Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 24, 1949 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 24, 1949
Page 1
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Bally Today's Chuckle A golf profi-KHlimal wan up- pro»rhr<l by two womrn. "Do you witth t(i Irarn to piny Jf'»|f, rmi<l- »m«*?" hr unkftl 0111% "Oh, no," iu»UI. "H'»t my _frl#*nil who \vun1n 1o learn. I learned yi*«*l**r<lay." "Dedicated To Community Public Service" TIIK tt'KATHKIl Sunny, windy iiml <'old today, r nnd fold timii'ht. with ii low tit 10 to 15 detjrooK Fair and cold- rr tomorrow, with IncrnniOnK rloiidl- MfHM llllfr ill the <lliy TK,M1'KUATVHIC HK.rORT Midnight, 'M : 3 n ID. ?,\, 0 11. in,, 21: ii ii. in.. :!i.>; jo n. I?)., :«. VOL. LXIV, NO. 301 ESTABLISHED 188f. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1949 Limited Wire Borvioe of tho United Pros* PRICE FIVE OENTi NEWS Family Wishes YOU A Merry Christmas Members of Iho scvcrjil clnptirtmcnts <>F (In- 'Niiii|fiilii< i l< Ni'ws rci Iwher niul "Mrx. Rudolph .M. I Icnnick. Shown IIITC with ihoir u rlitly nl li'inli-il Ilicir ;iniiii:il < 'liri.sLiiiiis |mrl,v .'is ;.I:HI'.S|S nl' I'nli- K'sl.s, they join in wishing (>»<'• nml nil n Very Mi-cry Olirinl Beacon Falls Churches List Yule Programs Beacon Falls <'i>rr.-M>»i>d«Mit'« Thorn- (17411 Chrlnlnm* •Mnji»i-M lit HI. Mloh- aoI'M Chnrrh will be eclebrnted by fhe I?ev .Iclotnr fNjolte pllM<ll p . til morrow moinliiK nl «. ():!f' »n<i U oY-lock. There will be no municnl pro- 'irnim nt ihe erirly Mniw. MI P M. ,)o nn-,1, Clii-.wkl wll'l nln« nt 11:1ft *>'- rttK-k M:ms with Mr», -Jero Mc- <'(irthv nt the oi^'in. Al ih« II o'clock Miii-w. Hlcbiird '/.<.llo find Mm. Wlllltun Hrenmin will nlnK R.»lop, with Mrs. McCarthy us organist. HMTIvl) (TU IK H YnunK people of t.h' - 'rnrlsh will meet ct 6:30 o'rlot-li Ibii nvrnlnjj at the parmirilitce prior lo loilHIIlH n tour of Helicon KnlU nlret'lB to sinu ChriitUnos Carols. All yonne p-pfifjle of tb* 1 tfiw-n ore Invited to tulic ixirt rii'fie.ihnientM will be Hnivi'd »t the parnoimgc nfter the >tH--ilnj{ :ii ii 30 o'clock tomorrow riiorninv:. u r.-eordlnK. *'Thc Jjlttle- eat An-ft'l" will lie 'j'livyed fnr (fw rliildrrn. I>ulhiK Ihe f "hripilmim molllifiK ehUldl m-IVlei. nl I();3() o'rl.wk. the junior eholr will nlng "A'.vny in H Miinsrer." KKiNAI. Busy Year Faces Local Officials NnuK'ilurlt offlrliilrt urn nol ex pwt»d to- In- hiiny with pertinent bvi«ln'"iM l fi r another weeU. nl- Ihmif-rh MM VVnr.Ii-ti Hurry I.. <'ar liiui imitl .-.•<! ninny (linen, "You ni'vi-r can tell wlnil will dwolofi." However, unlC'MM MomethjnK unexpected oceurn nnxl. weele, thn of- MclalR will not IM< called up in tin til tho flmt of I hn ntw yenr. From that time until Muy, they iindoii'btfHlly -will -be Jimiier l.lui.n !hi. proverbial Imi!, Tin. rirtit nt: llvlty will hn Iho i'eK>ibir monthly moating of the board oC warden niul bui'K****<i'H «<:hcd'iiled .Imitniry «J. 'Phii public welfare hoard tin-el' in>j IH nebrdulcd Monday, .inn, 1>, AininiK Homit slated us "Ilivi-'iirt- nnt'\ IK thn anti%lpnled reptirt on coHl to (he borough or Mm pemtion fi,VfiU*ni from rtUi-ttcll MoolU'i', Hurl* ftii'il actuary. Alio to br closely wntr>her Ir, h'KlplllI ', 'U Introduced In t *olij;refiH by Senator Hrlen Mi.-Mnh.uri nnd Kcjire/sonUiUve .lnm,e.i 'I', Patterson r.ono,crnln}i payment of ,-o:ne I HO.IXJf) by thii HcKonjilruollon l«'l- 'nance Corp, on .Synthellr plan! IIIXCH of 11147. Frewmtri will IIP iiHl<«d lo vote on I.lie r|ii.'«l bin of tmlnhliitliiiiK n bonrrl of lln/im-e In Un> 1mrouj;li, nnd department 'iiciulH will slurl mum 'prpp.-iHmc (heir budiicln for Hi.. lll.MI r,l M .-nl yenr. .Study of cimtiM'uelliiK n newti^e disposal plant is in the nfflng am.?n:< -."illicT (.hlntiM, H looU'i lll<o u busy yi'iir. Young Couple, Two Children Perish In Fire At Branford Catholics Open 1950 Holy Year Occasion Marred Briefly By Red Demonstration (By Inlti'UI I'rcHM) Thn 10.10 holy your of Ro- tniin CUithollo o h n r <: Ii him boon Iti'l'orn i.OW.OOO Catholic fttlth- ful, I'ri|M< I'liiri XII riippud Ihi'nn (ilium on Uni holy dooi'M of Hi, I'lv- I'i'i'H In Homo in Biiii-l, off ihi> y<Htr <iT Iho Grsut Pardon, The nt-i'iinion WII,H imirrtid brlufly wh.tii tin* Coininiinlttt* 1ml ChijinbiJi 1 f l/nbor In itonm untied u Bommil strike In the Italian capital and fho pnwlnctm. But tho ntriko WH-fl iillnil <}(! ic hnir hour lulor, Thn llwl* ortloi'wd llio wnlkout, to proluitt the iii'roul of 125 pmiB- nriln who n.tli«mplitd U> iHuKH u nil- ly iliiHnK tlio lloly Yoitr <!iiru~ nionliiii, Whuri pollen prriintiim) to I'i'pfi Uic. punBiinlH . ii8 soon »B the ri>ll);lonii oormnonloM andud, I. ho wnllfont WIIH ciuirolcid. Tho wtmthitr wn« poi'focl (or the opeittnR of (.he Holy Year. And (ivtm buforo thn Him ruflo, olkvi hitjt'tn Kathnrlntj; In >tho tit.rout.ti liiiutluK to tho tour major rmiilllcuii In the city. Others jammed tho church Hqunrog iiwnitlni; tho ur- rlvnl of the Popn mid hlH oorttiKo- Tliottn who watched t,h« oorn- mony or who heard the broadcast fjf th« tfot t.hi'lr rnwitrd from i iio poivtifr, Ha grunUii « lull p»y- cinn for ptinlHhninnt Aw> nny Crtth- olICH who atUnitlwd tho cm'efnonloH or Hiitonr.! -to (.hit Vatican broiul- Oil Burner Do feet Causes Tragedy On Anniversary (By United I'rcss) An eiii'ly morning tin- him In.lien the llvi'ii of 11 llriinf'ird eoiiple niul Ihelr two young children. Trnredy iilrnelt the f'liin-lrit II. Noll huM:ic|i»!<J nn I lie <:otii| i|i, pre (i:tri«d to«bntli» their fifth wml .line; unnlver.miry. The tiro broke ml (inly a few hour;! lifter Ihc fnnilly hud llnl'.h.-il deeorui lull tlm Thn yuun#Hler« who perished In the lire wl'ib (heir |.nri>nlu wri" I wo yeiir nnd II inonthn old I'lml •uni Mjileolin nntl nlmt 'muntlin old tjuwi-iMice, Trent. An oil burner ilefctM wn.- belie'.'.'.l rr.-tpoiittlhlc for the lilii'/.e which leveled their two filory fniloe -house, uo:*t.n>yed Uie unoccupied hoiirie iif ii iieliihlior Mud I'orced ;in oilier family lo flee Into near frei'/lnr. leinpiirnl ureii. The hndii-9 of thr> 20-ycnr-"ld iMiilher .-mil I.-IIM ol' h'-r rhililr"n Imve Ijiten tiildin from I lie elmrr.Ml iillnil. Heiirchi-r.-i urn loolilii^ for llu? body of fjolt nnd the other child Noll mi Air Kon-ii velernn •wnii .'II-yeii.r, • old, lie m-rvcd »n n rii|i|jiln 'ind lonli pnrt III 7fl mill' floiiK. l''or liln wiir I,lino si'i-vlce, Noll hud been iiwnrdi.d Ihn l'>hi- Chemical Co. Buys Paynesville, Ohio | Plant-Report The NuilKliIlicit < li"inleiil Mi- ller ('o. pliinx f.o pnii'llliMC mill operiite \\ phiHileM plnnt in I'AyiieHvllle, <llllo, rxllltble nilllrr<'H Inlil Tin- N.'U'u ludliy, Tin* bx'iil dlvlHloii IN now en- fiiged In Ihn proiliir,tlon of mm- lioiiiidu ettHenlttil fo ihe phtHl.l*'. Indiiilry, I.'ju-lory JMiinaKi-r I'lilllp K. Illi'e neither '-ooMrnkeil inir df~ Kiled Ihe report, of tlie plirebitsr when contucled tntlny hy The The I'ltyniMivllIi' plant IH puitil to iMiiploy iinniil. ?.M ivoi'lii^i'N, A lelblllle H.iliree Ilild Till! NI-\VH thul. tile oltlinnfe iLhunril- (('Ollllllllell on I'llJJC |l'lv">) lioaplnndisnt In while robeti, Iho Pope unit his cortege entered 'the Hintlnn Rhnpnl of HI. Polnr's al mld- inornlntt. Thii Pontiff Intomid lh» hymn "Coinii, Holy Uhoiit." ills llollnoua WUM currtod Into Iho portico of Ihn Bnnlllrn. llu iinutiid blniMiilf In Ihe white 1'iipn.l thronn lo Ihn left of I hn holy door. A illln- ulu later Ihn Pontiff stood before the door nnd niiHml it. four-pourul linlniriiir of Hold, Mllv«ir and Ivory. l!u nlrunk the CI'OMM onibiidilud In thu dour threti Umeis, then Htoppod lly Inwrinl, KlrNt I'rwynr At Ihn vnry nnino moment, In throe other BiiHllkuui, CiirdlnulK were Itnnelilnt! on filmlliir holy iloni'M., .unil (.hoy alwn swung optin. Oni;n the door of St. Peter's opened, t he Pope returned to the Pupal I In-one. Thuii lit> olTm'iid, lh«i Unit prn.v«r of thn yitnr, Tim Pnpe snltl: "May the Holy Yonr bn Tor all riiiin n. ynnr of purification and MJine.UriiiiiUon, n your of IMiirlor llfp nnd rcpiirdtton, tho year of this (Ireri.l Hnbirn find of thn Omul 1 'union." Thun I hi! Pitpul procniiiilon Ini^hud up (hn uuntrul nil.vo of 81. Putorn, whlln tho Pontiff KIWO hln »l>;n of (Conl.liiiKitl on Pug« P'lVM) EITHER glaring 1 headline nor attractive advertising- layout would be quite enough .. . the season is deserving of the choicest delicacies, the .most lavish preparation — yet the most humble piety ... 'VEN the endeavor toward inspiring editorial, the presentation of brilliant and graphic picture, or the introduction of any and all the publication devices at our command would be far less than adequate .. . E FEEL that Christmas throughout the world, and especially in Naugatuck, is a feast and a holy day of observance that beggars descriptive from the pen of a finite being .. . O WE'LL just confine ourselves to the accepted practice of the season... at Christmas 'time it's gratifying to reflect on all the fine things that have happened to Naugatuck in the past 12 months. ... Let's hope there'll be more of the same in the next 12.-—To one and all a... Spirit Of Christmas Predominates Ivong Weekend Holiday Already Starts For Many Merry Chrlntnum in on tho lip* of nil toduy iwt thn NplHt of OhrU!- inuw flllii tlir ii ir Kiiinlllff» <u'n Htt 1 (it'll n >s In i-n|i'l)in1« th» f'-nUvo o ( eiiHlon tcmionow, and the runh («. conipli-to lum iiilnutfl dutullit In In full furoi! t/Hiuy OOOUUHW t(i<- lioUduy owiiiB on Hundiiy thu yonr. tihpr«i will l>n nti Mllll<J(i|ihi-|r of trilxri'l n.motliitl« l«i- uionow; ihoKn , ( f niilntiui womhlp unil of r/it>illl:ir Knioty A full RC'hedule of church programs ap- JIPJI I'R on another ^riK* 1 tJnli-on thn WKMtlinrnwin t'hnnKv* )il> in I nil. ii will Im n "fi""n" Chrlstmim. but n-BnrdlfBn. It will hn Joyotip. nnd full of Kliulncnit. l><»Hplt<! nn "iKunonilr uniwit. mni- "iiuntii report rxcpllcnl l)ij»lno«» thi» year, nnd ftiU<>«propl<> nnd nl. I-P ownffn «r» looUlnH forwnnj I'l plonly i>f n-iii nfipi- thity louvt- IniidnOHf) i«4t!ibll~,|in),,|,i, n tonlKhl nl f>:4fi o'clock. All liulunlrhil (>!rvntn rltmnd yr» l«i'diiy wllli mnny otnployen b*lni{ dlvtnlKHod In the oarly oftornuon. Ofl)c<55, for Ww mott.pnn., cJoiied tVioi-n lo bviisitii»BN yi>«ti.ff1ny, and nil nrhool children n>- 0 now on v«- ciitlcm until January 2. Collnge BludnntR hnvt. hn»n nr- rlvlnjj hoinn nil w«'t.k l« BJIOIH! th«- holldnyw wlWi thn, IM U «I>U, IUM! rp*1dr-nU WHOM fiunl- In othi-r communltl'n ciMluti iBAt nliflil or to HPB rnnido mn<!» an c.jc diiy, AlioUt Ihp not bo on Tllr-mlny O fdllhful nim fll" llH|lll]1ll only poopln, who will n full holjdny until M,r m j;, urn rv«-r lwiB of thp pollen nn <l "Spec" Receives Practical Christmas Gift Scott Street Boy Finds Cash; Police Hold It For Owner wi II nt I'l-lvnln li.-ivnl U nl nit nil I mm hlKh tliroviifh l>i>n>uirh, with piitjilc f'onvpynncpR cnrrylnK cnpnolly lor:d« M-illmei- in,, neon nllll uln/rK"l biK undi-i hi-nvy londn of )«tu-r* and card*, nnd delivery men In nil ypen of Ininlnnw nre himtllnj; n- •onnd lo<lny lo ,,,-rlnr llutl Klftn ,vlll be iiviillnbln nl hoirvn tomorrow. Captain Anthony Malone ipporlcd Ju»l bpforp prpnti tlnip i bat thi> iniini-y wiw clulinnd by Hninuul H. Hsiphivi>l. pr<<»ldtMii of Kiiphuuil's WOIIK'II'H Apparel H<xirc, Church »tr«Mit. Police Hllll nave iii tholi 1 pos- nennhm today four nnvnlopon, «nn of which contnliKt $I(H) In niiitli. AIMioiiK'h HIP otlmr tbrno havo not b««n r^;:i6ned, It In hclltsved by pollen t'hivt thny too, contain fl.nmn of inoni'y. The envelopes were found lost nlunt on Church street by 14-ymir- old Kred Kruuh, a<)7 Heott ntreiit. Ono of (Jin (vnvnlo|»N« WUM i»|ii 3 n when found and Fred went Im- modlnloly lo i>olict> hviulqunrtorn hftri 1 ho tui-nml Iho inonuy and (JHV*lop«» over to BRt. Raymond CurlBon. Pollin- Onptnln Anthony A. Miiliine nn,l<l today I hut pollen allll hiivo th« flnvido'pi'fli which nmy he dnlmud by the owner lit hcnd- nuiirle.rn after limy nri» ^iroperly The Naagatuck News Will Not Be Published Monda/y December 26 YOU SHOULD KNOW Triiinun. from |I)H liiimc lit Imle- penilenee, .Mo., *vlll Kl*'e the NlK- nul Ihla nfteriioiin lo light the tiull'iiiH.1 rotr.mlitiUy (.'hrtfitmtlH trr-*- on the l\'hllf IllillUe IllWfl III TlndnpoM—The tliiiiL'iirliui ifiiv- ^rniiirnt IIIIN rliut'Ki'd Kohi'rt *-'i»K«-li'r, nil Aoii'ilriin .'XiTiillvii tit lhi> Inln iiiilluonl Tclpphoiic and 'ri'li'^riijih <'.oiupno,v, wilh riiplormgit nnd "rrliiiloal iir.tlvl- r+**+*fr** **•+*+•*•++***+*•+ \'++*-*++•**•>****-**** **+**+-++-*-^+**f *>** **.+^+r f . Letter From Santa Claus The Noilb Thl". is the I'ay Before ChrlMl ni:i.^ A'.r^.'i'lv M ril !icr f'lrniH mil nl' Ute el'.-.-': I. : r 1. ...It !OK f <H \vll 111 lonui relel.l :il if.ti belt- In Hunt H ('llUI;- I.aii.1 As I 'ol.I you before. Motbet I'laus nnrl 1 are Divine the olve;: I-;ven u.iv. h.'V :ile III I UHKe.t lltuler Ihi- tree. ff'.'i.Sellp V.'ith freMls Illll!- tresses and new MhnetH. pillo\v tc. the lodi.-e. •n door nnd hum: "]. deli M-.i.i'liimv!. Then. «l l.i .•.!e.-imin;{ cup-i ..!' hoi cor.m nnd a licbi :-upper. Mother Chins will nnf"l*l 11 ;c ];u ;:<• NT re en ai'inmd I Vi'<,'ht i: t ru.'iv. 11'"«* -iiul Uu* *;iv<;H will (li-s.-ovpi lln-ir ni'w trurullf binln. Mother Clnus will Hick each one into hip now hod. thfm ht*lp t ho j;riirvdRi«ithfr **lv«»» rock lh*» bivhy, Twlnklr Toof, (g nlntp in h'T nt?w en.ille. They will nil nil.,.), until I -'onie home loinorrow ninrnlu(i lo tell (hem nboul > p oti children of thn 1.1 nnd how you Him your loyn. i.HUM (Maun mil! Hie elven nlon^ with our new pilot elf nnd bin dive lumber fire waiting for me to 'inhih thin Mlur. They ore HI,mil iiierril>' n.'i the rnhulecr .Mlamp Iheir 'ret in (he new fallen Know. They in- jnct wnlMni: for nut to \vhln.ln irul cull Iliein by niiuie. "Now, Jia/dinr. now. Dancer! •if.w, Prancer ar,d Vixen! On! ('om- I. "o' * 'ujiiil. .HI 1 hinder nii.l ,l|l fi'n " To I he lo|i i.C the porch o the lop of (be (oy iibnp! "Now l j i"h away, ihinh avva^', dii.Hli a^'ny all!" AM wr lenv James 'Vin*Cuddy, College Basketball Coach At 28 Mothfti* CUttm nnd ill t In; olvo.M will whout, IThnsLrmis to all," HANTA "Merry —Mltuvr (Ir.'n. rtuiins, lnm..rl..« in:ik.' — Kl-i-|i y.nir rlillilri'll lil'lillhv. Hrrvr >..ur rur ri' Inr wlltli-r. lull-.. In Ic , Ihi'ili Ori'lll Iliik l-'iirniM riiN|iii>r)/i>.' I rirV«..ii M.,!..!•., li» Uiililn-r Av».-i milk. Cull ulilll l.u ilnllvni),- AiU. Now VnrK ViinUer Imrlcr Krunli "Spi«c" Shell, l« N|I .wn lii'lnv. |>reneiitcd 11 muffler tin n Chl'lHitnuM gift by Kmliilph M. llcnnlck. piihll»her of the Niuiitalu'-b Dully NI-IVN, 'Spec" HUH iulvlMf<l to wear a muffler after n recent physical Hicelitip by Dr. (ienrj^e licmicf!, *'f 'lohiin HopliliiN, llaltJmore. 7Jr. ^ieii- iie'l's dlnitnoitlH Imlleiitcil thnl. Sheit. \vlio vvnn bumpered nil hint ni'imtm by a Nitre, itei-U mill ulioitlilnr, luitl 'limply eoiilrncled a miiHi'iihir cold In bin neck :md ii'nmlder and Hint bo luid linen iinahln to whukn It. beoniiNC nf bin expiiMiire to ritiv wenlher ivblle '.vnrldn^- ont,~doorH (JurliiK MH- off-Hf-tiftoti liwt yitar. The diiclnr [in-scribed an Indoor |nb unil advUod him novitr lo journey nnt-doorx I bin whiter without bundling up In :i lienvy muffler. I bus, the lilfl. l.ooliliiK n i ,IH Mr. flennldi plnci-N HIM muffler uroiiml Hlunt'u nccU U Hill SunmniiH, SpnrlH tUllliir if Ibe Newn, Tlliil'tt :i l.ltlle I.eiiKiK' clllcndar In the Ono of tlm tfro/it tillilottw to c.C'rne out of Nftuifatuck, a man who now bi mnklnK his murk «n» • in" of Ihn youniiinit eollt-uo t'oniih- HH In Mm flotinlry Janum "Vln" Cuddy la a moil whom you should It now. "Vln" first won rmHwnlllon nn » mttmlw of Ninitinluek's "Iron Mfin" 'bnisiketbull ten.rn which wni» runner-up to ''u tttnte rhiuriDloiiM nnd 'i iieml llnn.llMl. In thn Now Kn ^ lit nil Todi-niimont In 1988. Ho continued to pain fame while a Ktndent, at. the Unlvernlty of Cnmti}i!lli!iit nnd Inter /IB n memljor of tho 82nd Airborne Division dui'ltitf'World War II. Now hO'.id couch of the Providence Cnlliwn hii.Jltolb/lll luiiill 'it MID M ; «II of 2H, Vln In »>Ull blit/.lng hl» nutno m the unnalij of tho uportliiK world. In hln fronhnmn y."ir IIH mentor of the KYlum, hn II-IM tnlimi ;i tii/un whlrh ln,<t year won seven unit loot H) tfiumm—and him lUrcituliy <;omipll«(l llvn vlc(orlen wlt'ioul u loan. Vin won li)M sptiro, anil tho whole - hearted support of all Providence fsLudentn and A'.umnl Inflt wenli, when hbi Frlnrii iipwnl. n favored Ithode Inland Mitiitn Quintet, 5f>-o7. The win over Stnlo was —fllirlHlinuH Kill Hh»M|ilnii IN OIIHV nt llii.ll.'y'n In WiitiMliurj. liny Initiiiun nnin«' nuiilliiiinini unit IIOIRK ftirnlnliliii(H Iruiu u I'.imiilnti) HHHurlniKUl,—Ail». Dim two h.-i P.O. A. A. "VIN" CUD11Y ono of fuw (or tho Krlu: - « In n long rivalry bcawocn the uchuoh. Rhode Island, although classified ;i:* iv nnfiHU-oollcvfii nohool, plnyn u hriind ol hte-Mohool hull iind In utwayM a power In Iho »aHt. T'rovldnncc not. won n game fram Btnti' Bliioi; IIMI loHln« 12 iitralKht <lurln|{ Iho piitd. nlKlil. yours, '(''\\K Ki'lufn wore lltlln rlilini'n of innppinu Hint , Irf.'ik In liuil %voi>l(.'» rru->ytlnK. Tho K»"i.' dt ii it I'll off IB If H would In. niin.Ml niiiii^T in In u. row for tin' (.'uddy <M«cln«d <|ulnt«l A( ono tlnin. tin? Krlnm wi>n> IK |...llil.i liohlnd. Mill, dlRplnvInc III" "!>ir)i 11111)1 iilfiiiilnfi wtilrh wiut fypl '•»! Of (hull riinrli during It In pity Inu' dnyp. thp I'rovldcnco hoyn roinjlil iiiifh l^i tin the «r/iro nn<l t.<l(.;i' .ihrntl, wlnnlne t>y n /dim innruln. If Ihn l.-iuo to win nnothrr ico-nK> nil sen- I'hcy will ptill not <x>n«itl<T It d yrxir, r.n I hoy hiivn rm-oixl- <«d Hlutp nrnoii;; thi'lt vlrtlnm. H«r<niirh Native Vio Id n NBlnfiifiirk nnllv... horn :u'in Auxunt 28. 1(121, thn con n nrt only fhIM of Mm (Ji.n-n K. (ind the lute Police Limit. Jnrrtfn .). Cuddy II" wni hrontrhi up In I lui hoinnnlfiul. ISO ('hiuty. Mri'iit, w)irri! hln fiilhur wan horn nnd wh<<rn hln mother ntlll rftldivi. Mil rncnlvfd hln ••lomi'riliu-y i><lu- ciillon In llu' HI. KnuiclM' ptirix-hlnl nnd Nnu;rut nek Hlieh achttol. At. St. Frivncln' ho played first l>fu»o on thp baJiebMll team and n» a Kiinr«J with llu. hiuriinlbull toani <Conllnued On 2> UN ll.ninr ID n, f All*. Hliirc. 'ivi.

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