Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 23, 1949 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, December 23, 1949
Page 1
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Today's Chuckle A conference In • group ol mrri who Indlvlduitlly can do nothing, but who »• » jtrinip run mr>K »nd drt-idr that nothing run Iwi done. — The Hi-* Top-leu. Baflg "Dedicated To Community Public Service" TIIK WK,ATI IKK Fliiln nnd falling temprrnti-r,n thin afternoon. IXaln turnii,f 10 KKlil nnow tonight, with tomonow full mid Kildri Ix.w tnmiK-rntutn ;i«ar XI o'egiceii. TKMPKKATUKK REPORT Midnight r>fi; 'A n. m. fil; i\ i, r,. f'fi; l» «. III. {Ml; Noon M. VOL. LXIV, NO. 300 ESTABLISHED 1880 Talk Terms On Housing Project Site Lewis St. Land Considered For 30 More Units The NaiiKntuck HouninK Authority mot today with offlclaln of the Nauk'attick I>mnb«ir Co. for a dtticuasion of purchase terms of n 12 acre tract on I^fwls street, owned by thr lumliT firm <*n wblc.h the Jlou.tlnK Authority ha» taken an option as the Rite for the tiorough'rt second moderate rental housing project. T. Hvx Urhrmun chairman of the authority unld after the meet- Ins that no definite action was taken. He »ald the local authority will make recummundatlonH to thn Slate Housing Authority aftor which that body will take further action on the transact Inn. The locnl authority him been granted $385,000 for the construction of 30 houBlnc units, similar to thoim now nvarlrig completion In the N'auKowam Vlllag* project. If the 12 ucr«a lit obtained from the lumber company, the homan will b« built on the trnct on I^«wln ntrent. Within the next lnr««i or four >re«kn. 14 tenants are expected to move into completed dwellings at NauKnwnm. Thorn who have »»- curnd rentn there have boon notified but their names will not be announced until after moving BtarU, Mr. Behrman xald. Over 20f) application)) were received for the N»UKHwam project. BULLETINS (By United rro»»> JOINS IIUNT Detroit -The FBI nays it no.v is in the bunt SOT enemJ«» ol the United Auto Worker* Union up to the hilt." The announcement in taken to mean that Fedr.nii ugtntu not only are Investigating the unMucceimful dynnmlte plot B^slnKt the UAW building, but the dhootlni* and injury of Woller and Victor Reuthcr In and '4». oOo CA1>1X STALIN Blommrk. N. D.—The editor ol the Btamark North On- kote Tribune eayii ho tried to trlephoiiK birthday cone rat ulu- Uon» to JoMtf Stalin Thurmlaj'. But Glenn f*orlle cay* th« M<>»- c«w nwltcliboard operator t<ilrt Mm no one In thn Kremlin would »peak to him. oOo FRKKD Sine »ln* Prt«on. N. Y. —IJ/e termer l^onU Boy Walked out <if »ln« Mine prl»nn a trev man thin morning aftor in yenro In prU- on. Boy wait nardunnd by (<ov- ernor Drwry IMTHUIM- he voluntarily rl.ked hi* life In an un- •iirrr**ffn| attempt l<i »nve an | cl(ht-y«>ar-old girl who WBH nut- ferine from leukemia. - i.Oo Ql'All DIES Llll*. France -One of the boy quadruplet* born to Mr*. Andrec Morel near Ullo. France yesterday, died today. The other three baby boy» and the mother are •aid to be dolni? a« well no pon- •Ible. oOo PROMISES AIIJ Clevt^und Prewldent William Orcpn of the A F of !„ ha* promised to try to get. the 5,000 striking transit operatora In Cle-t- land to return to work. Groen stepped Intu.thft strike picture after the Cleveland Federation of Ijibor eHked him to uso Inn Influence on the A F o/ L transit union. oOo CR4NII •'»rt»—B*port« reaching I'arU •ay a plane haw cranh»d m-ar Brlrnoln In South Prancr. The planr u .aid to have cracked up aftor hlttlnt a high t«n«lon wire, hut there are no other detail* no far. oOo LOYALTY OATH Budaptvt— Roman Catholic bl»h- opu In Huncary nay prlento will be allowed to take a loyalty oath to th«- Kovernmrnt HH required hy the communliit retime. But bUhops w i|| no t take the oath un- e»» the Vatican (rlvpji permlimlon. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 23, 194& Failed To Save Mother From Lion a r : <"b Mr». "-"<l f. | n scue £r ' ' f * '_' Narrowly ,.»,.„„!„* with ||,,.|r own HV.-H, In,, th, ..... 'hlldren ,,f «m «i 7" r , ,'•".' W "" m " lr "'""' lll "' Ml '* " w "'' """• '"" , «r , " <r ' ' '''"' S ''"" f " r <(<> " ) ' "' ThuiwiiiMl OukM, rear is Michael Kovar, 1H, whu WUN atuek.-d by the boast In »lf>mp( Th,. other rhlMr..,, ,,r, Mary K,,v,,r. 14, and Sandra : Uc ow. ,l,p ham t,n,.,,,.r Kudy M,,,,,,,.. vvll(l „„„,,, „,.,,.,„„„ „, dr«.,i it.,d (,,.„< if,,, || OI1 ,, ff po , I|(( , ,, H ,,,, rorU |lt .. HuMun/ . | __ (International) Clark Heads Dist. Committee For Natl. Boy Scout Jamboree Delegation From r ----------- w n ;. — Congress To Decide Fate Of Naugatuck Naugatuck Area Expects To Attend Francis A. Clark, Naugulu.ik district chiilrmiiti. Hoy .Scout*, h.'m been named chairman of the rtls- Irict committee to arrange for Ij.r delegation to attend the annual Boy Seoul Jumboroc to b« hold from Juno 30 to July 0 In Valley Forgo National Pm-k. Perm. Tlil'n U the second Jamboree to hit hiihl In thlH country, (he flut bavin,; onon In Washington, D. C., 13 yi-iir« •i g». At pre.'ient, plan* C'»ll for one Scout from ewch troop rind Expt n-or post to attend, wllh tin- n..a- niblllly tit othiint i,|,,i> nUimdlrK. neglDlratloMH muni hi-, filed witi'i the Mattutuck Council by Feb. J5. with boyn to be namad al a latir date, In the nmnllily edition of H,<> Smoke Signal, council publication. thp Rotary ClubH of NmiHiit.icU •iml Wftlcrbtiry arc thanked for lh«lr work In lh<> five yi-nr c:imn development plan. The clubs tiro now In their ihlrd year of ruling sr.2,000 tor 'Mm project. The annual butitncBti mectlrg >-f the council will be hold Jan. 2'), n! '.' o'clock In tin, lloUO ICIto'.i, Wn torbiiry. Dining the Hniwlon, council mi-mbfi-ii. council official* ,irui executive board members will ho elected, UnportH of thin year w;:i al«o bo glvvn. Smut anil Explorer Icudcrn will take part In a now type outdoor tralnliiK cvnnl Jan. K al Ohm,) Mattatuck. Thn training will dmunHlrulu to Icndoi-H how to have fun whllo ttmchlnjr ;.n,l practU-InK Scoutlnn ro<|uli-f-m<-nt.i. The winter cabin at the camp will bo available for weekend UMC uf'er New Year's nnd will accomrrKxla 1 ^ a leiidor anil nlno Scout 11. K«n«r- vatlomi may be made through Ibn council office. FIKK Boston — A spectacular fire ra^ed through a Norwegian freighter dorknd at tlm pnrl of Boston narly thin rnornlnif and 42 sleeping crewmen barely escaped with their lives. One sailor two leaped 30 feet through port- wiuj Injured by flylnu gliiua nncl holes to escape the gjumea which did an estimated $500,000 in dam- ige to the frclKhter Pernbav Letter From Santa Claus The North Pole Dt-ttr Children. Here In Santa ClauB Ijind we aiio aa busy as bees. We didn't even t»kc time out for lunch or our afternoon n«p«. So you can see JUKI how busy we are. Mother Claus was afraid wp would all become too tlr»d no »he t>rou K ht In a huge pot ul potato HOU|I and ««l It down In the middle of the toy iibop. Then »he called UH by name nnd handed to ench a Htnamlnt; bowl of Houp. Of course, the elve» drank thelrn from Bilver thimbles beoaime their thimbles are as large to them as our soup bowlH to us. After the gleaming noup, we nil fnlt belter. jn»r r»r Krlck»uli b»tt*rli.i< mnk<! rr»,lj |* r wlnlcr. I»rlv» In lu Mubirn. IE! llulllirr A»r.- So wr» went lutck to our huge Job of 'packing all of tho toy.i. T expect we shall be up until nearly midnight packing the rest if tin.' toys. Thn Hied stands In thn middle of Ihu room with Ihn toy •iitcli already In It. Tall laddiini «x- tend lo its top while climbing up >ml down are thn packing elves hoisting all m:inn.'r or toys Into Ihe As I wrltn, Mother ClniiM Is Ing my re^bitnr to iniiltt. nure I hav,, llHtml a]| thn toys you children h«vo ;iHkc<J for I,, yotir let.l«M'h. We want each one of you to he ever so happy this Christmas. L,ovp, HANTA ( — KITJI ymir rlillilri'n lii'illlh). Ni'i- Idem Mri'iil (Ink I'I.IIH. l-nnlni-rijt lilllk. Cull id in lor ili-llviTj.—Ally. Synthetic Plant Whnn Coti|<re.i,n rnronvonon In January, the fate of the Hynlhutlc plant, ownod by the RocunBlruc- tlon Finance Corp., and operated by the H..S .Fluhhar <.'o., will liti de- cklod by It-KlHlutlon, Thi! I1MK Rubber Act nxplron Juno 30 next ycnr, anil IcKlxlaloi-H are nxpect.erl hy that ilali, lo enact u program pruvldinK fur Hale ur luani; of K'oviirnmenf, ruhhor proilucjng fu- dlitiuH to prlvnto IndUHtry. The lociil Synthetic plant him not been rue.omninndnil for ainpoii- ul, nntl iniitit bn rutiilDotl by thn government until Congress makes 11 diiclidon. Untli-r lh« 1»4H IdKlflla- tlon, liin i;i)vnrmnnnl. muni, rniilri- Inlu ownnrnhlp of planlH hlivlnt? a rated rubber producing Capacity of (.100,000 lont: (emu of general purponn ruhbi'i', niul Hi,. NiuiKiilucli factory In In thin caloKory, UndoublDdly the prcuont BtiilUH of the Naui;al.uck plant will bn af- f«cted If Con^ron.'! decUlcn t(j permit n lower coiuuimpllun of f;on- oivil ptirpoNc rubbor. Thn iidiiiltilHlrntlcin will Hteer lh« IIOIII-MH, w)i«n Pr««ld<:nt Truman by Hpcclal miiNMii|{it next, inonlh will tell Con^resH what oxjjert.x Lhlnk HlVduld bo clone with war-time plantu. hiiKlnlntlon will ho unHKent.- ud In l h» pruHldontlul iniiKtiiLg,,, «m- bodylnK the recommendations of tin. National Security KCHOUI-COH lionril and olhnr I'luloml HKencliin, In March, IIMH, I h.t HOth Con- KI-IIHH declared It CHHunllal that (jov- ernmeiu ownnriihlp of production facllltlKH, Koviu-nmeiit production <iT nynlhotlc riibbflr and patent pooling be ended whenever consistent. wlUi national Hecurliy. An UK<; ,-,,|,,,|.| 1(l , j l( , vVhlte IJouiie mid HvnuruMH ftitrllnr ihln yuar alBo HtruHH«d that tin, timing of any ill-spomil prourum j,, made ditpendent upon t hu conntanl ro- quIremuntH of national dofniiHo. The 80th CongrcMH' 'Xlubber Aci. in nil on It mandatory that the president ror.ummond lo Concrem, by Jan. 15 11)50, a pro K mrn for dlnponiu ofKov- ernmont- owned rubber producing facilities. AlthouKh nolhliiK official hmi boon forthcomlriK, It IM uxpoclud Homo consideration will b« given tho RFC Interim report: which suggests a dlHpoNHl plan within the liroad framework of iincurlty requlro- mentd IIH HOIUI ;it thai tirno, 1-uginliiilon will |,i, l, c r,,,.,, c; on . KI...MH n,. x t. inonlh, Introduced b v Honalor llrlan McMahun and Jtop- rimenl alive Jam,,,, T. J>all.«r«on, calllnn for payment of nomo $4000(1 by thn UI-'C. to the. horotiKh In taxoH on the local When PITH, Humphreys of the U. H. Itiiblmr (',,. wan In NauKnluck recently lii! ciiutiliirnd all I|III!M||OIIH '•oiici.rnlni,; ininrhimn of lh« plant Ijy thd company. But It is assumed Unit the rompnny will In, nnxlouH in iJiiivliii,,,, INI. plnrii, nhoiilil flu, Kovni'iiniKiil dncldq lii illtipotid of It. KIM.INU -!l|{ll -- I'Dll.v, nrn thi! i;iiliKliiIl(l-Nt.vl t i liquor dealer and bookie. I. ullnl riddled body of 21- frnnlt l>rflii» wan found Kid.- (if Hi,' road on tin, property In of is The .ViMir-ol< by I hi* 500 Attend Carol Sing On The Green Tape Recording Of Program To Be Broadcast Nearly BOO Nau#atuck residents will hear themselves 113 tlhey r.oiinded I ii nl night In tin, annual Community C'hrlxtimiH Carol Hlrig held i,,t the lloiwshoe on The ("Jreen. when a portion of the event In heard on a tniii>:rrlbitd hroiul- cii«l over rmllo station WATrl at 6:.'1.1 o'clock tonight Immediately following the Naugatuck Daily News hro/ulcniil. An improislve feat urn of the miittlcul event, Hponsored by the I'lillhnrmonicn of Naugatuck, took Pin.-i- when in opening thn pro- Mram with tin, dinging of UIM na- llonul untlhran, n npfjt1il K h)t *„„ Dliiyed on the American flag fly- I»K hl«b nbovn World Wai' 1 monument. UiHmi sololsls were Minn Joyce Ann Kanehl, who nang O Holy NlKbl by Adam and Winter Won- 'lerliind. nnd William Uoyd, who rendered GTOU »(i;nblno und ffc'hu- borl'.t. Avo Maria. A lo-mlnut,, organ pri.ludn w,ut 1'iiyiHl by Organist Kdwnrd OrM- flth, who also presided at the Hammond organ for tho singing ,»r one group of carols. DomiHI Hermonrit, who also nWHlstml In playing for group singing was ac- cornpanlsl for th« soloists. Mrs Albert In,, OTVonnnll nlno partUilputBd in furnishing organ ini-nt for the singing. Jack Con way wm» rwinlnr of imnonl,,, f,,.. UlB ,, f ,^, mm (l|1( , "(on Tierkowlt/. directed thn singing. Several members of the NmigaUicIt Men',, Chorus Mood „„ I'ho high wchool Hteps nnd also -.vnre .'urnon-jr tho atidlimco. Lighting facilities were In charge of Raymond Currier, of the Our- rlnr Ifileclrlc Co. who a too operated . 'tufiroflfl ftyAtfirrt doniit" cd by the U. 3. Rulbbcr Co footwear plant. Chief ICnglnw,,. R , )B _ II Jonnen ol WATK W»H | n i'"-jru of the tape i-eoordlmr. Cronerul. teh> Irman of «*rrannrt. menu f.,,- t h ,, cv «nl wow Molvln'p Leued Wire Servio* of the United Prou Father Guy Grimes Celebrates Mass In India For Father The Hev. CJuy Orlmnn, n mum- b«r of the Capuchin Franclttcan Order, celebrated n solemn hjjrh Mm,,, I,, Kotairlrl, India for |,l» lain fnlher on th« llr»t arinlvfln,- "'•y of hlft dofttli. DM. 10. Me was n.=»si,,t,. ( ] , hy twn Tlnllvo Ind|(in pilnirts ,», dMuion urid «trii^|, m( ,,, n I' ill he,. Orlm«H, non of Mr« M«ry nr/m,,M, 132 Aetna .^roct! and the late John GrlnieH, arrived In Tndln ,,n October l-l. , lftel . having V ||,, l( . c , HBVC ,, U , Rur , P')Jnt«, Including Romo. whore he hnil nn audience with the Pope In a reennt letter („ ),(„ mother, •iither ( rU y H(mi |H hl H 8r tl «tlnK« to hi* nuinyf rlondu In NauRatuck nnd leaven no doubt that he Ii* ex- remely happy In !)„. H<, m l n nry at KotaKlrl. Ho M,,y» the Indian people are "simple and unspoiled; and rieo.ply religious" ' '"""''"'•'" wlt " p ""' PI"" he, , n hear (.he .Pope W3e ak and especially to receive h|« blnwlnx. AH 7 w» «n,,d him J could hardly OHciipe ™i «f V ," y ' f '' Cal llt)llm "" tt " d «nliv« neBs (-tnd In his ,>,.„«>„,,„ one alm,,-,t reeln the prcnonce of .»««li« ChrlHt, whom our Ifoly Father roproMenti, on eurth. I think he memory of my audience with 1 he Holy Father will .bo one of rn.v moat. InMnx mcmorlei) of mv trip through Europe." In France, Father Otiy mc ^ a rmJdrnt of Brookfleld. Conn Father Oily WI,B ordnlnod June 2 nt Hnriit'hon, W| H ., and celebrated hils first wlomn hi^h Mnsa at «t. T-rancb)' ohurch, Juno 6, 1B48 on hlH piu-ontM' Sflth wedding nnnl- vorsnry. milHkiMs Ing. of thlN morn- WaterburyMilk Dealers Cut Price Wnterbury milk doalem yoBt«r- dny reported (hut the retail price of milk will be reduced one cent Jan. 1. Tho price reduction was an- nouncml by ropi-eiienfatlvon of As- tioclntiid Milk Protlucem, Inc., Willow Brook Dairy, Hrooli/ildo I)Hlrio«, Inc.. and Cashln'n Dairy Products, liuv Htalu Milk AilnilnlHtnitiir Don- aid O. I liunm.iHimi.; huw ordnrnd Ihn nillli (lealnm to pay (l cent len« for milk to fiirmorn Jan. 1, the dimletn mild, nnd announced that thtiy are pimHlrig thii waving along .to CUH- tomers. It. In expected the price decrease will tin general throughout thn Htiitn, und Hint, a further drop In prlco of one cent will become of- ru«Uvii April 1. Deputy Sheriff HUK8KJX HIIKHHV, JVfulii i»tr.-c«. Ueufoii Kail*, httN assumed hU duties tut D.iputy Hherlff alter having tmnn sworn Into that of- fltiii by Sheriff (li-orite (Hhiirty) KogurN of Nnw Iliivnn. Mr. Hhor- ry was named to the post nftor his nomination WAN Indorsed hy thi' lti<|iuhllciin Town (!<>iimiltli«> 'if llnuiion Full*, following; thn djnuth of Hhormun Hlocker, I'lm-N- brliljfc, former deputy wiKirlff, Xmas Mail Rush Over, Green Says Although bualn«'u« and cancelu- tlons at the local tpost ofllce have been grnnlnr thin your than In any pruvluuH ynar, PoMlmiuilur li'rank T, Or«ien today said lha usual Itwl minute ChMstnuui r-UBfh Is "way bolow not mill." The p<i«lmiuit«i< »ald thu ru»h In over "much sooner than any other ynnr nnd thlngw went muc.'h imioothor." Ho Dialed thai the lock of rush today and through tho wook Indlcutott ro«l- dents heeded warning 1 * to mall Chrlslmais cards and packages Burly. Tomorrow afternoon window service at the pout office will cease nt ft o'clock, and window* will b« olonod both, Sunday and Monday, Mr. Green wild that, all parcel pout packaifffg rcoolwd la,te tomorrow or Sunday morning will be,del|vei-ad, Sunday In ordier that pootplo may have Christmas pack- ires on the holiday. The oftlci* will b» ciporalnd on a regular holiday itchedulo Sunday and Monday with no »treet do- tlverlnn of mall In tho borough or rural arena, Mmllji v/lll hu picked u-p and dispatched at UMUII! time*. Committee Named To Obtain Home For Ojeda Council A committee to (Iliicunn ways and mutins of obtaining a permanent homo for Ojeda Council, Knights of Columbuii, him beon appolritud ac- oordlnK to thu otirremt Issue of tho OJedn Journal, the council's monthly publication. Namnd to the committee are Haymond Ooggln, Frank Rauccl, Jnmcm Moore, John Desmond, Jr., Paul E. Buckmiller, Joseph Suchonnkl, Charles i^tiisklewlc/, and Joseph I-ilnlnMkl. Tho prnsnul homn of I ho council Is In the Neary building. ReservntioiiH are now being made with Chairman J-oiiln Huwio for the 'iiinunl New Ynur'H parly lo be hold ul the council rooms, A turkoy dinner will bo served and there will bn nolnnmakers and fiivom to holp '•Ing In tho now yuar. Membership CornmlNnlnnnr Wll- Mam Adamskl reports that 25 new brothers Joined the council In tho rnnnntly tntitalled 'Ifatlnir Wnnaf Claita. Tho winning team In tho membership drive was captained bv Mr. Huchonskl, wllh caplalns of Ihe runnor«-up teams being Jo»eph Kolnkowskl and Mr. RUSBO. Other team captains were Edward Bren- Government Okays Anti-Histamines (By lTnll4vl Proiw) The Kovcrnnienl him flimhod a sroon light for tho continued acroH«-tho-counter wai,, O f nntl ., hlHlamlne cold tableln wllhoiil doctor*' pi-««nrlptlon«. The food and drug admlnluti-^ tlon (innoimcftH that It him no Intention of banning ||, 0 p||| N ,-, n , imnanu of tho tuMt»i M hail b.,i.n conduotlngr-a drive to have tnem prohlbllnd, Thn FOA nuy,, ||. him Invust'- gauid tho now mcdlclim, And It addH thai, on the basis O f ' Ihe tests, It has decided th«t the tab •••Is nrn« If u ln nmmifactunin,' (llruiiUoiiM am followed. IIV8ANITV l'I,KA p-mnkfurt.. The altornuy for tho Urooklyn, Now York, houiut- wlfB accuited of murdering her Air Force huabahd has entered it plea of Innimlty In her behalf. Tho motion nuked HUH Mrn. Vviitle Mudiitm b« committed for mental examination, Travel Lanes Crowded With Holiday Rush Busiest Weekend In History Said To Be Developing- Though n» ana him nil i.h«t '(Kuro», this Is shaping up to 'bn one of tho bimlost. Cbrhitrniis weok- imiln of all on the mil Ion's trii"«il liineo, Railroads, airplanes nnd bucop rnporl booming bilBlnnsn. And all brannhoH of tiubllc tranitportiii.|on arc putting on oxlra <.i|ul|mi«tt*, One railroad official says It Is the blggniil holiday rush ulnce before l ho war. And onn alrllnu alonu him scheduled 100 extra flights. Trains throughout the midwest ii TO gnltlng ii lot of bUiilncxH us many .motoi'latA havn docldnd not • o risk (li'lvlng on ley highways, A new Arctic blnsl Is Hwoop'Px iicroHH Nnbrimkii and thn Dnki/liii, nnd It louUit |lko it «)ld whlto Chrlslmn* for most of the Central Btntcft, But. Hiinln'n iilnlgh will hiivii I'otijfh going throuKhoul ihn JCu*i and South, A mtttts of cold iilr IM pushing toward the balmy Atlantic t'oast but. thn front la rnotlni'iitltii; UN It movmt oiiKtward. Our number one traveler IOOK off from Washington In a driving uiln thin morning for Iiulopijii'l- iniCM,, Mo. The Prenldont «:ij daughter, Margaret, will be home early thin afternoon to begin their holiday, Christmas Party Monday Afternoon In Beacon Falls Beacon Falls The highlight of the Christmas senuon for Hi.-aoon Faun chlldro i, the annual Klddlen ChrlntmaH Purty, will be bftld Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock In thn Community Club, Michael Kronenky IM chairman of the arrangements committee. Through tho e.onperallon of iro .Wlrn Department, ^hn club rind Scho«fei>KI(»hcr Post 2fi, Amerlciin ibeglon, this year's party promlson to lop Ihonut of thn pnst. eianfn, tlliiiiH will have a gift for nvery child. In addition tharo w/ll be candles, Ice cream, and other rn- frnnhmnnts for tho chllelron nt tin pni'ly, All chlliirnn of ihn town are Invited. Movies and other pn- tertalnment are Inclulnd on the progriun, IIM wn|| nn idnglug <,r traditional Chi'litlmiiM curolH by th,, hundreds of children. Vacation* Prancls Wynne, a ntudnnt at Boston College, Is spending the holidays with his parents, Mr. iin-1 Mrs. P'riinciH J. Wynne, BO Welle avunue, Visit Here Mr. and Mrs. John B. Hill of Wolfo nvnmin liuvn IIM tholr KHOH! t for Ihn hollilnyH, their Hon-in-luw nnd daughter, Dr. and Mrs. H. Wi!- llti.m Sister of the Bronx, N. Y. BtudimtM lloniK J«no Andruw, daughtnr of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Andrew, Bethany road, and Mnry Ann Swan, daughter of Mr' and Mm, Wilfred Hwttii, Johruwn Mtrtint, »>otn iil'j- i)ent« at tho University of Connecticut, Storm, are spending tho ChrlHtmaii vacallonii at tholr liomits, On Holiday ISugeno Kevlt, a student at IJos- (oii Colloge, Uoston, MIIWB., him arrived lo Hpond the hollduyn wlih hlw parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kevlt, Mlghliind avenue. Toy Pistol Bandits Captured In Derby Derby, IJ«,c. 8S—(UP)—Two ImndllN—onn nt whom wn« iirmcd «vlth a toy pistol—are bclnit held by police. They wern Idmillfltvl lut Htnvnn Miirtonak of AimonU mul Ilrmit ll»y of Bttyhrooh. The pair wnro e.aplurod Mhort- ly lifter a holdup In n »tore In which »71 was taken. A polltMMiiHii captured Mar«4>- nnh iionr the stU»rn, wfallo two I»»»»«rshy <;aiight H»y after » elm*,-. Thoy nrn hold r»n un open chnrxo under ;|2,flOO bond. KAItLY CIIUI8TMAH _New Haven, Dec. 23 —(UP)—. Christmas came early for six prisoners at the Now llnvun County Jail, - r A Superior court Judge suspended Iho balance of their sentences MO they will !,„ f roo f()r lh() hol ,, dny. Tho term* hwl only (l nhort lime lo run, HO hearings on their petitions' for release w»ro not held. iwrlitl illHrniiut on Ihiunr h>" ii * l»r ymir New Yrur-n uun,. <;u» i'urli i' Mlnri'. Trl, «N»S. 8 PAGES Noble Grand PRICE FIVE CENT! Thlbodenu Photo MHK. FIIANIKI.IN IIOTCIIKISH In Ihn n«w nobl<% jcriind of Columbian Rcboltah I>od(c, IOOF, iiur- ••.••edlng Mm. Charli-M Itohlnnon. Mr». llotrhklno anil hnr iui«i«'lal« •ifflorn* will Iwi liiNlHlliMl nt f.vni- nionloH ,|»n, 18 In Odd Fellow* Hall by Mr«. J. William .lohn*on, <l«|Mity pr<-Nl<l«n<. Savings Show Increase With NBL Included An increase of about $17.000 in tavlriK* deposit** during Novnmbur over the preceding month l« noted 'n tho monthly bunlnenn review of • he NmiKatiich Chamber of Com- ni«rc.n, llownver, In addition lo do. OoHltn of Ihn Nnuffiituck- Hnvln«a ind NauKnluck Nutlohnl Uunkn, thin month's report. Includes de- riiutllN of Ui.. Nn, iKOl ucli Hullillnjt and Ixmn Aumiclatlon, November savings dnpo»ltn, In- cludlnK thoae of the Naugatuclt "JlilldlnK and Loan A««oclnllon 'vnro J1B,043,0»R compared wllh WC.017,927 In Octobflr nnd *1B142- MO In November, 1948. Durlnir November of thin yenr DOHtnl renolptN wore $ir,,2flfl or J87I5 more than th« October total <if U4.B91 and |2,186 greater than the NnvBmber, 1IMH tot,,! of $13,080. Pnrklnit motor rocnlpln dropped ws in Novumbor compared wlUi October but remained $164 nhond of buit your. Tho November total TstM *?"' J ith $m ln Oc tobe'- »nd WM In November, 1948'Twenty- nlno now tclephoncB were ln B talled durlnK the month to brlnu the totm foi hmt. month t« fl i7 n Si compared , I th , , 6l7 ^r,' n ° Clobnr 'I'"" new total In 257 more than the 0,.-,38 Novimiber 1«.|« totoi. Oftd conHumptlon WIIH up In No- vombor, compared with Octobnr '"" lhat of Novct "- f "'" "onBiimprt In Pope Pius Asks World For Peace Totalitarianism Denounced; Truman Sends Message dly Unlhxt I'rnut) Popr. p|,jK the 12ih Implored i|,» world for „.„„•„ m „)» «r lm ,,,i (..hrlNttmiH mnHHUKe toilny lint nt the Rum,- time, he alno delivered n powerful denunciation of tot'j'itiir- liinlnin. Tbn !,••!,,] ,, r the Homun Cathr,. He Church, and nplrltunl lender c.f S7f> million CnthollrB throughout Mm world, drllver-d Mr. mo«.., r ,. to lh« (;,,l)n K , or CnrdlnnlH in Vatknn City on the ev» ,,f •>,„ p,,,,,. W |, n . ( ^ church I,, ICurop,, ftnd , n „„ Iifl pill It <>xt<-rrnlnnl«>d Chlnn Hut at the Ham,, (u,,r 1,,. ,u,!d ),„ f,, ull .| comfort In th* f« o( ,1,1,1 ((,„ ch urr h hHB do\ible<1 Itn membnrKhlp In ml*. nlon ct.iintrlo, « )nf . n ,, lp ,„„, ,,,. Your In JliZfi. Thn pontiff <ji>»crl»w»| ttna'1- tnrlnnlnrn a« nn • lndlvldtiul!»,|,- nx<,, Rn lvn order." )!„ h ,,,, „ ,.„. uponnlble for nubvemlon of the Ul- vlne ,, r <l»i HeBpiBinj; , hp aign-.iv of the human person and vlolnti i.; micred ami fun.lnmenlal llborti,-, Ho ftiBo charged «uch n nyMein with l«.,.<lli, K („ the domlnmlo.i of one plap« over other*, pulling il, 4 "In In above „ ..... B0 - nnd j,,,,,,,^;^, violence and ntholHm. BpeuhliiK ftlowly nnd dnllbnr»|... ly. the ixinllff mncle nn obvinui, ••ofnmnrn I,, 1 1,,. t.nltlo l, 0 ,w..«n (he church ,, m i „(«,.. , n , ,„. n , l|1() m behind the Iron Curtain "Tragic rnvohitlonp," h« „„),) -hnve ,*' duced flowing fi,.|,i M of llf ,, lo ,.,. orifH of dnnih." In hln :«. minute nddrexn. pope nlRo repented „„ | nv |t B i to unity fro,,, th,. Apontoil. I" mi'mbnm ,,f ,,u,er fslthi, ' he added that he hoped during 1»W) Holy Ven,.. , hn world ^, return t,, I),,, inL-rnatlonol Bocl »t Ood . . nn ,j form „ bumnn ffimlly. Tho pope'* Mddre»«, w» fl ca»t through the world In InnguagOM. And he append pecially to the millions of Kl'lrnw who will corns l» H rturlnj the J(,,1 V Y,,,,r to , nh( . ! the *t.p M | ,,f thr church thn f , n fU,n .I K | ,.„. I-,). llfl B n«n 1166,000 1.170.600 less th, l " ! " " f '" Ifilocti'lc rttisiinipljun In kllownM hours was higher In November bnr" Th, H November" 2TH N " V "'" watt hours worn' conBumt'/for'a'n ncveosc of 94,840 over Ihe Octob-r of 1,053,207 nnd 130,800 m,,,,. 11)17,332° Novwnber - 184 ». l »l»" of During November, six perm.I, wei-,, limund fol . (lw ,,,,, n|{ ( , onnlnir .. tMi"»«« total cost nutlmatod nt VI3600 for a total of 20 room-. Four new water services were installed and 2R real « H l, lt) , lril „„,,,. lloilH wnru rocordod. New Haven Youth Cut Severely In Escape Leap Through Window NIIW Mnvon, Due, 28 (Ul'» \ 17-yenr-old youth who Jlvml through a grocery store gian B window when he was dlHcovnrod Dv police was nrrmitDd m u hospll il emergency room after an offlc.-,- followed his trail of blood. Richard Johnnon wi,« rharr"d wllh ihnfl and breaking und imti'r- Pollceman Francis Kelly said ), e was making h! H rounds curly tl-r morning when he spotted Johns,,,, In the store. He said he ordered him out and the youth crashed through lh« door. Knlly flrnd three Hliotii from his revolver but mlnnod' He followed Ihe trail of blood to Now Hitvon HoKpltal room wluiro Johnson was l,,,. r , K truatod for H«v«r« cnl«. Rain, Colder Weather Due With iiMtnrm still threatening, the mild weather continues today, with the mercury remaining nt high, de- MreeM for !)«,<!, ;;,'t, VMnt.tirduy n i-nc;- oi'd wimiiiu whnn Inmpiiraturnit roue to 51) Oogrons, and held n minimum of 55 degree*. Kaln han bonn pi-mllcled for (ho area, which ban been enveloped In a damp atmosphere for several days. From all ropoHs, it appears that there will bn a "green" Christmas Uiln year, but temperatures are expected to make u iihurp drop, f. r TRUMAN MKKKAGK Washington, r>ec. 23 u;in JVetldent Truman, in n Chr.slm.,,, innsxiiKr. to I'opp Plus the J2tj, bus redt.dl, ,it<.il t| )P t; n |lnd hUlr. *o the workl-witje rnni,>nl K/ , ,,f niirlsllnnliy foi permanent woi 1 I In " return jiM-snugi-. th,. p ,,,,,, prnliipd the American people ; or Ihnlr cordlnl undnrslundlnK »n.l < .,- opnrntlon In efforts towi.rd pc i-» anil harmony. The President's message »ns < t e- llvi-ind to I'upr riun by bis SIMM la, representative, to the Vm',:;in Myron C. Taylor Exchange Club To Discuss Plan For Safety Award The safety award progrnm of Ih* Naugatuck Exchange Club will b« (ll«cuB«<nJ «t Tuefidny nlKbt'o meeting nt « in o'clock In Hull's lu^ tiiuranl. Speakers who will discus* thn ptOKlnm nrn Htntn Trooper Kdwnrd J. Doollng; Wllllnm <; rw ,,, ,, f thB State Highway Truffle Hnf«-t y Commission and Police Chief John J Oormlny Th- club plan, nwards for the mont safety-minded borough residents. During the meeting, (he nominating commute., will „,-«,,,„„, „ „,„,„ of "»Icer» f,,r th,. romlng y nlir . rrcsldenl IVt,,, Wlnlo.-kl will tiro- side. ' Hospital Bulletins Mrs. Anthony Ix>man SI Prospect slrn/.t, !„ „ surKlcal natl.nt "t SI. Mnry's Hoiej.ltnl Mm. Hnyinond Jiiconlnk. ua I" '*'K MiTfi«*. f \t* n ri)n<llc(t) I>fl 1 ic'fit al HI Mnry'< llonpltnl. SHOPPING DAY TILL ., **^ "' lh « •>«<«'»wt foil, Light Ih* lr.. end ling »h. eo ,.|,. will-in Q.M, -<'lirli.(m»« (IN . llmll<.)'ii In wmt.ri.ui) n >r k, MHIIII> ltt.|illHnrrH Mli^ hrrmr l«rnUli Irulll a I'oinjitalf) •»H<irlMrnt.—Adr.

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