Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on December 27, 1982 · 8
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 8

Chicago, Illinois
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Monday, December 27, 1982
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bireefoff Saction 1Page 22 (fhifaO (Tribune Monday, December 27, 1982 todays 10 World IS K A IX AND Ltb U1 kegia direct negotiations Tuesday on removing Uracil foree from Lebanese territory, reports from bun smIb said Sunday. As Israeli Detente Minister Ariel feharoa arned that Lebanon must not hold "a stopwatch" on Israel's withdrawal, an attack was launched on the Israeli civil affair office in Suit, a coastal crty miles south U Beirut. Gunmen firing rocket propelled grenade and automatic rifles killed lour Israeli soldiers and wounded Six. rage 1 TEL AVIV The polk skwtiag of a slum dweller has led to round of violence In Israel's largest city and prompted public fears that tension between Judaism's two main ethnic groups Is "showing Us ugly face" again. The trouble were triggered by the city's demolition of a slum dwelling and the shooting, but behind them lies festering resentment between groups loosely labeled A&hkenazim, Jews of European origin, and the Asian-descended Se-phardim. Page WASHINGTON A Lithuania geologist who was sentenced to Internal exile in the Soviet Union says he routinely saw political prisoners among the forced-labor gangs working in Russia's natural-gas fields Stats Department officials say iidervirtts with the gwWia have provided the first reliable eyewitness account that has reached the United States of the u of forced labor m the Soviet gas pipeline that will go to Western Europe. fsge t WASHINGTON For lb tbis time to nine years the United Slate is preparing to make an overture toward taking up relations with the Communut government of Albania. The plan now under consideration is to propose, together with Britain and France, negotiations on a return of more than IM million in gold to Albania in exchange for its agreement to settle claims with the three countries. Page WASHINGTON Preside! Reagan, marking the third anniversary of the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan, said Sunday the occupation was not a success and urged Moscow's new leaders to work toward a peaceful solution. 'The United States does not intend to forget these brave people and their struggle," he said. Page It WARSAW five top Solidarity leader arrested for sedition against Poland's Communist regime vowed in a statement obtained Sunday to "continue the fight for the rights of our union" from behind prison bars. The statement came In a handwritten communique smuggled ( 'Ay r ti Anel Sharon: Israeli defense minister says talk with Lebanon beginning Tuesday will be aimed at forming a "corridor to a peace treaty. The most important thing is to arrive ai normalization ." out of Warsaw's Bialoleka Prison, where the five are being held. It was dated Dec. 10, two days before the announcement that martial law will be suspended on Dec. 31. p j Nation DENVER Across the country. In church shelters, In abandoned buildings, in broken-down cars with license plates from distant places, the tide of homeless Americans is rising. They make up a swelling tribe of nomads, victims of an often-broken dream that a Job and home await them In the next city, if only they could get there. "The problem is dire, and it is getting worse," said Robert M. Hayes, head of the National Coalition for the Homeless in New York. Page 1 LOS ANGELES FUm and television stars are among those turning to self-help groups modeled after Alcoholics Anonymous but targeting cocaine. A major film star, several character actors and actresses, a veteran movie director, screen writers and studio executives were among about 50 people who met in a Hollywood screening room for a re cent session, the Los Angeles Times said Sunday. MEMPHIS A newspaper photograph led to a double helping of Christmas joy for Don Pape a reunion with his mother, who he thought was killed In en Alaska avalanche 46 years ago, and a crosscountry conversation with a son he hadn't seen since World War II. Page 10 SALT LAKE CITY Doctors and community leaders are planning to honor medical pioneer Barney Clark, who is gaining strength each day after getting an artificial heart. Clark, however, seemed more interested Sunday In eating food than making history. Last week, the cum-, bersome respirator tubes were re- filaced with a tracheotomy tube, Blowing Clark to eat. MOIST AIR from Mexico collided with the remnants of the Rocky Mountain blizzard Sunday, coating New Mexico and western Texas witn more than a foot of snow and creating flash floods in Louisiana. In southern Illinois, flood waters that left about 20 people homeless in Dongola in Union County receded Sunday, but residents braced for the possibility of renewed flooding as a new line of thunderstorms moved toward the state. A flash-flood watch was issued for the southern, central and northeast portions of Illinois, which were hit by storms Thursday and Friday. Page 16 HALSTEAD. Kan. A small Kansas hospital has decided that the best way to sidestep tough federal guidelines is to Ignore them. Beginning in January, Halstead Hospital will offer free room and board to patients admitted for diagnostic testing, a practice frowned on by federal health-care programs. Hospital officials said they are offering the service to avoid difficulties in collecting charges for room and board from diagnostic patients' insurance companies. Page 14 Citysuburbs A DOZEN lluaoi tmuuie nay lose 13 federal highway funding and be blocked from constructing new factories if the Reagan adminik-tratuxt strictly enforce a Dec. 31 deadline on clean sir standards, stale and federal environmental official said Sunday. John Muraro, spokesman fur the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, said counties surrounding the Chicago, the East St. Louis and possibly the Decatur-Peoria metropolitan areas could be subjected to sanction. Paget ON PAPER, black aad HU panic group won a victory over the Chicago City Council in the redisricting case that ended last week wiin court -ordered change in trie city's ward boundaries, but when the final judgment came in, the "winners" were disappointed and the "losers" exultant. Page 1 THE RECENT tranufbrmalioa of Blue Cross Blue Shield Into mutual insurance company, freeing the health-care firm from state rate regulation, will lead to higher Insurance rates for the elderly, critics of the company say. Page IS DOROTHY McGARRY had eyed the Christmas-tree angel with Its white flowing gown at Marshall Field & Co.'s State Street store before Christmas, but the $80 price tag had put the ornament out of her range. So when she made her traditional Dec. 26 trek Sunday, she headed straight for Field's Trlm-A-Tree shop. Page 15 CHRISTMAS NIGHT turned to tragedy when an Addison father and his two daughters were killed in a bizarre auto accident apparently caused by vandals. The accident occurred shortly after 11 p.m. when a van was catapulted into the air and crashed down on a station wagon after striking a concrete-filled, 3-foot-high milk can that had been left in the road. Killed were Richard Steinmetz, 40, and his daughters, Amy Lois, 10, and Colleen ReNee, 7. Page 15 FORTY-FIVE Chicago-area cultural institutions and community organizations will receive a total of $1.8 million from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Among the cultural groups, the biggest beneficiaries are the Museum of Science and Industry and the 4 7: :.'; J'" p-" ,- '- " ' Mr Tnouna pnoo By Amu W An airline passenger waits with his luggage and ski bag at a ticket counter at O'Hare International Airport Sunday. As some travelers attempt to return from snowbound airports in the West, others are coping with a crush of traffic as they head for ski country. Newberry Library, which will receive 345,000 each. Page 15 JAMES LEWIS, the Tylenol extortion suspect, is to be moved to Chicago from New York on Wednesday, according to plans being prepared by U.S. marshals' offices in the two cities. Lewis, 36, who has been held in New York since his arrest there Dec. 13, signed a waiver of rights in U.S. District Court in New York, clearing the way for extradition to Chicago. Page 17 A SUSPECT in the murders of a former Loyola University associate-professor and two other men surrendered over the weekend to police in Tennessee, saying he was r'tired of running," authorities said. Tony Wells West, 27, of Trlon, Ga., was wearing a bracelet belonging to Charles L. Scudder, 56, the former Loyola medical school Instructor, when he was picked up Saturday near the Georgia-Tennessee state line, investigators said. p ge 14 Sports ANAHEIM, Calif. Walter Payton gained 104 yards to become only the fourth man in National Football League history to surpass the career 10,000 mark while pacing the Bears 3-5 to a 34-26 victory over the Los Angeles Rams 1-7. Payton, who carried 20 times, now has 10,095 in his eight-year career. Only Jim Brown, with 12,312, O.J. Simpson 11,236 and Franco Harris 10,823 have more rushing yards. Rams quarterback Vince Ferragamo passed for 509 yards, the second highest total in NFL history. Bears quarterback Jim McMahon com-, pleted 18 passes in 28 attempts for 280 yards and two touchdowns. ' Sec. 4, pg. 1 , TOM LYSIAK scored a goal and collected two assists, and the Black - Hawks earned their sixth straight victory, a 7-4 triumph over the St. ' Louis Blues. The largest home crowd in the franchise's 56-year history 20,345 saw the Hawks earn their 24th victory of the year against 'just 5 losses and 6 ties. Sec. 4, pg. 1 "ATLANTA Lynn Dickey pitched the Green Bay Packers Into the National Football League playoffs for the first time In 10 years. Dickey connected with James Lofton on touchdown bombs covering 80 and 57 yards as the Packers smashed the Atlanta Falcons 38-7. Sec. 4, pg. 3 ST. LOUIS Quarterback Neil Lomax connected with Roy Green on an 8-yard touchdown pass with 27 seconds left go give the Cardinals a 24-21 victory over the New York Giants and put St. Louis into the playoffs. , - Sec. 4, pg. 5 Almanac On Dec. 27. 1822, French scientist Louis Pasteur was born. : In 1845, Chicago's first steam-powered press was set up in the offices of the Chicago Democrat. In 1900, prohibitionist Carry Nation staged her raid on a saloon in Wichita, Kan. In 1901, actress Marlene Dietrich was born in Berlin. In 1927, "Show Boat," the musical written by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein II, opened in New York. In 1932, New York's Radio: City Music Hall opened. t ' In 1945, foreign ministers of Britain, the United States and the Soviet Union met in Moscow and called for a provisional democratic government in Korea. : In 1949, Queen Juliana of the Netherlands signed an act granting sovereignty to Indonesia after nearly 350 years of Dutch rule. ' In 1972, Australia ended its involvement in the Vietnam War. ; In 1973, William Simon, the federal energy chief, announced that the government had set up a standby system to ration gasoline if the ener- l gy crisis worsened. In 1977, former CIA Director William Colby told House investigators that his agency's efforts to mold world opinion had led to occasional false news reports in the U.S. In 1981, Warsaw radio announced that meat rations would be reduced for all Poles other than manual workers. HERMAN Business EMPLOYERS ARE lolnln em ployees in becoming disenchanted with the practice of employee performance appraisals. The reason: An increasing number of companies are being sued over alleged discrimination resulting from their appraisal systems. 1 . Sec. 4, pg. 8 i PRELIMINARY SIGNS point to 1 a modest economic recovery in the United States and Western Europe, the Conference Board said. The business-sponsored research group warned, however, that the recovery j indications were "spotty, rather than vigorous and pervasive." Sec. 4, pg. 8 THE TRUCKING industry has won its long-sought goal of being . able to operate bigger and heavier trucks on the nation's main highways. The victory was realized, however, only at the cost of sharply higher use and excise taxes for the industry. Sec. 4. pg. 8 LED BY STEEL Industry negotiations, 1983 will be an unusually busy year in the collective-bargaining arena. In the troubled steel industry, demands for union concessions appear UKeiy to trigger a strike. In addition to steel, con-, tracts covering about 3.6 million workers will expire next year. ' Sec. 4, pg. 9 GENEROUS MEDICAL insur- -ance coverage has been considered a mainstay of corporate employee benefit programs. But rising health care costs are prompting many companies to cut back on such coverage or to increase the share of costs that employees must bear. Sec. 4, pg. 9 "If I didn't love you I wouldn't eat this, would. I?" : Opinion THANKS TO Congress' inaction, the nation's bankruptcy system today becomes an unholy mess, Re- E' lacing the 1978 bankruptcy law the upreme Court declared unconstitu-t- (.ional must be the first order of .-'business for the new Congress. And one approach that should be explored would be, to make bankruptcy judges "adjuncts" of district courts, the status federal magistrates have today. This would preserve in the district , courts the power that the Constitution reserves to judges with life tenure while allowing them to act in a supervisory role. , ': : :. An editorial on Page 20 SEN. JESSE Helms 12-day filibuster against the 5-cent-a-gallon gasoline tax hike was a disgrace that jeopardized the special session of Congress and wounded Mr. Helms severely. An editorial on Page 20 Index News Sec. 1 Joan Beck 20 Editorials 20 Bill Granger 2 INC. , 22 Dick Locher 20 Mary McGrory . . . . . .... 21 Obituaries ; 18,19 Classified ads begin The Observer . . .... 20 Perspective ....... . .21 William Raspberry 21 Andy Rooney 21 Wayne Stayskal 21 Weather 16 Feminique Sec. 2 Places to be 5 Savvy 4 Street smarts 6 on page 7, Sec. 2 Tempo Sec. 3 Bridge ........ a ........ 20 Joyce Brothers z. . . ... 6 Comics'. 20,21 Crossword puzzle 21 Dear Abby i 10 Bob Greene .1 Horoscope 20 How to keep well . .-. , ... 10 Movie ads . .... 16,17 News for you .2 - TV and Radio . . ... ... 17-19 Sports Sec. 4 Notes....; ..j,.. .7 Scoreboard .6 Bob Verdi .1 Business Sec. 4 . Business Ticker. V. ....... 8 Carol Kleiman . 9 Sam Smith .....8 : Jim Strong 9 Gold & Sneed Nee We don't know what the folks who have to pay for New Year's Eve revelry are planning, but President and Nancy Reagan will count down to midnight, as they have for years, at the lavish Palm Springs, Calif., estate of their chums Lee and Walter Annenberg. It's always a posh evening, with Lee begging her guests not to divulge the evening's events to the media before or after. ... Of course if you have a spare $600, that's the tab for the New Year's Eve festivities for two at Regine's in New York, where dinner begins with Beluga caviar and smoked salmon and includes a bottle of champagne but does not include tax and tip! ... . If you're a charitable soul, buy a $2,900-a-person ticket to the Dec. 30-Jan. 2 "Party of the Century" on the Venice Simplon-Orient Express that includes bidding farewell to the old year at Maxim's in Paris and saying hello to baby '83 in Venice. Of that fee, $500 goes to the American Cancer Society. And if you wish to take the Concorde to your Paris starting point, add what the invitation lists as a "$3,300 per person Concorde supplement." The departure is from New York so the trip there is extra, too ... . You can always just stay home and listen to WGN's live 15-minute radio countdown to midnight that will include a greeting by Mayor Jane Byrne and specially selected music to accompany the fireworks displays in 15 neighborhood parks plus the one at Wacker Drive and Michigan Avenue where herroner will be. Looping Chicagoland . . . Attorney Richard Berland, son of real estate tycoon Abel Berland, won a $350,000 settlement in a malpractice suit for client Gary Sanchez. Berland hopes this will illustrate to other Hispanics that there is recourse for them in the event of injuries or wrongdoing. . . . Among the 45 organizations that will benefit from $1.8 million in 1 grants from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to Chicago-area cultural and community organizations are the Steppenwolf, Victory Gardens, North Light Repertory, Organic, Imagination and Wisdom Bridge theaters; CinemaChicago; DuSable Museum of Afro-American History; Hubbard Street Dance Co.; MoMing Dance Co.; Orchestra, of Illinois; and Ravinia Festival . V . The Hyatt Lincolnwood is spending $350,000 for a new indoor pool, whirlpool and lounge - area to create a tropical atmosphere all year long .... Adlai Stevenson aide Phil O'Connor said the core of Stevenson's petition for a vote recount is in briefs based on the 1943 case of "Flake vs. Pretzel." Whatever happened to ? ? ? Actress Asa Maynor, best known to moviegoers for costarring in "Under the Yum Yum Tree" with Jack k Lemmon and with Warren Beatty in "Promise Her ' Anything," to tube watchers for hundreds of TV roles and to celebrity seekers as the one-time wife of Edd "Kookie, Kookie, lend me your comb" Byrnes, now is a TV producer. She helped put together "Babe," the TV movie based on the life of Babe Didrikson, and now "Another Woman's Child," a CBS-TV movie she produced herself, costarring Linda Lavin and Tony LoBian-co, will hit the air Jan. 19. It's about step-parenting and whether it means the end of a marriage or the beginning of a family. Does she miss acting? "Not really. As a producer I get to work dressed. In all of those old TV " O II -R . ...y Maynor Byrnes Franchi shows I always played the other woman and that meant not completely clothed. Of course by today's standards I was overdressed!" she told INC. Maynor is divorced from Byrnes but says they're "still good friends. We have a 17-year-old, Logan, who has offers to be a pro tennis player or an actor. Smart kid he wants to be a lawyer." Star tracks ... It's true that Mary Tyler Moore and Steve Martin have been seen out together, but only in L.A. so far. Her New York heart still Delongs to that 31-year-old cardiologist, pardon the pun. A Moore friend says, "Mary's having a good time playing the field and isn't serious about anyone, and doesn t want to be at the time." . . . Sergio Franchi, as tipped in INC., landed the lead role in the touring production of "Nine" that should play here in late summer or early fall . : . Three cheers for former Morton Grove actor Timothy Scott, who is a smash hit on Broadway in "Cats." The 27-year-old plays Mr. , Mestofeeles, the Magic Cat, and his singing and incredible dancing have been getting standing ovations, not to mention film and TV offers to act and choreograph . . . . Rumor has it that Perry Como is considering retiring in 1983. You mean he hasn't already? . . . "Saturday Night Live" performer Eddie Murphy reportedly will be paid $1 million for costarring with Dan Aykroyd in "Trading Partners" (originally "Black and White"), his second movie for Paramount .... "Ronald Reagan has it easy," says Joan Rivers. "Not like George Washington, who didn't have a previous administration to blame." All in the family ... Trevor George of Penarth, Wales, is really mad at his wife, Lynette. When he proudly named their new daughter after 20 of the world's greatest soccer players-Jennifer, Edson Arantes do Nascimento (Pele), Jair-zinho, Rivelino, Carlos-Alberto, Paulo-Cesar, Brietner, Cruyff, Greaves, Charlton, Best, Moore, Ball, Keegan, Banks, Gray, Francis, Brooking, Curtis, Toshack, Law George Lynette sat down and cried. Then she canceled the registration, renamed the baby Jennifer Anne George and went home to mother. "I'm more angry about her changing the names than about her leaving, ' the distraught George said. "She can stay where she is if that's what she's going to do." "IF 4 t "(it ' I1 v V -. 1982 Martha Swopei Timothy Scott as Mr. Mestofeeles in "Cats" INC.lings . Chicago's Rotary One, of Rotary International, telecast its Christmas party via satellite on closed circuit to Rome, Italy's Rotary headquarters, where hundreds of members heard maestro Franz Benteler and his Royal Strings fiddle Christmas carols American style. Now Benteler has received a cable from the Italian Rotary saying it wants to bring his Royal Strings over to perform in Rome next March .... Monday birthdays: Martin Milner, 51; and Sting owner Lee Stern, 56 ... . The annual March of Dimes Snowball Softball Tourney will be Jan. 22-23 in Lincoln Park, with Dan Bacin hosting the trophy presentation on the 23d in his Bacino's on North Lincoln Avenue .... The tables and chairs will be moved out of Park West Wednesday for a "Holiday Fitness Workout" cosponsored by Flash-Flash Fitness Center and JAM. Twelve instructors and lots of music will help you work off those extra holiday pounds. . . . Former Chicagoan Bruce Travis reports a flower shop in Maui, Hawaii, called . "Center for Performing Plants." Fleeced ... A San Francisco clothing shop's Christmas window boasted "Fleece Navidad," with celebrity sheep Wooly Nelson, Roberta Flock, Jose Fleeciano, and Angela. Lamsbury depicted In the display. (

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