Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 24, 1949 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 24, 1949
Page 4
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by earn NADOATUCK NEWS CORP NAUOATUCK. CONN. Telephone* M28 and AH t*»p«rtmgnt» |Cnt«T«d M «»co^n(l olau matter M ID* pot office In Ne.uieMuok.Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATH» Payable In Advance I Month ...tlJO 1 Tear . ...HBJO Member: Amertceo Newspaper Pub. Aae-n W. B. DalJy Newspaper Pufc. Awi'n nonn. Newspaper Publisher* A»»'n PAGK 4—NACGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), SATlini>AY. PICC. 21. 1040 moves to encouniKo private building and private induntrlnl plant, expansion. No one has ever known very lorn; In ndvanro what the iilntn of bUMliusMH would bi!. Hut. M r. Truman's ineKBiif;c on the "ntnlo of the nation" \vill bo <:n!i)}ht<-iv IriK as t(j wh/it. UK; I'l'Dfildnnt/H own opinion In about thn future. "Both No\v ' Xi'mlnnd nnd A\ln-- tralla huvo l.urneil lo I he i-l|.fht politically, by way of showing Americans whnl Hniart pcnpln aro dolnK cliicwhcri. 1 . Do You Remember? One Year Ago Anne JJolnnuy, of Church ftl reol, rirrlvnd lirnnr fro in Trlnlt y (!ul loK^i Hurtftird, in njj»iu1 Lh« holt- dnyn. Morrt t han 150 t»oy« nnd K\r\tt itttftrifU-d JL C!hrlHUiin.M I *;u't y fit. the YMCA, .sponsored by the "Y'a Mon'n CMub. 20 Years Ago Frank JLobdell. a student, at Worcenlnr Ariidrmy, Won:nntiir, MIIHB,, wjin npnndliiK '(in holidayH with lilii purunlii In tho borough. l.iu, {.'iilli.n, n nl.iidi.nt /it Holy (!I-IIMM Colleen, /irrlvtHl home for | ihn holidiiyd. THE CLOC 8ATHKI>AV, OhriBttna* for the holiday dearest to tho heart of every child are ftolnit forward, In a .happy t)UKllo % and ruiih, In millions of American homes. Santa Glaus will ride acaln. so trees must be decked with colored IlKhls, stocking hunK on mftnUln, ^•ally-wrapped packages) stacked In nors. This year, It Hiiems, there Is pmall chance that any yuuiiKfller will be disappointed People have l.onn jammlnK Iho, ttloren for wt»t.ks, buying nvcrythlnK. I" "'Khl. Nor have the less fortunate boon forKi'tten. Many hiivo Klvon Ken erounly to make sure that no one, youn^ or old, will bo overlooked. Ho It will be n Croat day, thin Christmas. In our own favored land. And If to some It scorns rhnt we almost crush the spirit '•f Christmas under tho burden -.-.-« put upon H, It remains true I hat it is natural to icive It cx- I ros/iton In material things. What we really seek irt nothlnt-; ? oncy can buy. Itather It Is Ihe ) Y of tflvlnK- Wo want to see tl-.o llRht In thn eyes of nomeonn v.••• love an tho proof of our affoc- t : ..n. That Is an UTKO that needs no :i;, doxy even when It 1« called it h: .her form of selfishness. It r. -eds only to he strengthened, or. enrth some day the peacn on r,-i. th and yood will to men the hr;. venly chorus proclaimed nearly wo thousand yearn ago, <.".irlntny»n will be happier for nil when peoples all over the wi.ilrt run oxporlenco In Kreat- et .-:ieasure tho truth that It Is not only more blessed but fo,r more sn;:-tfyln)r to K' V O than to receive, I '.irlntman In In commumora.- tlon of the Christ Child who wan Hrrvpn'ii offering of hope to hu- m;i.iklnd. Mnn then, as now. wore bin lened with mundnnu affalrn and thrcntii the oxtravu.K«nceH of Tovernment. Iho amblHo: • a of politicians, tho hampor- inr presa of low upon everyday living-. I > thlt> welter of wor> undent irv.aln seemed to bo moaning IOH.-I. Troubled people had dlffl- nU'y convincing thernsolvns that llf" had a R"n.' for them and their fh.ldren. fho birth of Josus, Itself of vr:y limited mennlnK at tho time, t,':rst Into full nlKnlflcuncu with llii ministry and supromo sucrl- fs e. A clear fjloarn penetrated :> n }<loom. Ho primrhod noifloftn- r.' xn, HvInK for others. In His philosophy there was r! i room for tho unthinking and ' -irlh-liound ambitions of the solf- i "nteriMl. The Individual wan lo ;:ive wing to his hotter Instlncls •md arhlevn oneneinn wllh tlod by dolnK unto olhers an hn would have olhers do unto him. This philosophy penetrated 'to tho heart of humanity. It crumbled the foundation* of a pagan empire. And everything bud 'that has happened to man nincc—wnra nnd thrnaln of warn, Ihn nlupldlty of rulers, worldly exccnses, thw Impact of Brecdlness upon -the manses, moral collripno — every- thlnK has boon caused by departure from th»t phllospphy, And In the meanwhile no one has offered a belter guidance to man. All of the philosophy, all of Iho music and nil of the poclry of Christmas survives. Thn only factor lacklnK 1" acceptance, Ihe yielding of selfish bonds lo unselfish hearts. The saving way of life Is here, as It has boon for two thousand yearn. Only as men roach for It will H finally ho within their Rrasp. Probing The Future Business forecasters today aro divided Into two campn optl- mlht.i and penslmlntn, The optl- mtsU hold that the current boom will continue for many yeara to come. Tho pcsnlmintn dourly predict that this upmirKO, after continuing well into 1950, will turn sour. There will nol be enough buyers to provide markets for unlimited produclion, they say. Fewer automobiles will be bought, fewer hounoN will he built, and agriculture will slump. This tuK-of-wnr concerns most Immediately President Truman'n mrnniiKp to Congress next month. If his pessimistic advisers prevail, he will insist on a mass of now loKinlatlon, ho will nsk for morn public worku and more government subsidies «nd spending all along (he line. The optimists would Hell him on the Idea that tho boom will support excise tax cuts and other MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. "If one In UMlnj; tho fold-over typo of ntalinniM'y, whtit IM tho prop- or ;((*f|iio!i(;r lo tine whnti writ In}.; n tWO-]»lKC> U'11<M*? A. The ftri',1 nnd third pnj;nji rrmy Im ««ml; l>\ii if \hu l»iU«jr in thr«!« or four P'l^t'fi, UM« the proper no- qucncc—ono, two, throe, and four. C^ .1 n whltrli Imtid nhttuUI n «orv~ unt hold it dlnh nnd whnt )M tho proper way to pre.scnt. it at ihe din- nr»r 1(vi>lt>V A. Tho pint n ot' dirth nliouhl No hold flat on tho palm of Iho lofl hand, and pro.sctiled to tho left tildo of onrh pi'i'Mfdi. C^. Whort* IM t ho propor placo for tho''brWc*H mothui* unO fumily t*> V>n Munlitd in t IK^ churrh? A, Tin- iifihrr coniliii-lii thn hrldo'N rnol-Jior mid fa in lly to t holt 1 plticon In Iho front, pow at t ho loft. Tho hrldr,p'(tf)Mi'H pn rcnln occupy pine t*n In (shu front JJMW to (.hn i'l>;ht, Household Scrapbook Hhlny Clothing J'temovo (ho shine from dark Mulls by rubbing lljchtly wllh vory I'lno santlpapor. Oampon a shiny navy skirt or pair of I rousoril wllh blu- Int; wnler nnd press while sllll dump. Hhlny niilln may also I in sponKi'd with vinoKal' before prorin- Mllky I'IIMH It In oflon dlffli-ull. to cloan a nnuri'pati In wblrh milk hiin boon boiled. After the rnllk ban boon poured out, cover tho pa" Immo- diately with a. lid boforo iho sleum OMCIlpl.H. I''lri.|)htiu' llrichit To clonrf (he hrlclts in Iho flrc- pliico covnr Ihnin wllh a panli. of powdi.rod pumice nlono and ammonia. l>(tavo llilH on for an hour and then Hcriih with wnnn soap- 'rominy \\al8h. of tlir. II. S.. Army, tttiltlnnttd ivt, \V«>Ht, I'olnt, Is homo on leuvi'. . . DIMxi lion- llrd l''ai'l'"U. of Ihn II. H. Navy. ...And Illlly White, a member of l.hf. 11. S. Marine <U>rps iiiiard di'tachoii'iil at I ho Nriv l.ondiin Hiihinurlno bum-. ll'.d Cli'Miieck lit rncoverlnn from an attack of grippe.-.He was to piny wllh Kliidon In I hi, Dimly I,MHKII«' Kaon. vVnilni'ttdiiy twii-- nliiK. . .(teoi'Ke l<Hk(! mil out Ihe first hiilf of Ihe Klmlon-ICMI Htinin iMMiiiunn of a i:old.,, And Ohi'inlcnrn C)y Ulan<:huril naw only limited service for tho same roa- MOIl. Hnrfi TJOW P.frj^nr, a member of ihr Ilin'l I'lnnn nl Mlioioonn i-ol li-lte, lionton, Miinii,, ttludyliiK for her div;i'i!" In tnimlnKr In at priiii- nnt tahliiK n t>ortlon of her tnch- lilcnl worh Ml I'rlnr Html HrlK hum honpllitl In Himlon, mid In unable to be homo with her moth- nr, M MI, M. I*', I'.ri-K'' 1 ' on Itorli- widt uvt.niK', for thn holldiiyn. Htlnson, spend- In^ tin. I'hrlHlimiH ImllilayN u-lth his parontH, lluri;f.NS luul Mm. llmold Sllimon. I'curl roud, li'iivi>n KIT. Ill with tin- II. H, Nnvy fool- liull I cum for llalhiN, TLXIIH, to piny In tin' ('ottoii Howl KUIIIII .Ian. Z. Met I'-nKi'lHt ud, cxcc.ul Ivi 1 vniip of (ho locul Chamber of Com- IJHMTI', had n fnw iinxloun mo- in'Mitn 011^ nlKhl thin v^imk . . . whlli. In Wali-rbiii-y with hln family, a "short" occurred in tho car IJKht.or nnd fi-nnt iM.l a flro mulnr '(he duHhboard . . . , bi'twnon Hon .Hriindt's iii<inciivtM-lriK n . Mm. IC.'s calm ordering nnd daughter ni- anf.'n frnnt lc iicrm niln;-:, tin? bln/.n w n H (ixlliiKulHhod with much Hinoltn and calumlly . . .no serious Dr. itiul Mrs. I'ivi'rctt HOKI wen* itmon^ first, arrlviils ut. t.ho ChrlHlnuiH Ditrol Hlnit. . ,nl«» ni.i Ion Mr. mill Mrs. Don Miw.Vlt'ur nmoiiK thoHi 1 prcMcnl, and also Sroll, Urovvo. Niiii)>iil.ii(:k inny have a fiituri) rplnhrlly... nt thn r'ommunlty <'nrol Hliif.^ Thiinidity nluhl, a 111 tin lot, probably two or Ihruu yoarM olil drcMsnd In n ^roen out-- fll, wnn i|iilti< hurdly nnKHKetl III pluyln^ tlu. t<ip tiolnn on tlm ov- K<in "nil JirmiHlnK the foot pudalH. ...when finally nriiiovod boillly from i ho OI-KIHI area, becausii of dint nirl IIIK tho oi>;a,nintn, he do- cldod thn hand of his currier wnn n tonlhlni; rlni:. Attcnlldli 1 1 in: botiii ciillod to tin flno work done by Mrs. Mar^uer- Hn li'lt/.innnrlrn mid Minn |(!ll/,n both Moirgan In illrnctlnK th jiresontatlon of tho play, "Kollow- Inu Tho Slur" slnifod by pupils of Ihn Movonlh mid olKhUi Kradei of Onil.rul nviniuu nnhool. . , llu jday wa.s proH(!iitod for* pnronb Inut wrnll mul a. piM-fortnn lien WIIF alno tita^iMl nt Mimdowhrooti homo.., wo have ro<iolvod a. nlci lellnr of pralim coiK'nriilnj; 111 M I Ion of Ihn piny. ONE WORLD Anne Mcriroary, n sixth grade up!! nl Saloin iic.hool, mlhmlttod ho fullowhiu poom to uw lust oar. .-.Tht! poem was taken from Thn I,III In l'"olks' Heritor," lined y her (iriindmothnr (ioodrlch A'hon idio nl I ciulnd tho old Htralts- •Ille HChool. . . We think that, it. nmru retellliiK: A NOTIi; TO SANTA OLAIIH 'port n snowy Christmas nvo n HUM UHI iilncKIni;" hiiiu;; 'utift lay uitlnnii upon live. I'tlK! 1'ho clock lick-locked nnd swunK its hnnvy ]inndil In 111 lo ntul fl'o; I'hit hundn wont round Ihn fare And marked the niltnbors and tho hours An they flow on npnnn. The clock Is Mlrlklnj.r out tin; hour; 'Tin Iwclvr. o'clock It l.nllil, Whnn out. upon thn midnight cloiLr f!nmii morry Hoiindii of bullii I,ook! Down tho chimney bluck nnd n.rlm Hnlnl Nick nnd puck nppenr; I In ono by ono I ho Mtn<!ltthj<B fills; ['hen cries, "Whnl have wo horn?" Kor thorn upon (hi. nmnlnl rihnlf, Thn lust ono In l.ho row, Wnn hunj: n ntorkhi^, oh no hljj;, With n not., plniind lo Ihn Ion. "Whiil'ii thin?" orlod Hiinlu with a htutfh, "To Hnnla f'lnun from I bo North I'olo" Afi hn Ihn note did spy. "I'll peep as T );o by." And JIM ho roud bin oyon j^row brlKhl Ho smiled nnd bobbed his head; l''or In Hint noln plnnnd lo I ho I or Thlw kind ri'ijiinHl hn rnad: "Dour Hanln, will you kindly fll Thin ntorliliiK for Ihn poor, And K'VII il» UiMa I hlii (JhrlMl.maH- lldo? (Slcnnd) Willie and Fred Moore.' "Ho! llo" mild Hnliln, with n. nmlle "Kind Illllit folltH llvis lioru; This ntooklnu will I fill to top With lovlliK, hniirl y chnnr, A hnppy < Ihrlnl ituui will i loavn Tu Willie ivnil FI'IM! Mown, Who, 'mid l.hidr Joy, did nol for»;el, A slocklnfj for tho Jjoot'." Mnr«l. llnlii-il Ht.uiirii.r of Nnw Iliiven mad Hcndx n curil from Tnniiny llurllott's "Wolcoino Tmv- oli.rn' 'party pro»4i urn liolil In Throo morn NM.ii(.('it uiik youllui worn arnonK HIOHO ulliindlnK thti annual ChrlnliniiH da.nco of Thn Hi'voilnrii Tbiii'iiday nlK'hl ill the Country club of Watorbury . . . they aro Hurbura Joan And«i'non, Rimnnll lirlntot nnd Richard Anderson. VVnrdon Harry I,, I 'nrt<T Bpnnt .ynhlnrduy miiinlnu nlmilnx chocliK worth IhoiiKitnilN nf ilollitrH for illHtrlhutlon to Imrotich «inph>y«H. ..It's thn roKiilar pay porloil, hilt it Kood tiling at thlx pnrth ular limn, Jostonians Preserve Literary Traditions Omlon, UJP) F'nw BonloiiliuiB invii hoard of HIM clty'ri CHl)> of )dd Voliirnim fllthiniK'h KM uinm- jershlp list Includcn many name* mnod In tho literary world. Bltuiit.nd at (IlKi trip of historic Wcitint Vornon Hlrixrl mi Roiicoti •till, the club consists of bouklov- I'M who K"n.tho,r for lunc'heon onco i wnok nnd (llnriur oiinn n month. Among other services-, It iimlnlH. om.bprB In C'wniplclInK their col- nctlon of fn.vorlt.o Muthoi'n xvorkn. 'f neccBMiiry, thn club nrlriln llml- od editions of books, wlls tin' oop- "H to -members ami then destroys hn platon, Look And Learn I Which |» till) iiKlimt, mill which .he second oldiml, colloKo ill tlio H. Ft.? '],. Which Klimipoun country bus Lhn mow). InktmV 8. How ninny yards long la the side of a nqunro aero? •). Whlrh ('resident, wim known IIM "Old (Clinch and Itn/idy"? B. Whitt It! the Kroutonl, fiolvonl. of ill 7 Answer* J. Harvard, mill Colloid <>t Wll lliun and Marv. «. IHnlnnd. ,-i. (HI.I57 yitnlB, 'I. SJuclmry Taylor, 5, Wilier. AIIV. Scientists Study Nerve Cell Action Chicago, (UP) - A liimliiuul- wlfo rcnnnrch team ift Hnc-VivorlnK HlKriincant Information on how n nwvi) Uilll loartM', t)i-. Phil H. ShiirrMRW and bin wife, Mnrrlnt., .1'nyirholoKinl (, ul Iho Illlnolf- Irmlitutn of Technology, wort! Uio rirnt to demountrutn K! yours a#o that loft.rnlnK coulrl occur outflldo tho brnln. Work-Inn; with doM,4, fhoy mwfciitiriul Iho rate of li'iii-nlii); of a single nerve coll. Under n, $n,(ino j,rriiNl from Ihn H. ». Pu'hllc llniillh Service, I hoy now hope to lnvuftllK»,t'! fui'l.hnr tho loarnlniK' of M stntflo roll, nnd then nll.oiu|il lo rolnln thin iminll- CMl element to total lr>;tiTiod behavior. Ini! a ruin, ,, A preflnnt, they nrn wttidylnj: the, "are you walking b«liti.vl'oi' of n nplna.) mil nil!, ciiiiKhl liy Mystery Jay Walker Baby Sitting Pay At Large In Tampa Finances Vacation Many thitnlin for tho IIIUN irrnrlliiKH from th» l,iull«m' auxiliary of Nuii^iUnek A merle no l.nnloo poul, No. 17... "Wo, THE MUSIC SHOP Thn doors of Tlllfi MU8KJ 8IIOI clown at. 5:lr> tiinlKlit. W« liopn (.11 I in lii>mi> ul 7. Afli.r illnnnr, we'll itNNort tint Ilnll(ir-i«l(iilt4>i- plln of ninltl colored packiiKc-i under and iiriMind thn ClirUtmnii, This pllo for I'lilna, Mils uroiip for llar- nntt, luirc (N iHotlu.r's Htiu-.k mill iMi »r« dad's. Tho children will ho terribly rilKor and tniiNii with ectjiiKiy. . "Htiould wn iii.rnilt Ihnm to open tholr Klfln now, or wait until tomorrow iiiornliiK:?" IN thn <|iiostl<in. There's u JII.VOOHIIOKH mi IrrnHlHtalili' Impplannn In (In hoiiniihiild. Anoflinr ClirlntmiiB I lii-rni our homo In flllod with "I'risr, on earth, (food will to all man- liliul." »Vi-'ll think of tln< IhouHuiids of r«r<;ord»i, radios mtimlcul hmlru- inc.nts, mimic bojtes, tnlcvlMon nnta nliKi't miinlr which will lirlnn Joy mil iinmh; to many honiim tonlnhi. Anil we'll be thankful thut Till!: MUSIC SHOT, In UN way, WBN part • the Spirit of < hrlHlmi.N. Tnmpn,, Fin. M7P) . A "inv.- I'-i'y jny wnlh<-r" in i-'>Muiln^ i;n- Mll'i'i'lii horn l'l'i|;ninlly liri./ikiii;.: podoHt rin.n sn.frty rocnlaf lonn. T f no IMM'MOM wh'» iKil,- him ;"1-' .faf) tti he-Inn wllh hln holiday ••Imp. phi); fund. M.'M |>nrl. of t.'iU city'.) mif.-iy ciiiiipnli(i) Nil un<< will know th'> liH'iillly (if till! <iffii.:!il Jiiy wiilUm. Ik 1 will ir:i.mj> (hi> <;t.-"nt;i. rro'i.iim: n.|;llln.<| lli:h!« In Illi' in.iilclli ,if 11 I'locll. ami Ki'MlliK 1 '•<!' "f bi-i .-lion Hio «t.rcat Bide. I 'i'dnnl.1 III nil nil •lysli-ry j;>y wnlker " I. i- (lly I'nlUfl I'rtim) A 1',' \cril 0 I,] "j,t ',fr-T-,-in r ,-i| hllhy :-'.ll.l«-l" fi-iiln Mllfnlfl Irtl liy nil 1 1M- f'riy I', •) «'ii<l f*"ii-i'-.:jiinv In I)«)l:m. Tl'XM" j:"lll'.-l Ni"ill hliM hi'I-M Imliy /H filii; l'.v,, nli:),to rri'-h w ••••!» for I h»- |t;if;t vrnr ''nil :i l i:ilf in 'tcdnr lo 'UIVI' IT,•;!!(.(!! lilf r.l'V I , Vl'tlt « tni'iid In T-'X.ii: Hli-. .•ii-i'iininliitxil ,11-^r, :, T id took oil froui N.-..V V,ik lo :i]ir:id 1hr llo."il;iy(; \viUi MIIIK» I'M \Vi-lnr In Hi'- «•••,! I,.-in ..t;:lf STKAM KNdlNK INVKVTOIl ?'•! I^iilin .Ilioi'-r. \\';,H, Iov«-n1', f t)lf< Illodi-rll '•ontli-nnllii; RlMi tin. of ^^(^t»•r of ••onii-mltlon wti&ffiwifflfflt&e&WK^^ HOLIDAY GREETINGS WALTER'S REFRIGERATION Your General Electric Appliance Dealer MAIN STREET BEACON FALLS from all of us to all of you You have Indicated you nro p!oa.sed with our efforts. WM liopn Unit wo iillnll nl- WII.VH continue lo iiorvc you mil Inferiority and Well,

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