Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 28, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1895
Page 3
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ie Great Are here to stay. We have leased our building for a term of years and will give you an opportunity of attendin a strictly Genuine Sample Shoe Sale. No concern in the country has the facilities that we have for offering good shoes of all kinds for Barely What The Leather Cost! You can't imagine how cheap they are, you must see 'em. Don'c allow yourself to be made :u tool olT by -Jf>ilera who have •"nick-nuiueil" u. lot of olJ .stock .shoes "s'liiiplo shot*!)" in order to •work UK.MH off. We'll nut misrepresent fji'iotls. We'll kw.-i) no .shoddy fjoodsi. We'll not try to fool anyorn'. Wi-'ll r«- fund your money if desiroJ. We'll •trent yon rl^ht.. -OUR- We dont buy and don't anything but sample sell Grand • Opening i Slices and Slippers. !' : and no one can touch our prices. -WILL Saturday, March 2. DftYflNDEVE, JJox »!' lino Chvmlies to every Lady caller. JS T ico Ssivinfr lJ;nik for tlie (Jliiltlroli. You fj'et "em if yon Iniy or not. We'll yuariinfee every pair of shoes and slippers you buy of us to be cheaper than you ctin bny elsewhere or refund your money. Glance at a Few of our Prices and TJicn Come and See our Goods, •; regular $1.38 shoe. lOc [Ladies' iirio Dori"Oln. button shoes'Men's fine nobby dress shoes rffriilarl Child's fine cnstoiu made tips or everywhere ut 85.00 our (\Q n price &, Our price ^ QQ plain.^ Regular price $1.70 f/Q n .prices Misses' lino custom niiide spring or •opern lieel. tti/t'M 12 to 3, sold •everywhere ut §-. Our price Childs' sprint: hoftl shoes solid and warranted worth $1.00 Our price 48c fufiiat's Donjjolii button shoe. Evwry pair svarrated. Worth lOo. Our price MO.II'H lino liaod sewed. Nothing (Jur prico... better made. Worth $4.50 mf) QOhvear Our price |J}4,OO pri00 Ladies' Gne Vici kid button or lac", hand turned, nobby aud line. Made to sell at !?& Our price Boy's cafr shoes, solid and good .vearers. Worth $2.00. Oni- f W ftQ 1 Jl.Oo That's the way the whole stock runs. Don't miss the Grand Opening. The People's Savings Bank. Ike Oppenheimer, Manager. 322 Fourth St., East Side, No Alum, Ammonia or Cheap Baking Powders used in the Manufacture of Crystal Pancake Flour. We guarantee its purity. Don't permit your Grocer to substitute an inferior brand for Crystal. Manufactured by • Crystal Rice Milling Compaof MARION, INDIANA. Crystal Wheat Flakes are the best. \ W, KINNEY, 513;illlO.HMVAY. *»* J.\ Fish, Oysters, Fresh Butter, Eggs and Game. «ST\Ve dress our own Poultry and therefore have everything fresh. fl. E. TRUAX, M. D. • Special attention slwn to Nose, Lung, Liver mil Chronic Disguises. Ofllco and Residence over State National Bank. Hoars W to I- a rn., - to 4 p. m., and 7 to S p. in. All tails promptly attended. DB. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Overstate National Bank, Logansport, Ind. WANTED! REAL ESTATE. Wanted, Chonp Cottngfs For Sale. Wancnl Lots an t Acres «"or »:ile. Wanted Small Fiirioa .Yor *tle. Waa.*J Bu»ln«n Bloclcx For dnle. ante-l to Excfcinse farms tor City Property, raated Vfi>rch:indl*!i --o Tr Ma Tor {•'jtnus. 'J.DD8KSS .It. .H. «»OHl>fH. Sprv Block , Indiana. JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS n ECTBA rare, mi: ASD MOID point TO SUIT ALL HA5M. TEX MOST PBmCT 07 PENS. KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers and Embalmers, 613 Broadway. DAILY JOURNAL. THURSDAY MORNING. FEB. 28. Mrs. Minnie Brown and children of Burlington are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J, C. Newer of this city. In a recent editorial the Salem, Oregon, Independent says: "Time and liRalo have we seen Chamberlain's Cough Remedy tried and never without urlng the most satisfactory result*. Whenever we see a person afflicted with hoarseness, with a cough or cold, we Invariably advise them to pet Chamberlain's Cough Remedy; and when they do, they never, regret it. It always doe* the irork, and does U well. For sale by B. F. Jteesllng, Druggist. A Holland Ctiso. The people of New Holland, Ohio, have been greatly surprised recently by the almost wonderful cure of a young daughter of Mr. John Orahood, who for a lonp tims had been afflicted with fits or epileptic convulsions. The HllHcUon Eoemad more dreadful because of the natural brightness of the child. Doctors and other medicines failed to effect any lasting benefit and cure seemed hopeless until a sample bottle of Dr. Waeeler'a Nerve Vital- Izer was providentially handed Mr. Orahood and from the use of It and only two full bottles of the- remedy, the young 1 girl has been completely cured of the affliction which threatened to blight her life. Fortunately there are but few casea of epileptic fits, but we venture to fay that half the people who* read this would fuel 'like new beings after a thorough use of Dr. Wheeler's' Norve Vitalizer; it is a nerve food, restoring nerve force on the same principle that food restores physio*! vigor and muscle. If yours is a case of shattered norves, frequent headache, perhaps nervously cross, troubled with sleep, lessness, a tired feeliog in the morr- ing, debilitated, all worn-out feeling, promptly use this great remedy, for U will cure you, and also ward of-the more serious sickness or breaking down which your symptoms indicate. It is warranted sure to relieve and euro nerve troubles as represented. For sale by Ben Fisher, Druggist. Wm. W. Myre and Cora D. Ferguson have been given a license to wed. They live near Waverly. Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. Fuur Kit Successes. Having the needed merit to more than make good all the advertising- c'almed for them, the following four remedies have reached a phenomenal sale. Dr. King's New Discovery, for consumption, coughs and coldi, each bottle guaranteed — Electric Bi tiers, the great remedy for llrer, stomach and kidneys— Buclrien'a Arnica Salve," ihe best in the world, and Dr. King's w Life Pills, which are a perfect pill, AH these remedies are guaran- eed tndojuttwhat is claimed fortkem and the dealer whose name is attached herewith will be glad to tell you more of them. Sold »t B. F. Kee»Ung's drug store. A JURIST TESTIFIES. UNIMPEACHABLE EVIDENCE FROM A BROOKLYN OFFICIAL Relieved Him. Cured Him or Kheuiiiutliui In a few Honrn. Judge NUB, whose popularity in Brooklyn was demonstrated by the immense majority by which, he was elected, and a gentleman o! impeachable character, la speaking of Prof. Munyon, says: "I consider Munyon's Rheumatism Cure the best in tbe world. When I began to use his remedy i was unable to walk without the aid of crutches at times; this had bsen going on for nine months, and tbe day before I began using it I could not ge up the steps to the court room. Afte taking'a few doees I was immediate! relievtd, and in three days was com pletely cured." . Munyon's Rheumatism Cure la guar anteed to cure rheumatism in sny par of tbe body. Acute or muecula rheumatism cured in from one to fiv days. It never falls to cure sharp shooting pains in tbe arms, leg? sides, back or breast, or soreness in any ptrt cf the bodv in from oni to three hours. It is tunran teed to promptly cure lameness, etlf and swollen joint?, stiff back, and al pains in the blps and joints. Chronic rheumatism, Bciatica, lumbapo or pain in the back are speedily cured. Munyon'd Horace.ipaibic Homo Remedy Company, of Philadelphia, put up specifics fO" nearly every disease, which are soU by all dru-ggists, mostly for 25 cents a bottle. •Those who are in doubt as to the nature of their disease should address Professor Munyon. 1505 Arch strr-et, Philadelphia, giving: full .symptoms of their disease. Prof. Munyon will carefully diagnose the case and giv you the bent tit of his ad vice absolute ly free of all charge. The remedies will be sent to any address on rocaiptol retail price. on n £ierlou« Cliarcr. Joseph Stumbaugh has been arrested on a charge of hog stealing, brought by John 0. Tyner, Both parties are residents of Clinton township. With Lowls Porter of the same neigh borhooil Stumbaugh was indicted by the grand jury. Porter is now under $500 bcmd. Stumbaugh was not able to furoiab. bond and was committed to jail. The exposure to all sorts and cor- ditions of weather that a lumberman is called'upon to endure in the camps often produces severe colds which, if not promptly checked, result in congestion or pneumonia. Me. J. 0. Davenport, ex-manager of tbo Fort Bragg Redwood Co., an immense institutional Fort Bragg, Cal , sajs they sell large quantities of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy at the company's store and that he "himself uetd this remedy for a severe cold and obtained immediate relief. This medicine pro- vents any tendency of a cold toward pneumonia and insures a prompt recovery. For sale by B F. Keesllng, Druggist. The Ilnptlst Church Social. The social given Tuesday nigbt at the home of John R. Pratt on Market street, by the Biptist ladles was a novelty in the church sociable line. No refreshments were served, hut tbe evening wae taken up \viib social and mental pleasures. Itecominendiitlon From Los Angles. 632 Ca-itelar S;., Los Angeles. Cal. — After having suffered for a long time from acute rheumatism without obtaining relief, I used Chamberlain's Pain Balm and was almost Immediately relieved. I highly recommend this as the best aiediciae known—D. M. Hamilton. For sale by B. F. Keesling- Druggist. Bucklen'd Arulca Salvo. The best salve in the world for cuts, bruises sores, ulcers, salt rheum lever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblain:;, corns, and all skin eruptions, anil positively cures piles, or no pay required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfactionjor money refunded. Price 25 cents per boy. For sale by B. F. Keesltng. Electric Ligbt Mult DlnmUned. The suit of C. S. Knight against the city of Loganeport io enjoin the establishment of an electric light plant, was yesterday, in the circuit court dismisied at plaintiff's cost. STATI OP OHIO. Crrr or TOLEDO, ? _, LUCAS COCSTT. j 1 * 5 , FRAMT -1. CIDKEY m ikes oath that be Is tbe senior partner of the flrm of F. -I. CEZSKT i Co.. doing bistne*s intruder of Toledi, Countj and State aforesaJd, am 1 . :bat said firm will pay tbo enmotOSE HTN'DliED DJLLARSfor ea.-h and even c-«8 of Catarrh tb.it cannot be cored br the use of HAIL'S CATAHKH CDB«. FRANK J. CHZVET. Sworn to before me and mbscr'bed in mj presence. this 6cli daj of December. A- D. ISSa. ,~^> % ' A. W. GUEtSOX, Notary Public. B»riholonio\v"«E(inlue Paradox. The wonderful Bartholomew'* Equine Paradox will bo at tbe oprrs house Thursday, Friday and Saturday and Saturday matinee and if a person could believe the marvelous stories in the Arabian Xifrtus •Entertainment, ho--'-- prioces acd priccesses were, bv si ind magical enchantment, turned into horses and other animals, it- would be oa?y to understand the intelligence WHO which the Educated Horses are pifted. A believer in these remnrkable tales could readily comprehend how Nelli-; had Once been a princess of noble blood, snd trand~ formed by some evil genii into a horse; or hot" Caesar had been a 'warrior bold", and shared the same fate: but fortunately tbe light of tbe nine- teenih cen'ury has dispelled these illusions, and the performance c*n now be viewed as another illustration of the power jriven a man, al the creation, over the inferior animals. M irveluui Krsults. From a letter wriuen by Rev. J. Q'ucdorman, of Dlamondale, Mich., we are permitted to make this e.xtrnoi: "I hava no hesitation in recoromtnd- ing Dr. KlnyS New Discovery, as the result* ware almost marvelous in the cste of my wife. \Vhile 1 was pnttor uf tbo B:iptUt church :U Rives Juno. ilon hiic w:w hr;>uuht down with pneumoaii tfuoceeaiiiK ia grippe. Ter- riolo pAroxsmd of couj.rhiD{j would U.^i bouri with liltlo inttrrupuon ^nd ii secmc-d K» if ^bi3 could nut survivi- them. A. friend r. c.mjraendcd Ur. (ting's Xaw D.-o.ivrti" ; it t'n-< quick in U* 'vnriv and ni^liiy i^aiis'.'ujrorv In result 5 ." Trial bottles free at 13 F oru£ sunv. R- {T.ular ,-lze 00,: nnd $L. m v-v (fiS^-dr B. I). BJ !«:-, ndv.jr-.l-injr 'iiiKn:ij;er if iha 61001 Hinge M -j-.'-tio. i? i» 'h« city for a day or t"u looKintr afier the iniuri;*is of t'le W«jt>ati« in Logiti.s uort. Mr Ii illur 1» an old iH'W.-p«p3r iin uriii liMo hlH QAudd lull pu = hluf; he oXiuntivc udvorUsiug of the cons- yany in Irioi-mu :il this ume. lie ua.6 levan I'.o^klna nxniblts similar tu htt', HI, Flane^ui & Crismond's in progress in Ff. \Viyue, South Bend sh, Plymouth, V<tlpn a to and towna. Next we^k an exulbit bo opened «uh ib.e World's Fair in Iudian»polis and tbe week followlnq with Seigol, Cooper & Co., in Chicago. he company bas just oumpleiea a umpaiyn of 100 day a in Michigan aid ^C'JVO-icg; louiana. placing agan s and iolroduciog the great range. Ai overheard by our reporlei : John, plsaae get some sugar al Me- JallreyV; ho gives more for the money h :n tbe other dealers; to economize we must be careful to get our money's corth of everything — and On! John, don't forget to stop at Ben Fiuber'a irug store for a bottle ol Bract's Bui am; it only costa a quarter and it :ured my cough BO quickly before. 1 lave confidence in, it, besides it's eco- lomical to use; the bottles are extra arge, while tbe dose is only a half, ,'.'--7:/i-r/»j-0£y"collars find cuffs that will ,iot wilt, arc not effected liy moisture :\;:i\ look just like liucn are all the fimljioa now. They arc made by cov- crii:j; n li::cu collar or cuff will* "celluloid " n;:.l arc flic only waterproof ^oeils iKi-.dc v.-ith on interlining, con- 5,-Cjuciitlv O.ic only ones that \\-illstaiid v,c::i' :i:.J S'ivc perfect satisfaction. Try •„!:(•::: ::"il you \viil never regret it. Al- T."vsr.*;:i, --<! c;:iily cleaned. W'ien r .:"..: si;:-.j'!y wipe olT with si v". ' ''Sb ••: r ;.. •.•:•-•.!. Every piece of lUe geuu- :_, '.:• •-•..'::ipcd as follows: tRADf A-7ARK- ro innrkotl .ina refuse anv '.::•? YOU. I!" your ('n-a)cr docs not <.*:> 'J:.?::3, wo \viil s;:ud ;i &i:;>plc di-.(. o" receipt of price. Collars 250. !i. C:::'.V. 500. p.i'f. Si.:!:- #i.-c r.ucl :-.-i'.'.:-r sl-ild-up or tui'iKxl-dou'U collar i THE CELLULOID COPiFAKY, :iT--t:iO LIrosiilwny. r«'cv. - V.irlz. oaapoonful. bher. Hall's Catarrh Core Is' taken Intemanr aod acts direct! j on the blood an 1 mucous rarface* ol & nd f or tefttmoalali tne. r. j. CBivvn *.co., Toiedo,;o. 75e. Get Brant's of Ben 7 Excurwlonw South uuil Penuxylvaata I,lnen. Special low rate excursion ticke e vith twenty day limit will be sola larch 5th, April 2d and 30ih, from icket stations on the Pennsylvania Lines to j oims in Alabanola, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North C;irolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and. Virginia. For details, apply to nearest Pennsylvania Line Ticket Agent, or add-ess F. Van Du- een, Chief Assistant Gineral Paisen.. ger.Agent, Pittibaag, Pa. Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment Is unequalled for Eczema, Tetter, Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Sore Nipples, Chsp_ped Hands, Itching Piles, Burns, Frost Bites Chronic Sore Eyes nnd Granulated Eyp Lids, For sale by druggists at 2o cents per boz. TO HOBSE"OWNEKS. For putting a horse in a fine healthy condition try Ur. Cady's Condition Powders. They tone up the system, aid digestion, cure loss of appetite, relieve constipation, correct kidney disorders and destroy worms, giving new life to an old or over-worked horse. 25 cents per package. For sale by druggists. Carbine will cost Die Duke o£ Portland, who pui-ch.ist'il liim, at lo-ast 5S5,- 000 to land lilm safely in UnKl.ind. If the racing- situation were not so dark nnd gloomy Cui'bine would surely liavo been purchased by an American breed* er. Although the purchase price was $05,000, the insurance and incidental expenses, such as commissions Ami shipping. will make up the amount quoted. Bob Hose, the "owner of Clifford, who has been cast on a visit, has decided to allow .J W. Rogers to campaign Cllf- tord as he sees lit. Rogers will probably take In the western circuit with his clever animal, which is wintering • well at Morris Pnrk. Kosc was Interested in the racing- scheme at Narra- gansctt Park, Providence, R. I., which' has Just been wiped out by prohlbltivtt legislation. During tlie racing season of J.S34 thertf were but two 5-year-old hoises that won. over 510,000. These were Yo Tamblen. Who won $2fi,lS5 during Uie year, in. which she took part in eighteen, races, and Stonenell, who lias $15,395 to his crec3it as the result of participation Ijf thirty-three races, of which he won fourteen. To Tamblen won ten of her races last year and the amount to her credit is the largest sum ever won by a 5-year-old mare. Ralph \VIIKCS IK Di-ing 'joijjf'-' this winter, and lie wjil be i.raim-il and campaigned again next season. James Golden, Ills trainer, said last year that Ralph Wilkes would submit to tlio uso of an overdraw chc>ck he could trot In 2:05 or better. The son of Tied \VIIke» is now wearing ono of these n.]>pllnncc« without fighting it as he used to do, and hopes are c-nti-rtainod that ho will boat the stallion record of Dlrectum— 2:OSVi— in 1SU5. The officials jof the League of American \VIioolmen are talking of instituting proceedings against the owners of tlie Indiana pil;e roads, who are Imposing excessive chaws on bicycle rider«. La grippe in a aiptheretic form JB stid to be prevak-oC in tho prfton north, tbe hospital being filled with thssufl'erera. ^V!iat !« the Work tif th« Kl<lney»r To remove from the nlood iis impurities. The pi-cducts of cell wastes wbich have buen burned up in eus'.ain- Ing life and giving stryngvh to the system. Every particle of blood in the body goes through t?>e kidneys every three minutes, and if these organs are unable to perform their work fully, sooner or later tbe system Is poisoned. Therefore, • San Jak IB tbe indicated blood remedy. Every person having nervous debility, organic weakness, or filling memory, is entitled to sympathy of every honeft person, and should h?.ve extended medical aid such as is found ID San Jak." Sold by Ben Fisher. PISOS CURE FOR I presume tve have used over I one hundred bottles of Piso's ' Cure for Consumption in my family, and I am continually advising othera to get it. Undoubtedly it is the Best Cough Medicine I ever used.—TV. C. MILTESBERGER, Clarion, Pa., Dec. 29, 1894. 1 sell Piso's Care for Consumption, and never have any com-, plaints.—E. SHOBET, Postmaster,' Shorey, Kansas, Dec. 21st, 1894.

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