Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 24, 1962 · Page 14
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 14

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 24, 1962
Page 14
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Fourteen Logansport, Indiana Pharos-Tribune ANN LANDERS Window-Peeping New Sport Among These Sophisticates Dear Ann Landers: My husband is a window peeper .'Oh, he doesn't stand outside strange houses and look — he's much 'too sophisticated for that. He has the finest binoculars on the market and can operatu very nicely from a pitch-black patio or from our bedroom window. For months I considered, this my own secret shame (thinking, of course, there was something terribly wrong with him) when recent- jl ly at a dinner par-1 ty the subject I' came up. I learned to my horror that almost every man present was engag-i ing in the same sport. The peek- ers gleefully compared notes on the best type of binoculars and the most effective vantage points, Then the conversation fanned out to include the fascinating things that had been seen. This letter is not a request for advice. Nothing I could say or do would get him to stop .anyway. I'm writing in the hope that you will print this' letter, along with my pleas to all female readers, to keep your sihades down, girls. And I mean ALL the way down. IMA GINIT Dear Ima: The fact that the sport is popular doesn't make it decent. Psychologists tell us that men who go in for peek-a-boo magazines and the spyglass routine are insecure and/or immature. Often they are incapable ot anything beyond looking. * * * Dear Ann Landers: My husband is a salesman and makes good money, but it seems to disappear so much life would be tolerable. Can. you help'me? — SLAVE TO LOVE Dear Slave: Some women thrive on abuse and get satisfaction from being mistreated. If a man showered such a woman with kindness and consideration she would not care for him. Of course this is a sick approach to love which goes way back to childhood. Years of therapy would be required to straighten out such a personality problem. It certainly is too big a job to attempt by a single letter. Get help. * * * To learn the difference between a marriage that "settles down" and one that "gets dull," send for ANN LANDERS' booklet, "What To Expect From Marriage," enclosing with your request 20c in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. :Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems, Send them to her in care of this, newspaper enclosing a stamped, self addressed envelope. Copyright 1962, Field Enterprises, Inc. Quotes in the News By United Press International CAPS CANAVERAL — Mrs. Scott Carpenter on plans to watch her husband's orbital launching:, "I really want to see it. There's nothing at all like it — to stand on the beach and see it go up and the prayerful attitude of the crowd." into thin air. We have seven children. He gives me $20 a week for groceries. When I tell him I just can't manage on what he gives' me, he says "Buy more beans and spuds." Then he throws up his mother to me. She managed with nine kids and NO income — just a truck garden and! a couple of cows. I'm ashamed to send the children to school, their clothes are so badly worn. The neighbors bring over clothing which their children have outgrown. I have one good dress to my name. My husband always looks like an executive. Our house needs repairing badly but he never has money for such "luxuries." Last Christmas he spent $40 on a gift for his boss. If he'd let me handle the money we could come out all right and I wouldn't have to worry about the utility company turning off the juice. What can I do? — CHURCH MICE Dear Mice: Ask an unbiased third party to sit down with you both and explain the financial facts of life. In some families it's the wife .who is better at managing the money. When such is the case the husband should be happy to let her do it. What some men can't get 'through their thick skulls is this: There's nothing unmanly about handing over a paycheck to a wife who can stretch it further than he can throw it. * * * Dear Arm Landers: Please tell me how to fall out of love with my husband. We have been married 15 years. Harvey is cold and unaffection- ale. He actually pushes me away when I try to kiss him. I can't remember the last time we had a conversation. He only speaks to me when he has something to criticize. He spends money lavishly on himself but I have to account for every peimy. Harvey is rude to me in public and embarrasses me with his critical remarks in front of my family and friends. Yet I adore him. If I could just stop loving him JACKSON, Miss. — Gov. Ross Barnett advising a civil defense conference: "Training is the backbone of endeavor. We trained to meet the 'freedom riders' and as a result they went away humiliated and disappointed." NEW YORK — Police quoting Kevin Hefanel, 16, arrested with another, teen-ager for the fatal shooting of a church organist: "We had to kill somebody. We only kill people between the ages of 15 and 50." BERLIN — An East Berlin -border guard, asked by West Berlin police to stop shooting at a 15- year-old boy swimming across the border: "Shut up, or you will be the next." JOSEPHINE LOWMAN Diet, Exercise Pvercome GoristijDation Exercise is valuable in achieving and maintaining proper elimination. I get many letters from readers which are similar to the fol- owing excerpt. AMERICAN LEGION AT GALVESTON PLANS SERVICES GALVESTON — The Galveston American Legion : will' : conduct ;heir annual Memorial services on Sunday,- -May 27. The marching units are .to assemble at the Legion Post at 1 p.m. for the parade to the cemetery. The Galveston high school band and several civic organizations plan to participate in the annual event. The parade will stop at the creek enroiite to the cemetery to pay hopor to the Navy war dead. Rev. Joseph Bear.^ pastor, of the Galveston EUB church, will be the speaker at the cemetery. The Brownie Troop will place wreaths on the crosses to commemorate the dead of all 'wars. Following the services at the cemetery, the group will return to the Legion Post and dismissal. All veterans are invited to participate in the program. A thought for the day: German philosopher Schopenhauer said: "Every mdn takes the limits ol his own field of vision for the limits of the world." "I. have been constipated for years. Every night for, the last 10 years' I have taken, a> laxative. I think this must be injurious to my health. If you can help me overcome this condition by diet and exercise, I will.be'grate- ful for the rest.of my life.' r . :• Exercise and diet are extremely valuable • in' ^overcoming the condition you mention. In the first place, your diet may npt have enough roughage. Do your menus include many vegetables and fresh fruits? If they do not, remedy that situation. What It Does Exercise massages and tones the intestinal 'tract, and also is stimulating -.to. the peristaltic action 'of the intestines. 'Sometimes lax abdominal muscles contribute to the problem of constipation. .Habit also is important. When you get' up in the morning (or later on if more convenient) do the following two exercises. Lie on- the floor on your back with your arms resting, on the floor overhead and ypur legs straight. Bend both knees up close to your abdomen. Grasp the knees with the hands and pull' back gently. Return legs and arms to starting position. Repeat 10 to 15 times slowly. Push, Pull The second-exercise: Lie on the floor on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on :he floor, arms resting at, sides. Pull your abdominal muscles down 1 toward ' your backbone. Slowly push yi;mr abdominal muscles up toward the ceiling. - Pull them down and continue. Da this slowly 10 to 15 times. Now sip a glass, of ice-cold water, slowly and in a relaxed mood. [ i If you would like to have my leaflet, ,"Are You Committing Suicide Slowly?" which deals with tile subject of constipation, send ai stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request for leaflet No. 23 to Josephine Lowman im care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: "Mother, Daugh. ter-in-iaw Relationship CAN be Warm." : (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate,-1962) Bible School Sessions Set At Ke wan in a KEWANNA - Daily 'Vacation Bible School will be held in the Kewanna Methodist church starting Monday, June 4 ami ending on June 15, according to the pastor, Ralph S. Gwin. Clasises will be held for kinder, garten, primary, .juniors and intermediates. A - concluding program will be held on' June 15 starting at 8 p.m.' All children not attending 13ible School elsewhere are invited to attend. Mrs. Joanna Evans is the director of Hie school and Vernon Bilker is the assistant director. Personals Sgt. Paul A. Weller wa.s the guest of honor at a family dinner Sunday in the home o[ Mr. and Mrs. Henry Montz and daughter. Other guests were Mrs. Weller and daughter, Mrs.. Caroline Weller, the Victor Montz family, Mr. and Mrs/ Dan Pesaresi, Richard Baldwin and 'sons, the Raymond Weller, family, Mrs. Lelia Tomlinson.'the George Yount family, the Harold Stoner family and Mrs. Pearl, Weller. Sgt. Weller will leave May 28 to Tehran, Iran for duty as an instructor in the Iranian anriy. Miss Miguelina Cairo, Chicago, was HjWeekend -guest in the Harvey Turner home. Dinner guests Monday of Mrs. Ada Keeney and Mrs. Dolly Dull, of Monroe, Mich., were Mrs, Bob Reynolds, California, Mrs. Artie Brown, Indianapolis and Mrs. George McDaniel, Lebanon. Mr.,- and Mrs. Kenneth Hilanol COMPARE OUR DIAMOND VALUES! REMEMBER-MOKEY SAVE" IS MONEY EARNED FERNBAUGH'S "Famous For Quality Diamonds" Thursday Evening, May 24, 1962. CROSSWORD PUZZLE An8Wcr '" *«tird.y. fu«». ACROSS 1-Cbol: in oven 6-Cblloct Il-Gi-lel 12-ABsintnnt 11-Pronoun IB-Out 17-Disease of Cllttlo 18-sailor (dolloq.) 20-Brcaks suddenly 23-Small child 24-lndoncyian tribesmen 2(i-Weleomo 2S-A, continent (iibbr.) 29-Puzzlo 31-SRa nymphs a:j-Ono opposed no-Falsifier 3G-CDnles baclc 3'J-Fllcker dli-Paid notice 43-Buckets 45-Male deer 46-Hoff tS-Llngera KO~Be mistaken Si-Negrito <nl.) 13-Small valley 15-Collueo degree Oll)br.) 66-ReIy on E'J-Tardlest Cl-Hlnder 62-Occurrence ' DOWN I-Spin 2-Conjunction 3-Macaw 4-Seeds 5-Kaeal tone in speech 6-l^xclamatlon 7-Pronoun 8-Kveryone n-I3Iemlsh 10-P«rlod of lime 31-Mlndu guitar 13-Hosiers 16-E-arning cotton IB-Clorlcal collar 21-Skin of fruit 22-Fino cross stroke on letter 25-Dawn n-Rivor ducks SO-Stalk of Brain • 32-Anc;ry 34-Dolnhlnlike cetacean 88-Swlft 87-Preparcd for print 3S-Slildd»d jO-Moat unusual dl-Tjons-logged bird 44-VapId 4 7-Yawn 4!>-Kuropcan B2'-Place 64-French for "summer" point 6S~Phyelc!an (abbr., 60'Primer's measure 20 62 27 23 60 . by United feature Synllcntc, Inc. moved to Phoenix, Ariz. Mr. and Mrs. J'. J. Berryman, ?eru, visited in the home of her mother, Mrs. Ida Adams Sunday. Mrs. Ralph Oveirmyer entertained the Kewannii Homcmakers Hub in her home Monday evening. She was assisted by Mrs. Paul Carver. Mrs. Clay Brown offered devotions. Eighteen members were present. Relatives in Kevvanna learned of the death of V. E. Kelly, of SKYLINE -FT. MASSACRE" ol 8 p. m. Bradenlon, F.la. He was ,11 bro- .her-in-taw of Mrs. E. V. Murh- ing. BLIND STUDENT HONORED WASHINGTON (UPI),— Janice <ay BatteiitJorf .Port Wayne . was one of three bl;;id col- ege students honored Wednesday ay Recording for the Blind In«. which aided -;he .students in their Studies with recordnd textbooks. .I.—-<WUcol'C ' COLOR by tULmrt "BACHELOR" ot 1(M5 COLOR by DE LUXE ISIS THEATRE Wincimac, Ind. , ' „ !,,,[„ THUFS., FRI., SAT. ITHOUT WHY" Ki 'k Douglos SONUS SHOW 1 SATURDAY ONLY "BIIUSH PIKE" r SONUS SHOW 1 SATURDAY ONLY [_ "BIUJ&H PIKE" _J SUN., WON. a TUES. "tiXODUS" (Color'l All Star Cast At llogular Pricos Air Conditioned STATE Shown al 7:45 and 9:15 ELVIS PRESB.EV fOLLOU/ THAT IIREAM Plus: Cartoon "Doflg^nt P«opl«" 20 RODGER & HAMMERSTEIh? OI'ENS MEMORIAL DAY SHOWS STARTING 1 p. m. SALE! LADIES 1.99 PLAY SHORTS 66 One table of wash 'n wear cotton Play Shorts Sizes TO to 16 1 each in ions 408 E.MARKET ST. ^ Nationally Advertised Paddle and Saddle SPORTSWEAR 'Tor Fun in the Sun" It's summer and separates time . . . Time to select for a well-planned wardrobe from our gay go-togethers . . , Fashion ideas for sun fun, town and travel. PBDA1L PUSHERS . 3.99-4.99 SLIM JIMS 3.99 to S.99 J.AMAIQAS 2.99J3.99 CAfflilN BOYS .... 3.99-4.99 BERMUDAS 2.99-3.99 Exrna Size 38 to 44 SPORIFSWEAR 'BLOUSES 2.99-3.49 SK'HRJTS I 3.99 PBDiAIL iPUS'HBRS 4.49 BERMUDAS 3.99 SALE! 900 Yds. Regular 59c Woven Check Gingham Wash—iRi n se—*D ry Little or iNo Ironing All First Quality Nationally 'Known 'torraine" Extra Size HALF SLIPS .Boautiful ' nylon' slips In .white end black. Dainty lace trim. : , Ass;, size checks in pink, aqua, red, gold, black, apricot, green and lavender. SAIE! MirrS 2.99 WASH K WEAR 4 ladies 'Extra Sizes CHALKY PUSSE -COOL GOWNS Just Wash and Dry Beautiful Prlntod Pqttorni 2.99-3.49 Short Sleeve SPORT SHIRTS Beautiful materials in solid ^ colors, stripes, plaids and fancies. Sizes S- M-L-Xl. 1 99 APPAHEL For Boal Boy« KNIT SHIRTS Short Sleeves 99 and Boat necks and regular collars. Solid colors 'and fancy patterns. Sizes 6 to 20; 1 • with SINGE SPRING HOME CLEANER SPECIALS • Singer Floor Scrubber Polisher • Singer Vacuum Cleaner BOTH $ FOR OMLY ECONOMY MODEL POLISHER ScrubberiShampooer YOU SAVE 07 FULL-POtVER CANISTER CLEANER Complete With Attachment* (limited Offer) YOUR CHOICE! any USED SEWING MACHINE WITH THE .PURCHASE OF A NEW SINGER VACUUM CLEANER AND NEW 'FLOOR S GRUBBER 'POMSHBR SINGER SEWING CENTER 311 4th St. logansport, Ind. Phone 3417

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