Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 28, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1895
Page 2
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SHE TELLS ALL. Tbe Whole Trutli About Matter Comes Out. the All tlie Details Exactly as They Happened. And a More Ktmarknble Thing Never Was Known. When » woman once makes up htr mind to tell the whole truth about a matter, she doea bO with all her heart, •nd five*, without reservation or net). lUtlon, all the facu just as they occurred. It Is no wlih Mrr. C. E. Hud- •oo, who refeldeb In Brunbwick. Me., from whoso lipd fell as intcreatin« a •tory oJ extraordinary facib. os a newspaper writer evur Cleaned for the reading public. "Laat year I was In buch a condition that I could not walk or une ray bande at all. My hu?b»ad was obliged to lead rou from tbu hud to tbo table, and almost carry me, I was so bad off. ••I was tnkun with the grip In ihe form of mufculur, rheumatism ll took mo In the right leg first, find the pain was awful. Ji «&>• about two •years ago that I wns takc'i. f.ncl I suffered all the time ufi to I begun the uno Of Dr Vuru blood and uervo rcmed;,. '•I bad tried ti'.any o-.hir kind.-; of medicine*, but stoadliy crow ivorro. Last fall I commenced with Nurvura. My buucd wy.'o !4ro«ia<,' ous of ohnpo, 'and I could not «o r/iuch n« wring out a band kerchief, or ?i\r up :i ffietb of brei'd, fir usu my hand* at all. "I took twelve bottles In all. After using tht! fir*!, five* hottlts I began to tognlr:, arid now I call myself wt-1). "I nin so grateful tbiit i have roc. . cmmended it 10 many perrons and •hall caruinutj to do so. It seems almost a miracle to my neighbors, and myself, thul, from being eo terribly aftHctod as I was last full, I should be a well woman today, a s^fico of only •ix monihi-, THE MlKADO'S LIFE. H« Worked JTmnl. Wnt Is Fond or Itormo lind Hunting. The emperor of Japan, according to the people most closely connected with him at Tokio, has by no means an easy otlice to fill. Japan now contains more than forty million people, and there are a baker's doxcn of political factions, many of which are anxious to create trouble. The changing conditions of the people make plenty of work. You can never tell who is going to fly off on a tangent, and the newspapers have to bo carefully watched. The emperor keeps his eyes on everything. At least I was told so. He rises early and breakfasts about seven o'clock. He uses a knife and fork whenever ho takes foreign food, but he prefers the chopsticks at the Japanese dinners. He eats both kinds of food, and is very fond of rice, taking it with every meal. Inrt fall, when 0,'eenb'o Till-: K.MI'KKOIl OK JAPAN. He lilies meats, and is by no means averse to swec-ts. Ih> usually eats his breakfast alone, and also his lunch. His dinner is served in table d'hote sl.ylr, and with al! the European ae- PANIC AT A FIRE.{ Girls in a Candy Factory at Chicago in a Bush for Safety. Haifa Million Dollars' Worth of Property Burned—Heavy Loss at Halifax, N. S.— Other Blazes. coiv.naiiimeMts, Contrary to ti:e regu- j company, milling and enghi J;ir pr::i-tii;o in .Japanese fiiiuiJii*, his c:liinerv, \Voi-thhigton J.'unip wilV often siis.hiwn at the table with Andrews & Johnson, sheeti fully him, Mud also llu: crown prince. His work begins us soon us his lireHkfnst is over. From ninu o'clock until twelve lie ' ihes< receives his ministers and discusses matters of state. After this he takes Ins lunch, ;ind then speiuis :i, little lime in reading 1 newspapers, lie watches closely the Japanese press, keeps track of current public opinion, and, I venture, changes his actions somewhat to suit it. All tJie papers are looked ovor for him, and the. passages \vliieh ho should see are marked. Ordinary mi.s»!ateirients or criticisms he passes Over, hut ii' a newspaper becomes at. all dangerous ho gives an order to his censors and the paper is stopped, while its editors are liable to be thrown into prison. lie CHICAGO, Feb. 27.—-Four girls were hurt, one of them seriously, property valued at $2G5,000 destroyed and six lines of street cars tied up for over three hours by a fire which originated on the top floor of the Charles .Kaestner building Wednesday morning. The girls hurt were employes of the Lancaster caramel manufactory, situated several housas away from the Kaestner building- and never at any time in clanger from the flames. Somebody shouted "Fire" and a panic was the immediate result, the frightened candy makers tumbling over each other in their haste to get down he stairs and thence into tbc street, lithel Goldman was taken to the coun- ,y hospital and it is feared was seri- iiisly injured internally. Emma Cusick was badly bruised, as -were two of her companions whose names are not <uown. The Chief Losers. The building- of the Crane Elevator company was saved with dijfieulty. The loss on this building will amount DO Slij.OOO. liesides this the entire •.loek of the wire department of the company which was in the JCaestner building adjacent was destroyed. Others in the Kaestner building 1 who snJVei-ed were: The Charles Kaestner iueeriug JDLI- eomp;u;y, tiron workers, and I'Yiedhmder, lirady & Co., knit ij-oods. The aggregate losses of To You The Most Important Matter demanding attention at this season is the condition of your blood. Your health depends upon it, for as the quality and quantity of the blood yary, you are better or worse. The blood conveys all the elements which go to make up the organs, nerves and tissues of the body, and carries away all .dissolved, useless material. Every bone, muscle .nerve and tissue, lires upon what the blood feeds to it. The whole world knows that Hood's Sarsaparilla is the standard remedy for making pure blood. It possesses merit peculiar to itself and by which it effects marvelous cures even when other preparations fail. "When you buy your spring medicine get the best, and that is HOOD'S Sarsaparilla X. B. Take Hood's undoiilv Hood's. TROOPS CALLED OUT. Hood >_ DJIIc easyto buy, e»sy to take, 3 r Ills easy in effect. 25c. OFFICERS Anniml CHOSEN. the \Vouit?irs ,e iirms were S-"jO,000. AH were has also the lead ing foreign papers, and the articles of these which treat of Japan are translated Tor him, and lie keep:; Lraek of public opinion all over the world. He takes our illustrated papers, and the arlieles relating to the pictures in them are sometimes translated, lie does a great deal of work in jtics. c. u. nuusox. ••For a jenr ar.d a hulf I did rot got Over ono and oaohulf houis sleep each night, but after taking tbo Ner- vura I be^an to tleep and us I began • .to sleep. 1 bf^'ftn to gain, and after I .- had gained one hour's sleep more than I had before, I was greatly rejoiced. •My husband has paid out hundreds Of dollars for my cure, In encb kind of medlclne^I could name, but nothing helped me until I took Dr. Greene'*- Nervura blood and norvo remedy." A wonderful story this, nod yet every •tatement la absolutely true. No per•on ever suffered more than Mrs. Hudson, and no more wonderful cure was over effected than this marvelous cure by Dr. Greene's 'Nervura blood and nerve remedy. If this medicine will euro such a terrible and extraordinary case, It will surely cure any.' thing and everything In the line of rheumatism or neuralgia. How any_ .-' one can read about this remarkable Cure and not give Dr.Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy an Immediate trial is beyond the comprehension of the writer. In the face of such sirong evidence of curative powers, sufferers who will not at least give It a trial deserve to continue to suffer. Particularly should It be taken cow, as such diiease? always yield more quickly and are cured more readily in the •prlng Another reason why this grand medicine c*n be taken with the utmoftcon- .' fldence, in the fact that its discoverer IP our itfoft successful physician ID Curing nervous and chronic diseases, .Dr. Greene, of 35 West 14th St.. New York City, who can be consulted free of onargo by all who choose to write' him cr call upon him. insured. Hurt, by Falling Cricks, The failing of a wall of the .Kaeslncr building created a panic in the. big crowd of spectators and several were Slightly hurl by falling bricks, but none seriously. lii{f I'lT-o ut Hal!Tax, ST. S, HALIFAX, N! S., Feb. 27.—Property to the value of $1,000,000 was ilcsU'oyecl by lire Wednesday in this city. All the immigration sheds, wharves, ofiices and the oilier buildings were bnruecl. Several firemen were injured. A heavy wind, is blowing and the fire is spreading. Dartmouth has sent its fire brigade to assist the city department. The -fire was finally gotten under control. The chief loss sustained is- by the Dominion government, whose property around, the deep water terminus is pretty well destroyed. The big iromi- ration and other sheds are jrone and Tile grain iitor chute are also burned. Several firemen were injured, but none fatally. The (ire burned fiercely, fanned by a strong wind, and for hours it seemed as if the section of the oily where it broke out was doomed. Sumuu'i- Ci>t-t;i^C"i Hnriu'U. CA.MDKS, !N r . .T., Feb. "7.— Fire broke out in tin: Pitman Grove Methodist camp-meeting grounds on Twelfth avenue Wednesday. Pitman Grove has TlircatiMiiiijr j no lire department and all the cottages on the grounds are likely to be burned. The lire started in the roost thickly-settled, part of Ihe grounds. A call was telephoned to this city for help. The cottages are owned by and I'hiladcl- phiuns. Destruction nr, Msith Iteucli. 2s i:w YOKK, Feb. 27.—Fire which broke out iu the 15. McNiklcs drug store at Bath iliea.cn., L. I., Wednesday de- 1ONS Sc*>MlMI Of Council. WASHINGTON, Feb. 27.— The annua. business session of the national council of women was held Tuesday. The election of officers for the ensuing year took place and a number of important, changes in tlie constitution were adopted. Tho new oHlcers are: President.. Mary Lowe DlckillM:m, of Xew Yor'it, wlio is; also president or the national organization oi 1 Kind's Daui^hLrr.s; vice presided ut lurye. Kev. Anna 11. Shaw, Philadelphia; correspond!UK' secretary. Louise Liar- num Kobbins, Michigan; llrst recording secretary, Einllhie Bur]iiii;;Liiie Clieny, Malue; second reeorilliii; secretary, Mrs. .Helen Finloy Liristol. Q-.iini.-y, 111.; treusun.T, Hanuali J. Bailey, Maine. Now Guvornor Appointed. CAPI: Tows 1 , Feb. z". —Right ITon. Sir Hercules Robinson has been appointed governor and eoiumander in chief of Cape Colony to succeed Sir Hi. B. Loch. Hilttft'H "I'"c>ur llumlritd" Afflt:itocl. BUTTIO, Mont.. Feb. 27.—The bill prohibiting gambling iu this slate requires only the signature of the governor to make it a law. The 400 -gam- tho afternoon, luittnwiiril evening goes t ., o _ on rj wharf is burned, out for exercise. He is a good horse- elevator and the elevator back rider ami is fom.l of fine horses. He has about :<()() in his stables, and those an; of all kinds, including a number of line hunters. The emperor is fond of hunting, and ho has large game preserves, where there arc deer and wih! pigs. There art 1 plenty of pheasants, anil his majesty is s>aid to boa good shot. FAMOUS DERELICT. Glirwtly t.'nirt Tlmr. Wiim UiMtli ti> (lie Siiilor. The famous derelict whose picture is given below has made a record that will compare- favorably with the historic cruise of Noah's ark. For more than three years .she has been wander- j wcalthv .New Yorkers ing 1 about, the Atlantic, blown \>y the wind and battered by the seas, and in. her long and lonely drifting she has covered more than 10,000 miles. When last seen she wasslill in good condition, biers are wild over the passag-o of tlie bi]] and threaten to pet even with some one. iiimih Explosion tn Sicily. CATAXIA, Sicily. Feb. »7. — A bomb was exploded, in a hall in this city during 1 the progress of a festival Tuesday evening. The explosion created a panic, but fortunately no one was seriously hurt. The building- was not damag'ed. ______ __ Uridi^^rnoin ut Ki_rl)ty-Snvon. CJUCAOO. Feb. S7. — David Irwin, ;iffed 57 yuiti'S, was uin.rriod to Mrs. ^Vnnie .-V. Norris. si-j-fecl 04 years, at the home of thft bride's son, Duvi'ane Norris, in this aity. This is the groom's third matrimonial experience and the brklo's second. THE MARKETS. GriLln, L'ruvlwlons, Kcc. CHICAGO, Feb. ?T Fr-oun — Dull and unchanged. Quotable; Winior— Patents, SiTjO/^ S5; slr:llf;!iLs. Ji:i53 2.M: clears, 5^.1582,30: seconds. il.HUiJjjiOO; low Rraclas, -Jl.iMffii.srj. Spring — Patcnus, ?J.03 ©3.130; sitralBbts, jEJ.10®iT5; IwlJers 1 . Sl.Saitiii: iw grades. ^1.75SiLbJ; Kcd Da^, $l.C5!i51.7j; Kyi-, Sl.30jjy.5a WHEAT— Fairly actlvo, unsctL'.cd and lil^l-.cr, No. i cash, r>!j4&fd!£c; l-'cbruary, £x-Prle«t. GeU • W»rm .K«3«ptlo»--All Keportvd QuivC W«-dn«id»_r. SATAJTSAJB, Ga., Feb. 27.—There have been no developments in the Slattery case, and up to 11 o'clock Wednesday morning everything was reported to be quiet. SAVANNAH, Ga,, Feb. 2S.—Savannah escaped a riot Tuesday night through, the intervention of the military. The trouble wns precipitated by ex-Priest Joseph Slattery's lecture on the Roman Catholic priesthood. For several days efforts have been made by members of the Ancient Order of Hiber- nians to revoke the ex-priest's permit to deliver the.lecture, but tlie mayor, upon legal advice, replied that it could not be done. Threats were openly made ag-ainst the lecturer and tho chief of police and a detail of officers were ordered on duty at the hall where the lecture was to be delivered. The lecture contains! no offensive language but the crowd which had gathered on the outside began to hurl stones through the windows and among the audience. The police ordered the crowd to disperse. It refused to do so, and ki^pt shouting and jeering. The mayor was notified, and after consultation with the chiol of police, decided to order out the military. The riot alarm was sent iu, and in. half an hour eight companies of infantry and 11- troop of dismounted cavalry were on the scene. During the trouble Capt..7. 11. Dillon, one of the most prominent Catholics of the city, tendered, his services as a peacemaker. He brought Yienr-Cen- ural C;iJi'erty, who is iu charge of tho dioeese io the absence of Jiishop Ueek- er, to the scene oi the trouble. The vicar-general addressed a portion of the ii'iob. Said he: "Tliis .-nan SIutiL-ry can do ynt'.r chureli no harm You are hrin;. r !n£ di^raco upon your i-uli^ior. by your conduct liore to-nijrhu It can meet \\-ith uoiliin^ br.i coiuleiiir.ation. 1 pleuil with you to disperse and i;o homo. Do not reudor It necessary to Mied blood here to- ni^'lii." A few of those he addressed shook the vicar-general by the hand ;ind left, but the majority Stood still. .M;ij. MiUU'iin and others nr^-e<l the mob to disperse, bnt to no purpose. \Vith a double line of soldiers an nveirhe w.is formed and while the rest of the military kept the crowd buck ne:irly all of tlie audience passed out of tho hall amid hisses. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and sends to personal enjoyment when ightly used. The many, who Jive bet- «r than others and enjoy life more, with 'ess expenditure, l>7 more promptly Adapting the world's best products to die needs of physics! being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embniced in tlw» remedy, Syrup of Figs, Its excellence is due to its presenting .3 the form most acceptable and pleoa- int to the taste, the refreshing-and truly Beneficial properties of a perfect Inx- itive; effectually cleansing the system, Impelling colds, headaches and fevers iiid permanently cui-iii!; constipation, it has given satisfaction to millions and <u»t with rfho approv:il of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kid- j.-ys, Liver and Bowels wiUiout weak- •jilng them and it is perfectly free from -jery objectionable substance. Syrup of Fi.irs is for s;ile by :;]i drug- ,,ists in 50c ai.d'Sl IwUles, but it is m:\n- ,laotured by the California Fig Synip 'n. only, whose name is printed 0:1 every jackage. also the name, Syvnp of Figs, vul being well informed, you will not >.\-e;.U. Miy substitute if offer*' USE OF THE TOES. I all.hough the fantastic growth of sea- | stroyed business and residence prop- weed with which she is covered made her a ghostly looking craft. While this dismasted and abandoned hulk has produced naturally more or less anxiety in the minds of skippers who may be pass- Till! DKRKLICT. ing through the sens where she is adrift, there is uo evidence that she has done any damage. The Fannie K. Wolston, lumber laden, from Satilla, Ga., was abandoned -by . w «re i..,_ ..i.: i Trtd :i. 1.1. 'ager,'' bv Peter llierie. Forest Citv. la.; m-ty to the value of S">0,000. St. .Anna's Church, UOMOU, iturncil. BOSTOX, Feb. 27. — St. Anne's Catholic church, JUinot street, Dorchester, was burned Wednesday. Siilil to Bo FultlilesH to Ills Trust.. WHKELIXG, W. Va., Feb. 27. — A sensation was caused here Wednesday by the announcement that P. P. Jcpson, former cashier of the Bank of Ohio Valley and u prominent candidate for treasurer of the United States two years ago, was insolvent and trust funds to the amount of nearly Sl.1,000 in his hands are unaccounted for. Suit has been brought to oust Jepson from trusteeships. I'niH'rs at Jiutter Makers' Convention. KocivfOKU, 111., Feb. 27.— At Wednesday's session of the national butter and cheese makers' convention papers read on ' : Duties of THE TRIGGER. • Dr. CaiTer's jewels, valued at §l"-5,•00, are to be sold to liquidate his debts, caused, by tho failure of "The Scout." . The South Side Gun cl..b of Milwaukee elected officers for tho ensuir-g year, us follows: President, W. C, Holtz: secretary, C W. Milbrath; treasurer, Henry Manegold. At Rochester, Jan. 14, Capt. Brewer, champion wing shot, was beaten by Simeon Glover of Philadelphia in a live Wrd match. Each man had 100 chances Sf;cfllo?er killing 1 94 and Brewer 90. her skipper and crew 100 miles southeast of Cape Henry, October 15, 1S01. Since that, date she has been seen and reported forty-six times by passuig vessels. In her eccentric, course since she has zigzagged back and forth over the Atlantic, having drifted once down into the.Sargasso sen, and brought bad; from that graveyard of the derelicts a covering of matted sea grasses and gulf weeds, which clung to her sides when this picture was taken. The cut is from a photograph of the Fannie B. Wolston token on May 12, from the deck of the steamship Alps, by Capt. Owens, of the Alps, and presented to the Maritime association of Xew York cit.v. COIIN—Moderately acth'o and n™. Xo. 2 and .N"o. 2 Yellow,-!3Wc: Xo. 3, -113-ll-lio; Xo. 3 Yellow, •ll'/a'&'tt'.ie; -May, •liilju.-la^c; July, •l-^ii'^J-BC; September, 'I5Q.-J5JUC. OATS—Fair Lradinu and lirmer. Cash Xo. -, 2Sl'-ti^S?Ie; May, iS?i2l-!);-£c; Samples .either; supply moderate; demand sood. Xo. 3, ^S}i$ 30c; Xo. 3 White. 31fa3-i:; Xo. 2, 2SXQ29Xc; Xo. 2 \Vbite, ai^i332;i'c. RTE^Market fiuio» and dull No. 2 In store, Ble, May delivery about 52!.Jj_;r>3o, and sample lots of Xo. 2, 52!*@53e. BAULKY—Demand slow tind market dull Xo, -I, 50Q52c; Xo. 3, 5135-ic for common to choice, sale.i mainly ut Dl^;(25-14c; Xo. 2, 52^ &54c: occasional extra faacy cars a shado above. MESS PORK — Trading was comparatively light. Prices lower. Quo-ations ranged at tiO.OufflIO. 15 for cash rcijular; J0.05a,10.00 for February, and J10.15010. -:~y, for May. LAUD—Fairly active and lower. Quotations ranged at S0.32waa35 for cash: £0.3030.32:4 for February, and ia.4*y,QG.-t7y, for May, LIVE Pout/mr—Per opound: Chickens, 7Q 8i4c; Turkeys, S.S!'-; Dueks, SWiJlOc; Geeso, per dozen, J3.OOJi5.00. BUTTER—Creamery, llQ2lc; dairy, "QlOc; PacUin^ Stock. 7QiSc. OILS—HoadliKlit. 175 test, f^c: Gasoline, 3* dcg's. 1014c: 7-1 des's, S|^c: Xaphtha, 03 deg'3, 7c. LiQuoiis—Whisky tjuoted steady at SL25 per "Duties of Butter Makers," J. T. Harris, Owatonna. Minn.; "Future of Individual Creameries."' by J. W. Segar, Pecatonica, 111. .. »-n>s ^o LOJO The agricultural department gives these estimates of the farm values of the crops 'named in the United States for the years indicated: 1 "V-/. I$$f) 1 ^fi, JCfO.7CO.000 S71.SW.OOO •!74._ 00.000 100.COOOJO Sl.COO.VCO 43.SOO.OX) soo.o.-oo 1S.500.003 Buckwheat- 7.000.COO <-7.000.OLO S.COO.OOO The figures marked with an asterisk ore the estimated values for the year preceding 1 the census year. The fi_j- «res and the comparisons they suggest are interesting. CROPS. Corn . Ilav j;s..'OUOO Wlient ^.o.'.i.ifl fuO Oats L'l-OUOO 0 Potatoes.... '.'t.r.W.OJ'.i Tobacco— L'T.Ti O.i W Earlcy sr. .-\Icxlcun Our.ship Mvre. J\EW Our.KANS, Feb. 27.—The reported discovery of La Lib.ert.id, the missinsr Mexican warship, two weeks overdue, has been confirmed. Engineer Joseph Penaiio. of the vessel, arrived here Wednesday morning, having made his war from Barataria bay. Thousands- •ii'cxxooo •iG.roo.coo •-7.000.OLO Suffer untold miseries from a tense of doLlctcr • they cannot overcome. BRADFIEJ_D'S ** Arousing to Female Regulator, ACT5 AS /* SPECIFIC It causes health to bloom, and joy to reifa throughout the frame. . . IT NEVER FAILS TO CURE. "My •icljin? thnwft .. C*n0o h«roiTn cooking, m . X. S. HKTA*, Htndenon, BR1DFTELD BEGUL1TOE CO., itluta, Sold bj dn<p«t> it M.OO Mr bottte. NEW YORK. Feb. 27. FLOtni — State aad western Quiet, steady. WHEAT— Xo. - red strong, active: M.irch, SSSoS^e; June, 5PH.j,')3!4: July, August. 50 7-m,_;."> l j yc; September, Con.v— Xo. 2 dull, Urraer. May. Julr.^OSffi'lSiSc: Xo. 2, J5Ji®3Ic- OATS— Xo. 2 quiet, steady. May, 33^c; State, 37ij,4.-c: Western. 34rt<&-l-C. BEEF— Quiet. Extra mess, $7.50,i&2o; family, S9.T5SI-00. POBK— iloaerately active, steady: Mess, Tlie Statement rlmt Thi-y Do Not Act Indc- _>L-m!riitly Is IH'Mletl. An eminent medical authority has recently asserted that the human being has little or no independent use of the toes. The scientist who is said to be responsible for such -a remarkable statement is taken quite sharply to task for his assertions, and the subject has been up for discussion in foreign medical journals. Possibly English toes are less usefubthan American, for certain it is that there are m:my persons in our communities who are quit handy, so to speak, with these members. One woman frequently picks up articles with her toes, finding this preferable to .stooping, and she docs it with the utmost ease. A girl can al- ino.sfc.sustiun her own weight by clinging to a. rope with her toes. Another can spread her toes apart and j^ive sharp pinches when she closes them. A small boy, who could not climb out upon the limb of a cherry tree to reach the coveted fruit, as the limb would not bear his weight, extended himself upon one above it, rind. letting his feet hang over, pulled the small branches with his toes and transferred thcMii to his hands, almost as readily as he might have passed them from one hand to the other. As to the part the toes play in walking, it seems to go without saying- that persons who have not injured the feet by the use of ill- fitting or too small shoes are largely dependent for elegance of carriage upon the elasticity and muscular strength of this portion of the feet.—X Y. Ke- coraer. Let the president of the United States follow the example of the late ex-president of France by acknowledging his incoinpctency to dca.1 with our affairs of state and resign. Then let congress wipe out the existing tariff "and lift the country outof the present sloujjh" by the immediate restoration of adequate protection to American labor and American industries. This would be a "popular loan" to the people of an opportunity to exercise their ability and to use their labor. It is "the only practicable saving measure," and the New York Herald knows it- American Economist. i 1^ COLUMBIA PAPCALENPSRI © A Desk Calendar is n necessity — most convenient kind of storehouse for memoranda. The Columbia Desk Calendar is brightest and handsomest of nil — full of dainty silhoiR-.lcs and pen sketches and enk'iJaininc; thoughts on outdoor exercise and sport. Occasionally reminds you of (he superb quality of Columbia Bicycles and of your need of one. You won't object to that, of course. The Calendar will be r.iruk'd (or five 2-ccnt stamps. Address Calendar Department, POPE MFG. CO., Mention ihl> mpcr. Hartford, Conn. c iiiiiiiiiiii mici in C*UKC of'J'hnl Tlroil Pri'llni;. The warm summer daya develop the latent gertns of disease, csueed by torpid and inactive liver—sickness sooner or later will follow, unices iho liver Is rendered active, and the beat remedy known to produce activity of this orj?an is Rtnchart's Liver Pille. Sold by B. F. Keesllng- and Keystone drug store. uiet, nominal ., uiet, weak. Western dairy, 9Q I5c: do. creamery new, 15S22^c: do. old, 103 19c; do faororj'. 85 14c; Elgins, -J2!^c; imitatioa creamisrj-. ]fti>I7c;, rolls, 8^i©15c- CHEESE— Fancy, lirmand fairly active. Stato, large. 5®llHc: do. fancy colored, HW®H!4o; do. white. :0?i®no; do. small, Si~ii.l2c; part skims, 3©SHc: full do.. USS'.ie. BUGS— Moderately active, linn. Western. SO^c; limed. i 9 Live Stock. CHICAGO. Felx X. HOGS—Market active and feeling firm. Best grades average a shade higher and o:her !oa steady. Sales ranged at SiSXX^S for Ftps; S3.70S4..IO for light; jassa-KW for rough packing; $3-853-4.20 for mbced. and ^1.03^4.35 lor heavy jucklce and shipplns lots. CATTX.E—The market xvus rather active and •tto feeling ivas rather stronger iv-ith prices fuvoria:? sellers. Prices •well maln:ainetl on all qualities. Quotations ranged at Ji i&&5.Ktof choice ro extra shippln? Steers: *4.533o.0o for good to'choice do.; J4.1034.70 for fair to good; fS.50tfH.l5 for common to medium da: t.t.:!0<S r Blithers' Steers; Si4033.33 for StocM- tne democratic party went, out of power in 1SOO the government was borrowing- money at twelve per cent, a year. After the war the republican party reestablished the public credit, so that the g-overnment was able to place bonds at steadily improving- rates, until, during- President Arthur's administration, it was offered all the money it wanted at two per cent. The ofcer was declined tjeeause it did not need the money. Now a democratic administration is borrowing again at four per cent—Indianapolis Journal. Children Cry for Pitcher's Cantorla. Why Children Krtt. The cause of Ireltuinees in children is largely owing to the exieteoce of etornach worms. These pests of childhood Inflame the lining of the stomach, which la followed by fevers, fluebed cheeks and irritable, nervous condition, which sometimes ends in spasms. The tafeat, surest and beat remedy to remove the worms is Rlne- hart's Worm Lozenges. Sold by B. F. KeesliDg and Keystone drug store. Sm»ll Hake great endings. AJlmfnts tLMweareapt to consider trivial oft^n grow, through negixt t Into arroclf'us malacies. dangerous In ificmsolves and prodnctlve of others. Itls ibe dlsregar'l of the earlier Indications of 111 bealtn which leads to the eslabllshnient or al! sorts of maladies on a chronic bisls. Mor -over, there are certain dls- order.s let Meat to thrt season, such as m;darta and E eumatlsm, against which It Is alRrijB desirable to fortify the srst^m after exi>osire lo the conditions which produce them. Colt), damp and rntom are surely counteracted or Hoswt- ter'n Stomach Bltt.T.'. A'ter joj hare lucnrred risk .'rom the?e intluences, a wlncalas-fal or iwo of Hottetter's St ma h Bitters dlrectlj- should oe Fwallowed. Yor m :lar!a, liver complaint. kldae7 arid bladder trouble, U*T' ers: *3.;»,5400 tor Fceders:^S].jOi3.S5 for Cows; | T ,asnfss and debility tt Js the most Veal Calves. I VTtteo tbe v»* t. CbiliL sius cried for Cascade Who) sue Decune JILss. abe clang to Castorfek WbMi (tie uwl CbUareo, me gmre tbem UMtortL Children Cry for Pitcher's C For that tired feeling with headache, take a few doses of Rlneh&rt'a Pille. Sold by B. F. Keeshng and Keystone drup store. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. If your child ie fretful, (five Bine- hart's Worm Lozenges. A doae or two will remove the cause, which U owing to worms. Sold bj B. F. Keef» ling and Keystone drug store.

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