Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 23, 1949 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, December 23, 1949
Page 2
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I'AGK 2—NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), FRIDAY, DKC. 23, 1MO DREW PEARSON ON "|"he WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Bays: The Mystery Behind Gen. Groves' Ohange Of Mind; Walter Winchell Outranks Vice President Barkley In Miami; Senator Gillette Investigates Ooffee Shenanigans On Now York Exchange. * \Vnflhlngton-Frlnnds of Gen. CJrovnn planted n nl.ory !ii Nfw^wcirk that (Jrovci wu« all niri "to jjive credc'iu'ii by innuendo u> Fulton Lewis's charges" tiiat llcnry Wnllnco urjjed shlpmnnts of ntoin mnterlnljt to Rtinnlii flrovim \vnn pliinnknK. according lo NCWMWC-I-U, to »ny thut he wn» hnrrcd from dlerunninK th« matter by n jiri-sl- d^ntlnl >llrrrUv<'. nnd lie bud "n.r tuitlly tiroiiRht Itin ti ; xt. of nn Kim wnrtlino order Into the comititilco hrnrlnjc room." Hut. rontlnued Newwweek "wbnt rnudn tilm i-biiniiii tiln mind mid completely nbticilvi! riot nnly Wallace but Hopklnn In n ms'Blery." Newnwei'lc's niyntery, however, In nut really n myjitcry ul nil. Astute ConKrPsMmiin Francis Walter of I'cnruiylviinlii ln.ttrd whut was nfoot and ctillect the Kvncrnl'fi bluff. I^iirninK thnl Orovim wnn (dunning to wavu an KIiR <lir«<:tlvc »« n. blind for hl« Innupndo uttiick, Walter put In a phone call to the r>npnrtnifnt of Dofijnnc with highly IntcrnnllnK ri-nulln. Wh«'n Orovun ti >( ,u (ho nlund. )I!B first words wprp about the "directive. " whirh. h" nald, rnjoinod him from dliirunnlllK J>«-rnonnc! bc-fon: " conKrcHsionnl roinmllt'*r-. "Oh. ttmt'n bprn ri'iirlndrd " |;j- tcrruptnd Walter. "I JUN( tiilkpil win, ( ,nr «,r the lunlnlnnl .icrri-turli'n In the r>etf.n»ti_ r)c-|,iir| inmil iinil wnn nnnumtl that yon roilld npnnli out freely about these .•illcKed Hlilp- nmnts. You're at liberty to tell ii s nil you know, to help ' UB ,.]„„,. thin matter." Groves looked like he had been mt with n belnylriK ,,| n . "Thn dlrnrtlvp | n „„ |,,, >K < !r appll- ciibler he nuked, IricreduloiiHly "No, you can testify fulJy re- KnrrtlnK thin case." mivlnerl Walter tared with II,.. r.blj,,,,,,,,,, , jf ,„„; r ii"V t ."" .!'"' r "''" r<l '•'•K'" 1 'llnK cold farti.. | n » uetiernl K ,iv n M,,,,. health""" Wa " nr " " rl ""» ''HI »f Wlnehell (i,,U Hhl«v«-<l Down ,,t Mluml tll ,, ,„,,„,. ,, honeymooning Vice President Bnrk- „„ Jewelry Tomlins FLOWERS For All Ooouluiu TKT.KOHAPIIKI) EVEHYWHEBK MELBOURNE'S FLOWBM SHOP 1M KI7BOER AVENUE TM. ana ley remarked lo vaeatlonlnK Hmi- 'He Secretary I,GM||U Biffin thnt. tie needed n hnlrcut. Blfflo replied that 't was mutual; sp next duy both men dropped In at the, Uoney- I'la/a holid harhurHhop. Two chalni wore occupied, but n third r'hnir WMK vacant, Jind the Vice I'reiddcnl of HIP United Ut.nten filarled lo enlhronn hltimnlf. "Oh no, you can't use. that," protested the btu-ber. "Thnt chiiir'n ro- itcrved." JBarkley mild nothing, plchod up u paper nnd waited until another chair wim vncant, then proceeded to A-CL his hnlrcul. BI/TKi ulna waited until tho next barber wan free. Meanwhile, tho third chair ntlll remained vacant. The man far whom It wan rtuiarvod did not nliow up. Flnnlly Blffh- remarked In nn undertone to his barber: "Do you know who In In the mix! rhiilr? Tlial'n tin, Vlrii 1'ranldnnt. of tint United H|.ul««." Blfflr'n barher went over Jind whlptpeii'd lo the other barber who utiiod, iitli) Idle, hiiiddi! the (imply ':halr. Tlmrc WUH a buzz of conBler- uatlon. TlK^n nuddi^nly tho CUH- i<imei whn oiitrnntuMt the, Vlrn l'ri<iildi*nt botinr.iid into llm Imr- hertthop. It was Walter Winchell. Coffee I'rlr.K FlnniclliiK Hi'n, O'liy fjlllettn of Jown, wlio has been doing a good, job of proh- inK the zoom In coffee. pricp.H. IB nlno c'hf-cklnK on H(jme rahpnnnltfan* •if th(^ New York Coffin) Jfixcha'iiKe, iipjinrently alined at kceplriK prlc<:n Normally. Bra'/.lllan prodnccrii ( ind fxporttJi'H, wlili^ti hupT>ly iilxnit, half our ruffcc noedn, me itpllei'M on Iho exchnriKe. However, Gillette tiiiB Inforniiitlon Hint pertnln lirn- •<lllnnn ulno hnve hnnli huylllK "p all the coffee fiihii'DM I hey can get (heir hands on HO they can be In n controlling portion to maintain Inflnled prlreH, fkjnie American lirokcr'H don't like the nmoll of the foreign in- tniHlnn In the Coffee Kxnhnngn nnd linve refu.'ird to hnndle the nc- count n iit }^rn/lllnn IrnderM, 1)1101- Iwrlng 40 of BO Iti fill. However, others, including Ruffnor, Burch and Compnny, Leon Iiurncl and (Irothern nnd Hehwithnch ntid ('i)in- puny nil of Now York Imvim't balked nt acceptInK the foreign nc- count.i. ThiM pnrtly explnlnn why IrndlnK on (hn Coffee Exchange bun doubled since «peculator« etnrtcd rumors about the "coffee nhortiiKe" Monre I'Uinorn thnt have been proved KroiindlcHH. Jl IH onn rna- non, nliio, why coffee contlnunH to sell from 2.1 to 30 centH n jiouncl r?Krt'e. thun l( fdiould. Kor the iTiore coffee t'uturen /ire hoiiKhl In hy the itpeciiliilorB, din more they nisi able to control prlcofi. Another fiielnr In llm price rlne, of courne, IIIIH been lionrdlni! by littery hoUHdwIviiB, which him fii- •luced Blocks In retail otoreB. Commerce Department recordn nhow Hint HK^ 2211,000,000 pouniln of Kreen ':off«;i! were roiiHl.itd for Hiile 1n October ami 23t*,000,(K)0 poundtt In November, compared with a monthly nverntte of IH2,OOO.OOO pollndn 111 July, AUKUM! nnd Beptcmbiir. Moot of lhln oxctuiH IH on (.hi! pantry shelf. BETTY HAS ONE MORE CHANCE IN ROUTi TO BOSTON, where a fnmotl »pcclnlliil will dotormlno whether or not her lintul must be amputated, Betty Mnrbury, 10, at Brownsville, Tex., nrrlvcs Jn New York with her fnther, Henry Clny Mnrbury, a Inrmor. After n recent nppnnl from thn child, thauonndi pniyod thnt her linnd be tmvod. She In HulTprlng from n miilianont (Inner lenlori, n condition for which medlcnl science holds out little hooe. (International) Business In New England Picking Up Boston. Doc. 23--(U1M—-The head of Die New I'InKlnnd Council told I.he Unll'Ml I'II-MH thin mornluK that huidneixi In New ICtiKl'ind l« pick- InK up. Tn a year-end sdnl emenl, (Council 1're.iddmil .1. C. Itlrhdnle nnyn Dm n-K'ion hrin niiaiipiul out. of hint. oprliiK'ii Hluiri|i. And he ;iddn ihiit Die outlook for 1I1W) In br>K>it. '"rtif tit'ttifl nt' the New fOii^lnnd biitdrioMM coiniiiunlty." Klirhdnln SII.VB, "haH.clianKtiil In Ihe pun! four or 1 five rnontliH from mibnr con(;ern lo confldenre In Dm ri'Klon'n economic primped n," The bimlimiiM lniKjer addn Dint, "the record of I he second half of HMD ban chnnncd Die overall picture from blnck lo while ml ban Hindi! Dm Imnmdlnlc outlook jiromlMlnc." lie commented cnpu- I'billy on Die recovery from n nlump Of . he (exllle Indllnl I'V. Ulchdnhi ulno npoln. ,,t Hi,, p,.(m- pcrl/i for a New (CiiKliuid Hteel mill. He mild Dial "a major Hteel mill will provide employment for many New ICnKland nkllliid work- ern nnd provide a biiidn .for iiound expansion of durable Roods Indua- trlen." Child Burned By Falling Into Water W iiml- nli-r "rbury. line. ',!.') (IJI'i '(••..•n. m-hiilf year old Climdin l',rr- li( rccovei'lnif froin painful bin-nil received when nlm fell into " pan of liollliiK walnr Ml h,-i- homi-. She In hoi.pllnll/ed hill h,n- condition In iiald l.o he u |. The accident wnn Dm Ihlrd m'p- liap of tin type In Wlllerbui-y |lii-i wn.-k. lUlKhlndti-inonlh old 'iJiivd JMhf'ii died Wednimday troin bin nn received when he fell Into m:aldlnir wnler. Yciilcrday a four-year..,Id hoy wan m-rloutily hurimd whll.i lining I rented for a cold wllh n Hleiim Inhnlulor. T HIS YEAR AS ALWAYS AS WE SEND OUT THE SEASON'S GREETINGS, A THANKFULNESS RINGS I)EEI> IN OUR HEARTS AND MINDS . . . that this is a land whore Liberty and good will is still a precious thing! . . . QUITE AS PRECIOUS ARE THE CHERISHED FRIENDSHIPS WE FORM THROUGH OUR BUSINESS RELATIONS. WE TRUST THAT THEY MAY LONG. CONTINUE— A HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAH FOR YOU AND YOURS. City Package Store • Naugatuck's Old est Package Store • BRIDGE STREET (TEL. 4892) UNION CITY W. J. Oldakowski, Prop. Waterbury Foundry Strike Held Lockout Wntt-Hinry, tiniunployimMit. irilnnl cnl I Foiin II.H fn I. !.).!<:. 23 lUI') An rornpniiHiil Ion c:n?i- Im;: rnloii tluil !i wit n i> i'.i) by (In- Miiiiufrictui'Mfti Co. wnn rnnlly a locknnt c.,n- n.n Jobk'fm lirnnntii Home 411 ninmbiti'n of Die C'fO 1'roKi-oHxlvn Mntul Worker»i Union were made Idle by n labor dbiculci Inul .Inly and were awarded c-'ipi- |i"iiMnt.lon by Die l,nbor I)n|i,u'l. rnent. Tho company cul wn^e.4 \'j, renlH nn hf.lir rind DM employ.>M refmied lo work. The firm claimed thnt. It wim a ntrlkii and worker"! were not eil^lblo for com')rni!,i- Don, C^ompenHiil Ion CVnrinr. Carl IjOnil- Ki-en mild that the foundry, in effect, WIIH withholding work fr tin ninployeH by riifunlnf; lo nllov them li, work undi 1 ! 1 l.helr prnvi Crippled Children At Newington Give Christinas Pageant (Ity United I'rcMH) Dui'liiK I tin Chrlnl.maM hulld.-'.v. youiiKHlern In iiohoolM and liuilllti- Don« enjoy pulling on plays. Th<-ro Inn'l much phyHlrnl rffoi'l; fir Minn! of Ilium, (ml H'n i, dlrritl'"!)! hlory nl Din NnwIiiKlon Homo fir Crippled Ohlldrnn, Thn urn hn.ndlcapp'-d. Many of Dicrn cannot j^cf, out .>r bed, ol.bei-M iiro Jn nnnl« nnd til,II ot.hnrM mtml walk with cnuchrH. However, tlmne hnndlonpn didn't. Ml op I hum from action: In thn M.H nun I ChrliiluuiH product Ion. Tlidi'o were nngpln In tin- pl.'iy nul they walked acroMM Iho •nl.n.i/r on cnilclmn. 't'ho Kir) who pl/iy •/) llm purl, of lh« Virgin Mriry per- I'orrniKl from a wheel phnlr icid Ibn "Three Wine Mon" rnnd,. Ihetr "Inhln In Ihnlr bOfl/4, The, audience of about 100 yoi,nK- nlci'ii didn't noum to mind. They were, iilno vlctlnm of crippling d'- fi«i»«(!H nnd wntchud from Jieh- bodn and whe.ulchn.lrM. . HOVH TOWN I DIQ/l Boys '('own. Ncl> Men FiUhm- Flanagan lo Btni-l. (i hnrnn for h MI'KCAIH (UP) TV find In 11)17 l>oyi IXIH nprniid fur, No), only him t.'ni orlKlnril HO.VM '('own proBpui'ijd (mil Krown bin. officials nt. | hi, Instil u- Uon rppoi-t. lhnr.1 urn H8 1my.|. IOWIIM" or Hlmlliir liommi In <:*l«l SCULLY, Florist Flower* for KVHT? Oceanian 4SO BAMTW1N HT, . ., . PHONE WAT. 5-7280 BUCKMILLER Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Bo Our EmploycH May Enjoy A Christmas Weekend, We Will Be CLOSED SUNDAY AND MONDAY ANNENBERG'S RESTAURANT PARK PLACE — NAUGATUOK Bowles Warns Against Race Discrimination In Housing Projects Hartford, Dec, 2B — MJ p) .- - f! o vi-i-nor Dowlnn ri-inlmli'il c.liiilrnn-ii '»' local hoimliiif tiiithorltlcM'/ Hint, rnclii] (JlMCrlinlniiUon will v,ol 111: tolnratad In Connecticut hoim- I'IK prnji'c!l.n. In <i loltnr lo llm cluili'innti, I'.MI Kovoi'Moi 1 |iiilnliiil oitl tliu.1 rut-"!!!!'/ . I'rnnltlonl Trutnnn Imponrd fi (mil \ upon illHci'lirilnntlon In fnilcnl PI'OJ|,CIM. Hufol'tl thill,. Dill l«Kl>,!iL- ouUnwod It In Connou'.iciil. AI>VICK OFF TJIK RKCORO Spokane, WiiHh. -(UP)— Uiu'a R. Orciinlco wan on his way IU.IH.B with n Mtack of phonograph !<••• ord« wlicn ho loHt control of II'H cnr. Although thrs rar wa« d^ni >!- jxhcd, f'Jrccnlec «uffcrcd only nlJKht. bruises. Every record was •m«Hh, i except one tidod 'Til Never Slip Around A^ain." Bnwli'H noted thnt. recently :i N«m'o dnlxKHllon niiltivl n Wii.i 1 :-- prift, lown ino«lliiK If |.h«y (Mnil<l lako advtintngo of tho Ntute'n now $l)n,()00,OnO hooBhi({ proKruin. Kovnrnor. ' our nl.iiln fo IH no room In Itlnd of uiifnlr dlBcrlmln/i whnthor It In hiiMod upon tho of a imnn'n tililn, |I!H I'I>UK|OII llnfti, or hlii miUonnl orlKln, ml«aloriH lo public hounliiK i In Connecticut niunt hn j nololy on UIH biinhi of nnrd Lhn Hppllcant'H iiblllty to mom: HQCONuary financial obllgntioiiH, without regard to his race, color or orond." nny ion. Atl- ii!".l ihc PROPERTY TAX NOTICE The 5 mill District No. 2 tax on tho Grand Lint of Oct. 1st, 1048 is due> for payment Deo. 31»t, 1M&. If not paid by Jan. 31, 11)50 intercut wiU b« charged at the rate of 6% per annum from Jan. 1st, 1960 to date of payment. Tho tax collector'• off loo is open 9 to 12 A. M. and 1 to B P. M. Monday through Friday and 8 to 12 A. M. on Bat- urdaya beginning Dec. 3ist through Jan. Dated at Naugatuck, Oonn., Dec. 23rd, 1949. JOHN U. FERRIS, Tax Collector. LOOK AT THESE VALUES!! IDEAL FOR CHRISTMAS GIFTS BOMBER TYPE JACKETS WATICIl UIOI'ICU.KNT Alpucu Uneil Throughout Miililnn Culliir $7.95 up ALL WOOL SPORT SHIRTS j^g^ $ 4.95 ONLY $10.95 /tl.'I'KKATION VltKIO " BOY'S SHOES DRESS TROUSERS SHAHKHKl.NK 0 HU'JN I'l.AIDK 100% WOOL _ BEST MAKE WOHHTKKBK «4.75 $4.95 CHESTER'S ARMY 24 30, MAIN AND NAVY SURPLUS STORE TEL. 0010 OPEN EVERY NIOHT TILL CHRISTMAS SHOPPERS!! LAST 2 DAYS TO WIN THIS BRAND NEW $1800 FORD FORDO R SEDAN. SHOP IN NAUGATUCK! COUPONS WITH EACH $1.00 PURCHASE, CASH, CHARGE OR PAYMENTS ON MADE PWOE ° DECEMBER » OT > ^ '™* OFFICIAL ONLY AT THESE OFFICIAL $1800 NEW FORD SEDAN:M. FREEDMAN 00. CARLSON FURNITURE CO., INC. WM, 3CHPERO, JEWELER HAWLEY HARDWARE RUBIN'S OANS, INC. RAPHAEL'S, INC. NAUOATUOK HARDWARE CO. NORWASH SHOE STORE LESTER'S PHARMACY STORES WILL YOU RECEIVE COUPONS ON THE GUSTAFSON'S NAUOATUOK DRUG CO, TARNOWSKI MARKET THIBODEAU STUDIO FORD DRUG STORE OLSON DRUG STORE L. V. MATSON & SON, INO. MUSIC SHOP ROSENBLATT'S SWEENEY 8 ART STORE C. H. TOMLINSON WEISS BEN FRANKLIN STORE ANDROPHY RADIO & APPLIANCE CO. KENNEDY STORE LEYNARD'S SAFFRAN'S BOSTON STORE ZEMBRUSKI, Men'« and Boy*' Shop NORMAN'S BEAUTY SALON ALYOE BEAUTY SALON ... STORES OPEN TONIGHT UNTIL 8:45 ... . MMMNNNftlftliM^^ ;

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