The Times from San Mateo, California on February 28, 1933 · Page 2
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The Times from San Mateo, California · Page 2

San Mateo, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 28, 1933
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE SAN MATEO TIMES AND DAILY NEWS LEADER TL'ESIUY. FKBKt'AUY IV. Lenten Service Announced for :S.M. Churches Ground Breaking of Golden Gate Bridge Photo ihans Mayor Anjdo Rani of San Francisco di«lflr up the first earth for the Gate bridge, uiinf th« golden chord produced for the ffroand-breabmr mejaowe*. At left is Jo. itph JJ. Strauu. chief tajinwr. In center is \V. I 1 . Filmer, bridfe district president. The took place Sunday. , * Spec la! icrvice? will be held in San Matto aid Bu.-lingame churches thioughout the six week period of Lent which l.*gin* tomorrow, Ash Wednesday. . St. Matthew's Catholic church. San Mateo, will begin its obstrv- Wicfe of Jnt with masses tomorrow morning at seven, eight, and tiine o'clock. Special services \vil! be held on Wednesday nights at 7 o'clock and on Wednesday and Friday nights at 8 o'clock throughout Lent. . Paulist Fathers will preach a t j St. Matthew's tomorrow, Thurs-i day and Friday nights at 8 o'clock, j " Services for fchool children will j Be conducted every afternoon at 4i o'clock. ·'. The Episcopal Church of St. Matthew, San Mateo, -will hold its first Lenten service and holy communion at 11 o'clock tomorrow i rooming. An evening service will' be conducted at 8 o'clock. i ^ Special evening prayer services' Including addresses by the pastor, ijill be held each Tuesday at 4 p. m. during Lent. Services for school children have been arranged for every Thursday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. ^ Special Lenten services in Grace Lutheran church, 319 San Mateo drive, will be held every Wednesday night at 8 o'clock, beginning tomorrow. A series of sermons will be delivered by the pastor. · r The Lenten schedule announced fjy St. Paul's Episcopal church, Burlingame, begins with a penitential office and address at 10:30 a. rii. tomorrow. -. There will be holy communion and an address on the Twelve Disciples on Friday mornings 10:30; sermons on the Ten Commandments at 11 o'clock every Sunday morning, and' choral even songs with the Rev. Kenneth Vial of the Church of the Advent, San Francisco, in the pulpit, every Sunday night at 7:45 o'clock. Three States Okeh Freezing Bank Deposits By United Prtss. Thne sUtw. Pennsylvania Ar- kinui and Ohio, authorized tmtr- j geocy banking status during the ·night by hurriedly passed legisla- | tion enabling banks to limit withdrawals by depositors. In Maryland, bankers and legis- I latora wera unable to agree on the form of similar legislation, and . the bank holiday declared by Gov- I emor Albert C. Ritchie, scheduled ' to end tomorrow, was extended until Thursday to give time for leg' islative action. In Delaware- Governor Buck was expected to sign three legislative bills passed last night that would allow "freezing" of bank deposits should such action become neces- Teachers Told to Cheer Classrooms Riots Bring New Canadian Prison Rules in honor of their candidate. Now that their chance was here, this is what they saw: One hundred thousand tourists shouldering their way into hotels in o vain search for rooms. Notices that 260,000 visitors in all would be in Washington before President-elect Roosevelt becomes president in fact on Saturday. Miles of white-washed p i n e stands which made tbe heart of Washington look like a county fair and which turned Pennsylvania --Investigation after a series of riots in Canadian penitentiaries, resulted in a prope into living conditions in Canadian penal institutions* - AB a result, the department Of justice has .made a series of changes in prison rules. They are an follows: ^One. The silence rule is to be amended and well behaved convicts may be permitted to talk to each 6|her in a normal conversational t«ne during prescribed periods. "Two. Electric lights in cells and dormitories- to he increased to not less than 25 watts in cells and 60 watts an dormitories to permit reading without undue eye .strain. ;Three. The present resul»tiun regarding cropping of hair or shaving the head is to be repealed and convicts will be permitted what is known as a military or short haircut. Any convict wlio has made an escape or has attempted to escape shall be required ,to have his head close cropped. .'Four. Convicts, who use tobacco, shall be given an allowance of one-eleventh of a pound per week and the convict shall have the cjjoico of pipe tobacco, or fine cut tobacco for cigarettes and cigarette papers will be supplied. The c6nvict who uses chewing tobacco shall be allowed one-eleventh of a pound every two weeks and smoking tobacco every two weeks. Scout Mexico Border For Fleeing Chinese NOGALES, Ariz., Feb. 28.--(LP) --Border patrol and immigration officers were ordered today to be on guard for Chinese refugees from the west coast of Mexico, ·fleeing from wrathy residents there. Renewal of r.prittition against Chinese merchants and colonists has resulted in the dctcn- CAPITAL IN GALA DRESS, SET FOR INAUGURATION WASHINGTON, Feb. 28.--«P)-- other coat of white paint, hut gay Washington's s o u t h e r n c a l m turned into kaleidoscopic bustle today as the nation prepared for the inauguration of a new president. Democrats had waited 12 long years for a chance to look with iride upon a Washington bedecked avenue into an bowl. elongated Yale Detectives watching all incoming trains for gentlemen with possible anarchistic tendencies. The White House, in need of an- none the less with yellow crocuses in the flower beds. Bright Spots In Business NEW YORK, Feb. 28.--(IP)-Business failures during the week ended February 23 were 10.4 per Red, white and .blue bunting j cent f ewer than in the cor respond- brave m the breeze, but already a inff week of 1932 R. G. Dunn Co. reported. little bedraggled from rain. The republican weather man predicts snow for Saturday. Bear Admiral Carey T. Grayson, head of the inaugural cnmTnit- te,e at his telephone saying "no." Seats for the parade range in price from $2 to ?7, depending on now close they are to Mr. Roosevelt's seat, which Grayson says will- be the only free chair on Pennsylvania avenue. "Standing room only" signs at M all the theatres and free beer dated Oil corporation. (near) at one fur all who could get inside. Keepers of second rate hotels asking $15 a day for rooms clown the hall from the bath. Republicans dropping in to say sad good-byes to President Hoover, who is going fishing as soon as his successor is inducted into office. INFLATION 'SHOT IN ARM/ AL TELLS SENATE BODY WASHINGTON, Fob. 28.--(IP)-Alfred E. Smith, more dignified and serious than in recent appearances at the capital, warned the sennte finance committee today tliat currency inflation was only "a shot in the arm" which would injure rather than help the country. Smith favored recognition of the 4Soviet government of Russia, saying "thareis no use trading with them under cover." "We're doing in under cover through the Amtorg," he said. Smith urged enactment of a 1 per cent manufacturers' sales tax to help balance the budget so that "the government would be able to throw in a white chip whenever it needed it." After a breezy entrance, when he tossed his browji derby and overcoat on the fireplace mantle in the committee room, Smith settled down to a serious discussion of the national situation. Ho favored lower interest rates on Reconstruc- tion Finance Corporation loans, a speeding up of government functions and a public bond issue to finance the building of public roads. "I'm against cheapening the dollar by reducing the amount of gold in it, or cinage of silver or the issuance of nnv kind of fiat money," Smith said. "Federal highway money is the most efficient aid for unemployment. You get quickest action that way." He said that in spite of labor saving machinery GO per cent of the money spent for road building goes to labor. Smith favored lowcr ( tariffs through war debt reduction.agree- ments. He condemned publication of Reconstruction Finance corporation loans to banks. "In the rural sections of my state when people saw that their banks were 'coming to Washington for aid, those banks were in trouble," he said. I Philippines Open To Attack, Claim WASHINGTON, Feb. 28.--(LP) --Warning the United States to nvoid connection with any arms tion"of more than 166 'refugees | embargo against Japan and China, Senator Lewis, (T)cm.), Ill,, said in the senate today that the Philippines "could be made the subject of immediate assault if cither country were offended. Lewis said that not on]y wua true- of Japan nnti China, but "of their ally, Soviet Uussiit." here during the past \vouk, offi- · cials said. Most of the refugee were said to be from the state of Sinaloa, where the anti-Chincne campaign hns been particularly active. . o : An inventor hns combined u trouble lamp, cigar lighter and \v5hd8hield heater in a new automobile accessory that can he attached to a dashboard or steering post. BALANCE YOUR BUDGET BY BARTER Good Used Cars EVERY CAR THOROUGHLY RECONDITIONED Every car backed by an honest guarantee. Mi:i:: 3tudr. IMrfntor Se-d. iu;ii Pont in o u spi. cuuitr. -1:1.1 11HTO ^**tt n Ctuir, Coopc.. '.'0.1 Ifiaa Port] Sport C o n p e . . . . im ISSNHuIrk 0-47 He4in :tl5 11^7 S Hide. 1MB (1 ScdNii.. N^ Hi-7 tlilp U Stdnn IIS 1\)'M Clir)»lrr TO i ' d n r b . . . 85 mar, ^H^l\ spec, « Conch.. 0.1 IQS1 Uulrk Utnnd. 0 Vie.. 4S I02fl nulfk Seilnn 17.1 JOHN D. CLARKSON. Inc. iRAlUM MOTOR CARS, GENERAL RKrAlHS, AVASHIKG, POLISHING. LDBK1CATION 105 Third Avo. Sftn Mateo Phone 2244 Inmates Keep Busy In Prison Kitchen COLUMBUS, 0., Feb. 21 --OP) --In Ohio's penitentiary, builc to house 1800 prisoners and now accommodating 3300, the preparation of food is a major industry keeping busy nearly 200 prisoners.. Every process necessary--from butchering to baking--is performed. The sentencing of good baker for a long term, is greeted with joy among the prisoners for each day 2000 loaves of bread must be baked and twice a week 8000 doughnuts uro made. If the cooks turn out to be the usual jovial, good-natuvud type, found frequently among chtifs, he might, on occasion, throw in a sugar cookie. Enough coffee to float a small boat--1000 gallons HIT. prepared daily. The piece d'.resistance is provided by the 000 hoga and one lonesome cow butchered each day. o BALANCE YOUR BUDQET BY BARTER BOSTON-- A new ?85,000 power plant will be built by the American Hide and Leather company in connection with its tannery at Lowell, Mass., it was announced. NEW YORK-- Issuance of construction contracts costing approximately $100jOQO was announced today by Sinclair Refining company, marketing subsidiary of Consoli- NEW YORK-- New. York Central railroad reported January net income of $1,455,828 against Sl,207,144 in January, 1932. Ford Plans for Bank Aid Hit Series of Snags DETROIT, Feb. 28.-- (IP)-- The momentous plans of Henry Ford to rehabilitate the Detroit, banking system were entangled today in a series of vapid fire complications, involving elements of mystery, high finance and an appeal to Senator James Couzens by "the citizens of the' state." , Ernest G. Liebold, for many years secretary to Ford and his fiscal agent, was missing, police said, and an automobile identified as his was reported seen 1GO miles northeast of Detroit. Almost simultaneously, the Guardian National bank of Dearborn announced receipt of a letter, from Liubold offering his resignation as a director. The letter, had been mailed at Pontiac. The Detroit News said Ford's plans to reorganize two banks in Detroit had been complicated by refusal of New York bankers to grant a $20,000,000 loan to aid the plan. Magic Fails to Stop Explosion MEMPHIS, Feb. 21.-- (IP)-- The numbers, charms, alchemy and Hindu magic all failed to protect Dr. D. W. Medcalf and -his disciple, Ralph Epstein, when a vast pan of mineral salts went sky high as a small gasoline stove exploded. One of Dr. Medcalf's three diplomas bears the signature and turbaned likeness of Dr. L. W. de- Lnurenco, alchemist, and master of Hindu occultism. Epstein is a mimerolngist by calling:. "I had a premonition of the explosion," Epstein admitted, "I was doing some work and had just called to the doctor, 'This would be a terrible day for something to happen, with all- these numbers showing up,* and then it seemed like the house suddenly jumped off its foundations, and everything was on fire." TWIN FALLS, Idaho, Feh. 21.-(IP)--Women teachers convening here received this advicFfrora W. D. Vincent, commissioner of education: "Bring cheerfulness to your community, your appearance and your schoolroom. Put on one of those bright, well fitting knit sweater- suits; ram one of those cocky hats with a quill shooting out at a 45- degree angle on your head; some fading rouge to your f ,, cheeks; odd a little color to your lips, and swagger forth to bring radiance to your classroom.'* Rolph (Continued from Pate One) determine whether or not the state will approve the congressional resolution to repeal the- eighteenth a mendnent* ^t is my earnest desire that you give your immediate attention to enactment of appropriate legislation," the governor stated, "so that the people of California may be among the first to be accorded the opportunity to express themselves upon this proposed constitutional amendment, the adoption of which in my judgment is of paramount importance to the welfare of this state." The governor's third message requested the house and assembly to memorialize congress requests passage of two reclamation " bills. esting relief San Francisco Stock Market :: 4 9H 81 H MORNING- SESSION Sal«E. Bid. .... Alaska Juneau .... 11H ...;AssocIatid Ins .-... 1 .... Atlas Diesel Hug.. 1%' .... Bank of Calif 102 SOD Bond Sliare l?i 300 Byron Jackaon ... 1 Calif Copper .... Calif 3n 200 Calif Packlnc ,. 10 Cal West States I-if 20 .... Do Vot Pool ...'.. 13 .... Caterpillar Tractor 5^i ..'.. Clorox ' J Z */·· .... Cat Cos G E pfd. 70Vi .... Cons Chemical IS'/s .... Crown ZcMerbach.. 1 .... Do A p(d 7 Do B 7 Emporium Corp ... -H .... Eldorado Water ... 1H = 5 Firemen's Fund Inn 39 .... Pood Machinery..,. 5-" 1 ! Foster . Kleiser.. 1 .... Gnlland Lftundry... l£6 .... Genl Paint A 1 . . . . Do B .... Golden State Milk.. 3»i .... Hale Bros 6 .... Hawaiian C t S... 2S .... Home Fire . Mar.. 20U .... Honolulu Cons Oil.. 8 H u n t Bros Packing: l*i .... Jam sen K n i t Mills. 2 .... LangcnOorf A 4 U Do B 1 .... Lelsluon Indus A . . . ',» .... Do B .... Leslie Salt .... L A O ft B p f d . . . . .... Magnayox .... Magnin 1 com .... Do pfd Mai-chant C a l c u l n t . . 10 North Amr Inv 5 a 10 Do 6s pfd North Aroer OH.... Occidental Ins Oliver Filter A Do B .... Pac Q B com.... 800 Do 6* pfd 400 Do 5^3 .... Pac Li en tins com.. 395 Do 6s pfd .... Pac Public Service. Do pfd 70 Pac T T c o m . . . . GO Do pfd 100 Paraftlne Co .... Rainier P t P Jtichfleld Oil .... Do pfd .' .... Rr.os KroH .... Do pfd SJ 1.. P pr pfd 6*. De - Schli. Do 100 Shell _ Sherman Clay .... Southern Pac R R . . I'Jti .... SP Gtt "A" 4-i .... Do B !^ .... Sprinp Vnl Water. 3»S 1000 Standard Oil of Cal 20 .... T i d t - u a i r Assort Oil S'i .... T r a n a c o n t i n e n t l Oil 2 J .j 1900 Transamcrica 4 ?t 100 I'nion Oil of Oil... fl 1 ^ ·400 I ' n l t c d A i r c r a f t 17'5 Westorn I'lpo Stl 5l f s i n g e r A nfii l Union O H . . . About People and Events NEW YORK, Feb. iS.-«lP)--Du- veen Brothers, art dealers, nounced today they would lent three famous paintings, one never before exhibited in this country, to the international art exhibition being arranged bv the Chicago Art institute for the Century of Prog- reu exposition -:ext cummer. The paintings are: Titian's "Venus and the Lute Player," which will have its first American exhibition in Chicago; Rembrandt's "Aristotle Before a Bust of Homer," and Gainsborough's "A Landscape With a Bridge." PARIS, Feb. 28.-lP-Chance! lor Adolf Hitler of Germany in tend] to visit Premier Mussolini 01 Italy in Rome sometime during the week of March 26, the Petit Pari lien aaid today. PARIS, Feb. -28.--(IP)--Harold Smith, representative of Will Hays head of the American motion pic ture industry, announced today that the Yugoslav government had lifted a ban against American films. A law which prevent: American companies from showing films unless'they are made in Yugosla via will be repealed before April 1 Smith said. LOS ANGELES, Feb. 28.--(IP)-Preliminary hearing of a statutory charge against Sidney Blackmer actor and former husband of Le nore Ulric, was to continue in mil nicipal court today with Bernice Bach, 17, asserted victim, as chief witness. Under cross-examination the girl admitted having been mar ried "for about two hours" in Hex ico to Allen Zeldman, and.also tha she had used various names bere LOS ANGELES, Feb. 28.--«B-- Accused of shooting his friend, Dr Clair Wilson, Dr. George Anthony Zorb, Hollywood physician, today faced preliminary hearing on a charge of assault with intent to murder on March 1C. Police caused his arrest despite the fact Dr. Wilson exonerated his friend, claiming the shooting was accidental. Dr Wilson was in a serious condition today. LAS VEGAS, Nev., Feb. 28.-LP--Dr. A. C. Harris, chief of the Boulder City hospital, was stricken last night with appendicitis. His friend, Dr. Clarence G. Toland chartered an airplane in Los An geles and three hours later per. formod a successful operation on Dr. Harris. The surgeons attended Kansas City Medical college. KETCHIKAN, Alaska, Feb. 28 --(IP)--The fishing boat Reliance with four men aboard, was sough by the coast guard cutter Alert- to day as storms which sank one ves sel with a loss of four lives gradu ally subsided. Wreckage of the seine boat, Golden Gate, was founi fifteen miles north of here after i had been missing since Thursday An Indian and his three sons hai perished. The Reliance, commandei by Capt, Carl Blenheim of Seattle disappeared Friday. Hans Edson and Petty Thrue of Seattle were also on board. SAN FRANCISCO DAIRY AND PRODUCE BIARKETS SAN FHANCISCO. Cal.. Feb. l'S.~ Wholesale lot prices, released 4 p m., Feb. 27: BUTTER--92 ecore, 20e; 91 ficore lc; 90 score. 19c. EOGS- Extra large, IS^ie; medium, 13 %c: small, loHc. CHEESE--IOC. POULTRY--Leghorn h«na. all atz es. 13c: colored, under 5 Ibb., 15i^l6c 5 Iba. and over, 14c. Leghorn broil era, 12-17 Ibs. per doz.. ITSJUSc: 18 24 Ibs. per doz., 15@16c. Fryers leffhorn, over 2 Iba., TEc; colored Ul) to 3 Ibs., 156E16C. Roasters, col- ornd. 3H to 4 Iba.. 19§20c; over 4 Iba.. I9^20c. Roosters, old leghorn BC7c; colored. 8ifi9c. SQUABS--All sizes, 22c. RABBITS--Domeatit-, u n d e r E Iba TfifBc: S lb«. and over. 5@6c. TURKE7S -- Young: fancy torn; 14@loc; young fancy dressed hens DUCKS--Nominal. Mushroom Fertilizer B»t food obtainable for intrden tied lima. We UellTer or fill jour track. . Call Golden State Mushroom Co! Phune Redwood 357. Collect . Yd Che ker Cab BALANO£VOUR BUDGET BY BARTER NERVES AND FOCAL INFECTIONS By The Clinic of the Air M. D. Tomorrow afternoon at 1:45 sharp, a lecture illustrated with lantern slides will .bo given in the hull at the corner of Park and- Howard streeU, Burlingamc. The lecture and il~ f lustrations have been prepared by The Clinic of the Air physician, and answer scores of questions. This lecture will deal more especially with Focal Infections nnd nil n« 'cordially invited to attend. Dial KUX from fl:SO to IO;15 nny Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Monday morning for further information concerning health and health £ ^A MODERNS PERMANENTS AH the newest modes . . · ihp moat srientific appliances . . , the most s k i l l e d operators. You need not fear the March winds if you take advantage of our combination f a c i a l and scalp treatment. Harper Method BEAUTY SHOP 157 Second Avc. ' Phone 712 War * * * , {Continued Iroin S'as« Ost} ancse force of -1000 men has left Shanhaikwan to reinforc* the at-! tacking ainiy operating against Chengtehfu urxJ the southern Jchol sector, aocordint; tu military infor-, inaiion received at the Chines* headquarters today. A force of only 500 Nipponese his been left to guard the city at the extremity of the Great Wall. IViping was calm today, but a spirit of unresi has attacked the Chinese residents, who are digging themselves into "bomb proof dugouts in their back yards. Amusement places are deserted and trade is at a standstill. Poison Gas Used, Charge Motor trucks and mule cars have been commandeered by the military authorities, and consideration was being given to civilian's petitions for the construction of a system of trenches along the city walls, with, dugouts for protecting against expected air raids. PINGCHUAN, (Chinese general staff headquarters), Jehol. Feb. 28.--CIP)--Gov. Tang Yu-Lra reported from Chengteh today that thethe Japanese operating in the Chaoyang areas are dropping poison gas from airplanes. Confirmation from this side of the line was impossible. PARIS, Feb. 28.--(IP)--American influence in the League of Nations operated against Japan and prevented a satisfactory conclusion of the Sino-Japanese dispute, Yusoke Matsuoka, chief of the Japanese delegation to the League of nations, said today. BALANCE YOUR BUDGET BY BARTER SECOND MORTGAGE DEATH SULLIVAN, Ind., Feb. 2S.--(U" --Oral Re*dy, Uumera, died UWJL\ . second victim of a fight which rt- tuJted from an attempt to UIH-K a farm mortgage foreclosure sale. Rwdy's father, Andy, 65, died las: week of injuries suffered in UM outbreak. Statistics i Uall«l» pfmlf (»r Ja»Mir. llc ^ ! .Sar. Mateo--111.$00; homes z. Burllmrame--15175; bo mm 1. |)nll4lBK **rwll«_ »laT J"-- 1_* J BurllnnniB--$9S7; home* 1. l»rrMll» i*Mir4 Blue* Feb. 1. 1SO3; |3I,S!!; homes *. . IVroUlK iMWd F*k. ST. lW3t Sin Mxeo--M. L. Wapjoncr. \' dlreratIons to home, 611 bfcond uv- urUncam*--None. COUNTY RAINFALL Rainfall for the psxt 24 hours x UP to S o'clock thla morning unless " erwififl noted. Season to date 13,11 Incht.s Normal season total S0.4S Invlien Mill* FIrl4 Wuitkcr Bni«*a St**on to date 10.80 inches This date Ja«t year 19.71 inches Hednooil City Seadon to date 9.EO irn:he Tliis data la»t year i?.3Sincht-3 | Vital Statistics j MAHHIAGK LICENSES Roy Anton Gunxenhauser. 3(. ami Kdith M. Fuller, 24, both of San Bruno. Luclen Groult, 44, and Rose Co- qufn, 15. both of San Mateo. Carroll Eusiell, JS, and Elizabeth Kldwell. 28, both of Palo Alto. NOTICES OP IXTEXTION Earl Krlstensen, 25, and Gladys Cornel!, 18, both of San Francisco. ' DIVORCE! GKJLXTKD Tully from Peter Pavloa. final decree, cruelty. BALANCE YOUB BUDQET BY BARTER Bonnvs M a r k JBenny's Pre-Lent Specials |Cash and Carry Specials for Tucs^ Wed., Thurs. BABY BEEF ROAST n Swift'* Gort. Rtanipet baby beef steer pot ron*t I STEAKS, Ib.....l6i* I SIrlolB. fendertolB. lap reud. I inltt'm tort, mtmmcfi. {Beef Stew 2 Ibs. 25tf I BABY BEE*' -- Bouleu, real I lean Veal Cutlets, Ib. 24^ I Sm*ll rib lol«, dellclom Pork Chops lb.l7'/2 U. 8. corf, ·tamped. Swift'* HAMS, Ib "--·" Young Hens, ea. VEAL ROAST Cut from fcr Hunt milk ted SAUSAGE Ib lO I COL'.VTKY--Pure pork neat | Frankfurters Ib 14M4 Xo t-ereal*. Sir if CM or Frank ' LARD, each SHvrrlenf---round carton* Cottage Rolls ea. 49* Wonderful to fry or bake,' ItOTM? BACON, Ib 19^? I SHwa, CTU.kf. 1'nHInn, the SAUSAGE, Ib. 19'/zC LIXK--S\Yirt'« UcUclon. ,au- wice Fresh Baby OXE PIECE Halibut =-12? OYSTERS, doz. 29^ 3 for $1 Baby Striped s,lb...'.....18'/ z l Sole, Ib... ...10d VEAL STEW-ORANGES 6 .lb.7|c Sprouts, 3 ,lbs. Very choice Large White Cauliflower, 2 for 15i Potatoes, 25 Ibs. Klnmntb. r. S. Xo. 1 Apples, 6 Ibs FLOUR Is. pkg. 15* | , MIrT .. rnnc . ttr *«*v Quaker Puffed ' 2 for....a5» Peets Powder 15$ pucbain- i Pineapple Tidbits 'jfl TU.-TO,, S-o». .In Ginger Ale qt. hot, Schnart*--5 e«»U dcpailt OATS, H-0 Lance paokuffc BUTTER, Ib S Uf. LOW*". MftlltlM CORN, can 11 H A W DHby KcneU No.

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