Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 21, 1949 · Page 16
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 16

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 21, 1949
Page 16
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rACE 1&-NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), WKDNESDAY, 1JKC. 21, 1!>4!» St. John Reports Drop In Hunting, Fishing Licenses A dooronjio In r.;>ortn llrnnr.nii l«- BUcd by the otlk-c '>f Town Clorlt Hnvmond J. St. John w.-is noted durinp the pa.-.t 11 monthi. b<- llovf primarily din- to lhi> lnr.n-anc- Of license fcofl. Tl-.e total number of licenses Is- rupd dropped by 49 thli year from l«j|t. and 210 from 1M7. Thn town cl«rk forwarded $S.923 to • the SUrtc Board of FL:iicrlrs niul Gnmc in Hartford In fern from 1.,BOI llrr>n»Cfl Inmifd In NfiilK»tnck. ttuil year 1..1M llnen.ii,-« wore Riven IU«I In IM7. 1,710. j The niirniicr of flfililru: permit,• Driven wan the hl::he«l of nriy other |lyili- of llrennc l.<t»iind, the lotnl be' Iriir !>r>5, inclntlliiK 7()() uir-n mid 1(10 women. I..MMI year «?•) rihhlrij,' II- c«ns«* were lnaned for 7(iS iinen and J7i» women. April once more WII.M the bln;:ost month In InmiliiK llnhln/f llcenmni. t.he total being .135. nn Inerenw of 2.'f over hiiit year. LIcenHpn Issued in Ulln type of ftpcirt f ()| . the viirl- ouii uionihn eompnrecl wllli liurl yeiir ni-e IIM fiillinvn: Jiitiiiarv, 21XI: l->bruiiry, ?,3-oi|7ht: Mnrtiii. 2K Real Truck Bargains 1949 Chevrolet 2 ton 12' Stake Truck Very low mileage—good as new — only $1500.00. 1947 Ford J / 2 ton Pickup — Excellent con dition—only $750.00. New Ford Bonus Built Trucks from 4700 to 21500 Ibs. gross vehicle weight. 87 Church St. Ford Dealer The Naugatuck Fuel Co. I(./\YMO'ND .1. MT, JOHN Town (,'lerk 2-1; April, , r ).'!5-r>l 2; Mny, 175-2I«; Jllll", r,7 7.'i July, .|(t-iw'; AllKII.-ll, nine-three; Kivptnniber. om'-one; Oi.-tober uml Niiveimber, none In oll'hnr yi'tu-. Hlx alien llHliInx j>nr- inltii wnrn iHitvtvd nnd one nim-nml- (lenl. A total of 20S resident htiritlnfr llcen.'ie'i wer-e IwHiied. <:oinp;ired with L'iM foi 1048, and 23a In 1SM7. llnnlln,- nml Drfhlni; RnrnihlnatlonH, 2-10 in 18-10; 230, 1048; 24rt, 19d7. Six himlliiK, trapping and com- blnntioiui were I.-WIKH!, tho wwno number HM HIM yi-ar. Kpp'-lnl llcrnnim iHMucd thoHO por- 154 Extra Trains On New Haven Road For Christmas Rush New llnven, Doc. 21 ..... (UP) -Thn New llnven Itnllroud will oporato a total of 1,1-1 iiddlllonul trains to bundle the heavy rimh of holiday trav- i-lern. Seventy extra trulnu will operate over the Chrl.itmiin week-end-from Friday noon Ihrouith Tunn- ilny. Ami ilurlng I hir New Year wiudc-nnil tliiiro w m (,„ 54 ,. x t.,.,, Iriilnn In nei'vlcn. A ratlroml nnnouneement nnyn thai nil ,,r lln equipment, will he preHMdil Into iiervli-n to nwlfUy a m | wifely accommiidnti) tin; holiday rush. A ward Certificates Presented Pratt, Whitney Factory Kuril MiirUoril, Deo. '21 -(UP).- Tlir- hitnrnfillnniil Governing Body fin- fiportlnr: Avlntlon hn,« prnnnnt- "d ri'rnril rcrt.lflriil.nn tit iiwtird to i'r/i.'U ii ml Whitney nivWon of Unit «l Alr::rnfi Corporntlon. The .•uvurd.M wcru miuln In Wnnhlnjfton by Mm fiidurutlon Aeronaut Ique InliMTintJormlp, MEET THE GRAND CHAMP BARROW Tlir* 1 " i>litnr*!t 'powi:r<ul by /mil WliMmty cn^-lnuM ««t ilpflRd riH'drdH during thei yflar, Onn of tin- plnnm 10 1. Iho U. H. Intnr-Clty .••:ji('*'<l rrcorrl bct.woflfi Ohl(r»«'o and Miami and bot\vo«n San FVanclnoo ami Washington. Another flow frinn Him FYiinclaco to Washington In n 111) In mr>ro than H|X hours. Tim third rm-ord which wiifl hon- nrt'd wnx i!.ttiibllHhPd by nn ulrllne whlnii Tlinv lii'l.wfon Chlc>w> and iMIiiml In t-liriiii hniirn 21 mlnutcn und 53 »f>eond;i. East Hampton Kids Start Christmas Vacation Early Kurd Humplon, Conn., One. ?,l (UP) YoiinKiitnm who attend tho Cnntflr Ornmmnr School In KMM( Humpton hnv« yttirtnd t.hoir ClirlHlrmiH holiday two days onrly. HriKliini'i'M lold Uio Bonrd of Ed tiCiithm llinl thn Hchool'.i boating ftyfilpm count It utmi n. dally h«/.'i.rd HIM! tlinrit IN llknllhnod of nn rx- (iliMilnii in 1 fii'u from a faulty i»<n)- t ion. Thn tionrd ngrno-cl to clonn the »u:hool Immi'cllnti'Iy and mink hl'lfl fur n new honUng nyHtem. AM OHIO STATt UNIVERSITY INTRV, "Playboy," n 250-pound Berkshire, w«* declared champion borrow (market hog) at the Intcrnntlonol Llvo- lUx* Show in Chicago. Shown with th« champ, who won over 900 •ntrio, to Arthur Jordan, the university'* herdsman. (International) Alhiiny, N. Y. DurlnK the Civil war. New York fil.ntn 4(M.'»i nohilorK. about one-nixth of (he Union urmy. 'MUM over 0!> yivirn of a({0 trftalnd 7H thl» ycnr, nn compared with 7ft In.Hl. your and W for 1IM7. rtfl»l- dmit trapping llcormctt totaled flvo fnr fil.i yonr, and thn name for IIMH. Minor rnnldant »;ni)jplliK fV- rniUi dropped In tho numbor of four thU year, the total Isijuod Vicing thrcn. No ronldont trapping nnd TnuitlnK r,oml)lnn!tloni> wcrn In- mii'cl tiild y«»»r, nlthoufftt four worn jrlvcn htftt ynar. Scvon pBr«on« wnrn IniiiK'd llirno dn.y IVslilriR l>nr- miln, und 11 hint. ymir. Exclusive Scoop only at Lincoln Store at $5O less than previous model. Bigger-Brighter wide vision picture. New improved 195O model for only Complete with Aerial That'H AH You Pay- Includes All Taxes! ADMIRAL T.V. SET U»-| -g f\f\r ONLY * 11 U™ MAGIC Ml**0* ELEVIS I'ln' wtitiilci- Icli'vision receiver you luivc hern \vfiiliiifj U'r ! Oi!t|>rrl'i>rin>i iiny si-t. any wiicrc, nnv time! Pic- tures clearer than the movies! They're in with a click \vhrn yon switch .stations . . . tuning i,s .so .shniilr ! Sn- (ifrpiiwcrcil for (Mitstiiiiditijr pi-rfoi-inancc even in ( iu|]y- injf areas where i:nl'iiuiry sets fnil. The j'nll si/.e, one- piece eiiliincl o|' glorious clniuy color is a mirui/le of OPEN EVERY NIGHT 'TIL XMAS READY TO USE WITH BUILT-IN AERIAL Complete with special antenna. Assures outstanding performance in most locations. Saves expensive installation charges. No lajid- lord's permission required. Easy to move from room to room. Now you can onjoy a ringside seat to millions of dollars worth of entertainment. Lincoln $) Store WEST. MAIM ST. 5-2268 3-IOH BO EASY TO BUY Pay Only ^lU DOWN An/1 Only *O A Month Boston Specialist Attempts To Save Youngster's Hand (lly United IT..-KN) Two llttli) Klrln aro In thi> nnwn In Now lEntfland today, BflUy Jjim Mnrbury of JlrowiiM- vlllo, Tonn., will arrive In Boston thin aftnrnoon to h« examined hy 11 noted bond npeclallul. Tho lltUu 10-yoar-old i-iuiimUy iiHlcml the nu- Uon'n prayers that she rnlKht, keep her rlffht. hniul which ban developed a nmHelmut lunlon. Betty IX>H'» flylnK trip to t.ho Huh In being financed by un anonymous Now York bonofnctor. It IB her flrnt alrplann flight. Another llttln girl In hfinpltall>io<l In Boston oufforlng from a dluoasa which consumes a (ilnt of her blond nvorydiiy, Kour-yitur-uld J^lnda Plo- Irafami Is at Boston's Children's honpitn.! where two ruro drtiKH may l)n u««d In an effort, to uuvu h«r life. 1'lndii's parents brought her to BiiHton Monday after rnoro than 120 liroulilyn, N. Y,, rodldenlH donated blood to ^«o]j the child alive. NOTICE Information HOI lie lit eim- ei'rnlnit any relullvcs of dnhn C'nliitiuiu'k, »|HO linown UN John Colmnzuck, John Co- hur/,ueli. inn] ,Inhn Onhitrxn- riiclt, late o f tho City of 1'iiHNiilc, County uf riiHN*l<s nnd Ht«t« of New J«r»oy, Any rolutlvnN pleusc contact ItlneNteln mid Diamond, 120 Market Strotit, I'literoon I. N. J. Silver Company To Give Spoons To New Babies The ofl.-1'npentcd wish of IIIIITIIIH thiil their ehlltli" 1 !] he horn with n Mllvnr Hfionn In l.helr month will "line t.ruo for I hone hnvlnj; 11 child born .fnnunry 1, 1880. The Intf-rnallonul Silver Company loilny rinnouneod phinn for i;lvinu on 1.M7 RoKm-N Brow, bnhy npoon to nil hoys nnd Rlrln horn thin New Yenr'n l>/iy. To riM-.vivn the- Hllvi-r npoon, II •inly In neceiiHiir.v to »end n rm-il '.» l«-)7 KoKor« 7!n>r4., Merlden. i-orm., Htnl.liiK niune nnd nililr.,N,, 'if HID purentw, Hie nnnie of (lie Singers Rehearse Tonight At Eight Thr NnuKnturl< f'hiij>lrr of <ho .lorii.ty {,„• the Pi-f<H<>rvHt|f>n an<i l<:ill-<lllmi:i-pl>-Mt of JilU'lxM Kll<;[l MlnjrliiH In Ami-rlca will rohrnr.w I'lnipht ;it H oVlorh in :hr Titlti*- MliHlr Hli'id. II \v:in nnoiin'-i-«l to- (Jr.y hy Norilhlll NniiK'r-n m-rrpini-y I'l'i-idilpnl Arthur Swm will prn- «ldo ;it n hrl<-f bn.tlnr-Bi nii-fi|n(r. nll«nillniT pliynlrlnn ;in<l the ho«- jiiliil. Ad-orilliiK to (hn r K flit, lie Hciilth s«rvii-i- Him ill ICH, (hern tuny In* JllCtfl chlldr-i.n l.orn thin Now Yimr'K Dny. This wan thr nvrrnf;« nimilwr i,l l.lrlhn i««r iloy Ihr. f|m». nliiM riiDiithn nf thli> yi-nr. • I'LKNTV OF I'AKKING FACII.ITIKS 4 PARK AND SHOP IN COMFORT! MICK TIIK NKWKST AUTOMATIC BENDIX WASHERS NOW ON IMHI'l.AV . . $179.95 „ I'lUCKH THAT WII.I. PI.KAHK KVKN «ANTA fl AI'H HKiHKMURit voi; nor our or voiiii rAii INTO A WAItM, FKliCNDl.Y ATMOHI'IIKIIK! Ol'KN WKI>MCSI>AV ANO TIIIJIINIIAV KVKNINGH CONK. FUEL-GAS CORP. WATKIITOWN HOAI», WATKKTOWN. 1'IIONI'; !7fl Caught making a Christmas Call Don't worry. Sanla will get il.rough. And so will most of your calls to distant, points .luring the holidays. But there may be some delays, especially on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. There just aren't enough circuits when everybody tries lo telephone at I lie snme lime. We've added lots more switchboards — and circuits, too. In addition, your operators will be on hand in full force und will y.>i your cnlls llmmgh if it is humanly possible lo do so. THI- SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND TELEPHONE COMPANY OWNSD ANO OPERATBD IV AND FOR CONNECTICUT KOflE SINCE lit! A YEAR OF COMFORT - GIVE YOUR HOME AN EXTENSION TELEPHONE

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