Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 23, 1962 · Page 16
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 16

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 23, 1962
Page 16
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rSixteen Logansport, Indiana Pharos-Tribune CRASH SCENE Searchers Find Bits Of Metal CENTERVI'LLE, Iowa (UPI)Two hunks of metal found on a highway led searchers today over a wide area of rugged countryside to what had been a jet airliner. The two bits of metal — about 40 inches long and 2 inches wide— were found on a lonely road about List of Casualties In Crash ' DENVER (UP!) - Continental Airlines released flie names of passengers and crew members Bids on.the last two of the five bridges required for the U. S. 35 and Indiana 29 bypass around Logansport will be opened at 10 a.m. Thursday by the Indiana Highway Commission at Indianapolis. One of the bridges is a four- span reinforced concrete girder and continuous steel beam struc- '. ture which will form the inter; change over U. S. 24 at Dunkirk. 1 The other is a three-span con; tinuous. steel beam structure over ; the Pennsylvania railroad south .' of the Dunkirk interchange. ' The two bridges are being let at the same time because they are so close together. No date has been set for the opening of 'bids on the construction of the bypass road which will run from Indiana 29 south of Logansport to change.' the Dunkirk inter- Pilot 1st Over Scene . EDITORS NOTE — A private pilot, Byron Evans, launched a pro - dawn aerial search and was first to spot the battered fuselage of a Continental Airlines Boeing 707 which crashed near Centerville, Iowa. This is his story. By BYRON EVANS As Told to UPI CENTEBVILLE, Iowa (UPI)-I spotted the fuselage about 4:30 a.m. and saw someone standing near the wreckage, apparently a farmer. I was flying at about 700 feet just before sunrise when I thought I saw some buildings that didn't belong there. .The buildings were off to the left, about a quarter of, a mile away. "I banked left and spotted the main passenger section. The front end of the plane was missing and looked like it had burst open. The wreckage had no wings or tail. It looked tike the section was from about the point of the leading edge of the wing aft to the tail. There was no sign of fire. I radioed the Centerville airport immediately, and understand my report was relayed to police I circled the area until they located tht wreckage. Actually I spotted the wreckage on my second sweep of the area Earlier I had flown about 45 minutes but found it too dark to make an adequate search. So I returned to Centerville and then took off again in a Cessna 172 owned by Brad Young. I took along Jack Morris, who spottec the first bits of wreckage along a road Tuesday night, as an observer. I just can't feature that there would be £:ny survivors after seeing that wreckage. five miles south of here. At first, it was thought they indicated an automobile accident. But soon other bits of metal — many of them stained with blood —turned up along a trial stretching for more than 10 miles. The pitifully small chunks were the remains of what had once neen a Boeing 707 jet airliner — Continental Airlines' Flight 11 — ' onund from Chicago to Los Angeles with 37 passengers and 8 crewmen aboard. The pieces of metal — and later reports by residents of the sparsely populated area of seeing a bright flash in the sky— told a story of a doomed airliner which crashed during a severe storm. The first two pieces of metal- apparently braces from the airliner—were found lying on Iowa 60. by four motoristsT Jack Morris and Leo Graver and their wives were returning home to Centerville from a party at Unionville, Mo., when they spotted them. . Curious," they stopped, picked them up and took them to the Centerville police station. The two couples made their discovery about 11:30 p.m. Tuesday, Officers studied the metal, thinking they might be from an auto wreck. But the pieces just didn't seem to look like aulo parts. Assistant Police Chief Curtis Green called in a stale highway patrolman. He took a look and said they looked like they might be from a small plane. Green then checked with Federal Aviation Agency officials to report the discovery. He was told that a Continental jetliner had disappeared about 9:15 p.m. — with its last position not far from Centerville. The alarm went out. The trail of debris continued mile after mile —'tiny pieces of metal, a serving tray, an emergency kit, sacks of sandwiches, two pillows — virtually all smeared with blood. Two miles north of the Missouri state line— which is 15 miles south of Centerville — searchers found a 30-foot section of wing. , SHORTEST CHAMPIONSHIP PARIS (UPD— Emile (Spider) Pladner of France held the world flyweight championship only one month and 16 days in 1929 for the shortest regime of any world champion in any division. aboard its Flight 11,. _ which crashed near Centerville', Iowa Tuesday night: Crew Mary R. McGrath, 20, El Se gundo, Calif., daughter of Thorna McGralh, River Forest, 111. hostess. , David E. Olssen, 40, El Segundo director of passenger services. Marilyn I. Bloomquist, 24, E Segundo, daughter of Mr. anc Mrs. H. S. Bloomquist, Travers City, Mich., hostess. Jack Dean Allen, '32, Palo Verdes, Calif., 2nd officer, foi merly of Arlington, Wash. Capt. Fred B/udoIph Gray, 50 Pacific Palisades, Calif., pilot, for merly of Denver. Stella Ann Beny, 20, Lo lAngeles, daughter of Mr. and Mrs James Berry, Tomah, Was., hos less. E.J. Sullivan, Inglewood, Calif. 1st officer. Martha Joyce Rush, 23, Man hattan Beach, Calif., daughter o Mrs. M.L. Fletcher, Odessa, Tex. hostess. Passengers Philip E. Giverson, Jackson Mich. Maurice E. Hamilton, Cleveland Ohio. John E. Hamm, Kansas City Mo. B, Stewart, Chicago. Frank Tuttle, Liberal, Kan. Jack Alexander, Dallas, Tex. K. R. Berger, Rochester, N.Y. W.C. Chapin, Rochester, N.Y. J. Clarity, Des Plaines, 111. Mrs. Geneva Fralev, Independ ence, Mo, Clyde .Fritz, 33, Kansas City Fi'ank G r e n e, Minneapolis iVl inn. Dale Horn,. Kansas City. Takehiko Nakano, Northwester] University student from Japan. Robert Miller, Chicago. V.W. Mourning, Franklin, Mich Robert Tabors, Providence, R.] Edward C. Waffle, Kansas City R.I. Hoare, Surrey, England. James Webb, Anaheim, Calif. B. Bowman, Kansas' City. R. Gach, Chicago. T. Doty, Kansas City. Stanley H. Goldberg, Lonj Island, N.Y. R. Thomas, Mount Prospect, 11 B, J. Wilks, Durham, N.C. Roger J: Welsh, Detroit, Mich. M.. Brand, Kansas City. Andy Roucka, no address. . .1 ' ' ITALIAN FIESTA GUEST NIGHT SATURDAY, MAY 26th . K. of 1C. BOUNCE 6&1 Featuring fancy Italian 'Food Dinner Served 7:00 to 8:00 p. m. Dancing 8:00 to 11:30 p. m. To The Music of SHOWTYIMBllSOiN O,F WAWPTE Reservations accepted until 8 p. m. Friday, .May 25th Phone 28-93 after 3:30 p. m. $2 IPer Person , I K. of C. HAM., 5V5V4 iE. (BROADWAY X / , . • . , « • ' 1 - PHOTO OF CONTINENTAL AIRLINES BOEING 707 Expect 25,000 for GOP Rally RENSSELAER, Ind. (UPI)- R.ep. Charles A. Halleck expects a crowd of 25,000 or more to attend a Republican rally here next Sept. 13 and "show some real Hoosier hospitality" for the rally speaker, former [President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Announcement that Eisenhower will speak in Ha'lleck's hometown for a 2nd District rally during the campaign was made last week. It will be an outdoor chicken barbecue' M weather permits, otherwise an indoors affair in the St. Joseph's College fieldhouse. Halleck said that when Eisenhower left the White House in 1961, he promised Halleck he would appear in Halleck's district whenever Halleck wanted him. "It's always been my hope I could have Mr. Eisenhower speak in my district," 'Halleck said. "I appreciate the fact that he has agreed .to come. The people of Indiana demonstrated in two elections how they felt about him, and now we're going to turn on some real Hoosier hospitality for him." of the season were Monday and Tuesday, but hot weather threatened to cut the harvest short. The picking season was about a week early this year. The heat caused the berries to ripen before reaching their ful' growtlh. A shortage of pickers prevailed.- Berry Prices NEW ALBANY, Ind. (UPD- .Indiana-grown strawberries were bringing from $5 to $6 per 16-quart crate today at the Floyds Knobs market. Growers believed the best days Record Hop A record hop v/ill be hold Friday, May 25 at the Carroll High School Cafetorium. Jim Shelton and his group from Indianapolis will provide the music for dancing from 8 p.m. unti 11:30 p.m. The hop is being spon sored by the Flora Sub-Deb Club, Wednesday Evening, May !!3, 1962. Cooloff Will End State's Worm Spell By United 'Press International A cooloff of about 10 degrees was; expected to end Indiana's 12- day warm spell late today or tonight, but it may come too Jate .« .'ipare (he state from recording its hottest May in the 20th Century. Temperature prospects were for lows tonight in the 50s and highs Thursday in the 70s. II: the predictions; are fulfilled, ionighl will be the coolest night rrwe May 10 and Thursday will be the coolest day since May 11. The average temperature at Indianapolis for the first 22 days of May. was 68.68 degrees, only 2.12 degrees 1 below the record high average for an entire month (if May established in 1896. The warmest Mays since 19(10 SAFETY CHECK ON EAST BROADWAY City, county and state authorities, together with CD police will conduct an eight hour safety check on East Brciadway starting at 1 p.m. Thursday. The Isne will be set up near Twenty-second Street and 10 or 15 officers will be on duty during the check. Chief cif Police Lee Morris sai.d motorists can speed up the check by having (heir driver's license :in hand when they approach the check point and respond fast i;o this, officer's requests to turn cm Jiglits, windshield wipers, horns and the like. Read the Want Ads! were in 1911 when the average was 63.6; and 1!>18, vrh<>n> it was 68.8. The five-day outlook also had long-rarifie pleasant news; foj- lliose Hoosiers who are ready for a little spring weather instead of the midsummer type. A graduE.1 cooling trend was ex. peeled tiiniugh Monday in central and south portions, with temperatures averaging 2 to 'I degrees above rairnal south and near normal central. Normal hifihs are 75 to 80 aid normal lows S3 lo 57. Cooler Thursday in this northern third of lh> stale will b>> followed by little temperature change Friday, warmer Saturday and turning cool-jr again Sunday and Monday. Thij temperatures during the period M'ill average -near normal highs of 7i. to 7fi and normal lows of 51 to 51. Precipitiition during the five-day period n r ill total near an. inch in showers about Saturday in the north po-tion. Downstnte, the average 'vilJ Me around three- fourths ol an inch wiUi "local spots in to three inches in scattered tliundershowers mainly late Friday and Saturday." Highs T.iesday ranged from 81 at SouUl) Bend to 91 at Evansville and ovijrnight lows this morning (from fill at Indianapolis to 76 at Evansvile. Highs today will range from the 80s to 90, lows tonight ifrom the 50s to- 62, and highs Thursday from the VOs to 82. Scattered thunders]lowers in the •north this morning, central this afternoon and south tonight were expectej to be followed by at least two days of fair skies. 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