Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 21, 1949 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 21, 1949
Page 5
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THE FATEFUL FIFTY YEARS • • • ... ... Noteworthy Events of Our Time, 1900-1949 Compiled By WILLIAM iITT, Central F r «» Staff Wril.r Held in Slaying Poncho Vill G.n.rol P.r.hing Nikolai Lenin Ciar Nichola. Kaii.r WHUlm Preiidenl Hardmr, 1916 WORLD WAR I- London suffered heavy Zeppelin attacks during the year , . . Germans attacked Verdun. Feb. 21 ... On April 2< the Easter Rebellion broke out in Ireland . . . Naval Baltic of Jutland. Mny 31 . . . June 2. Third Battle of Yprea .. . July l. the titantic Battles of the Som.-ne begft.i T . . The war song Tipiirrnry rang through the Anglo-Saxon world . . . Other /•vents: On May B, the Moxicnn t>amlit rhlrf I'ancho Vllln raided CViluiiitjun. N. M , and wan pursued hack into Mexico by U. S.: troops . . . Ten were killed, July 12. when a bomb cxploBlon disrupted the 1'reparcdnean Day parade In San Francisco . . .' On July 30. the Black Tom arsenal explosion In Jersey City, N. J., killed two and caused $22 million damage . . . Woodrow Wilson was re-elected President on Nov. 7... In the World Series, the Boston Red Sox defeated the Brooklyn Dodgem. 4 games to 1. A rookie pitcher beat Brooklyn 2-1 in 14 Innings in the' second game. Narvir: George H. (Babe) Ruth. 1917 WORLD WAR I—The United States entered the conflict. April 6. Gen. John J. Pershlng WBOI put In command of the American Expeditionary Force. Firm TJ". S. troop* landed In France, June 26; engaged in battle for first time. Oct. 27 ... Unrest in Russia caused abdication of Czar Nicholas on March 15. Russia was proclaimed a republic, Sept. 15. The Bolsheviks led by Nikolai Loiln seized power. Nov. 7 . . . Mala Hnn was shot by the French as • spy, Oct. 35 . . . Oct. 29, Caporctto disaster, Italian I*onzo front collapses . . . Battle, of Cumbrnl, Nov. 20-Dec. '. . . . On Dec. (1 a terrific explosion In Hullfnx harbor, Can- ndn, dojitroyiid one third of tin; city, killed 1,220 . . . Other events: On Jan. 17 the United States purchase of the Virgin Islands from Denmark for $25 million was rutiricd . . . The Chicago White Sox defeated the New York Giants In tlic World Serien. 4 jjamc.t to 2. 1918 WOULD WAR I Present Wilson Hindu hlii fiinimm "Fourteen rulnln" peiire, .Tun. H. . . . Tri'iity of ttrcHl-Lltovuk signed, ending; war between Ku«Hla nnd the Central Powers, Mureh :s . . . Murch 21-Aprll C Haw 1'arln oliclled by "Bljf Berthn," long range gun . . . April 22—Raid on Zecbrugge and Ostend . . . Battle of the Alsne begun, Muy 27 ... Americans took Cantlgny, Muy 28 ... Battle of Bulletin Wood. June 11 ... July 13, tin: great Allied offcniilve began . . , Buttle of Uic Mcauac- Argonne. Sept. 13 ... On Sept. 26, the Yanks broke the Hlmlcn- burg line . . . Baltic of Carnhral, Oct. 5 ... Germans am.' Austrlans asked for armistice, Oct. C . . . Auntria - Hungary surrendered, Nov. 4 ... KnlHor Wllhclm abdicated, Nov. 9, and fled to Holland the next clay . . . Nov. 11, Germany surrendered, ending the war . . . President Wilson arrived in France. Dec. 13, to attend the Peace Conference ... In the World Series, the. Bodton lied Sox defeated the Chicago Cuba, I games to .?. 19H' THE PEACE CONFERENCE opened in Paris, Jan. 12. A treaty wan signed nt Versailles, June 28. Germany ratified the trtaty, July 10; Great Britain, July 20; Italy, Oct. 7, and France, Oct.. 27. Tho U. S. Senate refused to ratify, Nov. Ill . . . The German republic (the Second Helen) adopted a coniitltutlon In Weimar, Aug. 11 . . . Three U. S. Navy planes took off caatwart from Newfoundland, May l(S. One. the NC-4, reached Lisbon, Portugal, May 17 ... There were other transatlantic (lights later In the year . . . The wartime Prohibition Law became effective, June ,'(<> ... A strike, of nteelworhero begun Hopl. 27 nnd foul mlnera walked nut, Oct. ,'!!. . . . The Cincinnati K«dn defeated the Chlr.iiifo White Box In the World Serlea, 5 gurnet to .'). Thft next year cliurjicn of a "sellout" by «omn White Sox players caused banlnhment for life from baseball of eight players. 1920 POPULATION of the United States was 105,710,620 (14th decennial census) . . . The League) of Nutlnnu cnmit Into being vhon representatives of 13 nations met in Geneva, Switzerland, Jan. 10. . . . Frederick A. Purmetttcr wan robbed of $10,000 and killed In South Bralntrce, Mass., Nicola SB.CCO and Bartolomco Viinzcttt were, convicted of the crime in 1021 and executed in 1927 despite vigorous efforts in their behalf. ... On Aujf. 2, the League of Nullonw Instituted the International Court of Justice . . . Tho Nineteenth Amendment, giving: mjffrnge to women, was rleclnreil effective Aug. 20 ... A bomb explosion in Wall Street, New York. Hilled 30 ... Warren G. Harding was' elected President of the United Htateii on Nov. 2 . . The Cleveland Indiana defeated the BrooUly.i Dodgers, 5 games to 2, in the World Series. N.xt-1921 10 1925 FOR CIIIIISTMAS GIFT OWING WE TAKE GREAT PRIDE IN PRESENTING KXCIOI'TION- ALLY SMART AND ATTRACTIVE NEW TABLES BY JM£ K1 Pr£ L ' You wil1 finrl threo Popular price tfroups as follows- Lncl lables, Lamp Tables, Cigarette Tables and Coffee Tables for only $19.95 . . . Also other groups at ,$29.95 and $3995 If yon are thinking of tables for Christinas we are sun- to please you. Open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Evenings for your convenience. Deferred payments gladly arranged. C-OUI'ONS OIVEN ON KVEItY PIIUCIIAHIC KOU Till,! ,r«,K,, KOIU.OH .H DRAWING TAKES ni.ACK AT OUR STOKE C, P.M. CHRISTMAS ICVK. CARLSON'S 175 Cliurrli gt Nuiigittuck 1700 Wiili-rtown AVI-. ^^ Try Naugatuck News Want Ads IN A PENSIVE MOOD, Mrs. Ion» Long Is pictured In South Bntid, Jnd., followint; her ai'roat In connect iun with the futul Bhootlnit of her luiHbund, Kulph, AccordlnR to police, I.onK tiiunled his wife about her iimrltntnan«li!p. Tnrnlnn li'« biu.'k he dared her to tiro niiylng "You haven't Hut Kills." Mo win I)IT third htibhund. Unfi.'rmillixinl) Calder Elected Council Delegate The firenler Nmwituek CIO 'Jouncll last nli'ht, elee.ted Arthur Cnlder, Oak nlreol, to rcprewnnl Ihn eiiunrll at the iinnual Htntn CIO ennvent Inn at thn I lol.el Tuft, New Haven, Jan. H and Ifi, Ho wan ously elected at n meeting unell In Union J leiidi|iiar- man hi) if tin. ',(!!•«. l-'rnwl If-nt l>. .) I hal otl )nly n<;li!d. Gnl|ucf:l rnpurtfld er than electing Mr. Caldnr, utlmi biinlneHH WII.H triinH- Hop Brook School Children Thanked For Xmas Gifts Mltm A.HIIUM .VfUikmm, principal <>f Hop Liroolt H'.'mot, nah ruotii > <:<| it Idler of UiiuiltH from tho Smilh- Imiy Ti'iilnlritf fiohuol for a num- bnr of (O.VH (1'inntccl hyt sixth gmdi! Ixw'llH, Ihrmmrh tiho Nniiffulucli Tho latter was received from Km iik R. GJIUberly, cUrucLtjr of «o- <:lul «orvic«, ropremmtlniK' JB. N. iiio.ii( iu| superintendent. The text Iw HH fol)own: "Dnii.r M|HH JiKtltnuii: "Wo would lilut l(, l.ithn Hhiii oji- IHirlunlly to (hunk you unil MtiitliinlH (if Ihn nlxth Krndii IIM wnll mi thi'lr tmic'hcr Ovim. OlmrliM Huxtor), who no gonijroiiiily KIIVU nin.H for our children hci'o lit the K.'lHKil. "Our <<i!illih'i»i am vi'ny ^mUil'iil for nil l.|i« UiliiKM lluty iiiivi. dunn for Ilium nnd Miey will chnrlxli llm iliill.i Ihul wiirn irindu by lh« Mi'mlii .;tudi!iilH. "VVn n n; planning trmny purl Ion for our children so Unit they will not foul thiil. limy li:ivn liucn ' igh School Hold Xmas Assembly A < •hi'lMlinnn i;w»'iiihbly for Hen- Inrti wn/i hij'ld 'thin morn I ntt In Hui N'iiil!Cii.tu«lt ll.lK-h nehoo) rnidllor- liini, II was n.nmimicerl toclny by Ifnymond K. Foley, [irlnclpiil. The 'prol'»|fUi(; WJIH dnllvnrecl iiy the Hcnlnr jflrln followed by the Invoealion ami MaluUi tc» I .h e fbiK. 1-lii.rbarn Utirtnotl mini; thu •'Vlrirln's Slumber Sonij," ucoom- piinleil by Janet Brown on tho pirtno. fk-mrd Homi primarVUd 11. vlnlln solo, followed iby '"Twus tho Night Before Christmas," by the Brytint Klrkendnll iiJ'Inyori) ;ind the fllni?- jni; of four noliKttlimH by nnnlor mcmbci'M of thf) mthnnl choir. A bmss rfurirtel under Milton Berlto- wll/. .illree'tor of InHlrmnontnl mn- ;ilc In the, puWIe schooto, playod In New York Debut IOOKINO FORWARD to thu "ton Illc hl^h fipol," In her nmnlcnl eiirunr, Murtiiirct Tt'tunnn rclit'in'sei! iitCnr- neMli! I lull f"r her 11 rut ulnulriK ile- bnt In Ni;w •Vnrk. C'linduclur Fi'ank Blnclt (left) Iwulii Ihu urclicnlrn Ihul v^lll tuK'ornpany MiKiiTrumnn on tl)« network brotidciiiit, (Inturnaliunal) evnrnl nti'iivbitrn /UK! I'len nil Diem- 1)018 (if 1MB Hf'K'l j( nivim i:iuli!(l wllli II i hi; Kcnlur jfir), i, J. Hotfur Curi'li!!-. < W:IB Tnnnl.r-1 1 of cort; incd In tih« rnlii. Tht> jiro- <,' ^pll(i^ui) by IHMH |iro^.i(l(»tit. AI'I'ICOVKI) The Hugiie -The Nolhenu' Senate IIILM (ipjiroved a Dut,e.h-lndc- nenhin a^n»i"'l"iil which entablli h- 1:11 nti Indcpiiiidont Unliod titulni 'if !nd(TrieMla next. Tueaduy. The vole wn.H rloiut . . . one more thnn ihe i'e([tilred l.\V(.j-t.iili'(bt innjtirity. NAIIOATUCK NKWH (CONN.), WKI»NKSI»AV, DKC. SI, 1040—I'AfiK GOP Leader Rejects Plea For Session On Unemployment HiirlfWtl. Due, 21 -•< UP)- -llrniua Uniiiiblleiin Iniidnr George C. f'.iin- wny (old Governor Howies Unlay 'lu\l if he wanlB lo liberalize unemployment compp.nnntlon he'll Imvn to start the bull rolling him- mill', Tho Conway statement promptly brought, from the Dp.monrKtic camp •I ehni'Ke of breiieh nf faith, The OOP loitdnr outlined hln "hnvii In i) Inl.tnr M«nt thin morn- in« lo the K'We.rnor, leKinlnl lv« li-iuliirn nnd i'nprei<nnlallv«H of Inni- IIHIKS and labor. He rujnctvd "he governor's rcquosl for u bl- nnrllsnn MKi'woinnnl whleh would urivi- I hit wuy for it haiiimnloini upo- "Inl li'KlMliitlvii niinnlon lo exletid lint ''.li-vfi'ish inaxlnmin period for Job- 'eim benofltn. 'Jonway ri*]iiirtnd I hut In- In eon vlnrnil I hat them In no immediate •!iii'.<rgoni!y lr> wiinnnt a special •"•union. Hut he added that If the *!'( Ht111 v/nnts one. he ran -all II, Jiiiwle» ban Inilleatad tluil >u« (lomin't wiinl. to do (ii> without •idvuncn unntirunco of cooperation hy Ihu Itepiihlirflit-i'iilll rolled lloiiri,-. Two Democratic upolieiimen; when told of Conwny's nctlon, HHid 'hat. he h'is. In their words, "wreekml ,,!| IniiiiedlHl e hop* of bringing relief to the (houxnndL of unemployed who have used up ihttlr eompensntion benefits." * Heimle ninjriilly lender Alfrnrt We.rhslnr and llounr minority lnud> '^r John C'oftfir duclnred (hat rnor him two wenkH ago Conway prutn- H«(l 11)0 KUV'frMOl tllHl h«* Would d<« •verythlnj; in lilH piiwei lu HIM UK- ictlon before Chrlntmns. Since then, he Demnrnits charge, "he nnd th« Ki-publlenn pnrty hnvft dnnc notb- IHK." German Christmas Church Program At Saint Paul's A ii|ii>elnl (,<Minnn ChtUlttiiii vervlce for di.H[ila<-ed j>ftrNonn ie- «ldl;i|; In NfiuKiidirk h«« b«-n ur riiitKitd by the Ttev O H. Itii- litiin, |»intoi of HI. 1'nijl'n t-<iih<<iiiii Church. The Mervlee. which will b« ran- ilue'rd hy the Hov. Bertram, w I! lie completely in r;«>rmiin. HII.I will Ixt held Monday mornlnK. Duo. /<! it U o'el<x:k in the church. FOR CHRISTMAS! Fancy Zippo LIGHTERS ZIPPO FLINTS and WIG KB CHRISTMAS TEEE LIGHTS — BULBS — TOYS, CARDS, ETC. GIFT CIGARS, CIGARET8, PIPES, TOBACCOS, ETC. VIC'S SMOKE SHOP CHUKCII STKKKT — NAUGATUCK WE WILL FILL YOUR LIQUOR GIFT NEEDS NO WORRIES ABOUT SIZES OR EXCHANGES In The CITY PACKAGE STORE Annual Christmas Sale Of Fine Liquors And Wines For Your Holiday Needs!! W I SOUTHLAND NECTAR 100 PROOF A Drink of the South $2-99 Imported from France CORDIALS Imported Pedro Domecq 3 VINES BRANDY $3-89 $3-69 Imported MARIMBA RUM $1.99 Imported Sandeman'g 5-STAR SHERRY $1.59 Bottled In-Bond BOURBON WHISKEY $3.89 v»Xi»M»»k»]H^ "BILL" OLDAKOWSKI, YOUR HOST IN HOLIDAY WINES AND ...... LIQUORS FOR THE PAST 15 YEARS ...... LIQUORS AND WINES GIFT WRAPPED FREE DELIVERY CITY PACKAGE STORE BRIDGE STREET TEL. 4892 HOLIDAY BASKETS and PACKAGES To Fit Your Purse FREE DELIVERY '&ft:M^ft*ftfe^^

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