Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 22, 1949 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1949
Page 2
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I'AGK S-NAL'CATUCK NEWS (CONN.). TIHIIISDAV, IJKC. 28. KMU DREW PEARSON ON The WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: Secretaries Acheson And Johnson Differ Over Returning Formosa To Japan; Steve Early Cuts Pentagon Red Tape; Adm. Denfeld Not Interested In Politics, Remaining In Navy. Washington, — Most Important t> irk-ilMK.: dfl.aln (iv«p U. S. for••\i-.n policy m>\v Involvi-H Formosa, thf str.-itt-Ktc Inland north of tho ! J mlipf;im-.H which Japan captured Iiom Chlnu in th<« Wur of 18»5. One pit-dec the Allies made to China in thi> ri-ocnt wnr was that Formosa would BO back to China. liut last month Genera! McArthur sent :i triple-urgent cable iirp- inK that FormoHn be claimed by UN and occupied by U. H. tronpx- for Japan. He warned tluu Formosa v.-ns :i three-hour flieht from Okln- jiwa, two hours from Japan, find tin! the K.S.A. miKht ns wnll kltm "ff all UK southeast Asia program if it abandoned Formosa to Chi- ncsf! communism. Behind this cable WJIH the fact that fhlnciie cornmuniats nrti I'endy- intr n xlnnt riotilln on the mainland to take thi« Inliind. Inxt rr- m.-ilninK .-itronKhold of the Chlnctuj XalionaliiitH. AlHo bohlnd MncAr- (hur'.i cable- l» th.-fact that Chlanjr Knl-Shi-k, immndlatrly after V-J I'.iy. made the tragic miatnkc of puttinK Pornioan under one of hi» most unscrupulous warlords. Result: I»otinK. terrorism and 60,000 KormoHans killed. Mont rcfildcntii of the island would now welcome the communists. Their taste of BUCKMILLER Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Nt-nry Bulldlnc Naucatuck, Conn whine-Hi; nutioniiliHm linn t>ecn nour intleecl. Prior to MncArthur'H cable thii Jolnl chiefs of (ilnff hiul decided lo lUjundon Formtma. But. hl» cable InUikod -1110111 ui>. An n rcruilt, they have now agreed unanimously, have recommended that Formosa be claimed UH .liijmnuBi. territory and that it detachment of U. S. Marines, now on Guam, be landed. Thn joint chief* of .stuff are H up- portcd by potent Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson. And thl.H IH where tin; clash occurs. They are not. supported hy svelte hut. equally potent Secretary of .Slain Ueun Acheson. Ho points out that to occupy Formosa with American troops on behalf of Japan, after Japan's : record of Imperial continent mst c.'hlnn, would miiku us tho r stock of the Orient. Furthermore, It would alienate Oriental races all the way from Hu-tuvlu to Harbin. ('iitlin^ ll/Nl TUIM; Red-tapn cutter .Steve Early, Ihn undersecretary (J f defense raised Cain lust week with molassCH-mov- proNg executives In thu Pentagon. "Too many mcmos, too much red l.ape, too much dillydallying" Kurly Masted, looking (l t Bill Fry,., ( -.hlof of press reatloiiH for the entire National Defense department. Early, once a newsman, and oncn press secretary to F D R promptly relieved Frye as kinh-'pin press nrblter over the Army, Navy and Air Fiircun. From now ou i)i»Navy can IIINUO Its own Mlittor:ii>nui to the press an well us the Army and Air Force. SCULLY, Florist er* fur Kvory OooiMlon 480 BALDWIN ST. MEO T. SCB1XY, Prop. PHONE WAT. 5-7280 FLOWERS For All Ooca«l»i,« ITLOWKBS TF.I.KOKAI'UKD EVEETWHEBB MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP UO BtTBDER AVENCZ Tat OKU Denfeld Not, Quitting Two men who wore in l.he lit :itl- lines over unification two monlln ago had n final .showdown iun'. week. They were nlm-ere, hai wnrklnj; Sei.-n-lnry t.f Hit- Navy Kninclw MiitthtiWH iind Ibt- miifi 'it- kicked nlloiiii lelti. out an chief of naval popular Atlmlral I,IPII|B MutlliiiWH culled Jii-iifftld t office, and dnniaiidnl to knuw lnttt-l\' wlictht'i' he wnti tiui the. Navy, lit- pointed mil, that Oenfeld hud promised to i;lve .uiswer by Uc<-. 1, thai II WIIN >vfll beyond Mint dtile. and thai reorgnnlxtit Ion couldn't be held up nny longer. Denfeld explained IhMt he w.i.i having trouble mnkliif; \iji hi.-. mind. A I flrnl, hn mild, 70 ,,. r i:«nt of hln frliinil.-i iidvlniid him ;u «t.lck, but Ilibi ratio hunt now dropped to nboul 50-50. H ulKo been offered many civilian jobs both In Industry and polhtfri. He had been invited, he Haiti, 'n run for governor of MnssnchitMr"d and fin' the late Coin,'. Ma ten' M m Conirrt-sH. Hut, In- Insisted, ht> •VHHII'I Interested In politics. A few days In I or Dcnfeld ivrotc Miitlhewn a letter rejecl \n K H.r, command of U. 8. niival forei-ri 'n European wnlurn though he IF' remaininR: (emporarily In Navy, (Jiiumiclor Ceoi'Ke Kennan (old Ht-crelnry of Slal.n Aciinni ti that the United Stated may have to close down all Itn embn. and lexatloni- In Ifinitlcrn rflurop Kotinnn. the ace diplomat on alii, Hiiyw the reHtrlctlotiB plncnd "n the American legation in Bul!;ar,u are jiiHt the be^lnnln); of a IluiiHian campa\ifn to tlrlvo ovpry American diplomat out of Eautnrn EuN.r.' 1 . American diplomats In Sofia are followed day und nlKht. by secret police, iiron't allowed llcomiti philt-ti for their aulomohlleii. Hatlnir than •uibmll to this highhanded trual- ment, Kennan says It. would l'(- JiiHt UH well to break relatlriri with oil Russian Hiitelllt.t-H. Death lletter Tliun HusHlnnx U. B. Ulnii ComtnlMilloner .Int K McClny hail reported to Wmihln^- I on -thiil Otto Clrotiiwohl, prmn- minister of F/aslon Germany, tried lo commit suicide hiti:niiHn nt »n< RuiiHlaim. Mc'Cloy Kiiyn Groti-v/ohl and his 'wife tried lo end Ih.-lr lives In Berlin after repealed ;ir- /rnmcnlH wllh litinklun off .:ci"i who btiH.H tin. ICiint Clnrmun puppet jaivermnont. ForolRn Minister Andrei Vl«hln- sky visited Crotewohl In lh(- linii- Hlan hospital oulHlde Berlin ihln week and then ordered the Kir,- sians to put out the story that Orotewohl IK Buffering from tne flu. AIRS PEDALCOPTER FOR NEWSMEN CASK < New Ilavnn, Dec. 22 (UP) ".'a- ilce have cloned their InvcHtlguilon Into the death of a JO-ynur ,,ld Oullford boy, Richard .Muban y dletl I bin morning from head Injuries received Sunday. According t" Oullford poll'-i>, u seven-ycar-olil plnynialn si ruck Hlchiird on lh<> head wllh u nll'-;t during u Riimo of cowboys mill The case him turned over to the juvenile c GIRLS' DRESSES l »!' All thr- n»nv vvlnti r Mltndp*. Fltt<Hl. s%v.n c hack and Ix-ltod m.xlel... Krliiuner, mouU»i und b-opard trlmnitnl, with und ulUioul hmidK . . . lined and interlined. In twefUn, covert, fice, .••« und nu-IUiiiM— Hlw^ 7 io 18 IncludhiK prtvt«vn». OTHER CHRISTMAS ITEMS llooclx • Mltti-n^ und GloveM • .Kuincouts • I'lijuniUH w«-,iir GIRLS' SKIRTS WOO.M. eortura,.. i«,ro,«», velveu ,„ ii ^L^" 1 ""^ ^!..." k " ' SI/...M 3 IncluUfd 1(1. rre-t|.,.oH I; t(1 $ 2.98 *' (IreHNUN yaiill love at flies-! ln>-, prices. Taffetas. IIIIUIUH, c.ilt.uiH, vel- vetit und wools. HlxitM :i t<i IK, pr.--tc.-u h and chuliby IncludiMl. $1.79 to $3.98 CHENILLE ROBES — AH nrw *2.98 With fancy border trim — All new pa»U'l Sizes 3 lo 6x ' f * Sizes 7 to 14 G1UL.S' KAi'ON NIGHT COWNS in pink, blue. miiliM- — Sivs.-H 4; UOXICI) S 1.98 RAYON PANTIES :< IN BOX BOYS' COATS T\vr.eiH • Wool I.lm>il » CI>V«.||N • Brown * Natural Hl/.es H to IH $15^8 to $1998 (Al« with Xip-On< BOYS' JACKETS *5.98 r,, *12.98 • I'KA COA'IS * MACKINAWS : OTIIKK OIIHISI'MAS ITKMH • KlllM « MufflcfH • Gloves * Ht-l(< • MOI,K8KINS * NUUCOATS } , Wiml^Kn!!"' With Shirn-.! Iliu-k. > •„*" . SllHH I OltH llnnvn, <iri-<-n, Ulue. Tim • Sl/.es 4 to IH SNOW SUITS Won) und QuIIU-d or wool lined lltMidn itiul Hrpiintlc. lllllN AHNorlJMl Color* I'liiidM 12 Mu filer KVKNINt'iS TII,f, frilRI.STMAH ROSE SHOP B7 HOC Til MAIN ST. WATKIIIUJHV )%2)^>i9!»lW»l9il DEMONSTRATING HIS NOVIt INVENTION for members of tho press, Navj attorney Charles Puul Is shown (left) seated nt the controls of his podal- coptcr nt the U.S. Novnl Air Station. T.nUehtivuf M _i n.,i«« . ui _i_ - • v----/«~«..~*«wi,i.i*»j v.\/lJb(UI0 VI IIIH UQilul* at the U.S. Novnl Air Station, Lakohurst, N. J. Using a bicycle device to drive the helicopter blades and operate tho craft the Woodbridge N. J., inventor (right) successfully completes a trial flight above tho field. Although the test took place at tho Naval Air Station, tho Navy haa no ofUclal interest In tho dc-vlco. ,„. (International Soundphato) WI'lU. I'OI'l I.ATKI) AltICA Tile lower 'lun valley of C:hinu IH one of t lio moHt dcnwoiy popu Int nil nri-ii.-i of tho world. SIXTH IN AHI;A Carson City, Nev.--Novada In the nlxth Htuto In area In tho tf. B,, but Its popiilullon In unrmller than that of any other atato. — CARLSON'S Shell Laugh at Rainy Washdays! If You Give Her A lOegal Immigration Reaches Proportions Of Foreign Invasion WiiBlilniilon, Deo. 22 (U T')- A TCXHM congrnHMmun witnto to 'P'lt n nlrjp lo II1«K"1 Immlirrnllon which, hn i«ny«, practically lino rcuchi.'d i.ho ]>i-<4p'ortlr>n of a foreign Invuiilori, ' Oomocrntlc roDroaontatlvc Ed ofwott uayo ho will auk the F-B-I to lnvontl) HUbvornlvoi amonK the thousnndn pouring through what he cnlla wldo g|tpa In I.ho nntlon'H bordnrn. And ho will ru- <iuout UIB utfnncy to di v i 0 t(, a f ft | ta piM»porl racket that nnnlbloM many of 6hc aliens lo stay, Qosttett Kayi hi- found thnt Now York city nfono hu» 200JOOO 5ll<-|;ai1 nlloml Voumlng- free bocnune oT iniidff- ntiato immlg-ation forces. HMAM.KST CIIIIItCK Loiilavlllo — Covlngton, Kentucky claims the smallest church In tho world—Monto Casino Roman Catholic church with a total »eaUnB capacity of Uireu.. Union Aiding Employe Fired Because Of Religious Beliefs HI. liOUlH, Due.. TJ! ( UP i A union ling nom« to thn a lit of a Uilftphona compuny employe whtMn ixillKloun livllnffi ri>HUlt«il In hln d!i- inlHHiil. The umployc IK nfl-ycnr-old Lynn Olds, a Snvenlh Day Advenilit. And hit) religion prohibit!) him from joining a union. But the A. F. „: U Kluctrlcul W»rkorn' Uicnl w, St' Lrfiulu IH championing him unywiiy. OldH WOH fired Inst Ocl.7 after 10 yitni-H with tho llllnoln Ccinv inuralnl Tnliiplione Co, The union charged the coiri'tMiny with unf.Jlf labor practices, tolling thn Inbor board thut Oldu wim tired for in- fiiHlnu to Join the union or work on SaturdayH, both of which nte contrary to his religion. The eleo- l.rlcnl workeiK hold a union Ot.,p contract wllh (he company, A. union official said that wron he WUH fired. Olds had* said he rod told the company M yonry n,;j of Ills religious beliefs, an-l Hie union official Bdd», "It KtentH funny they took until now to f.r.. him BCCUUHC of n." Old« was managing a comp«r.y office nt (he tlmr he wan fired. Tho union I.UVH that even tliuunh OUlK wiin not n mnrnbor. II I* ^»pr». Bcntlntt him becHima hi* Job ffll within thii unlon'n bitrKBlninK )ui- ii dirt Ion. Foley Little League Dance Set Feb. 11 The fli-Kt annual d«ncr of Oi« I'ntnf J, Foli-y »Jtt|i> JLMttfu* will be held Baturdny iwmlnic, '"'"b. t! in Odd K«llow« h»H. ProcwiJ* from thn dunce will b* uacd lo purclKiNn bl«u<i>i*rM fur th« IX-BKUS Stadium. Xigmund Rnrnnownkl h«s k(>«a named K«n«ral chnlrman of in- I.AR<;K FIRE LOHM Chicago The Chicago firo of 1871 killed morn than 200, mndn nmrly 100,000 homeless, destroyed 17, MO buildings, and caused damag« e»tl- inatnd at J200.000.000. Jf«3«*.l«N3«WB«Mfl^^ MR. NORMAN- MISS DORIS- MISS CHRIS- MISS NANCY— Hineppely extnnrl to all onp ciiKloiiie NORMAN'S BEAUTY SALON 87 MAPLE STREET CLOTHES DRYER FLUFF-DRI YOUR CLOTHES and Clean fleecy Indoors/ Automatically! She'll never him- lo IUIIIK oiil :in<i||i(-r \viiHliin« or mi PC -•ilxiiil \viislnlny weiitlin)', wlicti .stir- JI/IH n IJ/nniltori Miill-Dri Aiil.niiMlii- ClotlN-H Dryer. Klie'll just. I.IHH II"; In.nhly-wji.slietl eloUir-H into her ] Ituiiilton Klul'f. -l>n Dryer, Hiek „ HUMleli, IM)( |. j,, „ ,„„(.(,<-,- o f mi»iil:cH I"' e will I,,, ^ntl.v l.imhled flu.lTy-ilry in lioaHh- "I l.M'-<lcKn-« f lu'ut, TowHn,, pnjitinaH ntul lie like won ( even iiepri: ironing, fliey'l) |, 0 w wrinkle! n '"-. l ' llllll( " r ""' lim«: 'Hid toil .she'll KIIVO! TJCHK 'i-i)liiii K . \i, mure. HlniKKliiiK with. Jieuvy eJolln-H II/IH- ''••ls. poles nixl liniu No more Kiiiolui und wool; and <lu«t. HoilmK her elenn w.isli ! It'll dry pure find cloim JIN a llei-ey cloud 111 her .Hamilton Fliil'I'-Dpi. CARLSON OPEN THURSDAY AND FRIDAY EVENINOS $200 $150 A Michaels Flawless Diamond: IJ«SB than ono per oenl at diamonds mined are fine nnnugh for Mlchiinln Btook. QunlUy for quiillty wn »nd<iuvor nover to permit a Mlchada diamond to bo undersold. $100 BUY that Now! KASy PAVMBNTS INVITKIJ: In «ddlt:.-.n to thn cuntomiiry 30-diiy chKru« account, Mlchuuln InvlUiH dlvldiid piiymuniK In xinnil weekly or monthly accounts, Mlrhu«U m»k«s available, nt no added cent, the l'iw- titil liirinn offiirnd by fln«. }ew<il*m »ny- Wll «!•<!, DfAMOND MERCHANTS roK TURKIC OENKKATfONft «« HANK MTltRKT AT CBNTKli ST. W/lTKBUtlllV

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