Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 24, 1949 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 24, 1949
Page 2
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TAGB S—NAI1OATUCK NEWS (CONN.), SATIJRIMY, I>KC. J4, 1IMO DREW PEARSON ON The WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew PcarHon Says: British Almost Bquolchcd Announcement That Soviet Hud A-Bomb Secrot; Btato Department Also Opposed Publicity On Russian Explosion; Btevc Early Per. Bimdcd Truman To Give Public All Tho FiiotH. Wnahlnjjton Tim iiMlDuniJIM;; newH I hat KUHKla had the seen-' '•r'ihiimt'im wiu»nnn»>mic4,'d'.i«> mid- ilrnly utitl with no advunca bulld- Jpi. that fevr people know of the strenuous backstage debate which took place ns to -whether the news •should be released at all. However, hero In the Inside story of what happened. News that RiiHsIa had exploded Ihc atom wan first turned over lo President Trumun by Dr. Vanncviti- Bush, head of the National r>e- f-earch Council. Mo«t exciting i.nd disturbing to the HclentlBls was the enormity of the Soviet blBHt. Bo!s- rnographic repercussions were far ^renter than those from tin o-- dinary atY»nlc-bonVh oxp!on!on. Thl» MtnrtllnK fact ha» led Home atomic exports to believe that RUSK!II R entire stockpile of bombu mi^ht hnvp blown ui> acclU/sntally. if this isn't true, then Ruwda has u bomb much larger than that sU off at Hiroshima. When the news first rua.Cic-d Truman, ho called in Secretary of Defense Johnson, Undertjocrolfiiy Stephen Early, and Secretary of Hintu Don n Aclmnon Heperritelv. Achi-min. who watt find up In New York with the United Nations, L.-I!-| he would have to chock with Oie Hrlllsh and tho CanadJnna b«fon, Hiving an opinion <m reluaHlnif L'.iu Hewn to the public. Actu>*on OpimiMxl Following; «uch cunnultaMun Ache«on mild lie wan flatly oppoBinl to un niirly pre«« rolcuiie. Tho British, he said, were worried over what the BrltlHh peopJe'H reaction would be. They were already upxel UK- iihock of devaluing the pound, and the labor government didn't want to punish them too much. Thin iv.,1 off a vlKorouH butlf- «tiiK» debute, with BrlllNh Amhm- »ndor Sir Oliver Franks summoned to the White House. He- BUCKMILLER Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 SCULLY, Florist Flower* for K»nry Ooc»«lon 4M BALDWIN ST. Watorkarjr LKO IV HCDLLY, Prop. PHONI WAT. 5-7280 porting thai he WIIH npmiklnt,' I'oi both Prime Minim er Attlue nnd Kori'!|;n Mini'.'ter ICrneHt. Bevln, !:e mude ii.n eloquent pleii Sor delay, even siiKgesteo tin- possibility uf leaking the rtory Ihrou^h J.imnii n«Hton of Lhi! New York Tlmo,-. LIOMO friend of the BrltlHh cmOu*- sy. Truman, however, turned this clfiwn, .Meanwhile, a meeting WIIH r:on- vi.'nuil at (.he l''entii|;on building between the American joint -hlef.-j of stuff and rejirmtentatlveH of the HrlllHli joint. (•hlefn. Both Kroui'X of military men went on rt-. v:n| almost immediately as favoring prompt releam: of the Information. They pointed out t Inn tlielm wim the <ibll),'atloii to defend the wi.-i.l- erti world, in the evcnl of a I^IIH- slnn bllU. They H|HO Hinted Hint. If tho HiiHnlann opened n blltv, i<" dropping the atomic bomb, I ho people of tho west, would lose faith In tho ability of their go\- ornme-nt. to defend them. If no word of I he Soviet bomb wore released, the people would remain under a fnlne ImprnHidon of MCCII,!- ty. Ntijvci ICiirly Wlnn Moal (K'clHlve and oloquonl p!c«d- er for Immediate relonKe of thn Informnllot) wiui UndiirMiiernlary of Defenm; ICurly, v/hi<, nn KDIt'N liriiHH H(!cr«lnry for 12 and one-hn'r year«, knew full well you couldn't keep an Important ticcrcit long. Burly pointed out. to Truman that the American people- would never believe anything their government told them If Mm nuivrlnnH lenl;..;d .thii nl.ory of tin, hoiiib'ii iixuloH'.m first. Early also warned thai the wUv RURKlntiK. rxpertH In proiin^nndii. would jirolmbly break (ho Miorj at tho United WutloiiH whdi-o Vlshinsky was HCheiluled to spe'ik. Amerlenn mornle mlghl well lie HhaUerml, ICnrly warneij, If ;,he Hiifoiliuiii got Hie Hlory out lln.t. This about clinched the declxlon. However, the Prenlden!. Mill hut] to clour wllh Prime Mlnlnlnr AU- .i and convince Jjnvln, anil ,v cubic finally was acnl to Am«Hc-j'i AmbitHHddor Lewlji Douglas In nilon urderlng him to appniil perHonally to At.llne In thu Htrong.. poMiilble lerniH for ftlmullancuus lelensc or the story. JCmlHmine'i were nlHo flown to New York In iny pliineu to argue with Acli.t- *on and ifevln. Relitctnnlly the BrltlHh gave Ihnlr c»iiHt<nt. le«n Ihiin 2-1 hoiirn ' before the While HOIIMO iinlouaoil the momentnUB Rtatement i?i which the American pivip'.is leiirocd oiue ngalri that Ir, .1 diTinocracy tbn public han a, rlifhl. to know the f(u;tn uiul vt\n lake the bad news as well nn the good, ChrlHlmiiM I'nrcol I'cwt 'Hie Pout Office l>eiiart.rivnt. Ui handling tliti blggenl Chrlulm.iu mail load ^lii hlsttoiy, Including a 100 por cent. Incroaxo in parcel poHt .shipments. However, ChrtBUnux m n 11 H brought no- cheer to the RalU/iiy Hlxpreiw Company, which him boosted ratcB four times alm« 1915 and an a result lost nn enormmm nmounl of yulellde bunlru'iiH lo par.i.,1 piiitl. Another rtmnun for Ihn Inxn nf hiiMlnesM in I ho furl that the mnj"i rallroiiiln. which ronlrol I he <'\ Tirniw 'iK'^i^.v, <'nn fiifiliii ii»t>n« limil-iy on HtlbNlOIXP.1 parCl'l pntil hauling tlian on unmil>Rldl/,i'd nx- prnn.q shipping. Ati n r.iMiiil. pool nfrlitn Innhliirn 'mil 1 HID Jiullwity |i;xpr.<HM (.'DIM pany, which upran^ from tins finned Wellx-Fiir/to of nlriioiit 'i.'ifl yearn HKO, fiieim roii((h flmri-ili.i K»li|{ in tho future. James "Vin" Cuddy (Continued From Pane One) for two yenr.M, Krnduallnf,' '" I**'""'Al Nanny hlKh, Vin Look jiurt In the three mnjor »porls. He played btinknlball nnd ba.wha.ll for three ye.-u-s n.nd footfliall one year, bin .tenlor, IIH nn end. That your the local srlddors were conceded to be the Stnte Olnsr* B ohiwrnirlon.'!, wln- nlriK nix, Nmlnf.; but nn<; nnd tylivf Anitonln, He wan n member of the 11)38 HI nl e ChamnlonHhlp bnnobnll t.oiuii, whK:h wiui iipnj'ked 1»y Krntik "Hjiec" .Hhe<i., now of did Now Yurlt YunhcoH. The localw defeated Man- chcster In t'he finals of the lourtiiiiTiniil nl. New Haven. Vliilory Tor tho lonal« In tho hawobal! tournn.ment won sweet., for they had liml to Mil nolle*! or In the (Inalii nf the ntnUi hiinket- hnll lourney n, few iihort irionlilm •before. Nautcaluc'k had whipped Stamford nnd lirlstol to ( raln t'lm MniilH, only to Hmw to Mnnirhnnler, Iron Men The team wiw dubbed the "Iron Men" quintet hociuinn the Hturt- Intr live «mw nlmont full-lime mir- vloo diuln/r all |.hi» mum-*. Members of the team wore Vln, Gone Czaplleld, Bill Cro.s«. John "I.-efly" Fiu-i-m nnil Hob IMnrlano. They ran out of Mearn nyulnst the Mnn- Chester ag-greg-allon, which wan t'hen using n, "two plntoon" H.VH- lein, allnrniillriK two triiinn, nfier K'lvlnfj Idem n. 'liiLitli- nl| I he way. The same fate befell thorn in the Hemi-flniila of tho Now ]0nj;land tourney whon they JUjaln bowed lo Man('Jiii«litr. Vin took purl |n few other 'hool tictlvltlcH, nillni-- in bin off- uii'H by working pitrl time at. Donnnlly'n Store. After (ciaduatlnjr from HlKh •school In ]D30, Vln enrolled in the University of Connentlnut, recnlv- 'nK 'hhi dlplonin and Hncbulor of iclniM:ii doKi-tn* In jihyjiloul edu«a- :lon In !l)4.'i. He played football, baseball nnd biinkntball nil four /ciirii nf Ihn unlvor-flty urid bn- cn.mi- on.) of t,wo men over to win nine loiters In tho three major nportH. The other 1 B Wall Dro.po, now n. Bcmton Tied Box fm-m ham) nnd candidate for the SOXH Unit bone punt. T«am Cii|>(iiln He captained Die bnnkelbnll U-airi diirlnjf I!H2-I.'I woaiiun nnd was a mem.ber of the football teiim which won the Yankee Conference title IPml year. Hln roiirl «i|iiad n).. HO wi/n Ihn oonfflrunvi.' Illle In the 1IH1-'12 noiuiim. In 1043 ho vtaa voted the unlviv-filty'K nwird for BEST WISHES for a HAPPY HOLIDAY Believing a ,s we do, in U,o np.Vit which thus Yuleticle Season personifies and in J(.H moHsage of jjeuce to all' our thoughts turn now with deep appreciation and gratitude to with whom w trie fnemla wom we are blessed .... Appreciation that' then- friendship \» H o groat. . . . (Jratitude. because they are such good friends'. The entire stuff of M. A. GREEN therefore, wishes you Good Will, Good Cheer and Happiness at this' joyous time and joins you in the prayer that the coming 'New Year will bring lasting peace and tran- quillity not only to this beloved land of ours but throughout the world. war. with tho mast oulHtr.r.dlnfr athlete and citizen. He also served iiis pruul. dent of his class as a sophomore nnd wn.n vlce-prenident of hU fraternity, Sigma Nu. Immediately after {fraduating from, UConn. Vln entered the Army IIH n. Corporal. A mombnr of the It. <i. T. C., ii,( (hi- univm'ulty win. iimil>jiK,,l to ofliddi-'fl eiimildate srhool ill Furl Bennlnn, On., and ftriH!u.iU<d In Nuvumbrr <if 1043 wllh ii .wnrojid Iliiiilnnitnl'n <;om- Vln did duly in thu United Stal.en until the mirlntf of 1(M< when he win. Hhlppnil ovnreimn In ICiittlitn.1, Mitti-B viihiiiiBiirlntf for norvlou wllh (hi. 82nd Airborne Division lie wan wllh the Dlvlnlon when It limded In Holland, helped It main, hlnlory In the Built- of the WiJljfc -ind nlnyed with It OH It swept across the Rhine Into Gor- mnny anil to the Elbe river. At the Ulbe, just bn-fore the end of lh« the division made contact tho Ru»Bi:ina. Followlnfr the Vln did occupation duly In i for live riuml.h,i and 'then returned to tho mtnton. Oiipt. Cuddy Jt wan In January of KMfl that V n retained home, coming back with the Division when it was returned to take part In a hu B c v'r- lory pi.rad,. In Now York. The Dl- vlHlon WIIH Miml. t,, jr,,rt BniK,' whnn, Vln titiiyed until Juno, whon" he WIIH illHchnr K ed us n <:iii.tnin In March, HMD, while Imi'n "I UI-HKK, Vln took aH hl» bride .'iino 8, Wuahhurn, of We«t Haven, climaxing a romance which hr.d ''"Wrun while bolh were Htudenu nl .,.".""• ''''"' ' : ""Pln now huv.i oiiu '.•lilld, JnmcH T., -,'.» months old Vln spent litlle time bcoomln^ rnndjiiHted nnd In HepliMribor of I'HB enrollml In (JiJdnribla |;,,|. vei-Hlly to windy for I|| M Ma«l..-r H iJocreo in physical whl'.h lie ulllmnlely obtained In •'line of III., following your Head i'liach He WIIH immediately ;%rieri ni nond footbnll, baiikolbail nnd bum- ball coach a|. th,, jj-ort Trumbull brunch of u,,, TJnivin'Hlty of C<'h- nectlcul. It, W ,, H tnoro , nnt , 1p gained the rocoKnlllon which r" nulled In bit, IminK named hnn',1 "Hkiilball roach «t Provldoncn His teams raised hob with pi-'or> hooln and college junior varul- »«. During hl H two ynnrn Trumbull football t.iam H com'pl|.,il »f «-a and 4-3. fll n br»- ketball tenmn had records of TO-0 and 15-5, while the bimnhall t,,,,m Uml »n 11-4 record il,« flrnl y«ar, br-'nklng about even the 'loxl. During the Hummer of Ibis year Vln WIIH sinned an head nonen nt 'iovl.1,.11,.,1 nnd beKun hl» dullm mmi-dlalniy. He hud a fair riucleui! if veterans with which to work, >IUH a crop of very promiHlntr ophomor.iii. OutHtiindlnff amonw h« Hophomoi IIH itr u ]{ a y Korbu- It-Hkl. of Waterbury; Jerry Ijembo f Nnw Haven, and Jim Srhllmm, f PonnNylvinilii. ICorbuiilnflkl and bo w.u-d rlvnlfi only two ynui-H ?.°'. . " y ^'"J'l'if? for Irfiavmiworth New Kntilnnd r.hampinnn nd Jerry for Hillboiifi,,, which it«d Tnch In th,, flnalii of the lute lournoy. Only Two Keillor* Vh, worked out with th« »i|,ind ill ilurlriK tho fall, finally f-«tlln« the candidates to the numbRr h.j plnnno.1 lo carry through the mm "in. The final count found him wllh only two minloni, II)M vara.'ty Kiinrdfl and co-captains. Th,< -p- mnlmler of I he H«|uad In m.ul.i ui> of jimlorii and tioplioinoi'iin, The team opnnml lu ii.uuion rtnrlj tlilM month against Aiiaurnp'ion Collenu at Providence, and earn out with ll.n flrnt virtory. Then f,, lowed win* over Kiilrfln'ld Unlvor-l l.y ttnd Atnerlcan /nternntlonu OollnKo, br!nj(lnK the ffrlnrn up I III.. Hliodn iMliuid Hlllle KIUIIX, Till y«»|. miirknii th.i nnuonil tlnu, |; history thru Providence haw K on into tho Ht.ate tfarnn with a )H1I f<u:l i-..e.,|.,J, nnd the flrnt tlimi |ln. they eintii, „„(. ,,f the tilt wllh th record Intact, KollowltiK ll,n victory i,v i Hliile. Ihn Frlnni played ' hoiil I HJ-lvii whin In a row.'That Kn mo "WWW llMH" PHILCO K if u i o K n \ T o n last Saturday, marked thn and /if competition for tho Cuddymon until Jan. 8. The squad swings Into what Vin tecls Is the tougheat part of iw 22-gnmc schedule after tho holidays. St. AnBolm's CollcRo nr.ti American Tn4,orriatlonii.l urn the (Irxl two opponmilM nnd ihrin coma th« big ones. The Friars must face Springfield Collag-) twinn, Holy Croni., Urooklyn Col- I«B.I, lomt Colleen, Woslun Colliuic, til-own, llonmielaer land HJiodi Iwland Stole, not to msntlon sevnrsi^ citliorn, boforn thnpinfwton ilrnwn ton. I'liiac Mai'dh II. Vln fo«)» that If h!« boyw cuu hpllt oven for tho ftimnan tluty \vill have hud a good year. He i-«'all/en that in tacUlliiK Uiiimn like H >ly Cross, Brooklyn College and thn others, It Is like a welterweight going after a heavyweight, but. hr. IH sure that, hlw team will bo In there punching all the tjlmo. Good ProapectH Next season Is looked forward to an even better than thin ynur. Vln will IOHO only hlw two umiloi-1 urnt will have his votornns bjl- Btercd by several promising fro.fh- mon, One of tho frosh on whom Vln In keeping n n eye IH Bobb/ Paul, of Naug-atuck, center on lutt year's Sncrod Heart High Hohooi'n Cliinn B ntiiln chiirnplunH. During thu off minitun, Vln ox- pncts to assist with the Frlnra' bnnobaU team nnd during the gummer will do camp work. The full Will find him buck nt. work with his cagori), prepping thorn for the next Heason. Tho Frlttrs may, as Vln prwllr.l i, i>nly split ovon tor the notwon, nut, none can deny that the local native has done a remarkable Job In hl« frimhinan yonr fflti <w«ch of tlio Khocla I»lwid Collogti, Vln will «o on devoting his efforts towunl turnlnii out winning teams j.t Provldnnno, Hhowlng tho wo-id that Njiugtttuck'* offitprlnj.; will hold their own among all mon. VOLCANIC ISLANDS Tho UlandN of , th* Philippine archipelago are largely volcanic. OHRY8IJ6R ana PLYMOUTH O. M. 0. TBUOK8 J. C. Raytkwich, JR. AOOC88OEIES Kapalring IM SOUTH MAIN ST. Over 100 Attend Grange Party Morn than 100 children and adult H ntUiiulttd UIB niiiuin) ulillitrnii'n party of lh n Helicon Val- lust night in tho Orange loy hull. Candy and gifts wore distributed by Santa Glaus and games we»e played. During, the entertainment program, young people of the Grange presented novernl Kbits based on i lin Clii'lnt mm» mm MI in. ArrrinKemmdB for thu parly wern In vhnrg^ of Mrs. Noble Fassell. BlriiitM Turnpike Road ONIC BULLET KILLS TWO Asotln. Wash. —(UP)— A bullet killed two hunters dtirlnj; the elk tteanon here. WillUm R Nolan find William E. Hamilton were ftti'itck while standing b«ck tit Illlr'.If. .luinnp Jtin* 1 !. toUt n\lth<H't- llnn he nlinl nl what hr thought wn.s 11 n "IK, Midcllebury PLENTY OFF THE HIOHWAT PARKING 2 Timely Specials For Last Minute Shoppers Electric Waffle Irons All Chrome By Manning; & Bowman Regularly $0.95 Electric Percolators 8 Cup Capacity Regularly $4.05 TELEVISION We Can Still Deliver In Time For Christmas All Purchases Christmas Wrapped Ready To Give fffPiPMMB^P^fe«^^ -vr- -i* WATTS ELECTRIC CO. STRAITS TURNPIKE ROAD MIDDLEBURY PHONE WATERBURY 3-4570 7 OB . *ZO Ilown . . . »2 Wnekl, 413 NO. MAIK ST. UNION CITY I'hunn Mill "',"" 1 ' TOT* woe IVIilny Till H l». M. For The Best In Jewelry FLOWERS for All OmtMlon* •TOWERS TK1JEOKAPHJED EVKHTWURBH MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP 1M BCflBBKB AVJBWtV Tut. MM IN KEEPING WITH THE TRUE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS Wishing you a Chris! mus bright with holly ICUVCK and With friendliness and cheer, and joyw that last throughout the year. NEARY BUIL1HNG

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