The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 30, 1931
Page 6
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'Mil S KILE UN Ft.rmcr Boy Who Has Developed Into One of Best Players Was Once Fired EDITOR'S NOTK: TIlTs Is flc first of a srrirs cf three arllrlr.i on 1 the :>in.rtiii; nrr-r uf I'hark Klein, star uf (bo I'lills, \vtio In 3 years has (•hav.sed from :i SJ">I ball player in (be Cenlral League (o one of Hie m<Ht daii^.-rcr.i ilugftrs in His liiujirs. an 1 on: uf tbt moit vjluiibl: players In the game. UY ivn.i.iA.M NKA Si-rvlce S|wrls 1-MiHr NEW YORK, April 30.—Two day before Ihe world series of 1903. ii which John McGraw and ,_ Mack matched their champion clubs, ft baby was born in a farm liouse near Indianapolis, ills 11:1111.' was Charles Herbert Klein. Now, almost 23 years later. Clv.irk Klein, slugger extraordinary of {'.:? I'hils, has won a name as cue o; Hie most dangerous bailers in the National League, and one of Hit fin.'st, outfielders. In tlie last three years he ha? come up from p. $JSO ball phyei in the Centml League to the sensation of the big Ijaguff. and o;i of the most vnluitbl: players In bssebnll. He recenlly signed a contract for moro t:-.aii $10.000 lo: . three years—a record salary fjr ;; player'on a tail-end UKMLI." In a short span of four y;ars In went-from the cornfields o the s!c?I mills to Ihe diamonJ lo dcm. This year he llii'eaiens Hr hcaie run records of both Babe Rul'.i snd Hack Wilson. B.i.v.'bill MTlf. 1 :; recently voted him as the bost youns ball player to COMIC to the majors in the lost five years. To millions of l!ie fair, fie hn_- become r.n Idol. To his mothor, In an Indiana cottage near the little city of Soulhporl, lie Is just plain "Herb," one of tbc best buys in the world. The Klein residence Is on; of those little homes. In n se'.tinj of flowers and trees, such as Paul Dreised might have had In nilmi when he wrote those lone-reinem- L'er«l songs about Indlnm. There Chuck Klein shucked corn, mllte:! cows and performed the 101 other chores that keep a young boy on the farm busy from sunrise until • dark. Chuck's childhood days were like tl'.ow of the average' f.irm' bay. There was work—which hslps ID explain Ihose ~bul5r(li--m(!r->!?5 and scon? wrists—and hunting In the iu,i:by woods nnd games "of bii<e- ball. "Herb always was a good boy." says his moiher. "We n;vjr die! have to spank him. We only hai to tell him once and he'd mind." The young Klein went through the grades in the rural school a! Southport, and entered hi 5 h schos' in 1819. He plnye baseball the-e and naturally in Indiana, was a gox' Basketball player. After graduation ne went back-to the farm. His n^cl job was as a laborer on a ro>d- building crew. Pirially, Ihe lure of the city drew him. ond he got a job in a big steel mill in Indianapolis. tt was no: his first trip to thf city—ever since he was 15 h» had b:en making trips to Indianapolis to play with the Keystones, a semi pro team composed of players most o, s-hom were much older than th> kid from Southpnrt. * • • Pour years ago Chuck got a jo! at EvansviHe as helper at an op- hearth plant. In the summer oi thai year Klein, instead of a bat •wielded a long steel rod. known it,' the mills as "t^e bleeder." with which the helper chips away th' c!ay core that releases tons of mo', ten steel from'the blast funiace One night young Klein Icr the last time Joined the weary river of srhny men that poured from tht Plant as the whistle blcw-for Iv was to receive a with th EvansviHe Three-Eye team. Cr.uck told his manager. Jack Wheatcraft. that he was ""ail uirv t- m'afc " allli thal he Was ? oin ? A few v,eeks later EvansviHe re leased young Klein and he went tacs to the faim, a disappointed young man. >- FEIIEIL PITCHES tHIT, i- Sla;;cs In MIC life uf Chuck Klei s'KCstT of (he I'lills, ar nbcyp. In (he i-onlcr. Chuck Is s oni :n lie npprarril uliwi j|i., mnllrr .Mrs. Srar t :irot Klrln, |iri:ttlcil him ii!> for n |)ic!«rc when lie wus (n 'y«rs ol.l. Af (lit- r!»bt above. Hi nis rorn Uiuckcr is shawn on tlif All Is Not Lost. People have begun lo write in id ask me If I know any mare . i=d ones. They refer in high dls- cta.n to your correspondent's selection of the Brooklyn Robins as Na- Itona! League pennant winners. Well, boys. It looks pretty black. Tr.e Ilobtus have lost yames In ntarly every conceivable way tills "i.ison. be.'ng outdcue' only by Cin- nuatl. In the first 10 games the liobins made 10 errors, and that Isn't even counting the mentil blunders for which no method of scoring has been devised. In some of (heir games, the Robins even have used rules thnt hitherto were unknown to the game. Their pitching I m5 been mcst foul. The only two pitchers who :ould win for Uncle Robbie in the Irst 10 games of (he season were Shnuie and Clark. Even the creal "ance look-his shellacking. Mas and Alack! nd the hlttln?! Tilos; mighty , •• > re n r , ni ^ leers ' tl -" ls = "13 bats Hugs to 22 1-3 sianzis T ™ a , ODoul Herman, Wright, uul \ upeel Simmons' apple carl wUl^ oaette and _ Frederick-all silent. In' two bnse blow, scoring Be, ton who the nrst eight Kames „ Brooklyn hud walked. ball team baiting .240! And those, i Tlic Barons hopped on the offr- ith the exception of O'Donl. tl,e ; 1»BS of Owens fo" 1 1 h Is d cat ame brave ..vs ,-.-;:„ drove south- the Mobile Marines 7 to 2 Walk™ paw after southpaw to the show- : was In form. " TOMOHROW: Chuck Tries Again Cards Won Endurance Contest During their drive down the strc-iCrt to the National Lea"U" i>=n nant in. 1930 Gabby Street's Cardi- K3.s «at the Cubs 8 to 7 in th» twentieth inning after both club' had scored two runs in (he fifteenth GAMES TODAY Southern League Nashville at Memphis. Birmingham at New Orleans Chattanooga at Littie R;ck ' at Mobile. American I.fagnc Si. Louis at Chicago Clsrcland at Detroit. New York at Philadelphia Washington at Boston. Natioiui Lc3uro« Boston at New York. Philadelphia at Pittsburgh Cincinnati nt PHUburgh. ' Kelly Blanks Chattanooga Ptld Gliatto Puts CraX 011 Diet; Pebbles Lose. j Memphis ... Atlanta „, , 'Lltlle Rock Tv;o shutout grimes were hurled Chattanooga Nashville New Orleans ... Mobile Chicago St. Imils in (he Dixie circuit Wednesday with 11* Lookouts nnd Crackers the victims and the Clilcks and Pelicans Ihe beneficiaries. The Barons by virtue of o win over the Marines held their place at rh; top nnd (he Vols dialect the Pete dawn close to the .500 mark. Gliatlo, Pel liurler, lc!. Ihe Crack- iscston -rs clown with five hits while his'New York males bunched their blngles fort™ i Philadelphia rims in the fifth (hat prov5t , , hs Pittsburgh downfall of Blethen, Cr.« ace. Two Brooklyn triples nntl n sacrifL-e fly did the Cincinnati dirty work. Harry Kelly, Chick righthander Hinted tlie Lookouts tack for 10 innings before be gained a decision over Pat Simmons, l to 0 Both iltchcrs turned In some exceedingly fancy twirling wllh Kelly con- Hn.umg his siring of scoreless in- I.eacun W. 8 , But wait! All is not lost. And you. "H's the best ball club I ever second, fourth, seventh and nint nought up from the south." Uncb .-tcbble fold me the oilier day "An.1 you just stick aro;m:l until the g starts. After we gel- this . cut of our svstems thev "n't be able to stop'us." J Bold words, but never let ii b- 'a.d that Uncle Rabbis went back a pal in a crisis Ilk? this, (jood Uncle Robbie! LSI them laugh. • the funny n-.en write para- fibout the Brooklyn Balml- lioys. But wait--tic end of he trail is still a long way off. and -nuch can happen in a few frcn- -ed weeks. Why. look at the Cardinals! Last • iigurt. to be exact. August 8, they were well out of the pennant rj« n a series with the Balminess Boyo rrankie Frisch himself \vlshej the Robins the best cf luck "now thai the Cards can't win." Floundering "*t tl.a fri.. nA _r .. n ^ American I Cleveland Washington ........ New York Detroit ".." Philadelphia ....... Cliicago St. Louis .'.'..' Boston W. . 0 . 7 . 6 . 5 . 5 3 . 3 L. 3 'i 4 4 G 8 10 8 PC: .727 .72: '.KT .067 .45" .38? .167 .111 Pel .75 ] .6151 .53C .«' .500 .451 .300 .300 IUUJSIIIIM; UP SPORTS Cleveland Ace Docs Tricks With Crownies; Other H'.ir!crs Get High;. Gotxl pitching preJomiMled In the b'.% ]s3gws yesterday with W.'Sley Ftii-cll. indite!! ace- and «-iim?r of 25 games for Cltvu'lanJ year, tu:nliia the St. Louis lirowm Luck !n a nu-hit. no-ru:i pjrfjrni'.inje. 15y virtue uf Perreil'.s plic.ii.-ij r.i L - Imlirms ;ie!d Die American kid, i tht Nats crashed the Yankees again and the Chicago Cubs ami Cardi- ] :ia!s sliced the National wall j victories, i Fcn-oll's performance was t!v; ' fnsl no hit, no run game recorcej I in the majors for nearly two years, i Carl Ilubbell uUelilng the last en; .n 19W. T.-.c Indians combed the offering of (wo Brownie nurlers lor 13 hits mid nine runs while 1'Yv- rcll Mas doing his stuJf, The i-,v,i-|- er aisu hil a homer. Tlie Senators linisluxl their re- il':s with the Yankees by takln; three games and drawing in on-' 'l'.:ey won yesterday 9 to 5 "by bat- tl"i; fiercely In tne third, fmi-th ami nith Innings. Lloyd Brown got olt to n bad start but tightened u-> alter his mates gavs him a le.vj.' Tommy Topples 'Ei;i Tommy 'lliomas shut the Oelroil 'risers IM: with seven hits and u> runs yesterday and Ihe Chlcajo Wiiiie Sox won,a hard foujht 3 l-_ 3 Kfline. Whitehill limited the Silo five hlls but they were bunched .Mmmt.iin Fother;;!ll gol two hlis for Chicago. TJ:c Cards sivept to an casv vis- lory behind the steady hurling of dailies. The Pittsburgh rimes were limited to lour hits by the big Card hurlcr whih ih« Rei Birds got 12 hiti-'off Krcmer a.U Osljorn, Halnes struck oul. Comorosky with the bases loaded in the eighth. l-auicr 7 WEH HAGEK lv>/ AMO 7 \ OM I? SiXi'&SS'VE ^-, •• COURSES- w > A recruit from the Pacific coast, Baecht. let the Cincinnati R-cis down with a lone run and th? Chicago Cubs -scored three off Reel Lucas. Lucas limited the Cubs to seven hlls but they were bunched. All the Cub runs came in t;ic fifth rti- niug with doubles by c.rlmm 1 ("'Trick™ 1 ' S;C;>hC " s::1 '"-"ins-came in succession in 1925, 192G in. trick. j aml ]927 : Sain cnuseil pcslpsneiiK'iu of ill- I ;Iiostcn-Phlhdcl])l!hi onj Broirtyn- ! 'New York ga'KM in i!:e Nalioiial [ lengue 'and Hie p -.iladelphia-Bos- tcn game'in the American league. Kvrnly Ma!clii-:l l:lcvin:; In Ii fontesls lx:i;i-fen Bratvn and Colgnte football tiaiiis. tour MANSFIELD, Mass.. (UPI—For tl'e'second time in t«-o years p-r>-- a " resulted in 1:3 scoies and ' three' lasted W days. to rank as a phase of big business was proven this spring when the Arizona crop totaled 9.577 carloads which were distributed throughout 45 o! the 48 states. The season placed st an intersection nea- "a curve. Police said it was remarkable that no one had been lnju;v| A boulder weighing more than 300 pounds was among the sum s used. Courier News want ads. This Time of Year — —.. v ...... 4 juuiiui'rnig - ""- "^v.i idol ^i:;ir the fringe of the first division. | ^ '" one of thos? gcod n percentage well under ,sw' the Cardinnls. And didn't they win the pennant? Didn't they via. denly get nrxt to themselvi ai;d ttart boating everybody in si x ht? A.PT K5F.M7. Wtir do most eolfcrs need three' er ^ four holes In which lo warm Swctators nt the 1930 National Open P[ tnterlachen could have seen Ha»cn, Jones, Smith. Sara"ii nnd others of their favorites perform with all of their sticks without moving from the com- 'ortlnk shade near the practice , lee. Incidentally, you may recall- that the Open last year was nh'v-i 3 back ij «..!_ u. niu.i^ g> lorv d 1'^t spells. But Do Your Laujhlnj Now. Go ahead and laugh at Bate ,.' lo business, this shows 'how W ri o-is the stars take their pracllco snols. a (.'i^partmcnt neilccird by 50 per cent of the duffers. The practice trc Is the place to Iron out your shots and loosen — ••*• »'"sn jit ujce Herman now, my dear Hcmlngiray Yea. chuckle loudly as the dear old Bab; catches fly balls full upon that button at the lop of his cap «»t you won't be laughine vh'r that old Babe's bat begins "bustlnj those outer barrlc- your muscles for play, it won't,) hurt any player to lilt at least five ' shots' with each club In his baa bnfcre stepping up to the first tee Think back on some of your recent rounds and you probably can , .'••e a few spots where five or 10'' minutes of pracllce would have " Laugh Rl O'Doul. loo. being laki-n ' S-1VC<I V cu l''*l miserable 7 or 8 oul for a pinch hlller. But laugh] " ~~~ i quickly, because when the O'Doul,But wait—wait until those Bro-k I bat comes back to life, msny a lyn Bombers start uanghw that i glass-anncd pitcher will b" '«««> im«r.h.n B B M sent Then write and fell me all about scurrying for the balhs. 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