 'illowanoe '» np- pllcaWo only to strnlgM, first mortirn>re OI loans whom t'h«' vet- i.-ran KOts nil hl» financing at tho low foiir-p,ir (Mint Interest rale Wood said, Bt.udlnn of v«ry low l«imp«rat.urnn arc called Realty Transactions The following ir'aporii hovn liccr, filed for record in l.hi- olMci; of town Chirk Uiiyrrinncl .1, HI.. John- Wllrnmty Deed Nuiijfiit.urlc Wn.1nr Co. 1-> l|,i. Stuto of Cimnmitioiit, !iin;iil iiar"^: of Ifinrl cm Church Mlrwl, rur :imount of $100. Quit rialin T»i't><ls Jiuiioii T., JoMRjih W., liMiniinil nnd Ifildimdr A. furrnn' to AJTH'.M M. Fl.v.hermnn, properly on rhcri'v Htrert. EllKdbelh C. l{f,,nni,ri I,, ./,.,,,111.- Iv. Briinniui ,'iud |,,I|M H I |,I|M property r, n Mnph. Hlront.' ,,,| TC "!;" t " "'' •'"'"' '''''"W^i'l'lKi' to "" " W. TrnwhrlelKii. ll|.|r'. t] .' of (ii'iH'itf \V. 1 , property on Trow- brlclKo plncc. Morl,(rnK« Dci-ds nn.itilllon II., und I'lnilly if. |!I-|MI"! to Niiii|;aliirk HnilillnK and l-onri association, property on Walnut, t.i'rrncn. lni'7. And'-rnon to NnU)r'il.imk I'.iitld'riK and '{„,!>.» inHis-i(!lri,t.lon,| iprnpeily on cornel- of Oloivu'otKl 'tnil Aulr.irn nti'eets. Kllcri M. Oarrlri|,'l.on to Nau«n- luclt Snvlni.'H Hunk, property on Melbourne! court, Slunli-y 10. nnd fmo/j'TH) W 'l.-ifli.'ll to Klr-it Kcderal HavlnKM nnd I/on n nstnoeliiUon of Wat(!i'- bury, property on I0:.i«t Wnterburv iv.nrt. ' y to HnmlRon R,, urn linilly If. Bristol, Nnu-jatuclc Building and Lonn iiKwclnlion to Inra Anilornon. Tho following paper* hnvo Imon fllod for record In tho otflco o Town Clnrk Raymond J. St. John Mlldrnd C, Knoth; connfirvatrlx o the oMtdte of Ralph R. Jennlng-» to Morion H. Jennln»?H, property on Hill ntroet. CertiricntCN nf Estate of Wllaon Catherine M, Clark, Miuidow Htrnnf. JfiHtatu of WlUon V. Clark lr Catherine M. Clark, Florence C Vent, Uut.h Clark Gray, Wll«on T. HolMH'l, <i, iirul OeorKV I.*. Clark /»n<|Mt!'ly on Cherry irtroet. F. Clark to property on K K n n M A K SINCERE *••( 3 « % K HOLIDAY GREETINGS MARTY'S CORNERS STORE QS;iNN HTXKBT COMMUNITY PACKAGE STORE t|l)INN HTHKICT 3 K a A A K K K K K I Overcome by Gas K Holiday Greetings! JA MERRY CHRISTMAS . . . | A JOYOUS NEW YEAR Electric Co. Straits Turnpike — Middlebury Phono 3-4570 ^^^^&^A^^^^^^^^ ^.^•i^^aim^^^^^a^^^^a^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ --TED'S-AUTO BODY WORKS K H K Street Naugatuck May the musical belLs of Christmas resound "' , with pealH of joy and happiness for you *\"&;& und youi-H this holiday .season and through- "* out the entire New Year. Thank you for your generous patronage and be as- 'H Htired of our every effort to maintain your Ciood Will in tho New Year "HMO. STANLEY'S LIQUOR STORE NORTH MAIN ST. (TEL. 6068) UNION CITY Sees N. E. Steel Mill Prospects Now Brighter Than Ever Wanton, fiwi. 24— ((UP* -An cr- iriorl rtnyn proHpnotn for n 2X5-11)11- U»n <\Wlnr Htwol mill In Now KIIK- IniuJ Inuh "brlKhtfcr than «v«r," Both N«w Knifland Counnil wtonl connultnnt John Kelly nnd n «poli<uimN.n fur Uovnitmr l-'nul Diwor mwjrr wt «, re|>oii. n>m nut- Jor «t«cJ r.'jmoiinlm consider the projnot unf'iOMlblo. Tli« irovarniVl'H Pn|>rannntuttvw on tho uommlltpo for a nl»>i!| mill In !Mujjguchii«oUs also uayii he dmibtn tho rojx»rt from Bteol "th<> i'<j)|iori. tlocw not currenpnnd with 15-Year-Old Suit Settled For $950 N«iw I In viu., I),,,- 2+ if I'f A Hii|Mtrliir Court JU<IK« IIMM iiwn | n Now Haven roupl* H .mi« $,tVi HP n rnBiiit ( ,f nti niitr.irio!,!],, n,»U (Innl 10 ywtr/i BUI,. MiirlBl O. Knyi,.,!,!„ v ,,,n t . , morp thnti tUOO uncl h«i hualmml will rncnlvn tl2rt. Mr mul Mr- Heynolrtn blnm<u1 n inirk own...I liy n Bouthlnifion firm r»r nn ».-»-i. dent In which Ihnlr rtir ovcrun ni-i| In our cixpccUillono In IclkinK with etonl coropnnlea." I'i.!nnd ii<M* Unit "llnnnclnic not r«iinlh||Ky in lh«< mnln f»roli)*rn." OVERCOME with clonclly chlorlrm KIIM nt tho Cuiliihy lllfh School swJminlng pool In Milwaukee!, WJ» on unldontKlGcl K | r | | R cnrrkul from Ilia Kvliool'a cllnli: whnro nho wim ti-oiUtwl, ICIuvtin other BtnilBnls wort, sliio ovorcomo. Tho poluonou* uu» was released when packing burst from n plpo nttnchcd to tho pool's Jhlorirmlor on which (kljiifll/rmntii wore being mada. (International) TRADITIONAL QUALITY ^ _ SINCE 1900 68 BANK STREET, WATERBURV Though time- never ends and the of the earth ever increase in numbers — the story of Jeeua will be told all the years and to all generations to come. Christmas will be forever glorious and its spirit a constant source of inspiration. N YOU'RE STUCK . . . CALL CHUCK'S FRIENDLY SERVICE 531 North Main Street Telephone 1595

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