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The Lima News from Lima, Ohio • Page 8

The Lima Newsi
Lima, Ohio
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O. SLUCM. IN CONVENTION. to Attack on Port Arthur A Tame Affair When Compared With That Made at Celina Today. BY MAIN FORCE HaU By the Forakeritea Who Burst the Doors In and Knock Down the Officer Guarding Them-Bedlam Reigns For an Hour and a Half Before the Interlopers Withdraw and Hold a Rump Convention.

sail ihe 1 with the work A ifce.r cninenuon asd cotttjautj ngc for an iother hour nM and rioiuns i scenes, Cubttaued un-ii 2 30 o'clock when to a rca- lizanon that, undc-r the rulings of Forakentet Broke Into the Convention Chairman Oldhm could secure Hall and a Riot Ensued. no representation in OH- convention 1 Withdrew Their Forces Starch predicted, 1' The i the con the fight at tne door of the convention vent ion halt to the wok place. Tao ForaKer court -where organized a headed by big Charley Evans, one rump convention uith 1 i l.iroa.'s street commissioners. health officer F. Laudick.

of and CanSeld. of Ielphos, a delegation jOf about one hundred leaders of tbe anti Hanna contingent massed at THE CHOICE OF THE EASTERN MARKETS. o'clock, fifteen minutes before ex- worth, of Liais, as chairman, and a ueleghtion thut seenifd to ba about half tbe number of UK "rum- convention, in attendance i'hey credited their -work as rapidly as Ceima, ilarch jsrrca Hall and Sullivan, from political are sach here before the con- pedestals, has caused him to be vsning of the republican congressional I tjubbed the th rd a tnnmrtrate (casi posed of Foraker. Cox and Quail cettrention to whether the The Darko county delegation elect- Haiaia or ForaJcer faction is under the Sullivan call, bat divid- it is difficult to find words to de ed, came la- las.t night headed by bee!) found had of the ft--- yi not Erastus Postmaster Jones, -who and has free Colu Water taken untoJiimseif a pointer from the 1 Sullivan catastrophe, for he no chief cafty tlie intuatjon lows- "ijina is the head eenter of with George Quail as the stoker Mr. Lewis, in years agone was as one of the Foraker guards, was once a candidate for journal clerk, also the author of other coice political ton mote, among eariv and artists- i sooner tencted than Quail was the as 1o-' raecca, and a conference with the Darte delegatnss lasted until a late hour.

The Foraker delegation from" Allen county came uarly this morning There were many of them headed by Governor Campbell of Iowa, Quail's man "Friday." Bechtol, Everett Robinson, and "Chop Saey" Harrison. This large crowd ot anci-Hall people is the outcome of a preconcerted plan started in Lima yesterday to pack today's convention Forafeer men. and at eleven o'clock today, there is John MaWoy soon have to do a chance Jts gucc thrJttgh at, honest days worfe, and earn anjiji ows may be necessarj to aceom- fcaaest dollar, sometloHg he nevet has! pltsh it done IB all his life "Ehe Sullivgn crowd engaged the city i hall for tUe convention have is 1 sued jwst enough tickets to supply "Tte Hanna crowd, among them i Gco WsMorf broke me ilftt because I would swear ailegjanee. This vpijfaiaee had its MX AHea county, is sweet and will be thsir own delegates, thinkmg thereby to prevent the entrance of the Quail faction to the hall. But the latter has not been.

By some means unknown it has secttrsd all the keys to set for the opening of the convention, in front of the convention hall entrance and burst the doors open by main force They were confronted by Charles McComb, a former Lima boy, and John Houser. a city official, who had been ordered by Postmaster, who represents the Hanna crowd, not to open the doors until 1 o'clock. Obeying their orders the officials attempted to prevent the entrance of tbe Interlopers. A General Fight Ensued in which Charley Evans, who bad been previously fired from the Allen county Haana caucus, bacause landed jou Houser twice and once sent i the officer 0 a disgraceful officers succeeded closing the doors but they were unable io liiit Uat' Ore (me hundred Forakerites-Who 1ifiu forced their' way into the hill. 'The floors were not opened again unit! 1 o'clock even then tbe Hanna tickets were Ignored.

A Qldham, of Shelby county, called the convention to order and immediately Jim Halfhill, of the Foraker feel Justly of the excellent let of ready to wear just arrived from the In the emet mnd we think you women of good who appreciate anything above the ordinary "every day" garment, will he highly delighted with thie Hue stock now ready for you to inspect. with following results. county, were elected alternates A Black Cheviot Cloth Jacket, 24-inches-long, plain coat collar, lull saiin lined L. 'Russcii. and booy and sleeves, plain coat sleeve, blind Judge H.

coies. of oarkc-coumy ront a very neal pitched and tailored were chosen delegateb to the national convention, c. of Shelby co county, and F. W. Potter, of Auglaize A Covert Cloth Jacket, 244nclieS long, cteii alternates anc' ft.

i i- i of Mercer county. doubie stitched seams, full lined body and chosen as tne presidential elector, i sleeVCS, pOUCh sletVCS, COat Collar, blind Then "Rwoiuted." ont a qua lity all the wy through that The then adopted resolutions commendatory to Presi- I0f Roosevait, deploying the death! A Covert Cloth Jacket, 20-inches long, of senator fgjj sieves, coat collar, blind front, full for -having lined body and sleeves, a thoroughly tailored, neatly stitched Jacket, for 9IQ.OQ. man tai i ored highest commendation highest pinnacle of the statesmanship." I administration cjjevbt, crowd, called to the chairman for rec oguition, and attempted to introduce a resolution denouncing the Sullivan call. Then Bedlam Reigned. The sceno that followed beggars description.

-The Foraker fellows yelled themselves hoarse in their at tempts to stampede the convention and force their leaders gaining recognition. The crowds surged backward and forward, Hanna men were roughly jostled out of the way by the Foraker men while the chairman firmly refused to accord the interlopers recognition. Bogs Quail, leader of the Foraker "Kids," fought his way through "Seventeen tune the gang hasj the convention halK and will be at the the mob and taking a position in Foraker. Seventeen tia-e-s they have thought him poltfacall poluical I talnk they better not? doors at one o'clock for the pttrpose of flHiag it to the exclusion of their armies It is barely possi ble the obtaining of the Keys can be charged to Auditor Fred Beam Who the Hanna men step np and take their laediciue'inrithout sweeten Ing, for will put none in." iew delegates and wire pullers came ta last night, contrary 1 to espee- tauons, and they aH wore the Foraker collar Good Hand" Quail who had special heaasparters at the Ashby, wss the "Honey Boy," about whom woa'a bo government officials from postmasters up and down swarmed like groveling sjiophants seetajtg 1 gain favor with the -man who says "oathiag succeeds Jike success," aaii gudtien, jf not lasting ad vent ta power, because of upheavals i lived hero years and knows a tnefc or two Should the Poralcentes fail of their purpose to control the regular convention tlie will organize a sturnp -assemblage, elect delegates to the na tional convention at Chicago, and nominate a congressman and pass resolutions condemning the Sullivan tali The Forakerites of Allen county, will caucus at 12il5 and the Ball faction will meet to map out their 12 o'clock In case there is a rump convention, Prank Conkhn, of TJarke coonty, will be the Foraker candidate tor congress front of the chairman yelled at the top of his oice declaring that if they were not gnen recognition they would take possession ot tne coirven t-on bv main forcp Finally. Jim Halfhill approached the platform and and protesting against, condemning, reproving, reproaching blaming, censuring and upbraiding the call and its provision as to the manner of the selection ot delegates.

They also instructed thsu- two delegates, to the national convention to go to Chicago and vote for forever and thereafter. Both Goln' and Coiwln'. Russell, as a candidate jacket at delegate to the national was the only proposition that the i rump and the "runyjous" conventions cold get within ten million miles of agreeing upon. Both factions endors- ed Russell and both conventions "elected him and he will have to go be i toi the committee pn credentials at! Chicago to and oat whether he is a Hanna republican or a Foraker republican, crow Zger or Indian, regular or renegade, "Kid After the interlopers left the regular convention the Hanna delegates settled down to work, and elected Russell, of and Senator R. Hanrson, of Barke, delegates to tae national convention.

Dr. Kahle, of was pominated by acclamation for congress and A 1 Bowman ri Mercer wafa' chosen for I They Also The "rnmpous' convention alsoi' adopted resolutions ajid they embodied Jacket of both black" broadcloth and black lined body and sleeves. This' is coat with' semblance of collar of peijiMte stjje, -stitched, cuff finishingr pouch sfeares of peau de soie, as neat and sightly a coat as can ba sold, for Other styles in black and cov- Eton Suits of Efamine in grey mixed, brown mixed, blue mixed; jacket is collarlessi has pouch sleeves with cuff, sleeves capped! body and sleeves are silk liucd, skirt is seven gore, lapped seams, inverted plait back, price 91 2.5 O. ATwuieSuit has Eton Jacket capped sleeves, is collarless, with silk siitch- ing in lieu of coat collar, pouch sleeves and cuffs, smaJl gilt buttons to trim, has a nine gore skirt with inverted plait, lapped seams and kilted, many designs at this price, 915. Novelty Cloths, fancy weaves, solid colors in and eton, blouse and jacket suits, at 922.5O.

A strong feature -of our suit line is the many styles, a kind, but many kinds, which we Jto $4HK The novel ideas in IfflZJkd suit conception are shown In the-fottarfbe found any of the cloths use3" in suit construction; not one manufacturer's idea, but the pick of (he best from many. G. E. BLUEM. E.

BLEUM. Dry Goods, Suit Houme. SB'S 7 Public Square. beckoned to the chairman to come to ai tna was contained the rump resolutions except the condemnation of the Sultivan call and ForaKer's pinnacle of statesmanship," And the end IB not yet. him, Mr Oldham advanced to edge of the platform and stooped down so that Halfhill could talk in his ear and make himself heard above tba din of the riotous assemblage Threatened the Chairman.

HalftiH told Olaham ihat the foraker men had authorized him to say that unless lie (Oldfeais 4 "-ithdrew his ruling against the submission, ot the HaifhUl resolution they would storm the Coriventibi and remove its chairman my main torce "Mr. Halfhill urged Mr OiiHaun to prevent fur- WELL KNOWK Glycerine Maker Died This Morning. Alvin Goodenou, 53 years of age, died this morning at 10 o'clock at bis ther (Msgratefiti scenes "by wiadraw- i hame near McBem9 a after a FBLDMANN CO. Very Special Sale of Fine Embroideries. We have secured about 1,000 yards (an assortment of about twenty-Ive designs) HIGH GRADE Embroideries at less than half value.

TJiey consist of Fine Nainsook Edqes and Insertings. Irish Point Effect Edges and Insert mas, Cut Out Beading Bands. Wide Cambric Edges. Match Sets Wide and Narrow We Place the Entire Collection on Sale at 13c Per Yard. They're good values at 20e, 23c and 35c and are in no way to be compared with the inferior product offered at FsJcs." These goads will appeal to most skeptical buyers.

See them before the assortment is broken. None charged or on approval. 211 orth Main St. protracted, siege of liver trouble. He wsa a glycerine maker, and well- kaown among those engaged in the oil industry.

The deceased loaves a three was and ojw daughter. One of the! former, Jerome, lives at and the daughter is Miss Edna Goode-' now, a teacher of tlie grammar do- partment in the south Piue street! school building lor the funeral have not been announced. BROKEN They must go if price will move them. An opportunity to buy good shoes cheap. Your loss if you fail to take advantage of this gale.

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