Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 23, 1949 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, December 23, 1949
Page 4
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4—NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), FRIDAY, Dltt!. 2H, lIMft ffifje Kv«ry jcvcnlng Sunday) by earn NAUOATUCK NEWS COKP NAUQATUCK, CONN T*fepkoi>M m» MM! MM AO Departnwato Knt«r*d u Mcond oliuiii matter at M>« poM offlo* in Naugfttuck. Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable In Advance 1 Month»0 1 Tear . ,.$18.60 Member: ' American Newspaper Pub. AM'n NT. B. Dally Newipaper Pub. AM'D Conn. NtnripBjwr Publiafc«n Aae'n KIIII>AV, IIEC. 28, 1MB Honey Record Unllod KlutiiR DepnrtnUtiil of Aicrlculturo nntlmatcB that tho notion'* honey been will producn 230,00.000 pound* of honey thin yenr, the noeond laruent yl«l<l on record. This Is In addition to the 5OO.000.OOO pounds thivt tho bees con mi mo. Upon nrc being used IncreiiB- Inply for pollination purposes, rmirp nml moro coloninn bolnK ""t out to Inimro thut xpoclflc crop« will be pollinated, such crops Iiti pasture grasses, apples, crnnber- rloM and cucumbcrH---iioiho 110 H«od croprt In Ml. Some one hns figured out that In order to muhc n honey crop. proHUinnbly 36 poundi*. thit btum from a good colony muni visit up to 520,000.000 flowers during a BflUKon. Romp yonm UK° th« bee wti* menuc:«d in thu performance of his stock task of pollination by the possibility that men could ijct loiter renulta by their own :\nncl». Somp Western npplc growers, using Wlnesnp and Delicious • arietles, rubbn<l MosoHms from the trees on acreenH. cnusln« the fullvn to drop through on n piece of paper. After being allowed to dry, Ihr pollen wan bol- tl-id. then given to worker* equlp- I- d with small brushes. The men ti jched one blossom in every sec<• tl. third or fourth cluxter with ii :lny. ptirllclr of pollen. One limb dependent upon bee pollination was used as a check. It contained 137 blossom cluHterH. <•' thrst! only mivnn bloggomti net. pi duclng seven apples. Anoth- vi ;lmb hnM 93 cluster*; one blon- m>i i in each cluster wan polllnlxad bv hand, and 87 apples were pro- dn.ed. I.oT*«rvcr, tho been havn hnld 'In ir own. Onr rouHOn rony bo thr>. the cost of labor has risen <--h"-ply, whoronn t bo beo ,hn« (lo- rn:-:ulod nothing more than a con- tinniriK fair Bhare of hit) own pi'< .luct of money. Gains On Food Front One bit of news on the optimis- !!•• skin for tlm fulurn of a world • b: t nnm«tlm«8 looks black In Hint n'.' the continents arc getting back '•i implc cereal production. Wheat nu.plunnn In tho Wefltern Ilnml- «l mrn nr« nccnmulntlnn. Homo p:-rts of Europe arc affected by <!• >»tb IfjflHpfl, but thoflo cnn bo n: de up by linportn. The rlco-KrowIng regions, which t<'< d more people than wheat, arc r. >|>plHK up their exports. Slam, t:.irma, and Koreit have 30 per C'-nt more rlco this year than 1; st. China's production behind f'io Iron curtain IB on unknown quantity. More plentiful food In n pain v.-hich will be felt most of all in i ho political stability of the hotter fn<| people*. Communtnt nKl- tators encounter greater opposition amonK people who have plenty to cat. Increase of food production, partly through tho use of American machinery and methods, han reverberations In this country. There will b« fewer foreign markets for AmerlcanlKrain. As a re- Hult. meat production and Indun- trlal UIIOM for tlm cereal will havo to be stepped up. Acreage devoted to feeding the world In war and postwar will bo cur- Uillml. Tho world's approaching self- sufficiency in food will reduce the ntraln on thin country'n noil rnsourcoM, Kiivlnf its deteriorating soil Is a battle that America cnnnol pvndo. OARE Is Cure Four years ago thn Christmas season wan marked by the advent on the world scene of an organization that hns enriched the liven of millions of people. It cnmo Into holnjf an tho Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe. Inc., but it hRsnlncb become known In America. In Europii, and In fncrenn- ln« areas of Asia, simply as CA RK. As n mnttnr of ntutlntlcn, CAIUC has dolJvorod In these four years more than nine millions of its various food and clolhlnn texlllo pncknKnn In a ncoro of cnuntrlen, That lotnl reprrisents a vnluo of 8S million dollars, raised in Its entirely by voluntary contribution* by thn Arnnrlcati pooplu. Hut In hutaan terms theso figures mean that millions of American* Jiuve m/i<ln rnllljoiiff of <l«v- luitatod homes abroad happlur, havo brought to millions of ehat- tercd lives new hope and tho will to rebuild. And more than *hls, It moiina not only nubHtnnUal material aid, but also an expression of good-will on a porson-to-por- Hon basin with hardly a pruuudcnt In hlntory. Nor is tbo noc!d all past. Mil- llonH throughout the world an- ntlll huiiKry, «tlll In tnttui-H. (JAItIO ciitilliun-n to orrcr^to Ainrrlctilin a cjuii'k and SUIT way to spread the' (;<H,<l-wlll lownrd inc-n npnn which DIII pi-acii of llm world di-- pends, J'iRhua cii|,liiri-d .li.rli-ho by blowlntr hornii. Mndiirn |»illll- cinn» are certainly tailing a leaf out of that book. Do You Remember? One Year Ago MI-B, JoiK.pli Ui'llly, of Mlllvlll<< avenue, wa.M visiting with rcla- tiv«?n In l^tjflton. J<ai' Wnlnhnrdl, a nlmlcnl al Colorado Women's collugn. arrived bomn I,, nprnd Iho liolldnyn with hor pari-ntx, at tholr Hnu'lh Main ulrovl home. 20 Yearn Ago Miss Agnus Bentley, cxor.utlvr necrelary of tho Natural tick Hml Crotin Chapd-r l,,n tin, borough lo take n pnttillnn nn the riMllnniil staff as field roprospntat ivn for Vermont. Nau|;atiiclt Illgh's baHliotball team rallied In l.he necoiui half to dnfeat Dm Ahininl, 'I'.', :i(i. i'u,.,. caviiBo par,,,| DIM wiiini'ni anil Grcbauskas the Umers. MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. VVhon Is the proper tinio for the Kunnt.'i at a t-lmrrh wixIdliiK lo lonvi! -Ihidr ni-ntit? A. Not until the very end of Din receaslonnl. the march from thn illtnr to the rom- of Dm c.hlirrh, und alao nflnr Die hride'ri iiuitlicr urid Ihi! brldtiKroom'n molhor havo been escorted by ushers to the rear of the church. K In very had form lo break Into the rrrnisloiml march to offer ccmuralulnlloiiH. Q. Should ono change hln fork ovnr lo the rl K hi hand afl.i-r <nil- UnK off it portion of ninal with knlfo and fork? A. This Is known as "zlg-/ng" r'ul.- in|.; arid In now avoided. l| | H hotter to be ablo In uno ell her hand Intrrehuiigonbly whllo ciidng. Q. TB II up In (he man or the woman, who have J,I M I | ml1|| |ni r<1 . duced, to nay "I'm (.rind lo have met you" when leaving ench other? A. The man tihonld nay thin, while Iho woman roHjionilti ,i Hrnllc and a "lhank you." Look And Learn 1. What river Is responsible for the. drainage of Iwo-flfthii of a continent? 'i. What thren l-'roHldi'titn of U. a. wore assassinated? 3. What is .the oldest form gambling? 4. Whul In Dm nvnniKc numlmr or hpiirl beats u minute In the average man? fi. What Amerlcnn animal ran hanjf by DM I all? 1 The Arnnxon nf .Simlli Amerlcn, which dralnri '2J2»,t»HI Hi|iutro mlloH. 2, IJncoln, Carfiuld, and JMcKln- Icy. 3. nicn throwing. •I. Hovonly-lwo boal.n a mlmilii. h, Tho oponttum. ninny vnljiraiiB an- Ureplni; |ln,l r . fliiKor* crossed h<ipln K I Hi'le Sum will Henil out liiHIlritni.e illvlileiul rhiM'liN on schedule. . , Hiiuir liuvii KOMI- In for heavy ( lirlstiiHm Hh'ippllIK, Ulllltvlllll the lllvllleilllM will CIIIIKI Diriiii|;li slartltiK iit-xl, nionlli. In Danlelitoii yenli-rdiiy <Mirlnl- IIIIIM roiinil Dioiii! |»illri< tngM on tlielr earn: "f.'hrlntmaM wi-ok In iin time In pennll/.e overtime parliern. We wlnh you a Merry (,'lirlst rnas." . . . Thn lags were signed. "The Warden, Court nr I!iii- K eiiiii.|i, I'r.llr:.- I Inpiirl monl ." .<ii'n WIIM a I'. H. and II rend, "Kemcmlmr, you cnn again Join Die dnllnr club oftor thin week." Mrs, John Anderniin of Hpen- cer struct IB going to have, a poln- netllii In full bloom Chrlnt triait I'ay. . ,-lhn plant, tienl lu-i ahniil nix yearn ago by it K<m, who wan in the armed fon-es, Is mure than nln fi-nl hlijh now, . , nlie linn II In her kllrhon ilnrlng Die wlnlnr and places It outdoors in summer, linn bloMMnmod n| vnrlniin lliiH'ii, but (bin yi-iir (hi: blun- nimin are npponrlni; lit the nppro- prlnlo period, I.IIIlK .IIUIK! Knoiiity of Neik^ln strri'l. U'ouldn'l toll for tint world wlin(. Siinlu ClmiH IH lirlnglni; In hlH park Tor varlimn meinborN of her iiimlly ..Die only Milng K hi< doi's tell IH what they AlllCN'T K"lli|( in (jut, Jienidi'tiln are caul loned to make certain their Chrlntmnn wri-iilhii mi dooni nre firmly at tlH'hud... ni-vnrnl people report theli-H have liocn removed by an unknown person nr pernunn... Hnmii iioriumii iipiiareiilly dun't hullo vi- In Die (,'hrlnlman nplrlt, The fhrlHlm.'in laniio of Ihe "Hpni Ili/hl," offlr.liil pulillciillon lit (hi- NaiiKalurlt lll^h nrhonl Unt- •tcr Business C»ub came mil. yo.i- Icrday. . . The fniir pacr. Innui. la di'vnteil entirely lo ( ,'lirlnl man idorles and poemn, . . And IH alno a,ppi-npri.-il,.|y dccorati-d by mem- hern or tho Minrr. Stories in the "Hpiilll K lit," nre h.v Melon Kiiryluk. raullno Uro- 7,nl(. I'Vitnli (Jri'ii, llot»y Amliir- win and Marjnrlo Mllon, . . I'oi-ms for IhelHsiio xvore written hy Dolores M|,.|.,, VMin I.,. W \H NIUIC.V, KIINNI. and Kuljdi Jli Ouo of tin. pocinn romlmlH IIH Dint we fitlll havo in finish our "li'ipplii,:, ..The | ID,, )„, "Ch rlnt- mas Hhoppcr," by Ralph .llasen- licin, clasn of '5.1... My head achon, my feel. hurl. m)l | |',,, |,i a day.e. Londod with bundlen, I wail fin- tlm bus. . .The crowd and the street, llght.n an, ,,il In a hn/.e. , , . WIDi my haiidn numb with cold I'm n weary I:IIHK,,, An always, yon nen, I'm .,. foiillnh one, . . .An n hiHl mlniilii nhopiior I have ID run,,. And I'll never, I'll never gel II done. .. Just don't bo like me fur It's hocllc not fun, Mm. llenrlelln |'|,,,| im . of |i;i w |, IViitorliury roud IcavcN tho lior- oiluli after tho flrnl, of tho y«ir to spend Dio u'lntor niiint.lin In \%'oodburv. Marilyn Aurorn, a, third pupil ill. OHJC Htrtwl K<T>IOO|. IH t.h<t pniutl iioHMmHiir «if it lot(4,r from Kniilit < IIIIIN, piiNl inn riled at: Kalr- biinltK, AhiHliu. . .Santa imiNt. have mailed it on Ids trip hon* from Dio North role, Knl nr,lay nl(.;hl vlnltorn at .tav- liriifi, rnntiuiranln, hol.ol barn, and ulher drinking pliuion, will have to renne opnriillnns al. rnld- nlKiil ai-rnrdiHK to a ruling of Iho Hlnte'ii Alloi'iiity Onnnnil, , , after midnight Saturday, It. will bo ('hrlntman Pay and barn will have to bit lilotttnl.,, barn will bo upon UN initial Monday, according to the ruling. . .Now Yoar'n rriorn- ItiKi Jim. I, plncen Inildlni; ros- Iniiranl, hotel and club purmltu will remain open until 3 u. rn. accordlnf: to Information supplind I'nllnn «.!hlof .Inliii .), riurmlny l»y HI n lo |'I,HI; B and tho Altorritty General's officn. William DoHiniind, a Nopliamnnt lit UeiiHMeliK'r IliNlltlltH of Tiwh- iioli.jry, Troy, N. V., tins arrived to Hpoml tho holiday* with bin par, nl« ( Mr. and Mrs, I lurry DOH- iniinil, Maplo H(root, Mm. Man Krinm Miiyn t.lio Amor- lean War MntlKirn would. Ilku to I hunk Die employoH of tho Parnon Hcrow I'rodiictii of Mlllvlll,, for I heir ciiopontllori III thn rocont ChrlslmnM party liold by thu War Mnllierii, and II|H» JOD'H OHM .Station for Iho Clirlnlmnn I run. Dill, and Mans NlHNori of Manno™ iivemu. will leave ioniorrow for HrlNlol, II. I., wlinnt tluty'll spoilt] C'hrlslmus with l>nt'n rnotli- or. Mm. Ilimo Conloy ntiil family. llaiuiiih ami Mitrcolhi liloriiun iilxo will depart for HrlNlol (.tomorrow for thn holidays, Thin month'H covur of l.ho Dlnn- dnle Mannor In fin eyc-catchor, with n. picture of Santa ready to uril.ei- a chlmnoy. . . groet IHKII fur l.he .ionium aro nxlnndixl by all miMiilieni of I In; nlaff, Including Kill!or Xeo Tollen, Oorln C'hane, Wall Marrln, It. W. Brodlo, Martin l.uilKiiwnll, Marlon Qulnn, Oln- ney Taylor, Huzzy James, Ed Noble, Kiev,.. Hturileviml. and Art. Taylor. Tho first an m ml Christ mas parly for children of employe,, of tho NiiiiKiiluck U liter <;«, WIIH hold llilN year Bind roporbnl «x- treinoly HiiceoNHful. . . I'mslditiit HIM Moody alien,led with III* K Hindi hlhlriMi und hud a won- •Inrfiil tlmn. Amoni-r Ih'i mombitrs of tho 4(1- H from NaUKaliU'.k who uttondod tho recent OhrlslinnH party at tho SoiiDibury Training School wen, Henry jvi. Dudley, Mlrhnul J. Norrln I'. A. Connolt, Ifld Wllcox, Joseph n. Haylkwlch and Gcorgo H. Irf'wls. .. river two IriickloadM of Klfln, IneliidlriK Hindu, nkaliifi, .Mklls, boxing uliivon, dulls, toy* and games nnd a. piano wore roll,,,-led by (he 40-H In Now Mavon riiiunty arid dlHtrlliiitncI ill, (lie parly.. .gifts of candy and fruit warn given all tho children aflor a two-hour vaudnvlllu and movie nhow. ESTABLISHING A COLD WAR BEACHHEAD WALTER WINCHELL /n (IIIHIS'riVIA.S <!ABOI,S < lenient i.JInrh Mooro, whin penned it ho ultuxtlc Chrl«l.iiiiiM verse, 'A Visit from St. Nicholas" (""I'wnti thn nlichl. hoforn Chrlsl- inan, tili:,"). wan a ntald Duinlony priifortfHir. . Jlti wrnl.o Win ptnirn isn bodllmo story for hit* children. A friend copleil 11. a.nd nont II. lr> a ew!:|,ap,ir. Mooro wn« nhocliod whon he loarned It wiw In tlm pubic prints. He was appalled by this den of hn.vliiK poople know a. e.ol- IMKO proft-uwnr hod written what hi) connldiirec! Juvtinllii vnrmi, For many JTCIII-H 'Mooro rnfunud o admit, ho wan Hit author and 10 l.urnod down all royiillloii. An a roBiilt he lost iiibfiiil, it riillllon dol» ars. Iiong boforo Hiuitii Cliiiin fiiiinil i. liuma In tho lioii.rtii of (tlilUlron ho llvoil In A»ln. iliirlnji Iho ronrth <!unltiry, ]•)« lmr| n Jolly fm:ti unil it hunrt.y *:hu<:liln am) •wns luvad by ywingstorei H\n WQR Blnhnp Nlchnlnn. What fto oiijuyoil miifil wa» ilinl rlbti! In^ KondloM In iihlHIron. That's the origin of th« l(>tf<>nd iboiil. St. NIpJi. Thin In how Now Yorli'N striM't corner Santas aro choson: JCvury vonr Tho Vo!unl,oorn fa noli nee,- nrlnri chniiUi.lile i>r(fanl/,>n) ro- !i'Ulln iibotit afi Krlw KrlngUiH gnnerally from Bownry mlssli)n.i-- ind tlioy eolliiel. money for Wlnlnr •Bllnf, Tho Voluntnoi'H «upply tho CDM- tiimen. And the Jtxl) puyi'i .fa a. day with honrtl and lodging, Tlm Druid prloHti of ancient Britain out ilmine.'he;) of! from tholr nitcred l.rn<in with a. Boldun knlfo, Tho mlHt.lot.oii wan given to puoplo n,a n good luck chnrin. Slncn then II. ban bcrjomn a token of riiriin.m!o tui woll n.n ifoml fortune, Ohrlstmiis was not: always celf!- lirn.tod nn One, 'Jif,. Omlurloit ago It. WMM (.•oUibral.od on othor dnyw of tho year- usually In thu Hprlnj; . . .Evorgro.«n,g nrn l)BO( ] f or Yule-' lido docura.l.lonn boraimo legend KIM It Mint hitvlng ovorKmnn In Iho IIOUMP dnstroyi) ovll .splrlU and Invites visits from fnlrioa ..The. roanon for tho Xmnn abbreviation that l.ho Oruolc Inttor "chl 1 lit an Nolllo llrown IH » IIIIVBO In n Munolo (J'luhiintt) JuiM|illM r l, Iliir.. Iri^ flu- pijllti oplcloirtilc an Iron lung was needed for <m emor- •nnry onno, Nolllo loUoil up n IIHO rllclii Hint loM |iii>w In Improvlnu n lunjf, Sho mndo. ono out, of bnrrplfi and niivoil n, ohllilVi IITo. AlfMtlinr /ViiKol of, Monty, who dfisnrvoH to bo ramrmlinrud In 21- yonr-n1d Fnrn Klloy. In tho torrlbl,, (Iro which nwiv;i'l, nn Illlniiln inirii- «ry during Win your nli« dlevj n horolnc .Forn cnuUt have ravnd 'horwolf but nlio rnnumil to lo/i.vo Ibo biililcui. Tin. Nntlonnl .l«wUh Hospital In 'Donvor In ono of wcirlil'n KI'OHI. hoallUK rentnr. n. In nol.oil for lt,M li'onliiionl nriil rnHi'iinih In l.nhur ciiloMln. Yet IB IB more (linn n. hos- pitnl -It In n. monnmnnt to 11 hon.ii- llfiil ldcii.1: Pnln Known No I'lroml. no uuch thlnj; us Jowlrh mmu)li>R, Cnlihollp flu or Prolostiint rnuniipft" .jfor inorii Ihn.n n liiilf.i'[inl.ii|. v thin liiMplliii him hiton uurvlnu l-h'o alcl(. Hlxty-nvo por conf, iff Its pntlfmln iiro noii-.TvwInh. Anil no pn.||nnl. hii« «vor )>««n ii4h>w«(l to pity. Tlio uplrlt of ChrlFttmim Klonnl In Iho honri, of Hj/t. ,folm fJrl.nm .If. limt Hiiptwrribnr. Thoro WMH M radio nppnnl In Now Ynrk for I/ i",| (lonorB to aid u (.IcBpcnitnly III yiiiind liuly. . .Tho flrnl. ronprn,a AOV. "Wo, THE MUSIC. SHOP— Soir.o ponpl,, don't Hint <:hrlM(iiia«- UIHII. "ll'n itrtlrlelnl ifitlot.v," thuy miy. "It's ohoiip and ,i,.miiiorelii|, It's tlnsnl nnd fulNM KlKtor." they compliiln. "lf» niiNlirlnlng n joll'v Hiinlii Chum, not Tint Child ,,f (I,',, Miinifor." Hah, liiimlniK! If CRlnbratlnx thn birth of Tlm Child JONIIH ,| (M , N „,„, ,„!(,, | ()W(I ,.,| movliitr tin, rriiitlty, MMoriioNN itl hiirthnoNN within UN for oven il mlinile, Dion Inl'n roverently ,.,,lp, brut« HIM Illrlli «,vory tli.y, ' Uurmnny luu | j oy , M ' M(> mr()| Nliown llrtit wit Nlioiili) oxiut nnd «h«rl»h every ocoiMlon which af- f'.rds us „„ opportunity lo N | mrn this foellnif W lth olheiH, It would liidwil )„, u |, IV ,,| V w<w \ tl ',' w « ««"l»l »H wlNh ouch other A Mitrry ClhrlstimiH; A ll.,pp v Now Vmi" nvnry day. Ixii'l inimlti iipiiroprlnlo itt «)hrl»l- inns lime'/ BUNKER "0" Fuel Oil por V. O. n. Our Tormlimi Hrldic«port, Conn. i I'llOIIB B-.'IMl -'Wft BUCKLEY /« BirriB SLHVICI LOWER CULL COSTS WHR MR!.. Grimm, who war. lod by n BeeliiH oyo dog. ||e wan lillnd..d on I wo .limn wlillo InnilliiK I.I" plalnoti to Diifoty- nnd wua latoi 1 decorated with the Medal of Honor Al the I'toil Crosin center Hti\., cirliiiin wild nlrnply; "| had lo Koine. I gol pla.ima. on I. wo Jlni". - l.'lenl.y of II." ..Unhurt l,oo WllllnniH of IKllorco (HnuUi Carolina; pannod awny nov- nrnl mont.liH ago. On the duy of bin funernl DIP nioren ,,r n;iloree )•,-•. rnnlncd itlntiod In t|o honor lo )''i< mummy. Evniy clllzon of MI,B Dixie town mournofl a highly rn- npeet Amorli-iin. I'tobi.rl. l,oo Wlllliimii wrin a Nogro. Iliirlnij C.'lirlntiiiitH woolt hint yi-nr li, Holdlor -riipoi'lad two wonkn 'lain al Kort BHiinlng, On... Me i x- plalnei.1 that: ho look a nhlp f",nn Dio f.'niinl Hone liinload of a pliino, The Moldlor-'M niipnrlor ofdcoi'it wore rotttly to reprimand hliiri until t.hc.y iHiirnud his rinmn. Tlioy pruiiiptly for^avo I'M, Worry Ohrlnl.miis. ii Trnln' toiivi'd thai, nation IIIH). Jaminry gnt.lie.r;n,{ glfln from tho Kroncli poojiln who were saying thank-yon for Die helping hand they had rorolv."! friiin AniorlcnnH , , . I n ono nmnllV tuwri u brlghl oyod J.fronch Mcnonl- girl was too poor to conlrlhin.o nnytliliiK, Hlit finally wnnt. In ino of DID rnilroiid earn, miilali-n( d licr rlni'oi' nnd protiiiod hor thuiiib- prlnl on ihu .Midi! of tho car. "There," nlie Knld. ''now Anior- liiii will have MntnitthltiK of nut." ICiirl W. Count's Ixwik, "iJOOO Vonrn of Ohrlntmnn" (Bchumnin, nffi'i'H I hl:i "«in. for your mind: ChrlHlrtuirt Is much morn than n holiday. It Is n. wnger placed nn Iho Hide of Die unjoin. 'Mankind linn 11 IOIIH: Journey bohlnd II, nnd a rliggod journey ihuu fm-; ncvcr- Ihclnss, In thn long pnrspcctlv,-!, a .Inurnoy upward. And no II In thni. Ill our sliort | lino, wluilover On HID challmigo of dospa))', there ))vc today men who nro thinking more nifty IhmiKliln thnn ovnr before, Uwnewal and roblrl.h: Tho foii;,i"a] that hud grown about tho birth of (hn Christ. Child remains an nl 1 - rirmiitlon thnl. all DiliiK" can bo mad a (mow," ..Which re.cnllM Hoywood Broun'n nimliidor thai nolliliiK In mightier lluin ii lireni, Idoiil, Hoywood fiolod "JtBmoiuhnr -- Chi'lst: hulll n ., chlircli, wrote no book, loft no money and oreete,! nn monn- Thorn In n monunioiH In tho city of Ooliirrilmii which wns erected nil a trlbiilii from the oily u, (l Nogi ••> nauiod UriiKK Hmltli. il« t ||«,| (Conlinuod on Pago Five) -Aw Iceberg Thaws By FRANK TRIPP Mr. Jceberg was grwssly annoyed liy CJIirlBt.innq. Ho was woll ploaH«d Dial he hiul no .'lilldren nnd v/na mi.Dnl)od 'Wllh (hjr. "What on onrly tins youth lo look forward to?" ho nn.ld t/i mo. 'JiiMt it. hopolonn world of unrent; no future, no escape. It. Is criminal bring children Into such a world, Thorn In no opportunity for 'loin not ovo» lo aoQiilro a modest competence such us mine." )t IP dllllcult. for one v/'ho has •Illldron, m - for chlldlfXH pernonn who lovo othnr peoplo'n clilldren, to. conceive t'^at there can be ^renter joy or achievement in }ifo thnn in HHO UIID'H own flenh nn,i Wood pitMH Diroutfll M)«!i:trlfy Ing ntttgCB of haljyhoo.d, chlldhuod and youth. SDH Ihoro are people who Imve no place In Ihnlr honrln for oihllilron, As you rend, bo patient with Mr. oboi-g'B iinnnlurnl phllosoO'hy for you'll lenro Dint ho liirnod out nil I'lUlll. Ill*) niiodi«i| ooiripetoneo, iut ho (!n.llcd It, wns In reidlly quilo niibHtiinl.ini wenllh In mnterlnl thln).!M lint lie WIIM n. pauper never elifwj. Iin didn't, ovon havo a dt»if to love or to glvr a bout for hlrn Hill ho died a dlfforent. man nnd It happened Dilii way: ".IVfVf TO CIIANOK th«- sulv j"Ct," 7 nn |i| to hlrn, well kmrwlne Ihiil It wim no cluini.:,! at nil, "iiavo you heni'd nlMiiit poor 10d ("ortion'n rrcdlcamcnt" He hadn't, so I talk- oil un : "Now thorp's n iruy you iniKht tti know. Ht> ban nil of thn problems thtit you rnce about. ilJo's biiMlod, tins tlvo children and Christ man In a enmlrr." "I'lenly moro lllio him." mild my exceedingly closo friend. "People who ran't afford II a.lway,, hnve Ihd uitirtl children. They can't bring 'oiri up to ihn nnylhlni; but gun fodder In a war-mnd world or lihey on,) up dependent B on wiclo- ly." "¥«'P. Ed's from a gtln fodder Irlbfi," I said. "Hi» people were in ovory war from tho Revolution. ICd WIIM In Worltl War 1 nnd ho lost 1.1 younger lirotbi-r In the last war." "Sort of a flight ln« family," ho mvld. "in thit blood." "Yo«, In tho blood; llghlliiK for tholr country, raising big families and alwayn being broke," I told him. 'Such PUOPIjE aro a national problem," mild Mr. lonliorg, "What ,*|>')Clnl ciiliimlly him bumilnn Ihmn noAv?" "Oh, nothing much," T sold. "Only t'linl Ifid'n wifo Is » near help- IOKB arthritic. Llttlo ,To«, h| H youn- gt'nt boy, lutdly cnmo. di«vn with InfantllR paralysis and as J came If Die door o. pollci-mnn told mo Dint thpy jnn\ look K<! t,> »n- h<» pitnl with n broken log" "!'i<i!»i)ily not .1 PI-IIDV ::wn\ f,,, BUt'h emrr«iMii'l!'n." ho went on. "It Just Isn't in the «:-inln Tli.-,,, IB- a. man who could hnve nii'i lv |U.H"11 CJIIe ;,f IllllHi- If lint oo. I,,. had to ralnx ii bit; family nnd l«.i,li what hn|.,l>«nB lo him." "Hut ICd onjoys yii* f.'irnilv," I u.-iid. "|'VP bi.i< n iit hi-, liniiai. .,f( on; w)ii-n 1 wnnle.J i,, 1 .,), „,„„, real affection and tin- kind of hotno that rnado AmiTirn " "I nuppuKp «>. bill nu,.., ,.,,,,,i !,„-.„ never nppenlef] In :,,••." ..i.l.l Ml ICDbnl'K. "ll'ii noliP of my offalr." he contlnU"d. "but how rlj,l V»HI, imUujni rrinnd gi-t imit " "IN VIKW <»F AM. I'v.. 11.1,1 you about. 1,>|. perhnpu you'd in,., to fnliit,- It your iiff'ilr." 1 n ii KK e K . tod. "I don't BO In for MH-)I nturr That's the comniunlty'R jol>." lie hoilKod "1 It'll «R in.'ivt"' Dlio ill doffer '•lit,' 1 I tola him "Afl.-r I,,, ,!,,,, pcd you off here, voni ohmitTenr Iflfl 1C') dirwri 111 lie ••:,t|l<Ml /.III I., Joe toward .tho poHo i-lini<-." "My <iod' My em ,11,1 i|i:,f" "Yos anil the cripj.lrd In,) iy.,,'t OX|IPO|"|1 l,» live " l!ll« I.lltlo .Joe did live nnd ,„„ Walk atfnln. Ttinl wjin lil n in,,t.i wondrrful ("hrlntmnn. Ml r!-«-l,,. rKi W ),,, ,„„,],. j,, ,„,„„!. bin. thnwotl Into nn ni-Te.Mih!,- ,..,„, panlon who upi-nt i,t, |»^t ,i,, v ., concoctInsr way* to he-it the Inx oollnotoi- l,y ,|,|,, heiiLfm-Uottn <?l,il- droll Mtlll lilomi l)i« mi-mory. You nee, a linrd -).oi|i-d, «.-ln,,|, man got to SOP inside !•>! f'ousi.ti'q )iufnb|p linrnr r, n.l in!,, „ inn,, (^hlld'n honrt. Js thflo tl J.llll,, ,| 0 <- n,,in>-wh'-le In your neidhlxirhood' Household Scrapbook J'~lirnit*irp I'nllnh lC(|iial pnrt.t of boiled llnnoed oil. turponllno. and white vlnp|/nr. up- piled with a bit of wool mnterlnl and poilnhrd wliti a i-.i!k fl<«Di i,.- nuwH the finish on fin nitiin-. "-on- riillllng Bllllill blpinlnhcn I-'Irm <;n*t»ri| ) r li m oiintnr,! tnnv !"• mnde wilh- otit b«atlng in Die oven F'lin e t t ( e cups In n shallow p»n nnd ourrmirid them with water. Then r ov^r the pan tightly and wet il over » fbimo MO low Dint Die \vnlei dof-R not boll, Hlliflo Khnp* Tho shiny upotn f.n nuede ulioi-n may bo removed l.y I ilht.llij'. v. jlh nandpiipor. Duo n wire bitiKh, ot»- talnnblp lit any idloe ntoio. for brushing silerlr. shoPfT )PEN EVERY DAY THIS WEEKI PATSY'S Inc Nationally Advertised Quality Meats 1589 SOUTH MAIN STREET. WATERBURY Land 0 Lakes TURKEYS FROM JOHNSON'S TURKEY FARM IN ORBYBTONE NEAR LAKE PLYMOUTH , . . FRESH DRESSED TURKEYS NORTHWESTERN-TENDER- YOUNG-BROAD BREASTED XURKEYS over 18 Ibs Ib FKICHII HWll'T'M .I'H'ICMIUM—«' l,l»7 AVI!!," ROASTING CHICKENS IIKKr— MIIOHT - Hllll.OIN DRESSED BROILERS » 28 39 fHKHII ' ~—~ -••LONG ISLAND DUCKS » 35. 49 29 29 15 io «IH)M HWll'T'M HltANDHI) H'nOICK STEAKS MKATV YICAKI.INtti ........ " .......... " ..... ~ "" '" LEGS • LAMB AlKATV HIIOtlM>|i;u VEAL CHOPS VEAL BREASTS Ib Ib Ib Ib li'UICMII OUT LAMB STEW | MERRY CHRISTMAS, FOLKSI

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