Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 23, 1949 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, December 23, 1949
Page 6
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PAGE G— NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), FRIDAY. DISC. Z8. 11M9 Hillhouse High Favored Over Garnet & Grey Cagers Tonight Locals Expected To Absorb Third Defeat be whootlnK. for un upttot '.-it. wh.-n ttu-y take on a heavily favored Hlllliouac High quintet nt fl:3O o'clock nl thn Wntprbi-vy Armory. The junior viirBltlnn will collldn In ,-( prellinlriury game nl 7:30 o'clock. Thn Oinylu.imds have n roeoi"! of oni- win rind two IOM«I!.I in three »tart» to dute. In only or.«: game, u 75-37 rout of a greatly om- cluHuod Junior Hepubllc five, hrtvn they appeared at all ImpriHoKc. Trinity BoyH Club, of Now Haven. dumped them in their corner ihrce wonk» nK<>. 12-37, and after whip ping Republic the next week, "Vil- by took the loculu Into c»mi>, fi? :'l, hint Saturday. HIllhoiiKc! u,nt to New Britain. defendliifj state champlon«, but ha» recorded victories over Ti.r- rln«ton and Ansonla, two of tho stronger -entries In the Nnugatuck Valley League, The Elm City fv« f ptayg • tight, zone dafcnnc wnlc)i should bottle up the locals' scoring threntB without loo mu,-n trouble. Roger Currlnr, Nnu»uturk.'i< rangy forward who wan hl^h BCOI- tr In thn opener iiKalnMl Tr'nllv, has been bottled up In the last iw-i con(e*ts. Wally DumoriHkl, diminutive and speedy forward, look nver the scoring rhoroH In the Republic Iguana and Hob "rieil" While wu» hl»;h mun lust weuk ci|f«ln«t \ The gtartlnp lineup for the |oi:a'n will probably Mliow Currier »>n I IJurnonxkl In the forecourt, wllh Bob Sluxduk or John Oo^-gln nt center and White, Alun Crosswait or Bill Ijimberl at KUardN. CHAINS CROSS I.INKK— MONHKV LINKS WEISS BBH FRANKLIN STORK tinmen ST. CTHRTBLER and PLYMOUTH 0. M. 0. TRUCKB J. C. Raytkwich, JR. AOOES80RIE8 Repairing 1M MOCTII MAIN HT. T*l«phon« 4IMM Kell Wins American League Batting Crown By .0002 Of A Point New, York, I>ec. 23— (UP)— The NII von your dienm of George Knll f'ucelvnd an o/fU:Jal pfit, on tbi) bci(.:h todny from American I.UUKUC heiid(|iiarlern. .11 WILII » halrllno d'i'cliilon, but ofllelal /IfcuroH show Kell won the American Jwcaf;ue buttlntf title by .0002 of one point. The Detroit Tltfer third bnseinan batted .3421). Ted« of th« Borston \Rcd Sox was runner up with ,3427. Koll. who *ayH "I've had my eye on that tide ever wince I broke Into the miijorn," won It on il>« ln«t day of bh<i niMi.rtOn. Ooorjfe rapped a alnvrlc and n double while WIlliaiiM wont blllcnH. Wlllliuns voted the most valuable player In the loamic, led about every other department. Ted paced the circuit with 43 homora, 1W rtinn batted In, 8<W total bn»on, and 39 doubles. Dale Mitchell of Cleveland ha<] tho mOHl hit.H, 20.'!, und led t'lii. wny with 28 trlp'BM. liob nillln«er led In iftolun IJUHCK wlt'li 20, The LatUnflr Kont of the wianon was Gil Conn of Wn»hln«-ton win. hit .?I8- the lowont of any ronu- lar player In thu American IUIIKIKI. Hurricanes Trip Trenton, 92-85 Hartford, Doc. 23--<U J').-. The Hartford 7-I.urrlcnneg ;ire blinking fit lljuirjcunloiniyl llciil !cit/ny. 'rimy finally hiivo crawled mil uf this American Uu»kobball J-.OUKUO cellar where they hiwl been entombed lonjfm- l.'hnn they can- to i-eniciii. her. Tho Hartford (julntel turned the trick last nlKht by od>rlnK Trenton. »2-ft.',. Tho win nhoved Trenton Into InBt place. KXI'BltT Itonv WORK Complete I'alntlntr FuellKlm Wrtxiknr And Towlnir Hervli* V»llmat<m rurnl»hed Budget plan Avnllnhln The Nauffatuck Fuel Co. DKALKR I'honn IZSfl SANTOS OEWEKAL REPAIRS RHdtnlnr*, Battnrlo* . Munhlnov, fJnfiy Curr1n«-> Blcyclim, 8ol<t«rln« MOWKKS siiAnrr.WKn «UO Itnhher A»n, 1'honi- f>377 REVIEW OF THE YEAR - - By Alan Mover April BOB PORTSRFIELD ftTCHKS w£i<s/ir WtLL/AMS Boar GARTER UP6BTS BR£A&TSTROH£ CHAMP Joe VeR&euR //v A.AM. AT PAYroHA BeAcH S Huskies Drop Fourth Straight, Bo wing. To Pittsburgh, 52-35 BloiTM Dec. 2.'i (IM 1 ) All the UnlvcrnilV of Connerllcul. quintet vvurilM for <.'}jrl.'il'rj]/iM 1:^ ji jii/in?ji' banketbiLlI, one t'hil.t can flntl the hoop. The IhiMHIi'M ceHnlnly could hnvi; \l!u-(l one lli.'lt 7ll(fjil n^nJriMt I'ltlnbiirKh. Thn U-Conn.! iiuidi! only II out of 7fi Irlc-H from llm floor and 13 out of 2K foul sholH. Tho final wore v/(ia PlU.'iburvli 52, C-ni- nertlr.iil Hn. Jt WIIM the foiirlh defcnl. In n row for the Hlum;i>lnj, r Hu.qklcii. C IIASKIOTHAI.I. Noire Darne 4^, Uockvllla 27. CroHhy UK, IjprivunwoHh 'M. 1 1nwlcv •!(), Mc.rrlii ;;:! Alumni B], WiiBhlnrton 34. Seymour 84, Alumni 5C. Wilbur Crimii 44, Wllby Hs. tcietc««««tct(efH3c^tc«c«^^ YOUR CHEVRrflET DEALER B MOTORS, Inc. North Main, Street Telephone 2211 »-««w«wwwwwiei«wiMw^ THIS IS A CHEVROLET YEAR!! j Drive America's Most Popular Car CUP FOR 3RD /rt success/Of^ S •d by KIM r««u "Little Pro" Basketball LeagueFormed Boys In Nine To 12 Age Group Eligible To Play Unidford 10. Hmlth, ' |iruiddnnt of 1 ho V'n Mnn'n Club, nminiiMri'd to- iny Unit, un organization for spon- torlitK nnd <j|nji'a1 Intf u bankoloall li'UHiiii Tor boya of NuuKitluuk, linn- ••on l''iilln und nil mnmliuvs of thti YMCA between the HKUH ot 0 and 12, InclUHlvo, hiifi burn forirind. Tin? k-ri^iui will !in known n.r '.MM "Ultli! Pro I,nn.Kmj," nccordlliK in Mr. Smith, and will bo made MM of nl Irmil, nix duiniM of ton fioyn •Mich. ICnrli It.iiiii will Im Hpoiinornd 'jy OIIM of tlui local n«i'vU:n ( vitter- anH or frnlcrnul tn'Kftnlntttlons. To d;it», tho Kxahrtnttfl Club, IfiftKl'ui, 1'iwt, /No. 17, AiiMtrlaan 'L«- «;loii, und a mernbtu' of Uiu Pond Hill Community Club Imvo iiRrmtc 1 '.o Hponwor, oijulp, und c.oaah tvnme In HIM In/iifui'. rt ,11 |inl,klnr>N,i| Ihn' iitlntr clubs will join thn projoct during the next week. Cumplnto (Jfll./illfl for reglotcrlng 'inyii wlio InliTniitud In playing in Dm litiiRiit! will bii unnouncod rn^xt. w»!olc. COI.MM'ilf. UASKKTBAIX J'lll.. f>2, Connoclluul 30. Ixintr tiilnntt U. VH, tthnvn 56. Oooriflu T«cb OS, Mich. Stnto 00. (X1NV 7(1, Ciillfornlu -III. Kunmui Htiilu Oil, W/IH|I. Hlulo . r lf». 'Diiiiuoiinn 70, Fonlhimi (II. IHInolM 5!», HI. l.oiilH U. H7. f". l-'oli:r'H (N.I) Bfl, St. MIchJlul'H (VI,) 81. Okluhomu A & M '14, Arknnsns 36. Loyol.-i fUnllo) 71, Ohio WoHloynn Loyola (C) ()(), Dnytori 40. HowlInK Oroon 85,' Loyoltt (N.O) Mliirnl (Fin.) HB, MlH«. 4a, HI. John'H 00, Him [•'nincl'iico «. MlM.Hourl 112, 8MU 61, Colorado IM, Hlrn f>l. WUtlilla U. 71), CntlKhton 03. ALASKAN VVICATHI5BMKN .liinni'Mii Twlrn iinrh wnnk tilr- liliinnn fly from Aliuiku to Ihn North I'old und buck ii);aln tnnklnK wpnlhdr olmurvatlonH. B«tt*r g*t • NEW OOOD/^EAII BATTERY PAUL'S SHELL STATION "At Tin. Traffic Light" Union CIlJ 0|>«ri Onlly 7 A.M. to 12 Midnight Industrial League Second Round To Cover 11 Weeks SPORT SHORTS A nymllcnti) bonded by John J, Jruihym, 81-yflar-okl former nswn- Impur I'opui'liir, hiut |>urchiuiud itp- proxlmatuly »P par c»nt of the alook in the WuHhlntgon Senatorn Buna- bull Club, for an amount reported to bu about $000,000. Clark Griffith, «.'lul> primldont, own* about 4U par cunt und will retain control, JcirHny Jon Wuloott und Harold hiiHon luivd Binned for a :iO-round bout at the Philadelphia Arvna l). 8. Jobn»on In a Philadelphia lljfht heavy who has been beat- on only onua In 29 llKht». 7'nddy DoMni'co, HO 8-», of Brooklyn, won u unanlmouH dnulttlon ov«r Toddy "Hod Top" Uuvln, 181 1-2, ulHo of Brooklyn, luHt nl^ht at '.tin Broadway Aronu. Scores In the National Profes- Htomil BaDkolball League Ju»t night wurn an fullowir. Baltimore 8(1, WanhlnKton 82; IndlunupollH 104, Chicago 92; Boston 87; Mlnneap- oliM fiB; Syrucimo 83, Sheboyxan 74; Andui'MOn 101, Waterloo 84; Fort Wnynti H7, HI. LouU 7B. In tlio Amorlcun Pro L«»),'iie, UrldK"l><irt dnftiutud Wcranton, U7- 58, und Hartford whipped Trenton, 92-86. joi' niKciry Mullanvy, formor jna- liiatiue Influlditr, ban (>u»n namod of the 10 1m Ira Plonount of lh« Cl/iMH A ICftfitfirn Ivou^liu. Brooklyn OodK«r Prouldunt Branch ttlBkny madii thu announcornonl. Mulleuvy, who IH 45 manugnd the Club of the Now England Crosby, Wilbur Cross Quintets Win Tilts At Waterbiiry Armory Cronby dufeated Lonvunworlli, 19-27, and Wilbur Crown, of Mew Hnvan, whipped Wllby, 44-38, In ncholnHtlc biiHhel.ball gamen at the Watcrhury Armory Ian! nlKht. (JroHby built up u ft-2 udvuntaKe over Tech before the EnglneorH vere finally able to MCore from the floor. Thn Ivy oatcern rnalnliilned 'heir advanluKO all the way. CroH« rallied to overcome a 10-8 *lr«t period deficit, nCorliiK 10 oolnt.H In the Hncond iium-lttr to lultfl a lead which they novur n\- »:nf|tilnhed. The wlnnorn boo»it«d •heir lend to 33-21 In the third nunr- •«r, but Wllby rulllnd to come wlth- 11 two polntd, 30-34, Crottii n^uln noved out In front and Wllby WIIH l(in« for the nlffht, Tho Hcorca; ' Cro»by b f p ."Inrmunn, If ................ 3 2 (1 •Crawchukfl, . rf ............ 2 0 4 Mihalakoij, C ........ ...... 1 2 4 ^luir, IK ................. 2 4 8 fohn»on, IK ................ S .1 7 "irunttto, rg .......... ...... 3 2 (( Vg ............ J {) 2 TolalM I .cu vim worth j.[ n 30 I) f p lolmdon, rjsj 2 0 4 Waliih, r(f , .0 l l rlolomlttti TK 0 0 0 MlllUfl, Ig ,,,. 2 8 7 5erardo, ]g ' l o 2 FYnv«!l, \K f) 0 n '.tybu, o -.,. 2 z 0 c ................. 0 0 0 Pettoway, rf ........... n .... 0 0 0 Nloiibockl, IT .......... ..... 0 I) 0 7alabro«c, If ...... t , ..... o. , If ...... ' ......... 2 1 1 2 0 To lain ............... » 0 27 Scoru nt half tlrno Crcmby 10, Umvonworth 11, Rufiiroo Oluolor. Wilbur Corn* b OoMoolii, If 3 Piincnrcllii., rf l DnJIimn, 0 1 Xrmnl, Ig a aimnlny, IK () o 0 (I 1 a B 115 0 H 4 11 0 rg l 02 17 10 44 Wllby b r j> Mt "" l «. I'K ................... 1 0 2 Rnhdock, rg ..... •, ....... o o 0 Moehan, IK ................. 4 2 l(> Vovlnu, \« ............... 2 o 4 , .............. fTbaldi. rf ............... 3 28 Kvan«, rf . ................. 0 0 0 T-,aChan«u, If .............. 2 2 (I TOU '>« .................. Ill 0 38 Hcor« a.t half time - Wilbur Cross 27 WHby 21, • Boforse— Monll. Uin- 1)1 r« MfiKnnnn.. Each Team To Play Eight Games By March 15 Thn ll-w«ek nocond round ncli^d- iiln In tho NatiKituok tnduo'.flal BiiMkdtball I^IIUKIIO wax nnnoununil today by Otto H. Je»«<m, rhiilr- mnn. 'I"h« Nannnd round bnjflnN Jun, >; and will continue until Muron IT,, with «i»ch (cam participating ;n piffht giimcH. Tlio first round, whfoh eonwliiu of four gairiow. will cm»» to a alonii n«xt w««l«. Tho fiocond round «chndule It* HII fOllOWH! •Inn. \ U.S. Rubber VH, Naugatuck Glii'w EM] VH. Chemical Rludon, bye GlluM VH, Hlsdon KMI vs. Rubber Chemlcnl, bye •Tan. )K Special rtllraoUon: N. Y. Covor Qlrl« VH. Dunly All-Stani •Ian. 2(1 Chnmlcnl VH. KMI VH, GIllHK Hubbcr, by«> K(.b. 1 IBMt VH. Illiidon niicmlcal VH. Rv'jbor OtoHii, byo ChltlnlClll VH. (illlHM Rubbnr VH. Rlwdim JBMf, byn J''Hb. IK ICMI va Cliamlcul Ktibbor vn. OIUHM Rlndnn, byo O'laHH VH. Kliidon BMI vii. Rubbur bye Mnrcli I ISMt VH. (jlHHH Chemical vn, Hlsdon Rubber, byo Mllri'b H Oh«unlunl v». rtubljui' KMI v». Rlndon OlttHH, byo Muruli in Hiibbur VH, JllHdoii Chemlcul vs, Gluon ffiMt, byo Locker Clubs Not Subject To Control Hartford, Duo. 23 —(UP)— Tin iitnto lUjuor control luinimldHlon-.i cnyM hln agency ha* no control over so-called "locker clubs." John C. Knlloy polntw out l.hnt tho clubH avo not . llommod and thorcifore hlo office IIJIN no control. However, ho Said If they become n iiulniUKin, Imjlwlfttlnn l» curb• Llio <t|iibn may b« Introduced Into tbo loglnlaturi). ILockor clubs rent Hpnco In who h««|) tliolr llijuor in lockerH, They ur« mirved by wnli- oi'H und the dub ohnrgim n fan ,'or notiipn. Since tho club does njt, hull liquor. It l» not Hubjoct to rc«- ulntlnnH of thw Bttita Liquor Control Communion. DANCE Kaiiirdiiy und Hundtty WIIITK KAOLK HAI,LUOOM Main 8t,, J)erl>y HAT,, Flr*t Valley At>l>enriun-e HARMONY BELLS OROH, HUN., DKO. !WM,h Chester Onvczyk Oroh. Vancing H-JZ A a m . 36o «X>MMEHC5AI. DOMK8TIG RBVBIQISBATION WALTBB'S REFRIOERATION Mwln Hi., Uoneon KulU T«l, 7«K Bmerfeney Onll (W07 Tffit. 4M TOI>AY und 8ATIJIIUAV "THE SPOILERS" with MiirlmiP Olntrlah ,F»hu Wuynn l(iMI(|ol|ih !4<><>|| iilno "Strawberry Roan" with <i<!ii« Autry und Clitunnlon I Morlii Henry j A MICKKV XMAH nud, A IIAPI'V NICW VKAIl TO ALL OUR NAUGATUCK FRIENDS , A Very Merry Christmas and A Most Prosperous New Year United States Rubber Company , Footwear Plant Naugatuck, Conn. N THE AIR TODAY :30— WATP.— NAUOATUCK NEW* -WUHY-IH Hcliocil HI Um« WTIC— ,)u»t 1'lnlll Hill WWCIO— Tom MIX :4S— WBIIV— Curl MnHttny WTIR-Fronl 1'utm Knrrnll :0fl— All HtnlliuiH— Nuwx :16— WATIt— HportH WWCO-S|i<>rU cull"! WTIC— strictly Bportfc WU)tV~I,nll"ii'« it, Xiinta ;80— WATU—Viih Tirtiiil ; Hpurlii WUIiy—Jolin A. <:i»n«y WTIC-Wrlehlvllln FolkH ;4C- WA'J'li— '3uv l^milinrdn WTIC~;| Htur Wxll'n \VltHY-~U)WBl| -niouiiiH !00-WATIl—H«ml1liiitM IfMMlim WMIIY— Xinim Oirul» un 'f'hn Or»>nn WTIT .-.MKht. Up Tlinn WWl!(i— Jt'iilint, l.nwlii. .Ir. iJB—WATU.-l'liniiii Your Answer WT1C— Ntrwn WWCO— Twlllsht BIIOC. 180~ WATlt- l.lnlni) tn Ann On<nli'r W H 1 1 V -Chili It, WWro -Oulirlnl llnnllnr WTIO-diiiiHl Hlur :4r,--WA'ril-.T1ltiK Crtmliy WWCO.-r r,i,v,. A Mynlcry WHIIY- l'!.1w«nl |[. Murniw WTir:~All«iiii -il lh«« Wc'i-k :00~WATIV-Tho Put Mun WTIC— Jli.nry MnrKun Bliow WUJIV— Tho OolrtlicrKH :»0-WATIl—Yiiur Kill WHMlf— My H^nvorlti! Ilimliun WWCO— On The Orevn WTTO—Wo, thp ppr,p|e i4B— WWI'O-HD'HMiilil mi u Hlnr 100— WATIt DKX|., « llnrrlall WTIO-MI« o| Hllny WHnv-I,.«iv« I! Tr» .lonn WWCO—KnlKlilH ol Cnluinliiin :SO—WATII— Xmiin Orumi H»i-Miini1 W'ri(3~,llnmiy Dili null, WHIIY— YIHIDK I^ive WATR-TBA WHHY- I'urmill ww<:(j-..niiHkciiiiuil :IC-WW('O-NmvHrniil ;30--W'rtc— Ht'mrtM Nownrnnl WATK—HI«>HH T-HKI- WlirtY- l!r,^,, |!,,wl Quiio WW(!o- Mnrvln Mlllor ;45- Wruv.i ....... „„ f,,,, WW(.<0— Munlc Vim Wiuil ;nn.-Ali Htniliinf—NHWH :lfi- WATIt- Hnnrtn WTIO- N'-WM WWCO- -I!H Tudiiy WimY-NKo Mhll't WTIC— linni.o WWf :n. -1 iiini-o :00-AII MlnHi.nH.-Vi. WNIK1-TV rhinniil « , :00— Tnil Hti.flii Hhnw tl'iiu '|'"li,inM,.n il: no- KHm Tli"uii.r !::S(>~Lui*y I 'un 1 :4T, --'I'plKluni'H -nn— Kiikln, Fi-nn ft Otllti :ao— Mnrlnn Duwnoy ALCAZAR NOW PLAYING RANDOLPH 8COTT and BARBARA BRITTON "ALBUQUERQUE" fltl. Si. HAT. ONLY! •I Randolph SCOTT | | IW WILLIAMS-Jm MM • FIOHTINO MAN i of the PL A INS CIMCC010* COHTE • CORTESA COBB • LAWRENCE THIEVES' H I G H W A Y SUNDAY ii MONDAY THE HTKANIVH UALA XMAH TKKAT! FOSTER . DREW [• I GERONIMO Andy DfVINt - nv*- — Fred MacMURRAY Sylvia SIDNEY 'TRAIL OF THE LONESOME PINE :(in -O] rlitunl :l,'i-~H|H.rli' ll WCIIH Clwnn>.| * :00— Teil Hl«.i-li. :!IO— Thi' I'liui'k Wi.K'in :!IU— Kuc-kv J'il|) :4i.--Uol- llowurd Klmw :(i»— Hlrlc-llv For l.uiiKliH :K. 1'i.ul Arii'.lil Hliow :3()-<"li« TiO"!VI«|i.n NI-W Ml— H'lllliy Iti-nillK KlKiw :!,* Ili-rli Kliilni-r :00— Mntnn •BO Mi.n Ai-alnni ''rlmo WN'IIT C'lmnn-l I •/III ... llnwdy Iini.ilv Xinim I'tin. un I'hllili CM.-O TlU'iiior ::i(l - Kitny |j,.,-n II II (I 7 : 00-K ltd III. Klnn f, (llllx ?' H H II » in in II !« Ciir»vii Mlm'n Kn 'J'Hi. l'i.»n I 0<l-..ft'iKlPIK ;0«—H|n>rl« Hill" 1 " POLI Wtiterbury V'midcvllle fur th«- Knt Ire Kmnllj FKIDAV :uid HAT. 8 BIG ACTS 8 VAUDEVILLE BELA (DrucuJa) LUOOBI NIL8 and NADINE 8 GORDON OIFFORD FRANK COLE & CO. BOB SYDNEY Jack Lane dc Love Birdn Youman Bros. & Francee Ray Molt & Pedro Mike DiVilo and Band — On Hrrren — III.ONItK HANOIT vtilli lluhrrl Itoi'kwcll t'alrlck TOMMY TUCKER ^ i (iff.11 i- HOUOINI f THURSTXJH 1 DON BROWN un* yianvs TOMMY Hawley Hardware 120 Church Street Christmas as ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES TOASTERS, MIXERS, Etc. also SLEDS — TOYS SHOE SKATES PYREXWARE, Etc. Phone 4080 We Deliver Real Truck Bargains 1949 Chevrolet 2 ton 12' Stake Truck. Very low mileage—good as new only $1500.00. 1947 Ford »/ 2 ton Pickup — Excellent condition—only $750.00. * New Ford Bonus Built Trucks from 4700 to 21500 IbH. gross vehicle weight. 87 Church St. F»rd Dealer The Naugatuck Fuel Co.

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