Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 23, 1962 · Page 17
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 17

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 23, 1962
Page 17
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Wednesday Evening, May 23, 1962. Chinese Refugees -Major Problem EDITOR'E NOTE-Whae can tlie fret: world do to help refugees from Red China? Where can thrty go? Thousands already have fled through Hong Kong and thousands more want to follow, but the overcrowded British crown colony has sealed .its border. This dispatch reports on some proposed remedies anil the apparent hopelessness of the situation. By DONALD MAY United Press International WASHINGTON.(UPD—U.S. dip. lomats said today the problem of providing haven for refugees from Red China "may be too enormous ty solution." Several hsidred thousand mainland Chinese are reported ready to flee to the free world. "But the hard fact is," one administration official said, "there may be no place in the free world for them to go." The Nationalist government on Formosa offered Monday to lake in and try resettle ail mainland Chinese fleeing through Hong Kong. But Formosa already has its own acute land shortage and one of the biggest population explosions in the world — greater than India. Officials do not believe it could accept large numbers of new refugees. , Hods Relax .Controls In recent weeks Communist guards have suddenly slopped enforcing travel controls along Red China's 22-mile border with Hong Kong. Since May 1, 30,001) to 40,000 Chinese have flooded into the British crown colony, already jammed with three million people in 398 square miles. Because the colony could absorb no more, British officials have sealed the border with barbed wire and have been sending refugees back. U.S. officials up lo President Kennedy himself have been urgently studying whelher v this country and possibly others could act on humanitarian grounds to help the refugees or somehow turn the situation to political advantage. . One idea has been to increase surplus food aid which the U.S. already supplies through private relief organizations in Hong Kong at a rate of $5 million a year. May Bring More "But if you feed 50,000 more Chinese, you may just bring 50,000 more to the door," one official said "And then you would just have- to cut it off someplace. There are a half-million Chinese within walking distance of Hong Kong." No one knows.how many Chinese might want to come out, but refugees in Hong Kong have spoken of hundreds of,, thousands ready to follow them. As Lo making arrangements to resettle-refugees to permit the flow through Hong Kong to be increased, the. problem is where? Most free countries in Asia 'already are overcrowded .and many such as Thailand have strong anti-Chinese feeling. Australia has available land, but also has restrictions against Chinese immigration. ' , The U.S. immigration quota for Chinese is 105 a year. A bill is pending to increase this to 1,000. There is no U.S. refugee', law to permit Chinese immigration above the quota, but the President does have, power to parole refugees into the country. Could Hurt Reds Rep. Francis E. Walter, D-Pa., said Monday the Chinese Nationalists could deal "an almost mortal blow" to the Red regime by taking substantial numbers of the refugees. Walter said this could demonstrate the failure of communism. Walter, chairman of the House immigration subcommittee, said in a House speech this country could help by providing food from surplus U.S. stockpiles. But he said the United States could not lake in any appreciable number of refugees. A British poll of other countries was reported to have shown that only a few nations would be willing to take "token" numbers of Chinese. The difficulty of resettling Chinese, particularly unskilled ones, is judged by (he fact that of the million which have entered Hong Kong since 1940 all but about 25,000 are still there. United Nations officials appear cool toward the' U.N. taking action. PLAYERS TAKE X-RAYS MILWAUKEE (UPD-The Milwaukee Braves said that six players took precautionary X-rays Monday because of spring-long colds. The club said this was routine. Second baseman Frank Bolting has been hospitalized since last Saturday with pneumonia. Bayh Bandwagon Getting Up Steam GIVE PAINTING TO I. U.-Thc 19K1-62 senior" class at Indiana University has given a rare old Indian miniature painting to the University lo grace a galllery in the new Fine Arts Building, Shown admiring the painting, which is valued at jiUOO, arc, left to right, Phil Larmore, Anderson, chairman of the class gift committee; Prof. Henry Hope, head of Hie I, U. fine arts department; and Terry Hcrshbergcr, 1414 North St., Logansport, class president. The painting, which depicts a poet seated in .a meadow with a book, is of the "Mughal" period, and is dated about 1530. Forecast Larger Corn Crop Yields WASHINGTON (UPI) - The American Farm Bureau Federation foresees corn yields 25 lo 50 per cent larger than they are now. This would mean bigger corn crops on the same amount of land now used. Such yields are possible, the Farm Bureau said in its monthly magazine, if corn farmers assemble the necessary know-how. This can be done easily, the bureau said, in lime for the 1963 sea son. It is probable that some farmers already have the needed know-how and are using it. The key .factors in increased yields per acre are (1) an increased planting rate—more seeds to the acre; (2) more fertilizer; and (,')) use of higher performance hybrid seed. The bureau said a new era is here for corn farming which will lift the yield potential of corn land just as surely as hybrid corn did in the early 1940s and nitrogen fertilizer did in the early 1950s. "Good corn farmers who are now regularly growing 100 bushel crops will soon be aiming at 130 or 140, even 150 bushels an acre," the Farm Bureau said. If such yields materialize and 1963 CLUB NOW OPEN Join The National Bank's VACATION CLUB More people have more money for vacation these days because they joined our Vacation Club last year. Now it's your turn. Join the Club and save for your vacation the easy, automatic way. CLUB CLASSES Deposit Weakly $ 1.00 $ 3.00 $ 3.00 $ 5.00 $10.00 Rncaiva in 30 WoolM $ 50.00 $100.00 $150.00 $2 50, 00 $500,00 •— — "HE NATIONAL BANK Broadway at Fourth Phone 4137 Member f. D. I. C. •te b<Mik iQJ-iUk to WELCOME! It's Important— What you save! .he average yield rises accordingly, a season's total corn crop would be of tremendous volume. The corn crop in 1!)61 totaled 3.6 million bushels with an average yield of 61.8 bushels an acre. Increased yields of corn undoubtedly would add to the income of the producer, and certainly would add to the woes of the Agriculture Department. The corn surplus already is huge anc the'-' department is seeking addi tional legislation,which would help to cut production. The feed grain program of .1901 was designed to lower corn production. Farmers By EUGENE ,T. CADOU INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) - The Statchouse steamroller is being readied today Lo flatten Indianapolis Mayor Charles H. Boswcill in the Democratic senatorial contest. Governor Welsh and his politically-wise lieutenants have begun practical operations to insure that Iheir 'favorite, former House Speaker Birch E. Bayh of Torre Haute, wins the nomination over Joswell. Clinton Green, Welsh's administrative assistant, handled the stop-Boswell proceedings at the Democratic State Committee meeting Saturday at which pro- Bayh indorsements were presented from five of Indiana's 11 congressional districts—the 4lh, (ith, 8th, 9th and 10th. The reorganized 1st District (Lake County), which will have the largest slate convention delegation, is scheduled to board the Bayh bandwagon within the next few days. The 5th District has resolved for its resident Marion Mayor M. JCK Edwards and Boswell will cooperated by taking millions of acres' out of production, but through the use of improved farming techniques coupled with near-perfect growing weather, the 1961 corn yield jumped about six bushels an acre. A yield hike of 25 lo 50 per cenl would mean a much larger corn surplus than no exists. have most of the llth District delegation. Districts uncommitted formally but leaning towards Bayh are the 2nd, 3rd and 7th, Welsh's home bailiwick. Nevertheless, former national eommitteeman Frank M. McHale. Indianapolis and Logansport, said be would stick with Boswell. "I have found it advisable in politic;; that, if you give your word, you should keep it," McHale s>aid. "I gave my word to Mayor Boswell, and I intend lo keep that word. If we Democrats want 1:0 win the election, wu've got lo carry Marion County. I think Mayor Boswell has the 'best, chance of winning in Marion County." However, Bayh leaders bave pointed out (hat: the Republican vote 1 in Marion County d'uring the recent primary was considerably greater than the total for the Democrats, despite reorganization squabbles in both parties. The governor's moral leadership will count for Bayh, but the decisive factor will be the patronage pressure exerted by Welsh's aides on parly chiefs all over (he slate. Many of the state committee members and county chairmen are actually on the state payroll, but, in addition, there are scores of these officials who manage automobile license branches, sell supplies to (he stale, rent equipment or enjoy some other statehouse benefits. Even Boswell lias come to rue Logansport, Indiana Pharos-Tribune Seventeen some of the bitter words he voiced abou: V/elsh after the endorsement of Bayh by (he governor, the allegation that the governor "has the backbone of'a fishing worm." "My language about (he governor was too strong and 1 apologize,' 1 Boswell said at the committee meeting alter Green had held for:h at length on Boswell's salvrs :il the governor. After Ihe governor publicly championed Bayh against Boswell and the mayor iiad assailed , a facetious conimenlalor said: "Mayor Boswell disagreed with (hat al« him." Maranla is the scientific name of (he prayer plant, which received its popular name because of its habit of folding its' leaves at night N^APPOINTMENT NECESSARY! Creme Oil Cold Wave OI4LY ...... 53.50 Including Holrajt Open Daily 8:30 to 5 p.m. ClOiiEO All DAY WHDNESDAY . LOGANSPORT BS-AUTY SHOP MEU SMITH. Operator Slh & E. Broadwoy Over Ba!l«y'§ NOW! 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