Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 22, 1949 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1949
Page 1
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Today's Chuckle I think that I Hhall never mw The clollnr that I loaned to thee, A dollar Ihjit I could huvc Hpcnt I r or varlrd forma of merriment- For dollar* loaned to talk* like thoc, Are not returned In fool* like rnn. VOL. LXIV, NO. 299 Philharmonics Sponsor Carol Sing Tonight On The Green i > - ugatturk SJatly Till, WICATIIKn KSTABLI8HED 188P Robert St. Jean Wins 1st Prize In Yule Contest "Dedicated To Community Public Service" THURSDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1949 <*lenrlni{. warm thin afternoon wltli lirlnli wind*. HhowRrn. vrry warm tnnlKbt. Hhowurn endlnK tomorrow morning, followed by clear- Inir, colder went her. TKMriCllATDKK MKI'OKT MldnlKht ,61; ,'1 a. m.. 51: 0 n. m, til ; !l ii. in , fij ; noon, B!5, Leased Wire Service of the United Preu 14 PAGES Winners Announced In Glenridge Club Lighting- Program \Vlnm-rn In the ri|nnridK<> outdoor himio lighting contest, npon- »orcd by the Went Side Community Club, was announced ioday by Prwildi-nt Mtilculm WlUon. They are. Ilooeri 3t. Jean, 267 Ouinn street, first prize of $10; Albert I.awlor. 28S Qulnn Hired. $5; Donald nnvl.-i, 327 North Hoiulley street, J.'i; four'honorable mention prizes of J2..W each: Harry Streoter 3 I.vnn Circle; Robert . Kvon, 17!) Qulnn Hire-,,i; William O«rnnl, 221 North Hon,l| C y *trccl. nnd Austin Ticrney. 353 Quinn street. JudKi-B, HurKenae.H Jamim '.yonn and Crcnlo Kllinimzowskl nnd Mahlon Hour*, did not find Judging an tray job. ond President Wilson •aid he wan pleased (it the rc- apomie of Glenridgc residents to the content. Employment' Office Open Three Days, The NnuKatuck office.- of the Unemployment Compenaatlon department and the Connecticut State Employment Service will operate Tucmlay, Wodnomluy. Thurnduy, Dec. 27, 28 and 29, at the Tuttlo houire on Church »trect, according lo Willlnm W. Davi.HOn, oxamlnor- In-chnrcP. All claimant)) flllnff Initial claim* 'or th* Christmas weak must report to file their claims on cither Tuesday or Wednesday. Jan 3, the office will renurno op. orating on u two day a week schedule, Tuesdays and Thursdays, until further notice. Regular offlcn hour* are In the morning and afternoon from 0 to 3 o'clock. Around The World In Brief (By I'nlU-d I'rens) nil- Gum Shoe Making Department Wins Award For Tree Uemiltn of the annual ChrlnlmOH tree decorating context of tho U. S, Rubber Co. footwear plant, con- durtrd this morning, were announced shortly after noon by Judges H.-nry Bulka, L,uctllo KltxRorald and Chester Burtnctt. Prise for the best office tree i.-or.i to the <>nl."/il Office flrnt floor, with the (,-urn Hiiou making department taklnn top honorH for the beat decorated tree In the plant. Judcnn declared a tie In the host •leparmnntal display, with honors Koim: to the style (.-alter department und tho tabulating department Duplicate prizes will be awarded In tho tlo. Awards will be made thl» afternoon. Robert LCoe Chase President Wutarbury. Dw 28—(UP)—Dlr- •vtnrii of thn Chase Brarn and C!opn<-r Co. have announced tho appointment of tt nnw prmlclnnt. II'- U Robert I.. Co<- of Mlddln- hury. Coo suocnMis Clutrlm K. Hart who retires at the end of the year. Co«- Joined the firm In 1917 us a mill worker and ron* through the ranks. He U n vlco-pro.nldent of the Kennecott Copper Corporation. nonm TIIHKAT Detroit— A buoib IhriMit to other union hi'iMl(]uarli-r» IIHN biM-ii reported to pollen In Detroit, where the headquarters of thn United Auto \Vorher» was almost dymimlU-d two ilitjK URO. A. F. of L. l'rc-.ldciit Walter Stanli-y of thn street car operii- torx *ny» h« rncclvnd it threatening notii lust wo-lt, hut dUmlHHiid •t AH the work of n crank until ho U-iirni-d of thn <l.vnaii]ltlii(f nt- ««nfi at the 17AW office. Vatican Kfiy that Chrlstmiin tomorrow City — Vatican uour '.os Pope fins' anniinl mi-ssaKn to the worl.l will b« of "cxtrum.i Importance.' Tho pope will ,-o view a year of £ravo events far the Catholic Church In KiiMti-r.i JCurope and China, and al«o look forward to the coming your -ind its hopes for the Catholic wor 1 I. oOo — CK/.SII KllzttbBth City. N. C.—A Marine Corpn transport plane and n Corsair fighter collided todity, but tho transport landed wifely und the fighter pilot parachuted to •wrth. The Coiwt Guard **y* thi' Marine plsuic, C-17, landed imfe- l.v at Kdoutoti, N. O., with half It* rudder off. --- -oOo - - AMCRTED Laummnc, Switzerland Police In Laufl.-inno were alerted today to bo ready at any momonl lo clear traffic over the route Rita Hnywnrth will have to travel •when ithe KOHM to the clinic for •he birth of h«r baby. Her hun- band, Prlnco Aly Khun, mndo tlio nrranKi'itientH because he did not •van! to take Minn Mnyworth to the clinic until inn liml moment. Chinese College President Visits Footwear Plant r»: Yin Mini; linn, <lr-i.n and ix-lini; prenl'lent of 1 Iwa Xii.n Col- icitn for Women. Koochow, China, vesterdny was a visitor at UK; footwear plant of the U, S Rubber Co. A (,' of the Unlvi'i-nlly of Michigan, where Bho received'her M. A. and Ph. D. de«rren. Or. llmi In currently on n -' infj tour of thin country. On hoi- tour of the, footworn- plant. Dr. HHU wa« nc- •lomtpanlnd by frlcndn from Seymour. Mr. nnd MI-H, C. Henry Wanner; Minn Hlella MrC.-,.nn, director of training and female ern- nloymenl at Che plant; Oeot-fte R Deeper, tfoncrril foreman of Ibe •stylo dapnrUnent .'i.nd other plant ofllelfjK -Jn:- HosDital Bulletins Dr. Waller I. Biikcr. 21 Ci- ->trect. undnrwnnl HUi>K<'ry ,i. St. Mary's Hospital. Mrs. Mary Shn.a, Carroll court. In a medical patient at St.. Muiy'.i HoHplUil, John Antlrrnon. 83, of K.'cld •itrecl, undprwnnt Hiir(?nry today nl .St. Mury'B HoHpllal. Letter From Santa Claus I The North Polo I>ear (Children. \V'e trimmed our ChrldtmnM troen today We not up one huee tree In the toy nhop Itnelf and another In Ibr llvlnu room of Bantu Cluun l^rxlKf. Mother ClnuH and I helped nil of the olve« dccoruto their tree In tl-.e toy tihop Then they all came ovrr lo the lodj,'« to help cl«C(>- rale our tree. It wan nuch fun! Of cournn. the elve« who make all tho briitht colored balls and tinsel had fhnrc" of decfiriitlnK th« frof'H. Where do you think I Mpcnl the morning' Why. out In Ihe reindeer barn. I wanted to be sure that the reindeer worn ready for our Chrliit- mus Eve trip. And «urc enough, they w«re. As I bent my head ever so close, riiindr-r nuzzled In my oor that I xhould be sure to take a Muck of lump Ku^ar | n my pocket She'd bo — Kirp yonr rhllitrrn hrnllhy. SITTF ihom (Jronl Onli KnriiiK |'II«|IIM i».,-• milk. Cull uOI» |nr ,lrll«rrj.-A,|i ump : hunKi-y before dawn and a of fiuKiir would bn juiil thn So I look my III I In red noli, 'iook and Jottnd It down on a llnl 'o bn imrn I wouldn't Cornel It. Mlltzcn urnntnd to know If there vcre many ITKII-I- children thin year ban Inril. "Why of coin-He, lillt/.- in." 1 rnplled. "!>on't you know lint each year brlnitH more nnd nore children for un tovlHlt?" Then I told him about all of the new babies who hail arrived dnrliijr the /ear, "Home have yellow hair with ,url«, mime have dark hair with brown eyes and nome are little red hand*. But all nre jusl the sweet- •nt hablmi. You'll peek through the wlndoww at thum a» they Hle.e.p In 'hell- little crllm." Ami I know Blltzen will. I.XIVC, -SANTA (JI.AU.S. — Hperhl iHxi-iMiiif <in llini,,r l>j || IP ,, HB( , Im jiinr >•<•»• Vi'nr'i iwirli. Clu r»i<h. IIKI- Kini-c, 'I'd, IHIia. Gable Wed In Surprise Ceremony PRICE FIVE CENT! rice biu-rujfi. «iw;« Mm H t«r <!lnrh (Jalile, IK, and bin hrlctc [In. •'nr- -r l.inl,v S.vhla ANlil.-y, 311, im they Icuvi- n ri.ncli at Slavnn e <!nllf lowliiB mrpi-lNr .veddlnif nltnessed uy -lose frlendH. (Internalloiml) ihelr wfililli,« cuh... ady Sylvlu A»hl«>y, (,'ullf., which followed film «t» r Cilark Hnbli. mid hi-, bride nr.t nhown at it rn«>o;)ilon In Mniiln their mirrlne vvpd,lln K in t»avang (fnt ) Long Holiday Weekend Starts Tomorrow For Many Workers Stores To Close Christmas Season Saturday At 5:45. d.-y Tomorrow will he the la'il of work Tin- the majority ,,f jvmi- K a tuck liidiiiilrliil worliei-fi nal,l next Tiiemlay morning, In order lh,-il they in.-iy have a loin; Chrls:- DlIlM holiday weekend. The tMl-li) Bclii.'duln ivlll apply to Ihe We n Yc«r'« wrpkend, which comeH on- weelt after Chrlnl man. l'"i'- lo In.Ib ('hrhJma'i a,,,; New Year';, I layn Tallin)! on Kun days tblH vein-, [he holiday will I .- obRerved by b,mlne,i;i en! .1 nllnh menlii on the following Mondavi-, Public Krhocil (iiiplln ivll) be ill)-ml»»ed from cla»MeM today, nnd (hone of the. parochial Mi'hoiilM I .- ITHlll'OW. 'I'l eliiHHi.'M -Ian. '!, BtrjreH <-|OMI> al fi;,15 o'c.loelt lulling a well DIM:. :>7. Town toiriorrow until will both local HCherlule of UK -bouln will I-HIIH)>. Haliinlny evrnlii;; with -ialeilpe.,p|e earned real, iinllj Mull nrfli'cn (•'.,,.<• IH'Xl Tllenilliy, ,i!i The (»xnc'l. bank.M i pout ofric',, inn not been "definitely ch.-elded. b-i! will he announced tomorrow Two depiu-tmeuln of Die U, ;;. llnhber ('o. fnolwenr plant, tin- Waterproof a rul li'nbrli- Shoe, ,.vii! cloHe t.inFiorrow and will i <-,mi:i', opni'nlloDN Jan. 4, limliif; five l/in- du<:tlon fla.VH. The Sjton^e fjeiv-iri- mcinl and offh-nn i-ione lomor.'-ow at '.hi, end of the pre-holiday .• i> hour work day and will I-I-O[M-,| Dec.. 27. Other faclork-H i-lonlni< Inmni n.\v • nd reopenlnj' Tneaday nre the Iron Co.. Uliiilon Mannfiirl m-l -m Co., T. I' 1 . P.iitlnrricld. Inc., .1. %'. ItiiFiael) Miiiiulacl.iirliiK (!o, -^ t . caliich llhitt-i Co,, Peter Paul, I "•, and NaiiKat ur.k Mantifa''!tirln;-; t^-. Three Conn. Youths Killed In Crash Coroner Reserves Decision In Death Of Stamford Woman Mridifporl. Dec. 'M flip) -The ronnier han i-e-'erved declnlnn after holding :i hrler lni|llea!. Into (lie 'leti'lli of Men. Knllinr Plurikel. ol .mn.rnford, a nntc<l do)4: fancier. Her htiBb.-ind, .Tn.mnq Plunkatt, who In eliar^eil wlllh her Mlayin^ appenri'd before Coroner Theodore K. NIcllKT, but refined l,o t.c.tftlfy. .Stamford detective Borp'ea.nt l-'reil .), fJInndell, -who InvenUKriletf i in, <>'-i. ;(o rimoiiiiK, was the only piiriion i|iieiiUnticd during the 15- mlntiic lii'iuent. 'Mrti. Pliinketl wan found shot, lo dealh bi liei- bedroom on that day. Her hi:,/bniid lay nearby with a repnrlccjly is-elf-lnfliclHd bullel.- woiuid. II" him been hospitalised Critically Injured In Two-Truck Crash On Cross Parkway Cost $205 Per Child Nitugatiick expended jaon.20 for Ihn education of each child unrolled In Ihn public schools during the paHl year, according to n. r,-- pnrt on public Mcliool oxpirnHim und idiito nld In Connecticut.'!) 100 t.own'i nnd citlGM, compiled by the (Jun- nectlciil. Public, IRxpanrilturn Council, of llarl.fiird, Tbn coslri lira .,x- chtFnve '(if par'HiMiil «ch|Oi>lM, of which thera are two In Nauyn- i.uck. Thn expenditure per pupil h'i.n rlHon $01.03 In tho pawl flvn yiuri. according to the rnport, and SIS.61 over the 1947-48 year.. The tola! ix- pemllturuti ptir pupil durliH; the t»a«i flvn yniu'« wurn «n follows, J 944-45, $143.27; 1945-40, $140.'M; 'iVMI|-<l7, $153.39; 1947-48, $191,M. and IIH8-III, $205.20. T,i)c(tl eoHtri have rlftnn appriin;- Imatnly $25 Ih the pftst flvo yn».rn. During tho 1944-45 year, local funds expondnd wi-ro $140,33, while In 1D4H--H), $1(15,12 wan axpaiidnd. In 1045-40, the cost lo Iho borough wan $140-18. In 1048-47 It rotte to .fl43.r>3 and In I0'l7-'lfl II. wan $151.l'». , aid during; thn punt Clvt yearn haw rlsnn approxlmiitiily V.l. from *Z.!»4 per pupil In 1044-45 vi $-lt).OH In 194H-49. In 1D45-4B •.-l.itn aid wan $0,48 per pupil, H rnie i.u Jtl.Htl In 1940-47 ttnd Jumpnil lo $'!0.32 In 3,047-48. Lnrtt yoar's w 'i'( wan .f.24 lemi than tho previous Uut'ltiK t,H« flvo your pttrlort, Ihn boroiiRh's public fichool a'nrollmout roMri from 1,909.30 to 2,111.74 an-J iitntc aid fundn wnra Incroa-tod from $5,804 to J84,027, Ixical t,mclH rose during that time from $ 1 ,!(i7,- W>2.33 In 1044-45 to $348,094.37 !'>Bt year. The total expenditure linn «on« up from 5273,508.38 to $4:).'), 321.37. Expenditures per pupil by other townii In thin area are an follows ; ttencon Fiillw. $75.5fl nl.aln aid, $1)9.33 tonal fundd, $174.81); Bnthnny, $82,4(5 utate aid, $98.87 local funds, $181.12; Brlnto), $34,45 Htiito aid, $188.10 local fundM, $222.81; Chenhlro, $48.77 Btute aid; »100.3ft local fundB, $200.15; Annonla, $40.27 gtnto aid, $108,48 local funds. $198.715; Derby, $64.57 Htnle aid, $220,23 local fundM, $274,80. Also: Middlebury, $58.fl4 nt.atn aid, $128.64 local funds, $187.18; Oxford, $69.12, state aid, $117.00 local fundu, $18B.2l; Prowpcct, $64.78 Mtntu aid, $130.73 local fundii, $195.51; Seymour, $4888 Htnle aid, $137.03 local fundn, $185,91; Bhol- ton, $43.07 ntnln aid, $120.34 local fundn, $180,41; Boulhbiiry, $01.48 tttule nld, $00.47 local fundH, JloT.OR; Torrln«ton, $35.53 stale aid, $150.37 local fundn, 101.00; Waterbury, J31.17 Hl:i>i- aid, $11)1.40 local fundn $222,57; Wiitortown, $42.25 H tat,(, aid, $147.50 locnl fundn, $180.84; nnd Woodbtiry, $62.00 state aid, $134.20 local fundn, $10«,80, TOWIIH of Naugaluck'H H|X« re- 'iiilvcd nld no followa; Durlon, J88.MO Blate aid, $207.04 local funds, $210.44; Kant Hnvon, $38.70 Hlalo aid, ,fl20.03 local fundM, $105.03; inn- flnld, $40,24 iitntn aid, $120.0-1 local fundw, $107,18; Pl/nlnvllln, $4I.H2 nld. $185.30 local functa, $1H7.ia; HouthlnKlnn, $38.32 ntnln aid, $102.00 local fundn, $140,il2; Stonlngton, $42.32 Btntn aid, $120,27 local funds, $162.59; Walllngford, $30.73 ttlale aid, $170.25 local fvindw, $218,08; Wnntpnrt, $40,13 Mt.ii.ln nld, J234.45 local furiclM, $274.0H; Wei It- ornfleld, $40.59 stain aid, $128,70 local fundii, $1.0D.!I5; Wlndhnm $-14.71 Htate aid, $l3f,fl7 local funiln, $IH1.38; und Wlndnor, $39.00 ulalo aid, $12(1.10 local fundM, $185,01). The larRCMt expenditure wan $280,02 In Oroonwlch and tho low- nut, $13(1.81 In Volunlown. Thn titate aid' fund* mentioned above have no bearing on Hie nnmuntx of funds to be Kranled lownii under thn nchoal bulldlnu program. Hrewi Three (tilled I, Slate iter. N, y,. Dec. 1:2 <ui>) (Innoeellrnt ii-nhlenln were iilay In an anloinohlle craiih. 'lice Identified 'he dead Taylor and K. ItoKern l''rll.hJoK Al- Kali riehl. the "„,- i,, an 20-year-old Albert 18-year old lOdward both of Danbnry, and Ian Krled, IM, of New The troojierH Hay •Vblrh the Irlo Were riding left 'be hlKhwa.y and erilMhed Into a 'ree. The vehicle \vaji demollnheil The accident occurred In the town ol MoulheiiHl, In Puliiiim tonnly, near llrewnler. Dec, V> -(U'P) A 28- from Lincoln, Maine hurl. I'),|H morning In a Inu-U (M-nHii on tin* Wilbur <'f\ r-y. I'n.rUwa.y at Tollnnd. Mellon Thcmip-i'ui IH In llarlford ho^jiilal with a. double con'ipound fi-.-r-turc of the rh:hl, le|.;, head in- .llfl'i'-;- /ind n b-i/lly ln*!er;iled rl^llt • li'ind and arm. Me vvatt a bnl'per on :i trui'lt o|ieral"d by It, Mean l/ancanler, aim, of Lincoln, Hlale Police -Mild lili-lr truck raniinerl the rear ,i|' ;i pd.rlted truck of which I'aul .1. Kane--:) of New ll.'iven \vaa flu- driver Itauc<-l who worli.--. for the New Haven Paper Pulp HoFird Co. riimlnlned iiilnor Injitrli'H and wan not lum- Thf,iM|t-,*)n waa f.lnned In Ibe eriiFihed cn.l, of tin) Malm, (ruck for ncji.rly nn hour hrforw he couli^ be freetl. A doetor lul ministered lo lilFti while reacuern worked to i-xtrleiili, him. l..:in<'ai!lei- lam Ijijon m-rnnli'd on a technical redila.'m ;lrlvln;; r-harg^r on order of f.'oroiier Bernn.rd .7. Ael, i-rina n Grand High Priest Burhoe To Visit Allerton Chapter Mont: Excellent JIIITIIIM W, Uurhon, Orand IllKh PrloMt of tho Hoyal A.rch MiiMonn of Connecticut, will 1 be proHont at. the Htatod convoca- I lion of Allerlon Cha|)«r, Ii. A, M,, tomorrow ovnnlriK at 7:30 o'clock In MiiHonlc Temple, Church otreiil, It VV«M announced toil it y by K. ,f, Kniidnim, Tho Royal Arch do«roo will bo conferred on FI oliuut of citndldnlnn from NnuKfitiir.k and Watiirbury at. the mnnllnK, Mr, Knudmm Maid. Official In*? off lc<ir for the dwoo work will bn Companion Arthur Unnnoit, ICxcellenl, Kln« of Allerlon Chapter, iiHMlnted by Kxc.ellnnt. Coinpai nv llri-u, i-liiiliiFi. liultiirlen inlikx riir ii'inlj lio wlnin-. u,lr.. In in liunn Miiiurit, mil llHhln«r Ar«.- lon Kellx MaUluiWd, of ThornaBl.on Chapter; Excnllent Companion P. M. Brookn, of IBvnnlntir, Hlor Cliap- t«r, Miiymoiir; Companion Irvlnx CutllriK, of ICroonwmt, Frsomont, Ohio; Kxcellent Com- panlonn Ernont Loronson, William Iiiiltl.on and Clayton Andiu-Mon, 1'anl High Priontn of Allorton Chapt«r and the regular officers. Mr, Knudsnn itr^od thFit. all Royal Arch Masona from thin vicinity an«)Bt In hnnorlnir Or«n<l Hl(rh Priest Burhoe by being- present al th rtifrnHliinnnJH A social hour Will follow. with Hair Named Superintendent Of "Naugawam Village*' By Local Housing Authority Flier Awarded Trophy For Rescue Air horce ohlcf of ;-it»ff Gen. Hoyt 8. VundniiberK"(right) I-.WHKI lutes l.t. Ciil. Kmll O, lleiiiidry nftnr presenting lh.> veteran Arctic nlr- ninn with HID Mneln.y Trophy for the, "inimt mnrllorloiis fll«hl" of I04H. nniuiilry WHM glv«<n th« nwitrd for pliutlng the plane Hint l-euoied W 'i'""" n "'"""""•<' "» » OrtDflfitoml Icecap, (int. 3o<in<lph«to) Alert Junior Policeman Checks Erring Motorist Beacon Falls Boy Hit By Car, Unhurt Nearly Hit By Auto Passing Halted School Bug An alort 13-yoai-old NtiUKittuck Junior Pollitnmun yurttordoy Jotted down tho num'hfli- of a car which failed to slop be-hlnd a. nohool bun diocharglnig- ^astscnKn'i'oi and Mn action rijiriilti-il In l,he arrni»l a.nd c.onvii'.llon of tho drlvnr. Oootxo SlovonH, BOD of Mr. and MI'.M. OoorRo .Stovonn, niinntown, Mlllvlllo, told the court he bad junt nllKhlnd from tho bun and WIIH walking' Into the cantor of •Meadow street to hall tralllc when a, car hnnrlntr t'he i-i;«<lMt.ra.llon iMimbnr JA 7I»Y pa.-aiid, nnarly sti'llrlJW Mm, lie mpot'U'd (ho Incident lo Miss Helen Moroney, school principal and then to Naiiiihicl: police. A ehoolt of the motor vehicle dc- ,l'(irtmonl ghowod the car wan recrlrtorod In tho name of William Kendall. M, of an cilff wli-oiil. Shortly .-iflor, |,| fl OM) . W(m f,, unr j on Metitltw il.i'e<tt a.nti he wan arroatcd by 8<ft. Ocoi- Kn Smith In BorouBh Court thin morning, Ju'.l(?e Martin J,. Calno Pound Kijn- dall guilty of 7>na?iln)f n nt^indlng (Kihool bus and lined him $20, with, of the line remit led, Kendall entered. a plea of utility. Tontlmony vm.t given -by Junior Pnllncmnn Stoven.-i, ftft. Smith and Kendall. Kendall told Judwi Cnlnn I hut. he WIIH Ivurrylnir to Iho olllC" of >il« phyftlclun who wim noon to leave for tbo He «n.ld thai he h;i« benn IM lor Ihn,,, dnya and I,I;HI:|J]» io Bleep mid yoHl.'irdny mornlriK wan anxious to 'ori-lve til. the doctor's! ofri'cn to obtain rnllnfi from pn.lnii In li| H hnml and facn rnHiilllriK from ,|il.i lllneHH, Joioph KJvljti'<l|(ii, 'M, of ;i5(i HUih str-ei>t. arr<!Ht(,d rm Church Mtriot at 7:4!5 o'clock 1,'int nl«!il by 'Piitrolmiin Michael Sharon on of Inloxlcatlon a.nd hrcnch of tho :pijacc WH.B fined jjtfi on thn fli'nl charge and wnn I'onnd, Innocent of tint Mei-ond •-hai-K". Forfeit Hiiiidx .lohn MrGralh, 27, of 'ffi Mndbion Htrcet, Wa.lnrbui'y, forfeited ;i. $10 bond when he failed l-> a:ppe:vr In court on a. charge of inloxlcal.lon. He v/riR ii.rrt)Hl<'fl at l:2(i o'clock lihlH morning by Tii.l.rolman .lomiph Sunima. Ki»bnrt BaliDr, 30, of M Willow street, arrested at 7:30 o'clock taut: nllthl hy Viilrnlmnn .7o- nunvn li'nri'i'ti on n, cbarK" o r pannlriK 11 red 11^1)1, forfi'tle.d K. $ft- bontl when tin failed to appear In court. VIlKOKiTIONS VV«»hlii(ftOFi — fjovernmeiit iijjon- clen predict that IU5II will be. » yenr of hl|fh employment and iieiir-r<x-iiril prodiietlon. the lte»ervi, biutril and th» Diipurtmunt flifure on eeonomli-al le\els In the Hew ,V«'lir, Chut'lOH Cotnolr, mwi'ivyeiir-old «on of Mr. and Mr». Jonnph c;«itnolr of lluhbell drive In Ihn PlneHbrldKc Hcr.llon of Hiiacon iralln, eneapiitl Injury curly Wodnemlny nflernoon. when he WIIH Hlrncli by an anlorno- Mle In Annonla. The necoiul grtido pujill of AB- sumption school In Ansonia was til ruck an he won croHnlnic North Main Mtrniit at thu corner of Konrlh Hli'uol. I 'fillet) Biilil tin had bnon lo the SuRiir Bowl for lunch and wan rclurninK to nchool when the accident. occurred. JJrlviir of Iho car WIIH (Umry Ford, 17, of Helicon KallH. Police tdok tbe to th«, Cirlffin hoxpltn) where ho WIIH treated nnd later re. turned lit bin claim in nchool. Tho motorist WIIB not urrcBlctl. Bill Providing Aid To Cerebral Palsey Victims Is Signed Hartford, Dec. '1,'i (UP)- - The Rlalc today launched a program alined MI. hi.jplnx the more Ih.m U.OOO (>hlldr«n In tloniiiiclli.'ut v-h-i are afflicted wllb curobral palkny. Hovernor Kowle.n thin mornlnr; HlKni-d a. bill panned recently by I lie leKlHlnturi- which appropriate, $00,000 for Ibe work. The mon»y wan appropriated affer it -fii.t pointed out Ihal vlrl.unlly no fai-:i. Illim are itvnllnblu for nii<:h hnndl capped r.hlldnti), nnd Ibat nearly Ihn millrn burden rniitti upon l!»e pa rent n. With tin- icovernor when hi- «l»/ruid Iho bill were Dean John J. Crnnln of the Unlverxlly . of Connect Icut'it Hchool of Hoclnl W-nk and Philip Nelderer of Pliilnvii.,,. jirenldent of the Cerebnil P/I'MI-;/ ABfloclnllon of Connecticut. Aflei- wardn, they dliM-iiOMed how t?c- miinity could bi'iil be npiinl. .TAIMCI) Mexican (!lty — Me«l<-iiii Imnil- K ration offlelnlH have jiUlml Otto VVIIhelm llolKMi/.ollern, A ie|f styled prince ami pretender to (.lie OITIIIIIII Ihroiin. «HI<», who To Take Charge Of Forty Units Effective Jan. 1; Fourteen Unita To Be Rented About Jan. 15 C. Arclili. Hnlr. Xll Hlllntde nvr- inie, him br-nn nomnd nupi'-in- tendnnt. of thp Nnugawnm Vllliif^ hiiiiiilriK project hy thn NniiRii-fk MouBlnK Authority, Chairman T. Hox Unhiinini niinoiinrni) todii/ The appointment Is effective Jan. I'Y'l'ly Itontrn rtrn undnr ronn|rtt,- lion »l NniiKnwiiin, lornlo,] | IP - twnen Melbourne court nnd H.ib- hrr iivenui), wll h Uio flrnt 14 to l-r niiidy for occupancy Jan. 15 nn.l Fi>)>. 1. ')Vnnnl.N hnvn n trendy selected f"r (he flrxt 14. from im nppllcatlon rile of more than 2'">. Mr. Hfilr. HH Huptrrlntt>n«1(rn1, v\'!i b» rnnponHlhl« for thn ro!l««-tli-n of ri-iitB nnd for the UCIHTHI mipnr vlnion of the KroimdH unrt hou-e«. Mi-, ll«lr, nn e-xpiii liinrnd eiln i' rlnn nnd (jnnnral rnpnlr expert. wn« one of more than a dozen who applied for the ponltlon. All w<-rp Inlcrvlewptl Indlvldiinlly liy !)!<• HoiiHlnK Authority liutt wcnk. The 40 homrn are bring n-ii|t. with funrls provided from runt- KUlirnnlrril bimdn nnd UIIIM nra nubjncl lo nlntc r«Kitlallotin. U-'IB. e« will be drawn up In with the state ruleis. Tenant* w-i; l)ii i'ni|ulri'il to mow the Inwnx and i-Ktnovn Miiiiw from nldnwnil-0. Minor n-pnlii. find ndjuntmenln wl:i be Mr Hnlr's responsibility. H« will work uR'Jnr Jurlnrt'ctloM of thn MtiuNlnK Authority. Mr. Hohrman n«ld the HoimlnK Authority would meet thin afternoon at 4 o'clock In thn Town Hull to dim-linn p\ircha«e of lan.l Cor a »<j«)nd project. The H' i'n Authority hnn ollottod I2HO.OOO [or nn additional 30 housed. An option him been token on about 12 ncreii of lnnd owned by thn Nauifinuck dumber Co.. looilr.j on Ix(Wlfi street. Carol Sing/ Tonight On The Green Wnnthnr pnrmltMnir. the Phllhrir- monlr-n of .-.•nuKiiiurk w||j prnnent thn nnniiiil <:oiiiniunlly Chrlntman Carol Hlnj; tonight at 8:30 o'clock at the Horseshoe on The Grern In the event of Inclement wentb- er, the Hln K will !,„ cnnr^led. An- nuuncemnnl. will h»> mndn of « nan- celatlon. In case of rain, during the NaiiRatuck Dally News bro«d- cnnt at r,::in ,,',-lo.-u tonight over radio ntatlon WATIl. ArrariKamnnU have beon complnt ed for thn event, which i» expected to nttriiri biindredn of nhoppern and ri-NldeniH. A llninmond orxiin will bn lnntall«d at the ulnjf alto, find Iliree or^( t nl«ti« will perform u 'he 15-mlniite prelude fr.irr. R:W to H:4D o'clock They ni« ICd ward Griffith. Donald Hermonat and Mrs. AlbertIne O'Donnell. Mr. Merrnonnt rilno win ncoom- pnny vocal nololnln. Willlnm Hoyd and Minn Joyce Ann Knnnhl. Orj-itn accompaniment will be provided for the community slnKinc of traditional Christmas none" and n, r . O!K. Sonu nheetM will be dlstrlbut- I'd to those participating Members of the Naugntuck Men's (..'hoi-im and choirs from l«rnl f.'nth- and ProtcMtant churches will form a harkKrouml for th« nlnKers. who will be directed by Milton Hei liowltt, iinnlRlnnl nupervlsor of public Kchuol iniiHIc. Jack Ctinwny will be mo<it.-r of cerernonleii for the Sin);, which will be tape rncor.Jed by WATR »m1 the Irnnnurlpllon played tomorrow nvn. nln« Immediately fnllowlnc thn NaucHtuch News broadcast. The public address syctem. donated by Ibn U. H. Kiibb«i -I-..,, fool wear plant *nd llKhllnK will |,« In chnriin.or Ifaymoiiit <'IIII|IM. . of thn bile Kalwer Wllhnlm, U charifiMl with MIcKally «mt<-rln<( Mi'Klcit from Mu- I'nlf^^l SHOPPING DAYS TILL • « p r »» m , L i. " )ou « h V"" '••' «• l^». Flnlih Ihoi. lait-mlnwl* •rrandi, ^_jof you've only tv»o doyt mor* —4'lirl«imi>» KIM lbi<ll<-r'« In wno-rhnr;. (in, IINIII* minUnnrm KM hnmr tir Irum « r»Miili.||i «».iirii«fiii._

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