Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 23, 1949 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, December 23, 1949
Page 3
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Social-Personal Fraternal \Shirley Shewy Engaged To Wed Ml iirul Mm. Kunnnll K. Hlu-i ry of Main nti.-ot, Hcncmt KiUlM, announce the engagement of their dnuehtcr. Shlrloy Knth. to John \V Diivi.'i-mn. non of Mm. DnvUiMon of AiiHonln.. No dau- hu;i toen pet for the wedding. Ml*. 1 * Sherry In n cnultm'i* tf Scvmotii HH;!> School and is i in jiluynil in Hwei;iiry'« Art Hhnp on Church xtrcnt. Mr. Davidson (sriid- nntod from Pine Mnntixl Tii'il" f'4-h'iol Annonln. mid In ao eni|>lii",i of th<; O K Tool Co., Hhellntl. Special Broadcast Tomorrow Afternoon A Bj'irhil iniinlral procrnni will !>€• tiroaili-iiMt iin a i-.nhitn to hot)- pllnliz«-<J <,•<•'i-rititr: limiorrnw ntlur- noon from 2 to 2:30 o'clock, under th^ nportsnr'ihUi "f the nallonul American I^rKlon auxiliary, lit a national hookup OVIT lh<' NBC' outlets. ncciM'tllriK l« Mr». N'orrlti Fol- ir;t. radio chairmnn of the T^ndlos' auxiliary of NiiunattH-k American Lcifion post. No. 17. Mrs. Norman Sheehe, national president, will be heard in a brief m*r»3nvc«'. and rruisic will be h«nrrt by Morton r>own«'y. hlH cjuarlPt and orchestra, and the American Le- Kion auxiliary champion glee club of QiK-rnn f'ounly, N«w York. CHRISTMAS CARDS CHRISTMAS GIFTS VISIT DUE GIFT ANNEX ON THE BALCONY • Cameraa—Movie Outfits { • Castle Films \ • Toys - Books - Games ; • Typewriters \ • Adding Machines ' i • Viewmasters j COME IN — LOOK! Tin- C'AIll) nml <;iKT SHOP SWEENEY'S! i ART and STATIONERY > STORE \ 213 Church Street '< Kennedy Circle Sends Baskets To 111 Members Five miunbein who MIT eorillned to their 'hooii'M hy Jllnei'.M, were remembered with Christina,* baskets ut TneHdtiy nlffht't! meet Ins; of Kennedy Circle, I >,, ui/hl el •„ of Inn hello., Mr/i. Htevun Kce.nkcM,, (pub- llclly chairman, reported today. Tlioy aro Mm. Mary .Sullivan, Mi ft. John Joyce. Mm. John Mealy, •Mrs. Kat.hcrlrie Currnlcy nnd Minn Vloln Kvan.'i, Mr«. Jamcii I'lltli, recent, pre idded ill. I he •|>iinlrie:i{i nctiidnii, dnr- JiiK which II wnii voted |.i, reveille i lie <l:ite B for Ihc iiocliil nnd bunl nenri nicpHm:?' in January, The orlnl in«eilni; will he held .Ian. 17, and the bu.Mlriemi meellni; .Inn. jt Thrill- now meni'li'-nt, Mrn, TCn- fpllc Muffin. Mrs. Mary A.-ipel nnd Mrn, .Indit Itlllon, wen- received. liefri-f:hnient.-5 were nerved by a commute,. Jjirpiillii/f, Mrn, William 1'Tpmlm:, MI-H. Kdward Ash, Mr-!, JoHcph A.vh, Mr:;. I.lom-l I,eC|, Mlim Ma.ry I.e.Clalr, Mr,i. A. I'Ynnk «owl<:n, Mm. A1nry Hi/p-hci;, Mm. IIownrr.1 Bruntiati and Mrii, KriK'nt Amler.Mon. Happy Homemakers Hold Yule Party The nrirniiil Chilnl.inait pnrly uf tin: Happy llomeinakern Club \Viia held reeenlly nt I he home of MIT. lintii-ri Keller on C-reenwood .itieet. A iMiffet luncheon wit;i nerved and gifts exchanged. Besides the hnnlnHS otliorfl i|l- tcad:inj: were: Mrn. Clnytnii '!•". I>:ivln, Mm. Johcph (.,'iilelli), lUr-i. Hurry ponmnnd, Mrw. Thulium Kelly, Mr.'i. I.enler Follell. M.T. Alton Hurlii). Mrn. Oeort;e Aoker- 1 bloom. I iNew Brownie Troop j Holds Yule Party j Member.** of the newly organized l-Hrownle troop of the Salem l,ulh- ieran church held a Chrlr.l man party yinili'rdiiy al'lerlioon, under tlio cilr- ectinn of [.lie leaders. Mr«. Wallace Johnmin and Mm. Arnold T*nndln. i (iueNtn Included Mrn. Domild I Kent, MI-H. William (ierard, MrH. ! AlanHon Uonwon, Mr.s. Ou»1av John! (.on, MI'H. J,eouard Johnson, Mm. j Andrew Andcr.'ion, M r». Harry Hawi c/uli and Mm. Victor diilnnnim. Eleven new Brownies received plmi. They are; l,ynn .lohnHon. Carol Oerard, .lean Cerard, J^oruon diliine:*:} .Joyce Hcnnon, Harriet Kiiwci'.iik, SiiHan MeNellly, Judith Shmld, RoHcann Me.Cnnn, Put rlcia CarlKon and Karen Nelson. KIvo trnnnfern wnni accepted Into I I In; troop, four from lirownli; 'rnop, No. 57, Svman Anderium, Kunan .lohiiMon, I'.cryl l.undln and li'ran- <-|H Hallnnky, and one from troop, fiH, I'JIeanor I'eai/Mon, Hcl. M-innld it. Miller, ,11111 of Mr.-*. Anna Ora/ij/er in /!/>enfllMf.: n rtix-day leave al hlw home on 'Mill- vlllu vonne. lOnllNtlni; In the rejrii- I'll 1 Army In OrUrbcr he I" uhdor- ;-oin:; tinnlr (f.-lnin^ nt />'ort Dlx, N' .J. Mm. Mnrinl Campbell of 12 Falr- vii-v. 1 avenue., will celebraile her birthday tomorrow eveiilnj: wllh u fiuiilly birthday ). ! arly al. her 'homo. Miss Cosgrtfve Bride Tin- criKfiU'MiHMil nnd com 1 !."*. mil rrlii(.',i' of Allfui Mary OonKn'V»>, diuiKlitcr of Mr. find Mrs. Hni'iy Ct):!(;rov<\ I'riMttcin. Kn^lnnd. 10 Ni-lld I'.cn/.onl, IIOM of Mr. and Mrn. Viili'llllo KiTlic.unl Till Woi/illlinrl ntrcot, WMM aiiiHMinrcd lant. Mlj^'u ni n fnmlly pnrly nt tlnr Itrn'/.iinl •IOIIII- M|HH ( .'ojiKrovi' airlvnd bt'n^ frnrn l'jii;:liii]d I wo wi'i'li.M UK". Hhe 01, ri Mr. Ki-ir/.otil ini>l whlln hi'- 'Afi'r> ntalloni'd In lOiinliiiid during Worln War II nnd lln-y linvn c<iirrlnd on rorrcHjiiiiidi'ii' 1 )' i.lnro I hen . Tin 1 It'illphi idiillM l(» wi'd ,T;lfl. •J.\ In Ml. li'iam-ln' (Minrch ul n cirminony nl. Ii n'clonk. Mr. l(.i i n'/,,)nl In a Jim/inn c - (itilr;it:lor In Connecticut Club Dance The Conned l;-ni dul, „(• <;<xirK>* (own iinlvernl'l.v VV/inliln|.',(on, I). ('.. will j.;lve iln fourth annual Christ man itnnce a.t Castle .Inri, New Haven, AVe<lnemlay nl«hl, Dec. 28. The dunce Mite IH kicitled three miles c'liKt, of the center of N<<w Haven on U. M, Route one. A Itron|> compo.'ii'd or idmlenlN <if I he tjiMiri!i'l.uwn Colin;!' of Arln nntl Srlnnenp. The I 'nnnect lent rliih, of MM- <ief>n;elnwii alumni In (!or\- IHT'llcul. TlelieLi for the rti'ml- formal danco niny be obtained at the (lorn 1 . Several prenenln will :be Klveri a Win-en, who will Iin cjhonen I he nielli of Hie da.nce from amonK the M. Freed man Co. Entertains Employes ISmploycM of the M. li'rcedmnn Co,, Were enlin'liilned ul, n Chrlnl m.-iH party held Tiiesdny evening in the Hotel Klton, Wal.erbur.v. ninnnr wan nerved nnd K\{\H ex- ch'iniied. Airinri); Ihowe ntlendlni; were: Mae T'lillllpH. Florence If'ar- rovv, Vern Mairan, Mnrlhii Mhetler, P'rnncerl Wrnbel, AnKcllne Had wick, Ann Brown, Mae, KnKelluirdt, I'JII/.abeth McOi-iilli, HIIMH Ji'reed- mnn, A);neK Tilley. Mr. and M CM. Anthony Coj)po|a of New Haven road, motored to New Yolk today, to meel Mr. Co|p. polii'n father, .lone'ph Cifippola r,r New Miiven, who lit returning on lliu K. S. Videanla, from a nix monlliK vlult to Ilaly. l''lmer JlnrdlnK, who )ia/i hi>i>u a miriilrul pntlenl nl HI., Mary'ti hon- pilal. In roiiviilenelni; al bin home on lieacon V/il!ey road. KK'e leral meiiibei:* of (he We- lerbury .lutiioi Syiit'bon v fi'irllei- jiali-il In Ibn hrnadeiiMl of Mpei'lnl ChrlnlmriM miinle Wednesday nlH'hl over Bl.ii.llnn WHKY. They are. Miirlhn and Phyllln riranijer, (lor- aril Komi l.olti Campbell and li:ilo Volln. MAIMtHCI) 1MI1N New York There ni 1 !! nbont. 1)5,- WXl.firxi married men In Hie U, H. and .'M,:t;i:i,:!.'r,i million live with their wlveii. USE YOUR CREDIT AT KAY JEWELERS TO GIVE ADD TO YOUR PRESENT KAY AMOUNT or OPEN AN ACCOUNT NOW! £li CHERISH THIM HOW... AHD f DRIVER! 17 Diamond Fishtail Pair Buy Now-Pay Next Year-No Charge for CreditatKay BOTH FOR ONLY I U. '1" DOWN-<1" WEEK II will b« h»r happUit Chrittmai »v«f ... wh*n you glv« htr Ihli breolhlaklng polrl Glorlou* c»nl*r diamond, 4 rodlanl ikt* dlomondil Matching bond hat 12 brilliant dlamondi In n»w dou- bl.-row flthtall ..fling of rich 14K gold) ITS O.K. TO OWt KM! JEWELED KAST MAIN ST. Oak Street School Classes Present Christmas Program Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Cheerfully Refunded! A OlirlHt.iiuiH |ir»Kram wnii pro- unti-cl yeiiterday .at. tint Onk Slrniil. ij'hool hy pui.-.'lln of nil (fi-iulus, It wan nniiomiced today by Minn Ila/.el I'enroHe, prlnelpnt. The projji'nm hy Kl'adi-f!, l» (in follows: ClKAniS ONR F. Mareolln Kle run n, Ililirhor. A piny, "Mnnlji'M Mother Oooiie lleliiern," wim pre« nented, with (he following children In the cant. Denny, David Hch- rnrler; June, llarrlid Iviil/.; Brownie, Uunnlct 'Mormlln; Kan,tn, T*«i- Koy Merolll; JiKfli He Nl'mlilu, William Kora.leitkl; I.lttle Jack Hor- lier, Oenrire Itndwleli; l,ltlle I ,l«!y l.ocliel, Hi,«lnn Witnilu; l,lllln Unity Mine, Kelly Mne Hill Litlle Minn Mnri>l, lllnda ItlotiOim; Curly l,o''hn. AlltMt Knnlim; The Old Woman Who Uved In a rthon, Jan- Ice Wood; Mnry, Who 'bud n III tin tiiiiinl), Bnrbara Flnnlerl; Tommy Tucker, Tlioiiinit Chrn; Onffy Doiwn I>IH.V, r>nliilnU: r.nlldllle; I'oily who -pill Ihn Knttli-, On, .Judith' NHUKOH; Mtlln Kny Whin, Hayinfuul Jennlnj^n; MlntrcHd Mn- ry, lOJIet^ri Vielra; Oeorjilc 'I'fX'Kl'*, Chnrlen Hlrlcn.; l(um||i ( ty Hiimnty, John Dell'rlore; Bn-B6«p, Richard MnimenfeHH; The Old Womn.n Who l.lvi'd on (i frill, Lmm Silver; Peter, Pi'ter, Pumpkin TCatnr, Anlo GnJirlcl; His Wife, Holly Dut- lon; Old Klntf Cole, Obnrlln Wn- ika; and I fin inddti»ni, Dayton Hwy, lt.onii.ld 'Mlntblllo nnd Henry T'lnlrowKkl. flllADK TWO iiiT.twnl.fd n pro^ram 'umhir the dlretlon <*-f l',i luher, Kn.lhleeh Dullny, Tim welcome was dnllvered toy Jtoimllnd no», followed by n. Ponm, "llun- dli'ii," by Nune.y Tltl«y. A HOIIK, "Ho Do 1," WIIH aunn i>y Hobiii JOIIOM, Kouallnd Jonim, ,1'ii.l.i'loln, WiiBdo, Alice OHiboiui, Nancy Titley, Olna. Itii-.lo, .lacky Wnlnln and Howard llanrtenfcldt, followed (>y n. poem, "Thi) Threi) Wlut) Men," by .Raymond Wnlle. A play, "Tim Olirlntiinmi Plt- cher," waii preH.enle*!, with ihe f(tl- vlriK until. Tin- ICIriff, Itnymoriil Wnlte; T^hn Quoen, I'atrlcla Wa«do; The 'Prliu'e.'iM, Nancy Tllley; Her Nnme, Kona.llnd Jone«; Hnnta. Claim, iJirry .Simon; J^ulhtti of I hit Court, Penny Biirlsuck, Judy Mcile- nlcM, Pa.trUtla, Knoll, n.nd Carolyn Kir.^'.hner; Ivirdn of thiyt-onrl, Carl ICdViulH-l, Robert JankaiinkiiH, Kenneth HmltbhauHler and Jfow- n rd MiiiiminfokU; .Santa/H Piiffew, Albert (inbrlel and 1-onlii Mellon ley; The J'i;fir the Old und tho Hick, Donnii. Costa, Robin Jonfcs, Alle,. Olbboni* and Vlr^lnln. Dulton. A MOIIK, "U||i! On the IliHimi Top," wan sum? by the entire <:lon» fol- l(/wed by Ihe reciting of n fxtern, ''< ,'hrif.l mtip JOvn ICx.preKfi," hy Pa- Irli-la Knoll, Curl l(M(|iilrtl, Alice Ol'hbonw and Penny HorlHiick. A poi-ini, 1.11,1 In liu-Benp, with CibboriK IIM l.lltle Ho-Heep, Jti»bl!rl. Jniikiiurtlciifi an Uttlo I'loy 'Hliie, Penny Horlniuvk n« Wm Old Wo- mn.n, Raymond Wnlte nnd Donna Co.-iln a.t Jiicli (uid Jill and Carl ed. Robin Joneti, Ibimnllnd Jonen ISdrpilid nn Jack Iin Nimble follow- and Judy MnlnwinlcH recited "Tho Three MHIe KlU.enti," the enilro '•IIIMH ming, "Hllunl. N'Blit," nnil the i.'lo.'dne; me»a.go WIIH dollvered by Alice GlbbonH. TIIIC THIRD AND For/HTTI, filtADIilH, tiiidnr 'I'lioreHii Wrlnn, nom'blned to T'reHCnt. their pr»- (;rnm. A chornl rreltntlon, "Tho 1 tThrb'trnan Tre-e," wa« ilellvered by Arllne 'Hi-nni!(un;y, 'Mat'llyn Aurora nnd Cnrl Morrolll. A. pnironnl, "Tho Christmas Cnndlcn," wnw jn-c- I'enKd, wllh Arliv Tyfxvlne, Nnncy Cnrpunter, Juann Vlelni., Robnr.l Wllllnnison, Robert Wttudo nnrl Wr.fily Dill ton In Mi« r!n.Kt, followed by Mm nliiKlnK nt "Why thn Joy HcllM Rliiw," by the chmi. "Merry <!|irl»ima(i Helln" wim prpBpnlnil by Ncal HennoBFiey, Paul Hrhl, I refold nutlon, Ohnrli-H Cnrn, Itonald rtakoliy-iiu and ''Jeoi'fje Xomifl. "MoWinr'H Clirlwt- mn.B I-Iymn," was suing by T>ebor<ih Opdykn. Robert. J,mi, Ixilw Mnrlter and Marin Vielra nnd "A Chrlnl- 111101 Ijiillnlhy" WIIM wunx l>y the filftHM, Tho <!la.BH then recltod, "Our ChrlHl,nin.K Wliih," f-ollownd l>y n. poem, "On Chrlnlnnaw Nltfh!,"' hy Hnvcrly HMIKHH. A chornl recitation, "An Intervle-w With Hntrtfl.," by Ann IWhlman and thn nlimH concliiddd t,hn JiroKram Menilmrti of |.ho KOUHTH ANJ3 FIFTH «RAt>]fl9, under Hnzel I'ennmn, flnlnhed thn day'n actlvl- l|i;n by primimtliiK' t.hcdr jn-dgrani Fh'Bl. WHH n piny, "li'ollfiwlntf tlm Star," Wine Mnn Cnnnld (ilendenhiK. Trmnnty Ko,pp ami Joel Nelson; HlisphurdH, Dolore/* VI- elrit, Miuy Hxinnma, Odhorlnn Trl- iino, nnrt Ida f*choolny; Murk, 'Inorjfe Wnlle; Joneph. Jon Nel- Jion; Mary, Jfln. ttoh(nt}ity, This e.lnnM natlK, "Silenl Nielli, Awny In n. Mnngcr, Hn.rk! Mm Hernld An^eln NliiK nnd Oh, Come All V» li'iillliflil," followed t,y nn- otliflr piny, "Th r CnirWniHH S.JH-UO.O Tree," with the following <:IIBI|.. He/idem, Miirynnn l,a.udnln rtnrt itritaa Noriivon^; Trowj, Onk, Fio- Mimnry Klnii(«d; Tlno, Claim M«~ aovern; .Hlreh, Hlmnld Moffnt; I'Mr, Carol IJInnmorn; nnd H|irmve' Nancy Kinaterl; HlnglriK Uroiip, Jerry rinmlrun, Jon Nelson, Sail 1 dra Anhmnn nnd Hhnron Anhtnnn- rinlrlilt, Ha.ntlrn. Slaiv.lekl; Owl, Vlneenl D'AIrl; Hqulrnil, Jnnel (,'nrpenter l!,,y, Vliiicnnt lii'A.lrl; nnd I.ndy, I^iuirn Hoare.i. Grange Schedules Christmas Party A ehlldren'n ChrlfitiniiM pnrly will be held loiil K ht. by (he rie.icjn Vu.llny OritriKit MliirtliiK' nt fl o'c'e)ek. In (ho Oningij hall. MrH. Noble FannoU IH In ehavife of nrrnnKemuntii for the (•nrly, which will Include vnrliul unUi"- (ulniiie.nt, Suntn Clatift will bo pre-i- init to illfltrlbul.Q «lriB tincl cixttdy to tin.' clilldien, Roses for Margaret fOUOWINO tho r^mln« ovntkm (hut, erected her singing debut tit New York's CtirncRlo Hull, Mnr- Kiirct Tnnnim accepts n btiiiquct of llowcrH from a nlr| rtttornlinit. A crowd of 2,500 music lovers turned out for Iho recital. (hitKTiiaUonal) Schools Closed For Long Holiday Nnuornl.uclc school ntuilfthtn Imvn Htai'tml (hull 1 iinmml Chi'lHtmriH holl- ilny viiciillon, Tljo public nchunU clufuid yoMlorday uttoi'noon ul. 2:30 o'clock nmt the hlKh nchoot at 12:<I5 o'rlnnli. ' til, HodwlK'H )ni]illM were (llx- miflHod' this mol'nln# fifl.or n. Chrlrtt- IIIHH plirty nnd thotio In HI. Pran- I'lii' Mrhoi'il worn i'iilc.'HHiiil n.(, l2;W"i fi'iilimk, > All nchooln In Inn hnroUKh, both pulillc nnd piirocliliil, will roHiimu cliitiHUH TiioHiliiy, Jim. 8. Annual Christmas Party AtYMCA Thu NiuiKlltiick YMCA will hold DM unniiiil (Jhi'lHtmnn pnrly for lioyn nml Kli'ln tonight. nl 7 o'clock In thn V Kyro. All Uiown who M.Hmxl nro rni|iiiiHl.nd l.o lirliiK ii Jft mint wlft for it wi'iil) bug, accord liiK 1 to WOM- lny Cindy, Y progi'Mm iinitriil.nry. flivjjip KtuntiH will hfi pl/*,y<.<<l, hiovli'ii will bii rdiown unil rofrmih- tno)it.H MKi'ved, Mrs. Hnnl.or Allan will piny the plnno for! ftlriR- \nts find PYII/, Klnmht nnd Mr. (tatty, eo-chulrmiin of Ilia affair, UH- Hlntod by mombfli'M of tho Y'n Mon'H Club will conduct the other actlv- li.lotl, A M,I<:UTON IJIIAl'TKIl Alliirtnn, llnyiil Arch MII- HOIIH will ooiil'iir thn Jtoyal HiW'jt! upon ft fil/iMM of ci'indUliiUni (if. nnrnnionlofl tonight n). 7:30 o'clock In MiiAnnlc Tempi". The rnrnmony will I m wlfiiOMMocI by Ihn Mrnil I5x- cnllonl. .liinwtt W, Biirhon, wnnii filtfh prlu«t of UIH Btnto All Royal An;h MiimitiM urn Invited tu uttimd. Miss Burnetta Reed Dies In Williamsport M|HM Btirncllii Tli-ed I'c.xlrtinil of aunfirnick for many y«nrH, (ll<-d Ihlw morning n.\ lur ')iorn<-, HIM Hurn.1 n.vomio, WllllrumnrioH, )' J n., nftor a 1oni( Illnenii. Knncnil nov- vl«!«-M nntl hiirlnl AvUI lie. hold In Ihrat city. l«a Heed and her RlKtor Miss HOWLANP -HUGHES "Watcrbury's Friendly Department Store" "EVERYBODY'S SANTA CLAUS" Store Open TONIGHT 'Til 8:45 TUG MOSt COLORFUL SELECTION IN TOWN AT THIS PRICE! MEN'S TIES iij^licH IIIIH ii Iin 1,0 mill, every ninn on your (.;il'l. Mn|, A mnv rnlli'dion ni' nri^innl put,. U-i'iiN in roliiririgH nni! inolil'M lli/il, Ml'ij onl,Hl,ati(t- iiiK. 1'iuii'l ili'Mi(j;iiH, coin ilni, |)irlli«i'iiH, liolil prinl.H, mriiill (li:ni^iiN tiiiil I'cKinic.tiliil Hl.ripcH. cxf.liiHivr'ly I'or llowlmul llii/rhi-H liy n l,n|) iiiiinnrucl.iircr of IMCII'H niM'.ljwcur, A.ll lire fivefold I ii'H Cull wool lining ntiil I'nyoti I.'IJIH . . . 1,o Lie, nnd hold a poHViHioii non>Hli|> knot. THE MEN'S SHOP , , . STREET FLOOR NAIHJATtJCK NKWK (CONN.). min.\Y, IH'.f. ZS. |(MO—I»A<;K !i IxiUtc Itt'Cd, until UinJr ifll from Ihn IT. M HiiMipr Co.. wv- iirni yc.'un MI-III. iivi-ii ni inn ciirr Hti'i'i-l, /tn<l ;itv! vvri] hfKJWn hftr<- Tlioy ii.l(pnili'(] lli« NM.IIK!I'IJ"|( <''iti ftfi-K'iillonnl t:iinrrh. Al !h<> time 'if 'hcT rctli-i-ini'iit Mlsin Ili'i-il win: n tiuiiHi-vliuir ;i( Iin. IIM-II! Foot w.-nr ] J l)int Upon rclli-^mc-nt they r«. lnrili'<l ID (heir nnlivo Wl!ll:im« |n>rl. "inl f>fi'iipl«'ii n iinnip wlilr-h Ihi'V h.'ul liulll "NOT A CREATURE WAS STIRRING".. . v '*-» X_i—rV. •'••-•• JK', "<- ^<i m^-m^^- J "•il^**«*^ ' f- r, f * iTi *^««^ -^«i*jw«iu;, -J-uJk^iS,'.^ > ', JLS . • >;*A. • - -^-^~,.. - • •**»»/• * ? * :" T 4iVj..'- Woitin' for Snntn ,,, «ntl sec what he's brought to clcliglii, che lienrt of a tiny Christmas angel! Such exquisitely feminine Bnhc Frocks by Nnnncuc . , dreamy pastels, dclictucly tlciailcd in lovMble, l«uncicrablc fnbria. SIZES « MO., 9 MO., 1,2,3 YM. NO FINER GIFT THAN A DR. POSNER'S "BODY BALANCE" LAST DESIGNED FOR THE CHILD OF TODAY! "MAHY MNS" PATENT LEATHER SIZIS I »• «..,<»,9« C'/2 t» I2...S.9I 12'/i to 3...C9I I* f^ faffsfaiZ" IMOI* "MOCCAUM HOI" FIRST WALXER...4.9I A must for Indian fighters! When roddkin* are »kulltin(j in tho bnckyord, youngHtow »cod tho ftUunch support of Acme Cowboy BooU—real, ru«gcd, wetterit boots/'

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