The Lawton Constitution And Morning Press from Lawton, Oklahoma on January 29, 1967 · Page 40
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The Lawton Constitution And Morning Press from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 40

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 29, 1967
Page 40
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4d THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION-MORNING PRESS, Sunday, Jan. 29, 1967 Warranty Deeds Som A. ond Dorolhy N. Taylor lo Wll- pnd Marlorie M. Roy. 10' *. Crestvlew .Addition, Si cents P. Edslrom, Frances C. Hooper, lot 3, block o. Woods Addition, no stamps. Rov B. and Frances C. Hoooer to Perry A. and Christine Wvnn, lol 3, block 40, Woods Addition, no stomps. John W, and Dorothy M, Woodroof to Us block 5, slamos. Frank Carnlorth to Carl lot 13, block 7, Austin 3rd Addlllon. slomos to Frill · and Wanda J- 9? OD '| James R.' ond wllma J. Hovdcn, lot S. er. lol J, block 3, Westwood 2nd Addition, j Dou _.| a5 r . D | 0 , e |block 31, Military Addl-' no stamps. · . . . Norma Clavborn 10 Monroe Gibbons, E 90 feel of lot 2,. block 3, Airport Addl- lion, no slamos. Southern Builders of Lowlon Inc. to Wovne w. ond Palsv A. Harris, lot 5», Addition, no Poisv A. Harris to Llvlnaslon and Morv J. . block's. Ranch OoK Slh J '°va° 5 nc w. ond Samuel Jamrs Ll Pcnn, lol S, block 5. Ranch Oak 5th Addition, JU.85 slomos. pioneer Bulloers Inc. lo. American Dc- v-looers Inc., lot 19, block 9, Pioneer Pork 2nd Add-on., no stamps. American Developers Inc. lo Dick D. Tien, no stamps. Floyd J.. Freeman, trustee, lo Wavland W. and Vlrlnlgla Gayle Brown, lor 2, block 10, Edoewcler Park; .55 cents stamps. Charles Frederick and Dorothy. Louise Mason, to Wiley 'M.' and .Moxlne V. Marrow, lol 28, block -17, Rldgtcrest'2nd Ad- dlllon, SI.10 slamps. W. D. and Ido C r o s s - t o .Harold A. and VIralnlo.F. Rhodes, trod contclnlng 3.W acres lying In S'AW'ASW'/c 8-3n-9w, no stamps. . . ~ · . . Glen E. and Noncv B, Hosier lo Gor- Fruitful pioneer Pork 2nd Addlllon, S19.25 stamps, Eldon B. and Movadcne M. Cooper to James and Grace W. Dclonev, lol 1. block 19, Vernon 2nd Addl'Ino. 512.10 stomps Adminlstralor ol Vclcrons A f f a i r s to Troy L. and Joyce A. Porroll, lol 7. block 1, Pallerson Addition. SIC.J5 slamos; lo Ronold K. and Baynelle V. Fllioerald, lot 9, block 1, Sul'lvan's VH$16.50 slomos; to John stomps. Sheriff !o Administrator of Veterans Affairs, lol 35, block 4, Country West 1st Addition, S12.5 stamps. Mclvin C. and Zclla Mae Ellis and Braslus Hills to Melvln block 9 don W, and Gloria Ann Grlswold, lot 1. 'block U, Western Hills 6th.Addition, 51.65 stamps. . T. H. and Alberta Kelels to Rulh Ketels and William Blacksione McCoy Jr.. lot 9, block 12, College view Addition except S 134 feel, S3 slamps; to Thcodoro Ketels and C, F. Schneebcrger, lot 1, block 16, Lloyd .Addlllon, S3 .stamps. Wayne and Idell Rowc to Wayne c. and Shirley Rowe Jr., SWW 33-W-13W, Krnnct.n'R. ond Sigrld F.. Morgan 1o i Grose-close, lot | wddlllon, SI.10 Federal National Morlgooe Assoclollon to Secretary of Houslno and Urbon Development, lot 11, block 5, Mission Village Addition, no slomos. ACROSS : 1 Citrus Inilt 7 Fruit popular in pies (pi.) 13 Varlcpted 14 Keep 15 Senion IS Covet 17Arneriran huriiorist 18 Female sheep 20 Bom 21 Sottetu In temper 25 Fossil resin 28 Moral" 32 Friable 1 soil 33?ulf..up 34 Msn's name · 39'God ol love' 37 Eninaies 40 Breaks iudccn]j in two 41Pcichlike£ruit 43 Mouths 46 High, cird 47 Gypsy husband SO Zodiacal constellation ..S3iloclc . 19 Tiny 21 Clog ' . ' - - . . 22 CompJTiUVB 23 Article 24 Taciturn 25Towirdthe sheltered-side 28Djirn(poe.ty. ·. 27 Biminutive o f . Bartholomew. 29 Bsrticom Indian .- ' ' 30 Preposition 31 Not u much ... 35 Hace course ' . circuit ' - · ' · «c«mat money 36Zxtol ':.' ' ' (pi.)'..-.. .-;:.39 Thus (Latin)., ,45-Wine CUM . 40Inlikem»nner 47Gcfup ·42Sunend«i- 43 Hideous '. -- jnonster . . 48 European river . 49 Disorder ·51-FoUower 52 Feminine . nickname ' · : 54-Sei eagle. ' 55 Scottisli sail ' yard -_ AOS Telephone Ei3-0620 For Rent---Apartmenti 3 3 ROOM'furnished, Inalon, · EL3-J798. blll»'-Bald, : 316.Wash- and C and Zella Mac Hltts, lots 1-4, block 39. Fletcher townslte, no stones, Myrtle Mae Hill lo Connie and C, A. and Llla G. Sondcrs .to B. F. and Willie 0. Pvlant Anderson, lot 2, Rllolblocfc !, Tomllnson 2nd Addition, S2.45 James B. Ollncer to Jimmy M: ond Helcnc Golhrlohl. lot 4?. block B, Western Hills oth Addition.. J cenls slamps. Administrator of Veterans AHalrs lo Wovne L. ond Rcba M. Shaw, lot 20. block 3. Sullivan'! Village 2nd Addition, 513,20 stamps. Secretary of Housing end Urban Development to Randolph E. ond Marv E. Hall, lot 27, block 3, Counlry . Club Heiahls Isl Addition, 51CM5 stamos. Herman H. ond Sophia L. Klrbv Jr. to Waller G and Maria Walker, lol .12, block 1, Ranch Oak 1st Addlllon, -stamps. Sheriff to Secretary of Housing .and Urbon Development, lol la, block S4, Lcivtor Heights Addlllon, no stomps. F..A. and Llllle Mae Preslon to Ronnie L. and Dorothy K, Foton, W 5 feet of lot 4 and lols 5-4, block M, College Addition, no stcmos. . Helen M. and Virgil L. Elllotl lo Ed ward R and Money Carrol Rosen, lo.s 17-19, block 32. indlahoma lowraiie, SMO: · - - - j m ' ,,-,,_ 17r ,_,,,,,,,,,. slorruw; lor 23. block 32, Indlahoma town- M FronK Gi .. GonM i H , 35, Lo Hill Jr.. V. Interest in SWli 17-ln-llw, SJ.JO slamps. Jay T, and Eslclle Shclton to Joseph Richard end Margaret Louise Schmidt, lol 14, block 4, Woodland Hills 1st Addition, SIS.95 stomps. Georoe Elmer and Mabel. H. Motley | to William Ernest and Ola Mae Wood-1 bridge, lot 34, block i. Ranch Oat 1st j Addlllon, 51,10 stomps. I Ellen C. Mcrrlck lo Rov B.^ond j . ~~ i Campaign Gives Japan's Voters Difficult Choice By JOHN RODERICK TOKYO (AP) -- The Japanese voter has had a bewil- ,,,.,,,,,,,,..,,. denng variety of issues - and and^ariiyn^Horjis.J^jot^, block colors -- to choose from in ttiel^ noisy three-week campaign |'" leading; up to Sunday's election. The color which has stood strongest was black -- the roi kin," or black mist, of political corruption which swirled around the heads Prime Minister Eisaku Sato and Men his Liberal Democratic govcrn- 57 Expunges 58 Hebrew t 58 Scoffs . DOWN 1 Baking -c 2 Depend 3 Military 1 -aulstint 4 Compass point 5 Proselyte to Judaism B - -- Ford · mountains 1 , . Antarctica TFiery · . 8 Bill of an anchor (mut) 9 Pints (ab.) 10 Stratum (dill.) 11 Ireland Lawton Constitution. and. Lawton Morning Press CLASSIFIED RATES . Minimum' ad--10 'words One or two continuous insertions, per word per day - . - . ' . - Three or four continuous insertions, per word per day. . ·. . ' . · · . Five or more continuous insertions, per word p e r d a y . . . . . . . Twenty-six continuous insertions (one month) ver word Minimum charge . . . ..ublca to crtano- without nollce, Classified. advertisements are due and payable on the last day advertisement appears in the | paper. Furnltur* ._--------- ADDlloncel --: Musical. Instruments..,, Machinery _.--,-- " Sportsm«n'i Itemi...: Automobiles - --^----· Automotive sirvlct ·-- fruiters Real Estate .... utlncss prooertY '.··* Poiillr* -- Pell --Stock Gc 5c 75c VL-00 }" FT. SILL 'GARDEN APTS;: ! Lre. 2 Bedroom . . . 1 7 9 . 5 0 i Spacious 3 Br. . . . . 1 8 2 . 5 0 i '. ' Bills Pd.--Free Pool'. ' . i .Air-cooled--EL 3-7449 5 Elks'.'Gate 4--2235 Hoover Office Open Sundays · APARTMENTS tor. rent, furnished dll bills DOld. Phone SL3-363S. CASH 'or eauUIes In-.-homes. wlth_^A; per cent loons. Kennedy and-Company.. 110 TO ns tor that .old.ear. Call EL3- J205- .-- n 15 Miscellaneous -· Helo Wanted -- Male ,-Help Wanted -- Femall _ Employment ServIM Situations. Wanted Cnlld Care ---- '·* Llisl end Found -------Transportation Business Servlc* --. Special Notices · Building Material! Business opnortunlfles -Schools and Colleges Personals _ Y a r d and Garden Work -Farms .. .^^~--~---"_ II I .« I f 20! ----·J!! HOLIDAY PLAZA '··-. :... ·" :. and ' . . · · | EMBASSY APIS.; 1 ' Luxurious '· apt. living., for those desiring ' the finest. FuUy 'carpeted, drapes, air cond., garbage disposals, swimming pools. 1 and -2 bdrm. furn,. and · : ucfurn. from $105. . . .-. . 3132.-3146-48'Cache Rd. EL 3-4725 2 ROOM rurnHhea ootn. .315, Gere. MTWSPAPER ENTEBPRISB'ASSN. Court Notes orov«J, and dcfendor.l ordered lo establish frust fund of 55,000 for olainllfl's In- Morrlage Licenses Norris Forncll III, 22, Lawton, Connls M Conerlv, 24, Lawlon. Patrick H, Burton, 50. Lawton, she, no stamps. Holly Lvnwood and Corolvn Janell Comer to Leo Motley, lot 7, reolat ol block 103. Lowlon Heights Addlllon, 55 ccnls Mrrlvin W ond Geraldlne Means to Merle Dole and Vlrolnlo M. Jefferv, lot 16, block 25. Counlry Club West 9th M^ : dltlon. S19.60 slomos; to James Thomas . . wlon, ond Pomelo .Kov 'Miller. 20, Lowlon. Joe F. Gorrls, 30, Dallas, Tex., ond Betiv Jo Recce. 34, Dallas. William D. Fowler, 23, Fort Sill, and Patricia C. Revnolds, 13, Lawion. Rodney Hollowav, 20, Lawlon, ond Kathleen L Robinson, 19, Fort sill. Borrv H. Acorns, 25, Lcwrton, and Jon. Is A. Shradrr, 19, Lawlon. Lowlon, one: terest In drug store properties. Noncv McSlrov vs. Clyde D. McElroy, divorce granted and ololntlrfs former name, . Covert, restored. Katharyn A. Plantt vs. Waiter F. Plnntt Jr., divorce gronled, custody c! minor child awarded to plalnliff, and plolntltf s former nome, Eversmever, restored. Ruth Virginia Williams vs. Robert Williams Jr.. Divorce gronled. custody ol two minor children owarded to plolntlff, defendanf ordered to pay sloo monthly child suooort, ond property division 00. proved. H. Martin vs. Carl Marlln, di- .cranlcd, custody ol lour minor 633-1 . 48 EXTRA Service charge ol SO ccnls will be mode, on all ods reculrlna "blind" box numbers. DEADLINES: . Week days S b.m. day before publication. Sundavs 1 D.m. Friday. "KILL" r~A3LiNES: Weekdays 9 a.m. day ol publication Sundays 1 p.m. Friday The Classified Deportment will be open week doys from B a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Saturdays t. a.m. to 12 noon. Closed Sundays. Cord ol Thanks and in Mtmorlom No- I tlces loke rates cs above. Minimum j charge 52,00. ' Rcctf vour ad. Report any error Im- medlotelv. The Constitution and Morn- Inc Press .will nol be responsible for more Ihan one incorrect Insertion of anv advertisement. An cxtro Insertion will be made without charge. One Insertion Induces publication In both the Consn'utlon and Morning Press. Sunoov insertion counts as 1 time. in me cost of vour cd, count each worrt number, abbreviation Wonted to Buy ND1VIDUAL .wonts to buy any urniture. ELJ-S205, EL3-579JV uitd ; BIG: BOB BUYS' anything/ EL7 -jut. WANTED, used furniture, cnttaiio, nlJ cellaneous. Mavltv Furniture UOlvi ·ache Roao, EL5-57i, - "i - - furnl- HIGHESI . PRICES ' D O W . »r JTM" un · MAVITY'S-' FURNITURE. ,1301V. rneh. Road. EL5-1578.":- WANTED to buy used furnltun and OD- Dllonc.l Call us for good fast "rvlce. . Voast Used Furniture, EL5-77U?. . _ CASH tor. used furniture, appliance!, stercoi and : mlsctlloneom. Rov'i-Furnl- .EUi-3931. Musical Instrument* UPRIGHT practice piano, $75. Used Spine f : Piano,. 1375. Used;. Acrosonlc Spinel, like new, S475. Baldwin Spinet Orocn, demonstrator, SJW off. Sockwilri. U* 1 . Cache Rood. .. ~ ;CONN clarinet, aood condition; -full si:* accordion, like new; trumpet,. oood condition. Call EL7-WB. ' ' VIBRAPHONE, ALJ-27H. F to F, J29S. Duncan, RENT- a Wurlltzer- Piano todav.-AppIv rent to purchase, loroe iclectlon,-.' wionv styles 1o choose' from. Leister -Music. Company, 3U Soulh Sth, EL5-a«-. . WURLITZER clano, like new. EL3-7KI. . Wllllom P. Salmon, 24, For Sill, ana -oans '· no caoltol? Sell us your cauloment ond eose It beck. Empire Leoslna, M22 North- */tst Expressway, Oklahoma City, WI3- 565. Call collect. COIN SUPPLIES ana Accessories Wholesale - Retail ; BLUNT. ZORGER S'5 E - 2 Elks. West Lawtonlan- Rotel Dial EL 3-229R For Rent -- Roomi 2 SLEEPING room, orluale enlroncc, bath, ond parklna. 916 D, ELS-5I50. HAN NAN HOTEL 616 E Ave. EL 33725 ' For clean, comfortable, air conditioned", steam heated, sleeping rooms . . . Reasonable rates by day or week. BECROOM, bus line, worklno lody, house prlvlleoes. ELS-0262. For Rent -- Apartmenti 3 month, water paid. Call ELJ-175B. 1-' BEDROOM BRICK DUPLEXES Furn. or Unfurnv clean, up-to-date. Newly Decorated SSI up ,, REED RENTALS' . Of/. 31 N. 25th EL. 3-9484 FT. SILL. RENTAL UNITS, INC. 1 2-Bedroom "·' · · : ' Brick Duplexes ;·· ;. , ?79.5.0 and' up.'-8-N. 24 : .'EL -5-5277 · LOVELY 7 'oedroom brick duolex, newly drcdrated, air conditioned, carpet and drooes, 592JD per month, water, oos oold. Inaulre BI7 Bell. · . For Rent -- Houses ; ; 4 RIDGECREST Addition, -nice 3 bedroom home, utility room, -carape, fenced, near school. A f t e r 5 p.m., EL3-H62. FOR renl. small unfurnished house, S54.50 water paid, inquire 701 -McKlnlev. . J BEDROOM unfurnished, water pold. 1 B6DROOAA trailer house. Want tody 0 Slav with my wife at nlshl; free room rent. Call EL7-3S57 alter 4. SMALL 2 bsdroom house, wour paid. lnmj1rr.U13 Summit. 2 BEDROOM untarnished, in Marlow, SSO Plus bills. ELS-M96,' 1915 Bell. · NICE 2 brtroom unfurnished house, stove and refrlnerator, 182.50. EL3-dS93. UNFURNISHED house for rent. 1703 A. UNFURNISHED ciean 3 Bedroom, stove, refrloeralor, air, fenced.. 5810 Oak. Rich UNFURNISHED home. Will acceol one child, no pels. 910 3. . NEAT, clean, 2 bedroom house, .close to evervthinc-, S97.SO water. DOld. 806 Bell, NEWLY decorated, large. 5 room, unfurnished house, 1901 B, Inquire '« South 17th. Phone eL5-2H8. PIANOS, 'flood selection .of -practice pianos. Phillies Piano Come-any, 6L7-111I. 'HARDY SUGGS MUSIC cu. YOUR comolelB music shopolno cemtr. Pianos and orporu rent or «al«. . Band instruments, rent, Mil,' r«ouln, . ELS- .1231, . - . . . - · · BEGINNERS- bdBd, Xlh oroae uo, ii month. Instruments : -. furnlsh«l. Hardy Suoos 'Music. Compdiiy. ·"/·'. Guitar and . Accordion Lessons B week Course-- Beglnner'i Instruments Furnished Fr«« REASONABLE RATES Dial- EL 5-7402 BAND . instruments . sales. Rentals, Re- jalrs, Acces.-- Ir.:. Graydon Miller Jr. Band instruments at .Leister Music Ctn- Maehinery 10 FARMERS AND RANCHERS Notlcel 1 will be at me Lawton sole born Tuesday with a load of sl«l notes and head Doles' Over 40,000 oates end. more 1hon 1100 head oates sold. Prices ore reasonable Weldlne Guaranteed. Con sell you a line- fence f by 12' oate for J12.00. Pot- ent«J heod oolt W7.50. -J. R. Anderson, Bogota, Texas, Sportsmen's Itemt IDA MARLIN; 30-04 Remington; 12 i Gouae Hi-Stondard; 20 Gouge- Hl-Slond- ord; 22 pistol Hl-Slandard. ELU3W. SAVAGE ISMOM lever action with K-J Weaver scone, also : Remington Wine Master, 12 gouge pump shotgun. EL5-26-?. USED outboard motors, ( Trodc-lns on 1967 Chryslers) oll : ;Sl:es ond. urlces Eastons, 2106 Gore, EL3-4252. !· BOAT and trailer, SUi. 1407.' North 3^lh. ' - ment. Men R ond Miiarea f. nummu,,*, '"· ~ T . _ ~ " lo; block 5, Country Club West 1st A d d l - 1 Arl "TM'°\ tlon, 513.75 stamps. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 0 _, -,, 1 :"'' , Dewev and Nona Lee Sanders to Patrick ond Ina Gatlaoher, tract «DxlH TALKING back to opposition '« T 'J m - ^ l^T-n"^* attacks led bv the SCCOnd- Floyd J. Freeman, lot 8, block 9, Mil- ranked Socialist's, Sato's follow-| s XTj.°VTMm"n°". T« T and ers have retorted "red rnist!";L. Finiev, tot s, block ?, this refers to the close ties the j ^ k 10 - M '"'° n vu °" with Com- · v . T. and Juanlla Fannln to Curtis _.._ lots 7-12, Addition, 511 Socialists advocate munist China. R ° r ' dQ The grayness of smog-choked i M. j. and w. construction Co. to Ken- Dote ° * *TM ' cities and the blues attendant on bloclc 20 business bankniptcies, high liv- 5 t am ps. ing costs and crowded transport svstems have been matched by tiie appearance -- for the first time -- of campaign posters in a variety of cheerful colors pic- luring Japanese families made happy by the prospects of political victory. and Wllllom Allred, X, Lawion, and Dlono Klippina, IS. Lav/ton. Donald McFai-lond, !!, Lawlon, Joyce Walker, 18, Lawlon. James P. Harris, 32, Lawlon, ond Bet 1y J. Brocketl, 34, Lowlon. Paul Coldwcll, 16, Lowlon, ond Rita S. Dunford, 17, Lawlon. Oils Carruth, 57, Corslcona, Tex., ond Thressa Ellzobelh Lewis, 60, Buffalo. Harry Pete Ez;ll, 21, Lawton, Glenda Kav Piftman, 20, Lawion. and, Civil Proceedings Reloll Merchants Association Inc. vs. Raymond Besson, dolnp business 0.1 Rav's I Garoce, S633.21 monev ludgment award-1 ed to plolnlllf. . . I Retail Merchants Assoclalion vs. 3 1 1 1 ; Cox, 5332.^2 monev iudgment awarded to plolnllfl, Retail Merchanls Association vs. No- p poleon . Tlddark. S549. monev ludgment i awarded to plaintiff. Brooklyn Savings Bonk vs. Billy N. and EJva Rose Bli:ell, suit filed for mon- Rlchcrd E. Becav, 31, Fort Define, cv ludamenl end mortgage foreclosure Arl:., ond Ciara L. Tahdooahnlppah, 23, - Administrator of Veterans Allolrs to George D. and Roiemarle Flowers, lot 3,1 block 17, Counlrv Club West 4th Addition. S11.S5 stomps. June ana o. j. i«\i.,_ui MC ,v ^.. ~., l(l ... , ondI Thelma M. Wilson, lol 32, block °,; "^J"^Patterson Addition, 52.75 stamos. G. L. and Lauro F. De Armond to Alfred L. and Paula Maples, Iol5 4-5, block 29, Mountain View Addition, 55 cents stamps. Alfred L. and Paula Maples to Bin Ish- AS if thiS I'ainbOW Of domestic mo*! ana Jim Slockard, lot 5, Slock 4, Radio City Addltlo-i, 55 cents slamos. D A and Jo Glvens 10 Duard R. ond Vcro M. Glvens, tract 150x390 feet Iv- I Ino In SEVi 25-2n-15w, no stamps. Marleilo Pokornv lo' Marlon N. and colors was not enough. Japan's voters have had another to look at China's Red Guards. T the bowed on country' voters future which misht be dominat-. ed by neighbor Mao Tse-tung. I Despite the menacing nature) o£ some of these colors, Sato, Cache. Burton W. Walllr. Jr., 22, Fort SUL ond Sharron Kay Sooar, 22, Lawton. SUPERIOR COURT Divorce Proceeding! Shirley C. Bazwell vs. Clxirles E. Bcz- wcll, divorce petlilen lllrt. Brenda Anderson vs. David Anderson, Edword V. Slewort vs. Moroerlti D. Stewarr, petition filed. Sheila Moe Samples vs. Royca Looan Samples, pelltlon filed. Lexle Corter vs. George Gorier, petition tiled. la:. 17, block 4, Sullivan Village Addlrlon. B. K, Fowltr, doing business os Fowler's, vs. Cecil Rldclc, suit fllrd for montv ludoment and mortnaoe foreclosure on lot S, parr of loh 4, £, block 17, Fields and Dunnlno Aadltlon, Emerson Electric Co. Inc. vs. C. D. Dial EL 3-0620 . And Ask for Classified C L A S S I F I E D I N D E X ",oani · ,,-.- -" ·-- For Rent --Roomi ,,. far Rent -- Auartmenlx __-For Runl - Houses f-or Renl--Trailer SPOCB -For R»nt -- Miscellaneous -Wonted lo Rent ,----- Wonled lo Buy -- ' t i f f ond mortooae foreclosure ordered on lot 11, block 12, Country Club Estates 2nd Addition. _, i ~b«i"roGm furnished apartment, Ills said, adults. 9U G. - 3 Sill, ovollaule 1 February. RM!|V, EL7-693!. 2 BEDROOM house Ircller (or ren 1 bills paid, television furnished, Coll mi, PICKUP locoerj, 5169.50, Bennies Marine, 170) Cache Rood, EL5-723B. ALUMINUM camper Trailer, lent S293.M. Bennies, 1701 Coch» Rooti. UNFURNISHED 3 bedroom, tD. North J7lh; 2 bedroom duplex, -1202 · Oimun. I .Henderson Rcallv, ELS-OOM. ' COMPLETE flberalos boot Johnson, S11S8, Bennies, ; 2-3 R~bbM -furnished houses, · ! bills pold. Inaulre nil H. ! 4 ROOM ELS-1353. Automobiles rlo. 33 ho M vnlurnlshed, JS7.50 monihlv, 1, 2. 3-BR. furnished and unfurnished apts. 565 to 185. Under New Management Ramming . Ramming Realtors Office 2301 Williams Dial EL 5-2668 UNFURNISHED 2 bedroom C, S62.55, worer ooi house, 16D7 2 BEDROOM furnished, wllh utility room and garogr. 31J6 jSnre, EL3-1220. 3 B'E'DROOM house* unfurnished. EL7-5228. Call 1962 MG-MIDGET. runs oood. -Sell Sunday only, EL54362, Dtorborn. MUST SELL, 1966 COMET, 2 door, V3, 3 jpf«d, EXCELLENT CONDITION. EL3* 7413 ^ ; · ' · FOR sale 1944 Chevrolet 2 ton truckj 327 enolne wltn 1S - bed, 34" oroln tide- boards,-IS 1on lift. EL5-917ff.or EL5-J729. BEDROOM furnished Qocrlmcnts, ccn- - ----· 577.50 and Oevenotr, doing business ci Gevenocr "RebcTr H " ijtwll vs. Htrbert L. W o o d s . , , U 1 . Electric, suit filed for monev ludcmeni. 53^00 mon«v ludomenr owarded t o j t r e l olr ond htot, bills paid, 577-io ana; 2 BEDROOM unfurnished house, alalnllff . !vi7JO Call EU-1976 or ELS-1J16. I i r w i n _ EL5-H7I or EL3-J«a.; Flrsr Norlonal CItv Bonk vs. _W!lI|am 1 ' -- ' 1941 FORD wagon, 1960 Dodos 9 oosien- oer wooon. Take vour choice al S32S- LARGE 3 bedroom, TA baihs, unfurnlsh- j -\w pontioc waoon, 1958 Chevrolet v/ooon. cd, 4J09 Ook. Coll_EL2^79fl-_ i Choice S125. 115B Cache Rood, hL7-7789. LA"RGE~"luxurv home, 3~bedrooms, d«n,', ,959 ENGLISH Ford, 5250;-1965 MG 1103, dining, breakfast nook, built-in kitchen, 5Mr1s sedarip 5995. disposal, 2 baihs, central clr,' double oarage, EL5-1500, ELS-3033,_EL3_-3575. __ 1511 TAKE over payments on 1560 Bulck, oil Dower. eL7-017i. : DISTRICT COURT Civil Proceeding* Lawtcn Iron and Metal vs. 1953 DODGE, flOOd~ motor, S75. Call EL3-7WO. pood fishing A, Bo- . , mor ( suit '[led to transcribe monev ludo- rrienf ol S86.07 from lower court. Mld-Stote Homes Inc. vs. Robert L, - - - -- , - Geraldlne C:a|owsKI vs. PhllllD L C:o- i yohn and oihers, suit died for . money iwjfcl, otllllan (lleo. ludgment and mortgage (orrclosurft Mary Sue Deal vs. James Morris Deal, , | 0 | S 47*43, block 13, Sunset Addition. pollMon -(lied. ' I Susan G. Jovner vs. Jon E. Jovner, oe- em Builders of Lawfon inc. -._«·,'«_ VSS'.'." Flov M. Rudev vs. Roberl E. Rudev, I filed under Uniform Reciprocal Child Support Acl. Federal National Mc-rtoooe Assocloilon vs. George C. Harorove end oihen, suit filed lor monev ludomenl and marl gage foreclosure on lol 10, block 3, Robertson Rwlat, Military Addition. Lerov Wvai: and others, Sll.9tB.45 monev luaomenl av;arded 1o plaintiff end morl- ooae foreclosure ordered on lol 3, block 15, Sheridan 3rd Addlllon. Homcden Savings Bonk . vi. ' J i m R, Burkfr ond o!h«rs, S!2^7.S-( money ludo- mcnl awarded to plalntlK and morlgaoe Foreclosure ordered on lot 36, block 6, Western Hills 6!h Addition. . Bowerv Savings Bonk vs. Stephen F. Foster ond olhers, sll,166.87 money luda- nnenr awarded lo plaintiff ond mortoopei gQ2 FcrHS foreclosure ordered on lot t, block 1, [ Crestvlew Addlllon. Holvoke Savlnos Bonk vs. Blille Lucas Horn and ethers, S10.976.09 monev ludo- OTW MA °P D ^^ENTS Rates by day or week. Pane! ray heat in each room, television, dishes and cooking .utensils furnished. LoHOMA MOTEL Dial EL 3-5905 :305 2 1959 RAMBLER, 1 door, excellent condition. Rodlo, hwler, air conditioner, aulo- malic transmission, like new tin or best oHer, Afttr 5, EL7-4S75. 5 ROOM furnished' apartment, couole, no Dels. Inaulre 315 J . Federal Nollonal Mongoge Assoclalion ment aworded lo plalntHI ond mortgage Ranch Oak omDS. Almor Lend Inc., lot 28, . . . . . long known to existed but never so .thoroughly sti publicized as recently, may re-1. duce his majority in parliament. IF SATO makes a poor show- Ins, critics in his own party can be expected to gang up on him. Portraying themselves as shaken by the revelations of last year," faction leaders led former Foreign Minister Aiichi-j _ H tr)r ro Fujiyama challenged him for! the party presidency at a con-! vention eight weeks ago. The impressive vote they mustered against him could be increased In.future party balloting if election day proves a near-disaster.- Sato, who started off running scared, said, bravely in the closing week of the campaign that big turnouts convinced him the issue was dead. But he shaved down to 270 an earlier prediction of. 290 or 300 seats for his party. In 1963 the Liberal Democrats won 283 seats in the lower'house of parliament, the Socialists 144, Democratic Socialists 23. Communists 5 and Independents 12. The new house being elected this time will be 19 seats larger, for a-total of 4SG. There are 918 candidates 'for the jobs. The corruption issue was be | labored .by the, opposition so of-1 ten early in the-campaign that Duane M there were' public'-demands -for statements- -of-.policies .by all parties. . T h e . , major, questions remaining Trailed-down to bread- and-butter issues the U S - Japan seumty treatv and Vietnam SATO ptomised to make an all-out effort to keep prices down to a 4.5 per cent hike.this year and 3 per cent in 1968 The price mdex soared 5 5 per cent in 1966 ·The treaty comes up for le- consideratioh in 1970. Sato spoke of it as Japan's surest guarantee agrunst.. attack and indicated he understands and supports U.S. .'actions' 1 in Vietnam-as .long as they do not'lead to'war Prrrv E. Hcusc vs. Nencv Moo House, ocllllon tiled. Sevle S. Sheerer vs. William J. Sheor- blocK 25, Country Club " Jr - "»H°n tiled. Addition, 516.50 nvwlment Co. to Mid-America West 9lh Addition, S2.75 stamos; lot 17, black 25, Countrv Club Wtsl flh Addition, 52.20 slomps;. lot 8, blocK 27, Country Club West 9lh Addition, SJ.7S stomos. H w, and Frances L. Allen 1o Ronald Ltc and Opal W, Thurman, lot fl, block i, Tomllnson Homestead 2nd Addlllon, no stomos. Dora A, Bishop to Trucv D. ond Alice byJRosctla Blsnou, SE'.i 19-ln-10w, conlaln- ' Ina 160 acres, no stamps. A. and Doris Alice Plonle lo C. and Jennie E. Thomas, lot 17, block 19, -Austin 2nd Addition, S1."IO stamps. Shcrltt to Federal National Mortoaoe Association, lot 6, block H, Ridoecresf 2nd Addition, no Mamas; lot jl, block 24, Sec. 4, Gooch Acres.7th Addition, .no romps. . Delia B. a n d ' H . ' B . Kernodle to H, B, and Delia B, Kernodle, lots 5-6, black 37, Sterling townslte, no stomps;-lots 22-28, block 2, Fletcher *awnslte, no stamps. . Marvin Elvln While to Llmmle ond Ersle L. .Jones,;loh 2, block. 3, Ronch Oak 2nd Addition.'-no stomos. Charles C. ond Llllle McKelveV lo Will C and Gladys G. Austin, tract 290x567 t Ivlno In NE'A 2-ln-llw, less .22 oc.-es, Barbara Ann Williams vj. Ronald D«n Williams,-divorce oronted, custofiv of minor child award to 1o plain) Iff, defendant ordered to poy H5 moniNv child sup- Dort,' ' Droocrtv division .approved,', and plaintiff's former name. While, reslored. Barbara A. Felchtner vs. 'Euoenc Fflchtner, thrte minor children awarded -to-'plalrv tilf, ddsndant ordered 1o pay sJOO monlh- Iv child suoporr, properly division 00* Marcellus J. o n d . Evelyn J. Grant, suit (lied tcr .Tlney ludoment ond morl- DOae foreclosure on lot 10. block 28, Sec. Gooch Acres 7lh Addition, Federal National Mortoaoe Association vs. Roosevelt Love Jr. ond Wylene Love) suit filed for money ludoment ond mon- gooe foreclosure on lot 9, block 7, Ranch Oak 4th Addition. Combrldgeeort Scvlnos Bonk vs. George King ond others, suit filed for monev foreclosure ordered on lot 13, block 5, Wcetern Hills 1st Addlllon. Weslern Savlno Fund Soclelv vs, James W. Teogue and ofheri, S10.154.B7 money Judgment 'awarded 10 plaintiff ond mort- oaoe foreclosure ordered on lot IB, block 19, Mission Village Addition. Erie Counlv Savlnas Bank vs. Larrv Smith and others, 59,731.II money iuuo- menl aworded lo plaintiff ond mortgage foreclosure ordered on lot 14, block 3, udoment and mortgaoe foreclosure lol 23, block E, Counlrv Club W«l Isl Addlilan. . Federal Notional Mortooge Association vs. Mary Arletfe Mltscher ond olhers, W,-. 516.45 money Judgment awarded To plain-1 5, Rolling Meodows 1st Addition. Iff ond mortgage foreclosure oroerefl on Liberty Heights Addition Instllullonal Securities Coro. vs. Thomas A. Myers and others, 512.570,70 monev judgment awarded to plaintiff and morl- oage foreclosure ordered on lof 9, block lot 14, block S, Liberty Heights Addition. Greater New York Savings BonK vs. Archie Brooks Jr.-'ond others, 17,396.20 money Judgment awarded to plaintiff ana 1 ,,. , b .w ... bu »*..* mortgage foreclosure oraered on lots 5-6, divorce granted, custody of block 104, Lowlon View Addition. - . Federal Nallonol Mortgage Association vs, Edword J. Kendall and others, S12,- 861.12 money ludgment awarded to ololn- COMANCHE COUNTY COURT Probate Proceedings George Besson, oelltlon tiled for ludlclal determination In.Nov. 10.death of Mar-le Bosson, lolnt tenanl; hecrlng scf- for 10 o.m. Feb.' 6. . ' Frankle Jarvls, petition'filed Yor guardianship of Sena E. Stamper; hearing set for 10 a.m. Jon. 3D. VOGUE -APARTMENTS. INC. 2IOS Sheridan Road Dial EL 5-58SO 1- and 2 Bedroom Furnished REALLY' CLEAN Lovely Youngstowc '· kitchens, new electric refrigerators. These N I C E are the apartments your friends recommend. LEE, Exlra roomv, verv clean bedroom and den, access from. close to Soulhwcsttrn Hospital and shop- J.JJjJi c "frcinsmlMion', like new tires, K5D ulna ccnlers, unfurnished, 576.50 water - - - - paid. CailLor^ Porks, EL7-08J6, EL5-6527. r~BE"DFUX)M house, fenced vard, slove, refrigerator, larg- utility room, slorm «mir._coii Euosas. 2 UNFURNISHED houses, water cold, near Fort Sill; 1 fhrce bedroom, fenced vord, goraoe, 2^11 pjmun, 590 monthly; 'one 7 room 2 story, - U02 Tovlor, S45 monlhlv. Yoast Furniture Mart, -631 Soulh Sncrldan.-- 3~BE^ROOM unfurnished, near Gate 4, TV antenna, playground eouloment In back yard, 5110. EL3-387S. T2oT~NEW~-York, Neoro neighborhood, J bedroom, SJ9. After 5. RENT, sell or lease, 2«'.4 H, Lawlon, 569.50. 875-283?, Wallers. RENTALS, CALL KENNEDY AND COMPANY. ' . UNF'JRNISHED, 5 room house, near Gale 3, water paid, 575. .1703 North 15th. EL5-SS05. . : 4 ROOM house, large bath, modern. Lo- caltd 1116 Georolo. · · FURNISHED, modern house In Chattanooga, Oklahoma. Coll Wolverlon Hotel, EL3-3400. CLEAN furnished apartment, olr conditioned, reasonable, near Memorial Hos- p|;oi. 6L5^533. ' Man Who Put Brezhnev Atop Party Likes His Obscure Role . , Secretory of Houslno and Addition, Sll slomai; t o - A l f r e d w. ( Krlemhllde Charlson, lot 62, block 10, Countrv Club Esloles 3rd Addition, 512.65 stamps. . · .' ·· ' · ; Southern Builders of Lowlon Inc. lo Glenn W. and Carol Sue Harris, tot 53, block 5, Ranch Oak 5th Addition,-no stamps i Glenn W. and Caror Sue Harris to Ernest Paul and Eloulss 1 Love, lot 53, block' ', Ranch Oak'Slh Addition,-517.60 stomps.- Sheriff to Secretary ol Housing and Urban Development, lot 2, replat of block 27, Lawton Heights Williams Addlllon, alor of Veterans Affairs - t o ond.Beverly G.' Dkystra, lot 10, block. IB, Liberty , Hilghts ·' Addition, , JMOSCOW- (AP). -- The increasing prominence of Leonid . I. Brezhnev, has left in relative Devei-' obscurity, the man who,.by some Bettv! accounts, made' Brezhnev lead- iiNiorv er of the Soviet Communist par- Sll stamc! Michael ·J. · -and -, ChrlstoV £.' 'Tomnak wth China, .The opposition predictably flayed Sato for everything the -voters are unhappy about ^~ · h i g h ^ trains -- ------ - , prices, impossible rentals, ana dozeniother .irritants. to FrMerlck'M.- and Edith S: Bullock, lot 15, block 1, IPecan erove. Addition, 510.U Sheriff to Sheridan Bank- of : -Lawlon. lot 32,'block .1, Ranch Oak-Addition, no itamp: Basil,'Smith : to Jam«:. H. "and Myrtle R. Hvsow,':iof7, block.21, Seal Addition,. S4.40 stamp: Chester'U 1 and/Helen Glrard 'Kluck to William'Glrard^ ond Noncv'-Olds Kluck, 1-3 Interest;. In -SWH 5-ls-llv/r no Islomo: Officer Assists In Seventh Birth CINCINNATI v Ohio (AP)Patrolman Clifford : Lauflermann might as well be an obstetrician , ^ He assisted recently in the seventh delivery of his police career -- a 6-pound, 4'/£-ounce boy lo Mr and Mrs Ronald who were headed lor a hos- This gray eminence-is Mikhail Anreyevich Suslov, who apparently likes the-: obscurity. That is in the Stalinist tradition of exercising power quietly from back rooms of :: the-'Kremlin arid, the party .headquarters, a third of .a mile-, away. Suslov served .dictator Stalin well, as' did they all .who. sur- vived.and won promotions in the. 1930s and '40s. Suslov -was --.distinguished then by-.some tough deeds;, and. he used/a sharp :mind to give edge to his. efficiency,. He is now. the leading;.thinker;.in the .Kremlin ugh command, its chief ideolo gist. COMMUNIST-AJdeology gets Tittle notice these ,das Soviet leaders complain about the de dine 'of "ideological f ervor,. espe but were forced to stop the birth became 1 TM TT "- nent. - -· Nikita S, -Khrushchev was then theVpublic figure. . . . Suslov."led .the Soviet team in an abortive 1963 effort to .solve policy disagreements .with the Chinese. His'February 1964 report to. the' Soviet' Communist party remains the most sweep-' ng Kremlin . condemnation of Chinese policy. : . . ' ·" Most important, it \yss Suslov who delivered.the.-indictment,'of Khrushchev : -that-led lo,.his oust- erjfrom power .Oct. 14, 1964. The who 1 ? story of what hap- i ' p'ehed thentmay.,never.:be told, biit Communist.' sources .' who have been'reliable on other, subjects say Suslov was the key man -in. -removing- Khrushchev and choosing Brezhnev to re through, the. presidium .and then through the larger corn- decision niittee, ..whose final came Oct. 14. · . . There were reports -then .that Suslov'' could -have 'taken over himself .as party first secretary. · Possibly''the. truLti. lies closer tp:'a;c6mprbmise.'A : irian.- of Sus-1 Phone .'ALMS;?. lov's Jiard-line reputation : might ITLICH' haye .'given, the job to an; apparent middle ot the reader like Brezhnev:, .rather- than stir up relatively liberal elements-..with- COUNCIL HEIGHTS APARTMENTS . 1, 2 4: 3.Bedrooms- S - t ' R $G2 up Water -Garbage Pd. - ; AMERICAN - ' R E A L T Y C O . ... ·". . Et 3-7345 ·oom aoonmcnt furnished, bills eala. 213 Bell. . su 5 HOUSES lor rent or sole. 1 house for sole to bf rrovcd · from locotlon bv the bu'.-er. K-P Constnicllon, EL3--I57!. NICE, J bedroom house In Fletcher, decorated. S50.00. Ben Butler, ^/Iv HOWELL'S USED CARS '65 JAGUAR XKE--Nice '65 PLYMOUTH Fury H, . 383, Cheap '52 COMET, A-l Shape . . '62 RENAULT, . Economy Plus '61 OPEL KapiLan, · '61 OLDS Super 88, Loaded '60 DODGE Pickup Coupe, See This One '59 CADILLAC','tike New :Many Others HANSEN , FOREIGN CARS. 1404. S 2nd EL 5-7700 A-l conSMIon 195? Chevrolet, radio, factory air, W9S. .2X12 D. · sale, 1962 Chevrolet, olfer. EL3-8384. For Rent--Trailer Space 4A WILL lake a 5°' trailer. 1703 A, EL3-M33. CHOICE trailer- soacc!, near new Monl- comery Wards. Call ELM872. TRAILER space, SO' by ISO', fenced, S27.SO, water paid. WO - F. EL5-8771. TRAIL EH. -MM. iiOi FOH Sill. BOUIevarc 510 month,- month free. 2X17 South 22nd. EL5-1517. EL7-1225. EL7-03J7. . NICE trailer tenets. 1201 5:00. Andrews after NEW i USED ' . VOLKSWAGENS Good Selection Also Many American MaSei No Money Down · With. Approved Credit BOB REEDER USED. CARS - · 2nd'i.Bel] · EL 54956 EXTRA cleon, economlcol .1959 Ford; o- stondard. 5295 cosh, 1960 Tounus waoon low mileage, light front end damage, For Re'nf--Miscellaneous 5 driveobie. 5200 cosh. 120? i.. - - -· MAGNOLIA Manor -Apartments,. Duncan, Oklahoma, lust 30 minutes from Lawton, 1 2 and 3 bedroom aoorlments now ready for.-..leasing. 2222 Counlry Club Road. place him as. party chief: ·Brezhnev;, visited .EasUyEerlin that, month. When he. returned Oct. 11 Suslov'took him'into'an airport room for. a : .20-Tninute conversation. The way the sources lecon struct th's, Suslo\ brought Eie zhnev up to date on secret daily among youth But there moves the top paity leaders, remains a need for a thinker to Ithen called the presidium of tne supervise the Leninist line at home and to talk modern Marxism abroad Soviet efforts, to ..organize a conference ; .:o!.: world .Comrnunis't parties are probably directed by Suslov although Brezhnev has been the publ'c advocate of this basically anti-Chinese effort " " At,lie 1957 and 1960 party conferences ^Suslov handled most_ of the negotiations for hammering out an agreed mter- obcy although central' committee - and'- now'- the politburo, were about to begin two meetings without Khi-u- shchev i ~ The sources say Suslov told Brezhnev he was to be the new leader This may be an oversimplification, ignoring a deeper Brezhnev .involvement in plotting before he went to Bei-Un Oct 5 \ MANY sources say ^ Suslov rammed -the-- ouster - action , . LANDSCAPE PLANTING - U v e : - in -the Southwest s most delightfully landscaped apartment .colony'. possible explanation Suslov simply did not want the : job because of his. preference. For obscuiity and because of:his health An old tubercular condition flared up a snort-time.later. I Suslov often has an. unhealthy loot, gray and stooped, as'Ire stands ; beside ! the"bur]y moie robust-looking Brezhnev.-. But JBrezhnev, who is 60, 'has a history of heait trouble, and ;S.uslov at 64 seems to have endurance The two men contrast in other ways: Suslov's made .. . .. . _ voice Biezhnev's in a deeper rumble Suslov is the th nker, Brezhnev the man ol steaay, unspectacular action. Today Suslov stands at Bre- zhnev s rightvhand A younger paity leader Alexander N Shelep.n, once edged toward this 'position but is there no longer 1 When Brezhnev is away Sus- lov k handles such ^significant tasks as meeting important f or- eign. i Communists.^ ' -« Easiest to Tort Lawton: design expressway access Sill and downtown · Imaginative, interior T« o bedrooms Furnished ; or Unfurnished. ic speeches.-are a sharp, high-piLched 21G Isorthwood Rogers- Lane West, of .277 L 3 8226, EL 3 5S44 OR 'those · who. care, ani'calve.. clean louse V'rallers and .aodrtmenls, : S5 uc EL3-5B30.: _ The New Country Club Village Green Apartments Offering Highest Type ' Luxury Livlnp 4645/GORE " -Spanish Village £ w * Forest Greens ^ ^ EL 74272 ^ , ,, ChateauMeVillt , Les' Jardins ~ £ ELJ-UK ,. ' - : - . FOR. RENT . ..·Refrigerators-.:'. «. Bedroom Suites · Dinettes- - ·-' - .-'. ··.Rbll-A-. Way/Beds.-^ - · A i r Conditioners . · Television ;! ,. - ' · ·Antennas : : · · -Automatic .Washers '··Wringer Washers ·'Gas Ranges · Living Room Suites We 1 nstair and .Maintain All Rental Units.' Dial-EL. 3-4300. SOUTHV/ESTERN Furniture -- Appliance 13th and Gore t Sears ShooDinE Onter 1961 CADILLAC DeVllle, low mileage, 1 owner, new tires, ell extras, S119S. 1QC8 F. Wanted to Rent · RENTALS-MANAGEMENT. BONDED and Insured.. 1 .Cali; ; Ro^..B^Hooo- er.'Aacncv.:, eL5:l330: far,details. OLD; rclloale..BOTK.INvASENCY. ,Rental management., our-MeclaltY.-: ELS-02BJ. BEST-; rsntolvlcrvlce.C.'frqmv Pioneers-Mn the"" business.'rPrfloertv;--ownersvi'oelng .transferred; .coll. Kennedy;gnC/ Company Wanted to Buy WILL-,buy.-3 .to',100,-acres.. In,-.rodlus,.of 15 to 20 mile *of Lowton same Im proyemenl , wllh house wot«r_ EL32915- WANTED^' to, February 28 ip,ent^.-^.;bedroom-: homt^rbv EL77HO " CASH;forr,small;bricfehomf,Jnear,Reld and Dunnlno ELi-1792. V ' * ^ f ^" CASH fori'ustd;urnlluTM,toDlillpn«i,;"nd air conditioners 6L5-I277 S* " · QU CK cam fei. used furnltori vTh««A tlon BlocK, HlollWOV 27?^North.on_Glltl L EL5-I457. '66 CHRYSLER .New Yorker.: 4-Dr. HT. : Factory: air, power 1 seats - and- windows, .PS; EB,; R -H, many other extras.. Balance of 5 year JQTOC warranty, like new ; r ' ' ^ '65 CHEVROLET:Bel Air,4- Dr · V-8, AT, factory. . air,.-. R.H lo\v mileage $ I OOC new tires 1 owner ' ^ '·-' '65 BARR.A.CUDA 2Dr HT V-8, 4-speed,-R t H, -1 owner, factory warranty. $ I AOC. Special this week ' ' ,, '64 CADILLAC 4-Dr HT Full power factorv air, other Cadillac extras, 1 own- $2895 »r, extra clean ,, '64 CHEVROLET Impala;Super 'Sport Goupe,-''Factory'air, V-S 4-speed, R t H new tires, 1 jear J l 5^5 warranty ·63 BUICK Le Sabre 4Dr Powei, factory air, R H, unusually nice, ? kVK 1 jcar warranty ^ ', ^ '63 PONTIAC Bonneville 4- D- HT Power, air, R H, an extia I I COC: good bargain *-J ' *J '62 CHFVROLET Biscayne, 2-Dr KtH,'"standard transmission, 1 owner,' "tAOC- extra nice . .- -U J J '62 TEMPEST 2-Dr,^. -1195 '60 FORD SW . C^T- 1295 ·59 OLDS sw ',.. r*. ws; ·56 CHEVY-4-Dr^.. 1 . $U5 ?

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