Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 21, 1949 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 21, 1949
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

Social-Personal Fraternal Cfhoir Members Guests At Yulef Celebration Members of the choir of the Jm- manuel Lutheran church wor" Kuests at a Christmas party, .sponsored by the Friendship Ciacle. last night in the church hall. Mi-s. Athlem Peck, pre»ldent, conducted .1 brief! meet- Int; prior to lh<i party. A Kpiig-hef.ti su[i;«r wu» served. A candlelight M-rvice wivs conducted by the K<-v. Theodore A. Scnradcr. pastor, and Mm Anno I^unohennt led /,'rmip smginx of ChrtAmas carol.s. Gifts v,-t-rp distribute! from u (tnib bt\K- Games were played includlnjr table trnniM und ithiifTle boiu'd. Amonjr thoito attending were- Mr and Mrs. Wtlllum L.Uwch<.nn.t. Ethe] Schiman. Walter Srhl- miin. Mrsi Olun We.lrli. Mlira Nlin- <-y Tui-nn, the l',i>v. and Mi'/i. S.-hrudt-r. Minx Mildred U-itne.r, M-rs. L.-iVVrne Elzonbrot. Mr. un Mrs. Mrw Kl«i JMl'H. KiLWreiin. Weinhardl. Doloi-e ; i Perrli. Fred Sci-nar. Mr. and Mm, .Teck.,, Mrm Wi(Frod 'Litkei William Krue-S'-r. Mr. and HayiiKJinl Kn Iner of |{en/>i,n MMI. Hilda Allen, Mr.-t. Kriimpi'ty., Mr. t) tid MI'M. Hob'-rl 1'i-ik, I,,,iTainf and Shirley Peck. •.Mr:;. Kinlli;, Jtellly, Mr-<. Tilly HI UirKki. Mrs. William Mi-yern and MI-J. Kthe] i\Ilkletop)a.H. A miM-tinc of (ho I,!idii-n' mix lary of NiuiK'ifuoh Aincrk-un \, Kion No. 17. will hp held t. nl|;hf nt K o'rlorlc, with Dorotl Urodcr. pri-.-iidcnl. In chni-(.;o. l-'i i Joint ChrlHl- |IOHl Will 1)1 The Ladli-H 1 auxiliary of Criimid- ei- post. Wtemn.s of rurelcn Warn, "ill mei-l tomorrow iil«bl at K o'c:li.ek in ll-.e pout rooinH on Hub- lie r avenue, with Mrw. l''riiiililln Hehlman, pri'-ddenl, In rli;iri{«. l''ol- lowim; I be mi-ellni-v a Clirint oiar, parly will b ( , held, with member,-! reiiiieHted to fiirniiib a !MJ-Mc;il. f;lfl fttr tbc crab baj;. FAMILY and FRIENDS with Low-Cost View-Master Projection Shows! NewJyweds Art Inn 1 HI mlln iinil Mrs. I'nul Iliuilii-l. lit -iitx HVIMIIII-, vv-lui «•<•!•<• inar- Nnv. 'M In I In- Cimcri-Kiil I'm . rliiircli. Mrw. Kiuiki-l In I lie i' Isinin I'lilrclllld, (luiiKlil,i<r MI-H. Mllih-i-d KMirrlillil, and Inixhiinil IH thr MOM nl MIH. nl rtlchiT, null tin- lulu Max Hilnlii-l of Projects Inexpensive Foil Color VIEW-MASTER Picture. Here's an amazing new low-cost Projector ilint shows full color Kodachroinc pictures with tnmauol brightness and clarity. Durable plnstic nnd niclnl const nirl inn. Safe and simple to operate. Underwriter approved. Limm-Roy, f/3, 70 mm. lens. Eight foot cord. Light weight. Emiy to carry jmd lit ore. Uses ordinnry household current. Over 2100 world-wide scenic, ani- nifil, flower nnd children's picture!) mounted on low-cost, seven-scene View-Muster Keels now tivnilublc for home projection shown. Sec for yourself. A:-.k for demonstration. View-Master Reels 35c each, 3 for $1.OO Wo Have Complete VicwmuHtcr Equipment Screens 75c File Boxes . . .$1.85 Viewmaster ..$2.00 Projector . . ..$47.50 PROJECTS FULl COLOR PICTURES costing less than 5 cents each VIEW-MASTER JUNIOR PROJECTOR only Miss Rykowski To Wed 'MliH 1 ' ..... -nl |., iri;u|i- nr (),,. ,i-lni-n\ und roinlni: iiiiii'rln«c I' Mini) Ti'i'i';!!!. /viil'iliinI'lK llylinw ill I ilrnuihli'i- of MI-M. lli-lcn Ky- icnvnlil. 'Jtl\ l.ini-M 11)11 nli....|, K< I \vnnl i| () |,|,i-, nu Mr. i<!-,i\ Mm, <!iiM-|nvi> .llujijn, Hll'l-ct. T.ln- wfililliii: vviM inUi- I.IMI-,. HJ.I inl,-iy iiii«-filii^. .Inn. 7 n'l ',1 n'^lucU N SI. llc-dwic'ri (•Inii-rh. ni Kylinwiild nlli-iifli-d Niniitn- llii-.ii HI-IMI,,! nnd In i-iiinlr.yi-d nl Illi' Niiillililllrli CljiiiM fin. Mr. ll<>1l|IO, II Clllllllflt,, (,[' 1||,.- ll.C'Ill • '•! ..... 1, i.'i :i iiii-nihi-i 1 <if (in, • Inl'l ,,!' l,hi- lil-idun MiiMillnr. g C.ii. A inisci.'lliincou.'i nh,iwiir WIIH licld rort-ntly in honor cil the brldc- . wllh lii,<:lr-ifii,r, l,i-| ni? -Mm. llo|i|in nnd dniiKlitcr,]', Alli-c nnd <;indyn. AmttnK MioKf nllcndlni; worn: Mr:i. Mlt-hiicl H'hMrdn, Mm. W»ll."r WI-IMM, Mr;i. Aldo Syl VI-HI.I ini-, Mni. Pnly, MIM, llnrrv Hrn-ni-, H. .Kmint-t. MoiiulKiti, Mrs. .In),n i'lii, Mm. .lidin Hliii'iinnii. Mr!i. iu l,!,\vliin, Mm. l-'n-di-rlcU HIMII- i-nu', Mni. Wllll.'im l.ii'cirliciuil, Mm. furl Scliriill, Mr.-:. Kilwnrd Hflinill. Mi'.-. IHldi>l;ih Ki-n-ilii'. Mi. •!. .lulUri l(lndfli-liii-li, Mi:;i. l-'rnnli Crn.lmw will. Mrw. I'-n-d <;iw;m:imi. Mra. 'Hi>b- ' i'l (ir.-inl, Mr:. Tn-Mdin'r llylmw -vlii, Mm. JMIIU-M [)|,Sln-ili>, MI'M. .lo•'••''I li Knliiml, Writ. lOdwnnl Knun-. |"'l/,, Mi;i. A\II-.IIH(JI, Mir;: Plnini.'i l-'i-nuld-, Hull, ,'d-ni i "iv, l''.:vthi-r Diinri. Unulili- lo Jitli-nd. bul. iiotKlltiK CirtB, wi-n<: i.Mi-K. OiMirjjo (Juulrl, Mr«. '|0<I win-, I Uniiiiiiiii-r, Mm. Al- vln Wlliion, Mr«. llownrd Wi-lrh, .V'r-.. II r I <• n Kylunv illl. Mm. Sli'Iih'in Ryk-wski, Mr.«. Anthony lic-nniird, I'lni.-i llylmwiili I, lOlliril Mrliliiinn, Mi'i, John Ijtllin, Mm. VVillin.m l<'i<niilu.. Breen's Sport Shop Employes Hold Yule Party KrnploycH of Kri-cn's Sport: wore cntcrtn)nc<l at the unnuul f.')irl.<itfrin/) party of the rilni'ti M«n* tli'iy nljrht. at the home of John H. Union and his sister, Mrs. GkulyH Kcat InR- on iMnmlow M'l't?ct. A liirlujy (I Inner WMH tu-rvi-d from <ui ut.'tniKlIvcly dccomtiid liulTt-t. tuhla, whleli Kit'tw wi-rn dlKlrlbiili-d to Ihrmn iitlund lii|.;. and Krmip wlnxInK ht-Jd. Among those pronmit wore 1 Klixnihoth Broun. Kthnl Be,ri.ucamp, Kl.'-'.n. Noyuck, Dorothy Hui-an Dor- ubhy Nlssen, Tracy Breen. Thomiia KcntJiifr, Joaclith Jfenly, John Kane, John Ctirtin, Vincent Imln.rola, Trn^.-y Brconl S-p., Corncllii.s I)i- Miirlri. Mary Ki-vll, Floi-cncp l,n.>, r iina, Occllu Trnoy, Jygclllo HILII, AduU) i£k>m<!fn, H«lcn Kell, Liicllln IMoDermott;,, Cent hur Inn Mah',e<r, Flort-ncis I'ironiuin, Curolyn Klon- oiiUl, Carolyn Olymur, n«ou Carroll, tOleanor Kcnnixly, tho host nnd hostess. Mw'rlaRT! Intimtlnnii hnvo been fllntl In tho office of Town Clorlc Raymond ,1. SI. John by TlmrnHii Anlolnottr IlykoHltl, 'M l,ltu:,s I Illl Htrcat. ,110(1 Huwiircl Edward Hoppe, 73 Lowlw ntroot, who plan to be. inarrlod Jan. 7 In St. H«dwl|{';i church. Personals Culvln Hondlny, aori of Mr. and Mt-H. W. I'Yemunt. lloiullny, Pond Hill, IH Npondlnu the hollduyn at the- home of Ma pin'outx from hln Htuil- UMI nl the University ot Connecti- Jamesi M. Hart, son of Mr. and MI-H. DoForuHt Hurl,, 27 Fuller nil-mil, und a uludunt of buulnonv iidnilriliit.rul.lon Hi tho Univ«rglly of Connecticut., )H homo for the holkinyH. Mra. ICvoroU M, Brown, NHUKIL- tuck, IH attending the wedding of h«r brothor, Graham Sovoranco In Biillevlow. Flu. NAUGATUCK NKWS (CONN.), WICONKKDAY. 1JICC. 21. 1IM»— PACK 3 Franz Hayes of Avon Old Karnix school, and Mrs. Coc Hayes of the Hpcncr- HChool, Now York cily. iin: Hprndlng Die holldnyH HH thi> f;m-MtH of Mr. and Mrs. E. Philip Walker, 15.1 Mlllvillp avenue. Mr. und Mr«. Walker also will Ixi unlnrtitlnlni; t.holr dnughlor, Carol P. Walker. who arrives loday from her stud- 1«>H at Ihn New ISnglnml Conservatory of Murdi:, Bunion, MIIMB., lo •ipond thii holldayH hi-rc. Hong KonK Rcjiorln rcnclrnu H(.<1>£ KOMK ni\y Hint I IIP CiiiiH-.H- Communlnln urn mn«xliiK .nrnps und HUpplicH for nil amphlbioUK >it- Uif;k on Hainan Inland, off th<; .southern coast of China. CAKU OI- 1 THANKS We wish to express our sincere and h«-iirlfr|i trmnkn to tho many friend;!, relatives, and iielchlcim who, by their ninny nets of kind- JIPHK. fJornl tributes and expres- HloiiH of H.vmpnUiy did BO mueh !'i make lighter the burden of nrl«:f in <mr recent )>i.Ti>iivemt:nt. Mrs. Snmucl Stinford and Family honor lo Htjilln In ,1 HcHr.i of Stn- lin Irilcriuillonnl iwn<:i> j>i l7,<-;i .->.. tjilillc.hi-il liy (In- Kiii<;-l»n HiH)i«-i...- .Sovlrt. Awiirdn of J20.i»(MJ ..-H..'!! v .-||| i;o lo Indlvldiiiiln or any country for wlmt RiiKHla rcniirdK AH Inip^r- contribmioiiH to peace. TRADITIONAL QUALITY SINCE 4900.. Kodak and Bto^nie Cameras 213 CHURCH ST. — NAUGATUCK aTe\Mi^ torChriSlraaS ...Urt**""*"' PBnjHBwR^MWI^HWT^WCTB SWEENKY'S AIJ'I' Mild STATION KIIV STOKIC Sl.'l <:iJlil(Clf HT. - NAIKJ/VTIJDH • * • and a GIFT from "Sew" You Want a Gift for Her? GIVE HER A COMPLETE NEW SEWING CABINET 94 Pay Next Year! Open Every Ni^ht Till Christmas 18 Vnlili's Up Tn H'ltl You've jiover Bt-cti such a vaaf .'icluclion ol bocmtilul nowincj cabi- noli; . . . finished in rich walnut and mahogany 1 Every one- of theso cabinets is (jomplolo with ALL the Bowing acccKr.oricn nho ncodct Tluoatl, noodles, Bcissoia, etc. Whoa Ihc cabinets are not in use, they can be utilized as end or lamp tabled ... or cvc-n n radio table. iPx^F* ABOVE: A, 'I'u'o Slnnid Hinniliiti'd ['Viirl Ndcldncc, rliiiiCHtorin cliiHp $21 B. Kl;iwli-!<n DiniiKiiid Hiiiw, •! nidi- diinnondH, 1-lU 1 iiioimtmr,' $4.30 0. l''ln\vh'HM Diiuiiiind Holiliiii'r, MU mountinK $600.00 Lndics' 1 Hv WcildiiiK him,! ).„ nwtuK $ 10,00 D. 7 .lewd Trnvcl Clock Icnllicr cnsc $ 23.95. ,E. (ioldl l''il]cil (!|ovi-r lOnrriiiKN • $ 5.DO . If. Ijiidic.s' 17 ,J(-wcl J'.nlovii willi I'xpiiiiHion Imntl $ 49.50 0. Iviidic.s' Sijvi-rpliit.i-d (.loinpiiRl. $ 9,95 H. Kvi-nin« Sim- |,y Coiiiniiinity, r.i>-| l( !. HCTV'U-.U for 8 .. $ 00.75 BELOW: 1. Mini's IOK MfiHonic. liiiitf, onyx l.op $ 44.00 T. MIIII'H -1. Jewel (Iruen with oxpniwion linii<l $-82.50 K. MK Yellow Hold Tit: Holder $ 33.00 ,fj. Slii'iil'IVr 'I'liri-eHoiiii- « 30.00 M, Uliodimu I'liiti-d 'Pnlild Lighter $12,50 N. !i I'.'. lifiiKurihniniM! I'.iihy Knt, $ 1.75 0, MCM'H l7-)ewi'l (ii-ucii .I'oi'kel. \Vnl.c.h $ 59,80 P. Sin-linn; Compote, Coni'lNliip 1'iitterii $.10.00 Q, klmdiniii I'luted Dnnliill Lighter $:10,00 R, Sli'fliii|r Hull; Mini Pepper KlmherH $ 12.00 Wo have a wealth nf tfleaminjr j.-Jfts for everyone on your list . . . from baby to ftTiuidma . . . for her and for him. We're jewelers — specialists in line tfifls at every price level. ^&&<*l !>•—r^np 1 Htmt. PRICES INCLUDE THE FEDERAL TAX — EASY PAYMENTS INVITED: In nddilion lo lln> '•iwlotiuiry IlO-dny ehiirtfe n.Tounl, Mii-lnielH invili-H diviiHed juiynieiil-H in Hiiuill weekly or monthly ninoiinlN. iMiehnelH miikcsii.vaihi.hle, at, no lidded iMisi, tin- lowi's!. (.erins olTc'rcd. by fine jr-wdern liny when;, JF.WEIERS. .^SILVERSMITHS SINCE 1900 08 BANK STREET AT CENTER ST., WATERBURY Open Evenings Until Christmas Eve •ftfeMHMhMM^

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