Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 23, 1962 · Page 20
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 20

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 23, 1962
Page 20
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Twenty Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune JOSEPHINE LOWMAN Even Your Blood Vessels Need That Daily Workout Why is regular, daily exercise important to our health and good looks? There are many reasons. One is that our blood vessels get exercised. Our blood vessels are lined with muscular fibers. When these do not get enough exercise, they shrink. The only-way in the world to exercise blood vessels is to exercise. Exercise calls for more oxygen in the blood stream. When your heart beats faster to meet this demand, it pushes along more blood. The blood vessels must expand in order to lake care of the increased circulation. Then they contract naturally. This expansion arid contraction is exercise for them. According to authorities, flabby blood vessels are more susceptible to d e g e n e r a t i ve changes. Redistributes Weight Also, exercise is especially important when reducing. It redistributes your weight more attractively, and you will avoid the flabbiness which some women experience when reducing too rapidly without exercise and a proper diet. Exercise also is valuable in banishing many vague, little discomforts and twinges, constipation and chronic fatigue, and an army of other harmless but annoying symptoms you can acquire after 30. The ideal would be to indulge in regular exercise all along the way. If you have not done so and wish to begin this rejuvenating, do one thing first. See your physician for a check-up and 'get his approval. After that, you are on your own. Age does not count nearly so much as your physical condition. Guides There are guides you can use. If you are tired after your exercise, whether it be a walk or mat exercises, or tennis or golf or swimming, this is a sign that you are doing too much. Cut down on the amount of exercise,and build up gradually, without fatigue. * * * If you would like to have my exercises planned especially for the most usual feminine faults, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request for leaflet No. 5 to Josephine Lowman in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: "Diet and Exercise Will Help You Overcome Constipation." • (Released by The. Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1962) ANN LANDERS Parental Preaching Won't Phase Rebellious Daughter Tin's version of the twist will make you feel better and is good for muscles in waist, abdomen, hips and legs. Step forward, twist inward with hip; foot and leg and swing arms and upper body to the right. Bring left foot fonvard, twist inward and swing armsvto left. EGYPT BANS TWIST CAIRO,' U.A.R. (UPI) - The wist, the Western world's answer ,o the Egyptian belly dance, has jeen banned in dance halls in .his country. The Egyptian National Guidance Ministry ordered vice squads Tuesday to enforce the N ban. CUTS IMPORT DUTIES BONN (UPI) - The West German Parliament voted Tuesday to cut in half import duties on automobiles from Common Marke countries in order to offset domes- ;ic price boosts. ISIS THEATRE Winamac, ilnd. THURS., FRI., SAT. "TOlWlN (WITHOUT PITY" Kirk Douglas BONUS SHOW — SATURDAY ONLY 'iBRUiSH RR'E" SUN., MON. & TUSS. "•EXODUS" (Color'l All Star Cait At Rcigulcrr Prices Dear Ann Landers: I know for a fact that our 20-year-old daughter is having an affair with a married man who is twice her age. The man is her boss, .which accounts for her. two substantial increases in salary within a five month period. He is separated from his • wife and 'amily and main- ,ains an apartment near the of- 'ice. When I ques- .ion her unusual,y late hours she [lares up 'and says she's not a child and can do as she pleases. Her father feels I should insist on respectability or invite her to leave the house. I'm' fearful ol giving such an ultimatum because I'm afraid she WILL leave and move into the man's apartment This would of course ruin her reputation and possibly wreck hej life. What can a mother do?— AFRAID Dear Afraid: A girl 20 years p: age is an adult and you are noi going to change her pattern o behavior or her sense of mora values. If you throw her out .of thi house she will probably slriki back and use'it as an excuse to do just the tiling you are worriet about. I can tell you now that this mmediate family to explain she s playing with high explosives and the results could be catas- .rophic. . , * * * Dear Ann Landers: I'm an 18- year-old girl, in my first year of business college. My boy friend s in the same class. We both have jobs from 4 p.m. ill 11 p.m., five days a week, so :he only lime we get to date is on Saturday and. Sunday nights. Because he has -no car and very .ittle money to spend we stay at :iome and watch TV every Saturday and Sunday night. My folks know this, and you would think they'd cooperate by leaving us alone, but no, they sii right there in the living room with us and spoil .everything. My ;randmothe:r 'lives with us and she sits there, too. Do you think this is fair? What can I do about it?-NO COOPERATION Dear'No Co:' I feel terribly sorry for a young couple with so Jttle imagination that they are :atisfied to vegetate in front of a TV set every weekend—and call it "a date." So your boy friend has no extra money to spend and no car. You do have feet, don't you? There are many interesting places which are free. Look in your newspap^ er. Sorry, I'm not going to sug' gest that you shoot your parents and your grandmother so you can have the 'idiot box to yourself, kids. t: * » Dear Ann Landers: All the trouble started when I went back to my old • job. My husband has always been pretty light abou money and since the children were away at school I decided i would be a good idea lo go back to work. I wanted +o be open and above board about what I earned so '. rebellious. girl not respond to preaching or threats. Your best bel is lo gel someone outside Ihe TONIGHT Box Office Open 7 p.m. Closes 10 p.m. ASSACRE IGHTV! FT. MAiSSACWE at 8 p.m.-lBachelor at 10:15 elorRat but fun hours a day/ TUESDAY RICHARD TERM- CELESTE WELD BEYMER-THOMAS-HOLM COLOR by DE LUXE SUMMER TERM Monday, June 11 and 18 Courses Include: Stenographic and Secretarial Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Accounting Comptometer and Business Machines Approved for Veteran Trainees Indiana Business College Phone 4276 59th Year Barnes Office Building—Logansport STATE Plus Color Cartoon "DOGGONE PEOPIE" STARTS TODAY ! ELVIS HEADS FOR THE TOP TEN WITH: ELI/IS HITS THEROMDTO UMGHTERMD SHOW'S AT 7:15 and 9:15 "Ang«l" "Sound Advici "I Am Not Th Marrying Kind' "What A Wonderful Life COMING !/ROOGERSS ° /HflMMEHSIEIN'S OPBMS MEMORIAL DAY I SHOWS 'STARTING 1 P.M. INROIMNCe! IEL1/IS PUESLEV FOLLOW DREAM SI „ ,*,,£ - Swimstripes make the new fashion splash ... softened via gentle "shirred- waists" and superbly shaped with the weightless, figure control of Vyrene® spandex! Three marvelous swimsheaths to choose, left to right: "Dandy" 23,95. "Straw Hat" backless, 23.95 or bow-buck'led "Banjo" 22.95, 8-16.. swimshapes by the-ounce shirred waists by ut my salary into a joint bank ccount. He said it was a, gim lick "to get our money mixed p" so he wouldn't know what as what. Now I realize Re resented this ecause HE doesn't want me to low what HE has in the bank. According to the bank state- lent (which he tried to hide) my usband drew out $5,000 which I idn't know he had. It was the rofit o*n a real estate deal. He sold, olif a piece of our property and never told me about it. We ure in our late 40's and if anything happened to him I wouldn't know beans about his finances. He says I don't need to know anything—(hat his lawyer has all li,-e facts. How about this? -MRS. KNOV/ NOTHING Dear Mrs.: Every wife should have full knowledge of her husband's assets, debts and financial dealings. The wise husband educate his wife about'such matters; he doesn't keep her in the dark. I strongly recommend that you and, your husband and the lawyer sit down together and put all th< cards on the table—face up. To 'earn the booby-traps of Ieeriuj3[e drinking, wrilc for ANN Wednesday Evening, May 23, Miil NO GOOD AT ALL WASHINGTON (UPI» - Rep. Robert E. Cook, D-Ohio, who is siscking re'Sleciion, recently received $900 in the mail from Ashtabula, Oh.o, with an unsigned note slating: "From a good Democrat." II was in nine $100 Confederate bills. . LANDERS' booklet, Drinking," enclosing with your ro- quest 2(lc in coin amd a I >n;;, sell- addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad (o help you with your problems. Send them to her in care flf this newspaper enclosing » stamped, sell-addressed envelope. 1902, Field Enterprises, 'inc. It's Summerettes Pickin' Time SUMMERETTES By 8ALU-IBANI> The most comfortable! casuals you've ever put your feel into . . . you'll love the styles and vibrant colon. $0.99 TO $C.50 CLASSIC Two-tone bark and charcoal, or mocha and beige. TOBAGO In black, straw or mint greerii FLATTERY In Nylon Straw Only SKIMM'ERETTE In multicolor or green, tan, gold or black. Go Summerettes Pickin' Soon at... COMB "Your friendly Slioe Store" 407 lEast Brotidway ( ••^••••••••••i Free!B ^_____^_ H|||—| r; p C C f Hot Dogs and Cokes I IN L L I SntnrHnv Mnv 26rri Saturday, May 26th Market at Fourth St. I ••••^••W •••••••••*••" !«••••"*•"•'""•^•^^™^^™ 1 """*••• week Trial Only H&B has dared to make this offer! Did you know that ONLY ONE of the Cable TV applicants has gone on public record to give you a TWO-V'/EEK FREE TRIAL with NO STRINGS ATTACHED? Did you know that the company that made this offer is H & B (largest operating corporation in the United State* in this field}? Anyone who has followed the Cable TV franchise battle for the past fe\y weeks of necessity must be struck by the fact that THINGS GOT SPECIFIC when H & B got down to brass tacks. No other applicant has dared offer a 2-week WEE TRIAL — no .other applicant said a word about it. H & 'B inviteii close scrutiny by City Councilmen. We invite comparison. V/e want everybody in Logansport to see one! understand 1ha amazing differenco in the plans of this three cpplicants. H & B is the only one that doesn't make a profit on the nanufacture or installation of Cable TV equipment. WE'RE: SYSTEM OPERATORS (largest in the United Srat«s)-which is why H 8. B is bust' for Logansport. — Tell your representative today. Communication;; Write To Post Office Box 3» Logansport, Indiana

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