Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 21, 1949 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 21, 1949
Page 6
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FAOK •—WAtJOATCCK NKW» (CONN.), WKfmKHDAY. T)KC. 81. 1011) Thrills, Surprises, Feature 1949 Sports Picture Poor Gate Attractions Hurt Boxing; Pro Grid War Ends Photo Finishes Give Baseball Boost (By t nlt«>d Pi-cm) Sport* hlntorlann will remember 1M9 an the year promntprn drew battle lines for tho poat-wnr at- ttndnrcc dollar. Joe Fan. worried by talks of war and recemlona, was a tougher fln- anctnl nut to crack. He spent less and demanded more for his dollar. Remember, too. thnt JOC'M Krnnd- •tand ticket keepn the aportR world in bus)n««s and Ita Supermen anx- tous to please. Baseball had photo-finish rncoti In f * both major leatruea. Notre Dame's all-conquerlnK team needled tho itfetball gate. Basketball had lt» ''wonder five" at Kentucky. Ton•" nl* offered a glamor boy in Pancho GonxalvH, a younirstcr with BOX appcnl and the "biggeat" game since Tllden. There alno was plenty of long- range planning. Baseball put It* house In order. Commissioner Chandler pardoned the Mexican jumpers and ducked paany Gurdolla'a dangerous "ro- •erve clause" cult by settling out of court. Collegiate football began •erious policing of its "sanity" code. Rival professional basketball and football leagues merged. And some promoters, fcnrful of Its effect on attendance, banned television. Only boxing,(ailed to adjust and tt Just couldn't — it had few gate attractions. It looked ax though professional football wnuld also fall Into the class with boxing. Then, at the lost moment, the two I*«<TU*H morarcd to end a four-year bath of red-Ink. Minor league batiehall—50 |OUKUO« strong and almost buck to pre-war stature — attracted a record turnout, almost 41.000,000 fans. The mii- pt>r leagues, anticipating a nhnrp decline, fell off only three per cent. More than 20,000,000 paid to watch the DIMaRKlo.H itnd MunlalH. Collegiate football attendance jumped almost four per cent. Race track revenue, expected to drop 23 per cent, slumped only 10 per cent. Harness racing showed a heaithy 15 per cent Increase. Boxing, still hunting for an hnlr to Joe I,oulx* hnuvywulght throne, slumped badly. Some blamed It on television. More realistic rlngsld- *r» blamed tho lack of talent, PPO foot hull wa« a conwlBtont money loser until the owners put their heads together. A new 13- team circuit was formed under the numo of tho National-American league. All 10 National league (cams kept franchises. Two All- CAR TUNES America conference loams were dropped and two olher.s merged with National League teams. The exact setup has yet to bo decided. But the Eastern division prohahly will consist of tho Now York Glantn, Chicago Cards, Wanh- Inirton, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. The Western division probably will be made up of the Chicago Bears, Green Bay, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cleveland and the New York Bulldogs. Newsmen doped everything beautifully during spring training. The Boston Red Sox In the American Lieaguo, they said. Brooklyn In tho National. The New York Yankees and St. Ijouls Cardinals wore fading dynaslles. Too many regulars past their prime. So what happens? Both raceM wore decided on the last day. Brooklyn heat tho Cardinals, but only because St. lx>uls cracked In thn stretch. The Yanks, despite 73 key Injuries, edged tho Red Sox. The experts saved some face In the Dodger-Yankee series. Thoy picked the Yanks because of their experience. New York proved thorn nrophols. . .coming through when It had to, taking tho Dodgers four out of five. Great pitching by Al- llc Reynolds, Vic Raachi and Pago for tho Yanks. . .Equally good pitching by Newcombo and Preacher Hoc... And the clutch hitting of Tommy Hcnrlch and Bobby Brown stood out. Despllo Ihis, Williams was voted the league's most valuahlo player. Yankee fans howled that Rlxzuto or Pago deserved It. Balloting for this award, conducted during the lust week of tho nanvon, waun't announced until several wookn ago. Fans hfld plenty In talk about In other off-lhc-diamond developments. Colorful Bill Vouch sold the Indians to a Cleveland syndicate for two nnd one-half million dollarn. Commissioner Chandler ended HOV- oral suits and brought baitoball peace lo the North American continent by pardoning tho Mexican league Jumpers. llogan Hurt In golf... "Bantam" Ben Hogan was seriously Injured In a January auto crash, and Sammy.Snoad camii on to domlnulo the fairways. Snood cleaned ,131,000 off the tournament trail .Including top money In the P-CJ-A and Masters. Ho ran second to Gary Mlddlftcoff In iho National Open. Charlie Coo, the Oklahoma Clly "thin man," ruled tho amateur ranks. And our teams dominated International play an usual. The U. S. Pros beat Britain in tho Rydor Cup matches 7 to 5. And our amateurs humbled thn British 10-2 In Walker Cup matches. Basketball fans shouted the praises of Kentucky's "Wonder Five" before tho season oponml, Coach Rupp's squad obliged hy winning the N-C'-A-A title. A surprise loam, San Francisco, ran off with the National Invitation title. Two Callfornlann, Tod Schroodor and Pancho Confutes, wore Iho big tennis guns. Schrocdor copped Iho Wimbledon tourney and lod tho U, S. team to an eu»y Davis Cup win over Australia. Pancho, who later turned pro with 'the Jack Kramer troupe, won tho national singles crown, rallying brilliantly to ooiit Hchrooder In Iho finals, Tho Detroit Red Wings had an :>any tlmo winning regular seanon honorw In Iho National Hockey league. But It was an old, old story In the finals. Toronto skated off with Ltio Stanley Cup silverware. Those «re tho highlights of Mports In '40. It wasn't a groat year measured agalnsl thn greatnosH of an era offering DempsoyH, Man o' Warn and Tildons. But II was a good year...full of thrills, surprises and enough controversy to keep thlngH humming. CRUSADER CAPTAIN BOB By Alan Mover #OLY 0*069 CO-CAPTA/AI AND REVIEW OF THE YEAR - - By Alan Mover -—————— February •••- _ -_~~7 :~'~ —'^' -" peone part-r CARS WHAT THfY co WITH {OR aerrep) COMTftACT AHP SYfiOICATe TAKB OV6R THe CMCASO ffocxers - Pe W/TT BROTHERS BUY THE ST. LOUIS wiuie PEP OLD ROCKPQRT, HIS FEATHER- WEtOHT A BOUT . SANDY SAD&LBR.' OF 6MTA ANITA DERBY BCOfffft //V CR&SADEJ9 ! Of cow r fry>& SHAffPSftOOTff* ttoLC* r#f HOLY C/fQBS RSCOAD Of ii.93 poture UP TO.TM6 SSAfOtf.A* THf MARK Les Douglas Leads Scorers In A.H.L New York—Although I-O.T Douglas of devoidnd had to Hiirron.1i r his complete monopoly on all HCar- •ng honors In the Amerlom Horkoy T,oague, ho Hllll" 1 the loads In polntH wllh -IH nn.l HHHlHtH with 30. M|H toiimmuto, K.iy Kolly. with 10 goals, lod In th'i't nopiirtment, and hroko thi> ci-vin nwcot> which DoiljIlJiM hehl ':-,«1 week. Second place In ucoring went to Kelvin Burnett, brilliant Sprlr.c- flokl rookie, who had 38 pnlnln nnd ho WIIB followod by Johnny Chad of Provldonco wllh Ii7. Kolly luul 3fi while another Cleveland play<;:', Ki;n achnllK, and Flarvoy Frannr of Pnivldone:« (inch had 31. J- i! I.iepfno of Cincinnati IncrnaHod hl'i penally minute load lo S7. A stirring lintllo for lop goall or honorM V/I.IM hnlni; wagod twcon rookie Gl) Mayor of I burgh and (ho volnrnn Htnnil'iiy, Connie Dion, of Muffalo. M i.viir had allowed 7) tullloH In 20 ganicH for an average of 2.45, whilo In a )lk« number of C'into«l». nion had pcrriilKor] Jlint olio rnoro |",al for a 2.4K percentage. In addllmn, tboy wore tied for tho Hhiil.-il lead with throw oach. DougliiH and Phil Horgosholmr-r of Cincinnati on tho vorun >•! nnlorlng tho ve«ry Hnlor.t C!II.HM nf f*>00 point, mi'ti. fin enrh flni.Jh'.d lb« week wllh 190 for bin llfo-ilrno American I^oaguo cai'eer. Mit/;<o- Hholnior who had ncnrod inoin goals than any AIH, playnr in tils- lory had 2IIH to which h< 5 had added 233 aHslalH for his total. Uo-iir 'an had 181 goals and 318 !I.<M'M'K. Only two other pliiyorH had i!.'i:'- f;ono over Iho 1500 mark In Iho AMU Fred Thurlor of Clovohuid, v/ith 016, who IH Htlll playln;;. unrl the rotired I,CH Cunningham, who had the moHt, r>7!). Sam's Service Upsets Mazeika's, 2-1 Ham'H Service picked lip n gi"ie in Mnxolka'n Inwl night, by knock- Ing off tho league loaders, 2-1. In lndopen<lent Rowling League matches nl Pushn's Alleys, Bob PIIinter paced iho winners with M Klfi Hiring and H7H Intnl. IDnrnle Palmer had n 3-tl Intnl nnd .1. Mannnsn H17. For tho los,->.-.(, linn MHIor wllh 237, Ken Hlnuifor with 1130 nnd Jack rainier wlt.'.i 310 wen; high. Dulton OunrdM won two out t,t threo from tho Koffee Shn-> in other rnnt'.'hoH rolled. Johnny ('}afi|inr and Hob Mnrhmo were high men for the wlnnnrn and i !n«g Marlder iiaeerl tho K;iff«" Shop. Co. F flnlshod tho ovnnlng'n play by taklnr? thro'i r;nmi!ri from Die Newil by forfeit, Tho standings: Fruin Tops Rubber Co. League Scorers Jack Fruin continued an lcn.dinE scorer In the U. H. Rubber Co. Tn- tnrditiuirtmnnt lia.Hketball I,nngue thin week. Fruin neored .10 Held Koiiln and une foul lo i-iilmi bin total for Ihruu i^anieii io TiH pf>lntn aw Fabric Cut' tlni; won I heir fourth Ht.ralKht victory. The (dilter.H downed tho Offico Department '12-^7 lo crmt.lnun un- dofoulud. Charlie, Wojnr.k added elKht polnlti arid Honny Hliinchnrd and Dick Keller six ench for tho vlntoni, while Hal PotcfHnn with 13 liolntn win) tupH for tho lomirH. Geor«e McOatin pupped nix hoops from half court lo load inn Aron Crew In a 1.1-24 win over HptmKO. Bill Uii«d had nlnu |iolntii and John Hurnnm altfht. for (lie Crewmem and John Squlllnco and Lew Mmicoln featured I'or lh« Kponjremim. L<mj-u« piny will be reituoieil on January » following (bo plant holldny. Bethany Wins Three Matches From A & P Metliany Hlorc blanked | he A*P, •'Ml, In Cvirilliii-relal l.i:a|.;llii mnte.h- ei I hln week lit I'linho'ii AilHj'K. The wlnnerH wern paced hy Hill Taylor with a 130 fdntflt! riiirl 150 I bre>-.Hiring lolal. a. Wei'tenbuix mlli'd n ;M.| ,.,.(.. if,,,. (I,,, | J. Mr.diilrv him 3M) and P. .In, JI7.1. 'I'he Valley fjHli won throe »fii.: from Na UK')) tick Fuel, pacnd J HulkiiM. J. JoniibaltlH and IjirKon with ,3rj«, 350 nnc | 333 f ,.,,. uprcl.lvely. J, MorilHkll, with M7 r wan lilKh rriari for the IriHei-H. JepHon'ii won the flrHt. Kan-.e from /B^'M Dlnor nnd Inen dropped Ibo n<:xl two. Wood hit 3-1(! nnd Berella and Jacowlrx. .1)2 ench for the winnei-H. Bob JOPMHU'M 332 were tho best, for Iho loser(, The P-A Club won three fr-nn Hlll'ri Oil by furfiili. In tin, «,,,,,| mil ten. |>y HI. Kent State Places Four On I)Conn 'All-Opponent' Eleven Entire Cover Girls Quintet To Show Three Backs, One Lineman Named By Huskies Storm, Conn.. Deo. 2:1 .- one.kfleld titiii'M who KIIVO Unlvnrni ly of Conmjcttcut pliiyorn « lot n (rouble on tho gridiron thin yef. proved Junl. na trnubloHonio '.hi woek mi th« Uconnn tint down i miiko out thnlr annual nil 01; ponnnt tcitiji, Unable to dncltle on thn jmi hflHt amon« Jerry Tut^le, Kei, Btftln i|<mrlerbnck; Wilbur Uttlt Kent Stula half; Bob D'Agoatlno Uprlngfleld; Bob McFnrland, Ohi WoNlnyrin and John MancoH, Kon Btfiln, fill tulllinckn; and I'jnrdni Pondlnton, Mnlno fullback. Hi UeOtuiH nicked all nix. All of tliene huclCH wore top me in Hmull college elrclcH durlnt? 1 '•''.! McFnrliind running for 001 yiii'ft on 108 cnrrlon to place 10th amor- the natlon'H leadni'H and Manco followlnp elomily behind. Uttlo w.i l.wlnn an nil-Ohio cholcu nnd wil hl» tnammnle, Tuttlo, a grant '"'' prtflHer, WHN InHlrumental In hun mm'hiK out Kent'n M<:cond Mucee »Lve victory ovn'r Ihn Ueonri- D'Agosllno. who at. 147 pounds I next to McFnrland nfl the ntnallu man on the ''all" loam, pot o.wj for o ()7-ynrd diwh that, ennb.v the SprlnfffloldorH to break deadlock and defeat Connnc',if:u- Ufl-7. Tho 100-pound Pcndleton, n tn nard-hlttlnff fullback, reeled off 38-ynrd TD run nKalnxt the Uootin and paced II!H team to a 12-12 ll Ytile'n l,i!vl .liick'iun, one of l,h top backw on tho Uconn lint n you, ffot only a tnvr ficntt* vulnH llilH time II.H did hln l.ennr mate, It'nrtl Nadhorny, Tho UllH, hnwnvor, not two upol in n line thnt uvnrnKcn 201 pound' The all-opponfmt lltiiuii>: ICndn, John Hfltear (Yule), ItiC Bill tliiubrlch (Nnw HiitnpHhlre I BO. TacklcM, Niite Omir (Hprlnnflnirl 240; VVnltur Cl<»r»inn« (Y/ile>, JHO. Guard)), Frank Meniilc (Knr, State), 220; Don Bnrron (Main.; 195. Center, Alun BurnHlaln (Hho,t Inland), 180. Bankn, .lorry Tutlln (Kent EUktc) iar>; Wilbur |,Ml.Llo (Kent Hi.ile 172; John MII.IIUDH (Kont. Htntoi 140; Kobort.McFai'land (Ohio VVou inyan), 13i>; Robert D'Aftosilu. ',3pt'lnKfleld), M7; Gordon I'oiutlu ton (Mulnu), Jl)0. Doug Bentley Gains In National Hockey League Scoring Race (By llnllcsd I'renN) Veteran Doug Hpntloy hon £».in cd ground In thn National Hor.koy I*en'V'i'' w'orlncf I'af.'O, Olllclnl ImiKuu llmireH show thai Pod Ijlndmiy fo Detroit leiidii will 13 polnln, Bentley, ithe Chilcn Bliie.k Hiiwkn center, IUIM movod Inl.o ,-«occm<l plaro wllh .'!! polnlj) "novon (foiilM and 'M MNHU Maurlee rtlnhnrd of Mon'lMial Vilrd with 2'J KOII.IM ,-ind cliflil. il.'it.s for 30 nolnlii, Hid Abel <if Do- troll ninlw fourth with 2« polntn. Bill Durnan of Mon'lronl IH th< nnBt. nffortlvn pronllo with an nvar- i),m«j. Hfti-iy .Lumley of Ontrolt 1« «Di:ond wll/h n, iwo-polnt-3R iivni o. Turk Brudn of Toronto leads In uhm.outii. with five. Scholastic Basketball Utchflold ^fl, Walnrtown 37. I.ewjR Bl, Goodwin Tech 30. Thonia.tit.on 57. Regional HI Gilbert 42, .ScnrlnH 37. Weal Haven <lfi. Ansonla 30. New Brltnln 30, Hartford lUulco- , Ka«t Hurl ford Acudnmy 37, OH, Norwl<ih Free PRIZE PUMPKIN FOR KING GUSTAF (')iinrdn Koffon Hhr>p W :t5 80 24 17 12 H T, 7 IH 26 ,7M ,r,71 .105 VVAI.KH OUT Tokyo- The future of I he foin- pnwer nlllecl rnuncll for Jnpuu •> ilonbt now thnt thi> rUii'.Minil roi>ronuntut|vi! IIIIH walked out. Thn Ruaulun loft tho meeting BO oh ui nvold annworinR American chnr);nn thfit Home »7fi.()f«) .Inpiiiiiimi |irl:i in fll-H of win- nro Htlll mlHHiiiK Inanln .HuBHlnn torrllory. pJr N p" 3s3 onTB^c°d"n Y sto t , h kh^fnT nl ^"^ tOrClvil Mnlntano liged monarch, a klna-sizn nnmnb-in i,^'n^ ui .» ,. . s ?' ~. t- . ~, ~ "" **'"»' W*VUKIH monarch, a klnu-slze DumokJ/i ho erew hloiseU. unc«, i prize i present for tho f/nternatfgnoi) Here January 18 Mlchaol B. Btrann, manager of tho Now York Cover Girls Basketball team which will appoar at the Nfiugatuck YMCA on Wednou- day, Jan. 18, atatod today that bis antlra loam would be on hand. Tho Cover Gi»'l» will moot n team of nil Btnrs selected from the Nnu- gatuck Industrial Ba«ketball League an part of a program tiponnored by tho .Nnufcntuck ,Y IndiiMtrlal Council. Milt WolHBman'M Naugatuck Hlghlandors, popular local team, will m<ml another all-Htar team In the iiponlng Rams of tho program. Between halvo» of tho feature game, the Cover Girls who are also nationally roeog-nlxod for their hami- ball playing ability, will put on 1111 nxhlbltlrm banebull game, TIckntH for tho affair are now available at all mnmbor pluntx of the Council, tho. YMCA and Mr. WulHRman'H. DUB to tho limited den'.Ing arranpementH, tickets may bo sold only until tho quota has boon reached. Parsons hftvlnR nauaon llckotn to the Industrial League will be given preference In tho purchase of •tlcknls, All profltn will bo donated towards tho purchoso of u television net for tho boy'n lobby of th« YMCA. Mikan Takes Over NBA Scoring Lead Now York De'c, 31—(If P)--ft'« thu Maine old story In Win Nat Ion n I BflHkotbnll aBttoclat.lon, O nor fro Mlkan hun itn.ken over tho , icnrlnK ivice, Mlkan, who trnjlod Alox Groisu during the cmrly weekis of tho season, 1 , has dunkod O51 points IhnniKh the baflkc't, nvcordltvg to latent oinclul llifuruw. Tho Mlnn«- repolls center has nverugod 28.3 In 23 Kinimin. Oroxa Uini-n muirnd <!»2 polntn. The IndlanwoIlM centur'n nverrwe !H 24.3 In 20 K«mcn, Joe Pullfn of .PhHadiilphln In n. dlftlimt third wldh 4015 polnl:'.. Max ZiifllofMky of Oh'lt:n.(j-o In fourth wllh 408 points. Adolpii Hc'IuiyoH of Syraruso rotmtts out the rirst flvo with 37) points. Biclt Mohen of Waterloo l« the moMt accurntf uliot. Moyhon IIIIM averaged .'lflr> thlt! suasion whllr soorlnff 3M jiolivlM. B[,I> Brown of Dimvor In the "bad boy" of tho loop, having committed us ,pi Br , "Unul fouln. Kiner Top Slugger In National League (Hy l/nllvd Prnns) Tho laloiit not of nallonal Irfiaj rnireffl nhowii thnt outfleldurn lod I liu way lar«t, <<nason, w.hethiir II wan In nluwKlnff, ntrlklnK out, drawing wnlks or what hnvo you. Ralph Klrior of Fltlaburffh'/c«l tho mort mlloago out of hlw hU» Klner pncod the National I^oamio with ,i slugging percnntiifirn of ,«f>« Thin IH llftvinvl by taking KinW* ui biiiifiN and dividing th«m hy thn total times ho was at bnt. Stan Mimlal of iho St.. t,ouls Card- Inaln wa« nofond with a .024 pi nontago. Brooklyn» fly-chatter, Du'ko Snider, ulruck out tho most.. Snldor whlffrjd 02 tlmo.i. Gardener Tommy Holm on of Boston wa« the liardost bnlttcr to fan. Holmen only hoard dhe cry "»trlko throe" nix tlmcn during the nciifion. Another oullloldor, Andy Pufko of tho Chicago 'Clii'bB, wn» hit wllh nine liltchnd balln, hltrh In that dnparl- menl., Hid Gordon, wfho altcrnatod liotwoon third lm«o and tho out ld', hit Into tho moid double plays, 1M of thorn. ALCAZAR NOW I'l.AYINO RANDOLPH BOOTT nnd BARBARA BRITTON "ALBUQUERQUE" NOW POWER BOY OF PROS - - By Alan Mover Randolph SCOTT WILLIAMS.Jan* MM IOHTINO MAI | of the PL AIMS CfMICOtO* Jim» CON'TE • CORTESA COBB • LAWRENCE THIEVES' HIO H WAY HE KEEPS, /%. Ma af YARDS, A/JEW MARK f-S MAKfft, A - //-' fie CAfi/'T AROUND THEM THE GENTLEMAN HAS A GRAND STYLE BOWINO, David T. Look finllnntly kisses the gloved h»n<! of lovely N.mry Laird Loom IB, • member of the Ut-butanto Committee, during I)i'but:int« Cotillion and ChrlJiimns Ball held in the grand ballroom of the Woid-.rf- Astorla in New York. Surrounded by sparkling yul« decorations, 120 **.***• f *' rOTt m " d " U 1 * 1 ' bow to Kocictv at the affair (International) ^onn.MaySetNew Fatality Record Hartford, Den. 21 HUM 'I h State Mlghwiiy Hafely Comml.-i-l , suld t'xlny that burring n rush > accidents during I lie next 10 d:iyy Connoct.lrut Ihlw year will hnvo H> bent (.raffle fatality rneonl l.i nli. lory. So far In '40, 190 highway (!<•»'n. have boon roeordi'd. Thiit'n f t n. IOHH t.hiui t.he rocfird which war; M. S3 yafii'H ago, STABIIIKG ILIUSIONS! HH«fllIY! flSUY SPreiACyiAB WOdttfliS ^/DON BROWN W ' TKI,. 40t TODAY :uid TIICKSDAY "CASABLANCA" with Ilumplirey HoRnrl Ingrld Ilf-remnn ClaiKli- "MISSISSIPPI RHYTHM" with llmmle Dnvls Veda Ann llorg tAT. * KUN.-DIC 31 a MN~1 «"JM«ww* MW vtnn M. TOWMY DORSEYiVWi Hawley Hardware 120 Church Street Christmas ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES TOASTERS, MIXERB, Etc. also BLEDS — TOYS SHOE SKATES PYREXWARE, Etc. | Phone 4086 We Deliver t TO ALL OUK NAU.GATUCK I HJIONDS A Very Merry Christmas A Most Prosperous Nov.- Yi-ar United States Rubber Company Footwear Plant Naiiffatuck, Conn.

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