The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 30, 1931
Page 7
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riIU_RSp|V, APRIL FOR SJALE-Baby cliltks. Pay this lull. £«; us auout. plan. Marilyn - LUTES - Bankrupt stock of merchandise will ix Hit ulk of Bly- (AUTC.)_COyiUKUNEliVS OUR BOARDING HOUSE CLASSIFIED ADS aua one cent a worn tor each subsequent No adveriiseuu-ui tsien i( Jr j ess i Count the words awl seud tUc cash. AUTHOR-QF HP W.V M jRf • LJ& y V & I: LE-MM£ QE-r OliYA <|? J HEARD vJAS "THAT l &iri-rpuf- MO/.M .' Tdi.S (MUM-feP 3bi*iT COULD T-EEL hllS ICV AROUUD MV MECK AM' lit WAS GAS OM M= ? m:<a.\ IIKIII: TODAY ItKUVL HOUDKN dUcuvrr* lhn< r, JHK.VI: Kvii IK (ilMnnliik' lu eloiic \\(\b 'l(>>niV Wll.SOX. filiK lrlr»i I by \\tl\t |bc a«»UlunL'e u( her Imrhond "ffjutf," 4-n|>ftire him <m the L EY ME <SO DQv'J.'i- -T AMYtHlAKS -, ^ -THE -frU-r WALKS — Birr ~> _ ; VOLJ I " ~\ £M I J r^ -"£:; ruunir)' uhrrc Dcrjl iirRi 1 * him lu I'niiilnur In volti->;v .mj mil Ijrrlik lite if 3T[ of III* a during until, Mil*;, MUl"l\ilA\, .k-r ftlui of his folly, IIrr>l r (k-iujicr ;md call* liliu u M *:m' ntl then drives him liut'lt (u KOVi CO n.V WITH THE STUDY CHAPTER H A WAVE of auger, overwhelming and sav;it;o hi its .tt and gel utt'tiji ivWt it," Irene ji "I think I'd hotter Ixs soltiK to ltd," lit ?:iid when he'd washed tho 3 do«n with Ills adt "You. too, Aunt Km; you look ired." FOR RENT—Aparlment In Ingram bulldm;;. see Parkliurst Company. SC-TF FURNISHED ROOMS — For rent, 512 North First. St. 21C-K1 FOR KENT—2 apartments, 3 rooms bath each, hot and cold water, newly UtccriiteU. 116 Soutli Franklin, Dr. J. A. Saliua. •MC-K1 FOR RENT—Well furnished modern bungalow, 915 He-am. Call 46. ckl FOii RENT—Furnished apartment, 305 Dougan. 28P-K5 WANTED WANTED — T»-o or three room furnished apartment. 'Box- "C". Courier News. 28P-K2 POULTRY WANTED—Mar Ice t prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 'J10 S. Fourth St. 9C-'JTF WANTED _ Family iraslilngs or general housework. Mrs. Dora ilizcll, 2207 18l)\ _St. -. '• TF WATCH'Lutes windows for prizes given .ip-way . Saturday morninir POULTRY WANTED'— Market prices paid at C. L. Bennett Co Feed Co. 210 N. Railroad StVwesl ol courthouse, J, E. Fislier, Phone M. 21C-TF WANTED—Reliable man betwcei ages of 25 and 50 to supply ok established demand tor Rawleigl Products in North Greene county Oilier good localities available' Surety contract required. Company furnishes everything but the car faooti profits for hustlers. Write tin )V. T. -kawleigi] Company, Mem * f:iis, Tenn., or sen me. Dave Ed inrcis, Loachville, Ark. 20C-KS LOST AND FOUND LOSy—White.. Gold Watch Cljjin" Saturday) five f)olla'rs"~He \vara:! Kcturn to Courier. P-K-' FOR {RENT— One'of Shane Apart meiils, on Main Street, in very best condition. A five-room hotis on .Second Street. just freshly dec orated. Telephones 1Q7 and 571. 28C-K' TERSONAL CARS WASHED, Greased. Top Dressed, Bodies.Polished, 50c eacr job. Bob King, 417 W. Ash. 28P-K EDGAR COLEMAN — or anyon knowing of his whereabouts please write John Forshawe, S Louis, -Mo., General Delivery. 28P-K LUTES Bankrupt stuck for rca values Saturday, morning. 20C-K swept over Hci'j'l wilJi 'T'oiniuy'b' words. She could have takcu in her thin brown hands shaken Jiim as n terrier shakes ;i rat. But tlio practice of restrntni kept |ior standing silent, watUug with bated breath for Irene's answer. Irene, lauglied— a dramatic, taunt- Ing laugh. Tlieii, "That's all there Is to is it? Just like tliat! *Irene, vili you conic with me?"' she mocked. "You've BOt a ner\-e, Tommy Wilson, to ask mo tbat ivhen all 1'vo lieard out of you (or keening mo waiting here is a lot of crazy talk about a gang of kids kidnapping you. ' A Lot one, that is!" liim llioro v'::i'. n n (>-. but Ireiii 1 — Irviii! v. .. away marriage-. h;:l in (jink chiffon t.'.'.d and looked for all tl;j wor.M ii'i;e ; 1.! •!:: ;vov'i.i ! up for liim. He hid lits Euttcase . (nv a run- 1 under Ilio ]:orcU hammock bofore tv-it :HT.-?|( i he Mont in. tiien forced himself to picture luii ; ::.\i?(?nfi :t checr/ul air. Dresden doll. (Or .u least wouM when lier ;ui:-:cr subside "Let 1 .-; i;a," TuMuny she lie too late lo catcli n tniiu to Xe\v York at all." "You can take Water Jlaliy." llcryl offered, inelemlina to forget | onrul ° nml Einscrenans." Ilia Aunt thai Irene had voweii never lo riJc i Em said, gelling uji heavily from in tlio ralllcly old car. "Anyway, I the armchair tliat Ueryl liail cov- She paused and turned to Beryl. I wliero arc you going in New York? "But If I'd known thai you vrero j You can't be married lonfelit." I "Early to lied anil early to rise," he uc-sau. anil "For some old ladies !s veiy unwise," she finished, for "Hut really, Aunt Em. . . ." "Conic, lot's have a snack of lem- ertd In chintz during the jliovt lie- NO1ICE: THE ANNUAL SCHOOL ELECTION WILL BE HELD IN MISSISSIPPI COUNTY on May 16, 1031.' Electors will vote on Local District Tax, lor Local School Directors and for County Board Members.-mid any oilier question (hat may. bo submitted by the Local Directors. I £AL B. HARRISON, | President County Board ot \ Education. J. F. Tompkins, Secretary County Board of Education. 20-30 WASHED GRFASED: EATON AND SON Plitnc 700 ;,Main & olli SI FAY 0. DAVIS Atnatcr Kent Wcalcr rhonc «I Invest With Safety G"' paid quarterly o?) full paid slock, ?100 and up. Guaranteed by first inoi'lgflKB loans on homes in Jjlytlicvillo. Secured and Insured. Biytheville Building & Loan Association W. M. Burns, Sec. mixed up in It I'd have believed him If he'd said wolves had got liliu." As Trcno faced her sister, flaming with outraged pride, Beryl's auger against Tommy abated. Sue could not blame liim so much, after all. Irene was magnificent when in a rase—the only f.s:« that ulie was anything but insipid in Beryl's estimation. Her blue eyes \vere dark and flashing, and tliera was lite with a thousand facets revealed iu her furious gestures, in tlic play of emotion uijon her features, in tiie • red 'of 'Irer moblfo', trembling -lips. "if. only he were not equally infatuated with the marstimallnw Irene I could forgive him," IJeryl thought. "Well," she said to Irene, "now that you know H was all my fault ivliy don't you 50 with Tommy?" She was suddenly weary. If Tommy couldn't ))c stopped—he i couldn't. It was all «ri to Irene now—and it would be a relief to know bow it was going to end. "I'll tell you why!" Irene exclaimed, her fury still at a high pitch. lint now she was .directing her attack at Tommy. "You wouldn't tell on her. would you'! Just a gang of kids! 1 might have known whose gaim." she added bitterly, a whole album of memories in which Beryl's young friends had played a iurt rushing to her mind. "JJEIIYL looked nt Tommy. Queer. •*-' funny Tommy. So he bad tried to slitcid her. Her eyes tlianlied him, though b» did not ECO it. For Closing Stock Prices A. T. & T. 181 7-8 Anaconda Copper 30 1-2 Aubuin Auto 213 Chrysler .....' 18 3-8 Cities Service 151-2 Continental Ilaking 12 1-1 General Electric 43 7-8 General Motors 41 Montgomery Ward 18 1-4 New York .... M 1-1 Packard 11-2 Radio Corp 103-4 Simmons IJcds 13 1-2 Texas Corn 22 3-4 U. S. S'.ccl I'M Her voice was earnodt, and Tommy answered lier. "We'ro going to friend of Irene's." lie said, '|so \re can get down to city hull and Ije married first thing in the morning." "Oil, wo are, arc we?' 1 Jreno Jibed. "Well, wo'rc not. You can't treat me like this and get away with It." "Poor Tommy," Beryl murmured softly, "just because you wouldn't Hod that B!IC was u iirotessional decorator. The business had been going 'iiiite ufccly, too, but it didn't synchronize witli her duties as earlier in Everett's Grocery. Bo- tivccn the two even TJei-yl s:ivv that it would cause Jess disturbance pen. craliy to let tho interior ing go. And anyway, she'd only spoil a sninll amount of money for the mail order course she'd taken Jearn 'vimt sho lt:icw o! the nro- tcll on me." . [fusion. \YhIlo oti the oilier liaml, Toinniy's temper, wbioli until i as site pointed out to hor^elf, "Look now Imd Iiccii donnaut. vras slight- it Hie yt\irs I've spent learning; tho [y nrou?ed, "Don't be foolish," lie s.iid sharply lo Irene, and right there his chance of coaxing her" into a good humor went ^limmcniig. To have him anything but linmble and pJeadius in JJeiyl's presence was more ili;i!i Irene would tolerate. It nil ondctl with the elopement t icing iiKk-finitely postponed nnd Tommy going home, loin between di?aiv lioTntiticnt and aiiRer toward Meryl. She ofiovoti to drive him bnck but he igoorcd her completely as he Flrotle ont o£ the room Hi high The sweet ECPIIIS of the niglil and (he serenity of a~p?Ue nioou ineaiu itothiim to him us he stalkcil moort- ily down the tre-j-lined street to his ai;ut'5 lioitHO. Of course Irene had shown a. lot of temper—but who coulil blame her will', a sister like that? The kifi ad nlwayd boon bosse laddered liy tho oldor sislcr. and Why. if only hnif tho things she told him were ti ue, J:e wondered that she hadn't left home to make her own way in the world. Ioi:s ago. * « » VV/Hl-'X he rcnchud home he saw '* a liiihl in the- living room and cuc?£Ctl that his aunt way 1 grocery business." "I wonder, is there anything wrong at the Evcrclts'?" Mrs. Hoffman remarked when she and Tom my sat down al the kitchen table fb'r their "snack." .'Tommy save her n st.irlled lonir "AYrongV" he repeated in ahrm. blic nodded. ".Mrs. Kvcreti cullci me up aljuiit an hour ago." she said "and asked for yon. Said It \\t\si\'- anythhis important, Imt I though it was sinn^e, her calling liko that If It Imd licen one oC the girls. . . ." "I SIK«S nothiu^'s wroup," Tommy iiiUTJoclcd. "I was", tticro n j little v.-lale a:4L>. Kimla (ale. Mst, Slip. Hoffman usually complained of fct'UKK lived wliau she'd tost sleep. Tonuny rjulio often saved ilmsvlf a lecture by talking her uto toir.g lo bed. She got ni> now ami lumborcd ibout, ii'jtiiug tlie dishes lu the. sink for the girl who catno In lo tier, to wash in the morning. She, herself, couldn't do much lousewurk any more but there was no need of It, for she could afford n maid. This fact drew attention away from her growing helpless- 33 ami no nnc realized sh'j was really a sk-k woman — not even Aunt Km herself. e . While she busied lierselt -In tbo kitchen Tommy bai) a chaneo to retrieve iiis siiUcase." but be had for- Koilc-u M about It and wen I up- tHirrf without it. '•Kc iliil not go lo bed at once, fnr sj£cp was far from lil.s r>v M . Tho nnjht was pleasantly warm— or coijl— just rlglit lor sitting by an opf-n window, as Tommy did. writing out his loneliness lo Irene. lie coojii see her, lie said, a lovely crcu- lufe wilh her bloi^d curls tpreacl ouLui'On her pillow. Crying — was s!i| crying? He didn't wnnt her to suffer, but ho hoped she Wls as mis- ei fibfe us he. ilavlng linisbcil tiie letter Tommy sat smoking Innumerable clg- arjfts. his head iu bis hrimis. his •os ot BOOTS AJND HER BUDDIES By Martifj WHAT'S THK USE? mmd filled with lovely picture: lr|be—soft, alluring Irene. V.']iei> at lp.~t eleesi overpowered iin'l hi! tossed about restlessly an. I Tied out from his dreani3. It v.-as some of thaboys atdivtt forn "°i " tlltl lhc w '^" staM llollr3 "' ride wilh them" I 1 ' 19 niorning that his mind gtc\v "Nonv of that tough Larkin out- • '" l!et ; " 111 lle s1 " 1 soundly. fit I hope, Tommy?" Shortly after that ho was awnk- The=er;' Cl1 bl '" is llnclc ' s a '" m c!ocl: '" ' Tommy "Xaw. Ilia Aunt Emma «r to make .^e, "Li's so I ,,id ° , '"'. Ht; at . o aElccp a ' !a " 1 - genlly, "and when you're young is wticn your mistakes count muuh. SoiiK'umes yon have to live with Ihcm all your life." 1 lcst get rpOMMY stirred -*- ow.ilicwcd tlie last ot his giu-' , Tiicu he remctuberc.:l, wilii exas- ° r F0 |r:ratir^ clearncsii, his suifrasc 0:1 . fronL porch. He clipped on', ol j : >;i], threw on n drcfsing gown a»J • ficjit to the door. When he ojicncfl uneasily, aililiit. it was fuil in Itid Aunl limma's FUECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS \\U6E HEVP YOU MCE N'vjfWv Vrt VKKE. , , \'M io«>' ! v'vre. ?-,«,? -AM' Tutx'u. 'at WESJJE: f\K.Y MINUTE -DOW'T FARBAR?? ' -.^'.^CAPTAMJ,THAWS /,)/ DOfiTMGMTIO^" -•'•[V IT.....LOTS 6000 tfi l lb ' ;)-'i! -"s-^ • '•:'! '•! ^:M By BIosscji New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. April 30. (UP) — Cotton closed barely ftcady. Open High Low Ciosc May 083 989 9G7 D77 July 1003 1010 988 998 Oct 1Q33 1041 1022 103-1 Ucc 1056 10C4 10A6 1056 Jan 107S lOiB 1OJ3 1007b Mar 1093 1091 1035 1037b S|»ts quiel at 032, cff 10. New York Cotton NEW YORK, April 30. |UI')Cotton closed barely steady. Oiren High Low Close May .... !>71 !>81 ,%4 D75 1001 1005 !!37 !!07 1037 1043 1021 10:!4 lOfiO 1065 104H 1057 Oct. .. nee. ... Jan. ... Mar. ... 1070 1075 1057 1032 1005 1077 1033 Spots (inict at 075, oil 5. Offers Ikirgiiin Marriusr Trice JACKSON, Tcnn.. (tin Dr. I. N. Pcnick of Union Univrr.Jiiy. Jackson College, said recently lie w-otcid marry one coii|i!e for 15 «n(s or two lor 2o. The reason for the drattlc cut he said was Lhe ."depresElon."- .'A' To Z ASOOT THIS FELtovl THAW ~WS "POLIC6 DO COU'-D ~)t)0 PotWT OUT IP \tou SAW i snu. CAHT THAT FAHSAR VJAS 6ACK in s^Aovsioe AMD TWAT ROBV.-H1E OOGHTA THAT PIcTOSE TO TICKET AS6MT AT UOW£ AM' SSC IF- HE SAVS IT V'AS THE \ A&3OT FAR3AR...HEC6 8V , THE CRoo'< MJVO AS A CPJIPPLg ASlD STot-S OLD .V. PRICELESS WAS BEEW /V HEAR. OF H!fA AMY/A0.7E .'. AS rJO(J£ OTH6S2. T«AT FARBAR.. ...nvs WASH TUliliS / SMO 1 . UCMN ^ VON' (\SK 1.VE.WOVJ 1 VC.KOU}- 1 . OES' KNO'^S. / C'-.^ \00 TELL? A t\\\. C€M Stfc GULLS FLVlN' TOVJ'DS LW- WT! f 'V-*EPE !WT WEM/ ONESl&N. EM «W06 I SMEU IT, t PONNO. WViA |-> OiNUOO OF BO UMTll WTCiN SIGHT OF LAND. f- PiX'aSES, HE ; WO SQUlMTlNiO ' A\OSEV ALOKiG AM FISH A SPELL- ENT NO USE ) TP-VlN' TO SNtAVJ ID TILL PiHRK 1 its' F£EL VT. BOT VT'S A'C^^^lM; VOtl MlfJ£ WOT I S^Y > IT'S SHO IJy Crane aSfSSScZ^iiSf-'' •i\'^5-'5?SfeH>;^^. r 3i™«=5U«— ' "^'"^y^v.'Ejj reows i ONLV THE ^*X !

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