Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 22, 1962 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 22, 1962
Page 2
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Two Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune JOSEPHINE LOWMAN Color of Hat Should Be Keyed to Your Complexion When buying a hat' a .woman should remember that it is the item of apparej she wears closest to her face. For this reason the color of a hat is extremely important and should be keyed to her complexion, just as her makeup is. Rich black, brown or bright- toned hats are marvelous tot the fair to medium complexions. On the other hand, olive-toned or suntanned skin may look drab under black. Women who 'have this complexion are most flatler- ed by hats in white, beige or vivid hues. Now for a few general rules. The very. pale, alabaster complexion is nattered by any color except white. The..fair-complexioned woman can wear any color hat. If you have 'a ruddy complexion, stay away from reds and orange. You will" find that blue, green, black, gray and beige hats will become you. Needs BrigW Colors The olive skin is enhanced by all bright, clear colors 'and beige and white. Avoid black and brown and muddy green hats. I am sure you often have been startled by seeing a tiny woman wearing a great big hat. Before buying, always stand up and look at yourself in a full-length mirror. This is the only' way to get the whole picture of how you and your hat look together. The small woman needs added height and she .can achieve this by wearing hats with moderately tall crowns if the width of the hat .does not overpower her frame. Tall women can cut their height •with wide brims.- A woman whose Almanac "By United Press International Today is Tuesday, May 22, the 142nd day of the year with 223 to follow .in 1962. The moon is approaching its last quarter. The morning stars are Jupiter, Mars and Saturn. The evening stars are Venus and Mercury. On this day in history: In 1807, formei Vice President Aaron Burr went on trial for "•treason" in Richmond, Va. He was acquited the 'following August. In 1856, Congressman Preston Brooks of South Carolina savagely beat Charles Sumner of Massachusetts in the Senate chamber because of Sumnor's attacks on the South. ' • In 1943, Soviet Russia a n - nounced the dissolution of the Communist -International (Comin- tern), founded in 1919 to promote •world revolution. In 1953, President Eisenhower signed the controversial tide lands oil bill, guaranteeing coastal states the rights to-all minerals in submerged lands within their historic boundaries. A thought for the day: Plato said: "Human nature cannot know the mystery of an art with out experience." There are x general rules lo follow when buying a hat. 'igure is slocky needs a bulky lat wilh height, but should avoid deeply cupped brims. Think of Wardrobe Unless you have an unlimited amount of. money to spend, it is .mportant lo consider your en- iire wardrobe when selecting a ist or Iwo. A few attractive hats can make a small wardrobe ol clothes seem much more varied and exciting. A lightweight wool suit wilh simple 'and classic lines can double for daytime and informal evening wear. The change from more tailored accessories can ANN LANDERS Freckleface Panics When Eyes of Texas Are on Him Dear Ann Landers: I am a girl vho will be 11 years old in 10 months. I like ,a boy in my room t school. He has freckles, red lair and a nice .smile. All' the ;irls think he is very cute. Whenever I look at him he starts to eat writing paper,. erasers, or the lead out of his 'pencil. Yesterday he ate. v up his English^ lomework before IB realized what ie was doing. My. mother says t's because he ikes me and when ; look at him he jets nervous. She says I should do lim a favor and stop looking at lim. I like him best of atl and I don't want to look at anyone else, Miss Banders. But I'm afraid he'll get sick from all the junk he is eat- ng. What shall I dO?-*-TEXAS 3IRL Dear Girl: Your mother is probably right. Freckleface is self-conscious when the eyes of Texas are ipon him. As a contribution to lis general health, I suggest you r ind' fewer occasions to look at Dear Ann Landers: I married for ,'the second time five years ago. My husband hates my 21- year-old 'son who is away at college. When the boy comes home for vacations the cold war begins. It goes on until he leaves. I'm dreading it already. I don't want to take sides, but I must tell you that my husband never misses an opportunity to belittle the boy. My son has tried to be pleasant and friendly but he has been met by a wall of icy silence so many times he has given make the difference. Add a frivolous hat, some costume, jewelry and a pair of high heels and you are ready for any occasion which does not call for an evening gown Yes, hats can make a magic difference and their color is so important. If you would like to have my leaflet, "Clothes lo Fit Your Figure and Your Personality," send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request for leaflet No. 54 to Josephine Lowman in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow. "Oh My, We Must Exercise Even Our Blood Vessels!" (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1962) Total newspaper advertising expenditures in. the U.S. in 1961 amounted to $3,629,000,000 in 1961, more than the combined total of television, radio, magazines, and outdoor. (McCann-Erickson Preliminary Estimates.) up. I have a fine job and pay for the boy's college, his clothes and allowance. My husband doesn'l spend one dime on him. AH I ask is that my husband treat my son civilly. He reads your column every day. I pray you' will have the wisdom to touch his heart. —ALWAYS SHAKING Dear Shaking: After, five years of marriage if. YOU are unable to "touch his heart" I certainly don't expect to do it in a single letter. Your husband's hostility tpwarc your son probably has nothing to do with what is right or wrong with the boy. It could be a reflec lion of his own feelings of inade quacy. He resent your closenesi to your son and views him a: competition for your affections. Soon your son will be out on hi, own and away from home ( hope). Encourage him to lead an independent life and then you should .concentrate on making your marriage work. Best TV for you— best for Logansport, too! at $30 per family savings The H & B proposal for M Cable TV service to Logansport is by far the best of any of the offers made to the Logansport City Council. And this is at it should be, for H & B is the LARGEST OPERATING CORPORATION in the entire field. H & B serves almost 68,000 homes, business-places, schools and hospitals today, and is growing by leaps and bounds. We believe in the long range wisdom of providing the maximum possible service at the lowest possible cost—for Cable service is not a rich man's service—it must -be priced so EVERYONE CAN ENJOY its wonderful pictures and musio. Did any other applicant offer an installation for less than $2.0.00? Did any other applicant offer you a FREE TWO-WEEK TRIAL with no strings attacher? Did any other applicant warrant that it would give you LOCAL TELEVISION PROGRAMS of priceless value to the culture of Logansport? There is one applicant that unquestionably stands out as the logical choice' to give you service—and that applicant is H & B—many times , larger than the others. Communications •••••• Corporation Logansport, Indian H B Write To Post Office Box 38 Dear Ann Landers: ' Of course can't discuss this with anyone I' now. The reason will be obvious you when you hear the prob- m. - , . . , • v . Several married couples in our owd have a club which meets /ery month. We all pay -dues. wice a year the group takes an ut 'of town excursion and we ave a ball with .the funds that ve been collected. I was recently named treasurer ' the .club. The former treasurer iid the books were "balanced nd there was no surplus in the easury. Figures are my hobby last night I did something that i one but a nut would have done. went over the ledger item by em and re-figured everything, I s.covered a substantial sum ould have been left'over from st year. The money is not in the ank. What shall I do?-UNEASY Dear Uneasy: Invite the past easurer to' go over the books ith you in order to "help you nderstand his system." Make no oint of the missing money. Mere- ask him for the missing bank ook. I'm sure he'll come up with I funds promptly. If alcohol is robbing you or imeone you love of-health and gnity,' send for ANN LANDERS' ooklet, "Hahp For The Alcohol," enclosing with your request Ic in coin and a long, self-ad- ressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers'will be glad to help ou with your problems. Send lem to her in care of this news- aper enclosing a stamped, self- ddressed envelope. •' Copyright 1962, ' Field- Enterprises, Inc. Today's Home A dishwasher may seem like luxury, "but only until you have ne. Then it becomes a necessi- /," ' the women . agreed. Note,: he new dishwashers do pots and ans and dishes need not be pre- insed. In selecting, a' .washing ma- hine, as in a refrigerator, the ad- anlages of size are obvious; the arger models will'handle biggei oads, including good-sized cotton ugs. The washer also shouk ave-a choice of water tempera- ures, water levels, speeds or'ac- ,on, and good filtering action. When buying both washer anc ryer, most tiomemakers advise eparate models rather than a :ombination. Good Books Early Christian Art. The Late Ionian- and Byzantine Empires rom the Third to the Seventh tenturies, by W. F. Volbach (Hary N. Abrams, Int., $25):-A pan- srama of architecture, sculpture, rescoeii and mosaics from the aaiiy i:enturies of the Christian era. Prof. Volbach's text and 258 'i-illiant photographs, 34 in full color, : by Prof. Max Hirmer, at- est that early Christian art was product :d under the stimulus of superior -creative impulse that ,vas felt from Ravenna to Constantinople. Treasures of the Vatican, in reduced by Deoclecid Redig de Campos. Text by Maurixio Cal- vesi. Translation by .James Em mons (World $27.50):" An armchair For you because they ore 10 comfortable in ihe shoes that mado comfort popular— You'll enjoy a fitting such as you havo never before ex-> periencod. MILLER Barefoot Freedom America's Most Atttaellvt Cwtfori At Advatiisad in Today's Health & RM Magazines Mako periodic visits to your Doctor CO/VVBS I "Your Friendly Shoe Store" 407 E. Broadway SKYLINE II CROSSWORD PUZZLE Answer to Yesterday's Pu«l« ACROSS 1-Bevura'ge 4-A continent (abtr.) S-Whteli teeth 11-Enyoy la-Iterate 15-LUjntd measure (ablir.) 16-I-Iat ' orna.menls 18-SymboI for nickel JS-Exc.'lamation 2J.-Mn.ture 22-Icelandic . writing- , 24-Brniilllan estuary 2G-Repetitlon '' 2g-Pad4Ie ' 2S-Choose 31-Nn.rrate 33-Note or scale IM-Pro-phet ' S6-C10('ik face SB-Distant itiea sure ' Cabbr.) 40-MunIcal instrument 42-'P]!wo (or combat <5-Ele.;trined particle 47-Bairaeuda 49-Plattorm EO-Olrh'a name 62-UmiBual 64-Pretlx: . down EC-Spanish art! cle SB-Chief officer .Bo-Symbol lor 1 calisium fil-Neirates 63-Pus'hes 65-Remalns at .ease fift-Gonjimction 67-Worm DOWN 1-Hls-h mountain. 2-J3eE-.dIy 3-For exampla (abbr.) 4-Heuvenly body B-Norse pods (i-Welcome* 7-Tjamprey 8-Part ol church !)-Note of scale 10-Heelless shoe '~ 12-Near 14-Crown 17-Bleml8h 20-War god 2H-Note oC'scala' 24-Hebrew letter 25-Oieiius of maples 27-lamb's pen name 30-G,ol£ mounds 32-Kat of swine 115-Ov empower 37-Conduct 38-DiHCharged 39-Laboroi' 41->iard of • hearlnff •13-Femalo •• 57-Soak relatives 58-Propositlon 4.1-Conjmretlon no-Beaut ot nTtoi? ' bill-den •IS-'Gock ol hair M-CompaM 61-Saered bull P° lnl i 53-Revbrbei'a- -• 64-Brother of Hon Oflln 2 3 X6 30 13 7 8 63 53 ». (10 37 EJatr. by- United Feature Syndicate, Inc. tour of the masterpieces and lesser art works in St. Peter's basilica, the Vatican museum, galleries, grottoes and palaces., Paintings, sculpture, illuminated manuscripts, mosaics and drawings are presented here in magnificent.col- )r pictures and in black and white. Madame Ambassador, by Anne Guthrie (Harcourt, Bruce & World $3.75): A short biography of Mrs, Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit, If/fan diplomat and, sister of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Miss Guthrie, an American, has written a fast-moving story of the life • of -this busy, beautiful anc fascinating woman. The. book was designed for young people of 14 and up but adults will find it interesting too. Read the Want Ads! STATE OU'EN MOM. thru FRt. 6:30 P.M. SAJ^SUN. 1P.M. LAST TilMES TODAY "IVANHOE" AT 7:15 "KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TAfllE" AT 9:15 STARTS TOMORROW ELVIS HITS THEROaDTO LAUGHTER MID HirSflHEWHIGH IN ROMANCE! ELVIS HEADS iPORTlHt TCM TEN WITH: "Follow ,, ,^ Thar Dream" L "Angel" "Sound Advice" "I Am Not The Marrying Kind "What A Wonderful Life" EU/IS P«fSLILV FOLLOW SHOWS AT 7:15 and 9:15 DREAM Tuesday Evening, May 22, 1361 MISTER BREGER "Try being home a little more: often—maybe he'll remember you better . . . ." Food For Americans Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Now that asparagus is in the market, let's try two good recies: 'RESH ASPARAGUS AND PEAS (Asparagus en Petit Pois) (6 servings) '/2 pounds fresh asparagus 1 cup shelled fresh peas %-inch boiling water in saucepan teaspoon salt /1G teaspoon ground black pepper !4 teaspoon basil leaves 1 teaspoon chopped fresh parsley 1 tablespoon butter or margarine Wash asparagus and cut the reen tender portion into ] ,4-inch crosswise slices. Leave tips whole. Place in a saucepan with fresh peas. Add boiling water and salt. Bring to boiling point and boil 5 minute:!. Cover and cook 3 minutes or until lender. Drain, if necessity, and toss lightly with butter >r margarine. Serve hoi. FREiiH ASPARAGUS WITH BRO'iVNED BREAD CRUMBS SAUCE (4 servings) Vz cup butter or margarine Mi cup soft stale bread crumbs 1 teaspoon minced green onion t(ips or chives % teaspoon salt 1/16 le.ispoon ground black pepper ,V/2 poi.nds fresh asparagus, cook- e-1 Melt butter or margarine. Add bread crumbs, green onion or chives, salt and black pepper. Saute .until butter and crumbs are browned. Serve over hot cooked fresh asparagus. AMOUNT SAUCE!: '/a cup. Notice of Private Sale of Real Estate STATE OF INDIANA) IN THE CASS CIRCUIT COURT COUNTY OF CASS ) SS: APRIL TERM 1962 IN THE MA1TER OF THE ESTATE) CAUSE NO. P 61-68 ' OF ) WILLIAM D. SHILLING, Deceased ) Notice is hereby given that the Farmers and Merchants Stale Bank, Administrator of the Estate of William D. Shilling, deceased, pursuant to an order of the Cass Circuit Court entered on the 21st Jay of May, 1962. will offer for sale at private sale at the Farmers and Merchants Slale Bank, Logansport, Indiana, on the 4th day of June, 1962, at ten (10:00) o'clock A.M., iind from day to day thereafter until sold, the following described real estate in the City of Lo- ;ansport, Cass County, Indiana, lo-wit: Lots Numbered Forty-nine (4!)) and Fifty (50) in the West End Foundry Addition to the City of Logansport, Cass County, Indiana. Said real estate will be sold to the highest and best bidder for cash, for not less than the appraised valu-s, free and cl«ar of all liens and encumbrances, except the last installment of taxes for the year 1962, payable in November 1963, and subsequent taxra and assessments. This conveyance will be made by Administrator's Deed and an abstract of title showing good and merchantable title in the seller will be supplied. A deposit of earnest money, in cash or certified check, in a sum equal to ten (10%) per cent of the bid, must accompany each bid. Dated this 21st day of May, 1962. , The FARMERS AND MERCHANTS STATE BANK, Administrator of the Estate of William D. Shilling, deceased George L. Brubaker Attorney for the Administrator COMPARE OUR DIAMOND VALUES! REMEMBER-MON£Y SAVE^ I.'J MONEY EARNED FERNBAUGH- 5 B^;,, "Famous For Quality Diamonds" r i t i t I I 1 1 I I I I 1 I I I i i I I I r BUILDING?-Make your new home a Gold Medallion Are you building B new home thte year—or planning an extensive remodeling 1 Job? Then, give your family the complete living comfort! and convenience of a gold medallion home, These aU-electne features may cost less than you think. Foil Housepower—provides plenty of outlet!* and switches in convenient locations... adequate electric power to operate your appliancei* ... enough, separate circuits to assure safe and efficient distribution of electricity throughout youc home. light for living— with lighting pi a tined around your family's living habits... utilizingmodern fixtures that answer the requirenaents of different living areas. Electric Appliances—a gold medi'allion home features a clean, flameless electric range, plus 3 additional major appliances to sive you time and make housework easier. Homeless Electric Heat—here is Ihe last word in living comfort and safety .. <, nesting much less to install than other types o£ heating systems ... giving you the cleanest heat you've ever known for only 15 f to 17g pe c square f oo fc for the entire season. Ask your REMC to estimate the cost of making your home all-tileetric. Remember—the more electricity you use, th« lew it costs. I I I I WhtaHMfanrf-Oass I \ I I t I 1 1 I 1 ' «muc* RURAt ElECTRIC MEMBERSHIP CORPORATION

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