Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 22, 1949 · Page 10
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 10

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1949
Page 10
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1-AGK 1ft—NAUCATUCK MEWS (CONN.), THUBSDAY, DKC. 22, 1IUI) CClje ctlbUibcci J£v«ry jcvtnlng tffixovpt . Sunday) by IBB NAUOATUCK NEWB COUP NAUOATUCX, CON&. Telephone* MM MM! MM Afl Department* Kntored aa Bocond clam matter at tbo pout of flow In Nftugatuok, Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATED Payable In Advano* t Month ...$1.90 1 YMLT ....$18.90 Member: American Newnpnper Pub. A»»'n N. K. Dully Newspaper Put, Am'n Conn. Newspaper Publisher* AM'D THURSDAY, I>EC. 22, JM» Goodbye, "Me Tooism" M<;nl. Uo|>ul>llr.(inti will support the purty'ii HlruU'Ky committee In It.H declaration that thoro must be an abrupt end to the "me-too- Inm" which has hnen tho purty program in the lust three presidential campaigns. All that tho present policy gained for them wfts a series of resounding defeats and a steady loss ;of national prestige. They made gainH in th* off-yoar oloc- tiims of 1938, 1942 and 1946, when "mi'-tooism" was temporarily abandoned in favor of all-out attacks on tho New Deal. The Republican National Com- mitteo has yet lo act, but there cannot bo much doubt of the position It will take. From Chairman Oabrlelson down Into the rnnk-i the realization is keen that I ho party cannot hopn to win so long as it merely echoes the voice of the opposition and asks for recognition on the solo buuls of UK ability to do the Job bettor. .So. unless all signs fall, t'.lo voters nt America will bo given a genuine choice in the 1950 election. That is as it should be. That is as it must be if the two-party system is to be more than n. figure of speech. That, moreover. Is the only way lo got to the polls that great body of clllzeim which hnn been raying !o llnolf Unit. It really makes no difference whether it vote--; or not. 1! r: a healthy altuafloM wlllch i In ih" innkInt; healthy because for the firat time in years the pco- ]>!•• i-f Ih" l.'nltfil StlilRH will hiivo :>:. opportunity to render 11 clear(•:•: decision on mien rnalterH a« •he velfiirp state. extravagance i: ..ovei M.-ient. and cp.nlrallzution of authority tn Washington, It in their country and they should determine which way n W |ij K o. Horse Sense, Etc, In K'\v Went the olhor day <L burro (Spanish fur donkey) wan ""niggled Into 1'reuldenl TrU- nuin'.i bathing bench in n sedan. Thi-re were M o m n red faces around, and no wonder. Secret military experiments are under way in the area, and thOBC rc- HponniljlR for security arrangements are suppoxml to be nble to cope with agents of unfriendly powers, some of whom may be smarter than burrow. In Vienna th o other dny, tho Russians refused to let seven Y-.iKOHinv rncc horses bo shipped home through the,-Soviet zone of Austria. That's how fur the antl- Titoist spy mania has gone. Yugoslavia borders on Greece, no presumably Tito hu« heard of Trojan horses. The thoroughbreds are lucky. If they bad crossed the border, they cotil.l hardly hitvo odcnpcti arrest as anti-Soviet spies. There might have been some little difficulty In getting them to con- fe-va. though the secret police have performed better tricks than thai. But the Key West burro won't talk. Ho juat hee-haws. Excise Tax Repeal Hi« nationwide economic pulflfl- feeling tour, as ho calls It, htis convinced Secretary of Commerce Sawyer that some exclno tfixos xhould lm r«|)(,ulo(l or modified. Them Bhould bo no delny In abolishing taxes Imposed during the war for the sole purpose of discouraging demand. To continue lo tax electric light bulbs, for example, at the same r-i'e as so-called luxuries In unjustified. So in tho 26-por-cent tax on telegrams and long distance telephone calls and tho 16- jier-ccnt tax on transportation tickets and local tulephonn blllu. The list could be expanded. Almn»< « year ago the Prosl- ilenl'n Council of Economic Ad- vlsor.i declared that "Consideration should be given to reduction or abandonment of some excise taxes and Increase of others," Hut the administration wna represented as taking the stand that the government's need of revenue made any reduction inadvisable, n I! hough as to some highly discriminatory excise taxes, the revenue I.H too small to bo of consequence. All Btudlcs. Including that of the Treasury's Division of Tax Hejiearch. nu pr>or I the Sawyer viewpoint. tSxcino taxes are, an a matter of fact, selective sales taxes that, applied to essential nr-ed.-i and .services, act an a drag on buxlneHM. Also requiring attention Is the effect of high inheritance taxes on forcing the aaie or dltjaolu- tlon of small businesses, Having the ready capital, large enterprises are usually tho purchasers when liquidation of a nirmll buHl- nesn becomes necomiary to pay tho taxes. Thiu doon not make for a healthy economy, ILH ha« boon rna<lo clear In testimony before a Joint congreMiilonMl committee nocking ways to encourage morn investment in small Medical science continues iln attack on OKI common cold, which In a nilHnome.r, No one ever admitted hln cold WUH a common one. Thorn '« » mil.Umtil ncnrclty of grapefruit, but the brt'iikfasler can nrodiice .the wimo effect. ),y Hiiulrtliu: hlimielf In ttm eye with a Hy r In fro. Do You Remember? One Year Ago Nnugntuck High school defeated Seymour, .'iH-.'IU, for MM fourth iilnilght win. Charlie Aiiuavln. paced the winners with 3fi points, In n gamo marred by (15 Infrac- tlona of thu ruloa. Robert Houseknecht, of the U.S. Nnvy, ntntlonod at Circnl l>akcs Naval training ntallon, WUH visit- Kig his parents, on Rubber avenue, for the holidays. 20 Years Ago The Naugntuck High school basketball team routed HUme BuxInuHM Ciillogft, 60-11, for itn third Mtrttlght victory. Adamn TFayen, a riliidont nl Brown Urilvornlly, arrived In Hie borough for the holidays. Household Scrapbook lloln In Chum Vo bore u hole In I/.IO.HM, uwi n i-oguliir Htnel drill nnd keep the point of contact saturated with camphorated oil or lurpenllne The •ano v,-|th which thin in ,jonii' will lurprlHo you. Candles OnndloH tbrit are lined for rleror- utlv<! purpoMeti will not. droop Iff-lv- on a coat, ofuhullnc. To be clearuid, 'hey nu«d only (o be wiped with ii. flnrnp cloth. Hmiffi'i! Shix-H Hub the Hhoew with the white of un egg If they have begun to scuff. This will panto down the broken places and remove I ho scuffed appearance. Look And Learn 1. Whuf pair of lelloi-H of tho alphabet are the moot difficult to dln- tlngulrth over the Idlopbone? 'JL, What IK a "n<>ap lido"? 3. How many different irudeti and crnfts are reprcBunted in a completed motion picture? 4. Kor what chtiiH of pi-|/.e fight- erH Jt4 tharo no weight limit? 5. Does a galloping horse ever nave all four feet off the ground nt-lho aitmo llmo? Answers 1. The letters "F" and "S." 2. The minimum tide that OCCUI-H during the flrnt i.n.l third <|UinUirN of tho moon's phiiHOH. 3. Almost 300, •I. Heavyweight. B. Yos. AiiBHn Tlerney, 3fiJt QuInn ol.root, hiiH a pop-corn and lollln-pup I roe for lilcln In bin iiol|:liborhoud. ...the C'hrlHlninH tree oiiifilde hi*i home IM dectjrat.eil with t In; ciuidy which IH "picked" bv the young- nlern... Ihnt'ii one wny lo wlitb "Merry (Jbrlhl.inau" lo n lot of It kin. IteltltiMl Mrt.hiluy grirel.lngH 1o Oliver 1/orHou, who lidded another candle to !I!H cuhi- Dee. 14... grrellngH also were In order limt Saturday for Mrs. ChiirlcH liiiiitt iiud Ijlnj Mld.M Jean In colubrallng a birthday lodny... congrrilH. . . Observing nat.ul duyw Sunday tini.1 Monday were Mni. Jameii A. Hey- noldii and Mrn. Antonio Hrodcur, respectively. Our at tent Ui n IH culled (.<> the faet that ,l«ihn lli>lhi-rliigtnii of Galpln Htreet, IIUH accepted n iilghl: eluli engagement. In I'alm Ileaeb, MIL, for thn winter NI-II»on...he will appear In thp role of Hinder of bitlluilH mid uultjir- lut. miller his iiroreitNlonul Maine of ,laeh Kline. f'ornolhiH "Throckmnrloii" HI- Marlu of HI-BDII'M Hporl .Shop did not. dlmippolnl Oielt Kelley of our C'liiMHlfteil Ad department. . .noemii J'lek ban been hurplng on tin. HII|I- jee.t of 11 hut I'or nornu tlmi., nnd Tuesday received bin gift... In a. regular Hl/.ed hal. box came a. very miniature- straw hut. A persistent cold has Itupl. Mildred < iirlHon un ||,e oot-feellni;. loo-u-.-ll I hit fr>r Hie past, emiple weeks, allliough she's sl.lll on (b.; Joh at CiirlHOii'M l''uri:Mllr« <io. Mm, Tlohort Andernon IH noted Tor her cluve-riiniiii nnd unli|iie IdeaH In the priipiiriilliiii of food, but Hhe. <;umo up with a real novel one nl I be n-ceiil Kvarigollnn <;ir- clu ClirlntiniiM illrinnr. , ,abe mad., loo cream bullH, rolled Ihnrn In co- counul. placed Idem In the freezer, and when they were nerved each wait dncoralml wllh a lighted candle. Mr. and Mrs. Fruiilt "Spee" Hh«n moved lnt^> their new homo on •lohnson street, yesterday. . . Mrs. "Spec" IH Hie former (ienevleve Miirtlno. . .Mi,, new Yorli Vmil(ra. H pllrher WUH married Nov. Ill here. Tbe Niiugnl I.H-II Newii ulaff np- prnclnlen reoi-lvlng hollilny greot- ingn from Cluick WiiHkowlcx, ..). (''.. IlnytUwlch, .I,-.., Mr. and. Mrs. t'hll ,,r Mllford, Hho'H the former Phyl Mariano who WHS a member of our business staff. ...I'uul llui:limlller. .. Vic, Florence and l.uureen CulunuHM. , . Richard and Corrlno .Tosoph of Hltokie, 111., Mrs, J. is the formi;]- Corrlnii Ilimnlck, diiiiMhlor of I'ubllMhnr Hudy Ilennlclt, .. Tl, 0 U. S. Rubber Co. Girls' club.,. HIiilo Police Trooper liMwurd .1. I'>oollng. . . Ougralillations to Ally. Henry Marlor who celebrates u hlrtli- diiy today... The unpredictable weather of late hits caught Up with I lank und left him fettling rather low with » cold. Wo uiiib-ntt.iUH.I tbiil. Hoy PouHl In Inking it coiTospondencfl courwo in hopes of becoming a hundwrlt- Inj; ex pert . . , HeemM (toy him been the vlrllm of it pranltHl.or who linn been filling tho malls wllh umili^ni'd letters... When Roy completes I ho coin-He ho IH going t" ilo n lit,lie nupor Hlouthin^. The ''Hen llurrls llabhlt" has been liioiinteil und Installed over tho entrance to KIIHM Weaving'* Sport Hluii) on Wlimlow Court. ...The "Itithhll" Is 11 deer whk'Jl Hen bagged on n trip to Maine recently, . .It Is claimed that thn Illlllriul tipped tho nellies lit (HI pounds, thiiH the "Karris llab- blt" lug. Hpeuklng of Uun« Weaving, wo hour t hut be haw a Christmas tree in hiH shop which rivals, nny, far Mirpnnnen any otluir In the liur- nuifh In beauty.. .Thu Iron IH decorated aw no true was «vor decorated before...And the dciRorn- t.lonii are being lidded to «iich jmiiiilii// day. Herb Itohlln'H right, arm Is sUII swollen, due (o u hniult In It, HWV- nnil \veeks ug (l , hut h« wa» Ijock »t his Salem Lutheran church orgnnlst'H pout lust Sunday for thn first tlnm... ,f. Victor Rolm hus IMKMI (iiibstituting during Herb's eonvalcseenei). Mnybe it wrin too late at night, but no one IIII.M merit lonml having heen | bo li^hLnlnK hint Humliiy . nlghl, our earn didn't detect any. Ihumler accompanying the few I'lniibeM. Mrs. John ,J. Wrlnn of Ward ni reel In plnnriing u lea. next week for proHpectlvii Pornbroke <.'olle^e Mtuilenla... nun, Johnny, nludylngat Mrown university, and daughter, Ai;nes, afflllaUid with a Iliirtfuril Iniiiiriinee company, will lm homo for the. hollduya. Tliitnlis miK'h for thn nice (ihrlst.imts curds from Mru. Harry Anderson, recent of Surull Ilogers <'lliipler, Daughters of thn Ainerlenn Uevolullitn. . . JVfrs. Ailolph Kllil/nia, leelurer of Hell- con Volley Grungo... und Mro. Louis Trliino, president of thn NaiiUiiliieli Kmhlnin <'lllli. Joe Karron, and hln fellow police officers trying to determine who mini him thn toy tiro truck for Chrlulnmn with a note lo the effect that the truck can be used the next time Joe spots a car "burning" over a Htuiimlng man-hole... Hisvornl wcokN ago the alert patrolman summoned the fire department when ho Maw what appeared to lm a car burn- Ing on Water nil-dot.. .fortunately for the. ownor, the car was not iiflro. merely having a frno iituum bath over n nmn bole. ,. ONE WAR THAT'S NEVER OVER! WALTER WINCHELL In New York TO M«T: FIJHNIHIIICIl Thin volcfiliiHH room Hp'.Tildi nvory- wliere your name: The amply nhnlr you |:linhml awldo Ml I II waltit. Your IlkoriBB* looklt down from Ha gilded friwne, Diuil gntihern on th« nltwked and unuuud platuH, Here we woi'c at poaco onco by u nre. Tho oni'ply grate lackn tonguo l.o lull again Thu hl*tory of n. past and do«d Ue- H'lre, Beoiplng Indlfforenlly and 'with -; llttlit pain, Something that was here IB no longer hero. II him no aUbntnncii on which i'lio mind niuy HCIKQ: Only what IH no 'morn wan once no dear. JCvnn tho hurt rotnlriM the jjowor to Only my hna,i-t, that misses you tho mofit, In even donlcid t/lic lost, familiar ghost. — -Kleanor Allotta Chaffiie. Hull lex In Our Alley: Mm if ikrut Wychorly wm* the fourth actrosH (In a row) to give up the role of nurno In "Caesar and Cleopatra." At. Lo Chtttnibord last nlffht shu was pond'ering the sltcheeuyshun. "The hell of 10|,"nhp Hiijcl;, "wnn l I couldn't pronounce my own iimclr nrinin: "inatuloUa!", . . Elliott. RoOHevelt wan getting tho Velvet Hummer at Ommllor'n. A on r>b nneernd: "Evory llmo I nan him IID'H wllh a dlfforont dolli" ,. 'MeM>o," BUBS^d a New Dealer, 'ho'n trying to (Ind a Republican!" Hollywood VI|cu«Utv. OIMI. St(^v- enn' boy said he'd been Invited to the birthday parly of n. Zunuck •lelr, "What do you suggowt 1 do to !<how them I'm a good boy?" naked the kid... "Well, son," said jODiige, "Ural pay your i-espocts .o Mr. and Mrs. ZanucM nnd con- gmtulato them about Durrylln'w marriage. Before you leave thank thorn again for Inviting you to a wonderful evening, iind thnri go n lo tho Itllohwn nnd hiclp Ooorifo Jossel with the dishes." prel- Menu.* of u Mldnlghter: A y Who looked emnigh like Limit rurner to bo Luna Turner -wits neon leaving New York Ilovpltnl .he other afternoon, Tho iHiriien wonder If Mh»'«i InfiintotHlpntlnR? ,,F, Lftlno'B Bop City rocltal starts tho Jftth . .. Ftogor Price, the »lt, opens tonight at. Cufo Soclnty Downtown. . .Variety'* Ann'y Kwtio (lot wonk In Jan.) will be Ilii ":, 40O pnvgnH,. .The- Boston balled Ignore Lonergan of 'Allvo nnd Kloklnif' an a new nlur .At 11:30. iSuitiVtelny nlg-ht 107 .Indy patrons waited In lino out- ilclo..,Thn nowsrool accno that, got, hoitvlenl hn.nd<'.lapa>lng vtua «y milling home,. .C'has. SkoUias and Riypubllc Pictures lire donating 'tho onllrc c-ponlng nlKhl. roci-lplH of thn "8and» of Iwo Jl-mn' '|>roml»re at H'Wood'ii larthay Circle Theater Dec. 28 to the Runyon Fund.,,Add Ironies: l*ho Hurt Limn thn gaiublor» carno to term«i on "Jurisdiction" In Miami—the customers forgot to show up! Mldlown Hhuddi-r:. Clupt. M«r»- (lim a BrltUh M. F, M)it ran kmd- shllpmonls from N. Y. during he /war) was at Iho Lamb 1 !* Gambol lust week when James W. Tohnnori, the Income ttix aollector of Ihe 3rd Dl»t.) was Introduced. -Ie is a N«5g!x> ..Tho main speech w;m delivered by Col. Carlos ni.-m- ilo, chl«f of tho U. N,. . .Komulo « Filipino., .Ciipt. Marmlon got up or 'hte talk nnd stupidly Intoned: 'ICven ir tho United Nations doown't work, 'there IM alwuyii tho purtnor»hlii> of thi> U. S. A. und Great Britain. After all, gentlemen, 'his lit a whito man's flghl! .In .lio hiiiih that followed you could lavi) hftui-d a blgot'o hale-beat. Broadway Tinsel:. Thwt terrllle ttlle In an 8th Avenue bur btc jotwcon two clothing merchants was over Slrl, the Diamond Horse- ihoo showgal. ..Tho femmeB keep inking Tito Gulzur how h« konpn ookliiK as younff as he did whon in was radio's to-p tenor...Kay rhomipson'fl new act opens nt Bo- leurm th« nitme ova l.h/M. Martin nut J<«wl'i rattirn to Oho iietwh- fonder. Hero tg a limited date of 0 nights...In bar next film La ira'blij's balr Is aplrlhklod with iliillnum dust, J72 per ounce.. .It' N - boy for the Dr, Pi-iink Kingdoms Jt Drs. Hosp, She wn# dctraita'Mur- cclla IMarkham.. .Arthur (Murray ifrhl .10 llunyon Fund "So. I'li- Illc" iioats for Sat. even through Due, and Jan. At $112 po,- pr . MODERN ETIQUEOTE Q. Is It proper for a man to say, T am very glad to have mot you," k'hitii taking hmvo of a woman to ri)om ho has Ju»t boon Introduced? A, No; It la the woman's place o express pleasure over the tnoot- tg. If she Hays nothing, a nod of he head and u plmumnt. "good-by" » all that Is necesnary. Q. How does a brldo-to-bti go bout buying her brldcgroom'H w«d» Ing ring? A. If It In to bo n double-ring in-oniony, tho girl and thn man o to thn Jtjwolor's together, tintl he buys his ring and he buys hers. Q. When It Is necessary for a j>or- m to blow hl« nowo In company, hould ho apologize? A, Ko; but try to make the per- ormanco aa quiet and Inconsplc- oun us poHMlblii. Do not try to Iml- Uu u foghorn, Th<! Mliinil SpeeJiil: The \\\ 1'oport.H vohlcular tralllc to Plorlda (Incluillng 1'itll and. all) Is heaviest Klnco MR. ant J.jlnco!n ltoa<li«r:i In- «H«t bl/, IH off from SO to IK) pel- cent The Stork Clug gels several tiirrlilt' plugn In "Willie Cornell Mnrehing Hoinn," a Xaniick Him directed by John Ford. It prneniH at the Lincoln thnutni- on thn 30th . ..Tilir nlrllnos will MOOM announce a .1 1-2 hour flight, from Nicv York .Tho burg-iln for people ut tho airport here |, ( , (.ho $1.50 |'eu 'lo ivl holtilx) vliv Mlnmi Beiielt Air Unti Cou<ih«H... Tlhe newonl upol, Is 'Oho Zodiac In tho Delano.. Tandy's ex-bond chof In »l the Hbfiri! (.Hub Hot,el, . . Heeomnienilml: The fipua.-iltl at Ualtl'ii. . . Murlon Murray ) 1( a click nl Hur- vle'H.,.Ditto the Mallei Pi.T,»pots at. Copu City.. JJoke Woloh's titiservutlon: "TJio Racing Form tello you whnt horses did not what they're going to do!" Hound*! In (lie NlKhl: In the Honey Bamboo Room: "Tht- sure way for Wew Yorkeni to get some rain h to nclioiluH; Mome purnden" . .At Fromniin Oium'ii; "Don. Clay s»ya all GciTnun.i nron't Nnxi'n. Yenlh, and all snakpa aren't poliion- OUH" .In Mm Cub: "All I can H ay iilboul ID« Ing.|-ld Boi'KTnnn story li* that it's the ftrst tlmo she didn't know how to net." Tho T,«U) Wa)eh: <;«rho, who usualy rogiKtfjrs tin "Brown" In using her fuime.d nomo nguln .Tfoneyehilp WfHlor 1f t rjoh) 'Her Argentina hiii-iband'« palor Jtisi willed them n. pM., .The Polloo nopt rumor In that It.,, bli.ri.-oMt shiikoup | M oxliwcted Koon after .Inn. J, Kviiri nomo of the highest briifm .Hasn't the Mayor bought a. fHnt«n Inland Ma riBC ?... Frank Krlckson, who needs money like you do, Juat struck oil In Texan Now-he-tello-up Deptt: The onl- umn had two Dally Doubles In „ row at Tropical Park . Fayn Km- oi'iion hnn <Mm.ngod her ml nil' about a dlvorco. This make.* the an- nounoemont by t.he mother of 1S|. ll'ott's "next" Iji-ldo tu-nmiiturc, 'IKE' DENIES HE IS A CANDIDATE CIIOHH MONKKV LINKS WEISS BEN FRANKLIN STORK CHVHOJl 8T. IN ROUTE TO NfW YORK, General Dwl«hl D. Etannh.,w.-r (lo KaJT. r r?| nt h r "l 01 "-I 1 '' 01 " Wlth h ' B brolher - . vrrZ in Nnw'v 61 "!;^ 16 ,'"^ Geneni1 ' "° W head ot Columbia Unl versity In New York, denies being • Presidentlnl candidate hu will not bo uikod Into b«eomln« ono. ADV. NEW fNGLANOS lARCfSI PETROLE.UM S1QRAGF KRM^' BUNKEK "O" Fuel Oil per F. O. B, Our Terminal Brlilgnport, Conn. I'hono S-3M1 *:"* f BUCg^LEY /.T BtlFfR SIRVICf IOWFR FUF.L COS1S "We, THE MUSIC SHOP—" Tlu< niiiM phenorm-niil liidiiMrliU Itrowtb during hi«( V ntr ot-x-urr.-d III a field In which TIIK MUSIC KIIOP IK vitally Inlfrratod, IHevl- HlOII. Klgun-s ur<- (Mirlriir; thin on.. Isn't. For the pa si two j<-»r», an avrrugf* <»f oin> new l4*l'?vE*lon briiiujciiNlliiK NliMlon IH-KIIH .i|M-r«- tlon «-,»ch month In th<- I'. H. A. Ti-l«n-)Klon ftu-forltw i^-«> wurklni; night and day to supply the In- i-reiixliig demaiKl. AN the radio Industry WIIK an yeiirs ago, »<> In t«'lr- vUlnn lodii.v. WP <yin for<Mu«« the <Iny. »ft*r llaHfnrd »n<l W«t<-rlnirv l>ei;lii li> beam iifoKruiiiN, wben no NHU(«- liK-k lioine will In. without « tr4n. vlnlon net. •nil': Mi-Hir siior, i., IN litfleml fortuiiiif^ »t«ff thl> I pert In thin i here lm | service within M hiiiim. ! When you Imy telnvUInn, expert, service . . . TIIK MU'slC Kiior lux. re-.fHlt, I,, lulu U> lla tele«U|on ,-K- nn-n. Huylnj » «*i Tmerson GIANT SIZE PICTURE </ All CHANNEL Slmpllmolit Tuning V. SUPER POWERED long Di.loru. Ciuuil V "MIRACIE" PICTURE IOCK ENGINEERED for ih* FUTURE Tmerson m^ Television ro* UTTER VISION, STVII, TONE, MMOHMANCI. VAIUI- RADIOS ^APPLIANCES. 15 OHUROH STREET NAUGATUCK (Phones MOft—«4B1) 413 NO. MAIN STREET UNION C.'ITV Hlori-H Open Tonlghh met rrliluy fHICK I'AHKINCi FOR CUSTOMDHS HlMes From Beacon FullM to Nmiftatuck Kvory Nlu'ht Until ClirMniu* l-oflal K«nrp« KIIOI 1 lll'lltM!! ._ WIN AN £IH<IO NICW 1-"<)UI> CAR O|Wn

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