Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 21, 1949 · Page 10
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 10

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 21, 1949
Page 10
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Krcry jcvcninf <£xoept Sunday) by CHB NAUQATUCK NB3W8 CORP NAUOATUCK, CONN. S228 and SM» All Departments IBotcred MM ••cond claJM matter at tb« poet office In Nauitatuak. Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable In Advance I Month ...11.80 1 Tear ....fU.60 Member: American Newepaper Pub. Aee'o K. B. Dally Newvpaper Put. An'n Conn. Newspaper Publlehera AJM'H WEDNKKDAT. DKC. 21, 1941) Wisdom And Action Trlnl of n now system of bun Btopn on North and South Miiln alreeta hus given Immediate proof that the original plan la the bettor one for u number of reasons, nnfcty belnK uuUlundlnK < among olhor». And in announcing the rever- *iofi to thn old plnn, wltli minor exception*. Pollccv Chief John J. Gorrnley htui been motivated by two factor*. Initially that con- fuxlon In thn mliuln of patronii wttfl devo.loplnK a noriouii traffic and pedestrian hazard. There was al»o the little mutter of convenience to palronB who of lalo have wondered whether they were «tandln>; on the rlj;hl corner to catch the next north-bound IJUM. In the brief period of experiment with bus stops on both sides of the bu»y Intersection, there have been too many patrons In doubt whether the next vehicle mljcht be a local or a -through noheduln from thnwouth. Too often, they were observed racing helter-skelter from one corner of the intersection to another, thoughts only for the bus that "crossed them up," Intent only on catching It and oblivious of other traffic. Obvlounly. Chief Oormloy hail tinted wisely In arriving at nn early decision to reinstate tho time-worn cuntoin of one central bun »l[)p for Uui bunoit u»»d rCKU- Inrly by commuters, whether lo^ rn.l residents or workom. Any delay In the elimination of a confusing system and the n*w system was confusing—miRht h;tve hnd scrloun consefiiiencnn. The Day Approaches Store aisles arc clogged. Salon clirrkn wear tho seasonal look of hniunnmcnl und woarlnoMa, Shop- pine thron«s overflow the alde- wnlka and rest their bundles, Kvery bunlnonn «trr;et Klowa with necklaces of lights and bracelets of everjrroen and the Incredibly pink chocks und twlnk- llnReyes of you-know-who gleam through a. hundred shop windows xpanKlcd with synthetic frost. Vacant lots have become miniature forests of npruce and hemlock. At home, shopping Is tho alibi for lute dinners. Desk lumps burn into tho night .and pens scratch steadily and piles of addressed envelopes mount into backbrcak- Iritr burdens for postmen. Its tho Week B»for« Christmas, and there's still so much to t*> done. "You coud help me a little, dear. Instead of Just criticizing." The wrapping Job In not yet completed and there are lights to bo put up and tree* to bo trimmed. And goodness known what else. Ah. well. It comes hut once n year. PAGK 10—NAVGATUCK NKWS (CONN.), WKDNEROAY, DICCI. -I, IMII Hocurlty problornH by nn independent body and, within roamiimhlu llmltii, keep tho public Informed as to.what in golntf on. Although couched In the usual- pussyfooting lanjruuj'e of the Com- mltteo for Kcononilc liijvolojimonl, thcno rarommendntlonH are pointed in Iho rb;hl. direct Ion. First Things First Military and political proposala to proHorvn American HhnrUun from foreign piirll IHI.VO bee.n offered In nunibern and variety, but what In needed In u tiound economy and govornmonl to malm them succeed. American!) cannot permit their jfovurnmont todoler- loruto In wanlo, Incompetence and noKllKenco. These aro fundamental!! about, wblrh tiin nation lit lielnjr reminded— or warned by thu CltlzimH' Commltlun on tho Hoover I'topnrt and by former Prenldanl Hoover hlmnelf. In the mimt nonpai-tliiun nonue, they rnpoat that the government atlll needs Ihe overhaul- In^ recommended hy Mr. ]|oo- vnr'n pilmllarly nnnparlliian Com- mlaulon on Organization of tho Executive Branch of the Oovern- rrmnf. Kconomy In morn honored In the breach than in tho observance when applied to ifovernmnnt. Hut Mr. Hoover nppllon II In moiit HOberlnK fimhlon by pointing out that the fedora] deficit for thu prudent fiscal year will amount to at least $8,000,000.000 and thai "It may bo much ^renter" next year. Mnyn Mr, Hoover: "Wo may bn turning two J/Vank- i IOOHO In the land, Tholr terrifying- mimes are 'Higher Taxon' and 'Inflation,' Wo aro Intor- cntcd hero In comballnj; thorn." To do HO, Mr. Hoover ursfw Immediate, government reformii which ho nald could nave nt leant $2,000,000.000 annually. AH an ox- amplo of what can be done, he paints out that «avln);n of $].000,000,000 a year already hav'o boon made In tho Defumia ]>- partmient nnd that iSrcnoliiry Johnnon bellevea I hene will nvon- lually reach $2,(lO(),00r>,owi annual- It cnnnot bn repented too often (hut. tile 1-econimeiida.llonH of lh« lloovm 1 Unpoi-l, in-,, nnllrnly nonpolltlcal. President Truman ni- timtod to (hat In n irioitiiii^o to the ClU/.itnir Committee promlti- iiiKBUpport toward producing "a hotter, more rfflrlont. ;;ovnrn- mnnl." The local Junior Chamber of Commerce ban adoplnd the Hoover Report nn a community project. Do You Remember? One Year Ago More than 300 children attended tho 3'Hh annual ChrlHtmiut parly sponsored by the Nauga- luck Acrlc of lD<ij;loH. Approximately 500 rnuldentx look part in the community carol nlnK.nt the foot of I lie hlcli «ehool ntopH, spondored by the, NEWH. 20 Years Ago Ellzobcth r.'aiiii and John Oox were outntnndlni; In J.h« play, "No Room at the Inn," prcHonled by the Nauxatuck Hlffh school senior class, William ChtUondon was mimtor of ceremonies at a danco hold In the ConKrrifatloniil Church pnrliih hoUBO, Till!: CIIKISTJV1AS KTAJt Christ miiH a« It Is today, Is very pleasant and very gay. I'eopln riinhlng Mi-nr anil far, Uniiilndful of iho Christ mini Htar. <<hlldri>ri watch ,"-!iinln full of (;!,,,, WondiM-lni', wliiil. will in: bring me Whlln Mom and Dad worry and fret, About iitrelchlrig tniinny and wbut to Kiit. No ono hi>i>dH tho ClirlntniriH Star, Hhltilng up In linavi'ii nn fur, Shining down Inlo our hciarlH, To remind IIH |n do our par!,. Ui'imimhor Cod with dully prayitr, Tu hul|) nt hern their cromi to buur. Ho, slop a moment and (;lvo a •thouirht, How Clii'lnl upon l.hlit eiirlh wan brought. Thn uplrlt of Chrldlman no rmil, no trilfT, Think what Clirlnt iniinnH to you. Wliatevnr you do und wherever you urn, Htop and praliiu (hit Clirliitniim Hlar. by K. f,. Jlrcnniin Tilt, I>lllon of 'I'niwlirlilgn pl»i<i>, one of Tim NIHVK <>»rrl<>rH, l» nn Urn wlrli I|H| din- to a <MI|I|. . .«•<! und hlh cii»t4)iin. r s hopi; lin'll n.ioii ho niiiKliijj dm roiindN ItKltln. Pnvc Mrmvn, conductor of thn Niiiigaluclt Hlrliii; CJrchisiitru, tnllii UH thnl, music: IOVIM-II In tho borough will !»• net Mm; iiMldn n. (Into in lain January or oiiily Knbrii- ury for (he Initial ,:i;n<:ert of the group. Tim Itnv, 'I'hroiloro A, Hciirndrr, pllNtnr of dm liiinillilllel Liillirrun rliurrli, attiMidnil a. ronfcriMii'o In lliirt.fiiril Miiiiday.. .all rlcrgymrn In tlii> borough am <-xiTpMonally bimy tliiw,, days grlllng all lii iTiiillni-HM for traditional < hrlnl- Too Much Secrecy It Is not difficult to follow tho lino of reasoning which the Committee for Kconomlc Development taken when it objects to a policy of "undue secrecy" in the conduct of the nnlional tJcfdnse. If security Is to cost $20,000,000.000 a year for an indefinite period, American tax payers have a right to know how their money is being apent and to decide for themselves whether all of It is being spent wisely. Otherwise the possibility of cr.->up domination of the lives and resources of tho American people will always be present and the danger exist that they become tho victims of a garrison- police state. The committee la not arguing, for revelation of everything that Is l*lng done, although a good could be presented for such a course. The Russians know about everything thai Is being done here It seems, so why not the American people? Hut the committee subscribes to the shibboleth or myth that without safeguard* micurlty becomcn Insecurity. But when It cornea to foreign aid, lend-loose, national purpose, diplomatic trends, and contemplated civilian controls it u-K-es that the government take the people into Its full confidence. Failure to do so will lead to the risk that essential freedoms will slip away from the American people without any awareness on their part. The general recommendation by the committee calls for a large Injection of civilian participation !n the defense program. Specifically U would take nonmllltary matters out of the hands of the military, create a security commission which would Include new officers of the cabinet and members of Congress, provide for a continuing study of the nation's Mrs. fJluyl, 1>«v|.i of l|||r|| Mtrnot IMlllw til let DM Illlow KIIM, .Illliniy • if (lie |). ,s. NIIV.V, urrlviKl hoiiin Monday night fur holiday lenvr. ..he'll ret u 1)1 In hlH HtorelliK'p- nr'H scliiml Htuillm ut llayoiine, N. .r., .Inn. 4. Manuel Souaa, Mtl Chi-rry nl reel, wan feted |,y |, I,, family ,, Mr | v Tuesday inornln;; wlipn lie returned from work at midnight. ...Im wan iiiirprlnnd l,y liln family )» Junior of Jiff, lilrlridoy... among thoso al lending was II|B diuifthter. Sadie, a iilndent niirsii nt Hartford llonjilta.1, hoinn for the holiday vacation this week. ItfWIIlim; llf »l> few l-llllH at, Hie Scrvlr.H for Vi'tnraiiN offien tin Moiidav nlghl.N. tlio offl<'c will lie open only on Tiii'mlity nlglil.N friini 7 tn I), Mrs. Oiiniild <;. tVniiil, ml- inliilNlrator, aiinoiiiici'N. . . ||nm<> wlNhlngtoc.all at llmofflre nlghtn will linvn to bn t.lmrn TimNilav night,. Hid WI-INM KII.VM his mm, Kti-w- nrt,, IK home from intislr nludlr.N lit, llontoii unlvernlly, hut Unit lin'd not Npendlnif t^io much tlnm lit hoiim, MO bimy IN Im reneivlng old lie(|iialntaiieeH, etc. Mr. and MrH. Jon Carlson of Mlllvillu avenue send greeting from thulr wlntcjr homo In Home- iitend, T'la... itayM .Jon, "You can hnvn thu iinow /ihovellng In Nau- catiick- wn will lake the min- Hlilnn In ti'liirldn". . . no nhovellng yet, ,lou, but we'll remember that alnte.niont. when the first rofltl Htorin iiri'lvc-H. A word of apiiriw.lntlon nomnn our way from W. Fronton! llnad- le.V, W'lio reeently rut I red nn Wor- Nhlpfiil .MiiMter of Hlmpb»rd Inilgn, No. 7H. A. K. * A. M... It'll nlcn Imiiring thoNii things Frnmont. Mrs. Raymond C. Woostor, pronl- dont of the Ladles' auxiliary of the Nniigii.tiick Detachmnnl, Marine <Jorpii Iji-ngnn, Ixtn nxpi'imiliid her IhanltH and thono of tho auxiliary to Mr. and Mm. IBarl White and family; Mr. anil Mm. Marold Dannie, Mm. Minnie Ash, Mrs. Hetty Ann rinil Joyce Ash for their work In making the family Chrliilmaii party of tha Lmigua and auxiliary wuccemiful. William I'. Carpenter, 00 High iitriM-l, Hrlntol, will Interview applicants from Naugaluck High iirhool flitnlrlng In cnmpntn for two $a,Hi«) ncholnrnhlpH to llonn- Molaor i'olytnchnlc In«lltuto, Troy, N. Y., awarded annually through the Connecticut chapter of tho Mchniil'M alumni asnoclatlnn. .. application liliLiikn mny be obtained from Principal Raymond K Foley. The Ncary A.lvortlslng Agency, i erenlly removed from Church nil-mil In :IH Main nlrnel, Hii«,;on Fnllii, will hold an "open holme" at tholr new mi.irtorn Friday nf- lernoou and uvonlng from |, (.„ H o'clock. , .thanlis to iciin Neary and ICil Lliige.nliiild for the In- vlln. Worlimini Imvn gmm to work In runicHt to build two new gaton for niilomohlli-H using thn parking lot of thi! IJ. (H, Uubbnr Co. on Church atrtwt. . .The n«w nys- tom IN expeeted to noun the traf- f In problem . . . The old follow arraigned on a charge of vagrancy had boon Plcki-d up In one of the local (MiiirclKtn lant Hunday, , .BnemB ho ha/1 a bout with a bottlo of "Hnoaliy p,.|.e," ,,,,rl|,,r In the day . ..Whim imcoHtnd by thn pollen. man, "What are you doing hnro?" • bin responHo was ready, "Isn't today Hiimlay?"..,But Patrolman -»ack Jfanley didn't think tho fellow wan In tho proper frame of mind for worship. . . Look And Learn 1. How many tablespoons nri iliilvalnnt to ono cup? 2. In what city was the flrgt notion .picture thealor opened? .'!, Wliiil. glftn did tho Thrnn Wine Men lirlng to the, Infant JeiniM? -1. What two animals have black Answers 1. Hlxtmm. a/bon AngoleH, Calif. .'(. fluid, franklnconm), and myrrh •t. 'J'he clmw dog and tho polar WALTER WINCHELL In New York "KID 1 don't think f'll go down your street, again T couldn't fn,co tho g>h<iHlii nlong the way. The troei* might. »peak of lovern In tiho rain Or whlmptir of n ihonrt that wont nMruy. A gnrditn Rato mlgiht D»ld me co-mii anew An Ivy'd porch, our cairtlo In A\n- guise A hanritmock nwlivg, jurtt. lilg nnotwh for two And mcKinllglit In n pair of laughing flfycn. "Kid Stuff!" you imld, tho tlrno I wiiiw you luwt. "We'ro older- now; but can't we still be frlondn? " Of courso, my duar. W« will forgot the pant. We've had our fun, and so — the Btory ivndii. P'»l , I,' |« j '"I---':-!- IV»l"n»; You wouldn't know; perhaps you you wouldn't onro- .. > Billy honrl! T think T loft It tihoro, — Alma. Briimbelow. Niiiinully JnhniKin ftnd l.ainar Trottl (two Hollywood OroatH) ni-n from Georgln. Darryl Zunuck (t)holr chlof at 20th OnnturyFox) run n iiMigh cut of "Pinky," o.lw>ul n gal who d:l«oov«yr» «he IB not wlilte, and nU iproduoers were Invited, to ccxmn;«mt. Jujtt 1)afare the IlHhta went. <:nit Zanuck looked around thn roam and Inquired: "Where's Nunnally and Lnjnar?" To which Oco. JiiiMdel (11®* crnckpd': "Tht-y'vc gon» to ri Klan Introduced, MM, "tho. wlnnah and ritlll hn»Jbeen!" "Ilitrdwarn xtorn robbed of four casea of BClsaors." Cerf'a back In business. Vlncont Txi|Mv/, Mln of thn hill. who checked 1 Into n midtown 'hotel. nwjiUBo of t|in water whortaifro the cleric politely linked him to rnntrlct hln bal'h- Infr to once a week. Whnl'i-o ya tryln' to do," wan thn retort, "drown mn " Monti's lino; "Ono look at O'Dwyrrr'n brldo and you know Wlwit they m«nn my Tho fjiick of tho Irlnh!" llnnry Yoilnvma.ii's wlrd: "Wltli Barkiey and O'Cwyur gutting nrui,rrlod the Democrats hnvo had a lot of rice thrown at them thin your. Instead of nvud." From tlm N. Y. .loiirnnl-Ainrsr- teun: "Wlnciholl was nrst. with the Mayor O'Dwym-JHIonn Hlmp- «»n wtoi'y almmst » ynnj- to Uin dniy they worn wed'. T J leoso don't waote any walor reviving thoBO who denied It. OvnrKoard about a phony nt the Rpney pool: "Ho affoctft that mnnnor of Importitncn thiJI gonn with fhr> unimportant." Mnry Marirnn.t Me.llrlde, Intnr- vlivwlng Carl Van Doron (Iho I'ul- Ituer Prl/e wlnnor>, inxlltfltl him why he was a writer since wrlt- Injj wa» no, difficult. "Wi-ltlnK "is very hiM'il," niiUl ho, "'but It'o hiirdor not to." "Iliintliiirton, W. V». Dnur Mr. W.: And thank you over no much for A, I in a BrumbBlow'n 'Playmates' po«mi which upipeared In our Herald Dlnpaftoh this mnrnlnir. A inore-tlmn-ii-lltUo no»- tmlwlcjiiiy r»mlnlHcont of Don Woihn. Mir*. W. F. RoWnnon." At tliii WlvrJ |.h«y worn gabbing about a fight lit Iho Oartlen tihat was BO dull the victor watt t here's llm ono about tlm bo»» who hired a psychologist nit personnel mgrr. Tho bos« sat with liltn ow ho Interviewed three appll- c«.nt« for tho Job of Girl Friday. After much questioning, the pi«y- cHologlHt turned and nald: "One of thono' girl* In extremely naive, one l« very Ku»plcdoui» and the third Is ov«r-cttutlou», WlhJoh do you want?" "Tho blondn with tho, blue oye«l" wo* the »nn|pj>i)r. ,Ix>vo I^oWor, Dop't:. Hero's, a Oo»fit-lo-Coai»t wilulo for Mayor Shaw and tho City Council '(of Ohn-rlotte, <N. C>, who came out (twinging on th* gin*, j ttw r)t the KKK. TJwiy »lopp«d thoso Inim« from wearing ma«k«. The Mayor told tho proem: "Get my remarks on tho record! Tho Klan In ii, bunch of hoort.lumiil There wont bo any Klan whim my grandchildren come along!' Hooray for Charlotte. North Cnrollnit'fl Mayor «nd City Council, who have nhown tho world how to build a bettor rat trap. "l*wr Wnlter," write. Olnm M«Carthy, tho ace race reportor. ''Ple.nHC cttim down! Roman Bsith for tho 19UO Dorby could makn rioiiBO but Fanfare for the IDM! Derbyr Boh«ve youmeiri If ho stnrts, Iho Runyon Fund gets my Clom. I mud H in Tho Gr«en- linor, a Kentucky periodical, und If Roman Bath could mako sense why not Fanfare? Itoln: "Hlrohlto rublxNl ol top Speed Photo Household Scrapbook Cough lU-lrmdy A good cough remedy can hi- made by mixing eijunl pnrln of slralnrd honey and glycnrln. and adding to this a few drops of lemon juice. Take a spoonful of this preparn- tlon wbinirver tr tublpd, JCUg ltl'Cle«iT Wring a cloth out of water, to which a cupful of vinegar and re halMnimpiiiin of nmmonln Imvn been iiddi'ii, ami go iiver yi/ur rugs with thin. It will bring out thn colorn beautifully. Ill-leli M|,,» Hrlck tlleK <'iin lie made, to look HUi! ni>w by wiiRhlng them with a cloth nntunited with vlncgni. AIIV. Oh. well. ICnnycome, oaiiygo. "Hermit, W. Va. D«or Mr. Wlncholl: Tho 8th Grade ola«H roid your arlloln on Th» Statue of .',,.(>- nrly and wo cinjoyod 11 very much, Our history toucher, Mr8. Halo, Kfivo via a quiz which wan moil helpful to IIH. Pleitnn write another on iiomo other Intereiiilii,^ l>ni't of tho U. 8. or world, li would help u» In our study of nlntory, rtonnrnary Rood." Headline: "Truman'n Party hus Brnakfanl of Onlrioh Omolot." Alwayn plokln' on tho poor n«i- publlcamt, Tlm ii«Kt Droadway thrill will bo iinothor DoiiKliiH Lolffh Bpootactilur at. 48lh Stroot. It'll be unveiled nn Now Yoar'o Evo, a 20-foot Heurch- IlKhl, which'U throw lt» bonm r.'<, inllen up. On clear nlnhts It. will bo soon from Phllly and New Haven, a great aid to pllota of planet, A I d n AlveriHc'H Interrnptlon: "Tho Chinese NatlonnllHU to have given up all flRhlliiK ux- cnpl for more U, S. dough!" .Tiu;kl« ICIIiiKon H«.V» thin yiwr Now Yorkiirn aro drnarnttiK of n Wat ChrlHimnn, Fantasy: Hy Imy Klhmon: In Russia Ivan hung up hl'i Mtocklng for CTirlBtinan. ''What do you wnnt Santa to bring you?" he wan linked. "Another stocking," wax the ri>- l>ly, "HO I <<.M\ have a pair!" llavo you hoard tho brlof liloitni- phy of an advertising oxoeuthn? Yen, Sir! No, 8lr! IJlcor! AfUtr miillnjr Mliuui SlmjwonW interview, Sam B. Gold of Jei-joy City dreamed up n, now drink, Iho O'Owyor Hwonthoart. Take ono glass of cola, rub well with Sloan's liniment. SUPER HIOH SPIED photogrnphy In ronpoiiBlblo for thin picture of n fall- Ing glan of water nt the InsUmt It struck tho floor and sent a graceful plume of water soaring upward. Wllllum R. Plant, un el«clrlc»l engineer, who developed a new photo- light that throw* • flash of light that lnHtu lor only two millionth,!! of n second, took this unusual photo "i Schenoclodv. N. Y. (International) Ono drink ur.d you're O'Uwyer than a kite. Tho column won KM first l»iilly Doubli) Tuoiidiiy n|. Trogilcnl I'arit when Polly's Delay won the 'nM nnd Swamp Son won tho second It paid $49.30 for '.!. Wu alHo had Huvnrul othnr tlrst.i and xocondn nl Tropical, but ! in- only horite that, Inlorosted IIH WUK ninr.h I'rlncit O'Vilr r;roundii. K«-w Orleans), which we iiienlloa.-ii on t)i« nlr Biinday. From thn Miami Ilernld: ''W!n- clloll mild If Klarli 1'rlnri v;,in (which It didn't i, in, would be thrilled. Ollmrwlcp he would give the credit to Knn Kllng. who .-'•:•,,. W. W. tlm T<iirk Home.'" MODERN STIQUETl^E Q. Hhould two nion nlwiiyn nhako handN whnn bulng IntroducodV A. Y«H, ulwiiyn, link'nn of runrm; clrcumnl.nncnn make It awkward to do no, It would bo very nwkwnrd to try to nhakn haridn acrimH a dinner table, nnd In thin cum;, a ploaH- ant "How do you do" IK sufficient. Q, IH one olilljf,i|,i,d to w( ,nil wml ding giflu again to a frliuid who In marrying for the. cecond time? A. Thir, IM optional, and you may Hund a gift only If you vvlnb to. Q. IH It proper (o curve the littli- finger when liolil|n|,r I IK, haiKlle of a cup? A. No; thin In nn old fanlilonml r.iiHtimi, and alwayn WIIK an affec- tat Ion. OAEBAR KRZYKOW8K1 I'ulniiir — DiMiorntor 10 MHKNJVAN ST. TK1.. 1TM5 Fr«v> KKtlnmim Ilinilruiii-ii <M "We, THE MUSIC SHOP—" ICbylliin itmi iiiimle |« fiiiiilHtncnliU , In nature. N<> miittrr In what pi-rl- j oil of hlNtory you Htiidy mankind, you bump Into thn inimical exprr.- Kli.ii <if Unit (M-rtoil. Thi- cultural li'vi-l of n ({Ivi-ii hUi.irl<-al ilmi- may be Urii:«ly ili-U-ritilm<d hy what nniHli; W | W played, |lnU-nn<l Ui or IIIIIK nt thai Itmp. All i«.-,,H,. In,vi. » t,»turi,l hniiKrr t'tr rhythm m>,| mn.leiU Hound* Iht< aborlgliuifr,, n n ,| v ,. ry j. olln|t rl.llilre.i u>o pure rhytbm. A» thn <iiltiiriil I..V.-I if row.. t|i^ nwl for bi-tti-r miiHlr dovrlopH. JiniiKltn. llvinif j n w world wlth- iiiit miiRlr. No mnro niimlr ),, i iiui-<-ni<K, IIHIX |IHI, riullo, ri<ron|< limn ,-ul limtrumntiU. . . No i.ion. IIHiHlc of the klnxliiK bird* und In- NfW tNGI-AND S PtfgQLCUM STQBHf BUNKER Fuel Oil Ohriatmag GHfti for the Homej Water Heaters Kitchen Sinks How About Your POWDER ROOM? Gco. Wiggleswort & Son. Inc. Muplo St. * To). 6263 24 Hour Service |i « i SANTOS OEttKHAl. KKi-Ajllt'5 Ruilluloi-», HntHtrlr* Washing Machines. Haby lUnynlnii, Roldnrln^ ^VVVN MOVVKUH HIIAKI *B» Illlbbcr A»». I'hiinr. «!!77 nonv WORK Coinplnlc I'nlnMnc Facllltlmi mid Tntvlnc Knrvlno Itudgnt Man Avallabl* The Naurratuck Tuel Co. FOltl) DKAIxKK I'huiui 5ZM Mcz/Jo's Otfcr*:— Oomflttr nnk* Hurrlii*, Wk*«i « ••nt la* Wk»«| I^UnrlM. rrmi • B»y*lrln«. Kadlttor Ho.rnii rhmklaf r.iln* tin mvicitMioK nni»E. T*I> •»» Walcrbur 4 slJ Dependable n* I' 1 '!!- t.lic. woiniin you love llii.s ('lirisl mils, l);iiui, tin- innstcr lt!!', lll'I'lTS tlll'SI' fll'pllll, 'rilllll-Siri-tlll-il tnill-tl-icM. PurfmiK! $"J.i")0 In ))il7.,"i(); Cologne ^13,00 lo $10.00; J'JuUl Oil $'2.00; Son)) i(!2.00 (liox of I!); Hoily Sni-lir-1, JlOgllllll- $1,50, l)cl;U,Xi- ^:l.l)0; J>i|islii'l( ItcK'iilnr $1.ri(l. DcLoxo $2.50; Pncc Powder iji1.7.""> full prices, except KO«]>, pllIM tux). NIlo'H uhvilVH \viuitcd lo lie "lip loe" \\-illi ;ln- "forbidden fi'iiKi'imt'.o, nnd lliei-e's no In-iier lime limn \'O\V ; Toitetries Dept. . . . Main Floor

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