The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on October 28, 1981 · 92
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 92

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 28, 1981
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Wednesday, October 28, 1981 Part VI 5 THE UNSEEN' IS BEST LEFT UNSEEN MONFVSAVER PRiCES AI btltCTbD THtAlwtS Cob Angeles Clxnea K i &rfc' SELECTED THEATRES T I he Unseen" (on a "Slaughter in San Francisco") is an absurd. out-of-control exploitation movie about a trio of television newswomen covering a festival in Solvang. They can't find a place to stay, and since they aren't resourceful enough to try Santa Barbara, they end up lodging at the out-of-the-way manse of a brother-sister couple who happen to be hysterical maniacs and guess who is hiding in their cellar? The screenplay by Michael L. Grace, from a story by Grace, Kim Henkel, Nancy Rifkin and Peter Foleg, unleashes primal sexual taboos and grizzly nightmarish death fantasies upon three seemingly modern, sane, young career women who have no weapons against irrational unprovoked violence. The dialogue is beyond embarrassing and Foleg's direction doesn't bear scrutiny. "The Unseen" is such a mediocrity that it would not be worth discussing except that its unhinged, hostile screen violence provoked an incident last Friday afternoon at the World Theater on Hollywood Boulevard where the move is playing. During one of the movie's more gruesome sequences, two men in the audience started a verbal battle which escalated into blows when they moved into the lobby. Most of the audience followed them out, and the fight continued until police arrived. This reviewer, feeling very threatened, remained in the theater with a handful of others. "The Unseen" is rated R for lingering and grisly violent deaths. iHTtrlE BEES TTBEMHE in association with K The Knack OCT. 31 TICKETS AT THE BOX OFFICE. TICKETRON Information & 2131460-6300, ...I m i, ii..MMi.iiinii, Conservative? Liberal? Read both sides of the issues in Sunday's Opinion section. EGYPTIAN o ii nrywa. 467-6167 12:15-2:15-4:15-6: : 15-10:15 EGYPTIAN 2 AMERICAN WEREWOLF MIONDONIA) 100-2:50-4:40-6:30-6:20- W: 10 EGYPTIAN 3 ARTRUR(PG) 12:45-2:35-4:30 600-8:15-10:10 3 U.A. UndbrookAt Westwd.BI. 208-4575 SOUTMOt COMWRTIR) 1:30-3:35-5:44 AO-10: 15 KATMUM1V CINEMA CTR. S0FM(l) IBDlSoWWI. 100-2:40 1-4:30 475-9441 620-6:10-1000 CINEMA CTR. URtOMCOPYIPG 1:15-3O0-4:45-6:30-8:20-KrOf CINEMA CTR. galaxy or tirroriri 12:40-2:30-426 6:t0-6O0-:50 CINEMA CTR. AtnU(P6 12:50-2:40-4:30 620-8:10-1000 3 UA MOVIES K.iuiy At Laurel 766-4317 rx 4 famousir) 2:15-4:45-7:15-9:50 UA MOVIES TATTOOJRI 2O0-5: 5:45-35 galaxy or terrqr(R) tuo-ix 3 UA MOVIES PMKI OT THE OTYII) 20-5:15-8:30 UA MOVIES ALL TM MARIUSJRI 1:15-5:30-9: 8Q8Y IAT() 3:20-7:45 UA MOVIES KPO 1:15-3:20-5:2! 7:35-9:45 UA MOVIES CARROR COPYIPS 1:50-3:S0-5;50-6:00-10Ol 4VW'?l'Iilli mmu hat ua nnnncn bin. prim of t 8030 Canoga Ave. C""! 999-2132 1:30-5:1 :i9-g:w t UA WARNER CTR. IXXtfAMOUllll MO-4:40-720-50 r7 ....HUM Mvn 4 UA WAnntn bin. TMnmai uvTBiAirrt woaANii) 1:40-4:W-7.00-9:4i 3 UA WARNER CTR. CCWMMKSK StlOVSli) l-7:10--46 1:50-4:20- H UA WARNER CTR. MOMM MAIfSTIrGl rj UA WARNER CTR. OOY MATH) if 1:X-4:20-7:8:40 double bill city wide with - EARTH ioi fm 8:00 PM OUTLETS 4 CHARGE LINE: 213520-8010. Phone - Charge or TICKETRON I STADIUM 6 Ryan O'Neal J Kikea-Ora Fm. iwat-tm CONTMBTTU MVW(fG STADIUM " werewolf ; iwcpuwn REAVY metal(r) STADIUM RABBIS OF TK IOST ARK(PG) BOH FROM ALCATRAZ(R) STADIUM Marsha Mason ONLY WMM I LAUGRR! SEEMS UK! OLD TIMES (PG i STADIUM OH Murray STtJPIS(R) MTW(f6) J STADIUM MO 0REANS(R' next mo vi IA M SMOKE(R). CnilTUP.1V R Harbor SO . Fwv. GAUXY OF TIIROR(RI J 20532-6611 WTVAn liSSOWSH) J SOUTHBAY ,. ESCAPE FROM HEW YUW() I SOUTHBAY GaoroaSMal CUION NCOPY(PG) SO FM(lj SOUTHBAY Kristy McMcnm ONLY WfH I IAUG(R) ARTRURIPG : : a ' SOUTHBAY WOOWIA) KOWUN6II AMERKAN WEREWOLF II tCet)ON(R) I SOUTHBAY wunssen(r)J J SANRAMaSCO(l) mm M"B"" KTMESOHt U.A. 606 Colo. BI. 681-5171 AU TRI MARtUSII GALAXY 0( TERROR(R) 9:50 aHIacUDUV UA MOVIES Tha Oaki Shoo ctr. Mi ( FAMOUSII1 20-4:30-7fl6-925 382 W. HWcrest 805497-6708 UA MOVIES ATBHfrr(rG) 1:15-3:25-5:35-7:. :-: UA MOVIES 12:45-3:00-5: W-720- UA MOVIES ntsrai LBrrauurrs womanii n 1:45-420-7) UA MOVIES TAnOOH) 1l-5:M-9:0 AMHXAI WBKWOU moKDoai lf,MiH8f,Hih, UA CINEMA 4335Gkmcoa 822-2980 UCI f AMOIHjl) 12:45-3:00-5:15 7:45-10:15 UA CINEMA MY ma I LAUGait) 1)-3: 15-5:36 8:00-Kh20 UA CINEMA PtMd OF TM OTY(R) 2:00-5:15-8:30 UA CINEMA ODY RIAT(R) 1:30-5: 5:45-1000 AMERICAN WBtfWOU M lONDOXIR) 3:45-to6 UA CINEMA TM FRENCH UUTDIANrS WOMANIRI 2:00-4:30-700 )-30 UA CINEMA ALL TK MARHJt(R) 1:15-530 9: 45 TATTOOf R) 3:30-7:45 UA P C Hy.. Crenaluw 325-4232 OOY KATIR) 7:15 AVY METAl(R) 9:36 DEL AMO CARtON COPV(P01 1030-12:40-2:56 5:0O-7:W-:20 42-7383 DEL AMO TM coanssioaBji 110-1:10-3:30 6:45-800-10:10 DEL AMO MMIR) 1030 2:15-oOO-45 TATTOO 12:15-4)-7:46 DEL AMO PATfRMTY(PO) 1100- I00-3O6 500-700-000 DEL AMO MCI t FAMOVSIR) 11J0-2O0-is6 7O0-930 DEL AMO All TNI MARMISIR) 11J0-2 06-446 ii mmm is "Slaughter in San Francisco" is a tacky, poorly dubbed kung fu movie, which was made in Hong Kong. Chuck Norris does a turnaround as the bad guy. Don Wong plays the good-guy policeman who gets kicked off the force when he tries to avenge his partner's death. William Lowe directed. The action sequences are mediocre, but superior to the bad acting. Lowe also wrote the screenplay, which contains such worldly wisdom as "Money is the only thing that counts in the world." Don't look for authenticity. American cops have been dubbed by British actors, the sound effects are out of sync with the action, and San Francisco -cum -Hong Kong ends up with that bleak unisex, any-city feeling. Rated R for violence, which is all you see and all you get. -LINDA GROSS TONIGHT AT 8:00 LIMITED ENGAGEMENT NOW THRU NOV. 29th TICKETS AT IOX OFFICE, IV HAIL AND ALL MUTUAL I TICKETRON AGENCIES SS HOT TIX.CAU FOR INFO. CHARGE BY PHONE 10 'til 9 461-2755 1642 North Lai Plm Ave. Hollywood. CA 90028 Begins November 4, 5lflDYDtltfCljf mm THE MUSICAL HIT ALSO STARRING CHWTOPHEH tfEVETT Tlckali available at tha box office, all Tlckatron outlets and Charge- line, 520 - Group aalei Lucille: 2131464-7521. FOR INFORMATION 4V PHONE-CHARGE (213)462-31 04 or TICKETRON CAPITOL 139 S. Brand SOFMEIR) 8:30-10:15 CONTMBfTAL WVMrG 6:15 243-4261 UA MOVIES Br Mai warUHvy.' Orangt Fwy. 714990-4022 tKXl FAMOVSIR) 12:15-2:45-4:55 725-9.45 UA MOVIES CARRON COTYIPG) 205-6: M-ta05 TATTOO(R) 12O0-4O0-6O0 UA MOVIES AUTRE MARMISIR) 12:10-4:10-8:16 GALAXY OF TERROR(R) 22S-6:25-1025 UA MOVIES ONLY WREN I LAIKN(R) 1220-220-4:45-7: 15-:3o r"-i..f:KMrw"i MATINEES DAILY CITY CINEMA gauxy or terroriri CnyCansr 12:30-420-606 714634-3911 TATTOO(R) 215-6O0-945 CITY CINEMA mommi dcarestipo) 12:30-4:50-9: 16 CARtON COPY (Mi I 300-7:15 CITY CINEMA ARTRURIPG) 1O0-3O0-5O0-7O0-9O6 CITY CINEMA OIAMV MiSSSWIRl 12:30-500 0-930 FOR YOUR EYES OH.Y(f 2:30-700 CITY CINEMA TWIMSEENIR) 12:30-4:05-7:50 SUUORTER M SAN FRANCISCO (R) I FRANCISCI 220-600 U-1T4U CITY CINEMA ma or tm otyiri 2O0-5:-6:30 a'lHilt'iHihHiD MATINEES DAHY UA TWIN EA4a Bi ,rVitaM Wtnratt. aid ONLY WREN HAVORIRI 60 Fay kw 100-3:15-5:30 7M893-1243 7:50-1005 UA TWIN TRU CONRSStOaiSII) 1:40-3:50-600 8: W-10. 15 UA CINEMA tttotliitanitr, Usl 714893-0548 ARTNUR(FG) 12:M-2:45-506 7:10-20 UA CINEMA tta t FAMOUSIRI 12:30-2:45-506 7:30-0:46 UA CINEMA PRIM OF TRI OTYIRI 2O0-5 00-( 30 UA CINEMA AU TNI MARHISIR) 12 30-4:30-8:30 (OFMIRI 246-646 MATINEES OAHY UA URtlM GALAXY Of TttRORIR) oComnua 7:06-1020 7U540-O5O4 WAVY METAl(R) 145 UA CINEMA RKR A FAMOVSIR UA CINEMA FOX 4 TM N0WO) 700 0-25 HaaaeMaiaaaieaa eaaaaaai OM UPON A MOVSI(G 6:30 "DYNAMITE!" Solvit Dnkt, LA. Timet A block touth of Hollywood Blvd.) onvenienl parking adjacent lo lh tritaire "Magical" Kick Talcove, Daily News ATaleTold by Lanford Wilson Tonight at 8 pm. Hot-Tix available on sale at 4:30 pm. Now thru Dec. 6. Ticket Info & Charge by Phone 972-7654. DeafTTY 680-4017. Mark Taper Forum Cordon Davidson, Artistic Director "'i Center Theatre Croup Music Center Limited Engagement! 8010. ITrVnWJVtBV.ti.f" iaaaJU.irall'Ta.lUiai mma our UA MOVIES Tam Canav Ptaua PttKE OF TRI OTY(R) p 6720 Central 2O0 i-a:l5-e:Ju 714621-502 UA MOVIES PATBHTYl ITY(P6I U ): 15-5:30 E 1:00-3: 7:45-9:55 UA MOVIES GALAXY OF TERROR(R) 1:45-5:30-9:15 SUUGRTER M SAN FRAMOSCOII 3:35-720 UA MOVIES ARTHUR (PG ) 1:15-3:25-5:25 7:50-1005 UA MOVIES CARSON COPY(PG) 1:30-3:30-5:25 725-920 UA MOVIES nrwcoNHSsnNsiRi 1O0-3:W-5:26 treimHM kS1MlSDM.( UA CINEMA Mv. Fwy Tykr RKR 4 FAMOVS(R) 1:50-4:30-7:15-9:46 (714) SB9-OWZ UA CINEMA ARTNUR(PG) 3:45-806 (R 1:40-800-1000 so f UA CINEMA TRUE CONHSSIONSIR) 105-3: 10-5: 15-725-9:35 UA CINEMA CARRON C0PY(PG1 iz:w-4:30-b:i AMERICAN WEMWOU M lONOONIR) 2:36-6:1 1:15-1000 cm ins: UA TWIN loa Cermet 605 Fwy . Sa. L 924-5514 tM 4 FAMOVSIR) 11:50-2:10-4:45 7:10-930 UA TWIN AU TNI MARSUSIR) 12:45-306-525-7:45-1005 UA CINEMA iMCerrtMaMaa 924-7726 ARTRURIPG) IC W3U-lif:JU-Z25 4:30-6:W-6:30-W:30 UA CINEMA MOMMI OIARfST(POI 11:40-2:20-506 7:35-10:15 UA CINEMA PATERMTY(PO) KfcSO-12:25-220-4 3b 625-8:25-10:15 UA CINEMA AMERICAN WEREWOLF LONDONIR) 10:30-12 30-2:30-4:36 6:358:40-1030 iM?M:l!l.'.FJ;ll?y:l UA MOVIES Fsc.CttHey. nr. WMtTflketiir 594-8525 1X1 4 FAMOUSIRI 12:36-2:50 : 16 7:30-9:50 UA MOVIES ARTRURlrO) 230-6 15-10 W CWrnNENTAL 8nrt8i(P0) 12:30-4:15-6:10 UA MOVIES ONLY WREN I LAUON(R) 12 15-230-4 45 7 15-8 44 UA MOVIES ROOT NIAT(R) 12:25-4 40-906 AMERICAN WSRIWOU M LONDONIR) ON 2: 2:40-700 UA MOVIES MOMMI MARIST(PG) 12 45-5:15-9:45 TATTOO(R) 7:46 UA MOVIES PATERNrTYlPO) 12:56-3:05-5:15 725-0.36 62 0OTU.M0P.M. PARAMOUNT HLYWB RL. tHKHLANO UEVTENARTt WOMAN) R) 463-3263 1O0-3:15-5:30-6:X-10: n HOLLY UM toe dayi PttKI OF TM OTYltl 1O0-4O0-7O0-10o6 6623 HLYWO. RL 466-2184 42.00 TILL 7O0 P.M. HASTINGS Fiya Dunawiv 366 N. Aoaaraa. MOMMI MARISTIPO) 796-7111 5:30-6:00-10:30 COLORADO JacguaUrw Bliatt Candloi Bergen HCR ARB FAMOUSjRI 7.00-9:1$ 25MF C LIUOO 796-9704 1LU J ROXY 417 N. Brand 243-6393 OudNy Moori-Lla MlmeM ARTMMIPO) 600-8:00- WOO mum BAMAIN HOURS 81.50 1ArHI THE UNSEBf(R) 9:15 1 roLnUtw, HAIWaTB U.IR mi-ani l:Jo a J1.WI 10 CAPRI GALAXY OF TERROR(R) 9O0 V1NCEIITSLH0RA. AMERKAN WERIWOU 960-2867 M LONOONIR) (7:15 ft 81.50) 10:35 CAPRI SUPERMAN l(POI 6:35 vicekt;oi uniu mu n nr. ANS(PO) 960-2867 (625 0 11.50) COVINA Dl AftHOWGBANO 331-5233 GALAXY OF TERROR(R) MCI DtiAMS(R) Ptlc per carload COVINA Dl AllROWGHAM) MOMMI DEAREST (PG I UTTIE DARLMGS(R) Prict Par Carload 331-5233 L0SANGELES,615S.Broadway-624-6271 Am. wtrewon in Lonoon; Bustin loom sp) ORPHEUM, 9th & Broadway-624-6271 Escape From New York: Tr Howllng(Sp) MILLION $, 307 S. Brdy -629-2895 Cuentos cokxados; VMa urttcii Muer l-acu STATE. 7th 4 Broadway-624-6271 unseen; siaugnw b.r.; onakt msi i-ignwr KIM SING. 732 N. Fkjutroa-628-3754 Family of Lust Dream ol Eroticism KOKUSAI, 3020 Crenshaw-734-1148 Flames Of Blood; Sword Of Justice PARK, 710 S. Arvarado-483-7767 Enter the Dragon; i Fingers of Death(Sp) UNIVERSITY, Univ. Village Ctr. 748-6321 Carbon Copy; For Your Eyes Only(PG) UNIVERSITY, Hoover & Jeflerson-748-6321 Superman II; Clash of the Tltans(P6) UNIVERSITY, Univ. Village Ctr-748-6321 btaugniw in san i-rancisco, ine unseen(H) ' muuami i GOLDEN GATE, S178 Wiittler-269-8186 Am. werewon in London; wistin Lone(op) BEVERLY CINEMA. 7165 Bev. 61.-938-4038 Cul De Sac; The Tenant CENTURY PLAZA, CenL City 553-4291 unarm ooiiiaire(n) CENTURY PLAZA, CenL City 553-4291 French Lieutenant s woman m CLINTON, 526 N. Western-461-3064 superman u; i-or Your tyes uniy(ru) CULVER 1, 9820 W. Washington-83B-1893 ine unseen; staugmer in ban rrancisco(N) CULVER 12, 9820 W. Washlngton-838-1893 For Your Eyes Only; Carbon Copy(PG) CULVER 13, 9820 W. Wasn.ington-838-1893 baiaxy oi i error; An American nerewon EL REY, 5517 Wllshire EM. 931-1513 Tess; Under the Rainbow(PG) EMBASSY, 331 S. Western-388-2121 Altw Dulce Amor FOUR STAR, 5112 Wllshire Blvd. 936-3533 Groat Santini; Tribute MERALTA, 9632 Curv. BI. 559-4936 Body Heat; 10(R) MUSIC HALL, 9036 Wllshlrg 274-6869 "Beau Pare" An Extraordinary Seduction NUART, 11272 S.M. BI.-478-6379479-5269 Green Fields; American Matchmaker PALMS, 3751 Motor-837-7171-7172 All the Marbles; So Fine ROYAL 11523 Sta. Mon.-477-5581 MustEnd Soon "Cutter's Way" TIFFANY, 8534 Sunset BI. 659-6736 The Balcony; Ulysses VAGABOND, 2509 WllstUrs 387-2171 Storm Center; The Menace WARNER, 9404 Wllshire at Canon-274-5865 Foreign Correspondent; Notorious WESTLAND TWIN 1, 10754 Plco-474-9589 Ends Tins. Adventures of Picasso WESTLAND TWIN 2, 10754 Plco-474-9589 Ends Soon 'French 6em' "Heart To Heart" i Mi ill CONTINENTAL. 5308 Metrose-461-4112 Last 2 Days "An Enemy of the People" FAIRFAX. 7907 Bevertv-653-3117 An Amor. Werewolf in London; Body Heat(R) GORDON, La Brea & Melrose -934 -2944 Tattoo; Blow Out LOS FELIZ, Vmt. 4 Franklin 664-2169 Annie Glrardot In "Jupiter's Thigh" ORIENTAL, 7425 Sunset 81.-876-0212 Tattoo; Polyester PAN PACIFIC, 7554 Beverty-938-7070 S O B.; Eye of the Needle VISTA. 4473 Sunset Dr. 660-6614 The Women; AH About Eve AERO, Montana at 14th SL-395-4990 AH The Marbles; Blow Out BRENTWOOO al-2524 Wllshlre-829-3366 American Werewon London; Wolten BRENTWOOO 12-2524 Wllshlre-829-3366 Continental Divide; Nlghthawks CRITERION, 1315 3rd St-451-8417 Endless Love; Tha Blue Lagoon FOX VENICE. 620 Lmcom-396-4215 Sunday Too Far Away; My Brilliant Career MALIBU CINEMA, Mallbu-458-6990 Eye of the Needie(R) 7:00 4 9:10 MONICA (1, 1332 2nd St. 451-86B6 Ends Tues. "La Drowsst" MONICA f2, 1332 2nd St -451-8686 A brilliant Mm "GalllpoU" MONICA i3. 1332 2nd St -451-8686 Annie Glrardot ki "Jupiters Thigh" MONICA a4, 1332 2nd St-451-8686 Carbon Copy; So Fine EAGLE ROCK. Clnema-2700 Cokxido Blvd. All the Marbles; Zorro, the Gay Blade FAflLE ROCK Clnema-254-9101 True Conleaakxn 12:30, 2:40, 4:50, 7. 9:10 EAGLE ROCK. Clnema-2700 Colorado Blvd. American Werewon; carbon copy EAGLE ROCK, Clnema-254-9101 Rich 4 Famous 12:402:55.5:10.7:25.9:40 EAGLE 4884 Eagle Rock BI.-258-3996 Kagemusha; the Stunt Man (Ends Thurs.) HIGHLAND, 5604 N. Flgueroa-256-6383 Heavy Metal; Private Lessons MONTROSE, 2226 Honolulu-249-3830 Endless Love; 1st Monday ki October RAINBOW 6721 Foothll-353-6505 Tattoo; Blow Out (R) (New Minagement) SANDS, 210 S. Brand Blvd. -246-6383 The French Lieutenant's Woman(fl) U.S. CINEMA, 232 So. Brand 244-7130 Only When! Laugh(R) Mi ESOUIAEJ Cokxedo-783-6149 Last 2 Days "GalllpoU" RIAL TO, 1023 Fair 0ikl-799-M7 JarVbei; Dark Victory UPTOWN, 2316 E. Colorado BI. 7V2-S276 Body Heat; 10(R) ; CREST Encluelva Engagement : WtSTWO-WLSM. PRIST Of LOVIjRI 474-7866 1O0-320-64O-6O0-W20 I 82.00 TILL 700 P.M. . ROLLING HILLS wpbmankpoi : cntNWAWPUl e:w . 325.2800 CLASN OF TTTANSIPGI . ; 6:30-1056 i ROLLING HILLS . 325-2600 DudMyMoora AAT1MIPG 7O0-9OI ', 42.00 TILL 2J0 PM : MONTCUIRiAiwKoriosTAMiPG) ' 4377 HOLT In Dofcy Stereo I 714624-9696 1:15-3:30-6:45-6P0-10:15 I MONTCLAIR FmOwaway 4377 HOLT MOMMI WABSllPoj I 714624-9698 12O0-2:35-5:W-7:45-t026 ' MONTCLAIR egwn. BXaal ' 43 HOLT RKR 4 FAMOUSIRI I 714624-9696 1230-2:50-5:10-7:30-9:50 42.00 TIN 7O0 Dm CARRIAGE $0. gauxy or TittoRiRi j ! 101 GONZALES 8:35 ' I 805485-6728 AMERKAN WEREWOLF ! M LONDON(R) 6:45-1000 . CARRIA6ESQ. La jdy ; 805485-6726 6:10-6:15-100 ; i .wiAtm t : LA MIRADA Dl c- rho sound I-5AL0H0AA 400V MAI (I 921-1706 CARRON COPV(PG) Price per carload Swap Meat Wad., SaL, Sun. THERE IS SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE ... GO OUT TO A MOVIE IMDIEPEIMDEMT THESIRE GUIDE PROGRAM SUBJECT TO ANAHEIM, Brookhurst-714772-6446 Arthur; Carbon Copy(PG) ANAHEIM, L0GE-714772-6446 American werewon in London; body Heal CORONA DEL MAR, Port.-7M673-6260 Moscow Does Not Believe in lears CYPRESSCINEMA1,Ball-Walker-828-1660 First Monday In October; Eye of Needle CYPRESS CINEMAf2,Ball-Walker-828-1660 Stripes; Private Lessons(H) FOUNTAIN Vly.. Fam. Twin "1-962-1248 umoorman; Arisucais FOUNTAIN Vly Fam. Twin 2-962-1248 superman n; uasn or me i nans FOXFULLERTON,510N.Harbor714525-4747 Mommle Dearest; So Fine GARDEN GROVE, Valley Vw. 11714894-53381 Body Heat; Heavy Metal(H) GARDEN GROVE, Valley Vw. 2714894-5338 superman u; uannonDan Hun(ra) ORANGE, CINEDOME-714634-2553 Raiders of the Lost Ark(PG) ORANGE, CINEDOME-714634-2553 All the Marbles) R) ORANGE, CINEDOME-714634-2553 Only When I Laugh(R) ORANGE, CINEDOME-714634-2553 001 Sllll(H) ORANGE, CINEDOME-714634-2553 Hen & ramous(H) ORANGE. CINECOME-714634-2553 French Lieutenant s Woman(R) ORANGE, PUTT 1, City Center-634-9282 i rue imessions(H) ORANGE, PLin 2, City Center-634-9282 raiernnyirti) VILLA PARK TWIN 1, 1140 Tustin-639-0066 on Any Sunday n; uannonoan Hun VILLA PARK TWIN 2, 1140 Tustin-639-0066 Prince ol the Clty(R) CALIFORNIA 11, 6528 Pacrflc-585-1174 unseen; mugmer in ban i-rancisco CALIFORNIA s2. 6528 Pacific 585-1174 For Your Eyes only; Deadly blessing CALIFORNIA 3, 6528 Pacific 585-1174 Galaxy ol Terror; The Prowler LIBERTY, Gage-AtJantic-773-6o61 ine four seasons; uaveman LIBERTY, Gage-Attanbc-773-6661 anoo; rrrvaie Lessons LIBERTY, Gage-Atlantlc-773-6661 nonen; braauauon uay - if ffi Wlffiil CARSON H, 23221 S. Avakm-549-3713 Tha Unseen; Slaughter ki San Francisco CARSON 12, 23221 S. Avakm-549-3713 CannoflbaR Run; Zorro, the Say Blade LOYOLA, 8810 Secjrvda-649-30e0 bnampoo; Mickty una; iter Man MARINA t1, Redondo Beech-372-1109 Heavy Metal; uannonoaa mm MARINA 2, Redondo Beach-372-1109 stripes; iorro, ins uay twaoe MARINA S3. Redondo Beach-372-1109 Galaxy of Terror, The Prowler(R) ROAXHUM DR.-IN, Redondo Bdl -538-3033 Nine to Five; History of Work) PL I DE ANZA (805) 395-9102 For tout tyes unry, ueaoty eiessing UA MOVIE 1,4200 CaUT St 805395-1091 French Lieutenant s Woman(R) UA MOVIE 2,4200 CaHf St-805395-1091 Rich 4 Famous(R) UA MOVIE 3,4200 Calif St-805395-1091 Body Heat; American werewon Lonoon(H) UA MOVIE 4,4200 Calif St-805395-1091 AH the Marbles H UA MOVIE 5.4200 Calif St-805395-1091 So Fme(H); continenai otvioa(Kb) UA MOVIE 6,4200 CaUt St-805395-1091 Superman ll(PG) AVENUE 11022 Downey AV.-861-8952 prince oi tne Liry(H) SHOWCASE CINEMA H-Stnwd.-B62-1121 Nice Dreama; Up hi Smoke; Next Movie SHOWCASE CINEMA t2-Strrwd.-862-1121 All the Marbles; Bustin' Loose ART. 2025 E. 4th, Long Beach-438-5435 Chant of Jlmml Blacksmith; Newstront BAY, 340 Main, Seal Beach-431-9986 Voyage en Douce PALACE, 30 Plne-436-4429-0p. 9:45 a.m. Unseen; Slaughter S.F.; Galaxy of Terror PARADISE, 4129 Viking Wiy-429-5917 Superman II; Victory ARLINGTON, Arllngton-689-0400 Up In Smoke; Nice Dreams; Next Movie CANYON CREST, Rrverslde-682-6900 Raiders of the lost Ark(PG) CANYON CREST, Cent Ave. Cyn. Crest Or. Burt Reynolds Paternity" (PG) CANYON CREST.Cyn.Crest Tw.Ctr 682-8900 Nell Simon's "Only When I Laugh "(R) CANYON CREST, Cent.Avs.Cyn. Crest Dr. Meryl Streep: "French LL Woman" CANYON CREST, Rrverslde-682-6900 All the Marbles; Mommle Dearest HEMANCITO Dr-m-925-3163 Tattoo; Brubakef HEMET, 220 E. Florida St -925-1022 Under the Rainbow; Caveman HOLIDAY 1, Hemet-714925-6634 All the Marbles; An Eye lor an Eye HOLIDAY , Hemet-714925-6634 Rich 4 Fimoui, Mommle Dearest HOLIDAY 3. Hemet-714925-8e34 Paternity; Seems Uke OM Times RIVERSIDE, DE ANZA-6M-S900 Prince Of The City, W(fi) RUSTIC IDYLLWIL0-659-2747 Amer. WerewoH Hi London; Nkjhthawk You'll always stay on top of what's happening in the world of news, sports business and entertainment when you have The Times delivered to your home early each morning at a savings of 15 off newsstand rates. QDDODDDDQQQDDQ D D D D II a D Q Public Relations Department Los Anseles Times Times Mirror Square Los Angeles, California 90053 Ves! Please deliver the daily and Sunday Times to my home at the money-saving rate of $1.90 per week. Name . Address. City Telephone. D Q (Home delivery is available througl" out most of Southern California ) TG Q QDDBDDDDDDaDDDDDDi. CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE BALSAM Dr.-ln, 12450 Balsam Rd. 243-3777 World Greatest Athlete; Herbie Goes Monte BALSAM Dr.-ln. 12450 Balsam Rd. 243-3777 Tatto; Final Conflict BARSTOW TW H 140W.Main714256-8116 Mommle Dearest(PG) BARSTOW TWi2 140W.Maln714256-8116 On Any Sunday II; Meatballs BARSTOW, Skyline Dr.-ln-714256-1415 Galaxy of Terror; Battle Beyond Stars CREST LINE, Village 338-3888 Paternity; Take Job 4 Shove It FAMILYTWIN H, San Bern.-7M862-1550 So Fine; Cannonball Run FAMILY TWIN rt.San Bern.-714862-1550 Rich 4 Famous; Rough Cut MOVIES 7, Vtetorville 714245-0233 All the Marbles; Private Lessons MOVIES 7. Vlctorville-714245-0233 Popeye; Fox & Hound; Once Upon Mouse MOVIES 7, VldorvHle-714245-0233 Paternity; Carbon Copy MOVIES 7, Vlctorville-714245-0233 Rich 4 Famous; Mommle Dearest MOVIES 7, Vlctorvllle 714245-0233 Raiders Of Lost Ark; Airplane MOVIES 7, Vlctorville-714245-0233 Only When I Laugh(R) MOVIES 7, Vlctorville-714245-0233 Comin atYa RIALTO, 230 E. Baseline (874-7980 Slaughter in ban i-rancisco; unseen RIALTO, 230 E. Baseline 874-7980 Galaxy ol terror; Humanows i-rom ueep VICTORVILLE, El Rancho 1 CH.5-5818 2001 a Space Odyssey VICTORVILLE, El Rancho 2-CH.5-5818 Lunch Wagon; Pick up bummer VICTORVILLE. Joshua Dr.-ln-245-5525 Up In Smoke; Cheech 4 Chong s Next Movie VILLAGE THEATRE Big Br. Lke.-866-5246 paternity. Any wnicn way tou uan LARWIN TWIN, Urwin Sq.-526-6357 S rwman n; For Tour tyes uniy LARWIN TWIN, Larwln Sq.-526 -6357 Artnur; paternity OJAI Glasgow Plavhouse-646-5423 tan i neaire ror rrogram SIMI, Simi Drive-ln-526-6824 Body Heat; Endless Love(K) THOUSAND OAKS, MELODY H-495-0881 True Confession; Mommle Dearest THOUSAND OAKS, MELODY 12-495-0881 Endless Love; The Jazz Singer VENTURA, 26 Chestnut St -643-3333 French Lieutenant s woman(n) WESTLAKE VIL, 4711 Uke Vu-889-2919 So Fine; Continental Divide WESTLAKE VIL, 4711 Uke Vu-889-2919 Body Heat; First Monday in uctooer I ITTffitfllll'ff.l I UA MOVIE 1, Town Ctr.-922-0361 AH the Marbles; Tattoo(H) UA MOVIE 2, Town 0-805-922-0361 body neat; American werewon Lonoon UA MOVIE 3, 218 Town Ctr -605-922-0361 Raiders of the Lost Ark(PG) 1 CAMELOT, 2300 E. Bartsto-714327-1273 The French Lieutenants woman(R) CAMELOT, 2300 E. Bartsto-714327-1273 unry When I Laugn; so i-ine(n) CAMELOT, 2300 E. Baristo-714327-1273 For Your Eyes Only; Deadly Blessing PALMS TO PINES, 72745 Hwy.111-346-3821 prince oi ury private Lessons PALMS TO PINES, 72745 Hwy.111-346-3821 Paternity; carbon copy(Pt) PALMS TO PINES 72745 Hwy.111-346-3821 Araurimi; suipeain) PLAZA 1, 128 S. Palm Cyn.-7M325-2626 paternity; Ail me Marines PLAZA 2, 128S S. Palm Cyn.-714325-2626 I rue umiessnnsiH) PALMS SPRINGS DfllVE-IH 327-1832 Nice Dreams; Next Movie; Up m smoke) H) VILLAGE 1, 201 N. Palm Cyn-7M325-6022 men Famous(K) VILLAGE 2, 201 N Palm Cyn-714325-6022 Mommle Dearest; Body heat(H) AIRPORT Dr.-ln, 400F Lopez Gtta-964-8377 Prince of the City Hide Plain bignt ARLINGTON, 1317 State St, 966-9382 Call Theatre tor Program CINEMA. 8050 Holister, Goleta-967-9447 True Contessk)ns(R) CINEMA, 8050 Holister, GoHta-967-9447 Galllpoll(P(i) FAIRVIEW.251 N. Falrvlew,GoleU-967-0744 Body Heat; Private Lessons(K) FAIRVIEW, 251 N. Falrvtew, Goktta-967-07a Rich 4 Famous) H) FIESTA FOUR. 918 N. Stats St -965-5792 For Your Eves Only, Deadly blessings FIESTA FOUR. 916 N. State St. 965-5792 Only When I Laugn; bo hine(H) FIESTA FOUR, 915 N. Slate St-965-5792 Artnur(PU) FIESTA FOUR, 918 N. State St-965-5792 Carbon Copy(Ptj); Body neai(H) GRANADA. 1218 Stats, Sta. Barb.-966-404S The French Lieutenant's woman) H GRANADA 1216 State, Sta. Barb.-966-4045 Paternity; stripes GRANADA 1216 Slate, Sta. Barb-986-4045 All the Marbles; American werewon Lonoon MAGIC LANTERN Twm, Isla Vista -968 -3356 Spatters; Bad Timing MAGIC LANTERN Twin, Isla Vista -988 -3356 Quadrophenla; Blow Oul(R) PLAZA DE ORO, 349 S. Hitchcock -682 -4936 Only When I Laugh; Paternity PLAZA DE ORO-349 S. Hltchcock-682-4936 Rich 4 Famous(R) RIVIERA, 2020 APS, Santa Brb.-96S-41M It's A Long Time That I Loved You STA.BARBAMM-INIIo.Goleta-gM-9400 The Unseen; Slaughter In San Francisco STA. BARBARA DR-IN No. GoWa-964 -9400 Call Theatre lor Program VICTORIA, 33 W. Vlclorla-e05985-1888 Walkabout 7; Breaker Morant 8:45 D D D D a o .Apt. .ZIP COVINA CINEMA. 104 W. Cltrus-967-4361 Zorro, the Gay Blade; On The Right Track EASTLAND, Workman 4 Citrus-339-7333 Paternity(PG) EASTLAND, Workman 4 Citrus-339-7333 All the Marbles; Carbon Copy EASTLAND, Workman 4 Citrus-339-7333 Only When I Laugh(R) EASTLAND, Workman 4 Citrus-339-7333 I rue contession(K) EASTLAND, Workman 4 Citrus-339-7333 Body Heat 10(R) PLAZA, 175 Vermont, Glendora-963-3555 The Fox 4 The Hound; Aristocats WESCOVE, 1450W.Covina Pkwy-338-5574 The t-rencn Lieutenants woman(H) WESCOVE, M50W.Covina Pkwy-338-5574 Mommie uearest(ni) WESCOVE, 1450W Covlna Pkwy-338-5574 For Your tyes uniy, ueaory blessing AMERICANA, 8700 Van Nuys BI. The Unseen; Slaughter in ban Francisco AMERICANA, 893-6441 Up in Smoke; Nice Dreams; Next Movie AMERICANA, 8700 Van Nuys BI. Superman II; Clash ot tne ntans AMERICANA-893-6441 Galaxy of Terror; American Werewon ART, Ventura At Topanga-883-8835 continental Divide; carbon copy (Kb) CINEMA CTR 1,Parthnia-Tampa-993-1711 Carbon Copy; continental Divide) Kti) CINEMA CTR 2,Parthenla-Tampa-993-1711 kick 4 hamous(H) CINEMA CTR 3,Parthenia-Tampa-993-1711 All ine Marbles; History or worn n. i CINEMA CTR 4,Parthenia-Tampa-993-1711 Nice Dreams; Next Movie; Up in smoke HOLIDAY, 8372 Topanga Cyn.BI. 883-3714 cannonball nun; lorro, bay biaae MOVIES OF TARZANA 1996-1300 1st Monday in October; American Werewolf MOVIES OF TARZANA r2, 18632 Vent. BI. First Monday October; Eye of Needle MOVIES OF TARZANA 13-996-1300 For Your Eyes Only, Superman II MOVIES OF TARZANA t4, 18632 Vent. BI. Continental Divide; Cannonball Run MOVIES OF TARZANA 15-996-1300 The Unseen; Slaughter San Francisco MOVIES OF TARZANA as, 18632 Vent BI. The Four Seasons; Stripes MUSTANG DR.-IN. Saugus-805259-6877 Nice Dreams; Next Movie; Up in Smoke PEPPERTREE, H Northrkkje-993-0211 Arthur(PG) PEPPERTREE2ResedaDevonshlre 993-0211 Prince of the City(R) PEPPERTREE3ResedaDevonshire 993-0211 So Fine; Tattoo(R) SHERMAN, 15052 Ventura Blvd. 784-9911 Prince of the City(R) TOWNCOUNTRY1-17200Ventura981-9811 Dudley Moore As "Arthur" TOWN COUNTRY2-17200Ventura 981-9811 Annie Glrardot "Jupiter's Thigh" TOWNCOUNTRY3-17200Ventura 981-9811 Segal: Carbon Copy, O'Neal: So Fine VALLEY CIRCLE 1-23305 Mulholland Superman II; For Your Eyes Only VALLEY CIRCLE 2-992-5461 An American Werewolf; So Fine i i,hia'.jiu.,m i CREST DR.-IN, Norco-735-2140 Continental Divide; Body Heat MAGNOLIA, Arlington-714689-3344 Paternity; History of Work) Pt I MISSION, Pomona-714628-0511 Galaxy ol Terror, All the Marbles MISSION Pomona-714628-0511 History of World Pt I; Paternity MISSION Pomona-714628-0511 An American Werewolf; Howling MISSION. Pomona-714628-0511 The Unseen; Slaughter San Francisco MT. BALDY, La Verne-714593-0343 Nice Dreams; Up In Smoke RUBIDOUX, Hw 99W. Rvskte-683-4455 The Unseen; Slaughter San Francisco VAN BUREN, Arllngton-688-2360 Galaxy ol Terror, All the Marbles VAN BUREN. Arllngton-688-2360 American WerewoH London; Howling VAN BUREN, Arlington -688 -2360 Cannonball Run; Nine to Five ANTELOPE. Lancaster-Whitehall 2-2114 On Any Sunday II; Meatballs ANTELOPE, Lancaster-Whitehall 2-2114 Galaxy ol Terror; Battle Beyond Stars JET DR.-IN . Lancaster-Whitehall 2-0622 Snake Fist Fighter; Warriors LANCASTER DR.-IN 11-WH 8-2915 No Nukes; One Trick Pony LANCASTER DR.-IN. -WH 8-2915 Unseen; Slaughter ki San Francisco LANCASTER DR.-IN 13-948-2915 AH The Marbles; Xanadu PALACE, Palmdale-947-2119 Paternity; Seems Llks OM Thus PALMDALE DRIVE-IN-947-7566 History of World PL t ki God We Trust SHOWCASE, California City 373-8230 Tarzan, Ape Man; American Werewolf SEE SAN DIEGO COUNTY EDITION FOR SAN DIEGO THEATRES a

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