Wellsville Daily Reporter from Wellsville, New York on May 20, 1967 · Page 5
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Wellsville Daily Reporter from Wellsville, New York · Page 5

Wellsville, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 20, 1967
Page 5
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Saturday, May 20, 1967 WELLSVILLE DAILY REPORTER, WELLSVILLE, NEW YORK Page Five Social Nofebook By BARBARA ALLEN Dial 593-5721 — Mrs. John Murlchell of Chamber) i\r. Street spend last weekend visiting her son, Steven, a stmb'it at. Purdue University, Lafayette, Ind. — Donald Wilson, a student at Ithaca College, arrived Ir.nne Thursday to sp^nd ths summer vacation with his parents, Mr.' Mid" Mrr,. Charles E. Wilson of Stannards. — Mrs. Edith Jacob lef!; Wednesday to rslum to h o r home in Elmira after visiting a! the h"iiT> of Mrs. Kallvvn Foster and Mr. and Mrs. A.D. H ; ll. ,*,. — Catherine Schuylfor Chap- lei" of DAR Inld their annual memorial meeting Thursday at Garwoods Methodist Church. Members attending from Wellsville were Mrs. Jnmes Thornton, Mrs. Carrol Church, Mrs. Raymond Church, Mrs. Albert. D. Howe, Mrs. Mark Hall and Mrs. Hiram Parker. Also present were Mrs. Ferd Shear, Mrs. Eugene Pfuntner, Miss Mary Rosa, Mi's. Conrad Hess and Mrs. Milton Green. — Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Herbert Sr., who have spent the past 17 years in Bogota, Colombia, South America, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Cooper of Williams Avenue and of their son, Joe of the Herbert Cooper Co. in Gen'esee, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert have returned to the United States for retirement. — Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Martelle of 71 Chestnut St. are hosts this weekend to Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Gillespie and childeren of Yarmouth, Me. — Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ohlinger Jr. and family of Averill Park are visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Ohlinger of 72 Cameron St. this weekend. Mr. Ohlinger has enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and will leave May 29 to enter Officer's Candidate School at Lackland Air Force Base, Tex. Obituary Miss Edith C. McBride Edith Cecelia MnBrids of GO E. Fassett St.. died suddenly Friday evening in her home. Miss McBride was born in Akron, Ohio, .Tune 7, 1898, the ci/uighlor of Dennis and Edith Pen field McBride. Sh? had livid i'i New York City for many years and was employed by the SUrxlard Oil Company IhrM'c. She had resided in W-Mlsville since 1954. Shs was a graduate of Im- mr.nilafc Conception Church of Wdlsville. SIi2 is survived by three sisters, the Misses Julia McRride rird C'.Uh'vnne McBrde of Wells- vilh. anc! Mrs. Henry B. Smith, of F.°l ; s V'11'\R3, Connec'icut; and by a brother, Walter J. M" p rids. of Lock-port. -Friend?; may call at th? Enb- ser Funeral Home today from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m. and Sunday from 2 p.m. jiirlil 4 p.m. and from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m. Services will be conducted at 10 a.m. Monday at Immaculate Conception Church, We\b- ville, with the Very Rev. Norman J. O'Meara officiating. Interment will be in St. John's Cemetery, Queens, New York City. Studv Says Wife Wcrth $8,300 Per Year To Husband CHRISTOPHER MINICLIER NEW YORK (AP) — What is a wife worth? "Sh? is priceless," many a 'i pp ly married man might re- pind. A survey rebased Tuesday, altemp's to be a bit more exact. If your wife is an average American housewife she is vvorih $8,300 a year, based on a wage survey rf 12 occupalional roles she fulfills. An awesome thing for her to . ,, , , . • , , u i r velop what we hoped would be keep in mind when she asks for ' . ., , ,„ „_.,„ an effective and equitable means (From the desk of Rep- Charles E. Goodcll of the 38th Congressional District, of which Allegany County is a part.)' During recent months 1 have been working with Senator Charles II. Percy o{ Illinois to de- a new fur coat. However, if her husband is an ambassador she is worth more lo provide housing for Americans with lower incomes. The pany's expanded services in a ten-county area. (Reporter photo). the new in diplomatic Insurance Company Alfred U. Names Washington School Is Services Two New Teachers Science and Song , , , , , normal sources of financing, es- —not because she works longer " . , * . ,. ,,..,, , , . senlial to purchase a home, are hours or fulfills more roles, but ' / . . ., ' , n , ,, , • i i i usually closed to these people because the extra job she does ., r . , ,, i r „ who thus find themselves fore- assume pays more. m h units Ihese conclusions are drawn ^ fal , far be , ow (ho sland . ards we would like all Americans to have. Under our proposal, introduced in the House and Senate, the T-, ,. , , ,. • i P n» . National Home Ownership Foun- Envoy enlisted the aid of Met- ... ., . ,.„ ,.„. mnn utL Tif^ T «=,,^«n a r~ dalion would raise $2 billion in and consular community. ropolitan Life Insurance Co. economists, the Chase Manhattan Bank, and the Restaurant & private funds to help buy homes. The funds would be raised through the sale of bonds and Holelmen s Agency to compile a ., , . , 4 j.,i r i ii- \- ff provide mortgage assistance to table of hours worked in differ- * . ,, . .. , , , , ... those who can t get it now, pn- - finr frisks nnrl wnrrpc u/mr-h . Three.Art Events Will Be Presented Walter G. Taber, executive vice president of the First Trust ALFRED •- Two new faculty Pupils of Washington Elemen- ent tasks and wages which ., , , l <„ ft.,.., Cnlinnl nvocpnipd il rnmhin. uinuM Via nniVl (V,i. (linc-^, (OC-1.-C- Illdluy UlU&t. lhe been named lo tary School presented a combin- would be paid for Ihese lasks. Department of Foreign ed Science Fair and Elemen- The average American house- ° * M nnn « ' a ' ™ lion, lhe bill would provide for Company of Allegany County, Legal Notice Notice To Bidders The board of education of Board of Cooperative Educational Services for Allegany County, popularly known as B.O.C.E.S., (in accordance with Section 103 of Article'5-A of the General Municipal Law) hereby invites the submission of sealed bids on Crawler Tractors, Back Hoe and Loader, for use in the occupational school of the county. Bids will be received until 3:30 p.m. on the 24th day of May, 1967, at the B.O.C.E.S. Office on 6 South Street, Belmont, New York at which time and place all bids will be publicly opened. Specifications and bid form may be obtained at the same office. The board of education reserves the right to reject all bids. Any bid submitted will be binding for 90 days subsequent to the date of bid opening. Board of Education Board of Cooperative Educational Services County of Allegany 6 South Street, Belmont, New York 14813 By F. M. Strate, Board Clerk. 17d5. ALFRED — Three cultural events focusing on art are scheduled later this month at State University Agricultural and Technical College at Alfred. An exhibition of paintings by John De Guard! is planned from May 20 to May 31 in the lounge of the college's new dining hall. A public reception for the artist is planned in the same lounge on-Sunday May 21, from 1 p.m. until 3 p.m. The third art program is a lecture and discussion in the dining hall lounge at 8 p.m. Wednesday, May 24, by Richard West, a representative of the A'bright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo. Mr. West, serving as an assistant curator at Albright-Knox under a Ford Foundation Grant, will lecture on "Art and Our Environment '67." Mr. De Guard!, who has exhibited in New York City galleries, is a graduate of New York University and holds a masters degree from Columbia University. He has also studied at St. John's University, the Phoenix School of Design, and the School of Visual Arts. At the present time, he is teaching art at Bethpage Senior High School on Long Island. in Germany, and der Thomas Maxon prepared a dietitian, food buyer, dishwash- Michael Lakin, a teaching as- series of exhibits that wer^dis- er> laundress, seamstress, prac- Issuance of lhe policy was s j s t an l al lhe Universily of P; made Co.Operalive Fire Insurance rni-ni-i.-iniT nf Company of Contemplates Federal investment of $13 ,„ repayable interest . at Mr. Taber's home on Riverside e( | inslru'clors in German. Drive. It marked, the beginning A na ti ve ,of Germany, Mr. of new, expanded services by p uc k is a graduate of lhe Uni- Ihe mutual fire insurance com- versity of Munster where he P anv - received the Philosophicum de- Formerly serving farmers in gree in 1960 and the Staatsexa- grade, s i'lh i- i • , million in leutiyduie uncicai. ^ ; tical nurse, maintenance man, subsidy and geed money Costs " n d ^s 1- d cnautleui . tne i n subsequent years would not of their work in science. Sev- "^ r n ^ h ' est sa , aried , exceed $60 million. The present eral of the pupils were on hand die titian seamslress and cook hou8 ^ B prop ° sals o£ - ^ Ad " al $2.50 an hour each. Bui she works only 15.6 hours a week at Ihese lasks. Her major role is nursemaid, 44.5 hours oul of a operate or explain their .„ « 1 ( ministration would cost approxi 1 «ne young man of attention as he did disseclion work on earth . Allegany and four adjacent men in English and History in woms , counties, the firm has been re- 1963. The music department under 99-fi-hour work week, pays only an nour ' t ^ $6M millio and we would -UU have the old and worn . out welfare appl . oach le f t over from the depression era. Unde] . my bin non . profit neighborhood corporations, co- licensed lo cover a ten-county Mr. Buck earned the M.A. de- Mrs phyl , is R MaU i s on pre- _. , , , , .,». B ..»u 1 ,, uuu v^^^v,,,,, *.„area, and will now offer Its gree in German from Slate Uni- sen(ed a pr0 gram of vocal mu- ine survev concluded thai a operatives or limited dividend services to non-rural property versity of New-York al Buffalo sic by lhe elementary choir, nousewi ve does nol serve as a corporations wou id be formed owners as well as farmers. in 1965. While engaged in grad- composed of fourth, fiflh, and compensable hosless. tQ oversee the rehabilitation of Mr. Taber received the first uale study he taught first and six , h grade pupils. .J urni " g to the ambassador's housing as well as the selection policy from William H. Gar- second year German at Buffalo,,, Certificates for participation Wlfe ' the survey deleted the O f potential home owners. These wood, president, and John S. and conversational German in j n the All-County Choir were roles of dishwasher, laundress, organizalions would also provide Potter, secrelary of the firm, the adult education program al presenled lo Lisa Casagrande, seamslress, maintenance man, lhe tra i n i ng anc i counseling of Mr. Garwood has been presi- D'Youville College. .. Kathy Boyd, Doreen Corbin, Su- gardener and chauffeur—on lhe f ami i ies There is no more im- dent of the firm for 30 years; Mr. Lakin graduated from san Fleischman, Dennis Me- theory the ambassador's wife por i an i social goal than acquir- Mr. Potter has served as sec- Haverford High School in Hav r Fadden, Thomas Miller, and would have domestic help. II ing a home ^'j believe lhis retary since 1962. The firm erford, Pa., and received his. Michael Moran. wa s assumed she would do a bill n - ves tne wav f or manv substantial amount of entertain- manyPt more ^^..not jusi mg—raled al 12 hours a week at housing $3.57 an hour for a hostess. The Stars and stripeStiJ am The survey concluded that the taki the Uion that there ambassador's wife worked only shou]d be Qm t enactment of 92.2 hours a week but earned gallon that would prohibit $8,700 a year thanks largely to the deliberatei deflant J esecra . Valley her hostess role. Uon Qf [he Amedcan F1 In was founded in 1887. 2 f f M* * -LOr LOlllSIOn r ,1 ... r«. South Main Street B.A. degree in mathemalics in 1964 from Pennsylvania Sta,te; University. He served as a. leaching assistant at Penn State for two years while sludying foi': the M.A. degree in German awarded last year. <• He began course work for the Cemetery Group Elects ANDOVER — The There were no injuries and Ph.D. degree during the past Brook Cemetery Associa- The least-valued woman ia ^ same newspapers in recenl no summons was issued afler year al the Universily of tion, meeting al the home of the survey was the diplomalic we ] {S we nave see ' n pictures a two-car crash on South Main Washington while teaching Grace Burger, elecled di- allache's wife. Assigned a host- of American' soldiers War Is Not All Blood And Trial, Columnist Finds By JOHN LENGEL CHU LAI, Vietnam (AP) —It was another day of "the walk in lhe sun," a day where nobody shoots at you, nolhing much happens, and Charlie Company gol what it considers a break: rain. The thunderheads masked the scaring sun. A cool breeze fanned the dry paddies. Rain came down in sheets. No one covered up. They just soaked it up. Charlie Company of lhe 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry, is a unit of,, the 3rd Brigade, U.S. 25lh Division, an outfil lhal has put together a full year of continuous combat operations. The brigade keeps moving. Except for its clerks and supply personnel, who lake up a corner of the 4th Division's base camp in the highlands, 3rd Brigade men eat, clean up and fight on the fly. Charlie Company's idea of a good time is guarding some re- mole landing zone while lhe other companies sweep lhe surrounding jungle. Charlie gol Iwo days for Christmas at the 4lh Division camp, Ihen back lo lhe field and lhe highland jungles where it had been for nearly eight monlhs. II was Iwo days for New Year's al lhe same camp. Then the battalion was trucked lo coaslal Binh Dinh in central Vietnam for Operalion Thayer II—fighting and more walking—and Operation Pershing. "We've been lo a shower point four limes since Ihen," says lhe company commander, Capl. Roberl G. Eklund of Osceola, Neb. "Slreams are a big favor- ile with us." April 19, the ballalion was lifted to Chu Lai in t,he northern 1st Corps military sector. Charlie Company wenl right into the field. Officers do paperwork in foxholes. Replacements get acquainted in lhe field. The men scribble letters during a break, write "Free" on lhe envelopes and hand Ihem to one of Eklund's radio operators who gels lhe mail lo a helicop- ler crewman. New bools, faligues and socks are requesled by radio. A man back after six weeks in a hospilal in Japan is asked by lhe sergeant: "Hey, did you get my china?" "No, they didn'l have your pallern." The sergeant, a veteran of 18 years, laments, "my wife will kill me." Hospitals JONES MEMORIAL Census — Adults 61, Babies 7 Operations 3 Admissions David Bogle, 50 Scott Ave. Street at 5:40 p.m. yesterday, there. According to ths report made by (he Wellsville Police Department, a 1906 sedan owned and operated by James Hamilton, Main Street, Whitesville, was rectors; Mrs. Burger, Harold ess salary of only $2.15 an hour Huff cut, Rodney Robinson, and deprived of the payrolls of Tmerii-an^m-rinc^that Clyde Yorton, Clair Jackson, dishwasher, laundress and n™g Howard Burdick and Everett steamslress, she would earn Clair. only $8,000 a year for 94.5 hours Clyde Yorton will serve as a week. Belfast Graduates Engaged to Wed traveling south on South Main BELFAST - Mr. and Mrs. superintendent; Mr. Jackson The survey noted thai educa- "onfnsPd wf/h 1^1^™,^^ Street wh-n a 1063 sedan own- Peler Unfus of RD Belfasl an- as president; Mr. Clair as sec- tion, common sense, and -discre- omu ^, r W1 , ine aemeam "k °* ed by William E. Shelley, 124 nounce the engagemenl of Iheir relary and Mrs. Burger, Ireas- tion were among lhe less finan- counlrv's' Great heritace ^ for our flag and pictures of same must, of course, protecl earn the right to dissent — it is important to our way of life... but thai right should never be LADIES CIRCLE The Hallsport Ladies Circle will meet at the home of Mrs. Richard Roeske Wednesday at 12 noon. Members are remindsd to bring prepared frosting, dish cloth, cake decorator, wax paper, wooden spool and a container to take home finished project. The lesson will be "cake decorating." CUBA MEMORIAL Admissions Harvey Rose, Angelica Mrs. Phoebe Graves, Cuba Claude Powell, Belmont Thomas Strahan, Friendship Discharges Brian Worlhington, Rushford Isobel Bump, Cuba Miss Eileen Janlzi, Whites- v^lle Mrs. Ella McCabe. Friendship George Galloway, Cuba Rauber St., and operated by daughter, Bonnie Kay, to John U rer. Oliver Freeland was re- eially measurable, but vital at- Barbara J. Burdick, 3'/ 2 Piper Tucker, son of Mr. and Mrs. appointed carelaker. Plans tributes of any wife. Place, pulled from a parking Clark Tucker of Caneadea. were discussed for the develop- space on the easl side of Soulh Both Miss Unfus and Mr. nienl of lhe new seclion pur- Main Street and struck Ilamil- Tucker were graduated fro m chased recently. ton's vehicle in the left side. Belfasl Central School. The The right front side of th? bride-elect is a graduate of Ro- Burdick car and the left side Chester Business Institute and of the Hamilton car were dam- her fiance, of Olean Business aged by the impact, but neither Institute in 1966. vehicle required towing. There No date has been set for lhe were no injuries. wedding. College Appoints Kin of Andover Man Canadian Weekend For Angelica Troop Veteran pitcher Curt Simmons is the player representative for tho Chicago Cubs. - NOTICE - Eastern Star services for Mrs. Arlene Harder will be held Sunday at 7:30 p.m., at the Embser Funeral Home. PAULENA MCDOWELL, W.M. Basic Dolomite Lime 120% Standard 9.00 Highest Magnesium Available (21% M.O.X.) Free Soil Test at . Your Farm Per Ton Cash 50 Ton or More great heritage. In recenl years Ihere have been distressing reports regarding the growing amount of imports of dairy products. I have introduced legislation, "The Dairy Import Acl of 1967," which would limil imports into lhe United States lo the aver- ANGELICA — Boy Seoul age imported for the years 1961 Troop 36 of Angelica were to through 1965. depart Friday for a weekend In 1966 the amount of dairy ANDOVER — John Thomas trip lo Canada thai will include products being broughl inlo the Karcanes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Competitive events between Ca- country increased three times George J. Karcanes of York- » a dian and American scouts. — from 900 million to 2.7 billion shire Corners, Yorkshire, for- Leaders accompanying the pounds. If this rale is permitted merly of Andover, has been troop and furnishing Iransporta- appointed as a resident al Le lion are Robert Altman, Harl- Moyne College, Syracuse, for lcv Maxson and Robert Aron- thc school year 1967-1968, Rol- son - The Angelica group will land Banscher, dean of men, be among approximately 1,600 hns announced. He is the grand- • t;f -' n u's. including others from son of John Karcanes of An- Seneca Council, to participate dovsr. in the Canadian outing. . Mr. Karcanes, a junior social- — ogy major, is a member of the Industrial Relations Association, the Management Club and Circle K and is serving as vice- Localed 5,000 miles from Cape Kennedy, Ascension Island anchors lhe space program's Tesl Range. The 34- square-mile island lies less than 8 degrees south of the Equator about midway between Brazil and Africa. to. continue unchecked, our entire farm economy faces severe problems. Already there are prospects lhal lhe 1967 rale of imports will double that for 1966. The Secretary of Agriculture has the adminislralive aulhor- ity, withoul furlher legislalion, lo correct this situalion and it is my hope lhal he will assume a measure of responsibility in lhis area. Meanwhile, I am continuing lo push for action on rny bill. Nirn for brunch; frosh fruit all prepared for easy eating, the fruit $9.75 a Ton Cash (Less Than 50 Ton) WALTER BABBITT (Vellsville, N. Y. Dial 593-4506 president of Studenl Government. %> 'It is a tradition at Le Moyne that each year certain sludenls whi h iv" shown scholastic ability and a capacity for leadership are chosen lo be resident advisor'-. II is lhe duly, of these young men to maintain discipline in the dorms and to act as advisor and counselors to those sludenls who are under their charge. pieces — each piece just for two bites! Annual Salvation Army Civic Dinner Monday, May 22 - 6:30 p.m. Long Vue $3.50 Tickets Available at Door LAW What is an "execulor?" An executor is the one nam- Army's next basketball cap- ed by the testator in his will tain will be Bill Schutsky of uho will carry out the terms Hillsdale, N.J. of the will after his death. LONG SERVICE ENDS — Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Albert pose for the photographer after the retirement ceremony in which Mr. Albert, chief buildings and structures post engineer, ended 28 years of federal service, including 20 years on Okinawa with the U.S. Army Engineers. Mr. Albert holds an Army certificate of achievement presented him for "untiring efforts during the annual typhoon emergencies and during the logistics buildup on Okinawa in support of the escalation of combat in Southeast Asia." The Alberts -are currently visiting with relatives in Friendship. Mrs. Albert, the former Bernic-e Foster, is iho daughter of Glenn Foster of Friendship. **SCOPE ORAL HYGIENIC MOUTHWASH AND GARGLE SANBORN PHARMACY N. Main St. Wellsville, N. Y, SUPER SHELL is Coming to Wellsville JUNE 1st 537 NORTH MAIN STREET (Former Hancock Service Station) AL HARRIGER, Prop. HARRIGER'S Phone 593-4800

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